Gilmore Girls: Dirty Secrets Part 3 - Rory Grows Up Part 1
(f-mast, ff, unif, fet, anal, drugs)
by Edgar, Al n'Moe

Rory Gilmore was on her bed doing her homework when she heard the front door

"Oh hi Lane," she heard her mom say from the living room, "Rory's in her

"Thanks Lorelei." said Lane walking toward the kitchen.

Rory was excited. Lane had told her all about her secret plans for sex with
her history teacher and now here she was, back from his house with stories to

"Lane! Come on in!" said Rory putting down her book and sitting up. Lane came
in, shut the door, and leaned against it, smiling at Rory.

"So tell me, tell me! Did you...?" asked Rory.

"Oh my god YES!" crowed Lane as they both met in the middle of the room and
huddled, giggling. Rory noticed that Lane still seemed a little drunk.

"So tell me all about it! Tell me what happened!" Rory begged

"Do you want the short version or all of the um... details? asked Lane.

Rory looked at Lane seriously. They had often talked about sex before but
never in any detail. Mainly because Rory always got embarrassed, she just
couldn't seem to help herself and it pissed her off. She sensed that Lane
sometimes wanted to discuss things more intimately and she wished she had
the nerve to. She looked at Lane dazedly basking in the afterglow of her
experience and made a decision.

"Tell me all the details," she said with a determined frown, "and don't leave
out a thing."

They sat on Rory's bed and Lane proceeded to tell her all about her visit to
Mr. Lucas. (Chronicled in Chapter 2) She swore alarmingly as she related her
adventures in graphic detail and Rory asked her to speak quieter so her mom
wouldn't hear. As the story unfolded Rory was shocked at all the things her
best friend had done. Her face got flushed and she squirmed a bit as she felt
her pussy dampen.

At one point Rory whispered in disbelief, "You let him fuck you in your

Lane explained how her mother checked her hymen and how she learned to
compensate, remaining a virgin while fucking her ass with candles and her
discovery of the assgasm. Rory was amazed and turned on by Lane's naughty
confession. Lane herself seemed a little dazed and stunned by her own
actions as she relived the last few hours over. Finally she finished her

"So you have" asked Rory.

"Yeah!" said Lane smiling, "Lots of ‘em. Oh Rory they're so cool! They look

"Do you think I could have a copy?" asked Rory shyly, "Only of the pics of
you in your suit, posing like a model." She explained hurriedly, "Not the
um...other stuff. That's your own private stuff."

Lane smiled and said okay and Rory blushed furiously as they opened up their
laptops and Lane transferred the files.

"Okay these are just the bathing suit pics, you can check them out later.
Oh, by the way can you do me a favor?" she asked as she reached into her
backpack. "Can you keep these for a couple days?" asked Lane, "My ma might
check my bag. You can sneak them over to my house later."

In her hand Lane held a pair of male briefs. Rory looked at them for a moment
with a dazed expression.

"Oh, um... sure!" she said, taking the underwear and stuffing them in a
drawer. Rory stood there pensively for a moment; she felt the need to share
something with her best friend after Lane's long confession.

"Y'know I um... have a uh..." Rory shrugged, got up and pulled out her small
purple vibrator. "I have one of these."

Lane smiled in delight "Where did you get this?" she asked, taking and
examining it. Rory told her about how she got it from her mom on her 16th
birthday. (also in Chapter 2.)

"Wow, you've had it a whole year? Your mom is so cool! So do you put it in
your pussy? Is your hymen broken?" asked the small Asian girl.

"Yup." said Rory, "I'm not a virgin at least when it comes to plastic. I
never tried it in my um..." her voice trailed off and she smiled awkwardly.

Lane got a wild gleam in her eyes and asked Rory if she wanted to sleep over
on Friday for one of her "Special Nights."

"What do you mean, Special Night?" asked Rory

"You'll find out. It'll be so cool. We can do each others hair like in a
movie but then we'll discuss Aristotle in defiance of preconceived notions
of teenage banter... and then we'll do our nails." said Lane with an elfin

"But Lane I've stayed over at your house a million times. We always have to
go to bed early!"

"This time it'll be different." Said Lane, "C'mon, whaddaya say."

Rory frowned and considered for a moment, "Why thank you Lane, I would be
honored to attend." she said in a mock-formal voice. "I'm sure my mother will

"Well just make sure she doesn't acquiesce all over the carpet. I better get
home, I'll see you later." said Lane turning to leave, "Oh and... bring
your... present." She whispered with a grin as she left.

Rory sat on her bed and thought about what Lane had told her. Her pussy
tingled as she pictured Lane and Mr. Lucas doing all those things. Although
Rory masturbated frequently her fantasies were pretty vanilla compared with
the story she just heard. She had discovered recently that while she enjoyed
boys and found them sexually attractive it was girls that seemed to really
get her motor running. She had found herself fantasizing about girls at
school and eventually her best friend Lane. She had resisted it at first but
the fact that it was taboo actually made her hornier. Sometimes she even
fantasized about her mom. That was even MORE taboo and Rory always came hard
when she masturbated while thinking about Lorelei. "Well, maybe I'm not that
vanilla." She reflected.

Rory often grew tired of being the apple of the town's eye. She was Rory
Gilmore, the little princess who was a straight A student and who was going
to go to Harvard. "Sometimes I don't want to be the good girl." She thought.
"Sometimes I want to be a bad girl." Unfortunately she seemed to be painfully
shy when it came to sexual matters. "I wish I had the nerve to pose for
pictures like Lane." She smiled at the thought and opened up her laptop.

Going into her well hidden files she found the file Lane had downloaded.
There were 2 folders inside, one marked "SC" and one marked "HC." "Uh-oh, I
think Lane must have accidentally given me all the pics." thought Rory. She
herself only had soft-core pics, she shied away from the more graphic photos
on the web and had mostly shots of men and women stripping and showing off
their bodies. She wanted to look at hard-core but she always chickened out.
Now she had some hard-core with her best friend in it. Her little slit was
getting increasingly slippery at the thought. "First I'll look at the
soft-core." She decided.

She set up a slideshow and looked at the pictures of Lane in her bikini.
"Wow, Lane has developed pretty nicely." thought Rory, "She looks like a real
woman." They hadn't seen each others bodies since they were kids and Rory was
amazed at the changes in her friend. She stared at Lane's hard nipples and at
her cute little round ass and she unconsciously started rubbing her wet pussy
through her jeans. She considered masturbating but it was too early in the
day. Her mom might walk in or something. Not that her mom would care, she'd
probably make a joke and calmly close the door but it would embarrass the
hell out of Rory. She only played with herself late at night when she knew
her mom was asleep. Rory sighed regretfully, closed the laptop and went back
to her studying.

Late that evening after she'd had a rather distracted meal with her mother
Rory finally lay in bed in her little pink pajamas. She listened for a minute
to make sure there was no stirring from upstairs. Getting out of bed she took
off her little baby doll top and wriggled out of her frilly little pajama
bottoms. She pulled her covers down to the foot of the bed and pulled out a
beach towel laying it on top of her sheets. Rory had found out that she could
make quite a mess when she came. She literally squirted loads of hot pussy
juice into the air. The first time it happened she had freaked out! She
thought she had pissed herself or something, "Oh my god I'm a fucking pervert
who pisses on herself! Oh my fucking god!" She eventually found out that it
wasn't pee and that she was a female ejaculator. She didn't cum that way all
the time but when she hit a certain G-spot in her pussy with the vibrator she
was guaranteed to spurt loads of girl cum every time.

She stretched her pale, naked body out on the bed and opened her laptop. She
set the slideshow on manual so she could take her time with the pics and
clicked to the first picture. She was shocked by what she saw.

It showed a bespectacled Lane with a huge cock in her mouth looking up at the
camera. Her cheek was pushed out by the throbbing bone she was slurping and a
string of drool ran from her chin to her little amber tits.

"Holy fuckin' shit!" said Rory, this was the most explicit thing she had ever
seen in her life. She studied it carefully, noting the shiny spit running the
length of the veiny cock as well as the expression of hunger on Lane's face.
"Damn that looks so hot." She reached over grabbed her vibrator and turned it
on. Laying sideways on the bed she propped one leg up and brought her hand
with the vibrator down to her hairless pussy. She started gently moving it
around her moist lips and rubbing her clit and changed the picture in the

This was a picture of Lane with her glasses off and her face full of cum. Her
eyes were half closed and she smiled for the camera as globs of gooey cum
dripped down her elfin face. "So that's what sperm looks like," thought Rory,
"she seems to enjoy having it on her, she looks... proud."

The next pic showed Lane getting fucked up the ass. Rory's eyes widened and
she felt embarrassed even though she was alone. Nonetheless her hand started
moving faster and she reached up and squeezed one of her breasts. There were
several more pics of Lane getting buttfucked. One of them, obviously taken by
Lane herself showed Lane's upside down pussy with Mr. Lucas' hard dick pushed
halfway into her stretched out asshole. "Hmmmm I wonder..." she reflected.
Pushing her hips forward and lifting her leg more Rory moved the vibrator
between her ass cheeks. She started gently applying pressure on her anus.
"Oooooh, that feels sorta nice." she thought rubbing her clit with her other
hand. She lubed up the vibrator with her pussy juice and slowly pushed it
into her virginal butthole, it was slim and not very long so she didn't feel
any pain. She lay there for a moment feeling the object vibrating in her ass.

"I put it in my poohole." whimpered Rory.

When she was intensely embarrassed she sometimes retreated into baby talk. It
all had to do with her not wanting to grow up and why she got so embarrassed
about sex. The vibrator felt good in her butt, she started moving it in and

"I put it in my poohole!" she whispered again. She said the silly
embarrassing phrase several times as warmth spread out from her pussy and
from deep in her gut. Suddenly she had an epiphany. She became sexually
aroused when she was embarrassed! "That explains a lot of things." She
thought smiling. Rory twirled the vibrator around as she clenched her
buttocks and grunted. She looked at more pictures; there were a lot of
close-up shots of Mr. Lucas' cock from a variety of angles, in some it was
dry and in others it was shiny with spit. Obviously Lane must have taken
them. She suddenly remembered and reached out to her dresser, pulling out
Mr. Lucas' underwear. She looked at them for a moment. They were gray and
wrinkled and looked sort of sweaty.

She brought them to her delicate nose and sniffed apprehensively, she frowned
and sniffed again. Her eyes widened in appreciation and she took a deeper
sniff. She realized that Lane was probably planning to sniff these too, that
had to be why she took them. Another wave of embarrassment overcame her and
her hips started gyrating as her head fell back on the pillow. She continued
to inhale the sweaty shorts as her hips moved up and down and the vibrator
moved in and out. She angled the vibrator upwards and she made a little O
with her mouth when she accidentally found her G-spot from the other side.
She seemed to be touching the same spot that she touched when the vibrator
was in her pussy, only pushing upward rather than down. She started moving
and pushing the vibrator up on her spot and her sphincter spasmed as she felt
the wave of approaching orgasm. Her eyes scrunched shut and her legs spread
wide as she came. Spittle flew out of her mouth and she gurgled loudly as a
thick stream of hot girl cum shot four feet in the air from out of her
gleaming smooth pussy. Lesser squirts continued to spew from her while her
hips jerked and gyrated.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! Mommmmmyyyyyyy!" moaned Rory as she slowly came down. "Oh
I can't wait till Friday." She thought with a sigh. "I'll bet it's going to
be SO much fun."

And the hidden camera deep in Rory's ceiling mindlessly recorded her every

* * *

It was Friday and Rory watched as Lane brought a finger to her lips and
poured the mysterious white powder into Mrs. Kim's bedtime tea.

"Holy crap! Lane is drugging her own mother!" she thought. Lane grinned at
her and they returned to the living room with Mrs. Kim's tea. They were
both dressed in their pajamas. Lane in her light blue ones and Rory in an
oversized red striped pair. They all went upstairs and Mrs. Kim sent them
off to bed.

"Now remember you get to stay up one more hour and then its lights out."
Said Mrs. Kim.

"Okay Mamma, good night Mamma!" said Lane.

"Goodnight Mrs. Kim!" added Rory.

They went into Lane's room and closed the door.

"Now what?" whispered Rory.

"Now we wait." replied Lane with a cryptic grin.

Rory had been bursting with anticipation all week. She wondered if anything
would happen and if so what she would do. She had been feeling nervous since
she got here. Lane had insisted that she bring her Chilton uniform tonight
and when she asked why Lane just told her not to worry she was going to love
it. They sat on the sleeping bag that Rory laid out on the floor and talked
for awhile, generally keeping the conversation away from sexual matters.

Finally Rory asked. "So what happens now does your mom turn into Barry
Manilow or what?"

Lane looked at the clock and noticed that an hour or so had passed. "Come
and look at this." said Lane opening the door and heading for Mamma Kim's
bedroom. Rory got up, slowly tiptoed to Mamma Kim's door and peered in.
Lane was holding up one of Mamma Kim's hands, she moved her mother's digits
and made it look like she was giving the finger. Then she grinned and
waggled it at Rory.

"You slipped her a Mickey!" declared Rory.

"Correction, I slipped her a whole Michael. She'll be out all night and won't
hear a thing! Now we can begin our "Special Night." said Lane, "C'mon! Let's
go back to my room."

Rory watched as Lane pulled up a floorboard and pulled out a joint, a lighter
and the whiskey she'd got from Rory earlier in the week. It was still more
than half full.

"First a little attitude adjustment." Said Lane as Rory followed her
downstairs and out on to the back porch. Rory was excited and curious, she'd
gotten drunk a few times from liquor she stole from her mom's stash but this
was the first time she was trying pot.

They both took a couple swigs of whisky and made faces and then Lane lit up
the joint. Rory took her first hit and coughed loudly. Lane made frantic
shushing signals and pointed towards the street where residents of Stars
Hollow were out going about their business. No one could see them with the
darkness and the trees but if somebody heard something and peered into the
darkness they'd be seen. Rory's eyes got big and she looked comically
contrite as she moved her arms and made "I'm sorry" gestures. Lane couldn't
help but laugh at their overly dramatic antics and muffled her mouth with
her hand as she started giggling. This got Rory giggling too and they both
tried desperately to be quiet as they collapsed on the porch in spasms of
muffled laughter. They smoked and drank a bit more and then went back
upstairs to Lane's bedroom, swaying a bit and giggling.

"Now what?" slurred Rory.

"Now we play dress-up." declared Lane.

"Big deal, we've played dress-up before."

"Not like this." grinned Lane as she opened her closet. She took out her
cheerleading outfit and grabbed up some makeup from her hidey-hole.

"I'll be back in a few." She said and ran off to the bathroom.

Rory stood there swaying slightly and looked around the room for a moment,
her eyes lit upon Lane's floorboard hidey-hole. She knew about the places
where Lane kept her CD's but this one was new to her. She crouched down and
looked inside. There were three candles laying there on a scrap of fabric.
A slim one, a curlicue one and a thick one with knobs on it. Rory felt her
pussy dampen as she thought about how Lane used these candles and she
absently rubbed herself through her pajamas. The liquor and pot had
definitely loosened her up and she felt a pleasant sense of anticipation.

"Ta-da!" said Lane bounding through the door. Rory gulped and looked in
wonder at her uniformed best friend. Lane struck a sexy pose.

"Wow, Lane you look hot!" said Rory as she gazed at Lane in her little
t-shirt and short cheerleader skirt. Lane turned around and bent over
slightly, exposing her young panty clad ass to Rory who blushed prettily.
Now she knew the real reason Lane had joined the cheerleaders.

"See, dress-up can still be fun." Said Lane, "Let's get you dressed up now.
Get out your school outfit."

Rory complied with an excited smile and put her clothes out on the bed.

"Now you should um... get undressed.' said Lane with a look of friendly
anticipation on her face.

Rory stood there in her oversized pajamas and looked at Lane with a mixture
of fear and arousal. She smiled shyly and removed her top. She stood there
for a moment blushing and enjoying the feeling of embarrassment and lust as
she exposed her conical breasts to Lane's hungry gaze. Then she pushed her
pants and panties down around her ankles and delicately stepped out of them.
She stood and lowered her eyes demurely, allowing Lane to take her time
examining her nubile young body.

Rory was a half a head taller than Lane and her skin was very white and pale
compared to Lane's more amber hues. A dusting of freckles covered Rory's
shoulders and were scattered here and there above her cute little nose. She
had long coltish, well shaped legs flaring out to hips much wider than
Lane's. She had an impossibly thin waist and her breasts were larger than
her friends and topped with pink puffy nipples. Lane looked with interest at
Rory's smooth, hairless pussy and tender little slit and unconsciously licked
her upper lip with the tip of her tongue. She gestured for Rory to turn
around and she did, exposing for the first time her fine-looking pale white
pear-shaped ass to Lane's appreciative gaze.

Rory looked back over her shoulder with her big vulnerable blue eyes and her
pointy little dimpled chin and stuck her tiny lower lip out, asking Lane in
a trembly little girl voice. "Is this pose good? Do you like looking at me
this way?"

Lane was overcome with a feeling of love for her best friend. When she'd been
with Mr. Lucas it had been all about lust but now with Rory she had intense
feelings of love and protectiveness as well as desire for her friend's lithe
virginal body. Rory just seemed to bring out the protective aspects in
everyone. She had that whole waif thing going on and her tendency to speak
and act like a young girl just turned Lane on more. She seemed to be taking
a dominant role and Rory a submissive one. "I'm not surprised really." She

"Yes honey, you look beautiful." Said Lane with a warm smile, "Okay let's get
you dressed up now."

Lane started rolling Rory's blue plaid skirt up and Rory sat on the bed and
pulled the navy blue pantyhose that she often wore to school over her feet
and lower legs. She stood up and Lane paused and watched as Rory pulled the
hose up high and tight on her hairless cunt, wiggling her hips until they
were nice and snug over her teenaged ass. She smiled at herself in the full
length mirror and lifted her arms outwards while thrusting out her chest.
She turned to Lane and shrugged as if to say, "Well, here I am!"

Lane helped her on with the now much shortened skirt. She helped her into
her white blouse and tied the shirttails around her waist exposing her tight
stomach. Her braless tits thrust out proudly, tight against her nipples. Lane
pulled Rory's long brunette locks up into a ponytail and applied generous
amounts of makeup on her sweet, triangular face, putting lots of rouge on her
cheeks and ruby red lipstick on her tiny mouth as well as thick eyeliner.
Lastly Rory put on her black and white saddle shoes and stood in front of the
mirror in the middle of the room.

She stood sideways and keeping her legs straight she put her hands on her
knees which caused her skirt to ride up and her blue nylon covered ass to
stick out. She brought a finger up to her mouth and smiled at Lane.

"See, now you're a schoolgirl slut and I'm a cheerleader slut and we can pose
and stuff!" slurred Lane, "It'll be cool."

"What if we take some... uh... pictures? I have a camera phone we can use."
suggested Rory. The thought of having pictures taken in such a slutty little
outfit embarrassed her but turned her on even more and her pussy and inner
thighs were getting damp. "If I'm going to do this I'm going to do it all the
way." She thought.

"Oh Rory I was hoping you'd say that! I have one of Mr. Lucas' digital
cameras, we can take turns posing! I'll go first since I have experience."
said Lane as she handed Rory the camera. She paused, looked deep into Rory's
pale blue eyes and asked, "Anything goes?"

"Anything goes!" giggled Rory, "Let's see some skin sister!"

Lane smiled and proceeded posing in various positions as Rory took pictures.
She slowly removed her outfit and posed more obscenely, urging Rory to move
in close and try unusual angles. Rory's wet hole was getting increasingly
moist and she reached under her skirt and rubbed it occasionally when Lane
wasn't watching.

"Oh I love your bush Lane. It looks so soft" crooned Rory as she examined
the glossy black hairs between Lane's legs.

"I wish I could shave it like yours but my mom would go nuts if I tried."
said Lane sadly.

"I like it the way it is, it makes you look... womanly." Rory exclaimed.

"Then why do you shave yours?" asked Lane.

Rory frowned and thought for a moment.

"Because I don't want to look womanly." She said with a crooked smile.

Lane was by now completely naked so she posed for some more pics and then
took the camera from Rory. Rory moved to the middle of the room and looked
at Lane. A look of utter trust and submission was on her face as she stood
with her hands behind her back and looked down at Lane shyly.

"What do you want me to do now?" she asked.

Lane just stood there for a moment looking at Rory as an overwhelming need
suddenly overcame her. She moved forward abruptly, raised her face up and
kissed Rory full on the lips, one hand moving behind and grabbing Rory's
head as she pulled the sexy brunette teen close to her naked body. Rory's
eyes widened and she just stood there for a second, arms hanging at her
sides. Then her eyes closed and her arms wrapped around Lane as they started
pushing their tongues in each others mouths. Rory's slim hands slid down and
cupped Lane's bare ass cheeks, squeezing them slightly. The kiss lasted a
very long time and when they finally pulled away they both stood there for
a moment dazed and breathless.

"Wow that was good." said Lane in wonder.

"That was real good." said Rory with a big grin.

"Okay let's get started here." said Lane, recovering herself. She proceeded
to take charge, telling Rory how she wanted her posed. Rory meekly submitted
to Lane's commands, posing in ever more provocative ways. Lane saw how wet
Rory's pantyhose were and made sure she got quite a few shots looking up her
skirt to her shiny wet crotch.

"Okay, let's loose the shirt." commanded Lane.

Rory took off her top, closed her eyes and thrust her chest forward as Lane
busily clicked away. The nipples on her conical breasts stiffened and she
shivered as an errant night breeze wafted through the sexually charged room.
"Actually, I don't mind some of these woman parts." She thought.

"Were you planning to save those pantyhose?" asked Lane.

Rory looked down, "What these? These are old ones, that's why they're so

"I got an idea!" said Lane with a grin and got out a pair of scissors. Rory
sat down on a chair and spread her legs as Lane knelt between them and
brought the scissors to her covered crotch. "This won't hurt a bit." She said
as she cut a round hole, exposing Rory's baby smooth pussy as well as the
lower globes of her ass cheeks. Lane brought her face close to Rory's wet
slit and inhaled deeply. She reveled in the musky girl smell and examined
Rory's tender cunt. Her nether lips were pink, unlike Lane's more purplish
ones and were barely visible. When she stood up you could only see a little
slit in the v between her legs. Her bare crotch was glistening with her
juices and Lane licked her lips and thought, "God, she looks so good! I want
to see what she tastes like. Not yet though, not yet."

Lane took some more pictures of Rory pouting and smiling and posing.
Eventually Lane told Rory to push her pantyhose down to her knees. Rory did
so without hesitation and stood waiting for Lane to tell her what to do next.

"Turn around and lift your skirt. Let's see that cute little ass of yours."
Rory turned around and presented her pear shaped globes to Lane. Lane knelt
down and took some pictures. "Now bend over." Rory bent forward and Lane
gazed with lust at her cute butt crack and her hairless peach. "I definitely
seem to have a butt fetish along with all my other ones." She thought. Rory
looked over her shoulder and brought her hands back to her ass cheeks,
spreading them and revealing for the first time her pink, puckered anus.

"Is this good?" she asked with a shy smile.

"Oh honey, its beautiful." said Lane. "Who would have thought that an asshole
could be cute." She thought as she knelt there, her face just inches away
from Rory's pale buttocks. Rory stood back up and arched her back causing her
ass to move a little closer to Lane's face. She looked back over her shoulder
and saw Lane staring avidly at her teenaged butt. She had put down the camera
and had one hand between her kneeling legs, rubbing her clit absently as she
gazed in fascination and lust. She looked up at Rory and a question was in
her eyes "She wants to touch my most intimate place." Rory thought, "Even
more intimate than my pussy." Lane's aggressive lust was making Rory weak in
the knees. She looked down at Lane and said in her little girl voice, "I
don't care."

Lane took off her glasses and smiled as she brought her face close to Rory's
asscheeks. She slowly nuzzled her nose into her crack, bringing her hands up
and grasping her hips on either side. She inhaled deeply, savoring the earthy
scent of Rory's sweaty ass. Her snuffling face burrowed in deeper and her
nose touched Rory's anus. Lane opened her mouth and slowly licked upward with
the flat of her tongue on Rory's tender pink sphincter.

Rory's eyes closed and a sigh escaped her lips as she felt Lane's velvety
tongue probe her asshole. She instinctively pushed her ass backward into
Lane's face and started stroking her shiny cunt.

"Mmmmmffflllgg! Muffffffffffgggg!" grunted Lane incoherently into Rory's
young ass as she started hyperventilating and masturbating furiously. She
made her tongue into a point and pushed it into Rory's sensitive butthole,
fucking the angelic teen's butt with her tongue. She enjoyed the funky
taste as she pushed her face deeper into Rory's buttcrack.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Oh Lane! Oh that's so good! Lick my stinky poohole!" whimpered
Rory as she slipped a finger into her pussy and started kneading her tits.
She turned her head and looked at herself in the mirror. Her long legs were
bent as her pantyhose bunched around her saddle shoes and her back was arched
so that both her ass and tits were sticking out. She could see Lane kneeling
behind her, frantically stroking her hot Asian cunt as she tongue fucked the
nastiest part of Rory's willing young body. Rory's pushed another finger into
her horny twat and started fucking herself anxiously. Her eyes widened as she
felt herself approaching orgasm and her hips started bucking frantically
while Lane struggled to keep her mouth on Rory's butthole.

Oh Lane! Oh fuck! Your gonna make me do it! Your gonna make me cum! Oh god

Watching Rory cum for the first time caused Lane to start quivering with her
own orgasm. Her little hand on her clit was a blur as she licked and probed
the object of her worship. She started making stifled nonsense sounds and her
body began to shake uncontrollably. Rory fell forward on to her hands and
knees and she made frantic mewling noises as her ass humped back at Lane's
willing tongue. Lane's hands held tight to her hips as she muffled her
screams between Rory's spit shiny ass cheeks.

They both slowly came down and Lane sat on the bed and took Rory into her
arms. They kissed tenderly for awhile. Rory enjoying the feeling of safeness
she felt as Lane held her. Then Rory looked up at Lane and said eagerly. "I
want to try out some of those homemade dildos of yours. I've never felt
anything that big in my pussyhole."

Lane got the candles and brought them over and Rory got her vibrator out.
Rory picked up the thick, red candle with the knobs melted into it and
started feeling up and down its length.

"I want to try this one." She said looking up at Lane.

"And I'm dying to try this out." Lane replied, picking up the slim, purple

"I... I have to tell you something." Rory suddenly said in a quiet voice.

"Rory, what's wrong?" asked Lane in concern.

Rory went on to explain about her tendency to squirt on orgasm. Her face
reddened and she had to stop several times to compose herself. Finally she
looked at Lane with her big puppy dog eyes and said, "So if your freaked out
by that I understand."

"Freaked out! Rory I'm totally turned on!" said Lane with a grin. She went
on to explain that Rory was lucky because female ejaculators reputedly had
more intense orgasms and that she wished she could cum that way.

"But when I cum I don't squirt, I gush." Said Lane, "Rory that is the coolest
thing I ever heard! Plus, you have one big advantage over other women."

"What's that?" asked Rory.

"You can know what it feels like to cum on someone's face. I'm sure it must
be a huge turn on cause guys like doing it so much. Oh Rory, I'd love for you
to cum on me! Would you cum on me?" asked Lane plaintively.

Rory thought about what it would be like to spray the evidence of her lust
on Lane's sweet Asian face. She smiled wickedly at the naughtiness of the
thought and nodded her head at Lane. "But first I want to see what your
pussy tastes like."

"Ditto for me." said Lane with a sunny smile.

They laid on the bed sideways in the 69 position and Rory brought her face
in close to Lane's furry twat. Lane lifted her leg and Rory could see her
engorged pussy lips, purple and glistening with juice. "Oh yummy." Said Rory
and gently licked Lane's slit, tasting pussy for the first time. She nestled
her head deeper between Lane's legs and pressed her whole mouth on Lane's
virginal cunt hole, licking and sucking and enjoying the tangy flavor of her
childhood friend.

She started when she felt Lane's velvety tongue probe her own pussy. Lane was
pressing her whole face into Rory's slick, hairless twat as she furiously
licked and slurped. They both had several mini orgasms as they took their
time getting to know each others pussies. Knowing Lane would appreciate it
Rory occasionally dipped her face down and licked between her bronze ass
cheeks, swirling her tongue on Lane's star shaped little brown eye and
eliciting a happy squeal from the horny teen. They squirmed and humped and
occasionally giggled as they licked and sucked and tasted with clumsy but
enthusiastic vigor.

Lane brought her tousled head out from between Rory's long legs, breathing
heavily. "Let's get the toys." She said, reaching up and taking the vibrator
she handed it to Rory. "You know where to put it." said Lane smiling. Rory
smiled back and turned on the vibrator; she pointed at the big knobby candle
and said, "I want that one." Lane took up the candle and Rory got on her
hands and knees above Lane, giving her a beautiful view of her pear shaped
globes and spit shiny pussy. She took the makeshift dildo and placed it at
the entrance of Rory's tender little hole. A long low groan escaped Rory's
lips as Lane slowly pushed the knobby rod up that cute, hairless pussy.

Rory pulled Lane's legs back underneath her arms and reached under her ass,
bringing Lane's needy asshole up near her childlike face. She pulled Lane's
cheeks apart and pushed the buzzing vibrator up her willing ass as she
brought her face down to Lane's engorged clit and started nibbling. Lane
grunted and started moving her hips as she felt the vibrations, Rory started
to pump the vibrator in and out of Lane's butthole. Lane looked up in
fascination as she pushed the candle into Rory's pussy as far as it would go.
Rory's legs were tensed and she whimpered into Lane's clit as she started
fucking Lane faster. Lane's hand started pumping up and down as she fucked
Rory's sweet pussy, watching her hot hole expand and contract around the
dildo's knobs while Rory grunted slightly each time. Lane felt the need for
some dirty talk and started coaxing Rory as she licked and fucked her friend.

"Ooooooh, you have such a sweet fuckin' pussy. Oh yeah fuck my ass! Twirl it
around in there... yeahhhh that's it. Oh look at that pretty little clit! I
have to lick it mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

"Oh Lane fuck my pussyhole! Fuck it hard!" yelled Rory. She had never felt
anything that big in her pussy and it felt perfect. Her long brunette locks
were plastered to her forehead, her makeup was smeared and her face was slick
with Lane's juices. Her butt pushed down in time to meet Lane's thrusts.

"You have such a pretty pussy." groaned Lane, talking more to herself than
Rory "I just want to lick and touch it forever. So nice. Soooooooooo nice!"

Rory felt happy and proud that Lane found her pussy attractive. She felt the
warmth spreading through her body as the biggest orgasm of her young life
started to rip through her.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKK!" screamed Rory. Her nose scrunched up and
she closed her eyes tightly as she started humping the candle in Lane's hand
while moving her own hand faster in and out of Lane's helpless asshole.

"Oh yeah fuck me Rory! Fuck my ass! Are you gonna cum for me baby? Are you
gonna cum all over me? Are you gonna cover me in your sweet Rorycum? Give me
your Rorycum!" said Lane in a strangled voice.

Suddenly Rory's big blue eyes popped wide open and her dimpled jaw dropped as
she started shaking like an epileptic. She made strangled grunting sounds as
a stream of hot girl cum shot out around the inserted candle and onto Lane's
surprised face. Lane blinked, quickly pulled out the dildo and opened her
mouth wide to catch Rory's fluids. The first waves of an intense assgasm
enveloped her as a second spasm from Rory's pussy sent another wave of girl
cum into her mouth and all over her face. She swallowed it instinctively and
opened her mouth for more as seemingly endless streams of cum spewed forth
from Rory's teenaged cunt. Lane started making mewling noises and mumbled and
cursed as she came hard at the thought of drinking her best friends cum. "It
tastes like water, with a little iron in it." thought Lane. They both jerked
and writhed on the bed until they were spent. Afterward Rory turned around
and put her hands to either side of Lane's head as she kissed her tenderly.

"Thank you Lane. I love you so much. I loved cumming on your face but next
time I want to watch."

Lane's face was wet and shiny with girl cum and her hair was plastered down
across her pug nose as she looked up at Rory, licked her lips and grinned,
"Hey, the pleasure was half mine!"

To be continued...


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