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Daniel Craig as James Bond (aka 007)
Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore

Also Appearing:
Demi Moore as Madison Lee (former Charlie's Angel)
Cameron Diaz as Natalie Cook (one of Charlie's Angels)
Drew Barrymore as Dylan Sanders (one of Charlie's Angels)
Lucy Liu as Alex Munday (one of Charlie's Angels)

Codes: MF, Cons, Rough, Anal

Gilmore Girls/James Bond: Fuck And Let Die Part 2
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message boards)

Location: Paris

Bond stepped off the elevator on the top floor of the five-star hotel where MI6 kept a penthouse. It had been three days since Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow and freelance double agent, had been allowed to think she had stolen plans for a bio-weapon from him in Egypt. She had been tracked here and Bond was here to find out who her contact was.

He walked into the four room suite with ten foot ceilings and dropped his overcoat over the back of a chair. Just then he heard a faint noise coming from the other room. Most people wouldn't have even picked up on it, but Bond was not most people.

He drew his Walther PPK from his shoulder holster and pulled a silencer from his belt. As he moved without a sound towards the bedroom door, he tightened the black tube to the end of the barrel. Moving quickly, he spun around the corner, holding the gun in front of him. No one was in the bedroom, but there was movement from the bathroom. As he approached, someone walked out apparently unaware he was there.

"Don't move," Bond ordered.

"Oh my! Please don't shoot Commander Bond."

She knew who he was. He looked her up and down. She was young, in her early twenties and pretty in an innocent girl next door kind of way. She had shoulder length dark brown hair and the most striking blue grey eyes Bond has ever seen and her body was lean and tight. She was dressed conservatively in a knee length skirt and silk light blue blouse. Bond couldn't help but notice her top two buttons were open and he could see the top of a lacy black bra underneath.

"You better have a good explanation why you're in my room and how you know my name Miss..."

"Gilmore, Rory Gilmore. I am your CIA liaison here in Vienna Mr. Bond. If I may..."

She indicated her purse on the bed and he nodded indicating she could take it. Reaching inside, she produced CIA identification and handed it to James. If it was fake, it was a good one. He eased the hammer back on his gun and put it into his belt.

"You? You're my CIA contact? I must say I was expecting someone older. You look like your fifteen."

Rory looked incredulous at his slight.

"Excuse me but I am twenty two and I may be young but that is only because I was the youngest of my class to graduate from Langley."

"When was that? Last year?"

He sat down in a chair and began removing his shoes as Rory put her hands on her hips and took a defiant stance. Bond fought to suppress a smile at the sight of her trying to act tough.

"Look commander," she said with an indignant tone, "I graduated Harvard at the top of my class with degrees in computer science, finance, and criminal justice and then I went to Oxford for my masters in criminal psychology after which I was recruited by the CIA."

"And you're a field agent?" Bond asked doubtful.

Rory looked uncomfortable, "Well, no. But I have been stationed here for the past year and have handled..."

"But you're not a field agent?"

"No, I'm an operations analyst. When I heard they needed a liaison with MI6 I jumped at the chance."

"And the CIA assigned you to this mission? A rookie analyst?"

"Well, no, I actually hacked in and put my own name on the case file."

Bond laughed out. He liked this girl's spunk.

"Look, I can help. Besides, the plans we are after aren't real. All we have to do is follow this Natasha Rovanov?"

"Romanoff," Bond corrected.

"Yeah, Romanoff. I went through her file in detail. She seems like a real piece of work. I can't wait to take her down."

Bond stood, "You had better leave the going down to me Agent Gilmore. How about a drink?"

"Um, no thank you, I don't drink..."

As he walked into the bathroom, he called back to her, "I meant for me. The bar is over there. Can you make a martini?"

"Uh, I suppose."

"Good. Dry. Shaken, not stirred."

"Does this mean I am on board?"


"On what?" she called.

James leaned out of the bathroom; he was bare-chested, "On how dry my martini is. I'll be in the shower. Be a dear and bring it when it's ready."

Rory was so happy to be on the team she ignored his demeaning tone and went to make his drink.

A few minutes later as Bond rinsed the shampoo from his hair; he heard a faint noise and opened his eyes to see his new partner standing on the other side of the glass shower door holding his drink. He slid the door open, while standing naked in full view of Rory who was apparently averting her eyes but James could tell she was also sneaking glances at him.

He took the martini glass and took a sip, "Not bad," he said smacking his lips.

"I'm glad you approve. Now I'll leave you to finish your shower."

"Oh, that's all right Rory. I was hoping you could join me."

"I read your file thoroughly Mister Bond. I know of your history with women and I assure you I am immune to your charms."

As she turned to leave, "Oh my," she heard James say.

"Is everything alright?" she called out from the door.

"Oh, yes, it's just I'm afraid I dropped the soap. Could you give me a hand?"

Rory paused at the door, knowing she should leave.

About five minutes later, Rory felt the warm water of the shower run over her naked young body. Part of her was mad at herself for being such a clich, but that was not the part she was listening too at the moment.

Rory was bent over with her hands on the floor of the shower as James held onto her hips from behind her, fucking her hard. She grabbed onto her ankles trusting James to hold her up and not allow her to be knocked off her feet as he thrust himself into her over and over.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned.

Rory was inexperienced with men, always focused on her studying and school. She had certainly never been fucked bent over in a shower of a penthouse in France by a secret agent.

Just as she was about to cum, she felt him pull his cock out of her pussy. She looked back over her shoulder, "wha-what why are you stopping?"

"Oh don't worry my dear. I just want to make sure you are up for this mission."

As he spoke Bond pointed the tip of his cock at her small puckered asshole staring up at him. Bond had a mean streak in him and never passed up an opportunity this good.

Rory's face looked up at him as she panted, the water running down her cheeks and off her chin. Suddenly her facial expression changed as Bond pushed himself between her ass cheeks.

"UGH! Wait James wait!"

Rory reached up and put her hands on the tile of the shower wall to brace her as James kept pushing.

"Ugggghhhhh, oh god! JAMES!"

Rory had never experienced anything like this. The dual sensation of pain at being anally penetrated for the first time mixed with the near orgasm she was already on the verge of.

Her eyes went wide as Bond shoved his cock deep into her rectum and the pressure increased past the point she could stand.


Rory screamed at the top of her lungs as Bond took her by the hair and held her as he savored the sensation of her tight virgin asshole wrapped around his thick manhood.

"Oh, please James please!"

She wailed as he began to fuck her, sliding his cock in and out of her rear. He pumped her slowly at first, holding her by the hair and shoulder as she bucked unable to stand the new sensations.

But over the next minute, Rory seemed to calm as she adapted to being ass fucked and Bond let go of her hair and took her by the hips as he guided his cock in and out of her rear, increasing the pace and depth as she seemed to relax.

She stood slightly, standing bent over about forty five degrees with her feet slightly apart and on her toes with her hands bracing herself on the shower wall. The warm water of the shower hitting her directly in the face as she experienced a mixture of agony and pleasure she had never known.

Reaching around, he took her face in his large hand and turned her head towards him. Looking into her eyes, "Did you say something dear? Do you want me to stop?"

Rory gulped hard and she tried to speak but nothing but a wail came out of her mouth. In the end, she just shook her head quickly from side to side, indicating she wanted him to continue.

"Good," he said softly as he kissed her forehead and let her go. Rory buried her face against her arm as if she was ashamed, both of what she was allowing to be done to her and of how much she was enjoying it. Bond took her by the hips and began reaming her asshole in earnest.

"OH FUCK!" she found her voice as the tip of his cock touched a place deep inside her that had never been touched by anyone, man, woman, not even by her own hand.

James prided himself on his stamina but this was too much even for him. Rory's tiny body and tight ass squeezing his cock as he ass fucked her for the first time in her life was more than even he could handle. He reached up and took Rory's B cups tits in his hand, grabbing them hard as he fucked her.

"Oh shit!" he bit his lip as he felt his climax coming trying to delay for as long as he could.

"Oh god! Agent Gilmore!" he exclaimed as he blew his load deep inside Rory's asshole; her sphincter milking all the pleasure it could from his organ.

As she felt the hot fluid spray inside her, it took her over the edge. Rory's entire body shook uncontrollably and she stood on the tips of her toes as the most intense orgasm of her young life tore through her soft firm body.

She clawed at the tiles as she fought not to scream as James kept ramming his cock in and out of her ass as he was lost in his own intense climax.

Finally, the two of them nearly collapsed in exhaustion as their orgasms subsided. Rory's face grimaced as Bond extricated his still stiff cock from her rectum.

"Shit!" Rory yelled as she covered her rear with her hand and fell against the glass of the shower door, her ass throbbing. Bond was breathing deeply as he rinsed his cock off in the shower spray. He kissed her deeply.

"You finish up here; I've got to run out." As he climbed out of the shower, he smacked Rory on her bottom. She yelped but quickly revered.

"What? Where? Who? For the mission?"

"Yes, for the mission."

"Can I come?"

Bond gave her a raised eyebrow, "So soon my dear. If you feel up to it, alright." James started to climb back into the shower.

Rory shot him a dirty look and held her hand up, "I don't think so commander. Give me a moment and I'll be ready to go."

She stepped back and closed the shower door behind her. James stood watching her through the glass for a moment as she began to rub a washcloth gingerly between her legs.

"Some privacy please!"

Bond took a towel and walked to the bedroom and began to dry off feeling somewhat rejected.

Meanwhile, on a small private island somewhere in the South Pacific Sea...

Natalie Cook was breathing deeply as she turned the corner. She was nearly exhausted. She wiped the blood from her eye as a gash on her forehead was still bleeding. She and her two partners, both fellow detectives code named Charlie's Angels, had woken up in this strange location.

Now she was being hunted by an unknown and unseen foe. She was alone now, having been separated from her fellow teammates. She had a gun, a revolver that her kidnaper had provided her. Whoever they were, they were confident that the three highly trained crime-fighters were not a threat even armed.

Natalie knelt down taking cover behind a pillar as she checked the weapon. She had three bullets left.


She dropped to the floor and lifted her gun towards the direction she heard the shot. Someone was moving in the darkness. She cocked the gun preparing to fire.

A woman staggered out of the darkness.


It was her partner, Dylan Sanders. She was holding her chest and there was a blood stain under her hands. Dylan took several weak steps as Natalie moved forward, catching her friend as she fell to the floor.

"N-nat-alie," Dylan said weakly, "Pro-promise me you will g-get her..."

"Get who Dylan? Did you see who brought us here?"

Natalie fought back tears as Dylan's eyes went blank as she died from her wound in Natalie's arms. From behind her, she heard a noise. Whirling, she raised her gun but quickly lowered it when she realized it was her other partner, Alex Munday.

The Asian woman ran up to her, "Oh god! Dylan! Is she?"

Natalie nodded indicating Dylan was in fact dead.

"We've got to get out of here!"

"No!" Alex stood, "We've got to find whoever did this and kill them! Dylan can't have died for not..."


From the darkness a shot rang out and Natalie dove to the floor and rolled, taking cover. She held the gun in front of her looking for a target but she saw no one. Then she looked over to her right as she saw Alex still standing in the middle of the room.

In horror she watched as Alex fell to her knees and then to the floor. Natalie saw Alex's face which was turned towards her and had a large hole in her forehead. Natalie knew she was dead too.

Suddenly she saw movement in the shadows. Natalie was filled with rage as she jumped to her feet, firing.






She emptied the revolver towards her unknown attacker and murderer of her friends.


As she stopped the only sound she heard was her own panting. Then there was the sound of footsteps as someone walked out into the light.


"Hi Natalie," the woman standing before her was Madison Lee. Tall beautiful and strong, she was wearing only knee high leather boots but was naked otherwise. Her jet black hair cascaded down over her shoulders and chest, reaching past her breasts which were large and heavy on her chest.

"Miss me?" Madison asked as she held a large smoking gun in her right hand.

"But, but you're dead?"

Madison Lee laughed, "Am I?"

Madison raised her gun and fired...


Natalie clutched her gut as she felt a blinding pain in her side as she was shot by her longtime nemesis and former Angel gone bad.

Madison approached as Natalie dropped to her knees.

"If I am dead, then this must be heaven!"

Madison laughed as...




Three more shots to Natalie's chest ended her life and she slumped to the floor.

Madison released the slide on her weapon as she heard a faint beeping sound. Stepping to the wall she pushed on a section and a secret compartment opened up revealing a hallway. She headed down as the beeping sound got louder until she reached the control room. This entire complex was hidden underground on this her private island.

After being kicked out of the Angels, Madison had turned to a life of crime and was now a gun for hire. Of course, the three women she had just shot down were personal and not for profit.

A large console surrounded by camera monitors filled most of the room. Madison set her gun down on a table and picked up her cell phone which was beeping.


She listened to the speaker on the other end for a few moments.

"I understand. I'll be leaving soon. This afternoon in fact, I'm all done here. I'll be in Paris by tomorrow night."

She snapped her phone shut and left the room with the images of the bodies of Natalie, Dylan and Alex on the three main screens on her console.


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