The author of Part 1 recommended that someone run with this story. I'm going
to take a run at it. Hope you enjoy it).

Gilmore Girls: Hot Night With Lorelai Part 2 (FF,MF,voy)
by Terry Webster

"Oooooooohhhhh, that's it! Harder! Lick me harder!"

Rory Gilmore reached above her head to grab the bed frame with both hands, as
her body bucked against the fingers probing her cunt and the tongue beating a
savage tattoo on her clit. Her naked body felt like it was on fire, as it
reeled and bucked on its journey to release. She could feel the tide rise in
her loins, the moment approaching with rapid intensity, when suddenly her
lover's ministrations ceased.

"NOOOOOOO!!!" Rory roared through her ragged breathing, tilting her head down
her body to gaze at her lover with a anxious expression, "I'm almost there!"

Rory's expression of displeasure quickly turned to disbelief, as she saw
the instrument her partner was about to subject her too. Her partner stroked
the tool, the unbridled lust in every movement. Rory felt every part of her
body tingle with sensations mixed with fear and sweet anticipation. The
anticipation of being taken brutally. Her eyes signaled her assent.

"Fuck me!" was all she could hiss, before the tool was placed at the entrance
of her pussy and thrust slowly forward. Rory moaned, as she could feel the
walls of her pussy stretch at the invasion. She involuntary began to buck to
take it even deeper within her, when she felt it hit the barrier.

The two lovers locked eyes, the question hanging the air for the longest
moment. Then Rory reached up with one hand and pulled her lover's lips to
her, while her other hand touched her partner's hips, digging her nails into
the naked flesh.

Her lover thrust forward quickly, breaking the maidenhood of the young girl.
The thrusts continued, as Rory broke the kiss and almost screamed at every
intrusion, a sound mixed with pain and pleasure.

"Cummmmmmmmiiiinnngggggggg!" Rory screamed, as her body convulsed.

Her partner accelerated the assault, as Rory again grabbed the bed frame and
matched the thrusts in equal savagery. The waves subsided between the lovers
and Rory's lover rolled off to lie beside her.

Rory's breath came in short desperate bursts, as her orgasm subsided. With
a look of admiration, she gazed at the body lying next to her. Her eyes
widened, as her lover reared up on all fours and the tool came into view.


Her lover smiled and remarked, "That what happens when you take a virgin.
You're a woman now."

Rory grinned, as she commented, "What a jerk I was, saving it all this time,
because my mother got pregnant at my age."

"No chance of that," The other observed, matching Rory's smile, as they
cuddled closely together, their lips closing together in a passionate kiss.

Rory reached down to her lover's hips and unfastened the straps of the belt
holding the artificial cock. She tossed the belt to the end of the bed and
rolled over atop her partner, lowering her head chest level. Rory grinned
seductively as she first took one of the woman's breast in her mouth, lapping
and sucking softly at it, then turning her attention to the other.

Looking at the blonde curled framed face of the woman beneath her, Rory
declared softly, "It's my turn now, Krystal!"

Moving down the other woman's body with licks and soft kisses, Rory made her
way to the woman's mound. Krystal spread her legs wide and prepared to
receive Rory's mouth upon her cunt.

* * *

Rory walked home with a small smile on her face, her body alive with the
feelings of love and satisfaction. She couldn't feel the night wind upon her
nor would she have cared if she had. She was happy, perhaps happier than she
had ever been in her young life.

Unfortunately, the night had ended early. Krystal's mother called to inform
them that she was coming home early with a stomachache. Even though it was
dark, Rory decided to walk home, to enjoy the electric feelings that her
relationship with Krystal had brought her. Rory and Krystal had one more
quick session, then the Gilmore girl had declined Krystal's suggestion that
she take a cab. The night, the world, life itself was just too beautiful not
to partake.

It had been three months since Rory had broken off with Trey Richards...or
was it he that broke off with her? His behavior had seemed to come from
nowhere. They had been close, very close. She remembered what a wonderful
cunt lapper he had been and her mouth still watered at the memory of the
many blowjobs she had given him. She knew that, like all boys his age, Trey
had been impatient to fuck her. In fact, in one unguarded moment, he had
let slip that he was looking forward to taking her anally. The thought had
disgusted her at the time, but, since Krystal's finger probes and tongue
lapping at her asshole during their sessions, Rory was more inclined now
than before to experiment in that direction.

Then it all changed. Rory had finally decided that Trey was the one, the man
she would give herself to, to be a part of all her life. She had been half
inclined to give herself the night she had received the desperate call from
Sarah. It had been embarrassing when her mother had informed her of the call,
just moments before she was going to tell Trey of her decision.

But their relationship was started to disintegrate the very next day. First,
Trey had begged off dates, claiming other responsibilities like studying and
football practice. The excuses quickly became transparent, but Rory was
baffled as to what crime she had committed to earn her this punishment. When
she learned he had started dating head cheerleader Marcy Bauer, she traded
angry words with him and walked away.

It had crushed her. Usually, she would turn to her mother for support, but
Lorelai Gilmore seemed to have become preoccupied. Though she consoled her
daughter as best she could, Rory could sense her parent's focus was somewhere
else. Rory never felt so alone in her life.

Then she met Krystal.

Krystal! How could she had ever known what would happen between them? She had
been a new student at school and the pair had become immediate friends before
Rory started dating Trey. Rory could sense that Krystal didn't approve of
her relationship, especially when Rory gushed in secret to her about their
lovemaking. Rory simply dismissed it as Krystal's feeling that Trey was
unworthy of her (How right she had been!). When Trey had broke off with Rory
and took up with Marcy, Krystal was there for support, the support Rory
usually needed from her mother. Since Krystal's father took frequent business
trips and her mother worked a night job, the two girls found themselves alone
in Krystal's home for long periods when Rory came to visit.

Rory sighed, remembering how it began. She was crying in her friend's arms
about her pain, her loneliness, how men were all pigs. She remembered looking
up into Krystal's face, not knowing what she needed, really needed...and then
the two girls were suddenly kissing. Not like friends, but with lips parted
and tongues dueling like two animals in heat discovering each other. The next
coherent moment Rory remembered, she was lying naked on the front room couch
with her equally nude friend's face buried between her legs, lapping and
sucking at her most private area, causing waves of pleasure that Rory had
never felt before to course through her body. Suddenly, without hesitation,
Rory manuvered Krystal's hips over her face and returned the pleasure she was
receiving, tonguing Krystal's clit mercilessly.

Lying together in after bliss of their first lovemaking, Krystal related
how she had given up on men, how she felt they were ruled only by
self-satisfaction. She had been seduced by a girl in her last school and had
come to prefer her own gender. Rory was inclined to agree, now that she had
learned the pleasures of being with a woman. Rory realized that Krystal had
been jealous of Trey, because she wanted the young Gilmore girl for herself.

As she approached her house, Rory stopped for a moment and considered her
mother. She had changed lately herself. It was kind of happiness mixed with
nervousness. Rory couldn't discern what the cause was, but Lorelai Gilmore
seemed more alive and vibrant than she had ever had the past few months. But,
when Rory questioned her about this new mood, she found her mother to be
evasive, always seeming to laugh it off or change the subject. Rory had even
been tempted to follow her, but that would take time away from being with
Krystal...and Rory had to confess to herself that Krystal was her main
preoccupation in life.

Fortunately, Lorelai had welcomed Rory's new friendship with Krystal, never
realizing how deep it had become, and always seemed happy when Rory informed
her that she was going to Krystal's for a visit or all night "study session".
Whether her mother had a secret lover (Wouldn't it be funny if it was a
woman, she laughed to herself) or not, Rory could only surmise that Lorelai
realized how much Trey's defection had hurt her daughter and seemed relieved
that Krystal's presence was helping her over the pain. If that was true, Rory
smiled to herself, her mother had no idea how right she was.

As Rory walked towards the house, she noticed the front was dark. Maybe her
mother had gone to sleep, she wondered. She quietly approached the house and,
unlocking the door, slipped in.

Immediately she could noises from the kitchen...and recognized them.

Sex. Someone was fucking in the kitchen!

As the fear that her mother might be being raped enveloped her, Rory moved
quickly and quietly towards the kitchen, but stopped short, when she heard
her mother's voice.




Rory moved in the shadows of the darkened front room to a point where she
could see into the kitchen without being seen from the darkness. Her eyes
widened in shock and she had to muffle a cry from her lips.

Trey Richards lay naked on the kitchen floor. His glistening muscular body
was bucking upwards in a rhythm of savage thrusts. Above him, his cock buried
deep in her cunt, was the sweat covered body of Lorelai Gilmore, her large
breasts bouncing in sync with Trey's assault. Her face was twisted in lust,
as she looked down at her lover beneath.

"Fuck me, Trey! Fuck your whore!"

"God, I love your pussy!" Trey grunted, accelerating his actions, "I love
your slut pussy!"

"Shut up and fuck me! Harder! DAMMIT, HARDER! GOD, I LOVE YOUR COCK!"

"You insatiable bitch!"

Rory felt like her world had collapsed, as she sank to the floor in one
silent motion. Her mother was fucking her one-time true love, the boy she was
going to give her virginity up to. No wonder her mother was so happy...and so
compliant every time Rory was out of the house.

Her mother's moans brought her back to the scene. The sex before her was
intense, the smell permeating the rooms. Rory's anger and shock seemed to
be melting at the sight. She had never seen two people fuck, especially so
intensely, and that one was her boy friend and the other her mother, the
two people she believed she had loved most in the world, made it all the
more unreal.

Rory seemed mesmerized by the vision before her. The pair were like animals
rutting, but it was her mother, not Trey, that seemed to have the most
energy. She bounced again and again, her cunt lips never seeming to give up
its lock on the organ within. With her newfound appreciation of women, Rory
found herself staring more at Lorelai than Trey. Her mother's body was
beautiful, desirable, ...the graceful throat, the lovely breasts, and the
wanton look contorting her features. As she mercilessly fucked the boy
beneath her, the elder Gilmore's acts seemed to send electric shocks through
the young girl's body. Rory suddenly found her fingers in her panties,
rubbing hard against the nub of her clit, never taking her eyes from
Lorelai's form. She realized that her breathing was matching her mother's
ragged rhythm and fought to stay silent.

Rory closed her eyes and imagined herself in Trey's place, thrusting a
strap-on dildo deep into her mother's cunt, reaching up to squeeze her
glistening breasts, and looking up at Lorelai's lustful grimace, the words
escaping from her mother's ragged voice, "Fuck me! Fuck your whore!"

"Yes, you bitch!" Rory imagined herself answering, "Take it all, you slut!
Now! NOW!"

"I'm CUMMING!!!"

Lorelai's declaration startled Rory back to reality, as her eyes snapped open
to see her mother buck in the throes of the biggest orgasm the girl had ever
witnessed. Trey tried to grasp her hips tightly, the woman's body bucking in
his grasp, as he blasted wave and wave of sperm deep into her lover's

Lorelai pulled herself from Trey's grasp and leaned down, taking the spewing
cock into her mouth. The white fluid filled her mouth, as she eagerly tried
to swallow each spurt again and again. Lorelai then pulled the cock from her
mouth and smiled as the gobs of cum splattered on her face and hair.

Rory had to muffle a cry from a small orgasm of her own, as the arousal of
the lewd sight of her mother wallowing in cum brought her quickly to release.
She lay back, watching her mother snatch a towel from the kitchen table and,
slowly, seductively, wiped the man juice from her face.

Lorelai grinned, as she gave the towel a few long licks, then tossed it
aside. The sweat covered Gilmore slid down upon Trey's athletic body, a
satisfied smile on her weary face. She placed a finger against his lips,
then kissed him deeply, their tongues probing against each other.

This act of intimacy brought Rory back to the reality of their betrayal. She
moved her wet fingers back from her panties and pondered her next move, as
the heat of rage rose in her chest.

Should she confront them now or later?

Rory decided. She grasped a chair handle and silently rose to her feet. She
stared down at the naked pair on the floor, her heart still beating rapidly
at the sight of her mother's naked form displayed before her, the droplets
of cum running down the elder Gilmore's hair.

"Goddamn Bitch!" Her mind cried, "FUCKING SLUT!"

Rory took a wavering step towards the kitchen, when their words stopped her.

"I knew you were going to want to do it in the kitchen." Trey remarked.

"This is where it started," Lorelai replied with a grin, "It's our three
month anniversary, darling...and I wanted to do it where it all started."

"Good thing Rory left that night to help her friend, Sarah," Trey commented,
"Or you wouldn't have had the chance to rape me!"

Rory's heart sank. She remembered that night...the night she went to help a
friend, to do the right thing, as she had been raised to do. She had left her
boy friend alone in her house to be taken by her mother.. HER OWN LOVING

"I seduced you!" Lorelai retorted defensively.

"It was rape, lady!" Trey laughed, "Yanking my cock out, giving me a blow
job, then shoving me on the floor and riding me again and again!"

"And again.. and again...and again!" Lorelai smiled at the memory.

Rory stepped silently backwards in the blackness, her mind imaging the scene.
It wasn't hard, since she had stumbled upon a reenactment displayed before
her eyes! She could feel the tears welling within her, but she desperately
fought to remain in control, silent and unseen.

"I guess it was rape," Lorelai laughed, " Do you mind?"

"We've been at it for three months", Trey grinned, "You haven't heard any
complaints from me, have you, baby?"


"Well then, when are we going to...?"

Rory's eyes widened, as she watched Trey lowered his left hand against
Lorelai's butt and rubbed his middle finger against her rectum.

Lorelai stiffened, then rolled off him.

"No," She said, almost snapping,, "I'm not ready for that!"

Trey rose to a sitting position, his eyes seeming to implore her.

"But you'll love it, believe me."

"Maybe later...Okay?"

Trey let his eyes roam over the woman's naked body and nodded. He then
grinned, an expression Lorelai returned.

"Time for a shower!" She stated with a laugh, rising to her feet, "Rory will
be home in a few hours. I have places to clean up before she does."

She helped Trey to her feet and the pair moved through the darkened living
room to the stairs. As they ascended, neither noticed Rory in the darkness,
her face a mask of silent fury. When both disappeared upstairs, she stepped
to the staircase. The younger Gilmore could hear their laughter occasionally
arising above the sound of the shower.

Rory's face darkened and she strode to the front door, slipping out as
quietly as she had entered.



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