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Authors note: This is a sequel to Rory's Eighteen Birthday Wishes.

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai's Thirty-Five Birthday Wishes (Anal, Ff, Inc, Oral, Rim, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

The electronic display of the alarm flashed six; it remained silent - surprising Rory for a second before she remembered it was a Saturday and there was no need to get up. Normally Rory would have immediately closed her eyes and returned to sleep, perhaps inwardly cursing her faulty internal clock. Indeed she almost did return to her slumbers before she remembered it wasn't a normal Saturday, but her Mom's thirty-fifth birthday.

All birthday's were special of course, but this one was more special than most. It marked half-way through Lorelai's thirties and the slow count-down to forty. But more importantly it was the Milf's first birthday since she and Rory had become lovers on the teen's eighteenth birthday a few months before. Smiling Rory looked down at her love. Snuggled under the covers with her hair splayed out like a firestorm she looked so beautiful and for about the thousandth time since they had got together Rory thought about how lucky she was to have her.

As if she realised she was being ogled at by her daughter Lorelai turned onto her back. It had been a warm night and the quilt was only up to just above the Milf's belly-button giving Rory an unimpeded view of her Mom's lovely round titties. She licked her lips as Lorelai opened her eyes. The Milf smiled, "Morning Rory. Still here?"

"I thought I might stay the night and make sure you didn't get up to any naughtiness when I was gone," grinned Rory back. More and more she had found that she was spending the night in her Mom's room - in theory they still had separate bedrooms, in reality Rory was only in hers to pick up clean clothes.

"Naughtiness? I can't think of anything naughty I would do?" Lorelai looked as innocent as Guy Fawkes with a lit match.

"Really?" laughed Rory, "It must have been a different Lorelai Gilmore bouncing around in here last night."

"It may have been," Lorelai wasn't admitting to anything.

"Happy Birthday," Rory leant down and tenderly kissed her Mom's lips. She was up again before her Mom had a chance to respond. Not because Rory didn't enjoy early morning heavy make out sessions, but because today was likely to be exhausting and Rory knew she had to keep her energy, "Now for your presents...."

"Oh, you've bought me a puppy," squeaked Lorelai in fake excitement.

Ignoring the interruption, Rory continued, "Thirty-five years means thirty-five wishes. Same rules as my birthday, except there's more of them. If it's in my power I've got to grant them and before you ask, no I don't have the power to make Motley Crue play a personal gig in Stars Hollow... So any questions?"

As she was expecting Lorelai stuck up her hand in the manner of a studious schoolgirl. Rory gave an exaggerated sigh, "Yes, Ms Gilmore."

"So if I wish for you to read the complete works of L Ron Hubbard speaking like Donald Duck you'd do it?"

"Yes. Or Mickey Mouse or Minnie. Is that wish one?" Rory added mischievously.

There was a sound mid-way between a tut of disapproval and a snort of derision, "Don't be silly Rory, I only watched Battlefield Earth because it had John Travolta in it. I certainly wouldn't want to have to listen to Donald reading it."

"Good, now we've got that sorted do you have any wishes or shall I just start making quacking noises whilst reading pulp science fiction."

Lorelai grinned, "Wish one..."

Wish 1

"I wish to be spoilt," said the Milf. She grinned and placed her hands behind her head lying back on the bed.

"That's the point of today," Rory grinned back, "Now do you have any ways you want to be spoilt?"

"Let me think..." Lorelai said, pretending to think deeply for a few moments before grinning.

Wish 2

"I wish for breakfast in bed, with lots of coffee." Lorelai said.

Rory frowned, "That's it?"

"Well... yeah." Lorelai confirmed, a smile crossing her face, "You're expecting something a little more kinky? Because you used like half your wishes to ask me questions about my sex life. Questions I would have probably told you anyway, especially after a couple of glasses of wine."

"Hey, that was all part of a sneaky seduction plan. A pretty successful sneaky seduction plan." Rory pointed out.

"It was pretty sneaky, I'll give you that." Lorelai grinned, "And pretty successful."

"My point is, if you want to waste your wishes..." Rory began before she was interrupted.

"Hey, I'm not wasting my wishes." Lorelai protested.

"You asked to be spoilt. Breakfast in bed is spoiling, so you don't need to waste a wish on it." Rory pointed out.

"Erm, excuse me, but by that logic I'd only need one wish the entire day because just about anything from you singing Sinatra to fucking me in every room in the house could be considered spoiling." Lorelai argued.

"So. Let it." Rory said, almost getting within kissing distance, "I wanna spoil you. I wanna spoil your ass off. So why don't you just have as many wishes as you want. No limits."

Lorelai smiled softly, "That's sweet. And believe me, very tempting. But we already discussed this, I like having a set amount of wishes. It's like a game. And it reminds me of how we got together."

Rory smiled back equally as softly and then after a pause said, "You could at least change your first wish."

"Why?" Lorelai frowned.

"Because it's stupid." Rory said, quickly clarifying, "I'd do anything to spoil you. You don't need to wish for it."

"Yeah well, I figured I should start off with a wish as stupid as your first one." Lorelai said, also quickly clarifying, "Because I'm always going to love you Rory, no matter what, and you really shouldn't ever think I won't, because I will. I'll always love you."

The Gilmore girls smiled gently at each other, softly kissed and then Rory got out of the bed.

"Erm, where do you think you're going?" Lorelai asked with a frown.

"To grant your second wish." Rory said simply.

"Ah yes, but you haven't heard my third wish yet..." Lorelai grinned.

Wish 3

"Before you go downstairs and make my breakfast I wish to be woken properly with a nice long pussy licking."

As she spoke Lorelai tossed the big covers to one side to reveal her naked body, making it something of a toss up whether the happy look on her daughter's face was because of her nudity or her latest wish.

In reality it was a mixture of both, Rory wasting little time before getting back into bed and eagerly kissing her Mom, Lorelai returning the affection with an equal amount of eagerness. However despite the eagerness the kiss was pretty short, at least by their standards. Lorelai barely had any time to shove her tongue down her daughter's throat before Rory was kissing her way down her neck, then her chest and then up the soft slope of her right breast to take her nipple into her mouth.

Lorelai moaned softly as Rory gently sucked on her right nipple before moving to her left, spreading kisses all over the soft flesh of her well rounded tits as she gently suckled at the same teats which had given her nourishment as a child.

That thought never ceased to cause a shiver of perverted lust to slide through the Gilmore girls' spines, both of them remembering recent evenings in which Mommy Lorelai would feed her baby girl Rory all the nourishment she needed, their dirty talk even more perverted the usual, however as enjoyable as the memory was Lorelai just couldn't be that patient right now. She needed to feel her daughter's soft little tongue inside her, and she needed it now.

"I don't remember wishing for foreplay..." Lorelai sighed softly, hoping Rory would get the hint.

The little grin that crossed Rory's face told Lorelai had indeed got the hint, the fact Rory immediately diving down between her legs making Lorelai very grateful that she was blessed with giving birth to such a smart little girl.

A long drawnout moan of joy and frustration fell from Lorelai's lips as her other pair of lips were lightly caressed with a gentle lick, quickly to be followed by another, and then another, and then another, and so on, the soft pussy licking that Rory began to give her Mom both wonderful and torturous to both of the brunettes.

It was wonderful because they both loved the soft teasing as while it was pleasurable in itself it also built the anticipation for what was to come, however at the same time Rory already wanted to tongue fuck her Mom hard, and Lorelai already wanted to be tongue fucked hard by her daughter.

Lorelai held off for as long as she could, which was only about a couple of minutes, but by her standards that was incredible restraint, before she softly cried out, "Please Rory, give me more. Tongue fuck me. Tongue fuck Mommy."

Rory hesitated. She could rarely refrain from granting any request made by her mother, especially when she referred to herself as 'Mommy', but her Mom always came extra hard when she teased her first, and Rory wanted to make sure her Mommy came as hard as possible on her special day.

Then Lorelai presented an argument which Rory really couldn't argue with, "Please Rory. It's my birthday."

Lorelai was about to use one of her wishes to get what she wanted but as she opened her mouth to do so that wish just became a loud cry of pleasure as her daughter's tongue roughly entered her welcoming cunt, her inner walls eagerly clamping down on the soft intruder and trying to pull it deeper into her hole.

Rory responded by beginning to thrust her tongue in and out of her Mom at a pace which quickly increase the speed while not forgetting to move in certain angles on the in and out thrusts that ensured her tongue would hit all of her mother's most sensitive of spots.

It wasn't long before Rory was pounding her Mom's pussy with her tongue, only stopping to wrap her lips around the hole tightly and greedily suck as many of her mother's juices into her mouth as possible before swallowing them and beginning the tongue fucking all over again. Rory would always restart the tongue fucking off softly but each time she stopped to suck her mother's pussy she would quicken the pace sooner than the last time until she was slamming her tongue in and out of her Mom's cunt as hard as she could milliseconds after re-entering it.

If Rory had been deaf she would have been able to tell her Mom was about to cum from the way her body was gently shaking and her pussy was running like a river. Of course she wasn't deaf so Lorelai's words were kind of a dead giveaway of what was about to happen, "Oh Rory, oh yeeeesssss, oooohhhhhh, I'm, I'm going to cum. Please, mmmmmmm, please make me cum. Be a good little girl and make Mommy cum. Oooooo, please Rory, it's Mommy's birthday. Give Mommy a treat on her special day. Mmmmmm, spoil her like you promised you would."

As Rory's favourite thing to do in the world was to make love to her mother, and going down on her was one of her favourite acts of her most favourite thing, actually ending things so quickly was a little difficult for Rory to do. Of course, she knew she would. After all, she could never deny her Mom/lover anything even on days that weren't her birthday... and she knew how much her mother hated having to wait to cum first thing in the morning.

Lorelai felt her eyes roll in the back of her head as that soft little tongue somehow began to fuck her harder, Lorelai once again marvelling at just how good her daughter/lover was at eating pussy. She had been incredibly good for a beginner on their first night, now she was just flat out incredible. Lorelai constantly teased her about either having other female lovers before or after they had gotten together, or even both, and while the idea made Lorelai feel jealous it had also made her feel hot, and had opened up a series of thought in her mind which she didn't want to dwell on now.

Instead Lorelai concentrated on the little brunette head between her thighs, the fact that her own daughter was the one giving her such tremendous sexual pleasure still amazing her even after months of having Rory in between her thighs, along with other places.

Reaching down Lorelai stroked her daughter's hair lovingly, Rory looking up at her with those big blue eyes and clearly grinning into her pussy as she continued fucking her to climax.

Turned on even more by the sight Lorelai cooed, "That's it Rory, mmmmmmm, just like that. Fuck Mommy just like that. Fuck me with your tongue. Oooooooohhhhhhh Rory, look at me. Look up at me with those big baby blues while you're fucking me. Look at your Mommy while you're fucking her. MMMMMMmmmmmm, you always seemed like such a sweet girl, now you're fucking me, your own mother, with your tongue you naughty little girl. Ooooooooh myyyyyyy Gooooodddddd, I have no idea that I raised such a eager little rug muncher, but I'm glad you showed me. I'm glad you showed me what kind of girl you really are. I'm glad, ohhhhhh, I'm glad that you're going to make me cum. Ohhhhhhhhh, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum in my daughter's naughty little mouth. My daughter is going to suck the cum out of my pussy like the good little Mommy's girl she is. Oh, she's, oooooohhhhh, oooooooohhhhhh, ooooohhhhhh, yeeeeeeesssss!"

Lorelai's dirty talk gave way to mindless, perhaps even hysterical murmurings, mutterings and screams as her brain was fried with pleasure and her cum poured into her daughter's mouth, Rory eagerly swallowing as much as she could while allowing plenty of it to joined the pussy juice soaking her face.

For a few moments the two women lay there sated, before Lorelai nudged Rory, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"I am?" Rory looked quizzically at her Mom.

"Breakfast in bed," Lorelai leant over and nuzzled at Rory's cheek, sticking out her tongue to lick away some of the girl cum covering her daughter's beautiful features.

"Mmmnnn, yes," replied Rory. Her Mom squashed into her, lapping away at the juice. Rory let her finish, her Mom might have made a wish, but as she'd already interrupted it she obviously wasn't too hungry - for food at least. Lorelai's tongue continued to roll over Rory, like Cat preening it's kitten, or perhaps a cougar would be a better metaphor, Rory decided. Eventually the only liquid on Rory's face was her Mom's saliva.

"Breakfast now. Me hungry," Lorelai grinned and rubbed her stomach in an over-exaggerated gesture in her best Captain Caveman impression.

"Okay, okay," laughed Rory as she swung her legs out of bed, "I'm going."

She got as far as the door and putting on her robe before Lorelai interrupted her, "Rory... Rory... Rory," she called looking plaintive and lost.

"What?" giggled Rory. She pulled the robe tight and tied the belt, though from the looks of it she might have to pull it open again for the next wish.

Wish 4

"I wish that you don't give me anything, which is remotely healthy," grinned Lorelai, sitting up and bouncing her tits.

"So no bran flakes," Rory said, smiling.


"Orange juice?"

"Bleuch, double bleuch."

"Lettuce and tomato?"

"For breakfast?" Lorelai looked at her daughter as if she had grown a second head, but then just to make sure she had got the point she added, "Bluech and bleuch again."

"Okay, a greasy fry-up it is," laughed Rory. She knelt on the bed and tenderly kissed her Mom's lips, "With coffee."

She got up and headed downstairs

"Make sure it's not decaffeinated," called Lorelai behind her.

* * *

A short while later Rory returned carrying a breakfast tray, two steaming and large mugs of coffee as well as lashings of beans, sausage and egg (fried and scrambled). There was a tomato as well, but it had been soaked so thoroughly in oil and then friend until it was almost black so that any nutritional value had been well diluted. However, that wasn't what took Lorelai's interest - Rory was still wearing the dressing gown, but she hadn't tied it well. It was semi-open, half-revealing her daughter's shapely body as the young teen walked towards the bed. Rory naked wasn't a mystery to Lorelai, it hadn't been a mystery to Lorelai even before they were banging, but there was something alluring about the way the gown hid flesh, before showing small snatches of it and covering it again as the gown slammed shut. It made the Milf's libido, never quiet for long, shoot up. She licked her lips, and it wasn't the smell of bacon that was making her salivate.

Though Lorelai had planned what she was going to ask with some of her wishes, she had also kept a number free to use as and when. Looking at Rory with the breakfast had given Lorelai an idea for one of those wishes. Rory had put the tray down and was sliding out of the dressing gown prior to hopping back into bed. Lorelai held up her hand to stop Rory as her daughter approached, "Not so fast. Now for my next wish..."

Wish 5

"I wish to eat my breakfast off your naked body," grinned the Milf.

For a moment Rory stood still, before her lips rose to match her Mom's smile; "Now that's a wish I wasn't expecting."

"Life is full of surprises," said Lorelai gravely, before smiling again, "Lie on the bed and I'll serve."

Rory did as she was told, lying down as her Mom drank at her coffee. Lorelai wasn't in a hurry. She was starting to feel caffeine deprived so she took the chance to drain the mug and also to let the food cool enough that it wouldn't scald - eating off her daughter's naked body would be kinky enough without giving her first-degree burns. It also gave her a chance to take a good look at Rory's slender teen frame, the flawless skin, the flesh untouched by excess fat, the smooth slit, with its touch of pink and the firm, but malleable titties. The sight made her hungry, inside her stomach it seemed gremlins growled lustfully - thumping against the wall and demanding their fill of teen pussy.

"Okay," Lorelai smiled, "Let's see what shall I have for breakfast?"

The fried egg split as Lorelai deposited it just above Rory's belly button, the yoke running down her tummy to slide over the cunt. Rory started to reached for a tissue, but Lorelai stopped her, "Hey, I think my wish was to eat breakfast off you, not eat breakfast apart from my egg."

"Sure, Mom," Rory nodded dutifully, "It's just a bit sticky down there."

"Really?" asked Lorelai, smiling. She picked up the sausage and bit lightly into it, so that it was held between her teeth, but not enough that it was split in half. She lowered her head and rubbed it through the yoke, covering the meat in the yellow liquid. Once it was well coated she lifted her head and reversed the sausage so that the yokey side was in her mouth. She bit down, sharp enough to break the sausage in half. She quickly chewed and swallowed. She took the remaining half of the sausage between her fingers and ran it through the yoke. Rory giggled as the warm sausage was dipped down into her pussy to pick up some of the yoke there. Lorelai brought it up to her mouth and sensually ate it, egg, sausage with just a touch of girl cum.

"Yummy," the Milf licked her lips and looked down at Rory, "You've still got some yoke on you," she said smiling.

Before Rory had worked out what to say in reply Lorelai had bent over her again and was licking away the yoke. The Milf's tongue slowly, lovingly, teasingly ran over Rory's flesh cleaning away the egg. When it got to the pussy Lorelai pushed her tongue in. Rory gasped and straightened up as Lorelai's tongue swished round and round her hole, lapping up not just egg yoke, but pussy juice as well. As she was licking Lorelai looked up at her daughter, it was obvious that she knew full well that washing yoke from Rory's clit was doing other things to the teen as well. But Lorelai had other plans for her daughter, so a tease was enough. She withdrew her head and smiled, "Tasty..."

"Glad you like it," said Rory in response.

"Scrambled egg next," said Lorelai. She picked up the plate and pushed the egg into a pile on Rory's stomach. She picked up a fork and began to eat, sometimes accidentally pronging Rory just sharply enough to make the teen give little squeaks and for her to bounce on the bed. Lorelai had to admit that Rory was a dab hand at cooking and she wondered if she should get Rory to do it more often, especially if she could talk her delicious daughter to act as a plate at the same time. Scooping up the last of the scrambled egg, Lorelai patted her mouth with a serviette, "MMnnn, lovely. Now for the beans..."

Rory gave a squeal as her Mom poured the warm beans over her pert teen tits. The beans dripped down into her cleavage and down her chest. Lorelai grinned and began to scoop them up with her fork, sliding the metal seductively over Rory's flesh as she did so. The teen shivered and giggled at the touch, whilst it wasn't the normal way to eat breakfast in bed there was something sexy about allowing her Mom to eat off her, a bit domineering, a bit kinky, all in all a bit Gilmory...

Soon there was only one bean left, Lorelai chased it all the way down Rory's stomach, unable to get it on the fork. It was only when it slid past her waist and banged into her daughter's pussy lips was Lorelai able to get any traction and spear it with her fork. She lifted it to her mouth and gave a smile, "Delicious..."

"Glad you liked, I want to spoil you," Rory sat up on her elbows.

"Have I mentioned how much I like tomato ketchup," said Lorelai as she leaned forward. Her tongue pushed down onto her daughter's flesh and she began to lick. Like the yoke, the ketchup was washed away by the Milf''s lappings and like with the yoke the tongue also had a positive effect on Rory. The teen fell back and groaned, enjoying the touch of her Mom's tongue, on her belly, her waist, her tits. In slid between her cleavage, down into her belly button and teased at her pussy lips with mere dabs.

"Oh...oh... oh..." Rory giggled as her Mom licked and washed every inch of her tits, wiping them so clean that if they hadn't already been used for a meal you could have eaten of them.

Lorelai raised her head and smiled, "The scrambled egg was a little peppery..."

"If I'd known where you were planning to put it I'd have just left it runny," giggled Rory, "and made you lick it all up."

"Maybe next time." Lorelai said as she rolled onto her side so she was lying next to her daughter, "Hm, I know it's my birthday and all, but being the fabulous and gracious mother that I am I'll let you go first seeing as you're all sticky."

"You're... you're not going to join me?" Rory blinked.

Shared showers had become something of a tradition in the Gilmore household, the only exceptions being when one of them was running late, and even then tidiness was the preferred option over skipping some quality mother-daughter shower time.

"Nope." Lorelai shrugged.

"But... why?" Rory asked, lost for words.

"Because if I do... I won't be able to keep my hands off you." Lorelai said softly.

"And since when was that a bad thing?" Rory argued.

"Well, that really depends on your philosophy... definitely a few years ago, but it's not a philosophical thing or not wanting to thing or anything like that, I just want you to save your energy for later, and that's not going to happen if I take a shower with you." Lorelai explained, "Hell, I can barely keep my hands off you when you're not all naked and wet."

Rory smiled, kissed her Mom softly and got out of bed, "Fine, but I am so getting you back for this on my next birthday."

Lorelai recognised the teasing tone in her daughter's voice and returned it in kind when she fired back with, "Oh yeah, well we've got Mother's Day before that, and then my birthday again shortly after yours so I'd be careful about threatening me if I were you."

Ignoring her mother Rory marched out of the room to the bathroom, Lorelai following her the whole way.

"And let's not forget that there's all kinds of things I could make you do today." Lorelai continued, stopping only to open her mouth and let out a sharp cry of pretend annoyance as Rory turned around just long enough to stick out her tongue at her before slamming the bathroom door shut, "Oh you little... you know what, no masturbating in there. And I'm going to stand here talking about your grandmother just to make sure you don't try anything."

"Do what you have too." Rory said dismissively as she took her shower. The conversation she had with her Mom not enough to make her any less horny after being Lorelai's breakfast plate, but like the good little Mommy's girl she was Rory kept her hands to herself, while hoping she wouldn't have to for very long.

* * *

"Awww, sweetie." A freshly showered and dressed Lorelai beamed at the sight that greeted her as she entered the kitchen, "You shouldn't have."

"Well if you don't want it..." Rory began.

"Are you kidding? It's my birthday, I'm just being polite. Give me, give me, give me." Lorelai said, sitting down next to Rory and grabbing the precious, precious coffee, sniffing it like her mother did a fine wine, before gently slipping it.

"You know I make coffee for you all the time, right?" Rory pouted.

"That's why I have a kid. Well, that and other things." Lorelai grinned.

"Yeah, well, my point is this isn't exactly spoiling you and I'd like to rectify that..." Rory began.

"Are you sure you just don't want an excuse to cum after I left you with blue balls this morning?" Lorelai interrupted.

"I don't have balls, blue or otherwise." Rory pointed out, continuing before Lorelai had the chance to further the silliness, "But no, I just... wanna spoil my lover on her birthday. Is that so much to ask?"

"No." Lorelai said, the tone of the room getting serious, "But that's something I wanted to talk to you about..."

Wish 6

"I wish you'd tell me how you feel about our relationship." Lorelai said softly.

Rory frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Well... how do you feel, about us." Lorelai tried to clarify, "I mean, it's been a few months now, and it's been great, but we haven't really had the relationship talk, and I thought we could you know, have it."

"Oh, well... I..." Rory stammered, not totally sure what to say, "I love you. And not just your my Mom love you. I'm in love with you. I've always been in love with you. The last few months, it's been heaven, and I know that without moving somewhere completely different I can't just hold your hand in public, but I want too. I... I want it all with you... if, if you do."

Lorelai couldn't help but smile softly as Rory looked at her hopefully.

This was far from the first time Rory had declared her undying love, in fact it was a pretty regular occurrence, but Lorelai never tired of hearing it. Of course, while Lorelai wanted to return the declaration there were still some questions that needed to be asked first. So...

Wish 7

"I wish you'd tell me whether you still think about being with a boy." Lorelai said, after taking a deep breath.

"What?" Rory exclaimed.

"Don't get mad sweetie, I just..." Lorelai stammered, "I just want to cover all the base's before we rush into anything."

"Who's rushing into anything? I never said anything about rushing into anything. We don't have to rush. We don't have to rush at all." Rory said at lightning speed, suddenly worried that maybe her Mom was having second thoughts about their situation, "Is it because I called you my lover? Because I can take that back and we can just be unlabelled again."

"Rory, Rory, stop." Lorelai said softly, calming her daughter down, "I liked you calling me that."

"Really?" Rory beamed.

"Really." Lorelai confirmed, "But honey, I need you to answer the question."

Rory looked thoughtful and then replied, "I... no. I mean, I hadn't really thought about the fact that I hadn't thought about it until now, but I haven't."

"Now that you're thinking about it, would you want to be with a boy again?" Lorelai asked.

"Over you? Never." Rory replied quickly.

"If I wasn't in the picture." Lorelai said, and then when she saw the panicked look on her daughter's face quickly added, "I'm not saying I'm not, or I'm not going to be, just please, for me, really try and picture it."

There was a pause, Rory really trying to picture herself with a guy. First it was some faceless man, then it was one of her ex-boyfriends, and then finally male celebrities which before she could remember having at least a passing interest in, all with the same result.

"No." Rory said like it was a revelation, and it actually was, "After being with you I couldn't go back to guys. Not ever."

"So..." Lorelai began.

"Am I a lesbian?" Rory finished for her, "Yes... yes, I guess I am." Rory then grinned, "You made me a lesbian. My Mommy made me a lesbian."

She wasn't expecting the cushion to be swung at her. The teen gave a shriek of surprise and then fled round the sofa, being chased by her Mom swinging. Lorelai managed a few light blows, but mainly Rory kept out of reach, making sure there was always some furniture between the two of them. The two of them were laughing and squealing, like small children as Rory hopped out of the way of another swing. But this time instead of racing round behind the couch she dropped onto it, Lorelai dropped beside her, still laughing. She slid her arm round Rory's shoulder and hugged her close.

Wish 8

"I wish to know if you still think about being with another girl, you know, apart from me," Lorelai asked. She stroked Rory's hair as she waited for an answer.

Rory was quiet for a moment, she fidgetted uncomfortably, but Lorelai's arm was firm round her. Anyway it was a wish and rules said she should answer. However, before she could speak Lorelai sensing there was some discomfort spoke gently, "Rory, I asked the question, so if it's an answer I don't want I've only myself to blame. Whatever you say I'll always love you."

"So no pressure," Rory tried to force a smile.

"No pressure."

"Sometimes, when we're watching threesome porn or after we've fu... had sex and you're asleep I do fantasise. Not really about me being on my own with another girl, but about having sex with one in front of you and making you hot, so you do me so hard afterwards. And sometimes you and this other girl take me together, sandwiching me as you use both my holes. But I also fantasise about me and someone else sharing you, you're lying under me as I ram you and this other girl is taking your other hole. You asked..." Rory went deep red.

Lorelai frowned and then laughed, "Rory, is that what you're worried about? That sometimes you have sexual fantasies? We all have them and I bet mine are weirder than yours - did I mention the one I had about Sookie and Mrs Lane... now that was freaky. And I'm glad you've thought about sharing me with someone else..."

"You are?" asked Rory in a little girl voice. She brightened as her Mom smiled at her.

"I am and..."

Wish 9

"...I wish to make your fantasies a reality" grinned Lorelai.

Rory's mouth opened and closed in a passable imitation of a goldfish. It took a few moments for her to get her voice back, "You do?"

It came out as a bit of a squeak. Lorelai smiled again and leaning over Rory tenderly tapped her lips with hers. She drew back slightly, so that she filled Rory's vision whilst at the same time had air to speak, "They're my fantasises as well, Rory."

"They are?" Rory smiled a little more confidently now it seemed her fantasy wasn't as horrible and relationship ruining as she feared.

"Oh yes," Lorelai nodded, "I love having sex with you and just you, but sometimes I want a little spice as well my sugar. I've got this vision of getting fucked by you and... a friend. Both of you stuffing my holes full of dildo until I'm screaming and squirting your girl juices all over me. Does that sound hot?"

"It does," agreed Rory and bit her lip nervously. She paused for a moment and suddenly smiled, "Okay as its your birthday wish, let's go for it. What do we do - hire an escort? If so you'll have to pay unless she's around a dollar fifty and that would be way too cheap for you."

"Don't worry," laughed Lorelai, "I have a plan."

Wish 10

"I wish you'd ring up Lane and invite her over." Lorelai said after a brief pause. Seeing the expression on her daughter's face she smiled coyly and added, "Don't worry, she's expecting your call."

If anything this only served to make Rory look more bewildered. If the expression hadn't been so adorable Lorelai would have explained herself further, and in truth planned to after Rory flipped out.

Going against what her mother was expecting Rory didn't flip, or flop, or anything except reach for the phone and quickly hitting speed dial.

There was a barely a second ring before Rory heard a familiar voice say, "Hello..."

"Lane... hi..." Rory said softly.

There was silence, then Lane said, "It's weird. Too weird. Right?"

"I..." Rory barely got out.

"I mean it's not that weird for me. Well it is weird, the whole situation is weird, but it's not too weird for me, you know?" Lane barely paused for breath.

"I guess..." Rory said.

"But if it's too weird for you we can just forget it. I mean, your Mom is so sure you'd be okay with this, but if you're not I'll understand." Lane finally finished clarifying herself.

"No, it's fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine. Or, okay, or whatever. Just... come over." Rory stammered.

"No problem." Lane said, "I'm half way to your house anyway... actually I've been going back and forth to your place because I didn't know when you'd call, or even if you'd call, and I changed like half a dozen times because your Mom said dress sexy but I'm not even sure how to be straight sexy so I have no clue about lesbian sexy, I mean is it any different from... I'm rambling. I'm rambling aren't I? Rambling isn't sexy. Okay, forget this part of the call. Okay? Erm... bye."

With that the line went dead and Rory was left staring at her Mom who was looking at her nervously.

Wish 11

"I wish you to be happy." Lorelai said, before clarifying, "I want you to be happy. So if at any point today you feel uncomfortable tell me and we'll stop."

"You don't need to use up a wish for that." Rory assured, "I'm fine."

"But if you're not I want you to be honest and tell me, okay?" Lorelai pressed.

"Okay." Rory shrugged.

"Okay." Lorelai nodded, "The wish stands."

"Fine. It's your day, use your wishes however you want, and I'll do them." Rory said, quickly adding before Lorelai got the chance, "Unless I'm not okay with them."

Even if Rory wasn't okay with them she would try to push through it because she desperately wanted to make her Mom happy on her special day, but despite the initial shock a threesome with her best friend didn't exactly sound entirely unappealing. A little weird, and potentially very awkward, but also potentially very fun.

A slightly uncomfortable silence fell between the Gilmore girls which was almost unprecedented as they were both rarely silent for long and almost never felt uncomfortable around each other.

"I thought it would be better to have a threesome with someone you knew instead of a total stranger." Lorelai said quickly in an attempt to end the uncomfortable silence. She at least succeeded in lessening the uncomfortableness as Rory smiled softly at her, prompting Lorelai to continue, "Besides I thought it would be nice to throw poor Lane a bone given her massive crush on you."

"What!?" Rory exclaimed, "No, Lane doesn't have a crush on me."

"Awww, sweetie." Lorelai said softly in the same tone she used when someone she liked said something stupid or whenever Kirk... well, talked, "How can you be born so smart and yet have no gaydar whatsoever."

"Hey, I... I have gaydar." Rory said unconvincingly.

"Really..." Lorelai said, stretching out the word, "Well then, who's gay for you?"

"What?" Rory stammered.

"Who... is a girl... and wants to screw your brains out." Lorelai said slowly.

"I... erm... you." Rory said.

Lorelai rolled her eyes, "And you didn't know I was into girls until you heard me calling out your name, even though I had some of them over?"

"Hey, I was too young to even remember most of them, and you don't have sex with every girl who comes over, oh and don't even pretend that you do, and just because you call out one name in the shower one time doesn't mean you're really into them, which is why you should stop taunting me about that one time, and... Lane has a crush on me?" Rory said the last part in disbelief.

Lorelai nodded, "Almost as big as the one you have on Paris."

Rory's eyes bulged, "I do not..."

Just then the doorbell rang.

"That's Lane at the door," said Lorelai, without even bothering to look out the window to check. She smiled at Rory, "Are you going to let her in or do I need to use another wish?"

Rory hadn't bothered to get fully dressed after her shower, the only thing she was wearing as she opened the door was a very thin robe, which wasn't properly tied. Admittedly Lorelai wasn't wearing much more, indeed the only extra thing she was wearing was a pair of socks, but suddenly Rory realised that whilst Lorelai had seen it all before... well Lane was going to get an eyeful. By the time this thought entered Rory's mind, typically, it was too late and the door was swinging open.

"Hi Lane," Rory tried to put a nonchalant tone in her voice, as if she always opened the door with her pussy on wanton display and most of her tits hanging out off her robe.

"H... hey Rory," squeaked Lane gazing down at her friend's smooth snatch. She had dressed sexily herself, wearing a low cut dress, whose straps were already half-way down her arms and pair of pixie boots with heels that made her seem a couple of inches taller than she was.

"You... you wanna come in?" Rory stammered, a little smile crossing her face, "Like, maybe before anyone sees?"

"Oh, sure." Lane nodded, quickly stepping in and allowing Rory to close the door behind her.

"Hello Lane," Lorelai greeted cheerily, moving behind her daughter before reaching under the teen's robe. It fell further away from her tits as her Mom squeezed them. Lorelai grinned as Lane's mouth opened and closed with shock. The Milf squeezed harder, even though she couldn't see Rory she knew her eighteen year old daughter would be blushing furiously. It was sweet, but Lorelai couldn't resist a little bit further naughtiness.

She slid one of her hands down and over her daughter's slit, massaging the cunt as the two of them stood in the hall. Lane's mouth opened again, this time it didn't close as the petite Korean made a noise that sounded like a cat being strangled with piano wire.

There was silence for a long while, then Lorelai grinned, let go of Rory and began heading into her home, only briefly turning back to ask, "Shall we?

"Sure." murmured the two eighteen year olds who silently followed Lorelai who moved back to the couch, sitting down and looking like she was an innocent faun rather than an adventurous explorer. Rory gave her a quick glare, but both she and her Mom knew it wasn't serious.

"So... er, how do we do this?" asked Lane, she hopped embarrassedly from foot to foot.

"Why don't you get undressed first?" asked Lorelai. She looked at Rory and patted the seat beside her motioning for the teen to join her and watch Lane strip.

Moving over the teen sat next to her Mom. She felt herself redden a bit as Lane undressed; there was no symmetry or seductiveness to it, instead she looked like she was undressing for a bath. But the artless naivety of what to do, coupled with Lane's nervousness gave it a different type of seductiveness. Especially as for the first time Rory noticed that her friend was no longer the scrawny kindergartener she had first met, but a young woman with curves in the right place and to the right proportion. Finally the last bit of Lane's clothing was off, the Korean holding the bra for a few moments as if she wasn't sure what to do with it, before tossing it to the ground with the rest of her clothes. She looked at the Gilmore's and Rory could tell that Lane wanted to cover herself and it was only by a supreme amount of willpower that she was keeping her hands on her waist rather than hiding her slit and tits. Lane asked, "What now?"

"I make wishes and you and Rory make them come true," said Lorelai. She smiled, "Don't worry Lane, we talked about it before. I'll warm you up slowly before the good stuff and I promise you will get to fuck my daughter..."

Rory blushed again.

"Sure, I'm good," replied Lane, a touch of nervousness still evident in her voice.

In an attempt to make Lane feel more at ease Lorelai gently cupped Rory's face and pulled it to hers, her daughter eagerly welcoming her lips with her own. Sure, ever since they had started regularly fucking Lorelai had been finding any little excuse to kiss Rory and this was no different but at least this time she had a pretty noble reason to go along with her ulterior motive. Once she broke the kiss Lorelai was pleased to see the look on Lane's face that told her that the Gilmore on Gilmore kiss had the desired effect, Lane looking a lot less nervous that she had before. Lorelai decided to take advantage of this.

Wish 12

"I wish you and Lane would make out as I watch," Lorelai said to Rory.

Rory looked at Lane, who gave a barely perceptible nod. Rory stood up, "Okay."

She dropped out of her gown and walked towards her friend. Lane was waiting expectantly and nervously. Slowly Rory pecked her friend's lips, they were soft.

There was a snort of derision from Lorelai, "That's not making out."

"No," Rory said, "but this is..."

She moved in again, this time opening her mouth as she did so. Her open mouth moved over Lane's closed one. But it remained shut only for a moment, before she too opened it. The two teen's flicked out in unison, colliding and battling. Rory was surprised by how good a kisser Lane was, certainly much better than Rory had expected. She pulled away and said accusingly, "You've been practising..."

"Only with my pillow," said Lane. If she was about to say more it was cut short as Rory returned her mouth to her friends, the pillow explanation seemed unlikely, but then strange tales could be true - otherwise she wouldn't be banging her Mom. The brunettes hands moved up and down her friend's waist as Lane in turn moved her hand round Rory's back and rested them on her naked butt. The tongues waggling and waving within each other's mouths as they touched each other, their titties clamped together and the erect nipples jutting out like little daggers.

The two teens continued to make out passionately, almost forgetting that Lorelai was watching them. The Milf licked her lips and moved her hand down to touch her slit, slowly massaging her pussy as she watched Rory get it on. Lorelai had suspected that watching her daughter would be hot, but until she saw it live and in the flesh she hadn't realised what a turn on it would be. There was something so kinky about watching Rory's naked body rubbing against someone else's - heightened by knowing that the body was hers and that Rory would respond to her every wish. Lorelai slid her fingers over her cunt and purred, "Rory..."

Wish 13

"...I wish you would go down on Lane."

For a moment the two teens were so engrossed in kissing and petting each other that Lorelai didn't think they had heard, but just as Lorelai was about to repeat the wish the two girls separated. They looked at each other and giggled, before Rory turned to her Mom and said, "Okay."

She reached out to Lane and took her hand. The young Korean girl gave a shy laugh, but didn't resist as Rory gently led her to the couch and gestured for her to sit. Lane did so, spreading her legs as she did so. Lorelai moved seats so that she could get a better look. Rory waited for her, before dropping to her knees and shuffling between her friend's thighs. She licked her hand and gave Lane's slit a brief rub with her palm, making the other teen give a moan. Rory quickly turning her head to look at her Mom to show she was still cool with the wishes, before turning back to Lane, a thought suddenly occurring to her, "You're still a virgin?"

It was more a statement than a question but nevertheless Lane nodded and explained, "Lorelai said we could do everything but."

"Oh, okay." Rory nodded, her eyes briefly flickering to the pussy in front of her before asking, "You ready?"

"Yes, yes, I'm ready," Lane spoke quickly both to mask her fear and to conceal her excitement, "Go down on me Rory."

The brunette didn't need any coaxing. She dived in, her mouth already open as it slammed into the cunt. She started to slurp away, hammering the tongue into the cunt and pushing as deep as she could. There was no finesse in Rory's movements, but Lane didn't seem concerned. She groaned and stretched her back, arching her spine, as her friend buried herself deep into her slit. The Korean's hands ran over the back of Rory's head, not quite pushing her in, but at the same time making it hard for her to back out. She let out a moan, "That's it Rory, eat me out."

Rory's face was deep in her friend, the noises she was making a mixture of laboured breathing and frenzied licks. There was more and more cum coming from Lane, threatening to drown Rory in it's sweet succulence. She rammed her tongue deeper, sweeping through the cunt juice and hammering the clit. Lane screamed and this time did grab Rory forcing her in, "That's it Rory, that's it..."

Lane was grateful that this only seemed to encourage Rory into tongue fucking her harder, the heavenly sensations overwhelming the young rock star wannabe.

It was so much better than Lane had dared to dream, any apprehensions or nervousness about tonight gone with just the first lick. She would now do anything Lorelai asked her to do, no matter how perverted it sounded, and considering what Lorelai had already told her it was going to be one hell of a perverted night. However Lane now was forever in Lorelai's debt because not only had she inadvertently introduced her to the wonders of a girl's tongue, but to Rory's tongue.

Why the hell had she needed such convincing? Why had the thoughts of fulfilling this fantasy been so scary? She had been girl crushing on Rory for as long as she could remember, and as she lay there with her whole body trembling, a talented tongue touching places inside her she didn't even know about, Lane promised herself that she'd never be so reluctant to try anything new again.

Even though she hadn't shown it Rory had been reluctant to fuck her best friend. The idea certainly wasn't unappealing, much like herself Lane was definitely cute, but Rory was somewhat worried about ruining their relationship. That was ironic considering she had risked her most treasured relationship but that was to get something she had always wanted, this was risking a friendship for just some fun.

Of course after a while Rory strongly believed she and Lane could maintain some kind of relationship, one which could possibly even be better now, especially as they might have a new favourite thing to do together. Even if they did nothing else but this particular position Rory could become very happy with their relationship. Very happy indeed.

Rory found herself becoming even more happy as Lane cried out and flooded her mouth with liquid which could only be her cum, Rory greedily gobbling down every drop as the flavour set her taste buds on fire.

The taste was amazing Rory decided, not like her Mom at all, more... more Korean? Whatever... Lane tasted great and she could soak like she was a sponge, to paraphrase Shakespeare - who knew the teen had so much cum in her. Rory licked harder and harder, intent on driving Lane to another orgasm.

Meanwhile Lorelai had just cum. She hadn't been able to resist thrusting a couple of fingers into her pussy as she watched Rory service Lane. It wasn't the biggest orgasm the Milf had ever had, but it was certainly satisfying. She pulled her finger out and licked some of the cum off, even as she continued to watch Rory's head bob as she hammered at her friend's slit. Lorelai grinned, "That's my girl," she said quietly.

Neither Rory nor Lane heard, engrossed in other things, this fact making Lorelai smirk as she relaxed for a few long minutes, a feeling a perverted pride rushing through her every time her little girl made the Korean cum.

As it was Lane's first time Lorelai was reluctant to stop the younger girls going at it, but she wanted Lane to save at least some of her energy. After all, the wishes had only just started getting good...

So after a while Lorelai said loudly enough for the teens to hear, "Rory stop."

Lane whimpered in frustration as Rory, Momma's girl that she was, immediately did as she was told and looked back at her mother, Lane lifting herself up so she could do the same.

Wish 14

"Lane, I wish you would go down on my little girl." Lorelai wished.

Turning back to her best friend Rory bit her lip, "Is that okay?"

"Oh God yes." Lane said huskily, eagerly switching places with Rory so she was the one kneeling between another girl's legs.

One fantastic pussy eating ago Lane would have been tripping over her words and taking forever to get in position, but after what had just happened Lane felt like a changed woman. The old her briefly came back as she came eye level with Rory's pussy, but she closed her eyes, pushed all her nervousness aside and before it could come back buried her face in her best friend's twat.

"Oh gosh." Rory gasped as she was taken by surprise at how quickly Lane began gently lapping at her pussy, only the briefest of pauses between the first lick and the ones that followed.

Given everything she knew about her best friend Rory had been expecting Lane to be a lot more hesitant, slowly drawing out the foreplay and then eventually the gentle licking. Instead Lane was burying her face in Rory's cunt within a minute of beginning to go down on her, Lane's tongue lapping frantically at Rory's dripping centre.

As that tongue continued its attack on her womanhood Rory considered she may not know her best friend as well as she thought she did. And okay, Lane wasn't the only one who had kept her lesbian tendencies a secret. Rory had never been truthful about how she really felt about her Mom. She had kept the truth from Lane even after they had got together... but now all that stuff was out in the open maybe Rory could try and get to know her best friend a little better. And if that happened to involve the two friends spending some quality time between each other's legs, well then so be it.

Lane's tongue couldn't compare to Lorelai's in terms of skill but it could match it in enthusiasm, Lane soon pushing her tongue deep into Rory's welcoming hole and beginning to fuck her hard and deep, making Rory cry out joyfully, "Yes, yes, yeeeessss! Fuck me. Fuck me Lane. Ohhhhh, fuck, oh, fuck me with your tongue."

Lane could hardly believe her ears. Rory never swore, not really. Neither of them did. Even when Lane was feeling a tongue first on then in her pussy the most she did was whimper and beg Rory to eat her. No swear words came out of her mouth, and yet now Rory sounded like a sailor on leave... and Lane liked it.

Rory Gilmore had always seemed like the most sweetest, innocent girl Lane had ever known, and while Lane had loved that Rory dearly she desperately wanted to get to know this version of her best friend. The version that love to use naughty words, that didn't mind spreading her legs for her so she could eat her delicious pussy or get between Lane's thighs to show just how amazing lesbian sex could be... or even have sex with her own mother.

Briefly thinking of Lorelai had Lane frantically trying to remember everything the older woman had told her about rug munching before she then tried to totally concentrate on Rory's pussy for what felt like the millionth time. It was difficult given that her mind felt like it was going at a mile a minute but it seemed like her tongue was slamming in and out of Rory at the same speed, which definitely seem to help matters. In fact it helped so much that shortly after she decided to concentrate on the muff munching again Lane heard her best friend scream loudly and felt her body shake, a rush of liquid which was even tastier than Rory's regular cream suddenly filling her mouth.

From the moment she first tasted pussy juice Lane knew she was hooked and the same went for girl cum, the young Korean burying her face deeper in between her friend's legs so she could swallow every drop of the yummy liquid.

Meanwhile Lorelai watched on proudly. Lane had been in their lives for so long she was practically a second daughter, or at least a beloved niece, either of which would have been an extremely inappropriate analogy in any other household, but nevertheless Lorelai felt as proud of Lane as she had done of Rory earlier. That said the climax Lorelai was able to finger herself too was weaker than the one that had come before, and certainly couldn't compare to the one she could experience with someone else.

Lorelai was sure that orgasm would come later, but in the meantime there had been enough watching - it was time to rejoin the fun.

Wish 15

"I wish you would take it in turns kissing me," said Lorelai interrupting Lane as she went in for another burst of cunt lapping. For a moment it looked like the young Korean was too engrossed in drinking her best friend's cum, but Rory gave her a quick squeeze and reluctantly Lane stood up. Lorelai opened her legs to show her bald slit, a reminder to Lane that Rory wasn't the only tasty Gilmore in the house. She smiled promisingly at Lane, "One wish at a time."

Standing up Lorelai enveloped Rory in her arms, drawing the teen to her for a kiss that was not at all Mom-like. There lips crushed together, moving as they opened and closed their mouths. The two of them slurping the air out of each other, as their hands massaged their nude bodies. Lorelai could feel the hardness of Rory's nipples pressing into her, like little knives; she knew her own were also stabbing into her daughter as they moved together. She pulled the teen even closer, mouthing her love and reaching down to fondle her daughter's cute, bare, ass.

From the corner of her eye Lorelai could see Lane. The Korean was staring open mouthed, obviously turned on by the Milf-teen make out session. Her hand was moving in small circles, rubbing lightly at her naked twat. The thought that Lane was enjoying watching made Lorelai kiss harder. She closed her eyes as she allowed her imagination to take over, thinking about Lane fondling herself as Lorelai slammed her tongue down Rory.

"Mmmnnn, Lane's turn now," Rory broke the kiss. Lorelai snapped her eyes open to see Rory stepping back, licking her lips of the saliva that had dribbled out over them. The teen gave a naughty smile as she turned to Lane, "You wanna kiss my Mom?"

"Hell, yes," said Lane, who had got over her previous shyness. She stepped in front of Lorelai and put her arms round the Milf's neck. Lorelai allowed herself to be pulled down, Lane standing on tiptoes to meet her half-way. The Korean's mouth met hers and wrapped on contact, the younger woman's tongue slipping and sliding over Lorelai's own eager one.

She wasn't a bad kisser, thought Lorelai, despite her lack of experience. The Milf moved her hands down to just above Lane's butt and began to gently massage the small of the teen's back, whilst pulling her closer. Lane responded with enthusiastic mouth movements, her tongue darting round to explore Lorelai's mouth. What she lacked in skill, she was definitely making up for in effort. Lorelai allowed the teen to dictate the pace, fast when Lane was speedy and slowing down as Lane moved to a more relaxed posture. There bodies swayed together as they're lips touched and puckered and moved. Lorelai was becoming hotter and hotter. She took a quick look at Rory, the teen was looking as excited as Lane had earlier, her fingers threatening to slide into her cunt. Lorelai knew if she didn't act Rory would be fingering herself to an orgasm any second, and Lorelai didn't want her darling daughter to cum too early, too often - it threatened making her sated before the main course.

She broke from Lane, moving back a few steps.

Wish 16

"I wish you and Lane would worship my body," Lorelai said turning her head to Rory.

Rory looked at Lane and both teens grinned, "Okay."

Lorelai had deliberately decided to not specify what this wish meant, leaving it up to the two teens and their lithe tongues. She wasn't disappointed. Immediately Rory dropped to her knees and moved in front of her Mom. She began to kiss and lick at the outside of the Milf's bare cunt, running her tongue over the lips and hole, before pressing down her puckered lips in tender kisses. Round and round she went, smothering the small patch of Lorelai's body in laps and kisses. At the same time her hands moved to behind Lorelai's thighs and she rubbed softly, but sensually, letting her fingers draw patterns over the Milf legs all the way up to her butt-cheeks.

If that had been all that was happening Lorelai would have been satisfied. But there was Lane as well, and for a virgin she was showing an aptitude that would suggest she had a future career in adult films. The young Korean had decided kissing Lorelai's mouth was pass‚. Instead she moved to Lorelai's tits. At first she just kissed at the hard nipples, small little butterflies of kisses, but gradually she got more daring. Her mouth opened and she sucked Lorelai's nipple in, biting down lightly, which together with Rory's kisses made Lorelai groan in pleasure, "That's it girls, worship me."

"Mmnnn," said Rory as she dabbed her tongue into Lorelai's slot. The Milf quivered as her daughter moved it around the wet hole, pushing and prodding at the vibrating tunnel walls. The teen moved a bit deeper, touching further down and in, wetting Lorelai with saliva as the Milf wetted herself with cum.

"Loving your body," said Lane, "It's kept well."

The Korean switched from tit to tit, worshipping them both with her mouth and leaving the nipples standing out like granite rocks and as hard as the same. Her teeth left tiny indentations as she moved back to bite at the nub, before running her tongue over soothing the little pinpricks of pain. Suddenly the teen let go off the tit and started to move downwards. Her tongue still played over Lorelai as she slowly moved into a crouching position, next to Rory.

"Oh God, that's so good," Lorelai stroked the heads of both the crouching teens as they began to share the pussy licking duties. At first Rory did the inside, whilst Lane's tongue moved over the outside. But after a few moments Rory pulled out to lick and touch the outside of the lips, allowing Lane to move her tongue in. Lorelai groaned and gasped as the young Korean slid her tongue around. Cum bubbled up in her cunt, some of it being picked up by Lane; the remainder sliding over the quim flaps to be lapped up by Rory, "Oh yes, girls, God eat me out."

And then Rory's tongue joined her friend's inside Lorelai. It was tight and they couldn't go deep, nor could they move much - crushed as they were between each other and the warm, wet walls. But the touch of two tongues, dabbing and dipping made Lorelai go wild. More juice formed in her pussy, soaking into the two teen's tongues. They slurped and licked, drinking down the delicous liquid; and in turn these laps made Lorelai produce yet more girl cum in a virtuous circle, "Oh, oh, oh," squeaked the Milf in pleasured excitement, "Oh, oh, oh."

The orgasm hit her almost as a surprise, so sudden was the explosion. Lorelai arched her back and squealed in pleasure as the rapture burnt within her, "Ohhhhh, I...'mmm cuuummminnng!"

Both teens pressed their faces against Lorelai's centre as much as they could, both fighting for the older woman's cum as Lorelai trembled under the assault of their greedy mouths.

Part of Rory felt like she should let Lane have the majority of Lorelai's cum, after all ever since her eighteen birthday Rory had practically been living in between her Mom's legs, but the younger Gilmore just couldn't bring herself to do it. Her Mom tasted too good. So the girls continued competing to see who could swallow the most girl cum as Lorelai's screams slowly dissolved into whimpers and moans.

"Stop, please stop." Lorelai moaned reluctantly after a while.

Lane shot up, terrified she'd done something wrong. Rory on the other hand knew there was no way her Mom couldn't have been loving what the teen girls had been doing to her so the only reason they were stopping was because Lorelai had something else in mind.

Seemingly to put Lane's worries at rest and confirm what Rory thought Lorelai smiled softly down at the young girls kneeling before her and then said, "Wow, that was a first, and... wow."

"You did cum pretty hard." Rory nodded with a sly smile.

"You have no idea." Lorelai said, pausing as a tiny aftershock ran through her before continuing, "In fact I think I could do with a little time to recover, so how about a little more of the Rory and Lane show?"

"Well, I do love that show." Rory beamed at Lane who blushed.

"Who doesn't?" Lorelai asked rhetorically before adding, "Rory, go get one of our strap-ons. And make it a nice medium size one please."

"Is that a wish? Because it sounds like it should be." Rory teased, already getting up to get the desired item.

"It's something you need for my next wish." Lorelai said, only a few moments passing before Rory returned with a dildo firmly strapped around her waist

When she returned Rory found Lane bent over the arm of the sofa, her legs dangling precariously as because of her small frame her knees just couldn't quite reach the floor so she was more or less balancing herself on her feet at a weird angle. Lorelai was knelt behind her, the young brunette moaning loudly as the older brunette continued sliding her tongue all over her ass hole.

It was Lane's first rim job and it felt far better than she had imagined it would be, which boaded well for Lorelai's next wish. Lorelai left her daughter waiting patiently for a few minutes of thorough ass licking before finally coming up for air, turning to her daughter and making the wish in question.

Wish 17

"I wish you would fuck Lane in the ass while I watch." Lorelai said as she stepped back from the Korean.

"Really?" Rory said, a little surprised as she turned to her best friend, "You're okay with this?"

Lane nodded, "It was Lorelai's idea. Everything but, that way I technically stay a virgin."

"Yeah, but I thought that was but as in B.U.T. not B.U.T.T." Rory said.

"That's a lot of butts." Lorelai said dryly.

"You know what I mean." Rory scowled.

"I'm okay with it. I kind of always wanted to just be bent over like this and get a cock shoved up my ass, and Lorelai said you loved fucking her in the ass, so..." Lane trailed off, aware she was beginning to ramble again.

"Well, I do." Rory admitted with a blush, "And if you're okay with it, I'm okay with it."

"Good, glad we're all okay with it. Now, on with the ass fucking." Lorelai said.

"Your concern for my friend's well being is touching." Rory said dryly as she knelt behind Lane and pressed the tip of her strap-on against the other girl's puckered back entrance.

"Hey, I've already had this conversation with her, so I know she's fine with it." Lorelai said, "And she knows to relax so don't worry about that."

"Well, thank you for keeping me in the loop." Rory said sarcastically, her eyes locking on Lane's virgin ass hole which was slowly opening under the steady pressure she was putting on it.

In what seemed like no time at all Lane's butt hole opened up to let the head of the dildo inside it, meaning good girl Rory Gilmore had just taken her best friend's anal cherry.

That fact caused a thrill to go through all three brunettes, the fact not entirely lost as Rory slowly pushed herself forwards, gently inserting the strap-on inch by inch into Lane's butt.

The whole time she did this Rory paid very close attention to her long-time friend, looking and listening out for any sign that she was hurting the other girl too much. That sign never came. Not when Rory was filling Lane's ass up with dildo, not when her strap-on was fully embedded within her best friend's rectum, and not even when she began fucking her ass with soft and gentle strokes. In fact the only signs from Lane were very positive, the Korean softly moaning at first, before gradually begining to beg, "Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Oh yes, fuck me in the ass."

Lane's words seem to remind Rory of the confidence she had slowly being building up each time she fucked her Mom, Rory feeling increasingly in her element as the butt fucking continued.

It wasn't long before Rory was holding firmly to Lane's hips and riding her friend like a professional bull rider, ramming the other girl's rectum hard and deep, making her squeal with delight, "Yes, YES, yes fuck me. Fuck my ass just like that! Oooooohhhhhhh fuck, harder. Ass fuck me Rory. Fuck, mmmmmmm, fuck the hell out of my ass!"

Rory did as she was told and somehow began fucking her friend's ass harder, which had Lane continuing to beg for more which just led things round in a circle, not that anyone minded, especially not the young Korean taking her first ass fucking.

As far as Lane was concerned while this was definitely her first ass fucking it definitely wouldn't be her last. Getting fucked in the ass felt too amazing for that.

Sure, it had hurt at first, but it had also stimulated places inside of her that she never knew about, and eventually the pain went away completely and was replaced by pure ecstasy, seemingly every thrust into her bowels making her toes curl and her entire body tingle with pleasure.

So, from now on Lane Kim was no curious anal virgin, but an anal slut. She would let boys and girls fuck her up the ass, and go down on her, she would go down on them, anything just so long as she could continue feeling the same pleasures she had felt so far tonight.

For now though Lane was focused on her approaching orgasm, her words flying out of her mouth without a thought except to try and entice Rory to make her cum as quickly as possible, "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS! Ooooooh please Rory, fuck my slutty ass, fuck, ohhhhhh, fuck it like you fuck your Mom's slutty ass."

"You heard her Rory, fuck her ass like you fuck mine." Lorelai smirked.

"That hard?" Rory grinned.

"Uh-huh, that hard." Lorelai nodded, eager to see it.

Rory grinned in response before thrusting even harder into her friend's ass, Lorelai feeling the same sense of pride she got from watching her beloved daughter licking carpet that she did watching her pounding butt. She also experienced the same amount of jealousy she had felt before, along with an intense desire to be where Lane was right now, that strap-on slamming in and out of her own shit hole as she shamelessly begged her daughter for a harder butt fucking.

Lorelai felt particularly jealous and proud as Lane cried out joyfully, orgasm clearly crashing through her body as Rory kept pounding in and out of her butt.

A few moments later Rory stumbled back and panted heavily, although Lorelai was unsure whether her daughter did this to save some of her strength or allow Lane some time to recover from her last, clearly very powerful, orgasm. Knowing Rory it was probably a mixture of both.

Either way Lorelai was quick to seize the opportunity to get up and walk over to where she could admire just how good Lane's ass hole looked stretched out, the older woman able to see deep into the teen's bowels via the red ringed crater in between her butt cheeks. After she, and Rory, spent a moment or two staring at the state of Lane's ass Lorelai fell to her knees and swallowed her daughter's strap-on cock, greedily sucking the delicious flavour of teen girl ass off of the dildo while looking up at Rory with a mischievous smile.

"That's good," said Rory, "clean my dildo."

She closed her eyes, expecting that she was going to have a long period of her Mom sucking the toy. But Lorelai quickly stopped and stood up. She grinned, "My next wish..."

"Er, Mom, aren't you going to suck it properly. You've hardly touched it," Rory pointed down at the toy. It lacked the glistening shine that Lorelai normally put onto the dildo as she did ass to mouth.

The Milf laughed, "Oh, don't worry Rory... I've got plenty of wishes left for cleaning a couple of cocks."

" A couple?" Rory asked quizzically. The only dildo on view was the one round her pelvis.

Lorelai smiled and gestured at Lane who had moved to a sitting position, though she was putting as much weight on her hands as she was her butt.

Wish 18

"I wish Lane would fuck you up the butt while I watch," Lorelai said.

Rory looked at her friend. Lane was quickly standing up, she was smiling and didn't seem at all surprised at the wish. Rory smiled, "I'm guessing you knew..."

"Your Mom mentioned a few things that might happen, just to make sure I was alright with them," Lane blushed, "I'm alright with this, if you are."

"Of course, I'm alright," laughed Rory, "I've taken a big cock up my butt before. I love it and if you want to fuck me and Mom wants to watch I'm good; I'm more than good - I'm great."

Lorelai quickly interrupted, "Rory, why don't you take Lane into your room and choose a strap-on for her."

"Sure," Rory took her friend's hand and led her into her bedroom.

She opened the drawer, gesturing at the toys in it. Lane leant over and gasped, "There's hundreds."

"Nine strap-ons, seven double-enders, five normal dildos and two vibrators," said Rory accurately. She reached in and picked up her largest one, twelve inches of pure hard rubber, "What about this?"

Lane opened her mouth and closed it again, before trying again, "A bit big? I think..."

Rory gave a fake sigh, though she had been teasing. Her Mom used it on her ass a lot, but her Mom was more experienced in sliding it in; for Lane's first time Rory felt she needed something more medium sized. She reached over and pulled out her eight-incher, it was firmly fixed to a pair of tight lycra panties, the smooth rubber dong jutting out like a unicorn's horn. She held it up for Lane, "Try this."

Lane pulled on the panties and moved to stand in front of the mirror. She looked at herself and smiled, "Yes, that's it."

"It does look good," smiled Rory,. She began to unstrap her own dildo, but Lane stopped her.

"Could you keep it on," the Korean asked.

"If you want," Rory nodded. She stroked her own rubber strap-on as she thought of the fucking she was about to receive; it would be a big turn on to do it whilst her Mom watched

The two teens headed back to the main room, the rubber dildos bouncing in front of them like they were attached. Lorelai was sitting naked on the couch, waiting. She gave a whistle of appreciation as she looked at the two tempting teens, tits quivering and pussies soaking with lust. The Milf positioned herself comfortably to watch and licked her lips in anticipation as Rory got down on her hands and knees, shaking her behind at her friend. Lorelai's finger slid over her twat, feeling its silky softness and damp flesh, she leant forward slightly to make sure she got a good view, "So Lane you going to fuck Rory's ass?"

"Yes," said Lane quietly, "yes I am."

She made no move towards the puckered hole, but Rory had a solution, "Hey, Lane let me give it a quick suck, it'll go in easier."

Lane looked relieved. Rory and Lorelai both knew that the youngest Gilmore would have no trouble coping with the dildo, but they both also recognised that for a newcomer the size of the dildo and the size of the hole it was supposed to go in looked out of kilter. However, giving Lane a little saliva lube should help convince her that large (or at least medium) toys could fit up her friends tight teen asshole. Anyway, thought Rory as she happily opened her mouth and felt the rubber be slid in, she was pretty sure Lorelai would also not complain at watching her daughter suck a bit of plastic prick before the main event. She flicked her eyes over to her Mom to make sure, Lorelai was rubbing her pussy obviously entranced by the scene.

Slowly Rory bobbed her head back and forth, feeling the rubber push into her cheek and down her throat. She kept in control, not wanting to suck too far - not that Rory was against deep-throating, but it was just being doubled over as she drooled wasn't her most attractive look. She moved her eyes, first to Lane, who was lightly holding Rory's head whilst keeping her eyes closed and humming. Secondly to Lorelai who was vigorously touching her cunt as she stared in rapt attention at the scene.

That was enough, Rory wanted to give enough lubrication to persuade Lane to take her butt, not so much that Lorelai fingered herself to heaven before the main event. Anyway, Rory's ass was starting to itch with longing its insertion. The teen opened her lips and with her tongue pushed out the cock. She looked up at Lane, "Fuck my ass, now," paused and because she was a good girl added, "please."

Lane looked at Lorelai for confirmation. The Milf nodded, "Fuck my little girl's butt!"

Lane moved behind Rory. The brunette shook in excitement as she felt Lane's hands grip her cheeks and slowly pull them apart. The tip of the toy touched the top of Rory's chute. The touch sent thrills through the teen, her heart beat faster, her breath came in quick spurts and her body shook, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, please Lane, fuck me."

"Okay," said Lane, sounding nervous, "I will."

The strap-on started to push down Rory's hole, prizing it wider as it went deeper. Rory groaned in pleasure as she felt its stiffness against her soft walls, the smooth rubber exciting the flesh with its touch. It continued in, past her anal G-spot, which made Rory shriek and in further until Rory could feel Lane's body pressed down on her as the dildo went in to it's full extent. The teen groaned, keen to show Lane that she was enjoying every second her butt being stretched, "That's good Lane, fuck it hard. Fuck my ass hard!"

"Sure," said Lane. She sounded more confident.

And she had reason to be. She started to slam into Rory's butt with an uncommon expertise, almost as good as the well practiced Lorelai. The younger Gilmore screamed in incoherent delight as the large toy rammed her butthole. It shot up and down, opening Rory like she was a tin can, but no tin opener had ever felt this good.

Remembering the pointers Lorelai gave her, and to a slightly lesser extent the butt fucking she had just endured herself, Lane pounded into Rory's pooper much faster than she felt she should be at this stage. At the same time not quite going at full speed so at least Rory got a little time to adjust to the anal violation.

Lorelai had promised Lane that both herself and her daughter had really accommodating asses that were quick to except intruders and even welcome them deep into their bowels. Lane found it difficult to believe at first, but considering how much Rory was whimpering with pleasure after the first few minutes of butt pumping it was becoming increasingly difficult not to believe.

Rory's whimpers quickly turned to moans, then to crys, then to squeals. Rory could feel her ass burning, but the climaxes that were exploding in her made it seem like heavenly fire; "Oh God, fuck me, fuck me harder."

Pounding hard Lane grunted with exertion as she rammed the toy deep. Her hands gripped Rory's waist hard, squeezing the teen's slender sides and digging her nails in, as if she was terrified without something to hold onto she'd fall off. Harder and harder she slammed, wrecking Rory's ass and sending the brunette teen into a constant orgasm, so that all Rory could do was scream and shake. Cum shot from the brunette's slit as she orgasmed, spilling onto the carpet. Rory knew she'd have to dry that up later, but at the moment it didn't matter - all that mattered was the climaxes Lane was creating in her ass, "Harder, harder!"

The screams of Rory drove Lane on. She was sweating, perspiration running down her like she'd just run the marathon. But her speed was that off a sprint, slamming the cock deep into her friend faster and faster. Her thighs thrashed into Rory's cheeks, like the starter's gun - flesh banging against flesh so hard that their skin was going red, "Take it, Rory, take it all."

Lorelai had been expecting to be turned on my watching Rory take it up the ass. But until she had seen it she couldn't believe how hot it was. Her own fingers were soaking from being plunged into her juicy cunt, but she had to finger herself hard or risk exploding as she watched the scene in front of her. Rory was screaming in pleasure, yelling so loud that they could probably hear her in Hartford, her body shaking as Lane rammed her like she was a rubber ball. The young Korean was sweating as well, her teen tits bouncing enticingly as she moved, she too was screaming as she hammered her friend's ass. Lorelai slammed a finger in, "Oh yes, Lane do Rory, do my daughter hard. Good girl, fuck her ass and make her cum."

Lane did just that, the young Korean passionately butt fucking her best friend through climax after climax, the sight so intoxicating that Lorelai let it continue for much longer than she originally intended. The look of bless on Rory's face as her now extremely opened ass hole was brutally pounded was particularly enjoyable for Lorelai, the older Gilmore girl becoming lost in the sight of her daughter getting roughly fucked in the ass.

Eventually it had to stop, although it wasn't as a result of Lorelai's instructions, but because Lane just became too exhausted, the poor girl collapsing beside Rory and gasping out, "I'm sorry Lorelai."

"That's okay." Lorelai said softly, her eyes locking on her daughter's gaping butt hole.

Lorelai loved looking at Rory's ass when it was freshly fucked like this, and this time the hole looked even more open than usual thus providing Lorelai with an even better look inside her daughter's ass. Hell, it was gaping so wide Lorelai was surprised she couldn't see what Rory had for breakfast.

"Be right back." Lorelai murmured, quickly rushing up to her room and retrieving her camera. When she returned she was delighted to discover Rory was still kneeling on all fours, Lorelai quickly getting in position behind her and snapping a nice short of her baby girl's well opened butt.

An only just coming back to full consciousness Rory heard the flash and looked behind her. She then smiled and wiggled her ass at her Mom, enticing Lorelai to snap a few more shots before turning to the Korean, "Lane, get down next to Rory and show me your ass."

Lane did as she was told and soon the two teens were giggling as the older woman took their photos, all three of them clearly loving it, although Lorelai kind of wished Lane's ass hadn't already mostly recovered from the earlier fucking. However while pounding open Lane's ass again sounded hot Lorelai had a different wish in mind.

"Rory, put your strap on back on. Lane, stand up." Lorelai ordered. The girls did as they were told, Lorelai quickly kneeling in front of Lane to greedily suck on her dildo, this time giving it the type of really thorough spit shine she usually did. This was partly because it was covered in her favourite flavour ever, that being her daughter's anal juice, but it was also partly because of where the dildo was about to go.

Wish 19

"I wish you would lay down so I could ride you." Lorelai eventually told Lane after taking her cock out of her mouth.

Lane quickly obliged, Lorelai crawling on top of her and lowering her eager pussy down onto the shaft, the horny mother taking every inch with no problem whatsoever. She paused a moment to savour the feeling, then she looked behind her at her daughter who was stroking her strap on and looking at her lustfully.

Wish 20

"I wish my daughter would stick her big cock up my ass while I'm riding her best friend's cock." Lorelai smirked at Rory, "I want to get fucked in both holes at the same time like a cheap whore."

Rory smiled back at her mother, climbed on the bed behind her and smacked her roughly on the ass, "Bend over and spread your ass cheeks, whore. Make it easier for me to ass fuck you."

Lorelai immediately did as she was told, pressing her naked body down against Lane's, their nipples rubbing together as Lorelai reached back and spread her butt cheeks for her daughter.

Without saying another word Rory slammed into her mother's butt hole, the puckered flesh quickly opening up and allowing inch after inch of strap on cock to pass through, that dildo burrowing deep into Lorelai's rectum.

Rather than bury it all in her Mom's ass in one go like she knew she could Rory got most of the dick inside before gently beginning to pump her hips back and forth, butt fucking her mother at a steady, well timed pace which she knew would drive the older woman crazy.

"No Rory, please, butt fuck me hard." Lorelai pleaded, "Butt fuck Mommy hard. Mommy wants her little girl to butt fuck her hard."

"Well, it is your birthday." Rory beamed, before she began rapidly increasing her thrusts.

"Yes, yes, yes, yeeeeessss! Fuck me! Fuck me Rory, fuck me hard!" Lorelai squealed before turning her attention to the girl beneath her, "You too Lane. Fuck me as hard as you can. Both you girls fuck me as hard as you can."

"You heard the mature adult." Rory said sarcastically, "Let's really give it to her."

"Let's." Lane agreed, grabbing onto Lorelai's hips and doing her best to fuck the thirtysomething woman as hard as she could.

Unfortunately Lane wasn't at a very good angle for thrusting. Sure, she could move her hips up and down a little, but she just couldn't seem to get half the rhythm going she'd had before. It didn't really matter though as Rory was fucking Lorelai hard enough for the both of them, the seemingly sweet and innocent girl slamming into her Mom's shit hole like she literally wanted to tear it apart.

The ferocity of which Rory fucked her Mom scared Lane a little. Had Rory really been this aggressive when it was Lane's ass hole which was being stretched open and slammed? Because Lane remembered Rory being surprisingly rough but this seemed even more so.

Lorelai wasn't complaining though. Exactly the opposite, she was slamming herself up and down to meet her daughter's thrusts like a bitch in heat, using almost as much force as Rory was. It was like both Gilmore girls had a pack that Lorelai was going to walk around for the whole week after her birthday with a gaping ass hole. The thought was perverted, but an incredible turn on for Lane who did her best to keep up as she and the Gilmore girls frantically fucked.

"Fuck me. Fuck me sweetie. Fuck Mommy like a whore!" Lorelai begged shamelessly, loving every moment of those two cocks inside her.

This had been one of Lorelai's dirty little fantasies she never expected to actually live out. Not having sex with Lane and her own daughter, well, yes having sex with Lane and her own daughter, but more pacifically taking a cock inside her pussy while taking another up her ass at the same time.

After reaching thirty Lorelai had figured this was just one of those things she was never going to experience, and she had been okay with that, but then her daughter had seduced her and her sex life suddenly became a lot more interesting. Lorelai had been only too happy to add this to her wish list while she was planning this night, and not only was she very happy she had but she experienced one of those rare moments of regret as she wished she had tried getting double penetrated sooner.

"Take it! Take it all you DP whore!" Rory snapped as she slammed her Mom's shitter as hard as she could.

If it were any other night Rory might have pointed out how her Mom had taken her hands off her ass cheeks and now had them pressed against the bed to provide her with extra leverage for slamming herself up and down, at least two things she hadn't been given permission for. But even though Rory was wearing the strap on which under normal Gilmore rules meant she was temporarily in charge it was her mother's birthday so the only thing that mattered to her was making the woman who gave her life cum.

Rory had become an expert in making her Mom cum. She had it down to an art form. Sure Lane was definitely helping, but even though it was a little uncharacteristically conceited of her Rory couldn't help wanting to believe that the way her mother was squealing with joy right now was at least mostly to do with the enthusiastic butt pounding Rory was giving her.

Lorelai screamed again, her long brunette hair sweeping down her naked back as her head sprang up and down as she orgasmed. The teen thrust in again, driving the dildo deep, Lorelai sobbed with pleasure. Rory looked at her friend lying below them both, Lane's face was sparkling with sweat, her own and that of Lorelai's that had dripped on her. Her expression was slightly stunned as if she couldn't believe she was sandwiching her best friend's Mom. The Korean saw Rory looking at her and smiled, "Go on Rory, ram your Mom's ass."

"We can swap, if you want," said Rory, aware that between her and Lane she'd got the best hole.

Lorelai shook her head, rivulets of sweat dripped down, " I want my next wish now."

"What is it?" asked Rory, she was intrigued - she couldn't see what else her Mom could want, DPing her was pretty much as extreme as the teen's imagination took her. She slid her cock out of her Mom's hole - as normal, after a good ass-fucking, it was red-rimmed and open, you could almost feel the heat and ache of it.

Beside her Lane scrambled to her feet, wiping her hands down her sweaty body. Rory smiled, and the two of them waited for Lorelai's demand...

Wish 21

"I wish you would both double fuck my ass," said Lorelai.

Lane opened and closed her mouth in shock, her hands flapped in the air like she was a bird unable to take off. If Rory hadn't been frozen in surprise her reaction wouldn't have been that dissimilar. Eventually she managed to squeak, "They won't fit..."

"They will," grinned Lorelai. She reached round and gripped her butt pulling it open to make sure it didn't start to recover to its normal size.

Rory looked again at the butt-hole, what had seemed so large and open when fucked by one toy seemed small and tight when she contemplated putting two in. She didn't want to do her Mom real damage - wish or not. And from the nervous look of Lane she was feeling the same.

Lorelai smiled, "It is a wish - I'm not saying it won't hurt, I'm sure it will, but the orgasm will be... well it'll be the Mother of all climaxes."

"I'm not sure," Rory twisted her hands together.

"I'll tell you to stop if it gets too much," Lorelai said.

"We should give it a go," Lane said, "It is your Mom's birthday."

"Okay," said Rory reluctantly. She looked sternly at her Mom, as if she was the parent and Lorelai the rebellious teen, "But if it gets too much you'll shout."

"Yes, Miss Gilmore," Lorelai giggled with a fake dutifulness, "I'll certainly shout."

Rory nodded, it was as good a response as she was going to get from her Mom. And she had to admit that whilst she was terrified of really hurting her the idea of double anal penetration was a turn-on. She decided that as long as she and Lane were careful they'd be alright. The younger Gilmore turned to her friend, "Put your dildo in first, about a couple of inches and then I'll join you."

As the more experienced of the two teens Rory felt that she should go for the harder position - the second cock. Lane took position behind Lorelai, the Milf gritting her teeth and shaking, either with anticipation or nerves as she waited for the first anal intruder. Holding the dildo, still slick with cunt cum, in her hand Lane started to guide it up Lorelai's butt. The older brunette groaned in encouragement and wiggled her ass to help the cock push in. It wasn't harder, the chute was well opened, with the walls like elastic, after the earlier reaming it had received. Rory waited until the toy was about quarter-way in, before saying, "Hold it a minute - that's enough."

Walking over she gently pushed the top of Lorelai's back down so that her Mom's spread her arms out and lay her chin on the floor. Her ass was stuck in the air, Lane moving to make sure her dildo remained in. Rory paused for a moment, looking at them, then she shrugged - it was too late to say she wanted her Mom to go for another wish. She stepped over Lorelai, her feet planted either side of the Milf, to face Lane. The Korean's expression was a mixture of lust, fear and surprise. Rory smiled, "Just keep it in for the moment, let me make some space."

There was a nod from the Korean. Rory bent over and extending a finger forced it between the rubber cock and her Mom's walls. Lorelai groaned as her daughter pulled at her butt-hole, forcing it open, "Ooohh Rory, good girl. I can't wait. I need two cocks..."

As soon as there was space Rory pushed in a second finger, using both hands to pull and extend the hole. It was hard to open it further, as if it was an elastic band just at the limit of its stretch. But slowly she managed it. The hole opened. The teen was aware of her Mom's moans and that Lane was quivering like a gun-dog on a duck hunt - it was time to put in the dildo.

"Okay, here it is," said Rory. She took the toy in her hand and started to push it into her Mom's chute. Even with her preparation and accurately guiding the dildo it was tight, so tight that she felt that the flesh would split before she could get deeper than the first inch. Her Mom shrieked and Rory stopped, ready to pull out.

Lorelai shook her head, as if she read Rory's mind, "Stick it in, I want it all."

"Perhaps if I rocked a bit it'd help?" suggested Lane. She didn't wait for an answer, but started to move her strap-on round and up and down. It did help; the rubber dong levered open Lorelai's ass further allowing Rory to slowly ease her own toy deeper. Taking it in turns the two teen's slowly lowered their cocks into Lorelai's ass, coming closer together as they did, so that by the time the cocks were in as deep as they could go Rory and Lane's mouths were locked against each other.

"That's it, fuck my ass. Oh God," shrieked Lorelai.

Compared to the normal ass-fuck the movements were slow. Rory still didn't want to wreck her Mom's chute, but also because as she fucked Lorelai she was enjoying a quick make-out with Lane. The two of them licked and tongued inside each other's mouth's, one hand gripping the others nearest tit, whilst still guiding their toys in and out of Lorelai.

Lorelai's back passage expanded with every stroke, her ass opening as the two dildos pushed apart her walls. It was like she was made of elastic, though Rory was painfully aware that even elastic could snap if pulled too far. The toys banged against each other and against Lorelai's walls, the Milf gasping and groaning as her stretched ass was stimulated by the rubber. Her hands flayed about uselessly as she cried out "Oh, oh, I'm a slut, I'm your anal slut girls..."

The fucking didn't need to be hard, because even the slightest movement was making her cum. Explosions of joy ripped through her stretched hole, razoring through her body like sharpened knives. Lorelai wouldn't deny that having her ass hole stretched to many times it proper size was sorely uncomfortable, but the orgasms were worth it. Her fingers clenched and unclenched as her daughter and Lane rammed her ass, "Yesssss! God, yes! Yes! Yes!"

Her body quivered with pleasure, shaking harder as two dildo slid into it in unison. The older brunette screamed into the carpet as another orgasm tore into her, "Fuck me, fuck me. I'm your anal whore, double fill my ass!"

The rubber stretched Lorelai's hole, as it stuffed down. Her anal G-spot went into overdrive, unable to cope with the weight and strength of the toys pressuring it. It's only recourse was to send explosive orgasm after explosive orgasm through Lorelai, metaphorically shredding her butt-hole. She screamed again, as the climax lifted her, "Oh God, oh God, oh God..."

It was too much. She could cope with the pain, but the pleasure was killing her. Her heart raced so fast that it threatened to push out her chest and the pressure of the orgasms was so much that her brain started to spark. She screamed once more, "Oh God, yes, yes... Oh that's it girls, I can't take anymore."

It took a few moments to get the cocks out. Lorelai gasped and shuddered on the carpet, her entire body racked with sexual pleasure that left her weak and panting.

"Wow, Mom," said Rory, "Wow you ought to see your ass... it is gaping."

Lorelai rolled over on her back and pulled her legs back to give the two teen's an even better view, "That's because you shared it."

"It is really open," agreed Lane, shaking her head in wonder.

Lorelai tried to bend over to see what they were looking at, but there was no way she was flexible enough to contort herself into the position needed. She gave a quick smile at the teens as she said...

Wish 22

"I wish you'd take a photo of my gaping back hole."

"Okay," said Rory, "If you want some proof?"

"Oh I don't need proof, I can feel it" replied Lorelai. She grinned, "I just thought you and Lane would want some momentos. You want a souvenir, Lane, something to remind you of your first threesome?"

"Thanks, that would be great," Lane was always polite.

It took Rory a few moments to find the camera, not long, but long enough she thought her Mom's ass would at least be beginning to close. She hadn't reckoned on Lorelai's ingenuity. The Milf was lying on her back, but the baseball bat - normally kept by the door in case of unwelcome intruders - was being used to masturbate her ass. Lorelai grinned and pulled it out, bringing her legs back and opening them wide to show her split open chute at its widest, "I've got gape."

"You sure have," replied Rory as she clicked on the camera's button. She zoomed in to take a shot of her Mom's ass, it was red-rimmed round a dark, large hole.

"Hey, Lane," said Lorelai, "We need to take some with you."

Without even waiting for the answer Lorelai turned onto her hands and knees, with her butt facing the camera. She moved her legs apart to reshow her gaping ass. Lane joined her, the teen sitting with her legs underneath her next to the Milf, before moving her face onto to Lorelai's butt. Rory too a picture of her friend, and gave a giggle as Lane stuck out her tongue cheekily, before running it over Lorelai's open chute. The Milf gave a little groan as the Korean worked her well-used ass. Rory took a few more shots; she guessed that these pictures wouldn't be in pride of place on Mrs Kim's wall - though if Lane was ever short of college funds there were websites that would pay big, or at least medium, bucks for them.

"How about some pics with my little girl?" smiled Lorelai.

"I'll take them," Lane stood up and took the camera as Rory settled down beside her Mom. The first was just of her resting her chin in the grooves of her Mom's ass, but soon she followed Lane's example and ran her tongue over her Mom's gaping hole. They would make some damn hot shots, thought Rory as she ran her tongue round the open hole, at least they would be judging from the way Lane had pushed her hand under the strap-on and was rubbing her slit. Rory dipped her tongue into the hole, wiggling it around long enough to make sure Lane got at least a couple of pics - just in case one had her thumb in it or something.

Lorelai groaned again, "That's nice, Rory, that'll make a good picture."

"It can go next to our bed," grinned Rory, "Remind me what a great fuckable ass my Mom has before I go to sleep."

"I'm hoping that there are other reminders of that," said Lorelai.

Rory licked at the ass again, disappointed it was starting to close. However, there would be plenty of photos to show her Mom how far she had opened.

As Rory licked Lorelai groaned. It wasn't that she wasn't enjoying herself, the problem was exactly the opposite. Lorelai was enjoying it too much, her daughter's tongue feeling so good sliding around her open back hole, promising more pleasure to come if she continued, pleasure which Lorelai didn't think she could handle, not after the orgasm overload she had just gone through.

Luckily Lorelai had a way out of her predicament, the sexy Milf turning around to give her daughter a sultry look and licking her lips.

Wish 23

"I wish you'd let me clean both those cocks." Lorelai wished.

Rory was reluctant to leave her Mom's scrumptious ass, but it wasn't her birthday so she slowly stood up and smirked as her mother quickly turned round and after a playful look up at her swallowed the first few inches of Rory's strap-on.

Lorelai let out a long throaty moan as she tasted the deepest part of her ass on the dick, happily savouring the flavour before lowering her lips downwards until the dildo began sliding down her throat. She began bobbing her head up and down on the cock like she was trying to win a prize.

The only real prize Lorelai got was the attention of the two teens, which was more than good enough, Lorelai revelling in the attention as she continued taking more and more of the strap-on until she was deep throating the entire thing. Of coarse this meant there was no more yummy ass juice to suck, but having the two girls watching intently more or less made up for it and at least she had the juice on Lane's dildo to look forward too.

"Mom's an ATM slut, as well as an anal slut." Rory explained casually to her best friend, "She loves the taste of her own ass, isn't that right Mom?"

Lorelai pulled her mouth away from the cock, gasped, nodded her head and said, "Especially when it's on my daughter's dick."

With that Lorelai dived back down to her daughter's dick, quickly swallowing every inch for another little deep throating session, albeit this one much shorter than the last.

"That's sweet... but I think Lane has some yummy ass juice for you." Rory said after letting her Mom suck her cock a little longer.

"Yay!" Lorelai exclaimed as if she didn't already know, the older woman happy that when she turned her head Lane was right there with her strap-on ready and waiting to be sucked.

In no patience for waiting Lorelai swallowed the head of Lane's cock, again savouring the flavour of the deepest parts of her bowels before gradually bobbing her head downwards so she could taste less deep but just as tasty parts of her own ass. It wasn't long before her lips hit the base and she was deep throating the whole thing just a few moments ago with her daughter's dick, that daughter and that daughter's friends still giving Lorelai their full attention as she fellated the phoney phallus.

"Wow, your Mom really is a great cock sucker." Lane said.

"Not what every girl wants to hear, but I'm kind of the exception to the rule." Rory grinned.

"I'll say." Lorelai said, only briefly taking her mouth off Lane's dildo before stuffing it back down her throat.

* * *

"Are you sure you don't want to sit down?" Lane asked hours later.

"I'm sure." Lorelai blushed.

After the Milf had thoroughly cleaned off Lane's cock the three women had rested on their sides and chatted for quite a while. Inevitably though their thoughts turned to food, which was why they were in the Gilmore girls' kitchen, all three still naked and happily eating left over take-out from a couple of nights ago after a failed attempt by Lane to get the Gilmore girls to order a sandwich or something.

Lane was finding setting a little uncomfortable as her butt was still kind of sore after the fucking it had taken but she had been assured that was normal. Rory seemed to be experiencing the same thing but Lane was worried about Lorelai who hadn't even tried to sit down.

"Don't worry Lane. It normally takes a while for Mom's ass to properly heal once I'm done fucking it... probably because of old age, so I guess with her ass double-fucked it'll take even longer." Rory teased, a beaming smile on her face directed at her mother just to show her she wasn't serious.

"Huh, evil child." Lorelai said putting on an obviously fake scowl, "If you weren't sitting down I'd totally spank you."

"Well I am, and you're not." Rory said playfully before slapping her Mom's rear with surprising force.

"OWWW... Rory, that seriously hurt." Lorelai whined.

"Oh." Rory said, more than a little regretful as she hadn't meant to hurt her Mom, or even hit that hard. Luckily there was a quick and easy way to earn her mother's forgiveness, Rory smiling before she said, "Don't worry, I'll kiss it and make it better."

Generally speaking whenever those words were uttered the kiss didn't make things that much better. But this was the exception to the rule, possibly because it was not one but many kisses and Rory really committed to making her Mom feel better as she pressed her lips all over her mother's ass cheeks.

Lorelai moaned softly as her daughter got down on her knees behind her and began literally kissing her butt, those soft pecks making her forget all about the meant to be playful slap.

Wanting to encourage this attention Lorelai bent over the table, placing her hand firmly down upon it and sticking out her ass for her daughter. Rory responded by shoving her tongue into her Mom's almost but not quite closed ass hole, Lorelai cooing softly as a soft little tongue invaded her rectum and caressed her anal walls.

"I've... I've really got to be going." Lane said, beginning to get dressed after watching the rim job for several minutes.

"Are, oh, are you sure you can't stay a little longer?" Lorelai panted as her daughter began tongue fucking her ass.

"No... no, no." Lane said, sounding a little bit apprehensive to leave but slowly finished getting dressed before adding, "I've got band practice later, and besides, I'd rather not be here when Paris comes."

There was a muffled sound from Lorelai's rear and then Rory pulled her tongue from her Mom's butt and repeated herself, "What?"

Wish 24

"I wish you'd ring up Paris and invite her over." Lorelai said with a grin, "Don't worry she's expecting your call.

Rory looked surprised for a few moments, thought about it, then realised she really shouldn't be and slap her Mom on the ass, deliberately hard this time.

"Don't move." Rory ordered, before standing up and then turning to Lane, "Are you sure you can't stay?"

Again Lane was taken aback by how things in the Gilmore household seemed to turn from normal to kinky and back again at a drop of a hat. Rather than comment on it though she simply shook her head and said, "Thanks but like I said I really have to be going. Thanks for letting me stay for lunch and... well, everything. Just... thanks."

With that Lane exited the back door to the Gilmore house as Lorelai reached round and entered her own back door with a finger. Rory rolled her eyes at her Mom's slutty behaviour as she walked through the hall to grab the phone, quickly grabbing it with the intention of returning to the kitchen. Then she spotted the strap-ons.

Rory bit her lip. Her Mom had taken one hell of a butt pounding... but it seemed like she was up for more anal fun. God knows Rory was.

So Rory quickly slipped the larger strap-on up her thighs and returned to the kitchen where she found her mother shamelessly fingering her ass hole.

"Take your fingers out of your ass and spread your cheeks." Rory ordered.

Lorelai turned her head to look behind her, her eyes lighting up at the sight of the toy around her daughter's waist. About a second later her butt cheeks were spread as wide as they possibly could be, providing her daughter with a nice little bull's-eye which Rory was only too happy to hit dead on.

Lorelai still wasn't totally recovered from her double ass fucking and there was quite a bit of pain as her butt hole and then back passage was stretched wide open again. However, it meant she was also still nice and loose back there so her daughter was quickly and easily able to slide her cock into the deepest depths of her bowels.

Rory was able to start the butt fucking just as quickly and easily as she had entered her mother's rectum, using slow but steady pumps of her hips to move the dildo in and out of her Mom's stretched shit hole.

The main reason Rory ass fucked her Mom slowly was because of the double anal thing. They'd had some pretty energetic butt pounding sessions in the past but nothing quite like that before and Rory could only imagine how sore her mother must still be. Of course Rory could never get tired of watching a cock strapped around her own waist, and therefore essentially her cock, slowly sliding in and out of her Mom's stretched open butt hole, the fact her Mom was spreading her ass cheeks only making the sight hotter in Rory's eyes.

As such the mother sodomising continued at the slow pace far beyond the point Lorelai's groans had turned from a mixture of pain and pleasure to pure pleasure. They may have continued for even longer if Rory hadn't taken a moment from her busy schedule of staring at her Mom's dildo stuffed ass to spot the phone lying were she had left it on the table.

Remembering she had a wish to complete Rory grabbed the phone and began slowly dialling the number, making a game out of it by hitting a button every time she thrust into her Mom's butt. She was going to do the same for the dialling tone but after it rang once the person on the other end immediately picked up and started ranting...

"Finally! Do you have any idea how boring this town is? There is literally nothing to do here, unless you like watching plants growing or extremely poor child acting, which somehow isn't as bad as the teacher's acting. And don't get me started on that diner. How you can like the food there has to be the biggest mystery in the world, way bigger than Bigfoot or how many incompetent people ended up at our school." Paris said, barely stopping for breath, "This is Rory isn't it? I guess it doesn't matter either way but Lorelai did say it would be you... or you said it would be Rory as the case maybe, or..."

"It's me Paris." Rory said, which was all she was able to get out before Paris went on another rant about Stars Hollow. Rory only half listened, entertaining herself by switching her hands over so that she had the phone in her right hand, and then the left, and so on. It wasn't a great game, but it had amused Rory enough in the past when Paris got sidetracked, and this time at least her other hand was on her mother's hips as she was thrusting in and out of her ass. Suddenly having an idea Rory pressed her mouth over the receiver, lifted her hands up and away from her body while she was still pumping her Mom's butt and said quietly, "Look Mom, no hands!"

"Will I, oh, will I ever cease being proud of you?" Lorelai moaned mockingly.

Rory just grinned and returned to the phone in time to hear, "Anyway, I have to say I'm surprised this is happening. Not the you're letting your Mom fuck you part, I always thought you guys were unnaturally close so if you weren't fucking already you would eventually, but I figured you'd never actually share each other. Even when you said you were dating I always figured you were only pretending to keep the truth about you and your Mom a secret."

"Well, I was thinking about her when I was with them." Rory admitted.

"So I was half right? Hm." Paris said indignantly, "Anyway, can I come over now? I'm beyond tired of waiting and I want to just have sex already. And it better be good sex, I didn't drive all this way for some second rate nervous cunt licking."

Feeling boldened by her current position Rory replied, "Can you give me an hour? I've got my strap-on deep in my Mom's ass right now and she gets really cranky if I start butt fucking her and don't make her cum at least a couple of times."

For the first time Rory had known her Paris seemed speechless. For a moment Rory was genuinely worried Paris would freak out and tell someone, but instead her friend simply said, "Your butt fucking your Mom... like, right now?"

"Yeah." Rory said, feeling relieved at the sound of lust in Paris's voice, "She's bent over our kitchen table right now... spreading her ass cheeks so her daughter can watch her big strap-on dick slide in and out of her butt hole."

"Wow... that's so hot." Paris said after a long pause, "I'm impressed. Lorelai said you guys switched but I thought she meant sometimes she lets you think you're in control. I didn't think there was a speck of dominance in you."

"Well, it's pretty equal actually." Rory said, still beaming at the fact Paris had said she was impressed. Rory had showed her half a dozen A+ papers and assignments but apparently it took her butt fucking her Mom to get Paris Geller impressed, "We're pretty instinctive too, which helps. Like I noticed how despite getting two dildos up her slutty ass a couple of hours ago Mom still really wanted another butt fucking."

"Hence why you've got a strap-on deep in her ass." Paris grinned.

"Exactly." Rory said, "Besides, Mom's kind of an anal slut. Here, let me put her on the phone. She'll tell you herself."

With that Rory passed the phone to her mother who had to take her hands off her own butt cheeks so she could lift herself up a little with one hand and use the other to bring the phone to her lips, "It's true, I'm a total anal slut. Especially for my little girl's cock. Oooohhhh."

Lorelai moaned as Rory gave her some particularly hard thrusts, "Tell Paris how much you love my cock."

After she spoke Rory grabbed onto her mother's hips and began picking up the pace until she was roughly butt fucking her Mom, Paris able to hear the sound of flesh smacking off flesh even over the loud sound of Lorelai's moans, groans and whimpers.

"Oooooohhhhh fuck, oh fuck, oh yes, mmmmmm." Lorelai moaned down the phone, momentarily forgetting what she was supposed to be doing as the skilful ass fucking she was receiving from her daughter became nice and hard, then she did her best to force out her words, "Aaaaaahhhhh, oh, Paris, oh, I love my daughter's cock. Mmmmmmm, I love my daughter's big cock. I love it in my ass! Ooooooh, my daughter butt fucks her Mommy so good, I, oh, I can't get enough... I can't get enough of my daughter's dick in my ass! MMMMMMMM, I need it. I need to feel my daughter's dick in my ass. Ooooooohhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, yes, mmmmm, Rory is so good to me, when ever I want her cock in my ass all I have to do is bend over and my sweet little daughter will butt fuck me. Mmmmmmm, I also bend over whenever she wants. All she has to do is tell me to bend over. Mmmmmm, or get my ass on her cock, oh, or lift my legs up, or in whatever position she wants me in. MmmmmMMMMM, I'm such an anal slut, aren't I Paris? Loving my daughter's cock up my ass, oh, and in my pussy, mmmmmmmm, having anal sex with my own daughter, ooooohhhhhh, letting her butt fuck me across our kitchen table while I'm talking to you, ooooooohhhhhh goooooddddd, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkk, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Paris wasn't sure whether Lorelai dropped the phone or still had it in her hand, but the Mom she wanted to fuck seem to forget all about talking to her and just scream in pleasure. Paris continued listening to this for a short while and then hung up and headed over to the Gilmore house. There was no way she was waiting an hour.

* * *

The clear sounds of sex could be heard from outside the door which surprised Paris. The blonde considered mentioning to Rory if she wanted to keep the fact she was fucking her Mom a secret she should probably look into soundproofing her house, but ultimately Paris concluded that could wait until later. After all, she had an all girl threesome to get too.

Paris's second surprise was that the front door was unlocked. Sure she was expected, but she genuinely advise people who weren't constantly engaging in taboo sex to always lock their doors even when they were home as you just couldn't trust people, especially not the seemingly harmless riffraff that inhabited this boring town.

Casually entering and making her way to the kitchen Paris forgot all about her complaints when she saw her sweet, innocent friend Rory Gilmore brutally butt fucking her own mother.

The sight caused Paris to freeze in her tracks, blinking several times because she literally couldn't believe her eyes.

The Gilmore girls were barely recognisable. True, Paris didn't know Lorelai that well but she had always seemed so... in control. Paris had never pictured her as a bottom, not even a part-time one, but now she was squealing with glee as she was sodomised by her own daughter... Rory. That little church mouse of a girl suddenly seemed the very embodiment of dominance, pounding into her Mom's pooper with surprising force and skill.

After just staring for what was probably an hour, at least meaning Paris had waited long enough, the blonde awoke from her frozen state as Lorelai began cumming. Figuring this meant things were coming to an end Paris began slowly stripping off her clothes, admittedly impressed that her best friend continued pounding Lorelai's ass right through to another climax, and then another. By the time Lorelai was shuddering through her fourth Paris was ready for action, and beyond tired of waiting.

As her mother slowly came down from her high Rory slowed her thrusting with the intention of speeding up again after she gave her Mom a chance to recover. Then she heard a coughing sound.

Turning her head quickly Rory was relieved to see Paris standing a few feet away wearing a strap-on, "Hey Paris... I see you've come equipped."

Paris smiled, took a few paces forwards and unceremoniously kissed Rory roughly on the lips. Rory was taken aback, especially as Paris quickly shoved her tongue into her mouth, but she quickly responded. After all she was used to dealing with her friend's bluntness.

As they kissed Rory gave her Mom's ass the occasional quick thrust, just to make sure her mother was still with them. The sharp moan which followed every thrust was more than convincing enough which put Rory's mind at ease as she let Paris explore her mouth with her tongue before she returned the favour, the two young girls French kissing for several minutes.

When Paris finally broke the kiss she gave Rory a look the young brunette had never seen before and said, "You know, I'll deny this if anyone asks, but I kind of always wanted to do that."

"Your secret is safe with me." Rory grinned, more than getting the irony as she pulled her strap-on dildo out of her Mom's butt hole.

For a few moments the eighteen year olds admired the sight of Lorelai's once again opened ass hole, the two friends eventually getting a better look into the older woman's bowels as Lorelai reached back and spread her ass cheeks, "Isn't my daughter a skilled butt fucker Paris? Just look at how well she's fucked my ass."

"You must be so proud." Paris said dryly.

"Mmmmm, so proud." Lorelai said dreamily, "I'm so proud of my little butt fucker. She makes her Mommy's butt feel so good."

"Can I have a go?" Paris asked hopefully.

"What, you just want to walk in here and shove something up my ass? Do you really think I'm that much of an anal slut?" Lorelai questioned with mock indignity.

"Yes." Paris said, recognising Lorelai's tone for what it was.

"Well I'm sorry Paris but I'm just not that kind of girl." Lorelai said unconvincingly before smiling, "You've at least got to kiss me first."

"I think that's fair." Paris said as if she'd reached the end of a gruelling negotiation as she walked around to kiss the Milf.

The kiss was nothing like the one she had given to Rory, the girl in question quite surprised about just how softly her friend kissed her mother. Although Rory had to admit she enjoyed watching the other two swapping spit, those tongues clearly gently caressing each other for several moments before the kiss was eventually broken.

Lorelai smiled, "Now I think about it, I am that type of girl..." she licked her lips as she looked at the strap-on Paris was wearing, "I think we better get some use from that..."

Wish 25

"I wish you two would spit roast me," the Milf gave her next wish. She didn't tell the two girls who to take which hole, they were both old enough to sort it out between themselves and, anyway, Lorelai didn't mind as long as she got one cock to swallow and another pounding her from behind. She vaguely hoped they'd whack it in her ass, but she could live with taking it in her pussy.

Beside her Paris and Rory stood beside each other, for a second Rory seemed to be waiting for Paris to speak first and order her what to do. But for once it seemed that Paris was awaiting the other's lead. That was amusing thought Lorelai, Paris lost for words - though she was sure it was only temporary. Meanwhile, without a couple of teens warming her up she was getting so cold she risked getting goose-pimples. She gave a seductive little moan, "Come on, let's not be all day. I want hard rubber..."

Taking the hint Rory took control, "Paris, you wanted a go with Mom's ass, so go ahead. It's only fair as I've been fucking her all morning. So she can suck off this dirty cock for me while you fuck my Mom up the ass."

Paris grinned and said, "Thanks, I'd love too. If that's alright by your Mom..."

"It is," said Lorelai, before Paris could say anything more, "In fact you could kinda of say it was my wish."

Rory laughed, "Mom you are such a slut," she moved in front of the Milf, "Now shut up and suck on this."

Lorelai saw her smile jokingly as she spoke. Paris look nonplussed, her lack of humour was legendary and she probably thought Rory was serious in her words. Lorelai would have told her she wasn't being so if it wasn't for the fact that the moment she opened her mouth Rory pushed the cock in. Luckily Rory spotted Paris's confusion and said, "Don't worry Paris, it's all good clean fun. Now, do as Mom asked and bang her ass."

"Okay," said Paris, "You really have stretched her out. It'll be like sticking my finger down a rabbit warren."

Lorelai wasn't sure she liked the allusion, okay she was gaping, but that made it sound like she was a bunny with the morals of one - when apart from today the only person she had sex with for months was Rory. She couldn't say this though as Rory's dildo was being fed into her mouth; Lorelai opened herself more allowing the toy to push in. Her teeth scraped over the rubber and she could feel the taste on her tongue; a bitterness. Rory moved back and forth, each time sliding a bit more of the dildo in. She grinned, "Fuck her Paris, go on."

If it wasn't for the cock in her mouth Lorelai would have gasped as Paris thrust the dildo up her ass. Paris was right in that Lorelai was so open that the toy moved in easily, one thrust being sufficient to get the toy all the way down Lorelai's ass. But she wasn't so loose that she could feel the toy racing down her chute, skimming over nerve endings already sensitised and making them send little shots of pleasure through her. Paris's thighs slapped into Lorelai's butt as the cock rammed home. There was no pause before Paris was moving back, pulling out the toy so it whistled over the sensitive walls, and then she thrust in again. Paris's hands gripped the Milf's sides for balance as she began to hammer her ass, "Wow Rory, you're Mom can take it all."

"Yes," said Rory with obvious pride, "She's so good she could go professional."

"I'd pay," agreed Paris. She hammered back and forth quickly, certainly with more expertise and confidence than Lane - Lorelai wasn't sure whether that was because Paris was more practiced in the arts of girl loving or whether this was just another natural accomplishment of the blonde. It certainly wouldn't have surprised her that Paris had carved a melon to practice on before coming round.

"I'd let you borrow her free," said Rory and winked at her Mom. She held the top Lorelai's head in her hands as she slowly eased the cock in. She was moving, much slower and more deliberate than her friend; she was still controlling the entry, but doing so at a speed that allowed Lorelai to get used to the large object in her mouth. The teen grinned, "Come on Mom, slurp up my shitstick."

"And take this as well," grunted Paris as she pounded forward. Her brutal thrusts drove into Lorelai, opening her ass even further and riding down deep into her chute. Every blow made Lorelai's butt warm and caused pre-orgasmic explosions to come within her. The teen rammed forward, her thighs again crashing into Lorelai. The crack forced Lorelai forward so she swallowed a bit more of her daughter's rubber dick; it moved towards the back of her throat and her eyes widened as the tip lodged against her taste buds. Bile rose in her for a second and then the cock was pulled back as Paris also withdrew.

"How do you like being spit-roasted?" asked Rory. There was no answer from Lorelai, though the Milf hoped the answer was obvious as she allowed herself to be rattled between the two teens. She had known for a while that Rory was a skilful lover, and Paris was also either highly experienced or a natural so good that in a few years she could charge as the world's top lesbian courtesan. Her ass was on fire, in a good way, as Paris pounded it, the dildo slamming in time with the one in her mouth, and each thrust was making Lorelai cum. She couldn't scream, but she could shake. And she did; her body quivered and bent, her back arching and her fingers clawing as the orgasms ripped into her.

"She likes it," said Paris.

"A lot," agreed Rory. She pulled the cock out, allowing Lorelai to gasp in some oxygen as Paris continued to slam her ass.

"Yessss, yesss, ye..." Lorelai shrieked before Rory replaced the dildo in her mouth. This time Rory began to thrust harder, throat fucking her Mom with almost as much force as Paris was entering her behind. The cock went deep into Lorelai's mouth, pushing against her tastebud and the back of her throat. It was all she could do not to gag and force the toy out, but Rory was prepared, gripping her hair and battling against the Milf's reflex action. Her eyes widened and watered so much that her vision blurred; not that she was crying - Lorelai was enjoying the double pounding too much for that. However, she did finally force the cock back, pushing it out of her mouth for a few moments and doubling over to let the drool run out of her mouth.

"You want more?" grinned Rory, holding her dildo, soaked with saliva and as clean as if it was new.

"More, more," gasped Lorelai greedily and took the dildo in her mouth again. The two teens pounded forward, one from the back and one from the front, sandwiching Lorelai between them. Her pussy, even though it was untouched, was as wet with lust as Rory's dildo was with spit; and both were dripping - cum or saliva dribbling onto the floor. Lorelai gave in to bliss, enjoying every second of the two dildos entering her; she arched and shook, soaked with sweat. Harder, harder the two teen's ploughed into her. Lorelai could hear their grunts, a cross between effort and enjoyment, feel their sweaty, slippery skin against hers and if she couldn't see Paris cute pert titties bouncing away it was made up for by being able to see Rory's.

Rory pulled out the cock again and looked at it, it was soaked clean. She grinned, "Mom, you suck so good."

"She sure does." Paris said, admiring the wet but clean dildo as she pulled out of Lorelai's ass and walked around the table, "Could I have a go?"

"I..." Rory started before Lorelai quickly swallowed the head of Paris's strap-on and began eagerly sucking on it.

"Huh... she really is a great cock sucker." Paris complemented as she watched the older woman bob her head up and down on the dildo around her waist, giving the blonde almost as big a rush of power as ass fucking Lorelai had.

Rory watched for a few moments and then slowly made her way round the table so she could admire Paris's handiwork, Lorelai's ass hole gaping almost as widely as after the double anal. However, despite how bruised and open it was Rory couldn't help see it as a baby bird begging to be fed. Rory felt like she was a sailor and her Mom's gaping butt hole was a siren as it seemed she was helpless to resist.

Lorelai moaned around the cock in her mouth as she felt her ass being entered, reluctantly removing her lips from the dick and turning her head to ask, "Rory, mmmmmmm, what ya doing."

"Nothing." Rory said playfully before slamming her hips forward, shoving every inch of her strap-on up her Mom's ass.

"Ooooohhhhh Rory." Lorelai moaned, trying and only partially succeeding in sounding annoyed.

"What? You wanted to be spit roasted." Rory pointed out as she began butt fucking her Mom.

"And, ooooooohhhhhh, I already have. Mmmmmmmmm, it was great... but, ooooooohhhhhh..." Lorelai groaned, really finding it difficult to keep her trail of thought as her daughter skilfully pumped her pooper, "But isn't it time you, uuuuunnnnn, gave my back door a rest?"

"Hmmm, no." Rory said, quickly adding, "Come on Mom, just let me butt fuck you to one more orgasm? Please? I wanna butt fuck my Mommy to just one more orgasm."

Lorelai bit her lip and tried not to be swayed by Rory's pleading look, a little difficult seeing as her daughter hadn't stopped fucking her ass, that big dildo stimulating what felt like every inch of Lorelai's rectum until despite how sore and aching her back passage was it was also on fire with pleasure.

"Can you hurry up and decide already. I want ether a cock sucking or a cunt lapping. In fact I'll just about settle for anything which isn't standing around waiting." Paris said impatiently.

There was a brief pause and then Lorelai slowly turned her head back round to suck Paris's cock. Just before she swallowed the strap-on Lorelai softly said, "Just one more orgasm."

A second later Lorelai was moaning around the head of Paris's dildo as she felt her daughter slamming her dildo in as hard and as deep into her bowels as she could, Rory wasting no time in getting down to some serious Mom butt busting.

Thanks to all the previous back door abuse Lorelai's pooper ached throughout this latest ass fucking, however thanks to that same previous back door abuse the ecstasy Lorelai felt far outweighed any ache, Rory eagerly pounding her Mom's butt to climax.

As Rory slammed her Mom's shit hole Paris began pumping her hips almost as roughly, her dirty dildo quickly sliding deeper into Lorelai's mouth and down the Milf's throat. The roughness caught Lorelai off guard for a moment, but she quickly adjusted and was soon taking every inch of Paris's fake cock down her throat and sucking the entire length.

For what felt like only a few moments Lorelai enjoyed being sandwiched between the two teens, they're barely legal bodies using hers for their pleasure, these young girls using her mouth and her ass as the fuck holes they were. The pervertsitys of this act alone could probably have made Lorelai cum, although certainly more than helped to have her daughter roughly fucking her ass hole. Rory eagerly plundering her Mom's pooper until Lorelai went crashing over the edge, her body shaking violently as she received that one more orgasm as promised.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, that orgasm was followed by another and another, Rory refusing to stop butt fucking her mother even for a second. Lorelai considered punishing Rory for breaking her promise. She would at least give her a firm talking to under any other circumstances, but in this case Lorelai supposed she could forgive the breaking of this particular promise. Besides, it wasn't like she hadn't ever forced a couple more orgasms out of Rory when her daughter was similarly insistent that she could take no more.

However Lorelai was pretty sure if she took yet another ass fucking like this one her back hole would probably never fully recover. While she liked walking around with a gaping ass hole and she even liked it when she couldn't sit down without pain as both were a reminder of previous pleasure she would rather these effects weren't permanent. Besides, she wasn't done with her wishes.

So when Rory finally pulled out Lorelai slumped downwards off the table and turned around as she did so. Lorelai did this quickly so she was kneeling in front of her daughter before Rory had a chance to go anywhere. Just as quickly Lorelai swallowed the dildo which had just been in her ass, taking the entire length into her mouth and down her throat before beginning to bob her head up and down on the whole strap-on.

"Wow, your Mom really loves the taste of her own butt." Paris said, again actually sounding impressed, not something Rory was used too.

"She loves the taste of her own pussy too. Maybe we could DP her and you could see for yourself." Rory suggested.

"No!" Lorelai said firmly after pulling her mouth away from the tasty flavoured toy, softening her voice as she saw the look on the younger girls faces, "I love the idea of getting DP'ed by my daughter and her friend as much as the next Mom, but my ass feels like it's going to be aching, and open, for hours. So I need a serious break from the strap-on fun, okay sweetie?"

"Okay." Rory said, feeling a little guilty for getting caught up in her lust for her Mom's ass, "Do you wanna take a break? We could crash on the couch and watch a crappy movie. Or at least me and Paris could while you lay down on your front so you're not putting any weight on your freshly fucked ass. Like usual."

"Hey, I'm not always the one lying on my front." Lorelai said, returning the little smirk that crossed her daughter's face, "But you know what, I think I'm still hungry... and I remember Paris telling me that it's been a while since she's had a good pussy eating. So..."

Wish 26

"I wish Paris would let me eat her pussy." Lorelai grinned.

"Sure. Where do you want me?" Paris replied quickly as she took off her strap-on.

"Let's go to Rory's room. It will be softer for us both if you lay down on her bed while I'm in between your legs." Lorelai said, beginning to follow Paris who was quick to walk into Rory's room and get in position.

"Hey, what about me?" Rory asked.

"You can watch." Lorelai shrugged.

"Mom!" Rory whined like a typical teenager, something she'd taken up doing on the extremely rare occasions her Mom denied her sex. She worried a little about becoming spoiled, but her Mom had promised she could have her whenever she wanted and that was one promise she knew both Gilmore girls hated to be broken.

"Hey, you're the one who couldn't keep her hands off me. Now I need a break." Lorelai said, immediately feeling guilty as she saw the disappointed look on her daughter's face. Pulling her little girl into her arms Lorelai gently kissed Rory and said, "Just a little, tiny break, okay? A Mom can only take so much of her daughter's sweet loving."

"Well, I wouldn't want to totally where you out before Paris gets a turn." Rory grinned.

"Exactly. So stop trying to give your mother orgasms young lady." Lorelai fake scolded her daughter.

"I'll try, but my Mom's really hot. It's so hard for me to keep my hands off her because I just love fucking her so much." Rory said, unable to stop herself from kissing her Mom's neck softly as she spoke.

"Just try your best honey." Lorelai said, kissing Rory one last time before pulling away, "That's all a mother can ask."

"For her daughter to stop fucking her?" Paris said dryly as Lorelai entered Rory's room.

"Absolutely." Lorelai grinned, getting up onto the bed and crawling up Paris's body, "Well, at least for five seconds while she's having her way with her daughter's friend."

Before Paris had a chance to respond Lorelai pressed her lips firmly to those belonging to her daughter's friend. This actually did the unthinkable and stopped Paris from talking, a technique both Gilmore girls noted for possible later use.

The kiss itself was nice. Long. Lorelai needed the break and Paris seemed surprisingly happy with the foreplay given she had been sliding a strap-on into Lorelai's mouth not that long ago as opposed to her tongue.

Paris actually liked the sudden change in mood. She liked rough lesbian sex as much as the next girl, but she also enjoyed the softer side which Lorelai seemed only too happy to give.

The softness continued when Lorelai kissed her way down Paris's neck to her breasts, Lorelai sliding her lips all over them for a few long minutes before taking the right nipple into her mouth and sucking on it gently. Paris let out quite a high pitched gasp followed by a slightly embarrassing whimper as Lorelai went to work on her nipples, going between those already hard peaks. Just sucking gently at first, then came the harder sucking, followed by the licking, and then finally the biting.

Shortly after feeling Lorelai's teeth nibbling on her nipple Paris moaned out, "Lower. I want your tongue in my cunt now."

Lorelai was pretty sure it was still her birthday and she should be deciding what happened and when. Then again Paris was a guest, and Lorelai hadn't wished to play with Paris's tits. So Lorelai complied, quickly kissing her way down Paris's stomach and fulfilling the blonde's request, and her own wish.

Although Paris had been with a few girls before none of them had shoved their tongues directly into her cunt the moment their faces were in between her thighs. She never had a girl immediately start tongue fucking her either, the first thrust and the ones that followed it having Paris crying out joyfully.

The thrusts weren't that quick, but they were faster than what Paris was used to at this stage. Those thrusts slowed down a little, but not by much, that tongue beginning to slide this way and that, exploring every inch of Paris's pussy. In what seemed like a second Lorelai found sensitive places inside Paris that have taken other girls half a dozen rug munching sessions to find. A few seconds later Lorelai found sensitive places inside of Paris at Paris didn't even know existed.

Unfortunately instead of speeding up Lorelai slowed down even more, her tongue torturing Paris with slow strokes which had the blonde whimpering and moaning shamelessly, "Mmmmmm, yes, mmmmmmm, oooohhhhh, fuck me, yeeeessssss, ooooohhhhh, fuck me!"

Usually Paris had a lot more to say but Lorelai's skilled tongue was making it difficult for her to say anything remotely intelligent. She tried to look for Rory in hopes of finding inspiration, at which point she saw something which made her forget all about saying something. She was too busy hoping whatever Rory was up too wouldn't stop Lorelai from licking her pussy. Or at least not stop it for too long.

Rory had been standing in the corner sulking for what felt like an eternity. She got why she was being left out, and on some level she even agreed with it, but it was really hard to just watch her Mom and her friend going at it.

Things only got more difficult for Rory when Lorelai buried her face in Paris's cunt, Lorelai basically on all fours with her ass pointing directly at her daughter.

Rory was convinced it was some kind of punishment, her Mom showing off her gaping butt hole and cum filled pussy and literally wiggling them in Rory's face as a reminder she couldn't have them. Rory could even see her mother's cum overflowing from her pussy as a result of all the orgasms Rory, Paris and Lane had given her, the sweet cream coating Lorelai's legs and thighs. That's when Rory got an idea.

Slowly crawling onto the bed Rory pressed a soft kiss at the bottom of her mother's leg and then began sliding her tongue slowly upwards. Lorelai moaned into Paris's pussy, but gave no real objection. Grinning wickedly Rory licked the bottom half of that leg up and down before moving to the other to repeat the process, making sure she got every stray drop of her Mom's cum and pussy juice.

Then she moved to the other half of one of Lorelai's thighs Rory finally heard an annoyed cry from Paris followed by her Mom panting hoarsely, "Rory!"

"What? I'm not fucking you. Or making you cum. That's what you wanted a break from right? Your daughter fucking you and making you cum? Well, I'm not." Rory pointed out.

From the look on her face Rory guest her Mom was trying to decide whether or not to clarify her earlier statement by telling Rory she said she wanted a break, which meant Rory needed to go wait in the corner. To Rory's delight her Mom made the decision she was hoping she would, Lorelai burying her face back in between Paris's legs, a clear sign she didn't mind her daughter cleaning up the mess she made.

Now she had her mother's approval Rory lapped eagerly at those cum and cunt cream coated thighs, moaning softly as she got to enjoy one of her favourite flavours in the world. There was certainly nothing that tasted better and Rory made sure she got every little bit of it. Of course she wasn't just there to clean.

At first all of Rory's licks started from the beginning of her Mom's inner thigh and ended about half a millimetre away from her mother's pussy. Then the licks went a little further, Rory's tongue gently touching and even sliding around the edges of her Mom's pussy lips, but making sure never to touch the creamy centre.

As a result of Rory's actions, and no doubt helped by Lorelai eating an eighteen year old pussy, fresh juices flowed from Lorelai's cunt and directly on to Rory's tongue.

This was a nice little appetiser, but it in no way satisfied Rory. That was why the teen moved her mouth upwards to her Mom's ass, sliding her lips all over the sore cheeks, soothing away the pain of having horny teenagers bang into it.

Rory spent even more time kissing her Mom's ass than licking her thighs, the sound of her mother whimpering into Paris's pussy music to her ears. After what seemed like an eternity Rory asked in her best little girl voice, "Mommy... are you sure you want a break?"

Lorelai immediately removed her mouth from Paris's cunt, panted heavily for a few moments and then answered, "No toys. Nothing but your mouth, tongue and fingers."

The next sound out of Lorelai's mouth was a loud joyful cry as her daughter buried her tongue as deep as it would go into Lorelai's pussy, Rory eating her Mom's pussy like it was the first meal offered to her in weeks.

"Keep eating. Make me cum." Paris growled as she forcefully pushed Lorelai's head back down in between her legs, "Eat me and make me cum, eat me and make me cum, eat me and make me cum, eaaaatttttt meeeeee!"

Paris seemed unable to say anything coherent after Lorelai thrust her tongue back inside the teen's twat, drilling it hard and deep.

Lorelai had greatly enjoyed teasing Paris, but her daughter had been doing the same thing to her almost throughout, albeit with different tactics, and now Lorelai was done with it. She wanted to make Paris cum in her mouth. She practically needed to make the younger woman cum in her mouth.

As Lorelai remembered all the sweet spots in Paris which she had taken her time to discover it wasn't difficult. All she needed to do was jack-hammer her tongue in and out of Paris while twirling and curling her tongue inside her, getting all of those sweet spots and as a result making Paris screaming almost hysterically in no time, her cum flowing into Lorelai's mouth as the blonde's body shook.

Rory didn't need to find Lorelai's sweet spots, she had found them all before on her eighteenth birthday and since then she had been in between her mother's thighs so much she had making Lorelai Gilmore cum down to an art form. Lorelai smiled to herself as she once again pictured her daughter teaching a masterclass on the subject, a fantasy which wasn't at all damaged by the amazing performance Rory was currently giving.

Lorelai's more direct work had Paris cumming sooner but Lorelai knew it was only a matter of time before she came in her daughter's sweet little mouth. Using the time she had to her advantage Lorelai replaced her mouth and tongue with her fingers, fucking Paris to another climax while sucking on her clit. Lorelai switched between tactics a few times, succeeding in giving Paris orgasm after orgasm, before inevitably her daughter's talented tongue sent her over the edge.

When the first orgasm hit Lorelai's face was buried in Paris's pussy, the scream she let out bringing the blonde to another climax herself. Not remotely satisfied Rory shoved her fingers into her Mom's cunt, roughly fucking her with them as she slid her tongue around her mother's still gaping ass hole before pushing inside and licking her rectum wall. Cumming almost immediately Lorelai wondered how she could possibly survive much more of Rory's skilled touch and have any energy left for Paris. Then she got a wicked idea.

Wish 27

"I wish you would 69 with me while Rory tongues my ass." Lorelai gasped after she pulled away from Paris and looked up at her.

Without even nodding in response Paris twisted her body round on the bed and dived down in between Lorelai's legs, eager to taste the woman who had made her cum harder than anyone ever had before.

Paris had been hoping for some good sex, while expecting mediocrity. It was her approach to most things in life, but this time she had been blown away as reality had far exceeded her expectations. As a result she felt a desperate need to return pleasure in a way she had never felt before, Paris slamming her tongue into Lorelai's cunt and fucking her hard.

She tried to find the sweet spots inside the other woman but she didn't have much patience at the best of times, let alone when she had a tongue drilling her twat. It didn't help that Lorelai's pussy cream was so tasty Paris thought she would forever lose her mind to lust, or that she could see and hear Rory shamelessly eating her Mom's ass like it was the tastiest of treats.

So while Paris started with the best intentions it wasn't long before she was just slamming her tongue in and out of Lorelai, mostly just hoping to be able to swallow more of the heavenly cunt juices or at least get her face covered in more of the sweet sticky stuff.

It didn't really matter, whether she knew it or not Paris was hitting plenty of the right places inside Lorelai, more than enough to make the older woman cum even if she hadn't had her own daughter rimming her. As she did Lorelai came so many times it practically hurt, both of her holes being relentlessly attacked as she just tried to do her best to make Paris cum. She succeeded several times but as the two teens worked her over Lorelai felt an increasing need for a real break until it all became too much.

Wish 28

"I wish you two would 69 while I watch." Lorelai gasped shortly after she pulled her cum coated face from Paris's pussy.

"Okay." Rory said after pulling her tongue out of her Mom's ass hole.

"Fine by me." Paris said once her tongue was out of Lorelai's twat, quickly leaning her head back to tell her friend, "Hop on."

"Just a second, I'm waiting for Mom to move her hot ass." Rory said, smacking her mother's ass playfully as the birthday girl slowly crawled off the blonde. Rory smirked as her Mom let out a light cry of annoyance, but seemed far too exhausted to offer any other form of complaint.

Lorelai didn't even turn her head to give her daughter a scolding. She only had enough energy to crawl a short distance away before collapsing down onto her back, at which point she immediately winced and rolled over onto her side with a slight blush on her face.

"Something wrong Mom?" Rory asked innocently.

"I'm fine. My naughty little daughter was just a little rough in giving me a birthday butt fucking and despite her enthusiastic attempts to kiss it better I'm pretty sure my butt is going to be gaping and sore for the rest of the day." Lorelai explained, a grin then crossing her face, "I'm planning to get her back though."

"Looking forward to it." Rory grinned back, and then after Paris let out an annoyed fake cough turned to her friend and said with a sigh, "Oh, sorry to keep you waiting Paris."

"You should be..." Paris began, but she quickly forgot whatever else she was going to say as Rory's lips gently connected with her own, the other girl having quickly twisted her body round so they wouldn't have to Spiderman kiss.

The two teens spend some time exchanging the flavours of Lorelai's pussy and ass hole as they explored each other's mouths with their tongues. Unsurprisingly Rory took it one step further so that once they were done making out she slid her lips and even her tongue over her friend's face, happily cleaning up any remaining bits of her Mom's cum and cunt cream until she was positive there was no more left.

Knowing there would be no further foreplay required, and Paris would probably complain if she tried, Rory turned her body back around and crawled over her friend until they were in the 69 position.

Before Rory could savour the moment Paris reached up, grabbed onto her hips and roughly pulled her down. At the same time Paris thrust her tongue upwards, perfectly timing it so that she penetrated Rory's pussy with the full length of her tongue in one go.

Rory cried out joyfully at the sudden invasion, but before she had the chance to welcome it Paris removed her tongue from Rory's wet love hole and began licking the soft flesh around it. This didn't cause Rory quite as much pleasure, but considering that tongue would almost certainly end up back in her pussy Rory really didn't mind that much.

In the meantime Rory did her best to return the favour, only briefly looking over at her watching mother before diving down and repeating what Paris had just done, squeezing a loud moan from the blonde in the process.

The two girls quickly became lost in giving each other pleasure, at first Rory playfully copying her friend's actions before concentrating on her own techniques which she had picked up from countless hours between her Mom's thighs. Her techniques were highly successful, Paris's juices flowing quickly into Rory's mouth and covering her face. They weren't quite as tasty as her mother's juices, but they were still pretty good. Of course it helped that this was one of Rory's fantasies which made things even more enjoyable. True, being with Paris wasn't close to Rory's favourite fantasy of fucking her mother but it was still a pretty steamy fantasy and had been since the moment she met the blonde.

While Rory considered this to be one of many fantasies for Paris this was her biggest guilty pleasure. She had hated Rory when they first met, and many times in between, but she had always had a ridiculously big crush on the other girl. It was actually one of the main reasons she had hated her. But it was really hard to hate Rory Gilmore. In the long-term Paris had deemed it impossible, at least for anyone with any sense, and she now decided it was practically a inconceivable notion if one was ever in a 69 with her.

Even in Paris's most steamiest of fantasies Rory had never been this good at eating pussy, the skilled other girl knowing just when and where to lick, pushing Paris closer and closer with each swipe of her tongue. Then that tongue slid inside her and began steadily fucking her in a way which put all the other girls Paris had been with to shame. All except Lorelai of course, although Paris was pretty certain Rory's Mommy would be proud of her for this masterful pussy eating performance.

At that particular moment pride wasn't the main thing going through Lorelai's mind. After all Rory had been a natural at cunt lapping ever since the first time she had been in between Lorelai's legs and she had only gotten better with the constant practice. Okay, so Lorelai couldn't help feeling a little proud, but her main focus at that moment was one thing, revenge.

Kneeling behind her daughter Lorelai gently spread Rory's ass cheeks, exposing her little girl's butt hole which she spat on and then licked. Rory just moaned and fucked Paris harder with her tongue in response, Lorelai taking this as a encouraging sign to continue. Not that her daughter had ever turned down a rim job before, Rory continuing to moan as Lorelai lathered her daughter's ass hole with her tongue.

This continued for quite a while, Lorelai waiting until she was sure both the teens were close to a climax at which point she replaced her tongue with first one, then two fingers. Gently Lorelai pumped in and out of Rory's ass hole, butt fucking her daughter with her fingers until she was sure her baby girl was about to cum. Lorelai then abruptly pulled her fingers out of Rory's ass.

Wish 29

"I wish you'd let me fuck your ass while you eat Paris's pussy." Lorelai wished.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass hard with whatever you want!" Rory quickly begged, already having a pretty good idea of what was about to happen.

As it turned out Rory was right on the money, a fact she was very happy about as she felt something much bigger than a couple of fingers pushing its way past her ass hole and deep into her bowels. A short time later her mother's thighs were pressing against her butt cheeks, meaning two things. One, her Mom had strapped on one of the dildos while she was busy eating her friend's pussy. Two, that dildo was now as deep as it would go in her ass.

Of course Rory didn't remove her mouth and tongue from her friend's cunt to check she was right. She didn't need too. After all Rory had got very used to the wonderful feeling of being butt fucked by her mother with a strap-on.

Rory recognised the feeling of her Mom's hands on her hips and the woman who gave her life began pumping a dildo in and out of her butt hole, and the feeling of her mother's hips gently humping against her butt cheeks.

Her Mom was also nice enough to confirm Rory's suspicions by moaning, "That's it Rory, take Mommy's cock up your tight little ass. You like Mommy's big strap-on cock up your tight teen ass? Of course you do. You love taking Mommy's big cock in the ass. You've loved it ever since you gave me your anal cherry for your eighteenth birthday. And now look at my little girl, getting fucked up the butt by her Mommy while she and a friend are eating each other's pussies. Mmmmmm, I've raised such a naughty slut."

Paris was inclined to agree with Lorelai's analysis. Being in an all girl threesome was pretty slutty, and the fact that Rory was passionately fucking her Mom on a regular basis definitely qualified her as naughty. Plus in her current position from and between her friend's legs Paris could see the dildo sliding in and out of Rory's ass, which was incredibly hot. In fact the sight of Rory getting fucked up the ass by her own mother was such a turn on for Paris that the blonde went into pussy eating overdrive.

It started out pretty slowly, Paris gently increasing the speed and the force that she fucked Rory's pussy with her tongue. Then Paris began sucking on Rory's clit, not hard or for very long at first, but steadily increasing the pace.

Rory was already close to the edge as it was so these actions had the other girl whimpering, and more importantly using similar tactics to bring Paris even closer to the edge. Then both girls pushed each other over it.

Although it was unintentional both girls simultaneously went in for the kill, both curling their tongues inside each other in a way which had them cumming violently. It was so strong they both momentarily stopped pleasuring each other, both taking a moment just to enjoy what was washing over them. While metaphorically it was their own pleasure that washed over them in reality it was each other's, both their cum covering each others faces for a few brief seconds. Then the two girls restarted their offensive on each other, Rory shoving two fingers into Paris's ass so they were on somewhat equal footing.

While it was a nice try Rory was a little preoccupied with other things while the only thing Lorelai had to concentrate on was fucking her daughter's ass. As such even though Rory gave Paris plenty of additional pleasure with her anal invasion it was nothing compared to what Rory was experiencing thanks to her Mom joyfully sodomising her.

To be fair Lorelai wasn't actually butt fucking her daughter that hard. She was simply sliding in and out of her ass hole at a steady pace, but the fact that the dildo was much bigger than Rory's fingers meant that Rory's back passage was stretched much wider than Paris's. The strap-on also went much, much deeper. Lorelai knew this, which was why she wasn't being that rough. Paris's mouth and tongue would do the job of bringing Rory off, all Lorelai had to do was give her daughter a little additional stimulation.

Of course it was incredibly tempting for Lorelai to increase the pace. After all, she had strapped on the dildo with revenge for her own sore ass hole in mind. But there was plenty of time for that.

Lorelai intended to make sure Rory got the hardest, longest and most of all best butt fucking of her life today. This slow sodomy was just a little appetiser for what Lorelai had planned for her little girl.

So Lorelai continued the slow butt fucking, restricting herself to only giving the occasional hard thrust into her daughter's ass when she was absolutely sure Rory was about to cum, and even then only because it made her baby girl squeal extra loudly with pure joy, the sound music to Lorelai's ears as she continued slowly sodomising her daughter.

Considering Rory and Paris spent most of their time acting like mature young adults Lorelai felt she could trust them to decide when enough was enough. However after a while Lorelai wondered if they were simply waiting for her to make another wish. Lorelai debated this for a while but when it became clear the girls were growing tired Lorelai decided she might as well use a wish to move things into the next stage of operation ass fuck daughter.

So, after slowing down to a complete stop Lorelai called out, "Girls... girls... GIRLS!"

Wish 30

"I wish you two would stop eating each other out so Paris can get a strap-on and help me fuck my daughter." Lorelai wished once she finally had the two girls attention.

There was a brief pause and then Paris flat out from underneath Rory and panted, "Just give me a minute."

"Okay... but what am I going to do in the meantime?" Lorelai question thoughtfully out loud before gently pumping Rory's ass a little.

"Oh, you could, mmmmmm, you could fuck me. Oh please fuck me. Fuck me Mommy. Fuck my ass. Fuck me in the ass. Ohhhhh, please, I'm so close." Rory moaned in her best little girl voice, "Please Mommy, fuck my ass and make me cum."

"I guess I could do that." Lorelai said with a smile on her face as she began to butt fuck her daughter again.

"Yeeeeessssss! Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me Mommy, fuck my tight little ass, mmmmmmm, oh yes, fuck me Mom!" Rory cried out joyfully in her little girl voice, obviously hoping to entice her mother to give her a hard butt fucking.

It was certainly very difficult for Lorelai to resist. Rory knew full well that the little girl voice she was using drove her mother crazy with perverted lust, and the words she was using were having the exact same effect. That said Rory could have been quiet as a mouse and Lorelai would have still found it difficult not to pound her daughter's ass hole as hard as she could because this was something they both loved so much.

Both Gilmore girls had learned on Rory's eighteenth birthday that they could both have incredible orgasms while taking it up the butt. As a result they had become addicted to anal sex, both in the giving and receiving as they loved to give each other pleasure almost as much as they loved receiving it, the Gilmore girls passionately ass fucking each other every chance they got.

Of course in their current position Lorelai got to enjoy the added perversion of having her daughter on her hands and knees for her. While arguably every sexual position Lorelai had with Rory was perverted given their relationship this particular position allow Lorelai to stare at Rory's ass, watching her hips bang against her baby girl's butt cheeks and the dildo strapped around her waist pumping in and out of her daughter's back door.

Lorelai was only able to tear her eyes away from the beautiful sight in front of her a few times to look for Paris, hoping the blonde would move quickly so she wouldn't get carried away. Alas Paris seemed quite content to watch. Whether this was because Paris needed to recuperate or whether the blonde was just enjoying the view Lorelai didn't know, and as she continued fucking her daughter's ass Lorelai found that she increasingly didn't care.

Eventually Lorelai became so lost to her lust for her daughter's ass that she completely forgot what she was waiting for, at which point the mother drilled her strap-on cock hard and deep into her own daughter's ass hole, Rory's words dissolving into squeals of joy which was sweet music to Lorelai's ears.

Paris watched in fascination as her friend Rory Gilmore was ass fucked to climax after climax by her own mother, both of them so completely focused on their perverted bout of incestuous lesbian anal sex that Paris doubted that they were even aware she was still in the room, let alone remembered they had a wish to fulfil.

Happy to remind them Paris called out, "Lorelai... Lorelai... LORELAI!"

It took a few goes but finally Paris got the attention of the other two who both looked at her for a second and then without saying a word to each other crawled over to where she was now lying with one of the strap-on dildos around her waist, the whole time Lorelai's dick never leaving her daughter's ass from when they started moving to when Rory was kneeling over Paris, the blonde's cock pressed against her friend's pussy lips.

Rory let out a long grown as she sank down on Paris's cock, sighing happily, "Oh my God, I'm being DP'ed! I'm being double fucked. I'm being fucked in my pussy and my ass! And it feels sooooooo gooooooddddd! Mmmmmm, fuck me. Fuck me in both my holes."

"Only if you bounce for us." Lorelai said with a wicked grin, "I want my little girl bouncing up and down so she's fucking herself on the dildos her Mommy and her friend are using to fill both her slutty holes. Mmmmmm, that's it, good girl, make it easier for us to double fuck you. Oh, that's a very good girl."

Paris watched as the Gilmore girls settled back into a similar rhythm that they had been using before, Rory shoving her ass back against her Mom's thrusts at the same time Lorelai shoved forward so the dildo went as hard and as deep into Rory's ass as possible. The difference was now every time Lorelai pulled back Rory pushed downwards at an angle so she was impaling her pussy nice and hard on Paris's dick, the blonde not even having to move as the other two did all the work for her.

While Paris was grateful for the chance to rest she couldn't help thinking how impressive it was that Rory and Lorelai was still going strong after all the orgasms she'd seen them have. It was doubley impressive considering they had already had one other threesome today, and if this one was anything to go by it was probably just as exhausting.

Paris had been with a couple of girls before so she knew they could typically fuck longer than men. However even by the standards that she'd come to expect this was impressive. Then again she knew that both Rory and Lorelai ate a ridiculous amount of unhealthy food and yet despite not exercising kept in shape so maybe the Gilmore girls could just naturally handle extremes most couldn't. Or maybe all the calories they consumed were burned up thanks to them being constantly horny.

It may have looked like they still had energy to spare but both Gilmore girls felt exhausted. However they were both so horny and desperate to give each other pleasure they found it almost easy to push through the exhaustion and continue their latest bout of passionate mother/daughter sex, this time with additional friend bonus.

Even so Rory wished she was getting more of a break. Usually being the 'bottom' meant she got to rest while her Mom, the 'top', did all the work but at this particular moment she was working just as hard as the other two. Perhaps more. In fact definitely more than Paris who mostly just lying back, only occasionally thrusting up into Rory's cunt. Okay, so almost every time Paris did that Rory came, but only because Rory and her Mom were working so hard.

Just as she thought this Rory began squealing happily through her latest orgasm and Paris began really fucking her, not stopping till she drove Rory to another climax, and then another, and then another, and then another.

Finally getting to enjoy the full benefits of the double penetration Rory's entire world melted away to the point she could barely even comprehend what was happening to her, her entire world revolving around the two dildos slamming in and out of her pussy and ass hole.

Even though Paris was now roughly thrusting into Rory's love hole the blonde had been enjoying a nice relaxing break before that as she let the Gilmore girls do all the work. Lorelai on the other hand had been fucking her daughter's ass hole for a long time now and as much as she loved butt fucking her little girl Lorelai's stamina sadly had its limits. Of coarse Lorelai drilled hard and deep into Rory's butt for almost as long as she possibly could, only stopping to pull out when it became clear that if she ass fucked her daughter any longer without a break she would collapse.

On the bright side Lorelai got to admire her handiwork, Rory's butt hole left gaping obscenely wide from the brutal abuse it had taken.

Lorelai quickly became lost in staring at the red ringed crater which used to be so tiny but was now so open she could see deep into her daughter's bowels, the Milf only awaking when she heard Rory whimper, "Please Mommy, butt fuck me some more. Oh... I want my Mommy's dick back in my ass. Mmmmmmm, please, butt fuck your baby girl again Mommy, butt fuck your baby girl like the anal slut she is!"

"Oh don't worry, I will later, but right now I need a rest, and Paris deserves a turn with your cute little butt." Lorelai said, swatting Rory's backside, "So Rory..."

Wish 31

"I wish you would let Paris fuck your ass hole, while you clean your ass juice off my strap-on." Lorelai wished after she collapsed back down onto the bed with her upper body resting on the pillows.

"Mmmmm, yum." Rory giggled, lifting herself off and eagerly over to where her mother was laying.

Pausing once she reached the ass flavoured toy Rory looked up at her mother with those big blue eyes, looking almost innocent for the briefest of moments, before grinning wickedly and swallowing the head of the strap-on.

Both Gilmore girls moaned softly, Rory from the yummy taste of her own ass, Lorelai from the sight of watching her daughter take her cock in her mouth.

There were quickly more moans from Rory as she began to bob her head up and down the first few inches of the shaft, her head slowly lowering with each bob so she got a tiny bit more of the cock into her mouth every time. More importantly this made sure that with every bob Rory was tasting her own butt, the horny eighteen year old happily drawing out the ass to mouth for as long as she could.

After she had taken about one third of the toy into her mouth Rory felt a soft hand on the back of her head and then fingers gently beginning to stroke her hair. Smiling around the cock Rory looked up and locked eyes with her Mom, the brunettes quickly becoming so lost in each other's eyes that neither of them noticed Paris crawling up behind Rory, the blonde taking a few moments to first stare at the ATM and then Rory's gaping butt hole before she finally fulfilled Lorelai's latest wish.

Rory was gently disturbed from the daze she had fallen into by the feeling of hands pulling apart her butt cheeks. Then the young brunette found herself fully awake as she felt a dildo slamming through her well stretched shit hole, Rory's back passage so opened and loose she didn't feel any pain whatsoever as Paris buried the whole of her strap-on inside Rory's rectum in one hard thrust.

Not only did Rory not feel any pain she quickly started moaning joyfully as her friend began sodomising her, Paris taking a firm grip of the other Chilton student's hips as the blonde girl began gently thrusting in and out of the brunette girl's butt.

"You are such an anal slut." Paris stated as if it was a well-known and perhaps even mundane fact.

Certainly neither of the Gilmore girls were going to argue with her, not that Paris was expecting them too.

Paris knew a couple of girls she had previously thought of being anal sluts, and technically they still were, but they clearly had nothing on the blonde's best friend, and the blonde's best friend's Mom.

From everything she'd seen so far Paris concluded that Lorelai and Rory Gilmore had to be the biggest anal sluts in the world, and since she had already treated Lorelai as such it was now only fair that it was Rory's turn.

With that in mind Paris drilled into her best friend's butt with ever-increasing force and viciousness until she was ass fucking Rory as hard as she could, Rory's squeals of delight around her Mom's strap-on dildo the sweetest music to Paris's ears.

"That's it Paris, butt fuck my baby girl." Lorelai yelled out encouragement, "Drill my daughter's butt hard and deep. Make it even looser than when I fucked it."

For a moment Lorelai wasn't sure Paris heard her, then the blonde yelled, "Fuck yeah, I'm going to butt fuck her until her butt hole is even more gaping than it already is! Mmmmmmmm, going to ass fuck you Rory just like your Mom did! Yeeeeessssssss, me and your Mom are going to ruin your ass hole! You're never going to shit right again when me and your Mommy are done fucking you up your slutty little ass!"

Lorelai didn't intend things to go quite that far, but while she had no intention of allowing her daughter's ass hole to be ruined she had every intention of making sure Rory's butt hole was stretched open wider than it had ever been stretched before. Thanks to hours of carefully planning out her wishes in advance Lorelai had a plan to do just that, but first she needed to make sure she had fully regained her strength. Or at least recovered enough of it to end the perverted fun of her birthday on a high.

On the perverted scale what Lorelai was a part of now ranked pretty highly. Her daughter was bobbing her head all the way up and down a dildo strapped around her waist, Rory taking the entire strap-on dick into her mouth and down her throat. Rory was even pausing with her lips wrapped around the base, the head of the shaft embedded deep within her throat and thus allowing her to make sure she had got every drop of her own ass juice off the sex toy. And of course behind Rory there was Paris relentlessly fucking her fellow teen's butt, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh almost as loud as the increasingly less inventive verbal abuse pouring from the blonde's mouth, "Take it you anal slut! Take it! Take it up your slutty little butt! Fuck yes, take my cock up your slutty little ass you mother fucking whore! Take it mother fucker! Take it like a whore who likes to fuck her mother, and like to get fucked by her! Yes, take it anal slut! Take it up the butt, just like you do for your Mommy!"

Eventually the blonde's words went from uninventive to incoherent as she clearly became focused on only one thing, pounding Rory's ass hole, Lorelai almost finding the fierce look of concentration on Paris's face a little scary. Then not almost, but Rory was screaming joyfully through climax after climax because of it so Lorelai didn't complain. Instead Lorelai relaxed and watched as Paris relentlessly sodomised Rory until the thirty-five year old mother of one decided it was time for her daughter to receive a real rectum wrecking.

Wish 32

"I wish you'd let me and Paris double fuck your ass." Lorelai wished loudly after Paris had butt fucked Rory to yet another orgasm.

Removing her mouth from her Mom's strap-on Rory looked up lustfully at the woman who had given her life and then softly said, "Okay."

Grinning widely Lorelai got up and turned her attention to the blonde, "Stay still Paris."

Doing as she was told Paris watched in fascination as Lorelai came round, briefly sucked on a couple of her fingers, and then gently pushed one of them into Rory's ass hole even though the blonde's cock was still deep inside Rory's back passage. Of course it wasn't just that the finger slid in without too much trouble that was fascinating. In fact what really caught Paris's attention was how Rory moaned joyfully at the additional invasion of her forbidden hole.

Lorelai had given Paris a little heads up that she was planning on a little double anal, but while Paris had been sure there were women out there whoreish enough to be able to take two cocks up their asses she just couldn't envision innocent little Rory Gilmore being able to do such a perverted thing. While that was when Paris was fairly certain but not sure the Gilmore girls were fucking each other it was somehow easier to envision Rory fucking her Mom than being willing or able to take two dildos, or even a single dildo, up her butt, although Rory always did have such a tight little butt the thought of it being double fucked or even fucked seemed absurd.

Now Paris was kneeling behind Rory with a dildo strapped around her waist buried in the brunette's tight little butt while her friend's Mom gently pushed finger after finger into Rory's ass hole it seemed even more absurd, although now absurdly hot.

"I think I'm ready for your cock now Mom." Rory moaned as her mother gently finger fucked her very stretched out back door.

Lorelai considered ignoring Rory and continuing to open up her precious baby girl's butt for a little longer, but at this point she had four fingers, two from each hand, deep inside her daughter's ass and had been gently stretching the hole this way and that for several minutes. So biting her lip Lorelai softly said, "Okay honey... relax for Mommy."

Considering what a little genius Rory was, and all the anal sex they had been enjoying recently, it wasn't very necessary for Lorelai to tell her daughter to relax. But she couldn't help it, it was simply motherly instinct Lorelai thought as she removed her fingers from her daughter's ass hole and quickly pushed the head of her strap-on inside the expanded back hole.

"Ohhhhhh Mommy, wrecked my ass." Rory cried joyfully as the second dildo stretched her ass hole like never before, "Mmmmmm, I want my butt ruined. Oh, ahhhhhh, stretch the hole I shit from Mommy!"

Despite Rory's clear enjoyment Lorelai could hear pain in her daughter's voice so she went slowly and steadily, gradually adding inch after inch of dildo into Rory's rectum until finally Lorelai's hip was pressing against Paris's hip, nearly the entire length of both strap-on cocks buried deep within Rory's butt.

"Oh Mommy, oh fuck me, oh, fuck my ass." Rory whimpered softly, "Please, I ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Who do you want fucking your ass?" Paris asked after quickly pulling a few inches out of her friend's butt, even this small move clearly sending powerful jolts of pleasure and pain rocketing through Rory's body.

"YOU! You both. I wanna be butt fucked by you and my Mommy." Rory said quickly, hoping it would appease Paris.

It did and Paris slowly started thrusting her strap-on in and out of Rory's butt hole, Lorelai remaining still as her daughter got used to the sensation of a dildo moving in and out of her back passage as another dildo remained unmoving within her bowels.

Once Rory's whimpers of pain and pleasure had been completely replaced by whimpers, moans and groans of pure pleasure Lorelai began fucking her daughter's ass along with Paris, Rory squealing with orgasmic delight just from Lorelai's first movements, "Yeeeeeessssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk! Fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk myyyyyyy assssssss!"

Lorelai grinned happily as her daughter came like a fountain, Rory's cum repeatedly squirting down on the bedsheets as Lorelai and Paris ass fucked her at an increasingly harder pace.

It was impossible to go as hard and as fast as they could if it was just one of them ass fucking Rory, or at least impossible without doing any permanent damage to Rory's rectum, but the teen and the Mom made do, eventually settling into quite a rough butt fucking considering the circumstances.

Through Rory's first few orgasms whenever Paris would push into her ass Lorelai with pull out of her butt and vice versa, the two cocks drilling away Rory's shit pipe like a boxer drilling away at their opponent's face. Then Lorelai and Paris began occasionally thrusting in and out at the same time, each of these double thrusts into the very deepest part of Rory's rectum making the poor girl scream and cum violently.

The whole time Lorelai paid very close attention to how Rory was doing, her motherly instincts once again taking over as she fucked her daughter's ass.

At first Rory was begging for more but eventually the words melted away into happy squeals, then tired cries, and eventually exhausted whimpers. Those exhausted whimpers came shortly after the poor girl's head and upper body fell down onto the bed, only the firm grip that Paris and Lorelai had on her hips keeping Rory's ass up in the air. This was the sign Lorelai had been waiting for and so after giving her baby girl won last powerful climax Lorelai pulled out as quickly as she could, leaving Rory's ass hole too stretched out for Paris to continue fucking.

Taking the hint Paris also pulled out and moved backwards so she and Lorelai could admire just how stretched out and gaping Rory's butt hole was, both women so captivated by looking through the red ringed crater and into Rory's bowels they didn't even realise Rory was somehow finding the strength to keep her ass in the air.

Rory wasn't sure where she was finding the strength to do this, but she knew her Mom and Paris would want to check out her gaping ass hole which felt like the whole of Stars Hollow had been shoved up it. Deciding to go for a slightly less big exaggeration Rory panted, "Wow... it feels like you shoved a truck up my ass."

"Looks that way too." Lorelai grinned, happy to see that while Rory was tired she was okay, "How did it feel before, you know, when the truck was inside your ass?"

"Mmmmmmm, it felt great. I loved getting my ass double fucked." Rory said dreamily.

"Really? I couldn't tell considering how hard you came." Paris said dryly.

"Please, I'm my mother's daughter, which makes me a total anal slut." Rory grinned.

"True." Lorelai agreed as she picked up a camera, "Now let's just see how slutty you can be..."

Wish 33

"I wish you'd let me take some photos of your gaping back hole." Lorelai wished.

Grinning happily Rory wiggled her ass invitingly, enticing her mother to take a few shots before she reached back to spread her butt cheeks wide so her gaping back hole seemed even more obscenely stretched out.

"Okay, now Paris, get into frame." Lorelai told the blonde who happily complied, Lorelai taking several snapshots before silently switching places with Paris.

In the end Lorelai had some great shots of herself and Paris posing proudly next to the ass hole they both stretched out, even able to take one of them together which was Lorelai's favourite as it had both of their faces pressed against Rory's butt cheeks and right next to Rory's destroyed back hole, Paris with her usual proud but stoic look while Lorelai herself grinned goofily and gave the camera a big old thumbs up.

"That's definitely going up in the bedroom." Lorelai said to herself as she sifted through the photos on her digital camera before her eyes shifted to Rory who was still obediently remaining in place.

Wish 34

"I wish you would clean the cocks that have just been up your ass." Lorelai wished.

While she moved a little slowly and gingerly a wicked grin crossed Rory's face as she got down on her knees in front of the other two women, making as if she was going to swallow her Mom's cock at first, before switching to Paris's at the last minute.

Lorelai scowled at this action, but it was hard to stay mad as she watched her daughter slowly open her mouth and swallowed the head of the butt flavoured dildo, Rory loudly moaning as she tasted the deepest part of her ass.

"Wow, I never imagined you'd be so nasty." Paris murmured as Rory began to bob her head up and down on the fake dick.

"Oh, Rory's a total ATM whore, just like her Mommy." Lorelai grinned.

"Yes, she is." Paris agreed, still captivated by her friend sucking her cock.

Wanting to show just how nasty and whoreish she could be Rory slowly lowered her mouth down on the dildo, inch after inch sliding down her throat until she had swallowed the whole thing. She then held that position for almost a minute, Rory able to hold back her gagging reflex and the urge to choke long enough to suck on the lower part of the dick while the upper part of it was lodged deep within her throat. As a result of this Rory felt like she could taste her own ass in her mouth and her throat at the same time.

Instead of immediately removing her mouth and gasping for air Rory began bobbing her head all the way up and down the shaft, only occasionally pausing to lewdly and loudly suck on the fake cock, just to make absolutely sure she had sucked off all of her butt juices. Even when she was sure Rory continued sucking on Paris's strap-on for several minutes, partly to double and triple check she had got all the yummy ass flavour, and partly because she knew her mother was waiting impatiently for Rory to clean her cock.

"Come on Rory." Lorelai whined, "Come suck Mommy's dick. You made Mommy's dick all messy with your slutty little ass juices, now you need to come clean them up."

After briefly grinning around the cock in her mouth Rory finally did what her Mom wanted and switched over, grinning again as she took Paris's dildo out of her mouth and found her Mommy's dick only inches away from her face.

"Sorry Mommy." Rory said in her best little girl voice, "I got lost sucking my own yummy ass juices off Paris's cock. I didn't mean to neglect my Mommy's dick, especially not after all the pleasure it's given me."

"It's okay, Mommy forgives her little girl, just so long as she does a good job of sucking her Mommy's dick clean." Lorelai said, firmly pressing her strap-on to Rory's lips.

Not bothering to reply again Rory simply parted her lips and allowed her Mom to slide the dildo inside her mouth, Rory loudly moaning as again she tasted the deepest part of her rectum on a fake dick.

Without another cock to suck Rory really took her time cleaning this cock, only gently sucking on the head for several minutes before beginning to move her lips up and down the first few inches. As she settled into a steady rhythm with this Rory looked up at her Mom who stared back at her lustfully, Rory doing her best to look sweet and innocent as she bobbed her head on that butt flavoured cock. Rory wasn't sure how she could possibly look sweet and innocent doing this, but her mother assured her she could, and that it was an incredible turn on for her.

Rory wondered if she continued looking sweet and innocent when she slowly started taking more of the dildo passed her lips until it hit the back of her mouth. How about when she started sliding that fake cock down her throat? Or when her lips reached the base? And then there was the moment she started bobbing her head up and down the entire length of a dick strapped around her own mother's waist, just so she could be absolutely sure she had sucked off every drop of her own ass juices from this dildo just as she had done to the cock strapped around her friend's waist. Did she really look sweet and/or innocent through any of this?

While Rory wouldn't believe her when she would later tell her the answer to all these questions was yes the fact was that no matter what nasty little thing her daughter was doing, and together they had done some downright filthy things, Lorelai would always think of her daughter as sweet and innocent. And beautiful. And a dozen other things, amongst them an incredibly talented cock sucker.

"That's it Rory, make sure you clean every drop of your slutty ass off my cock. Oh, good girl. You suck cock so good. You're such a good little cock sucker Rory." Lorelai grinned happily as she gently stroked her daughter's hair, marvelling at her beautiful face, "My baby girl is such a good little cock sucker."

"You must be so proud." Paris once again said dryly.

"So proud." Lorelai said, a phrase she could never stop using when it came to her daughter.

* * *

"Mom? MOM?" Rory said, louder than she would have liked but she had to make sure her mother was actually listening. Well, a half-hearted murmur of acknowledgement and her mother's arms gently squeezing around her was hardly the best confirmation that her Mom was all ears, but it was better than nothing, "The movie's over, so... how about now?"

"I told you, I'm waiting for the right moment." Lorelai said softly.

"Well it's almost midnight, so if you don't use up the last wish soon then 'I wish to lie on the couch, eat junk food and watch crappy movies while spooning my daughter' will just have too be your last wish. Those are the rules." Rory said for what felt like the millionth time in the last couple of hours, then after yet another long pause of silence added, "Unless, you wanna save it for tomorrow..."

"No. That would be silly considering we've come this far. Besides, it would take away some of the fun if we didn't always use up our wishes on the appropriate days. And I think it would make these days seem less special." Lorelai said, smiling against her daughter's neck, "And today, today was very special. The best birthday ever."

"I don't know, I loved today... but my last birthday... the day we got together... that was the best birthday ever. The best day in the history of the world ever." Rory said softly.

"I meant it was my best birthday... but yeah... that's something I want to talk to you about. So, could you look at me?" Lorelai asked softly, removing her arm from around Rory and allowing her baby girl to turn over to look at her. The look of worry in Rory's eyes was heartbreaking, Lorelai quickly babbling, "It's nothing bad, not really... it's just... you know that conversation I've been avoiding since well, since you seduced me?"

Suddenly Rory brightened up, "The let's be girlfriends conversation?"

"Yes... that's the one." Lorelai gulped, "Well..."

"You wish we could be girlfriends?" Rory interrupted hopefully, "Because if that's your last wish than yes. I want that more than anything."

"Are... are you sure?" Lorelai said, really having to force her words out, "Are you sure you wouldn't be happier with Lane? Or Paris?"

Rory frowned, "Where is this coming from?"

"Nowhere. Well, yes somewhere, but..." Lorelai closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said, "Please, just answer the question. And really think about it. You didn't know they were into girls before, but now you do, and they're both really, really into you, and Paris would be very high maintenance, and Lane has her drums, and trust me, dating a drummer is not all it's cracked up to be, but in their own way they both already love you and in time could be in love with you, and..."

Quickly sitting up Rory stopped her Mom's babbling with a soft kiss before she softly said, "No. I couldn't be happier with Lane, or Paris, or anyone. I wouldn't even be happy."

"Rory." Lorelai began softly.

"I'm in love with you. How many times do I have to say that?" Rory asked, a little frustration present in her voice which went away as she softly added, "You're the only one I could ever really love. The only one who could ever make me happy. I liked having fun with Lane and Paris, but it's you I'm in love with. It's always been you."

There was a pause as Lorelai seemed to be unsure whether she wanted to cry or smile. Settling for both Lorelai forced out, "If... if ever you feel differently..."

"I won't." Rory said forcefully.

"If you ever do. Tell me. I'll understand. Give you my blessing." Lorelai said, a tear sliding down her cheek.

"Never going to happen." Rory said firmly, and then, fearing the answer, asked, "Why are you saying this?"

"Because you deserve better." Lorelai said, a sniffle escaping her, "You deserve... everything."

"You are my everything." Rory interrupted.

"I can't even hold your hand in public, let alone kiss you." Lorelai pointed out, "And there are so many other things..."

"I don't care. I will never care. All I care about is you, and I will hold your hand, kiss you and fuck you whenever and wherever I want and if someone doesn't like it that's their problem. I love you Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, and I know you love me too. Nothing else matters." Rory said, on the verge of tears herself at this point, but she forced a smile as she softly added, "So... can we be girlfriends now?"

There was a pause, and then Lorelai smiled softly and slid off the couch. Reaching under it Lorelai grabbed something and held it behind her back so there was no way Rory could see it and then looked up at her daughter with tears now falling quickly from her eyes.

"You're... you're right. I love you too. I love you so much the idea of not being with you is... so beyond horrible. I... I would die. Not literally, but I would die inside if I lost you. I'd be nothing but a empty shell. If that was what you wanted, if that's ever what you want, I will live my life as a empty shell if it means you're happy, but until then... you..." Lorelai lifted one leg up so she was on one knee, and then brought forward a little box in her hand, making sure she could see it but Rory couldn't, "You deserve so much more than what I can give you, but while your mine... I wanna give you everything. All of me. Every little part. So... we can't be girlfriends. Because it's not enough. And as twisted as it is, I think we've always been that way, just until recently without the sex. Now, I want more. I want everything. I want to give you everything. I wanna be all in, like you've been saying you want for months. And that's what I want too. So...

Wish 35

"I wish you'd marry me." Lorelai wished softly after she opened up the box and presented Rory with the engagement ring.

Rory blinked a few times, and then a thousand thoughts rushed through her head so fast she could barely comprehend them. One that stood out was the realisation she was sitting on the couch she had finished seducing her Mom and then made love to her on. It was so romantic and fitting that her Mom had proposed to her here, and how now the couch was an even more special place than before. But what about all the arrangements that needed to be made? Lots of work went into weddings. Where were they going to do it? How many people would they invite? Who was going to be the maid of honour?

Suddenly Rory was awoken from her thoughts, "Rory?"

"Y, yes!" Rory stammered.

"Yes?" Lorelai questioned, biting her lip.

"Yes, I'll marry you." Rory smiled, "I'll be your wife, if you'll be mine."

The Gilmore girls exchanged a big smile and then a passionate kiss which seemed to go on forever, or at least until the clock started to chime, signalling it was officially the end of Lorelai's birthday and her wishes had been used up with little time to spare.

Once the chimes had stopped Rory pulled away breathlessly and asked, "So, what now?"

Lorelai grinned, "Engagement celebration wishes?"

"Or, we could just spend the day making love?" Rory offered.

Lorelai smiled, and just before kissing Rory again said, "That works too."


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