Gilmore Girls: Bubble Trouble Part 1 (Ff,inc)
by Lady Magi ([email protected])

"Where do you think you're going?"

Rory paused to answer her mother even though she was in a hurry. "Just taking
a shower," she said cheerily, waving her towel as illustration. Seeing that
as answer enough she turned once more, heading toward the bathroom. Only to
be stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

"Ooooh, no you're not," Lorelai cautioned, removing her hand from her
daughter. "I've got to meet Sookie in half an hour. We're going to go
silent-partner shopping for the Inn. I need to look impressive. I *need*
the shower."

"But I have a date with Dean!" Rory protested, shuffling in what she hoped
was a non-noticable manner toward the bathroom.

Lorelai followed her down the hall. "Dean can wait! People who are going to
throw money at me cannot!"

"But we're going to the movies. Dean'll be waiting there all alone, and
cold, and wondering if I got kidnapped, or- or killed by some ax-murderer or
something. And then he'll go out to find me and Whack(!) there goes his head.
And- and I'll never even get a chance to say good-bye!" Rory moved faster.

"Please don't make me beg. It will not be pretty." Lorelai said as she tried
edging her daughter out of the way.

Rory gave a triumphant 'Ha!' as she reached the door before her mother, and
even as she closed the door in her face she promised, "Five minutes, tops."

Lorelai Gilmore pouted in the hallway for half a minute before she yelled her
reply: "Fine. But any more than that and you're going to be sorry, I swear!"

Standing under the hot spray of water, Rory washed her skin with long
languorous strokes. She hummed a tune soundlessly while visions of Dean
flashed in her head. Things were going well for the couple and she was
more than a little aroused already in anticipation of their date tonight.

Just as she was about to do something about it the rustle of the shower
curtain and a draft of cold air followed by Lorelai's appearance turned the
movement into an attempt to cover up as much of her nudity as possible.
"Mom!" Rory yelled, blushing a color more suitable to Santa's bag than a
normal girl's skin color.

"What? It's not like I haven't seen it before." Lorelai teased, swatting Rory
lightly. "Now move over, you're hogging the water."

The two slid past eachother as Rory complied, completely mortified and yet
completely aroused at the same time, within the narrow confines of the tub.
Skin bumped lightly against skin and Rory forced herself to swallow a moan.
This was *so* wrong.

And yet she couldn't keep her eyes off of her mother. Watching the way the
streams of water flowed down each curve of flesh. The scent of kiwi assaulted
her nose as Lorelai squeezed a dollop of shower gel onto the round, puffy

Suds glistened along long lengths of skin as Lorelai washed. Rory turned
about, ostentatiously to grab the bar of soap she preferred, and began to
wash her already clean skin again with her back turned. Partly because this
hid the most notable signs of her arousal and partly to force herself from
staring at her mother. That would only lead to badness...

Wicked thoughts drifted through her mind even though she tried to think of
anything else. With that many hormones rushing through her young body you
might as well have asked her to not think of pink elephants. The hand
sweeping her hair from her back and the slightly scratchy feel of the loofa
on her skin caused Rory to stiffen up like a board, completely startled.
"What are you doing?" she asked carefully.

"I'm washing your back. What does it look like I'm doing?" Lorelai replied,
eyes dancing. Wide circles of sensation started at Rory's shoulders, moving
downward in ever tightening spirals underneath the scrunchy ball of cloth
in her mothers hand, until Lorelai reached the tiny dip in the small of her
back. A few more passes just like it and Rory could hardly keep her feet.
Her relaxed muscles were heavy and the throbbing arousal within her was a
slow and primitive beat.

"Mmmn, that feels really good. Thanks..." she said, turning her head slightly
to give her mother a lethargic smile. Rory's breath caught at the look in
Lorelai's eyes. There was something in the way she devoted herself to her
task that wasn't entirely maternal... unless it was the kind of maternal that
got you arrested! Her gaze feasted on Rory's flesh.

Turning about, Rory faced her mother, causing the loofa to slip around to
the front of her body. Closing her hand over Lorelai's she took the scrunchy
cloth from her hand and said, "Your turn...." Her voice was hushed but firm
as she twirled her finger around to illustrate what she wanted.

Seemingly amused at this command Lorelai complied, sweeping her own hair out
of the way for Rory.

Slowly Rory raised her hand up to stroke her mother's flesh with the soapy
loofa, starting at the nape of her neck. Her fingertips skimmed along the
skin there, extremely sensitized by her arousal. Every touch sent jolts of
feeling up her arm and deep into her body.

Her mind clouded by a fog of mixed emotions and purely physical need, Rory
wondered when she had begun to see Lorelai as something more than motherly.
And why did something so wrong suddenly seem like a natural progression of
their unique relationship?

The urge to turn Lorelai around and do more than get an illicit thrill from
bathing her mother was strong, but Rory bit down on her lip and managed to
contain herself. She finished her task with as much haste as possible. A tear
of frustration slid down her cheek as she hung up the loofa and bolted out of
the shower, barely stopping to grab a towel on her way out.

"Got to go! Good luck with the investors," she said, before closing the door
behind her and rushing down to her room to get ready. The sooner she got out
of there the better, she thought.



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