Gilmore Girls: Field Trip (ff)
by Vondoom


Rory awoke to a shaking bed and a familiar voice calling her name. Very
exasperating! She had set her alarm to wake her earlier than usual this
Saturday morning, and it had NOT gone off. This vibrating bed could only
mean one thing. Rubbing her eyes as she poked her head out from under the
blankets, she could see that her mother was busy pushing vigorously up and
down on the bottom of her mattress, chanting in a sing-song voice:

“Rory...Time to get up...time to get up...”

Rory just let out a little groan, but Lorelai was not to be deterred.

“Come on, let’s go to Lukes.”

“ I don’t have time this morning Mom....” She buried her head under her
pillow in a futile attempt to drown out this interruption. She hadn’t seen
the clock, but surely she had time for a little more sleep. No chance of
this happening, however. Lorelai climbed up onto the bed and began to jump
up and down, still calling her name and making a general nuisance of herself.
Rory had no choice but to relent.

“Ok, OK! I’m coming...but I told you I don’t have time for coffee today.
You know I’m going to UHA for a seminar today!” UHA was the University of
Connecticut in Hartford. Rory and about 2 dozen other students from Chilton
were attending a lecture being given by Margaret Atwood...something about
post-POST-feminist theory in modern literature. She was a famous author,
and even though Rory was near the top of her class, it had been difficult to
secure a space for this trip. Very few people outside of the University
itself would be attending, as the students would have to overnight in an
underclassman dorm, and space was tight.

Lorelai began laughing at the idea that there could be no time for coffee.
She beamed a huge, winning smile at Rory as she watched her only daughter
struggle to sit up and awaken. It WOULD be a winning smile for anyone, but
Rory was all-too-familiar with the ways her mother could manipulate nearly
anyone with her witty remarks and charming facial expressions. It didn’t
work on her...especially when she saw the clock.

“I had another HOUR...why’d you wake me up so early?” She pouted.

But she was already swinging her feet onto the cold floor and standing up.
No doubt about it, they definitely had time to go to Luke’s now. This day
had not started as she planned, but she was used to that. Their life in
Stars Hollow was one goofy adventure after another, and Rory was quite an
adaptable girl. Lorelai had already spun on her heels with a gleeful “Meet
you downstairs...” Since Rory had laid out her Chilton uniform the night
before, she tiredly but quickly dressed; She was beginning to get excited
about the coming day, and wondering what surprises were in store this time.


When Lorelai dropped her off at school 90 minutes later, she was JUST in
time. She grabbed her backpack from the back seat of the car, and gave her
mother a quick hug.

“Knock ‘em dead Dyna Girl...I’ll be here around noon tomorrow, OK?”

Rory smiled and hurried to the bus, giving her mother a little wave as she
went. Everyone else was already on board, and Miss Tuttle, her English
Composition teacher, appeared to be waiting for her. With a whispered ‘sorry’
and a sheepish grin, Rory bounded up the steps and looked about for a place
to sit. The bus was a half-sized model, and it looked like all of the seats
were taken. She walked down the center aisle slowly, but it was soon
apparent that there was only one place to sit. Near the back of the bus,
alone, sat her nemesis of sorts Paris Gellar. She looked even more lonely
and irritated than usual, since her usual cohorts Louise and Madeleine had
neither the grades nor the desire to tag along on this trip. With the bus
already lurching forward, Rory had little choice but to sit down immediately
next to Paris, who of course made a point of finding something very
interesting to look at out the window. Rory suppressed a sigh; she wasn’t
usually the talkative type, but a conversation of any sort to pass the time
on the short trip to the University now appeared out of the question. So,
fixing her eyes on the people in front of her she began to daydream, not
noticing the little glances that were coming from Paris’ direction.


The day went by in a blur. Although it wasn’t required, Rory filled a small
notebook with details of everything she saw and heard, as well as some of her
initial speculations about them. She spent the day alone, but happy.

There were other guest lecturers as well, and after they all had dinner
together in the dining commons, the students were chaperoned to a hall where
they would be spending the night. She should have seen it coming, but Rory
was still completely taken by surprise when she was paired with Paris to
share a room. It took only a moment before Paris was by her side and said
with a sneer:

“Seems like we can’t get away from each other today, doesn’t it?” Rory
just nodded, and tried on an angelic smile for a girl that she only wanted
friendship with; that or at least tolerance. But Paris had already headed
off, following the teachers down the hallway. Pair after pair were shown
their rooms, until there was no one left but Rory and Paris, who found
themselves at the end of the hall. None of the Chilton students would be
allowed to leave that night; the rooms all had private bathrooms, and there
were security guards at the entrance for safety reasons at all of the dorms
on campus this semester. They had been warned to expect mischief from the
Chilton students and to be on alert. Of course, Rory planned on being on
her best behavior in any case, and she already had to stifle a yawn as Miss
Tuttle opened up their door and hustled them into the room. She turned and
left with only a short “Good night girls.”

Rory was taken aback...there was only one bed! Paris had noticed this too,
and was standing in the middle of the room with her back facing Rory.

“This must be a mistake!” Rory stammered. “They can’t expect us all to share
BEDS with each other!”

“Now I see why we didn’t have to pay for this trip,” was all that Paris could
manage for a reply. Rory couldn’t see that she was blushing all over; she had
already turned to leave the room.

“I’ll just go and get Miss Tuttle; I’m sure they can arrange something...a
cot...a couch...” Rory indignantly replied. And with that, she left the room.

Paris got herself ready for bed in a hurry. After years at Chilton, she was
out of her uniform in a flash. She wanted to get herself into bed as quickly
as possible before Rory returned. She stripped down to her panties, and
donned a small white undershirt that she had brought with her. Then she was
under the covers.

Rory returned much more quickly than she could have imagined, looking upset
and deeply embarassed.

“I couldn’t find Miss Tuttle anywhere! I think all of the teachers slipped
out for some R&R or something! What are we going to do!?”

Paris had been pretending to sleep, now she opened her eyes and looked over
at Rory. Not for the first time, her eyes absorbed every physical detail of
her rival. Since the first day Rory had arrived at Chilton, Paris had been
infatuated...she could find no flaw in Rory Leigh Gilmore. Although she had
feigned bitter jealousy, she had taken every opportunity to manipulate close
encounters with the girl. Now she had her ultimate chance. She felt the space
between her legs grow so hot and moist, she could not prevent her hand from
slowly creeping down and touching herself. She could barely stifle a moan.
But Rory seemed near panic, and Paris had to say SOMETHING. She sat up and
crossed her arms across her chest.

“ isn’t like we’re going to MOLEST each other, is it?” She asked.
She put on the best scowl she could under the circumstances and waited for a

“You think we should....share a bed?” Rory asked. Yet she stepped closer,
putting her backpack down on a small table next to the bed. “How could this
have happened,” she continued, “Mary’s door was open, and they have two beds.
And I knocked on Kim’s door...looking for Miss Tuttle...same deal.”

Paris just shook her head, and let out a little laugh. “Maybe this is
someone’s idea of a joke,” she ventured. “Who cares if it is, I say. We have
a LOT more work to do tomorrow, it’s silly for us to get upset about this. We
both need to get to sleep, and this bed is definitely big enough for the two
of us. If YOU want to sleep on the floor, you can. I’m certainly not going

Rory stood for a moment as if deep in thought; obviously she was
uncomfortable, and her face was still bright red. But she sat on the other
side of the bed next to Paris just the same.

“If you don’t mind, I guess I don’t. But this is so weird...” Rory trailed

“I agree. But I’m beat, get ready for bed so we can shut off this light!”

Rory stood, opening up her bag and removing a nightgown. Paris was not
surprised to see that it was beautiful; soft white cotton, with a design of
little flowers and pretty lace around the edges. Of course it was floor
length and very modest. Paris slipped two of her fingers inside of herself.
She tried to go slowly, but she was becoming so wet that it was impossible.
She couldn’t believe how lucky she was!

There was a chair next to the door, and Rory was sitting down, untying her
black and white saddle shoes. Watching her peel off her blue knee-high socks,
Paris was nearly so overcome that she felt a little swoon...she couldn’t
believe she was already about to come! And here Rory was talking about the
lecture! Something about fairy tales and the ‘robber bride.’ Rory pulled her
vest over her head and removed her tie. She seemed to be taking her time
which was more than Paris could have hoped for. The outline of Rory’s breasts
were evident, and they were perfectly sized to her frame, full and round.
Paris now looked at Rory’s toes, the nails painted light red. She had never
seen such smooth white skin or such tiny, perfect feet on someone their age.
It was very, very difficult not to give herself away; but she hadlong been
playing this game, denying her urges all semester at school. Now finally,
after all this time, luck seemed to be going her way.

But not entirely. Rory packed away the clothes she had removed, and stood.
Paris grunted (maybe a little too hoarsely) in response to some brilliant
part of this very one-sided conversation, and Rory sped quickly into the
bathroom with her nightgown. Her blue plaid skirt and blue collared shirt
the only things left to remove. Paris’ imagination was in overdrive; she
had to restrain herself from finding an excuse to use the bathroom THIS

The waiting seemed to take forever; during that time she had both hands
inside of her white silk panties, opening up her lips and quite roughly
fingering herself. One hand she brought back up to her mouth; it was nearly
dripping with juices, and she imagined that they were Rory’s. She knew she
was letting this get a bit out of control....she could definitely smell a
strong, musky odor now. She had to get herself under control, or this
perfect night would be ruined much too quickly! Using all of her will-power,
she stopped what she was doing, shakily got out of bed, and shut off the
lamp. Moon-light through the window, she was sure, would be enough for Rory
to find her way to bed. She was just able to get back under the covers when
she heard the bathroom door open.


Of course, Paris again was pretending to be asleep. But she had one eye open,
and saw an image that would stay with her for the rest of her life. Rory
stood looking across the room at her. Her beautiful, long black hair falling
around her shoulders. The nightgown she wore was demure, but the body beneath
it was very full and just slightly visible in the light from the window. The
moment seemed to stretch indefinitely, but Rory broke the silence with a

“Paris...should we sleep head to toe...?” She was standing next to the bed
now, and seemed unsure of what to do. Paris thought it wise to let out a
‘huhhh?’ type noise without actually answering. She guessed, and was correct,
that Rory was much too polite to wake someone that she suspected was
sleeping, or nearly so. Paris was thrilled when she felt cool air against her
very warm body as the covers were pulled back and Rory climbed into bed next
to her.

The bed was just big enough so that their bodies were not actually touching
each other, and Rory was lying with her back to Paris. Rory let out a little
sigh, and that is when Paris decided that it was time to act. She sidled up
closer to Rory, and very, very slowly stretched out her arm and cradled it
around Rory’s waist. She acted as gently as she possibly could, so as not to
startle the girl, but to her surprise, Rory actually turned and faced her.
She looked a little surprised, but she also wore a dreamy, faraway look.
Paris kissed her quickly; a short but insistent pressing of their lips
against each other. Unable to stop herself, she began kissing Rory over and
over; little, violent kisses. And her pleasure multiplied as Rory started to
respond to her passion. But after a minute of this, Rory hesitated, slightly,
and made as if to pull away.

Paris, breathless, smiled at Rory as she never had before. She looked into
the incredible blue eyes in front of her, and she fell apart in a way that
she had never imagined could be possible. She told Rory how her admiration
had grown into desire, and now perhaps even into love! She didn’t have to
wait long for a response to her breathless confession. Rory wrapped her arms
tight around Paris’ waist, and leaned into her, kissing her deeply on the
lips. Paris pressed her tongue deep into Rory’s mouth for the first time,
while at the same time reaching down between the girls legs. As Paris’
fingers pushed through her light patch of hair, and parted her lips, Rory
arched her back and moaned in pleasure.

Now Paris was nearly in ecstasy herself. She was so wet that she could
actually feel more moisture soaking her panties than ever before. Rory’s
reaction to her revelation had turned her on so much, she was in a state
of complete abandonment. She kissed Rory all over her face; her eyes, her
cheeks, and her lips most repeatedly. She had found just the right spot
now with her gently probing fingers, and she pressed down just a touch
harder while moving slowly but insistently in a circular motion.

She was driving Rory wild! Paris drew the younger girl close and held
her tight as she felt Rory’s body shiver; she was panting slightly and
deliriously happy, bucking her hips against Paris’ hand. As Rory came,
Paris finally, excitedly slipped two of her fingers inside of Rory. She
could not believe how tight she was nearly impossible to even
get them inside. What she had long suspected, and secretly hoped against
hope to be true appeared indeed to be a fact: Rory was a virgin! It was
possible, thought Paris, judging by her reaction to this contact, that
the girl had never had an orgasm at all!

For at that moment, Rory came. She squealed and bit down on her lip. Paris
kept her thumb rotating over Rory’s clit for just a few seconds longer, while
working her fingers in and out of her a few times, until they were very wet
with secretion.

Rory meanwhile was kissing Paris’ neck gently, body settling back down into
a state of relaxation. Paris raised her hand to her face, breathing Rory’s
aroma into herself while running her tongue over her fingers. There was just
enough of a taste there, and the odor was so compelling, that Paris found
herself becoming even more aroused. She couldn’t wait to run her tongue over
every part of Rory’s body!

She hadn’t thought it would be possible. She looked down at her classmate,
the girl that she had respected and revered most in the entire world. What
an amazing turn of events!



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