Disclaimer: This work is nothing more than a loose parody of the current
(2002) WB network's television series. It is not meant to infringe upon
their rights, and was not written for profit, and should not be charged
for by anyone other than the WB network who has my official okay-dokay
to use it in any upcumming episode.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Lorelai/Rory

Keywords: F/F-teen, inc, 1st-lesbian

Summary: Rory consoles her mother after she has broken up with Max.

Gilmore Girls: Breakup
by Kris ([email protected])

As morning came after their first night together, Rory and Lorelai lay
motionless in Rory's bed. The light drifting in through the window, playing
a moonscape of shadows over the curves of their naked bodies. In the dim
light it was just impossible to distinguish one body from the other. One
could only see the coming dawn over valleys and hills of feminine loveliness.

Lorelai was the first to move, just shifting her position as she snuggled
closer to her daughter Rory's back. She tentatively slid her hand along warm
soft skin until it lay between Rory's breasts, with her lips, touching the
back of Rory's warm neck.

A long, deep sigh escaped Rory, then she reached behind her back and drew
Lorelai's leg up closer, folding it into the crevice of her backside. Each
woman felt herself swimming in a sea of contentment, full and nourished in
the womb of her lover. Nothing was needed beyond this space and this

* * *

It had happened almost by accident. Lorelai had been rejected by her hunky
boyfriend Max the night before, and her daughter had found her laying
scrunched up on her bed in tears. Rory knew that whenever her mother was
in her room, waiting for her in the dark, it had to be something bad.

The story poured out of a sobbing Lorelai, how she'd loved Max, and how she
had made a mess of things. All her daughter could do was hold her mother in
her arms and whisper that things would be alright in time, and she was there
for her and that she was loved.

Maybe it was the wind she'd drunk, or the depression she felt, but for some
reason her daughter's presence made Lorelai react in a way she would never
have thought possible. She clung to her lovely daughter and as Rory stroked
her hair, Lorelai reached up and pulled Rory's face to hers and they kissed.

At first it was just a kiss, a thankful mother kissing her daughter. But as
she pressed her lips firmly to her daughter's suddenly there was more, much
more. Lorelai rolled Rory over onto her back and kissed her daughter like a
lover would. Her body covered her daughter's and her mouth opened and her
tongue thrust its way between her daughter's lips.

Rory briefly struggled, but soon she lay back and let her mother do what she
wanted. And what Lorelai wanted was to have a lover that wouldn't betray her,
that would accept her no matter what she did. Rory fast became that person
and her mother's hand slipped beneath her pants and between her legs.

Rory lay there as Lorelai began to force her legs apart, then she jumped as
she felt her mother's fingers exploring her womanhood. Before long the to
women were rolling around feeling each other's naked bodied with abandon.

Finally Lorelai guided Rory's hand down between her legs, pushing her
daughter's fingers against her slick pussy opening. Rory, who loved her
mother, didn't hesitate, she slipped a finger into her mother's sopping
slit, then two, then three and she began rubbing her, back and forth, up
and down, until within moments Lorelai gasped and her body jerked and
went ridged.

Rory watched amazed as her mother's orgasm crashed over her like a freight
train. She'd never seen her mother so out of control. She'd never even
imagined that she would one day see her mother having an orgasm, and one
caused by her to boot.

After Lorelai calmed down both women snuggled together in a spoon and fell
a sleep shortly after.

The second time they woke up Rory was the first to move. She turned
completely around to face her mother. With her hand she brushed Lorelai's
hair away from her face then kissed each of her closed eyelids, letting her
lips linger on each one as if making love to the eyes beneath. Then she drew
herself to Lorelai in a complete embrace winding her leg between hers.

Lorelai responded, wrapping her arms and legs around Rory, eyes still closed
and a beatific smile on her face. They lay there still, hugging, enjoying the
feel of each other's nakedness. Then after a few moments, Lorelai's lips
found Rory's and drank of them, a long full drink. Rory opened her mouth
letting her mother in, then closed her lips around Lorelai's tongue and drank
her morning kiss back from her.

A mild sensation began to warm their bodies, their legs squeezing a little
tighter around each other's, their breasts pressed together firmly, as they
enjoyed the wonderful sensations, and with each wave of their gently rocking
hips they pleasure increased. As if floating on a sea, but indistinguishable
from the sea, their skin were the waves, and every part knew every other part
and felt perfect. They were unashamed, unhidden, totally exposed and bare to
each other.

"You know me by my openness, and every part of me is open to every part of
you," the waves seemed to say. And to Lorelai and Rory could feel it, that
sensation, from every inch of each other's body through to their core.

A flame kindled in this sea quickened and spread its fire from red pubic
flesh through thighs and calves, and feet. And from the small red peak
between each of their legs which firmed then glistened, then threw off its
hood, to rise in a rush of fire filling their breasts, swelling their
nipples, and swirling out their mouths in a fiery of pressed stinging lips.

As mother and daughter let themselves go, let the worries of relationships,
of school and family disputes,love's cream began to flow lubricating and
accelerating their motion into an erotic dance as of sea serpents on a stormy

Soon low moans could be heard, thrashing and giggles, and contented sighs,
hands tugged at hair, tongues tasted ears, teeth bit nap, fingers roamed,
rubbed, and probed, finding entry everywhere and denial nowhere.

The signal of their coming orgasm could have been heard in the guttural notes
torn from throats full of passion, like low sounds from water pipes thrust
out by bursts of air. Then high notes joined the low, notes that could
possibly be mistaken for pain to the uninitiated.

And then it began. For a moment was all that had ever and would ever exist,
all sound, all motion, all feeling was suspended. Two bodies locked
together, tight and ridged, straining.

Then Lorelai's jerked violently, pressing her clitorises against her
daughter's making Rory groan with a deep pleasure never quite felt before.
Her vision blurred and a deafening roar filled the teenager's ears and her
mother's continued thrusts brought her rushing over the edge of sanity.

Rory gasped and moaned her body jerking orgasmically out of control, no
thought, no coherence at all, only primal lust, animal pleasure as her
mother continued to stimulate her health young body.

Finally, Rory begged Lorelai to stop. Her voice was cracked, her throat dry
from spent passion, but she made herself understood. Her mother disengaged
from her daughter's body and they lay side by side panting for breath.

As the brilliant wonderful feelings slowing faded, mother and daughter
realized for the first time that they were gasping for air almost unable
to get enough. That their hearts were racing like they'd just run 10-miles
without stopping. Then they lay flat out on their backs, motionless except
for the desperate rising and falling of their breasts and the deafening
pounding of their hearts as there blood rushed in their ears.

Rory signed, then rose to one elbow facing her mother. Lorelai turned her
head to see her daughter in all her young glory, perfect breasts and velvety
skin. Lorelai finally spoke, "Honey, thank you, I really needed that."

Rory looked deeply into her mother's dark sparkling eyes and responded, "Me
to mom, me to..."



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