Gilmore Girls: Hot Night With Lorelai Part 4 (F-mast,FFF,MF,inc,veg)
by Terry Webster

It started so innocently.

Rory had volunteered to make a vegetarian repast for dinner the day before.
Lorelai knew of no special occasion, but Rory had explained that Krystal was
coming by to work on a video project for science class and had suggested they
both make dinner for the elder Gilmore. Lorelai had first considered begging
off. She was already nervous over the fact that she was having a secret
affair with Rory's former boy friend, Trey. She was split between keeping a
distance between her daughter and herself, which she felt she had been
unsuccessful at, and trying to maintain the bond that she and Rory had always

Lorelai had also begun to realize that her desire to maintain a distance
between them was not simply because of Trey. Since her sexual ego had been
liberated, she began to look at Rory as a woman, not a girl.

A woman to be desired, to be loved, to be taken or taken by.

That Rory's friend, Krystal, was also a lovely and sexy creature didn't help.
A few weeks ago, Lorelai would never have thought of having sex with a woman.
Now, as she sat at the head of the dinner table in the kitchen, watched the
two young girls chat, she wished they were the main course, lying on the
table, their legs spread for her.

Lorelai shook her head and stared at her plate, picking at the cuisine with
her fork. When she looked up at her dinner companions, her eyes widened.

Rory picked up a strawberry and offered it to Krystal, who leaned forwarded
from her seat next to the younger Gilmore, and slowly snatched it from her
fingers with her teeth. She then offered it to Rory from her lips. Without
hesitation, Rory leaned forward and placed it lips over Krystal's,
obliterating the fruit from the sight. Their mouths moved sensuously over
each other, as both women consumed their part of the strawberry.

Lorelai sat there, her eyes fixated on the two girls, as their gesture of
sharing became a deep kiss of passion. She knew she should speak, that she
should make them aware of her presence, but all she could feel was envy...
envy that it wasn't her kissing Rory.

Rory brought her left hand behind Krystal's head and pulled their lips
tighter. As she did, Krystal's fingers played across Rory's nipples through
the thin blouse. Lorelai could see her daughter's nipples tighten at the
girl's soft fondling. Krystal's fingers played across the buttons and Rory's
blouse opened, exposing her breasts to the air. Krystal's fingers played
upon her friend's chest, causing Rory to emit a series of mews.

Lorelai found her fingers traveling to her waistband. In a moment, her slacks
were open and her left hand was running back and forth into her slit.

Krystal broke the kiss and rose to her feet. Grabbing Rory's blouse, she
pulled her lover to her feet. She then pulled the blouse off Rory's shoulders
and tossed it aside. Krystal then pushed the plates upon the table back
towards Lorelai.

Lorelai's fingers moved faster over her clit, as she watched Krystal pull
Rory's shorts and panties down in one quick motion. She then seated her naked
paramour onto the table and leaned her body back. Rory sat back on her
elbows, her legs spread, her breath panting in anticipation, as she watched
Krystal pull at the cord around her summer dress. It billowed opened and the
girl let it slide down her arms to the floor, leaving her naked before their
gaze. Lorelai almost swooned at the tight buff body of the girl before her.
As her fingers worked faster into her cunt, she found herself staring
directly into the girl's eyes.

Krystal's lust was reflected in her eyes, not only for Rory, but also for
Lorelai. She smiled sensuously, as if to assure the elder Gilmore that she
would next.

Krystal then sat down on the chair before Rory. She placed her face down
between her friend's legs and began to lick slowly at the girl's inner
thighs. Rory leaned her head back, her breathing becoming more rapid, as
Krystal licked more furiously at the treasure before her. Her right hand
moved to Rory's mound and placed two fingers inside, causing Rory to gasp
and jerk at the invasion.

Lorelai rose from her seat, letting her slacks slide to the floor and pool
at her feet. Stepping out of them, she removed her fingers from her cunt,
still keeping her panties in place. Quietly, as if a noise would break the
spell of love and lust before her, she stepped over to the reposed body of
her daughter, who had now slid on her back, her body quivering at Krystal's
every touch. Rory had her eyes clenched shut, her breathing coming in rapid
gasps. Lorelai tried for one last brief moment to restrain herself, but she
found her fingers playing across her child's breasts. Rory opened her eyes
and smiled up at her mother, as she felt Krystal bringing her closer to
climax. Lorelai leaned down in one quick motion and placed her lips across
her daughter's in a small kiss. Rory eagerly pushed against her mother's
mouth, her tongue darting between her lips. Lorelai fought the urge to back
away and, instead, pressed her mouth harder against her daughter's.

She suddenly felt hands on her shoulders, caressing her shoulders. The elder
Gilmore stood up and turned to face Krystal, who was holding Lorelai's
shoulders. The girl smiled, her face now smeared with Rory's pussy juices.
Lorelai leaned forward and licked at the girl's mouth, taking her daughter's
liquid essence into her mouth.

Krystal quickly removed Lorelai's blouse and bra and pulled her near nude
host to the chair the girl had occupied. With a sudden kick, Krystal pushed
the chair away from the table. Lorelai looked at her questioningly, but
Krystal simply pushed her towards Rory's exposed pussy. Rory looked at her
parent with pleading eyes.

Lorelai almost cried with joy, as she bent at the waist and lowered her face
to Rory's pussy and began to lick. Rory mewed at the fresh assault, pushing
her cunt closer to her mother. Lorelai grasped Rory's thighs and began to lap
at her daughter even more fervently, her tongue swirling the juices into her

As she did, Krystal sat down on the floor behind Lorelai and slid the
woman's panties to her ankles. She then rose to her knees and began to lap
at Lorelai's exposed pussy.

Lorelai gasped at the touch of Krystal's tongue, but didn't stop lapping
like a puppy at her daughter's clit. The woman could feel her own floodgates
opening, but concentrated on bringing her offspring to a climax. She could
feel Krystal's tongue move up to the rosebud of her anus and lick at the

Lorelai pushed her buttocks gently back towards her new lover, as she
continued her assault. She suddenly felt an object against her hand. Lorelai
looked up to find a large carrot in her daughter's hand. Rory's pleading eyes
needed no interpretation. Grasping the carrot, Lorelai thrust it deep into
the wet recess of her daughter's body. Rory screamed, but humped faster
against the vegetable.

As she did, Lorelai could feel Krystal's fingers sink into her own pussy.
The trio created a rhythm between themselves, as they climbed towards the
pinnacle of their pleasure.

Rory was the first, screaming her pleasure. Her body began bucking so hard
that the table shook several of the plates to the floor. As she was coming,
Lorelai could feel her own orgasm approaching. Still manipulating the carrot
in and out of her daughter's pussy, Lorelai pulled herself to a standing
position, as she could feel the impending release building in her body.
Krystal accelerated her digital assault, her tongue pushing in and out of the
woman's ass. Lorelai dropped the carrot and grabbed the table edge, as her
body began to shake. Krystal moved her mouth to Lorelai's pussy, eagerly
lapping, as Lorelai muffled a scream deep in her throat. Her body was caught
up in the throes of her seizure of pleasure. Rory quickly lifted herself to
a seated position and grabbed her mother in her arms, as her parent's orgasm
rose, quaked, and subsided.

Naked, sweaty, satisfied, The Gilmores looked at each other, tears of joy in
their eyes. Rory picked up the carrot from the table and brought it to her
mouth, licking the juices from it. Lorelai leaned in and licked at it as
well, her tongue occasionally brushing against her daughter's. The carrot was
soon forgotten as their mouth's pushed against each other, their tongues
battling between their lips.

"Mrs. G?" Lorelai could hear Krystal ask from behind her.

"Mrs. G?"

Lorelai shook her head. She was still sitting in her chair at the dinner
table, her eyes staring down at the vegetarian repast before them. She looked
up to see Rory and Krystal looking at her with baffled looks.

"I'm sorry, what?" was all she could day.

"Where were you, Mother?" Rory asked, "The Twilight Zone?"

Lorelai stared at her daughter with a baffled look and asked, "What?"

"You were staring at the plates like you were off in another world," Rory

"Like you had something on your mind," Krystal added.

"You like it, don't you?" Her daughter inquired.

Lorelai smiled and shook her head.

"It was nothing. I love the dinner!"

"I've seen that look before," Krystal remarked casually, as she placed a fork
of salad into her mouth.

"Really?" Rory asked.

"She was thinking about a man!" Krystal stated in a tone of worldly maturity.

"Is that true?" Rory asked in mock innocence, "A little daydream about Luke,

Both girls gave the woman a wide-eyed look of curiosity. Realizing she was
being "put on", Lorelai could only grin in embarrassment.

"I can honestly say I was not thinking of a man!"

As she turned her attention back to her meal, she didn't notice Krystal
giving Rory a small wink, who returned the gesture with a ghost of a smile.

"Do you like the cider, Mrs. G?" Krystal asked casually.

Lorelai looked at the small mug next to her plate. It was the only mug with
a slide of lemon neatly fitted on the edge.

"It's my Mom's recipe," Krystal added.

"I forgot it was there," Lorelai replied, picking up the mug and taking a
long sip from it. She looked at Krystal with a smile.

"Very good," She complimented, "I'll have to get the recipe. We might even
introduce it at the Inn, if your Mom doesn't object."

"My pleasure," Krystal replied, raising her mug. She clinked her mug with
Rory's, then Lorelai's. The three females took long drinks of their cider.

Sometime later, the three finished their meal and relaxed back into their
chairs. Rory and Krystal were the first to rise to their feet, gathering up
the plates to take to the sink. Lorelai moved to rise. As she did, her body
succumbed to a sudden swaying. Near trembling, she sat back into her chair.

"Don't worry," She heard Rory's voice from the sink, "We got the clean-up."

"Good," Lorelai responded, shaking her head, "You kids didn't put booze in
the cider, did you?"

"No booze," Krystal's voice drifted from the kitchen, "Are you okay?"

"Just a little dizzy."

"Go lie on the sofa. We'll get the movie ready on the VCR."

Lorelai nodded to herself and rose to her feet. The swaying was gone and,
although she felt a tad weak, she walked into the living room and curled
herself onto the sofa.

'Got to watch myself. I don't want to fall asleep and start talking about
Trey... or the girls.'

Lorelai caught herself. She couldn't believe that her preoccupation with sex
had not only grown to include her daughter in incestuous lesbian sex, but her
best friend as well. Not that it was difficult. Krystal was slightly taller
than Rory, but with a model's body... Firm tits (What she could see of them),
toned legs, an hourglass figure. Lorelai could tell by the girl's arms that
she worked out, since her muscle tone was defined. And she was very lovely.

Lorelai leaned her head back against the cushions and closed her eyes.

'Damn, I better see Trey as soon as I can. I'm getting so damn horny, I may
have to seduce Krystal... or was it rape, like Trey said.'

Lorelai smiled to herself at Trey's "accusation", but it soon fell away.

'I can't get involved with anyone Rory knows, not ever again. I'm running a
big enough risk as is. Things are going so well between us, I don't want
anything to spoil this. I just don't know how to resolve my need... needs.'

Lorelai opened her eyes, staring towards the ceiling.

'I can't help... wanting to know what's it like... really like... to fuck a
woman. Damn, Trey was right when he started calling me his "fuck whore"!
It's like every urge I wanted to pursue in high school is coming back and
demanding to be fulfilled. The bootleg porn I'd watch when my parents were
out. The magazines with the hardcore sex layouts... including the lesbian
layouts... that I kept so carefully hidden. Looking at my schoolmates in the
gym shower and wondering... always wondering.'

'I want all those dreams fulfilled... all of them!'

"How are you feeling, Mrs. G?"

Lorelai craned her head forward and smiled at Krystal, who was inserting a
tape into the VCR.

"I'm... better," She replied, but she could feel the weakness starting to
move through her body. She found that it was an effort to unwind her legs
from under her body.

"Just relax!" Krystal advised, seating herself at the far end of the couch,
remote in hand. She curled her legs beneath her, a motion that Lorelai
couldn't fail to notice.

'Bare feet. She must have kicked off her sandals in the kitchen. They're so
beautiful. I wish I could crawl over there and suck her toes. "Hi, I'm Rory's
mom and your new foot worshipping fuck slut!" God, I'm a sicko!'

Lorelai turned her head in an effort to hide her gaze from the girl, only to
startle as her daughter plopped herself down beside her on the couch and
threw her left arm around her parent's shoulders.

"You look kind of tired," The younger Gilmore observed.

It took an effort for Lorelai just to nod.

'My mind is fine, but my body is so tired. I should excuse myself and go to
bed, but I hate to leave these two beauties.'

"This is a very special project I've been working on," Lorelai could hear
Krystal explain behind her. The elder Gilmore simply didn't want to make the
effort to turn her body to acknowledge her. It seemed more natural cuddled
against her daughter's nubile body.

"I checked out a few small digital cameras from school and set them around
the "lair" of the subject beast," Her voice continued, "I then edited the
angles into a cohesive watching experience. Of course, we could watch it
another time."

Krystal suddenly stopped talking. Lorelai could see that Rory was staring
towards her friend with a impassive expression.

"Let's see it," Rory finally said in a quiet tone and turned her head towards
the screen. Lorelai placed her head on her daughter's shoulder and looked
towards the TV.

The screen became a gray mist of static before it cleared into blackness.
There was a flicker and the image of a bedroom came onto the screen.

It was obviously the room of a teenage girl from the decorations. A poster
of N'Snyc adorned one wall. There was a large single bed with frilly silk
covers. Lorelai could see the date counter in the lower right corner. The
tape was made only six days earlier.

"Whose room is this?" Rory asked nonchalantly. Her tone almost indicated she
already knew the answer.

"Marcy Bauer," Krystal replied in a equally impassive tone, "I ever tell you
about her? She loves porn. She gets guys to rent and dupe it for her in
exchange for..."favors". I suggested she start a tape collection of her
"trophies" and she loved the idea."

'PORN? What is going on here?'

Lorelai started to rise, but her body simply plodded back into the sofa.

"Take it easy, Mother," Rory cooed.

Rory's touch seemed to ease her tensions a bit, but Lorelai was indignant.
'How dare these girls bring porn into her house? And display it to her? This
wasn't like her Rory at all. Were they crazy?'

"It's starting," Krystal announced.

Lorelai turned her attention to the screen. There was some noise off screen
and then two figures appeared. One was a pert blonde in a cheerleader outfit.
She had a bright smile and a killer figure. She was wearing a tube top that
could barely keep her large breasts in and a pair of tight shorts. She sat
down on the edge of the bed and looked up at her partner.


Lorelai's heart sank at the slight of the muscular youth. He was wearing a
T-shirt and jeans and smiling down at the beauty before him. Lorelai could
see the lust in his eyes, the same gaze he always welcomed her with.

Lorelai swiveled her head towards Rory, but her daughter only stared at the
screen impassively.

'Of course! She's probably seen it already. But, if it's some kind of revenge
against Trey dropping her, why show it to me, unless.'

'God, this presentation isn't for her. It's intended for me.'


Lorelai could feel her chest heave, as if struck by a blow. She looked at her
daughter with sad eyes. She wanted to cry out, to explain, but her strength
was too sapped, even for that.

Rory, sensing her mother's attention, kept her gaze focused on the screen.

"Watch the screen, Mother."

Lorelai, her eyes wet, turned her gaze from her impassive offspring and
looked back to the screen.

Marcy had Trey's pants pulled down to his ankles and his erection pulled from
his boxer shorts. She was working her mouth over the tool like a child with
her first lollipop. Trey yanked his shirt over his head and tossed it aside.

"Buff son of a bitch," Krystal remarked with a touch of disdain in her voice.

Rory only nodded. She stole a sideways glance at her mother. Lorelai's pain
was evident on her face, but she couldn't take her eyes from the screen.
Trey had yanked Marcy's top off and was playing with her nipples as the
cheerleader deep throated him.

"Are you sure your parents won't be home?" He asked.

Marcy pulled her mouth off the object of her desire and smiled up at him.

"Not until midnight. They're at the Atkinsons' party."

It was that remark that brought Lorelai's attention to the small date in the
corner of the tape.

The same night he said he was going to practice with his friends. He must
have been fucking her every night he wasn't seeing me.

Rory could see Lorelai's face darken. She could sense her mother was
beginning to realize how Trey betrayed her. But it wasn't enough to
compensate for the treachery that Lorelai had perpetrated on her.

"Do you want to keep going?" Krystal suddenly inquired.

Rory looked at Krystal. Her lover nodded towards Lorelai, indicating that she
was compassionate for the older woman's pain.

"It gets more graphic from this point on," She observed.

Rory's face remained impassive, but Krystal could see in her eyes that she
was weighing her lover's concern. Lorelai's attention, on the other hand, was
focused solely on the TV screen. Trey had discarded his clothes and was now
kneeling at the edge of the bed. He was savagely yanking at Marcy's shorts.
The cheerleader was squealing at his assault.

'Little bitch! Goddamn kid! He was mine! MINE!'

Lorelai wished she had the strength to smash the screen, to scream and yell
her pain to the world. But all she could do is whimper, the tears running
down her cheeks.

'I lost him...and Rory! Oh, God!'

Trey had pulled the pants from Marcy and flung them aside. She wore no
panties. He then grabbed her legs and flipped her over on her belly. Placing
his hands on her asscheeks, he pulled her buttocks back, exposing her brown
puckered orifice to the air. With lust glazed eyes, he lowered his mouth to
his target and attacked it vigorously with his tongue. Marcy squealed at the
new assault.

"You are so predictable!" She laughed.

Lorelai sat back, remembering the rim jobs that Trey had given her in hopes
she would accede to his requests for anal sex. She tightened her eyes closed,
resigning herself to only listen to the debauchery before her. The squeals
and sounds went on for a few minutes.

"Who are you?" She finally heard him ask.

"A fuck whore!" was Marcy's excited reply, "Your fuck whore!"

The use of term she thought reserved only for her caused Lorelai to open her
eyes in time to see Trey lower his lube covered cock (He must have applied
jelly when she had her eyes closed) against the girl's asshole. Marcy had her
hands dug into the bed, ready to push back against the invasion.

Krystal suddenly climbed off the couch, crossed the room, and stabbed the
"Stop" button on the VCR.

"That's enough!" She declared, removing the tape from the machine.

Rory ignored her and turned her mother's grief stricken face to her own.

"I saw you two... in this house... in the kitchen. It was a month or so ago.
I came home early and found you fucking like animals on the floor! You kept
saying you wanted to be his "fuck whore", his sex toy. The boy I was dating,
whom I thought was the one to give myself to, dropping me for my whore
mother... and all that time he was playing you for a sucker too."

"Mrs. Gilmore, we felt this was the best way to show you what kind of a boy
you were dealing with," Krystal stated, "I took the precaution of adding a
little something to your drink to avoid any... overt emotional displays
tonight. You feel incapacitated, but your mind is alert. Pretty soon, you'll
be asleep. In the morning, you'll be all right."

"I won't be here in the morning, Mother!" Rory declared, "I'm staying with
Krystal. It's already been arranged with her parents. We came up with a story
about you doing research for a book and won't be able to look after me for a
while. Since her parents work such odd hours, they were more than happy to
take me in for the time being."

Rory could see her mother's agony in her eyes.

"We need time apart, Mother... for now, anyway. How do I forgive you for

"I'll take care of her, Mrs. G," Krystal assured her.

Rory stroked the tears from her parent's face. She then leaned forward and
placed her lips against hers. For a moment, they held the kiss. Then
Lorelai's lips parted and Rory moved her tongue into her mouth. For a long
moment, their tongues dueled. They then moved apart.

Rory could see the shock in her Mother's eyes. Rory only smiled and rose to
her feet. She lay her Mother down on the sofa, as the drug overtook her
parent's body.

"I'll lock up," Rory assured Lorelai, who was now asleep.

Krystal stepped to the front closet and removed a small valise. She then
removed her purse and slipped the tape into it. Rory placed a pillow under
Lorelai's head, then walked through the house, locking doors and turning off
lights. She then joined Krystal in the hallway.

"That was some kiss," Krystal remarked slyly, "You think it'll work?"

Rory gave Krystal a ghost of smile, picked up the valise, as well as her
own purse from the closet, took Krystal by the hand, and led her out of the

To Be Continued...


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