Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Note: This is my first story and was inspired by Oric13's excellent GG
stories. (Especially `Rory's Secret Sex Life') There doesn't seem to be a lot
of Lane related stories out there and I've always found Keiko Agena sexy,
probably because she's not allowed to be very sexy at all on the show. I
mean, she's even more of a good girl than Rory. I was intrigued by the idea
of repressed little Lane Kim being a total pervert. This story got a lot
longer than I had expected in my need to explain Lane's motivations. The best
erotic TV fictions to me are the ones that try to keep the characters true to
the series. Trying to give them the same speech patterns helps too. (Although
the dirty talk must be, of necessity, hypothetical.) Oric13 does this and
Dudeman does it in his excellent "Friends: Deleted Scenes" stories. Just
giving two puppets names like "Lorelei" and "Rory" and having them fuck in a
void isn't very sexy IMHO. Anyway, I eventually plan to bring Rory, Lorelei
and maybe even Paris into the series if enough people like this first one.

Gilmore Girls: Dirty Secrets Part 1 - Lane's Special Night
by Edgar, Al n'Moe

"Lane, make my bedtime tea, and be quick about it!"

"Yes Mama" said Lane Kim coolly.

Going into the kitchen, she filled the kettle, turned on the stove, and got
out the green tea that Mrs. Kim drank every night. "Tonight," she thought
with a secretive grin, "Mama Kim gets a little surprise in her bedtime tea."

It was 9:30 PM on a Friday night and as usual things were winding down at
the Kim house. Lane Kim was a 17 year old Korean girl living with her overly
religious mom in Stars Hollow, a small town in New England. Her mother had
repressed her with a particularly fiery brand of Christianity all her young
life and of course this had caused Lane to rebel in the only way she dared,

Unbeknownst to Mama Kim, Lane was a total rocker. Hidden in the floorboards
of her room were scores of CD's, (smuggled to her by her friend Rory
Gilmore,) that would drive her mother to fits of fire and brimstone if she
knew her only daughter was listening to it. Mrs. Kim only allowed Lane to
listen to traditional Korean folk music and church hymns, not that decadent
American rock music with its talk of sex and drugs

Since last year Lane had another secret that Mama Kim didn't know about. One
that was even more delicious, she was a secret sex fiend! The only thing she
wanted more than being in a band was to be a total slut. Not that she slept
around or anything, she was still a virgin. But ever since Lane had
discovered masturbation she had become increasingly kinky and experimental
and had downloaded tons of hard and soft-core porn from the internet which
was hidden deep within the laptop she had received for her 16th birthday
last year.

Lane poured the now hot water over the tea leaves. Turning around to make
sure Mama wasn't watching she poured some white powder into the tea. "Mama's
gonna sleep well tonight." thought Lane, smiling as she stirred the tasteless
powder in. She had ground up two sleeping pills earlier that day to make sure
Mama Kim would sleep through anything. Tonight was one of Lane's "Special

Every few weeks Lane had begun to secretly drug her mother so she could
masturbate all night and make as much noise as she wanted to. Because her
mother was so strict about language, (She couldn't even say `Hell' or `Damn.'
It was all `Gee. That'd Be Swell' and `Gosh'.) Lane loved to talk dirty, the
dirtier the better. It made her pussy tingle when she described all the nasty
and depraved things she wanted to do. Saying all those dirty things out loud
made it more real somehow and she had on occasion achieved orgasm merely by
talking dirty without ever touching her throbbing little snatch.

Most nights she was forced to play with her pussy surreptitiously under the
covers, with her pajamas on and her hand in her pants, being quiet as a
church mouse with her laptop open and facing away from the door in case her
mother should walk in. She masturbated with one hand on her clit and her
other hand on the "close" key.

But not tonight, tonight she could go all out. Her pussy tingled at the
thought. She quickly pressed her fingers against her crotch. Then, taking
the tea to the living room she said "Here's your tea Momma."

"Thank you Lane," said Mrs. Kim imperiously, "and now we go to bed."

"I get to stay up an extra half hour tonight, don't I Momma? In my room?"
asked Lane sweetly.

"Yes, because it is Friday. But only a half an hour, then lights out." said
Mrs. Kim with a stern frown.

"Yes Momma." Said Lane, peering up at Mrs. Kim over the rims of her glasses
with her most wide eyed, innocent look.

"And now, to bed." said Mrs. Kim. They went upstairs to their separate
bedrooms. Lane knew that Mamma Kim would drink down the tea quickly and be
fast asleep in a half hour, but she always waited a full hour just to be sure
she was deep in slumber. Closing the door to her room, which was just across
from Mama Kim's, Lane sighed with relief as she leaned against the door. Now
she could get a few things ready.

She pulled down her baggy black jeans (Not too tight Lane, you don't want
young boys to think you're a whore.) and took them off. Then she unbuttoned
her red blouse (which she had to wear buttoned all the way to the top) and
threw it behind her on the bed. She looked at herself in the full length
mirror on her door. She saw a petite Asian girl wearing black framed oval
glasses, with long glossy straight black hair which grew just past her
shoulders. Her two front bangs she had pulled to the back of her head with a
small pink barrette. She had a wide sort of face, what some people call
moon-faced with pretty, coffee brown Asian eyes and a broad tiny nose, high
cheekbones and a small mouth with a cute little chin and full lips that lit
up into a beautiful smile as she surveyed the rest of herself.

Her taught, teen aged body was slender, with lovely amber colored skin and
small perfectly shaped breasts which were still encased in her little white
prim and proper Mama Kim approved bra. Her stomach was trim and flared gently
out to her slim hips. Her legs were shapely and well proportioned though she
was slightly bow legged and she stood up on her tippy toes in her stockinged
feet, wishing she had some sexy footwear to accentuate her ass and legs as
she rubbed her already wet pussy through her white cotton panties. No sexy
French cut panties or thongs on Mama Kim's little girl, nosiree, these were
normal standard white cotton panties, not big old granny panties just normal
underwear. She turned sideways and checked out her pert round ass, not really
big but jutting nicely as she arched her back and pulled her underwear up the
crack of her ass, turning her modest panties into something else altogether.
She bent over and turned around; looking over her shoulder at her cute bronze
ass cheeks with the thin white strip covering her little peach.

"I'm not such a good girl now am I Momma." She whispered fiercely, "I'm a
little slut is what I am, a cock hungry little whore who needs to be fucked!"
She pulled her panties up harder from behind, making them tight against her
pussy as she rubbed it. With her other hand she pushed her panties deep
within her sweaty ass crack. She could see the huge damp spot on her crotch.
"Oh yeah," she thought, "these are gonna smell soooo good."

Lately Lane had been into scents, one of the many fetishes she liked to
dabble in. She loved the musky scent of her own pussy, as well as the darker,
funkier smell of her ass sweat. This was the second day she was wearing these
particular panties. She had never tried this before. Sure, she had sniffed
her panties but she'd never deliberately tried to make her own special "Lane
stew." All day yesterday and all day today at school she had allowed herself
erotic thoughts whenever she had some free time at her desk or in the
washroom, all in anticipation of tonight. Her pussy would obligingly get wet
and dampen her panties with sweet, hot pussy juice. When she went to the
bathroom she would always rub her pussy through her panties and saw her other
hand into the crack of her ass to capture her lusty scents.

Not that she liked the smell of shit. She always made sure her inner cheeks
and asshole were completely clean. She liked the earthy smell that the crack
of her sweaty butt produced on hot days, that and the smell of the ass grease
in and around the entrance to her anus. She knew that most people would think
that was unbelievably nasty but that just turned her on more.

Yesterday while in the bathroom at school she had pushed the tip of her
middle finger up her tight 17 year old asshole, swirled it around and rubbed
the resulting stinky grease on her nostrils and upper lip. All the rest of
the day no one knew that sweet little goody two shoes Lane Kim was inhaling
and getting off on the smell of her own stinky ass sweat!

It wasn't like any boys would get near enough to her face to smell her
anyway. Everybody in Stars Hollow High School and in the whole town for that
matter thought of her as the cute little Korean girl from the antique shop.
The one with the scary religious mom who makes her pass out inspirational
pamphlets on weekends. None of the boys seemed to look at her like they
looked at some of the better developed girls in school. Nobody thought of
her as a sexual person, and even if they did Mrs. Kim would have scared
them away. It wasn't that she was unpopular. Everyone liked her chipper
personality and she got along with people ok, it's just that no one seemed
to think she could be sexy. That she could be a hot woman instead of just a
cute young lady.

Of course she did have her friend Rory, who had a reputation as a bit of a
nerd and was an egghead to boot. Rory was Lane's BFF and they'd known each
other since kindergarten. They had both shyly confessed to each other some
time ago that they both loved to masturbate to pictures they downloaded off
the internet. Rory had to be a lot more careful about where she hid her
pictures on her laptop because her Mom was much more computer savvy than
Lane's mom. Lorelei Gilmore would probably respect her privacy but you could
never tell with Rory's eccentric mother. She had given birth to Rory when
she was only 16 and was consequently only a very young 33 now. She had a
reputation around town as sort of a slut. She was absolutely gorgeous and
people often mistook the Gilmore girls for sisters.

Lane had asked her if she could see some of the pictures that she enjoyed
getting off to but Rory had got a bit nervous about that level of intimacy
and made an awkward joke about "some things Man was not meant to see." Lane
backed off but later in her room while stroking herself she had wondered
what made sweet little Rory Gilmore..with the big blue eyes and the dimple
in her chin and the impossible little girl voice...what made sweet little
Rory Gilmore cum like a banshee. She liked to think that Rory would be
shocked at the variety of depraved sexual acts that she liked to get off

Lane unsnapped her bra and took it off, revealing her round little breasts
with their small nut brown areolas and nipples that always jutted out. Mama
Kim made sure her bra cups were extra thick so that boys wouldn't see her
protuberant nipples. She got her conservative, light blue pajamas from under
her pillow and quickly put them on, leaving her panties on and still pulled
up her ass crack. She had to be dressed for bed on the off chance Mama Kim
came traipsing in during the next half hour.

She listened at the door, she heard her mothers bed creaking slightly as she
shifted her weight. "Good, she's under the covers and unlikely to get out of
bed unless she has to go to the bathroom down the hall and I'll hear that."
Thought Lane as with a grin she tiptoed across the room and quietly pulled up
the floorboard just under the head of her bed. This hiding place was newer
than the ones where she stashed her CD's and even Rory didn't know it
existed. She reached in and took out a long, thin green candle with a rounded
fat end, a slightly thicker yellow one like a curlicue and another much
thicker red candle that looked as if it had been melted to make a series of
roundish bumps running from its base to about halfway up the long stem. She
pulled out a small bottle of lubricant (Actually just cold cream but
lubricant sounded dirtier in her head.) and some makeup. She placed them all
under her pillows and then, reaching back into the crawlspace she pulled out
a nice fat joint and a lighter.

She closed her hiding place and hid the joint and lighter in her bed stand.
She had already tried sex and rock n roll and liked them so it was inevitable
that she would eventually try drugs. About six months ago she had bought some
pot from a boy at school, the same boy she eventually got her sleeping pills
from. The first few times she had smoked nothing happened but a few coughing
fits but the third time, on one of her "Special Nights" she had gotten
totally baked. She thought that she was already as horny as a healthy 17 year
old girl could be but after she got high...oh my god! Everything was
heightened; she got drawn into her dirty pictures, picturing herself doing
all those nasty and perverted things and furiously frigged herself all night
long, cumming dozens of times. She was pretty sore the next day and walked a
little more bow legged than normal.

Lane had first discovered her pussy when she was taking a shower several days
before her 16th birthday. Back then she would have to fantasize in her head
what sex would be like. She'd never seen pictures of a naked man and had only
seen her cousins little seven year old penises as they changed for bed one
night while she was babysitting. She had no idea what a man cock would look
like so her fantasies were understandably vague.

Then she got her laptop on her 16th birthday.

Mama Kim smiled indulgently her. "Now you are almost a grown up, and as such
you get this computer as a sign of my trust in you, and also because you need
it for school." Quickly changing to a frown she said, "I read the manual and
fixed it so you will have no access to any dirty sights on the internet so
don't get any ideas young lady."

"Oh no Momma I would never look at gross stuff like that." Said Lane

Needless to say it didn't take her long to figure out a way to bypass the
parental lockout with her mom being none the wiser. Those computer classes
had come in handy! When she started cruising the x-rated sites it was like
a revelation to her. Flesh! All kinds of flesh! Man flesh and girl flesh
and ass flesh and tit flesh and... cockflesh. Cockflesh! Beautiful big veiny
cocks! Cocks everywhere! Fucking cocks and sucking cocks, black and white
cocks, big and small, most of them hard and some of them shooting cum.
Glorious cum! That was her first obsession, cocks and cum. She loved to look
at any kind of cumshot, especially facials! She looked at the pictures of
jizz soaked sluts and wondered what it would be like to have a big cock
explode right in front of your face. What would it feel like? What would it
taste like? In her mind cum was the ultimate proof that a man wanted her
and found her sexy, to be cummed on was to be worshipped. She read in some
of the stories she downloaded that sperm was supposed to taste salty. She
wanted to taste cum soooo badly. She wanted to be a nasty cum slurping bitch.
"What would Jesus think of that huh Momma?" she thought.

Despite her inner dialogues and other evidence to the contrary Lane actually
loved her mother very much. But she resented her with the white hot intensity
of a thousand suns. Never allowed to have any fun! In bed at 10:00 on a
Friday night for gods sake! Constantly having religion pushed down her
throat! It was really no wonder she was a pervert, all that pent up teenage
energy had to go somewhere.

Lane slid under the covers and opened her laptop. She planned to masturbate
a little bit until her mom was under. No orgasms yet, just a gentle rubbing
and maybe a little light finger penetration. First, some soft-core pics.
Opening up her slideshow she quickly found her hidden file called SC. She
started the slideshow and a picture of a pretty young woman in a cheerleaders
outfit appeared on the screen. Lane's hand reached down into her pajama
bottoms and started rubbing her slit through her panties as the pictures
started to cycle. The girl in the picture slowly and teasingly took off her
uniform and posed in increasingly lewd positions. Lane loved watching girls

"Oh yeah baby," she hissed silently, "Show me what you got." She pressed her
wet panties into the entrance of her vagina with her middle finger and slowly
twirled it around, coating the wet cotton with her creamy cunt juices. A look
of intense concentration appeared on Lane's face as she sort of frowned and
bit her lower lip, eyes glazed as she stared at the cheerleader. She liked to
fantasize that it was her in those pictures and that men all over the world
would jerk off while looking at her tight pussy and round little butt and
then spurt their cum all over her nasty, dirty pictures.

Lane had been fairly surprised that she was sexually attracted to women. She
hadn't really thought about it at first, she was just watching people fuck.
But after a while she noticed she wasn't just looking at the cocks and
muscles, she was also checking out the smooth, round female booties and cunts
and all the variety of tits. She loved looking at all sizes of tits but she
would give anything to suck on a real large pair of breasts, to squeeze and
lick them. Needless to say this made the locker room after gym class a much
more interesting place than it used to be. She was also amazed at all the
varieties of pussies there were. There were hairy pussies with prominent lips
and smooth shaven pussies with tiny little pink lips you could only see when
they spread it with their fingers, some cunts had prominent clits, some
didn't. This made her feel much better about her own pussy, now she knew it
wasn't all deformed looking or anything. She wanted to know what pussy tasted
like almost as much as she wanted to suck cock.

Now the slide show had changed, it showed a young Asian girl in a schoolgirl
outfit. Lane was surprised at all the pictures of Asian schoolgirls she found
on the web. There were loads of websites devoted exclusively to the subject.
She was pleased that lots of men found young Asian girls like her attractive.
She enjoyed looking at pictures of pretty girls in uniforms, another little
kink that she stumbled upon. Just about any kind of uniform would do,
cheerleaders and schoolgirls, maids and business women, nurses, vinyl and
leather BDSM gear, they all made her wet.

Last semester she had even joined the cheerleaders at good old S.H.H.S. At
the time her pal Rory had gotten on her case about doing such a cheesy thing
and Lane came up with a lame excuse about being an individual or something.
But all she really wanted was that cheerleaders outfit. Often she would
practice her cheers in front of her mirror sans panties, grinning wickedly
as she exposed her cunt and perky ass to an imaginary crowd. She left the
squad at the end of last semester and kept the outfit. It was hanging in her
closet right now, suitably altered here and there to suit her purposes.

Now her screen showed a shot of the schoolgirl standing with her legs spread
from a low angle, up her skirt you could see her tight pink panties as she
looked into the camera with a pout. Lane would have liked a schoolgirl outfit
but alas, she didn't have one. Her friend Rory did though. Because of her
smarts Rory went to the exclusive Chilton Academy. She could often be seen
around Stars Hollow during the week in her navy blue schoolgirl uniform with
plaid skirt and dark blue stockings coming to just below the knee. On her
feet were black and white saddle shoes and she always had her backpack full
of books. That's the reason Lane had so many CD's, Rory's ubiquitous

Though her pleated skirt came down to just above the knee and the whole
ensemble didn't really show much in the way of skin, Rory, with her long
coltish legs, endearing awkward ways and her shy smile made it look sexy.
Probably without even realizing she was doing it! Lane had seen more than
a few men get a little nervous and hot under the collar when Rory had her
uniform on.

There were a couple of times when a uniformed Rory was with Lane that she
felt unbelievably turned on by the whole aura of innocent naughtiness that
the outfit gave her. if you had the right mind set. And she had the right
mindset! She didn't have the nerve to try anything with Rory though, she
was afraid she might mess up their friendship which meant too much to her.
She'd love to try the whole Asian schoolgirl thing and see how she contrasted
with Rory's All-American freckled good looks. She'd thought about asking
Rory if she could borrow one of her old uniforms but couldn't think of any
plausible reason why she would need it.

After a while Lane switched the slideshow to the folder marked HC and set it
on shuffle. She wanted to look at some random hardcore. She moved her wet
finger deeper between her legs and burrowed it between her ass cheeks. She
pushed her panties to the side and started gently pressing against her anus,
already wet from the girl juice that had dripped down. With a quiet grunt she
forced her finger deeper into her ass while looking at the slideshow. Slowly,
and then faster she started sawing her finger in and out. "Up my fuckin' ass!
Up my fuckin' ass!" she mouthed over and over with her teeth clenched.

Later Lane looked at her clock, 10:30, time to check on Mrs. Kim. Getting out
of bed she took one last sniff of her pussy and ass scented fingers, composed
herself and walked across the hall.

"Mamma?" she said. She had an excuse in case her mother woke up and wondered
what she was doing there.

"Mamma Kim?" she said louder as she walked up to the bed. The teacup was
empty. A herd of elephants wouldn't wake Mamma Kim up now.

"Mamma Kim!" she yelled, shaking her mothers shoulder roughly. "Wake up you
old bitch!" Not a sound. she was safe. She spread her legs swung her pelvis
around lewdly and cupped her pussy through her pajamas, pointing her crotch
toward her moms face.

"This is what your darling daughter is gonna play with while you sleep Mamma!
She shouted. "My sweet horny cunt!"

She left the room and shut the door, went across to her room and retrieved
the joint and lighter. Going down into the kitchen she went out the back door
and sat on the back stoop. Her yard was surrounded by trees and no one would
see her in the dark. She lit the joint and just spent some time enjoying the
cool early October night.

"Wow, I'm pretty fucked up." She thought after awhile. She went back into the
kitchen and opened the refrigerator. In the salad drawer she found a large
cucumber. She had seen her mother bring it home a few days ago and her mind
had been working feverishly ever since. It was about 12 inches long and
probably 3 or so inches wide, covered with little bumps that she knew would
probably feel good. It was definitely bigger than anything she had fucked
herself with before.

With a lusty grin she ran back up to her room, opened her closet, and got out
her orange and white cheerleaders uniform. Originally the skirt had come all
the way down to her knees (One of the reasons Mrs. Kim allowed her to even
join.) but she had modified it to her liking. Instead of the thick wool top
that was part of the original outfit she brought out a small orange tee shirt
that she used to wear when she was 8. She put on the shirt; it left her
midriff bare and strained tightly against her small tits making her nipples
poke out nicely. She pulled on the skirt. It just barely covered her panty
clad pussy and you could see the globes of her ass peeking out behind. Orange
ankle socks and white tennis shoes completed the ensemble. She got out her
makeup and put on some rouge and eyeliner, then used some deep red lipstick
on her tender lips. She put her hair up into two pigtails high on either side
of her head and took a good look at herself in the mirror. Her amber skin
contrasted nicely with the orange and white. She checked herself out without
her glasses but then put them back on again. Everyone said she looked somehow
right in her glasses anyway and that way she could see herself better.

Now, moving closer to the mirror and looking herself in the eye she began the
way she always did. That special thing that she did at the beginning of every
"Special Night." It had taken on ritualistic qualities.

"My name is Lane Kim and I'm a dirty fucking slut!" She declared loudly
through gritted teeth. She repeated this mantra for several minutes, letting
her hands roam over her petite body in obscene ways.

"I'm a horny, cock loving whore with a wet smelly pussy who needs to get
fucked!" She shouted harshly, spitting out the words. This did not sound
like everyday Lane Kim; her voice was throatier, husky and harsh.

"My name is Lane Kim and I'm going to fuck my needy asshole with a big fuckin
cucumber because I like it!" she screeched, "I like to fuck my dirty ass! I
wanna cum while I fuck my stinky fuckin', cock lovin' ass!"

Lane had realized early on that she couldn't break her hymen and fuck her
pussy because her Momma occasionally checked her to make sure she was still
a virgin. Another creepy Mama Kim thing. So instead she had started focusing
on her asshole; that seemed more perverted anyway which was to her liking.
She started out fucking her ass with her fingers and had eventually tried all
sorts of cock shaped things. (Living above an antique shop was handy. Plus
she got the added turn-on of selling things to innocent people who didn't
know she had been fucking her ass with them the night before. Rory's mom had
a curtain rod in her living room that always gave Lane's pussy a tingle
whenever she visited.) Eventually her asshole could stretch and accommodate
quite a lot. She liked looking at pictures of anal sex and she had this one
picture of a pretty older woman shoving an incredibly huge black dildo into
her gaping shithole. That picture always got her totally revved up. She
didn't know if she could ever stick anything that big in her tiny Asian butt
but she wanted to eventually get close. She thought it would be an
accomplishment if someone as tiny as her could stick something that big up
her ass.

Now Lane spent quite a long time posing in front of the mirror. She kept up
a constant stream of obscenities as she copied poses she had seen in her
pictures. She pretended someone was taking pictures of her, and that there
were men all around her stroking their big cocks and gazing at her body with
lust glazed eyes. She imagined Mr. Lucas, her 40 year old History teacher
who she had a huge crush on.

"Is that what you like, huh?" she teased, "You like to see me lift my shirt
and show you my sweet tits? You want to suck them don't you, you want to suck
my tits while you stroke your horny cock and cum all over my legs you dirty
fuck!" She lifted her skirt bent her knees and pushed her crotch lewdly

"It's my pussy that you really want to see isn't it? My tight little teenaged
Asian pussy!"

She peeled off her by now soaking wet panties and again thrust her hips
forward lewdly, spreading her sticky cuntlips open with her fingers.

"Do you like my hairy pussy? Do you want to lick it and suck it?" Lane was of
course not allowed to shave her pubes and so had a luxuriant little patch of
straight, shiny black pubic hair between her legs.

"Do you want to see my ass?" she asked her imaginary admirers, "Do you want
to sniff my tender young butthole while you jerk your cock?" She bent over
and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her puckered brown sphincter to the

"Oooooh yeah, that's what you want! You want to lick my horny asshole!" She
rubbed her clit and started thrusting her hips forward as she brought her
other hand behind her and stuck two fingers up her ass.

"Fucking slut, fucking slut!" she repeated continuously in a choked murmur.
She looked at her hand slipping and slapping her pussy and clit; she looked
up and studied her face covered with a shiny sheet of sweat. Some of her hair
had come loose and was plastered to her forehead and some of her makeup was
running. She looked like a total whore, it was wonderful. She bit her bottom
lip and checked out the whole package in the mirror. Her hips humping forward
in as lewd a way as she could make it look as she finger fucked her quivering
asshole and ground her palm against her clit. The combination of her
ministrations and the accompanying visuals started to send her over the edge.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum." She said in a strangled voice. "I'm gonna fuckin'
cum! Oh fuck its good! So fuckin' good!

"Fuckyeahfuckyeahfuckyeah! FUCKYEAH!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Her eyes widened and her mouth formed an O as she orgasmed fiercely. Her
body was shaking like a palsy victims as she grunted and moaned and gibbered
nonsense. Her body couldn't control her spasms and she collapsed face down,
her ass humping the air uncontrollably and her knees getting wet in the
girl-juice that had leaked onto the floor earlier. She went through the last
few spasms of pleasure squealing and whimpering and finally lay on her
stomach for a while, half naked on the floor with a smile of pure
satisfaction on her elfin face.

As her breathing finally slowed down she noticed her room was permeated with
the musky scent of pussy. That reminded her; she sat up, took off the rest
of her clothes and retrieved her panties from the floor. She grabbed her
homemade toys from under the pillow. She put the slim green and the yellow
curlicue candles aside, she usually desired thicker and bigger objects up her
ass nowadays. She brought up the thick red candle she had ingeniously melted
so it was knobby "I'll start with this one to loosen me up first." She

She got on her hands and knees sideways in front of her mirror so she could
see her tits hanging down and her round amber ass sticking in the air. She
lubed up the candle and brought it around to her puckered asshole. Watching
in the mirror she pushed the makeshift dildo up her rectum, grunting as each
knob made her anus expand and contract in wonderful ways. Once it was deep
enough she brought her hand back around and just looked at herself with the
candle sticking out of her butt. She brought the two day old panties to her
nose and sniffed on the inside where her pussy had been. "Mmmmmmmmmmm." Lane
closed her eyes and smiled as she took in the pungent odors of stale pussy
with just a hint of piss that turned her on so much. She moved the panties
and inhaled deeply where her ass had been and savored the funky, earthy smell
for quite some time. She pulled the panties over her head with the crotch
part on her nose looking out through the leg holes. She put her head on the
floor and brought her hand behind her as she started butt fucking herself.
With her other hand she started playing with her clit. She stared at herself
in the mirror, hyperventilating as she furiously sniffed her stained panties.
She loved how bizarre and nasty she looked with her panties over her face.
She grunted and moaned and eventually came a few times until she decided she
was ready for the cucumber.

Leaving her panties on her face, she got on the bed and brought her ankles
up beside her head, this made her asshole face straight up and brought her
upside down cunt close to her face. Her cuntlips were moist, red and puffy
and her pubic hair was matted and foamy from all her previous orgasms. She
greased up the cucumber and then regreased her butthole, dipping one, two,
and sometimes three fingers into her well fucked anus. Taking the cucumber
with both hands she pushed it down onto her greasy sphincter which strained
and started to stretch. She brought both of her palms up to the top of the
cucumber and pushed down hard. With a muffled grunt from Lane the cucumber
slid into her and she squealed in pain and lust as her sphincter muscles
were stretched farther then they had ever been.

She pushed it down deep into her butt as far as it would go; her ass was so
tight around that cucumber that it automatically squeezed right back out if
she let up on the pressure. She started pushing it in and letting it squeeze
out slowly at first.

"Nnnnnng! Nnnnnng! Nnnnnng! Nnnnnng!" was the only noise she made as she
started fucking her ass faster and faster. Her eyes glazed over and
pornographic images flowed through her head as she used one hand to play
with her sopping cunt. Her hands were a blur as she stroked and fucked
herself. She could feel an orgasm starting deep within her gut. She called
the orgasms she got from butt fucking "assgasms" because they were definitely
different from the ones she got from playing with her pussy and clit. An
assgasm started deep in her bowels and spread throughout her whole body
instead of just concentrating on her crotch.

She stared in wonder as the huge cucumber went up her cute little butt. Later
she would wash it thoroughly and put it back in the fridge. Then Mama would
make it in a salad and they would both eat it as Lane got a little thrill
from making her mother an unknowing accomplice in her dirty deed.

She sucked her smelly panties into her mouth, mixing it with her saliva and
enjoying the concentrated taste of her own pussy. "Here it comes!" she
thought, "Oh god it's gonna be a big one!"

With a huge shudder and a lot of noise she experienced the most intense
assgasm she had ever had in her life. Her legs shook, her eyes squeezed
tightly shut and girl-juice ran in copious amounts out of her pussy and
down her stomach, pooling between her breasts. Eventually she sighed and
giggled as she let the cucumber sort of shoot out of her now satisfied

Lane spent the next few hours fantasizing and masturbating in a variety of
ways and came several more times. Finally she put everything away and made
sure all was as it had been. With a drowsy smile and a sore ass she climbed
into bed and went straight to sleep, satisfied with her night of debauchery
and knowing that when she really needed it, she would have another "Special

To be continued...


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