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Gilmore Girls: Gilmore Girlfriends Part 3 (Ff,inc,anal,BDSM)
by LL

It hadn't been a good day at school. All day I found my mind wandering away from algebra to having sex with Mom. Even as I had lunch with Paris I'd found myself reliving the weekend and the end of my innocence.

By the time I got home my panties were damp with lust, sticking into my crack. I peeled them off as soon as I was in the front door, at the same time calling out for Mom.

There was a pause and then Mom replied, "I'm upstairs. In your room."

That sounded promising, so I dropped my bag and bounded up the stairs, two at a time. I opened my door and stopped dead, my mouth hanging open, half-way between lust and shock. The lust part was easy to explain. Mom was standing hands on hips looking at me, her only clothing a pair of rubber thigh length boots. She'd also been spending the day re-doing my bedroom. Instead of my poster of good-looking actors and bands, Mom had plastered the wall with hardcore lesbian porn, including some of the shots she'd taken over the weekend.

My bed and desk were no where to be seen, the only sign they'd ever been there were small indentations in the carpet. However it wasn't the missing furniture which made me gulp with nerves, but what Mom had replaced them with. A pair of wooden stocks sat next to a plain table with handcuffs attached. Hanging from the ceiling was a rope swing, with roped loops, lying beneath it was a pile of ropes, whips, dildos and other things that I couldn't identify.

"How was school?" asked Mom conversationally, as if she wasn't standing in the middle of a bondage den.

" was alright," I finally managed to stutter.

Mom walked over to me, her hand went under my skirt and I could feel a finger rub against my cunt lips.

"Think about me did you?" she had a mischievous grin on her face.

"A bit," I admitted. Her finger slid into the top of my hole and I gave a squeak of pleasure, "Okay a lot."

Her finger withdrew and she put it up to her mouth, sensually licking my juice from it, "Do you like what I've done to your room?"

I looked around, now I'd got over the initial shock I was starting to feel damn horny and the thought of Mom tying me up and riding me hard was definitely appealing, "Yeah, Mom, I think I do."

I got undressed as Mom picked up a pair of handcuffs. She instructed me to put my hands behind my back and as soon as I did so snapped the cuffs into place, tight enough that I could feel the metal graze my skin, but loose enough my fingers weren't going to turn blue.

Mom's chin lightly rested on my shoulder and her mouth came up to my ear, "I'm going to fuck you so hard, I'm really going to ride you, make you scream for mercy," she purred. I felt a tingle of anticipation in my pussy.

Mom guided me over to the sling; she picked up a loop of rope and pushed it over my tit. She pulled at the end and I felt it tighten, Mom continued to tug and I let out a small gasp of pain as the rope dug deep into my flesh. Mom ignored me, continuing to tighten it round my flesh, until the top of my tit was squeezed and the end looked like a bulbous sack. She repeated the action on my second tit. Then she stood back and admired her handiwork, "That's better," she said.

There was a spare piece of rope dangling from the swing. Mom took hold of it and I looked up to see that it ran round a trolley, as she pulled I could feel my tits being tugged upwards. Mom pulled again, I felt myself being hoisted until I was standing precariously on my tip-toes, and even then it felt like my titties were being pulled out by their roots.

"I bet you want me to fuck you now, don't you Rory," Mom moved so close to me I could feel her warm breath on my skin.

"Oh God, yes," I replied. Her hand moved down to grope at my slit, her thumb pushing deep onto my lips. I gave a groan as I felt a drop of juice escape the hole.

Instead of sliding a finger in, she stepped back, "Perhaps later. Not yet. I want you to be begging for it."

I was already begging for it, but Mom ignored my pitiful reply pointing this out and instead bent down and picked up a thin leather rod. She bent it between her hands, before letting it fly back up with a swish. I watched entranced as she thrashed it through the air experimentally a few times, before bringing it down against her boot with a crack like a gunshot.

She then flexed it one last time and then swung it at my slit. It cracked against my bare flesh of my thighs, digging deep. I let out a yowl and tried to move back as Mom raised her arm again. The only problem was that as I moved I lost my balance and found myself dangling from my tits, sending spasms of pain through them. I regained my balance in time for the crop to thwack against me again. This time my pussy was further forward than my thighs, so my legs didn't cushion the blow that ripped straight against my lips.

"That's my girl," said Mom and brought down the crop for a third time. I yowled in pain, but with each hit I was getting hornier and hornier. I stuck out my cunt and allowed Mom to punish it until it was covered with red weals. Eventually Mom brushed a bit of hair from her eyes and put down the crop.

"You ready for a good hard fuck, Rory?" she asked.

I nodded eagerly, "Do me Mom, do me."

I watched as she pulled on a strap-on, giving herself ten inches of rubber cock. She moved close to me and I could feel her hand moving over my bruised twat, pulling apart the hole to allow the cock to enter. It slid in, my cunt was already lubricated with the hammering it had received. Then I felt Mom's hand move to my buttocks, lifting me up. I wrapped my legs round her waist, glad that the rope was no longer pulling at my titties.

As she thrust into me her tongue flicked out. I tried to connect to it with my own. Then her lips touched mine, even as she slammed in my cunt, I could feel Mom's tongue in my mouth. The pain just made the pleasure more heavenly.

I felt my orgasm rising, quicker than ever before. It exploded in a intense starburst and I let go off Mom's mouth to shriek out, "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

I expected Mom to pull out once I'd cum. But instead she just gave me a smile and continued to fill me. Her body banged against mine, my nipples were super sensitive I noticed and the brush of her skin against them sent electrical impulses whinging through my entire body. The cock was also doing it's work. From below I could hear the noise of the rubber squelching through my damp slit, I was leaking jizz with each thrust.

The second orgasm was even better than first. If hadn't already been up in the air, I swear I'd have leapt in delight. I couldn't even say anything, the only sounds I could make were insane screams of joy. Mom pulled back and I reluctantly disengaged my legs. For a second I hung in the air, my feet scrambling for a toehold. But then Mom, loosened the rope and I slid down to the ground.

"How was that?" asked Mom.

I still couldn't speak, so I just nodded for a few seconds whilst I got my breath back. Eventually my voice returned, "Oh my God Mom. I didn't think I could cum like that."

Mom looked pleased with herself as she undid me, "Let me go make some dinner, but first..."

* * *

It was a very strange dinner - I don't think Mom has had to feed me since I was baby. However, I couldn't feed myself. Before she'd gone downstairs Mom had put me in the stocks, my head and wrists were sticking through the wooden board, my knees on the floor behind it. Mom had also pulled apart my butt-cheeks and put a small object between them; every time I wriggled it sent a tingly sensation down my butt-hole. I had wriggled a lot.

Eventually she put my plate down, dropping the cutlery on it. With her foot she pushed it to the side of the room.

"I think you can guess what's coming next," she stroked the strap-on she was holding.

"Me?" I replied.

She laughed, "I guess. But that's not what I meant."

"I know," I replied. She reached onto the pile of sex toys and pulled out a rubber mask. She placed it over my head and it all went dark.

"Open your mouth," she instructed. Her voice was muffled.

I did as she said. There wasn't space for eyes, but there was a gap for my mouth. I felt why as she placed a rubber ball there. I almost choked and for a second I felt myself panicking.

"Breathe through your nose," Mom instructed. The nostril holes allowed in a slight bit of oxygen, just enough to stop me suffocating. It was sweaty and clammy, I couldn't see or hear Mom, so the only way I knew where she was when the butt-plug was pulled out of my ass.

Then I felt something thicker and longer push its way into my enlarged back passage. I felt my eyes widen, as Mom pushed her dildo deep into me until I could feel her naked thighs atop my butt. Mom's thrusts quickly started my orgasmic feelings. I couldn't breath quickly enough through my nose and began to feel dizzy, but this heightened the pleasure so I wasn't sure I cared too much.

One of Mom's hands slid from my waist to my leaky twat. Without any ado, she pushed it up quickly exploring until she felt the hardness of my bud. Her finger beat a tattoo against it in time with her thrusts into my ass. I couldn't make any sound as I orgasmed but my body shook more than the San Francisco earthquake. The orgasms exploded within me.

Again Mom didn't stop, the thick rubber cock filled my ass and continue to stimulate my anal g-spot. It pushed apart the walls with each thrust, rubbing its ridges against the sensitive skin. My cunt was also humming with Mom's ministrations and I could feel the juice slipping out and running against my skin.

I hadn't recovered from the first orgasms when I came again. My body shook and I desperately tried to bring in oxygen, luckily not enough to dampen the explosive intensity that was ripping through me. Then Mom withdrew and I could feel her take the mask off.

Sweat washed down my face, as Mom took out the ball.

"I bet you enjoyed that," she said.

"Yes, yes, yes," I replied.

"We'll be doing it a lot more from now on," she grinned at me and I smiled back.
_ _ _

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