Gilmore Girls: Hot Night With Lorelai Part 3 (MF,Ff,F-mast,nc,inc)
by Terry Webster

Lorelai ran through the woods, her arms outstretched, her fingers pushing
overhanging branches from her path. Her breath escaped from her in desperate
gasps, her chest heaving from exertion. Clad only in a bikini, she tried to
keep the limbs from scratching her flesh, but the pointed limbs scratched up
the length of her arms, blood swelling at the apertures. Lorelai ignored the
pain, her only focus on escape.

She could hear him behind her. His lumbering weight was making noise as he
followed her quickly through the woods. But her bare feet couldn't maintain
the pace of her oncoming pursuer. One of the branches caught the strap of
her bikini top, tearing it in apart. Lorelai toppled at the impact, nearly
falling, but her outstretched hands seized the surface of the next tree.
Lorelai righted herself and prepared to resume her run, when two muscular
arms seized her bare middle and picked her up. She was suspended only a
moment in the air before being flung on her back to the ground.

Lorelai looked dazedly into the hungry eyes of Trey, her young lover, as he
pinned her arms to the ground. His face was glazed over with lust at the
prize beneath him. Lorelai decided it was time to exert her age difference
and, like an annoyed parent, attempted to rise, her face displaying a
sarcastic look. Trey slammed her back to the ground.

Shock came over the elder Gilmore, as she suddenly felt the boy's stiff cock
against her thigh. The swimsuit he had worn earlier was gone.

Trey seized the remnants of her bikini top and ripped it off in one savage
motion. Lorelai pushed one of his arms to one side and used her now free hand
to slap him, an action that brought a more forceful blow from her attacker.
As she reeled from the impact, Trey reached down and ripped her bikini bottom
from her waist and tossed it aside. Before the woman could react to her
sudden nudity, Trey moved his body over her face and pushed his cock against
her lips. Lorelai moved her head to one side, but two powerful hands seized
her head and pushed her mouth towards the rigid organ before her. One of the
hands quickly slapped her again, forcing her to gasp.

With a laugh, Trey pushed his cock deep into her mouth. Lorelai choked
against the massive organ, but the boy merely ignored her discomfort and
began thrusting back and forth between her lips. She could feel his attack
growing more savage with each thrust.and, with each thrust, she could feel
her pussy getting wetter and wetter, her body reeling with more excitement.
With her arms free, she tried to push and scratch at him, but her actions
only made him thrust harder. Every move against him excited him more, which
excited her more.

Lorelai wanted his organ in her cunt, but Trey was too focused on the
pleasure he was receiving from her hot mouth. She tried to push him away in
the hopes he would change targets, that he would plant that massive cock in
her soaking pussy, but Trey, wallowing in his control over her, kept holding
her head against his thrusting crotch.

Trey pushed her head roughly against the ground and moved forward over her
mouth, his balls setting on her mouth. Lorelai bared her teeth, but instead
of biting, she began to nip and lick at the gift. One at a time, she took
his balls into her mouth, hoping he would reward her with a nice long pussy
fuck. After long moments of rolling them between her hungry lips, she latched
onto the flesh surrounding them with her mouth and began to beat at them with
rapid strokes of her tongue. She could feel them tighten from her assault and
increased her tempo. She no longer cared that she was being raped, she longed
to be taken by him.

Trey looked down, knowing what she wanted and moved back, the wet hard cock
waving from his body before her eyes. Lorelai looked at him with lust-glazed
inviting eyes, her body tensed for his next attack.

Trey grabbed her hips and rolled her on her stomach. Realization crossed
her face, as she realized what he was about to. Pushing her hands into the
ground, Lorelei tried to rise to her feet, but Trey pushed against her
back, keeping her on all fours. He seized her waist, as Lorelai tried to
desperately crawl away, and pulled his objective to him. Lorelai almost
screamed, as she felt her ass come in contact with Trey's rigid, wet cock.
Holding her writhing body tight with one arm, he guided his cock against
the puckered orifice of her asshole.

Lorelai could only gag a silent scream, as Trey savagely pushed his organ
into her asshole. He grunted, as he released his cock and held her hips
in a viselike grip, his nails digging deep into her flesh, blood welling
beneath his nails. Lorelai tried to break from his grip, but Trey only
increased the pressure of his attack, driving himself deeper. He could
only grunt now, as he ravaged the warm channel, the pleasure twisting his
face into a feral mask. Tears began to run down the elder Gilmore's face,
as her rapist kept pushing deeper into her channel. Her fists balled into
the soil, her body shaking from the agony of his invasion.

Trey finally reached as far as he could go and let out a breath of triumph.
He then began to thrust back and forth, as deep as he could, into what he
now considered his and his alone.

Lorelai gave her self over to him with an animal cry, as she began thrusting
back to match Trey's assault. Laughing at the realization that his "victim"
was surrendering to him, Trey began to increase his assault, knowing full
well that, with each thrust, he was sending pain through her body.

Lorelai cried again and again, pleading for him to stop, but he ignored her.
Trey knew she wanted him by the way her body not only matched his movements,
but tried to surpass his thrusts. With a snicker, he released one hand to
reach forward and seized Lorelai's black locks. He pulled back in a savage
motion, snapping her head upwards. She grunted at the sudden act, but did
not lose the tempo between them. If anything, she thrust back harder.

Her new vantage brought her gaze to settle on a figure standing before him.
Lorelai gasped, trying suddenly to stop the act between her and Trey, but
Trey continued to thrust at her, oblivious to her shock.

Rory stood there, her face impassive, as she watched her mother being ass

Lorelai gyrated into action, trying to crawl desperately away from her
daughter's sight. Trey continued to laugh, as he pulled his cock from
Lorelai, crawled atop the woman's body and, with a single movement,
flipped her over on her back.

Lorelai pushed and scratched at him, struggling to flee from both her
attacker and her daughter. But Trey merely howled with glee, as he began
to pump sperm over her face. From her position, Lorelai cried, as she
looked up at her daughter with pleading eyes, before Trey's cum covered
her vision.



Lorelai eyes snapped open at the sound of her daughter's cry. She was lying
on the large bed within her bedroom. She was attired in slacks and a sports
shirt. She blinked her eyes, as she remembered that she had decided to take
a nap before dinner.

'A dream. It was just a dream. Lord, I hope I didn't cry out. I hope Rory
didn't hear me, if I did.'

"Rory?" She called out.

"Dinner in ten," the answer from downstairs echoed up the stairwell.

Lorelai breathed out slowly in relief, as she swung her legs over the edge
of the bed and rose to a sitting position. She shook her head to clear the
cobwebs from her mind.

It had all been a dream. Another of her wild sex fantasies. And this was the
most exhilarating of all...up until the end. She knew she should be ashamed
of herself for having rape fantasies, that it only exemplified the fact that
she had become a perverted whore in her own mind, but she could no longer do
anything but indulge herself. The fantasies tied her lust over until she
could be with Trey.

She had fantasies before, some while she slept, but most when she was alone
or with "Ethel", her silver bullet-vibrating dildo. It was a "perk" of her
affair with Trey. It seemed all she thought about was sex.

Ever since she began her affair with Trey, her whole outlook towards sex had
seemed unleashed from the repression of parenthood. Raising Rory, she had
strived to be a good role model, as well as a good mother, but that had all
seemed to vanish when she began her affair with Trey a few months ago. In
reality, the pair seemed to have tossed caution to the wind and made love
anywhere they could find to be alone. In the back seat of her car, in a motel
miles from home, on the riverbank, in the woods, in various places of his
school after hours. Anywhere and everywhere, it seemed, even the bed she was
sitting upon. Once, she even followed him into a mall's men's room and blew
him in an enclosed stall. Fortunately, like the motel, the mall was far
enough from town where they wouldn't be recognized if they had been caught.

Lorelai rose to her feet and stepped to a full-length mirror by the door. She
looked at herself and smiled.

'All the stories about younger men and older women are true. I positively
glow! I never felt so alive, so full of energy, so...young!'

Lorelai's face suddenly darkened the pain in her eyes.

'All I had to do was steal my daughter's boy friend.'

Lorelai raised her eyes and looked at her self with fiery determination.

'I'm sorry about that, I truly am. But God knows I deserve some happiness. I
love Rory more than anything in this world. But I can't enough of Trey, his
body...his beautiful cock! I love the taste of his cum in my mouth, his
sweaty muscles pressed against my body. I don't care if I do act like a
whore. I need him! I need him!'

Lorelai smiled, as she realized it was almost four months since she seduced
the boy in the kitchen of her home. When it had happened, she had worried
about what would happen between her and Rory, if the affair were discovered.
Their bond had always been so close that she knew that Rory might sense a
difference in her, but the pain of Trey's dumping her for no apparent reason
seemed to have passed quickly. She appreciated that Rory had found a new
friend in Krystal Summer, a new student at her school, as well as being
grateful that Rory's study sessions and occasional sleepovers with her new
friend allowed Lorelai more time with Trey.

Lorelai already planned what will happen at their monthly anniversary. Trey
had made it clear that he wanted to be the one to introduce her to anal sex.
Time and again, he had tried to initiate it, only to be refused by her.
Lorelai smiled at the thought that she had finally decided that she would
make him a present of what the kids would call her "ass cherry".

'If that doesn't make him completely mine, I don't know what will. I wish I
could scream to the world how happy we are. He loves me so much, I wish I
could parade him to the world and society be damned!'

The thought of her dream suddenly rushed back into her mind. She had had rape
fantasies about Trey before, since they aroused her with the feeling of being
totally dominated by her stud lover. Maybe there was a part of her that
wanted to be totally dominated, totally taken by force, as if that was a
facet of being younger, not older, than her lover.

But this was the first time that Rory had appeared in her dream.

Lorelai settled back upon the bed and mused to herself. Maybe it was guilt
rearing its ugly head, she thought. Rory had seemed so caring and attentive,
especially in the past few weeks, that it had added to what guilt Lorelai
had been trying to repress. In fact, there seemed a change in her daughter's
demeanor as well. She seemed more interested in what her mother was doing
from day to day, and always volunteered to help out, like the old days...the
days of trust.

'My behavior since Trey probably made her think I'm dying of some rare
tropical disease. Or perhaps she wants to be a bigger part of my life to
forget the loss of Trey. That would be ironic, ironic and tragic.'

But today was the first time Rory had appeared in one of her dreams since
her affair began. Lorelai admitted to herself that she had begun to find
herself thinking of her daughter more and more lately. Her new ventures
into sex had made her realize what a lovely girl/woman her daughter had
become. Since she began to wallow in sensuality, Lorelai discovered herself
becoming more attuned to the people around her, their feelings, their
gestures, their hidden body language. But lately she had become to realize
that her daughter was a sensuous creature in her own right.

Lorelai remembered when they had gone sunbathing by the river two weeks ago.
The summer day was particularly hot and, since Trey was in practice for some
game at school, Lorelai had accepted Rory's invitation to go swimming.
Because they had discovered a totally secluded spot by the river, they felt
a freedom to be just themselves, uninhibited. In fact, Rory had surprised
Lorelai by suggesting they swim nude like a couple of young schoolgirls.

Lorelai shook her head in wonderment, knowing that her old self would
probably have been too repressed to even consider the idea. So she had felt
a certain triumph when she totally shocked her daughter by being the first
to cast off her suit and plunge into the icy depths. Rory followed behind
her, naked as a jaybird. The pair played and wrestled in the water, their
bodies held tightly together.

But somehow things were different. The places Rory seemed to touch...or was
it just having her daughter's young supple body in her grasp...made Lorelai
uneasy, nervous...aroused?

Lorelai finally had to break away from her daughter and swim to shore. She
was embarrassed to discover her nipples had hardened, no doubt to the water
temperature, but she also felt something else rising in her body...something
she hadn't thought possible. She strode ashore and lay on her back upon her
towel. Hearing Rory splash out of the water onto the bank, she pulled a
second towel over her body and crossed her arm over her eyes, ostensibly to
shade herself from the sun.

"Are you kidding, Mother? How do you intend to get any sun that way?"

Rory dropped to her knees by her parent's side and, with one deft shove
rolled her over on her stomach.

"What are you doing?" Lorelai had demanded, feeling Rory pull the towel from
her body, exposing the elder Gilmore's nudity to her young daughter's eyes.

"You're not going to get any sun with a towel over you," Rory had pointed
out, opening a bottle of suntan lotion, "Let's start with your backside,
young lady, and get you tanned right!"

Rory had then given her mother a playful slap on her butt, an act that had
made Lorelai gasp aloud. She looked up into Rory's smiling eyes, but couldn't
discern if that smile meant anything more than play. The naked girl then
gently pushed her mother onto her stomach. The elder Gilmore began to open
her mouth to protest.

As Rory's fingers touched her flesh, Lorelai's objections melted away. Her
daughter's lazy massage on her naked flesh was arousing her in a way she
had not dreamed of before. While Trey was young and energetic, he was also
a frenetic lover, more concerned like most boys his age at taking his own
pleasure than giving it. Rory's touch was more giving, more sensual. At one
point, when Rory leaned forward to stretch her body across her mother's to
massage her neck, Lorelai had to suppress a gasp at the feel of Rory's firm
tits in contact with her spine, the nipples grazing slowly and tantalizingly
across her oiled flesh. She almost imagined that her daughter's nipples were
as hard as hers...or had that been wishful thinking on Lorelai's part?

That it was her own daughter causing these feelings made her arousal more
wanton, more desirable, almost overwhelming her guilt and shame. The parent
in her wanted her to cry out to her daughter to stop, but Lorelai realized
she couldn't do that without admitting why. So she simply lay there and
tried to mask how much pleasure her daughter was giving her.

Later, when Rory was napping on her towel, her own oiled body glistening in
the sun just a foot or two from her mother's grasp, Lorelai allowed herself
the luxury to glance over her daughter's body with undisguised appreciation.
Her daughter seemed like some beautiful water nymph washed ashore on an
island that only they two would share. The vision of her holding her naked
daughter in her arms, Rory's mouth gently sucking at her mother's tits...not
as a child, but as a lover. played slowly in her mind.

Lorelai had felt herself trembling, but was this from the cold or an
overwhelming desire to hold the wet and naked beauty before her, to caress
her, to.

Lorelai had quickly rolled away, keeping her back to her daughter. Convinced
that Rory was asleep, she had tossed a towel over waist and plunged two
fingers beneath the cloth and deep into her cunt. Muffling her cries, she
pushed the digits in and out rapidly, trying to bring herself off as quickly
as possible. Her orgasm was intense and, when she was done, she lifted
herself from her towel and ran to the river, plunging her body into the

Whether Rory had noticed any of what had happened, her unmoving body gave no

'I should have avoided her from that moment on. Between fucking Trey and
being aroused by my own daughter, my senses have been on overload. And then
there was that damn shower!'

Lorelai had remembered how she had been taking a morning shower a few days
ago, when Rory had walked into the bathroom. Usually, she knew her daughter
would have knocked, and Rory had insisted she had, but when the girl had
slid the glass door to ask her mother for bus fare, Lorelai had somehow
felt...shamed to be naked before Rory's gaze.

Her daughter had acted as matter of fact as she had at the riverbank, but
Lorelai couldn't help but feel that she was under the young girl's scrutiny.
Which was not possible, since she knew her daughter wasn't attracted to

Before she left, Rory had volunteered to soap up her mother's back for her.
Every sense in the woman's mind screamed for her to refuse, but Lorelai
switched off the water and then turned away from her daughter. She almost
felt a shiver, more from Rory's presence than any change in temperature.

She felt the sensuous touch again, as her daughter played the soap across the
woman's back. Small rivers of soap trailed down her spine and into the crack
of her butt. Lorelai had almost shuddered in front of her daughter, but was
able to maintain control until her daughter finished, bid her mother goodbye,
and left. Lorelai then locked the door, turned the shower back on and
masturbated herself to an intense orgasm.

'I'm not a lesbian, dammit! And, even if I had these feelings, Rory's my
daughter! It's just some kind of guilt over stealing her boy friend mixed
with my love for her...and the fear of losing her when and if she ever finds
out about Trey and myself.'

But if that were true, she observed, why did she see Rory's face, not Trey's,
when she masturbated on the beach and in the shower?

Lorelai shook her head and rose to her feet. It wasn't important, she
decided. This weekend she would be seeing Trey and she would be indulging him
in his wish to have anal sex. Somehow that prospect, which once terrified
her, wasn't as unsettling as what she had believed she might be feeling for
her own daughter.

With a sigh of resignation, Lorelai stepped from the room. Moved across the
landing and descended the stairs. As she did, her gaze fell upon two figures
waiting for.

One was Rory. Her smiling daughter was wearing sandals, denim cutoffs and a
sleeveless white blouse. Lorelai could see that her daughter was not wearing
a bra by the way her nipples poked against the thin fabric, but stopped short
of chastising her daughter before the presence of the other person.

"Mom, you know Krystal," Rory stated, "She came over to help me make dinner

Krystal Summer smiled. She wore a simple flowery summer dress that buttoned
in front. She gave the elder Gilmore a friendly wave.

Lorelai returned the smile and stated, "Well, I hope you girls have something
good for me to eat."

As Lorelai stepped off the stairs and walked towards the dining room, the two
young girls exchanged a knowing glance between them, a small ghost of smile
crossing Rory's face.


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