Gilmore Girls: Hot Night With Lorelai Part 1 (M/f,M/F,oral)
by Writer22

"" Rory moans as her boyfriend eats
her pink pussy with great passion.

" gonna let your mom know wat we doin...keep it down.."
Trevor, a young man of 22, tells his girlfriend in between tongueing her

"Trey..don't stop..oooh...i'm cumming..oooh..yess....yess....mmmffff" Rory
covers her mouth with a pillow in a desperate attempt to muffle her ecstatic
cries. Little does she know her mother, Lorelai, had been eavesdropping all
this while and was turned on by what she heard beyond the wooden door.

Suddenly the phone rings. Lorelai hurriedly picks it up. It was for Rory. It
was Rory's best friend, Sally. She sounded very distraught. Lorelai hesitated
to enter her daughter's room at first as she heard the moans getting louder.
She knocked.

"Rory, its Sally. She needs to talk to you badly." It took a lot for the
young attractive single mother to interrupt her daughter's night of passion
but she had no choice. It seemed an eternity before Rory came out looking
really flushed.

"Thanks Mom," said Rory as she took the receiver from Lorelai. As Rory went
downstairs, Lorelai took the opportunity to take a peep at her daughter's

The door was ajar so Lorelai looked through the gap. There he was, all tanned
and muscular. Trey Kincaid was the school star running back. He was a jock
but definitely did not act like most of his jock friends. He was humble and
polite. A boyishly handsome face complements his pleasant nature. Which was
why Rory and Lorelai was attracted to him. Of course,Rory didn't realised
that her mother had been attracted to Trey since he came over five months
ago. Having satisfied herself with what she saw, Lorelai quickly walked away
just as Trey put on his T-shirt and walked out of Rory's room.

* * *

In the kitchen, Rory was trying to console her best friend Sally. She had
just broken up with her boyfriend and was devastated.

"Ok..Sally. I'm coming over. Hang in there." Rory hangs up and quickly told
her mom about her best friend's plight.

"I'm staying over by the looks of things. I'll be back tomorrow" Just then,
Trey enters the kitchen. Rory approaches him.

"Baby..I'm sorry. But Sally needs me. I'll make it up to you, I promise."
Rory looks at her boyfriend with puppy dog eyes and plants a kiss on his
cheek. With that, Rory leaves the house. Now, it was only Lorelai and Trevor.

"Well, Ms. Gilmore..I'd better get goin.."said Trey.

"Wait..I need to talk to you." Lorelai holds his muscular arm and asks him
to sit down.

"What about?" Trey asked.

"What were you both doing upstairs just now? I heard Rory moaning." Lorelai
asked, pretending to be angry.

Trey seemed surprised but calmly replied, "I'll be honest with you. We were
petting..heavily. That's all. I swear."

"Really?! I heard her moaning. Tell me wat did you do to her." Lorelai asked

"Well,I..I ate her out. I'm sorry, Ms. Gilmore." Trey answered rather

"I see. And did she return the favour?" Lorelai questioned.

"Excuse me?!" Trey was shocked.

"Well..did she suck your cock?" Lorelai asked nonchalantly.

"She was about to..till Sally called. Look..I don't think we should talk
about this. I'd better go." Trey was gettin very uneasy. What happened next
was something which Trey had never dreamed of happening. Lorelai grabbed his
crotch and started to kiss him passionately. Trey was helpless and tried to
stop Lorelai but he was turned on by the dark haired lady who was exploring
his mouth with her tongue.

Lorelai pushed Trey down onto the kitchen floor and said, "Now let me give
you what Rory couldn't." With that, Lorelai unzipped Trey's pants and started
to stroke his throbbing cock. Soon, his swollen member was being licked,
tongued and deep throated by his girlfriend's mother.

"ooh..argh..ooh..oh, Ms. Gilmore," Trey grabbed Lorelai's head and moved it
back and forth.

Suddenly, Lorelai stopped sucking and started to strip. Trey watched in awe
as the 32-year old dark-haired beauty stripped before him. Her breasts were
full and her pink nipples were erected. Trey couldn't help but notice her
shaven wet pussy. Without warning, Trey, who himself was already naked, knelt
and started to lick Lorelai's pussy.

" was"
Lorelai was gasping as the young man licked and tongued her clit. The both of
them were very aroused and it wasn't long before Lorelai was riding Trey
right on the kitchen floor.

"ooh..ooh..ooh...ooh...ugh..oh..yes..oh are soo..good." Lorelai
moaned as Trey thrusted hard and fast.

"I'm cumming..ooh..I'm cumming....argh..yess...yess!" Lorelai screamed as she
came together with her young lover. Trey made her cum three more times before
they were both completely exhausted and they lay on the kitchen floor.

"Trey..that was great. You were magnificient." said Lorelai as she ran her
fingers on his muscular chest.

Trey smiled to acknowledge the compliment and kissed Lorelai on her lips.
"So were hope that wouldnt be our last."

"No. Its not. But I just don't want to hurt Rory. She mustn't know." Lorelai

"Dont worry. She'll never know. Ok?" Trey reassures Lorelai and kisses her
again. "But now, I have to go. Its late."

Lorelai nods as she prepares to part with her young lover. They shared a long
passionate kiss before Trey left the Gilmore household. Lorelai smiled at the
thought of the long nights of passion which was about to come.
_ _ _

If anyone out there wishes to expand this story, please go ahead. I would
appreciate it.


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