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Gilmore Girls: Gilmore Girlfriends Part 5 (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

When I opened my eyes for a brief moment I felt a terrifying rush of confusion. Not at Mom lying naked beside me, that's pretty usual; but that I wasn't in either my room or hers. Then I remembered and smiled, Mom had booked us a cabin for a few days vacation. I looked at her, she was asleep, the covers down just enough for me to see the top of her alluring breasts and her face - beautiful and unmarked by day to day worries. My heart beat faster as I looked at her, I loved her so much. It seemed just so right that at that moment tiny shaft of sunlight seeped through the wooden slat on the window and played across her forehead, it gave her a golden look.

"Mmmn" Mom opened her mouth and closed it again, pulling the covers closer to her and turning over to avoid the sun as the rays played down her face to shine into her eyes. For a moment I thought she was going to wake, but she made a small chewing noise, so sweet, and snuggled deeper into the bed.

Carefully, so as not to wake sleeping beauty, I got out of bed. I padded across the smooth wooden boards to our cases; they were still unpacked. I opened mine and pulled out a long shirt. It dangled halfway down my thighs, but as I left it unbuttoned it warmed rather than concealed. Not, I decided as I walked from the bedroom into the main part of cabin, that I need too much protection from the elements. The sun was already up and I could tell it was going to be one of those perfect days you read about it books. The temperature just right, enough of a breeze that it wasn't stuffy, but not enough to chill and without a cloud to spoil the deep blue of the sky.

I poured some orange juice and drank it as I looked out the window. There was a lake shimmering in the sun about a dozen yards away. A mile or so across the water I could see other cabins, but they were too distant for me to see any details. I smiled, that meant they wouldn't be able to see me either, an early morning skinny-dip seemed a good idea - it would freshen me up and then I'd spoil Mom by making her breakfast.

I slipped into the bedroom, Mom was still asleep, and picked up a towel. I headed outside and placed the towel on a seat, before draping my shirt next to it. The sun was warm against my skin as I walked over the tarmac of the drive and the small sandy beach that separated the cabin from the lake. The shore fell away sharply and I only had to go out a few yards before it was deep enough to swim. I steeled myself for a second and dived forward, the water was biting, but that only made it better as I powered forward. And even the sharpness of the cold was only temporary as I quickly got used to it and warmed myself up with exercise.

Diving under water I touched the bottom, my palms against the floor and I twisted under the water so my legs went straight out of water into the sun. I retained my handstand for a moment, blowing bubbles out my mouth, before I span again and exploded out of the water.

"Show off," said Mom. I blushed and blinked the water from my eyes, treading water, as Mom grinned at me. She was standing on the edge of the lake holding two cups. Apart from her smile the only thing she was wearing was a piece of underwear so small it was just above being called a thong. She waved the cup at me, "I've made coffee."

"I was going to make you breakfast," I tried not to sound aggrieved. It was just my luck that the one time I decided to treat Mom was the same morning she was up with the larks.

"Sure you were," laughed Mom, teasingly, "That's why you're in the lake."

I blushed, I really had wanted to do something special for Mom to say thank you and show her how much I appreciated her. Still, it was no good bemoaning lost opportunities, there was a lesson not to put things off as you may find your plans overtaken. I put my feet down, it was shallow enough to stand and I slowly waded out of the lake, its coolness being replaced by the warmth of the sun. I noticed Mom looking at me appreciatively and as I got nearer she whistled, "Who needs waffles?"

I blushed and walked over to get my towel. Mom followed me with the coffee, I knew her eyes were looking at my butt and I couldn't resist giving it a quick shake, before bending over slowly to take my towel. Mom leant against the veranda rail, placing one of the coffees on its wide top, whilst sipping the other. I began to slowly dry myself, as the topless Milf in front of me looked at me and licked her lips. I smiled as I ran the towel over my body, I found Mom's body as alluring as she found mine. I finished drying myself and draped the towel over my shoulder, allowing it to cover one of my tits whilst leaving the other one uncovered for Mom's visual gratification. I picked up the coffee, it was already starting to cool so I drank it quickly, before putting down the empty cup. I asked, "Have you any plans for today?"

"Plenty," grinned Mom and pulled me close. I giggled as her hand moved down my back and our tits touched. She kissed me slowly and seductively on the lips, "And as they all involve you I better check if you've got any plans yourself."

I put on a fake expression like I was thinking. Mom laughed and squeezed my naked butt, I dropped my mock quizzical look and smiled back, "Well I was thinking about this hot brunette I've met, I may see if she wants some fun later."

"Good," Mom leant forward and kissed me again. She squeezed my butt, "Now as you missed making me breakfast how about snacking on a tasty dish of Mom pussy."

"I can feel my stomach rumbling with hunger," I licked my lips.

Mom leant against the veranda rail, sliding apart her legs as she placed her hands on my shoulders. I slid down her body running my tongue down her cleavage, chest and midriff. Her hands gently pushed me, encouraging me to go down to the target, whilst I equally gently resisted teasing her belly-button with my tongue. Mom giggled, "Rory, you're a naughty tease."

"I am not," I grinned so wide, that Mom knew I knew that I was lying. It was only a white one, so she let me get away with nothing more than a gentle squeeze against my shoulder blades and renewed pressure to get me down. This time I let her, I dropped to my haunches and looked at the beautiful slit, just inches from my mouth. It was smooth, with a small hint of pink visible between two small lips; a sensual aroma wafted from it, a smell of excitement and lust. The lips quivered like leaves in the wind as Mom shook with anticipation. I looked up at her and purred, "I'm so hungry."

"Oh yes," moaned Mom, even though I hadn't touched her yet. I dabbed out my tongue for just the briefest touch. Mom shivered and squeaked like I'd slammed an entire dildo up there. I giggled as she squeezed at me harder, her fingers nipping both painfully and lovingly at my shoulder blades. She breathed heavily, "Go on Rory, eat Mommy's slit, eat it up."

Again I ran my tongue out and again I teased, slipping it briefly over Mom's slit, but not going in. Mom groaned and squeezed my shoulders harder, "Rory..." she said in warning.

To emphasise she let go off my right shoulder and placed her hand on the back of my head. Gently she guided it towards her slit. This time I didn't resist, it's fun to tease, but I knew how far to go before Mom started to get frustrated. I opened my mouth and moved my hands to her pelvis. Pulling apart the cunt lips I pushed my mouth between them, my tongue flicking out and pushing even deeper in. I could feel Mom's body quaking, "Mmmmn, Rory, Rory, Rory."

Her hand stroked my hair at the same time as it kept me in place. I darted my tongue round her wet hole, licking at the cum as it was secreted from her. I slammed away, pushing the warm pussy wall in dozens of direction as I explored her slit, like it was some forbidden jungle temple. I could feel Mom's excitement as she shook and taste her pleasure as she secreted girl juice. My face was buried so close to her slit that as I licked drops of girl cum hit it, dissolving against my warm skin. I slammed harder and deeper, hitting the spot with skills honed by plenty of practice.

"Oh, oh, oh, eat me out, Rory, eat Mom's pussy all out," Mom shrieked so loudly that the birds in the trees scattered in panic. Both her hands pressed on the back of my head, forcing it my face deep into her. She was on the edge and I intended tipping her over. I hit the clit harder and harder, licking so fast my tongue began to numb. Mom's shrieks and squeals got even louder; the last remaining wildlife ran terrified of the screaming banshee. I rammed my tongue down, feeling the girl juice fizz against my tongue like popping candy. Mom screamed, "Rorrrrrryyyyy!"

I jerked my head back as my pay-off shot out Mom's slit. Cum and lots of it coated my face, before dripping down my front and onto my thighs. I stuck out my tongue again, this time to lick at the juice covering my face. I only got a small amount of it, but even that was enough to sate me with its sweetness. I took my towel off my shoulder and was about to dry the remainder off when Mom put a hand on mine and smiled, "Let it dry naturally. It's good for the skin."

* * *

"Rory," said Mom dryly, "Are you sure those shorts aren't too tight?"

I waggled my ass seductively, clad as it was in a pair of hot-pants that clung to my butt cheeks like a limpet on a rock, Mom did have a point. Though I suspected she wouldn't thank me if I changed. I twisted my head round to look at Mom, clad in a pair of shorts not much larger than mine and small vest against which her bra-free tits bulged.

"I don't want to get too hot..." I purred with the seductiveness of Delilah as I bent and picked up the small rucksack. I paused allowing Mom to get a good view of the thin material riding up my ass crack, before straightening and adding, "...too early."

I could see that Mom was heating up and the thought of a hot Mom made my pussy tingle with excitement. I tried to force down the lustful feelings coursing through me, at least for a short while. It had been my idea as we were in a nice scenic spot, we should go for a bit of a stroll. I think Mom would have been happy lying by the lake on a towel, whilst I cavorted around in my bikini. However, once she saw the teensy shorts I was planning to wear and the crop top that hardly covered anything, she was almost persuaded. I clinched the deal by my suggestion that I could perhaps bring along a few things for when we found a place for her to admire a view.

"Come on then" said Mom and took my hand, "Otherwise it'll be midnight by the time we set out."

As it was only just after lunch, this seemed to me to be unlikely, but as she squeezed my ass just after she spoke, my only reply was a little squeak.

It was pretty romantic walking through the woods with Mom, not saying much of consequence and just enjoying each other's company. There were enough trees to give us shade, but not so many that it became gloomy and the way the light would slant through the leaves made the foliage on the ground shine like something out of a fairy tale. Above us a few birds twittered their songs, cawing gently to each other, as below small mammals skittered away as we approached. After about ten minutes I could hear the burbling of a stream, another couple of minutes and we reached it.

It looked beautiful, rushing down the hill into the lake below. The pebbles and rocks at the bottom of the stream gave off a kaleidoscope of colours as the sun shone down on them. Above us a couple of trees gave shade to a small patch of grass undisturbed by roots, branches or bushes. I stopped and looked at Mom, "This looks nice, let's stop here."

"Mmmnnn," Mom agreed, her hand reached down to my buttocks to remind me of what we would be doing in a few moments, "Very pretty."

Giggling I freed myself from Mom's grasp and opened the rucksack. First thing out was a rug, which I spread on the ground and gestured to Mom to make herself comfortable. Next thing out was Mom's camera, we had paid for this trip with Mom selling some snaps of me to a porn mag and well if she took a few more it could top up my college fund.

Mom was obviously thinking the same thing as she raised the camera and said, "Show us some tit, Rory."

I pulled up my top and held it up as Mom took a couple of snaps. Shifting position I sat on one of the boulders beside the stream and lifted it again, wobbling my titties at Mom for an action shot. Mom laughed as she clicked, "Very nice."

"Even nicer?" I asked cheekily as I pulled the top over my head and posed with my arms still in the holes, so that it looked like I was stuck.

Mom caught my top as I threw it to her and dropped it into my rucksack sitting beside her before replying, "You know me, I'm more an ass and pussy girl."

"Well, you'll like this," I responded and slid my shorts down to my knees. Leaning against the rock I blew a kiss at Mom as I lightly touched my slit.

"You know I do, Rory," Mom laughed as she took a few more pictures. I pulled the shorts off and turned round. Leaning forward on the boulder I put my hands on my cheeks and pulled apart the cheeks. I could hear Mom's breathing even from six yards away and it got louder as I turned my head to pout at the camera. Mom snapped a couple more pictures, before wiping her brow off the beads of sweat which had suddenly appeared and putting down the camera; "A few for the album I think."

I skipped over to the rucksack, "You may want to keep some space on the camera, I've brought more."

"Sounds interesting," Mom grinned and leant back on her hands as I rustled in the rucksack. A few moments later I reappeared with my anal beads. Mom's smile got wider as I licked the toy seductively before sitting down on the edge of the rug. She picked up the camera again, "And it looks interesting as well."

I rolled onto my back and pulled my legs back as far as they could go. With one arm under my knees to stop my legs falling down, I took the beads in the other and started to feed them up my ass. They felt good in the tight hole, the balls rubbing at my nerve endings and over my anal G-spot as I forced it up. Mom put down the camera, as the lens seemed to be steaming up and concentrated on watching me. I gave a delectable, little moan as I slid the last of the beads in, leaving only the ring outside, "Pull it out, Mom, pull the nasty beads out of my botty..."

Mom placed her hand on my pussy, rubbing the lips between her middle finger and thumb. She smiled at me, "Perhaps I should leave them in, as a lesson not to put things up that cute butt..." she paused as I tried to stop myself frowning. Mom's loves sticking her strap-on up my ass, so I couldn't work out why she suddenly wanted to punish me for doing the same. Not that wandering around with anal beads stuck up my ass was much of a punishment. However, Mom smiled and it became clear, "Because sticking toys in that hole is Mom's job."

Luckily Mom is forgiving of my mistakes as just as I was wondering what my next move should be her arm moved like a rattlesnake. I squealed as the balls rushed down my ass, banging and bouncing against my walls and sending explosive waves of pleasure rushing through me. I lay back on my elbows and let out a breath, "I'm a naughty girl, you may need to spank me."

"I'm sure I will," grinned Mom as she dangled the beads from her finger, "but as I said sticking things in your butt is my job and I'd hate you to grow up thinking I'm a slacker."

I gave a giggle as she bent over and began to thread the beads up my butt again. As she slid them in with one hand her other gently played with my pussy, rubbing the outside, before sliding in a finger to swish round the wet hole. I moaned as her finger touched my clit, but she didn't stay. Not that I complained too much, the beads in my ass were doing their work in stimulating the G-spot and the flushes of warm pleasure were coasting up my body. Mom grinned as the last of the beads slid in, "Now that's better," she said, "Let's see what else you've brought?"

She turned to the rucksack, leaving the beads so tightly in me that the slightest movement of my body made them vibrate and move within my back chute. I squealed as I rocked back and forth. Mom laughed and put out a hand to still me, "Not so fast Rory, no cumming on your own."

"Mom," I whined and then grinned quickly to show her I wasn't serious.

"A paddle," Mom held up the spanking paddle I'd brought, "Well let's see how naughty you've been?"

"Very bad," I confirmed. I gave a nodded to emphasise how naughty I'd been before repeating myself, "Very, very, very bad."

"Mmmmnnn, well you will need to be punished" agreed Mom. She brought out the vibrator and flicked the switch experimentally. It began to buzz loudly and turn. Mom smiled wickedly, "But before pain comes pleasure..."

I squealed as Mom touched my pussy with the toy. The vibration ran through me and straight up the anal beads. They began to move like they were dancing the can-can in my butt, bouncing and kicking at my sensitive wall and ass's erogenous zones. As Mom dipped the tip of the toy in me the dancing became more intense, the beads slamming around like they were at the front row of a rock gig.

"Rory, you look like you're a bit horny," Mom slid the vibrator further into my wet pussy and the balls began to resemble a mosh pit in the heaviest metal concert ever. I gasped as the orgasms hit me so fast that I couldn't tell when one stopped and the next started. Or even if they did end and begin, it may have just been one big never-ending orgasm. And then Mom slid the vibrator in fully. I can't describe what the beads started to do to my ass. The vibrator on its own was making me cum like a porn star on film, but adding in the anal beads....

"Aaaarrrghhh, ooooohhhh, stopppp!!! This.... Don't stop... I was joking, " I gabbled. And then I began to scream loudly as my body slipped into one continual orgasm. The bouncing balls were making my ass so sensitive a feather slipped up there would have made me explode like an atomic bomb. So Mom pulling out the balls at speed was more like a couple of Galaxies colliding in an interstellar collision, "Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh."

Any remaining wildlife in the neighbourhood fled like the forest was burning as hot as my butt.

"There's the pleasure," grinned Mom and she pulled the toy out of my soaking pussy and switched it off, "Now we need to decide if you've been naughty enough to go over my knee."

I was sure I had, but just in case Mom was being forgetful I decided to list my latest misdemeanours, "Um, confession time Mom. I didn't make you breakfast, I didn't put on any underwear, I stuffed a toy up my butt without asking," I paused thinking of some fake mistakes when a real one suddenly came to mind. The strap-on, which I had intended to bring was still sitting on the cabin's table. Without thinking I added, "Shit, I forgot the toy."

It was louder than I meant to speak and Mom, who's used to my sexy talk, raised an eyebrow, "Rory, you weren't brought up to speak like that."

I blushed, "Sorry Mom."

The Milf grinned, "Well Rory, I can forgive you for not making breakfast, and the anal beads. And anyone can forget to put on panties I've done it myself. But bad language, well, if I don't take a firm hand now soon you'll be cursing like a navvy."

I nodded, I was already tingling in excitement. I love whatever Mom does, but I admit I often get a special turn on when she's masterful, if only because once my butt has recovered Mom's been known to treat it in another way. I watched as she picked up the paddle and placed it on a flat rock. She sat down and patted her thighs, smirking "Over here young lady."

I happily gambolled over. My naked body was warm in the heat and little trickles of sweat slid down my skin. I put my hands behind my back and stood as innocently as you could when the only thing you're wearing are some hiking socks.

"Over my knee," said Mom. I quickly assumed the position and waited to see whether she told me what she was going to do or let it come as a surprise. Her hand stroked my butt, her touch was tender, but firm and when she spoke her tone was dominant, "I'm going to spank you with my hand first. We'll see how that goes, but Rory I have to warn you I think it's likely I'll have to paddle you..."

"Yes Mom," I said meekly, though it was hard not to whoop with excitement.

"Count them out," said Mom sternly.

"One," I said; too quick of the mark because there was a pause before Mom's palm swept down and cracked onto my butt. It sounded like a gunshot and a nosey bird above us fled for cover.

"Two," I shrieked as Mom's hand came down again, "Three, four."

Faster and faster Mom spanked me. Her palm left red prints over my cheeks as she slammed down with wild excitement. I feel her body quiver with excitement with each blow, my midriff pushing against her pussy. I was sure under her shorts it was dampening with lust, certainly her fast and ragged breathing suggested that she was finding tanning my ass a turn on. Not that I minded, her firm slaps were both masterful and sexually satisfying. My naked slit tingled with excitement as my buttock tingled with pain, "Thirty-eight, thirty-nine."

Slap, slap, slap.

Again and again Mom's hand slammed onto my ass; I'm not a big assed girl, but my cheeks were still wobbling with each strike. There was an artistry the way Mom was leaving barely an inch of skin unharmed, my entire backside was stinging like antiseptic poured in a cut; I imagined if I had a mirror I'd have been both appalled and excited at how red it was. "Fifty-six, fifty-seven."

I was about to squeak out fifty-eight, it was on the tip of my mouth awaiting for the next blow. But it didn't come. Instead Mom rested her spanking hand on the small of my back. It was warm and I remembered how much a good smacking takes out of the spanker, I made a resolution that next time to pack some talcum for Mom's hands. I waited patiently for her to recover.

"Ohhh!" I suddenly gasped as a finger from her none-spanking hand invaded my slit.

"Something the matter, Rory?" asked Mom like she was as innocent of any sexy naughtiness as the Virgin Mary.

"N...nothing," I giggled as Mom's digit began to move round my sopping slot. I gave another little moan of pleasure as she touched my clit. She tickled it lightly with the tip of her finger, before running her nail into it and sending little flashes of pain to intermix with the pleasure. It was a relaxing interlude, which lasted just enough time for my pussy hot up again and for Mom to wet her finger.

As quickly as it had gone in she withdrew her digit. I heard her suck it clean, before placing her hand on the top of my thigh keeping me in place. Mom said, "I think its paddling time now."

I grinned, before resuming my meek and sorrowful persona, "You want me to count them out?"

"Of course," replied Mom, before adding with flawless logic, "How else will you learn not to be bad?"

"One," I gave a screaming yowl as the paddle slapped onto my buttocks. It stung, more, much more than just the hand and if the crack of Mom's palm had sounded like a pistol shot, this sounded more like a bazooka. I squealed again, "Two, yowww!!!! Three, aaaiiieee!!!"

My body shuddered under the rain of blows, my hands clenched and hammered against the rock, whilst my legs bounced around like I was running against the air. Only Mom's firm grip kept me in place. "Seventeen! Aaaarrghhhteen! Nineteen! Ouch!"

Snap, snap, snap.

"Twenty-nine! Aaarrghhh. Thirty! Youch!" I yell out so loud that I could feel my vocal chords stretching with the effort. Tears were in my eyes and I was screaming so much that I had barely time to breath, so that soon breathlessness was adding to my discomfort. Mom didn't pause or make any concessions, ramming down the paddle with her full strength so that I couldn't complain that I wasn't being disciplined, "Forty-faaaaarggghhh, forty-five, yaaiiieee!"

As suddenly as she'd begun Mom stopped. She helped me to my feet and whilst her voice was stern, her face was smiling, "Let that be a lesson, Rory."

We both knew it wouldn't be a lesson at all. Still, for the moment, my ass was well battered. I moved my hand round to touch the cheeks, it had been spanked so thoroughly I almost heard a sizzling sound as my finger grazed my skin. I pulled a face; "Ouch, it hurts."

Mom grinned, "If you're good I'll treat it tonight."

I grinned back. I could hardly wait.

* * *

Luckily my butt recovered from its thrashing quickly as that night rather than cook Mom took me to the local town for a romantic meal. It's not like we don't go out when we're at home, the pizza place knows us by name and I'm sure that the local Chinese restaurant is deliberately mispronouncing our names in a misplaced attempt to appear mysterious and exotic. But as we're known as Mom and daughter we can't go out as a couple. Here we could, and if a few of the locals or other vacationers glanced at the Milf and teen in the corner, well we're in Connecticut, not Louisiana - no-one bothered us.

I loved it, sitting close in a little booth, with Mom's face lit by a flickering candle and the quite strains of Bach playing seductively in the background. I could reach out and hold her hand between courses and nibble from her fork during them, whilst continually rubbing my feet up and down her thighs. It was heaven.

It was near eleven when we got into the car for the twenty minute drive back to the cabin. We quickly left the town and soon the only light was our headlights and the moon and stars above. After a few minutes the lake came into view, through the trees that shielded it, its placid waters seemed to have a silvery glow. It looked beautiful. Mom agreed as she flicked the indicator as we approached a small side track, "Let's take a closer look."

We bumped down the track, which from the scattered leaves and branches covering it wasn't used much even in daytime. It led direct to the lake and Mom stopped the car as we approached. I got out and walked closer to the water, I could hear the gentle swish of the tide sweeping onto the small sandy beach. I took off my high-heels and walked down, allowing the sand to scrunch between my toes and standing just inches from where the waves rolled. Mom stood beside me and slid her arms round my waist, her head rested on my shoulder. She gave me a small kiss on the cheek, "Almost as beautiful as you Rory."

I blushed, "Mom..."

"Can't I compliment my daughter?" Mom teased, squeezing my stomach tighter. Her teeth lightly bit down to nibble sensually on my ear lobe.

"Well..." I giggled, "I suppose."

"Good," murmured Mom in my ear, as her hands slid up my waist and inwards until they rested on my bosom, "because I was also going to say you've the nicest tits in the state."

"Yours are pretty good as well," I shot back.

"Mmmnnn," Mom murmured, ignoring my comment, "Let me have a feel of Rory titties."

She slid her hands down the top of my dress, and gripped my firm pair of tits. I pulled the dress down, so my tits popped over it, to give Mom more room to play. I groaned and pressed down back against her as she squeezed hard. Even as she fondled me Mom had moved her lips down and was lightly pressing them against the back of my neck in a series of kisses. I moaned, "That's good."

"As I said the loveliest pair in Connecticut," Mom said. She kicked of her shoes as well and I could feel her moving the insole of one her feet up the back and side of my calf. The touch was sensual, making me heat up with desire. My temperature shot up a few more degrees as Mom moved a hand to my back and slid it under my dress, running her palm lightly over my ass. She gave a little moan of excitement; I knew where she was coming from, before murmuring, "And I have to mention how cute this butt is."

I tittered as she felt me up, her hand sliding down my butt parting and over my hole. I could feel warm breath on my back as she continued to move her hand down and round, until it was sliding over my slit. I groaned, allowing myself to fall back against her. With her hand still on my tit Mom gave me a loving squeeze, "You are so damned hot," she whispered into my ear.

"Only for you," I murmured back softly. Mom's hand slid back to my ass, which she massaged with loving care and attention. I was getting so turned on, that I was shaking against Mom and struggling to control the warm itches burning in my pussy. I moaned again, lowering a hand under my dress to touch myself, "And I'm so hot for you now."

"Really?" giggled Mom in a tone that suggested that she didn't need any confirmation. She extended a finger and slid it between my butt-cheeks. For a brief moment it rested on the hole. I stretched and moaned in excitement as Mom started to push it in. I could feel my chute widening as Mom slid down. She stopped as the knuckle past my entrance and twisted the digit round.

"Oh," I yelped in excitement and rubbed my pussy some more. My hand came away wet with my cum, I looked at it for a second before putting it over my shoulder, giggling "Want to lick?"

Mom's tongue made my palm wetter and warmer as she licked my juice away. She wiggled her finger some more and I gave a further squeak of pleasure. Mom moved her lips closer to my ear and murmured, "Want something bigger up your butt?"

That was like asking Elvis whether he wanted a hamburger. I nodded eagerly, "I want my ass stretched," I said, pausing before adding, "What you got for me?"

"Well," laughed Mom as I turned round to look at her, "I didn't forget the strap-on and leave it back at the ranch."

"You're not going to let me forget that are you?" I replied blushing at this morning's stupid mistake.

Mom grinned and shook her head, "No."

I smiled back and hoisted my dress over my head; it wasn't one that you wore with a bra. A slight breeze rippled across the lake; it was refreshing and my dress ruffled as I held it out for Mom. She took it and placed it in the back-seat. I pulled down my panties and gave them to her as well. They too were placed on the back seat. I knelt in the sand, feeling my body sink into the soft grains. In front of me the lake glowed as if the angels above had designed it to be as romantic as possible. I twisted my head, to see Mom tightening the strap-on. She was still wearing her dress, the hem balancing over the cock. I wiggled my ass at her impatiently, "I want that big cock..."

Mom stepped forward and gave my butt a light tap, "I want doesn't get," she teased.

I gave a growl of sexual excitement and Mom grinned. She pulled off her dress, like me she hadn't bothered with a bra. She dropped the dress to the floor and dropped to her knees behind me. Her hands slid over my cheeks, lightly rubbing at them, before pulling them apart so that she could see my fingered-open hole. She laughed, "You've a fine butt, baby."

I giggled, either at her compliment or because she leant down to kiss at my open hole, "It's better with something in it."

Mom's tongue ran over the hole and dipped briefly down before she brought her head up again and laughed, "Okay, Rory I get the hint. Cute butt meet large cock."

She started to feed the dildo in. Despite her claims it wasn't a large one, at least for us, being about nine-inches, which I'd class more as medium - though it may be with Mom often using ten, eleven and twelve-inchers on me I'm getting way to spoilt. Still, as my butt hadn't had more than a finger in it since the anal beads way earlier, there was a moment's feeling of discomfort as my hole squeaked in protest and tried to resist the anal invader. Luckily it didn't succeed -Mom forced the cock deep into my butt, pushing the rubber hard against the walls and my anal G-spot. I gave a gasp of pleasure, my hands squeezing at the sand so that it surged over my splayed fingers, "Oh that's good, bang me hard, bang my ass like it's a drum and you're a drummer."

Gripping my waist Mom started to slam against me hard. Her body smacked against mine, each time we met the sound of our colliding skin sounding like the splat of a bullet into flesh. I squealed in pleasure, my high-pitched shrieks moaning with Mom's low growls to create a melody of sexual noise. Harder and harder Mom whacked the cock into my backdoor, her finger clawing into my sweaty skin, "Oh Rory, oh Rory, fuck, fuck, you're so sexy, fuck, fuck."

I couldn't really say anything in reply to that. Not that I couldn't think of anything, but Mom's butt-slamming was making me cum - hard - and all that came out of my mouth were excited squeals of pleasure. Any words which I tried to form just got swept away in the torrent of loud cries, "Aaaarrrghhh, I....Aaaaarrghhh... Youaaaaargghh."

The dildo was opening my ass, thrusting deep down my rectum and bouncing off my anal G-spot like a speeding squash ball. Sweat dripped down my body as if my insides were a mass of burning fire. The breeze in turn whipped across my skin, cooling the perspiration and freezing me. The feeling of hot verse cold was intense, both shocking and exhilarating, "Aaaaarrrghhhh."

"Take it baby, take Mommy's large, fat dildo. Take it like a woman," Mom cooed excitedly, ramming so hard against me that my knees were buried into the sand.

"I....aaaaarggghhh," I gasped and let my wrists give way. I collapsed head-first into the sand, my arms shooting out at right-angles to my body, the muscles in them so weakened by the shocking pleasure flowing through me that they'd decided they needed to rest. The dildo shot out of my ass, but only for a second before Mom grabbed it and rammed it in again. She resumed the hard and deep fucking, and I began to squeal lustfully with every pleasurable thrust.

My chin dug into the sand, scraping a groove through it. And my pussy dripped cunt juice like it was raining. I closed my eyes, I could almost see the moon shimmering through my eyelids and I could hear the sound of waves gently running up the shore. All this combined with the sweet smell of Mom and the pounding feeling in my ass. I opened my mouth and screamed loudly, as another spellbinding orgasm crashed through me like Mickey Mouse's spells.

"Oh," Mom grunted as the cock slid out of my ass, "That was fun."

I collapsed forward on the beach, as Mom lay on top of me. The moon glowed and in the distance a cricket chirped. Tomorrow we'd head back home, but tonight we had the lake, the moon and each other.

I sighed happily.
_ _ _

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