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Gilmore Girls: Bad Girl Lane Part 2 (MMF, anal, dp, atm)
by LL

The world seemed to be spinning, whirling around and leaping back and forth. The trees seemingly shattering and putting themselves back together as she watched, like they were reflections in a self-repairing mirror. Lane took another puff, inhaling deeply - it made her feel both woozy and incredibly alive at the same time. She took one more drag, before passing the joint to Harrison. Her classmate took the pot and smoked it heavily, his eyes rolling round his head as the vapours slid down his throat, "Fuck man. This is powerful shit." He looked at the glowing end of the cigarette, a ramshackle mix of powerful herbs and cheap paper, and giggled, "Powerful shit." He leant over and passed it to Eric.

The muscular school Quarterback took it from his friend and ran a hand over his crew-cut hair, "Fuck, yeah. It's fucking massive. Y' think Lane?"

Lane was looking up at the sky. The birds seemed to be flying very slowly today, she thought. Or perhaps it was the few clouds in the sky were going very fast, even though there was hardly a breeze - which was really strange and something she'd never seen before. She vaguely thought it might be a good idea to ask Rory about this meteorological oddity, her best friend was super-smart and was bound to know the reason. She was vaguely aware Eric was talking to her, something about his size. She turned her head to look at him, he was sitting cross-legged and smoking that kick-ass weed they'd bought. She blinked and tried to concentrate, fuck yeah, he had a huge package, she could see the lump under his pants; shit, he was hung like a horse. She gave a nod, "Huge."

Eric took another drag of the pot and passed back to Lane. The teen reached up and took it. She inhaled, feeling the mellow smoke slid into her, the chemicals entering her blood-stream and pumping round her body in a slow, comforting wave. She thought of Eric's cock again and that made her horny, even more than usual, "It's massive," she said thinking about it entering her, "Fucking giant."

Harrison took the joint and sucked at in, dragging in the last of pot leaving the stub so worn down that the glowing end was almost burning his fingers. "Yeah, hot," he said, "Huge and fucking hot."

Lane turned her head from Eric to him. He was sitting with his legs apart, in a way that would have been classed as unladylike if he'd been a girl. Lane didn't complain, cos as he said he was huge - his cock straining at his tight pants - and he was hot as well, the school stud. The diminutive Korean looked up at the air, the clouds seemed to have slowed and now it was the birds that were flapping past at speed. "We going to fuck or what?" she asked.

* * *

One of the cheerleaders gave a stifled titter as Lane walked into her English class. As Lane turned towards them to see what they were giggling about, the girl abruptly turned her head away from the doorway and towards her books. Lane ignored the sniggers and sat down; outwardly she tried to ignore the gossip and half-glances, inwardly she was revelling in them. She wasn't the first Senior to have lost her virginity, but she was the first who'd had both her cherries popped on one evening and in a foursome where she was the only girl. Lane didn't know how the rumours (if the truth could be called that) had spread round the school. She'd only told Rory and her best friend gossiped less than a stone cold statue - but it didn't matter, everyone knew that Lane was no longer the innocent virgin, but the ultra-easy lay.

Lane opened her book and pretended to read, though her thoughts on the Romantic Poets was crowded out by the thought of big dicks ramming her holes to orgasm. She forced her legs together, in a vain attempt to reduce the horny urges, flowing from her heating pussy. If it made any difference it was minor and Lane's mind filled less with thoughts of Keats and Blake and more on her fantasies of cock and lots of it.

"Lane," the teen jumped as her reverie was interrupted by Harrison McGuire. Her classmate grinned at her, his perfect white teeth seeming to gleam in his square, manly, jaw.

"Hi Harrison. You want to copy?" Lane asked. Harrison might be one of the school's tops jocks, star of the football team and all round athlete, but he also had a reputation for missing homework deadlines - with looks like his he had better things to do and no need to worry.

"I'm cool. I actually did it last night," he gave a grin. "My homework I mean..."

"Yeah, me too. My homework as well," replied Lane, trying to work out if there was an entendre there or not.

If there wasn't his meaning soon became clear, "Me and Eric, we're thinking of bunking off this afternoon, y'know... hanging. We've only got history and I know you hate history."

Hate was probably too strong a word, mild dislike was probably more accurate and she normally wouldn't have considered truancy, if only because of Mrs Kim and the thought of her finding out. But usually she wasn't being invited to do the bunk with the good-looking Harrison and the even more studly Eric Golightly. She paused as she wondered whether it was an innocent invite where they intended to talk music or whether the two boys had an ulterior motive. Whilst she loved discussing her favourite rock bands she didn't think she could spend an entire afternoon talking about it; on the other hand she could easily spend an afternoon doing something else...

"Sure, that'll be fun," she smiled.

* * *

Lane threw her satchel into the back seat of Eric's convertible; a sleek and sporty model like its owner. It was gift from the Senior's Dad who thought that no Quarterback should be either riding the bus or turning up to school in a car which looked like it was a reject from a Herbie movie. Eric slid into the front seat and Harrison got in beside him. The car reversed out of the lot as speed, Eric twisting the steering wheel to screech the car round in a rubber burning turn. His foot hit the gas and they were speeding out the gate before any teacher could look out the staff room to see what was happening. As they sped down the hill towards the highway Harrison hooted and punched the air, "See ya suckers."

Lane laughed; the old Lane would have never skipped school with a couple of guys - but then the old Lane never knew how to have fun, cowering at the thought of her Mom's talk on hell and damnation. The new and improved Lane was more than ready to risk not only a Mrs Kim lecture of bubonic proportions, but eternity in the burning pit, as long as she got fuckings along the way. She shook her head, pulling away the plastic band that kept her hair neat and letting the wind blow through it. She let out a cry, "Fuck you school."

"And fuck the horse you rode in," shouted Eric, "Fuck you Star's Hollow High, fuck you forever."

The three teenagers whooped and hollered again, punching the air and shrieking like they'd escaped from Alcatraz rather than bunking of school. After a few moments they calmed down and Lane leant forward between the seats, "So where we going?"

Eric grinned, "I know this secluded place, it's near here. It's nice and secluded, but near the road so we don't have to walk. You'll like it, very scenic."

"Cool," grinned Lane, though she wasn't that interested in its scenery. From the grins of the boys nor were they.

It didn't take the three truanting teens long to get to the spot Eric had suggested. If Mrs Lane had been there she would have given a nod of approval as she looked at the babbling brook, at the bottom of a slope so gentle it was barely an incline, the whole spot shielded from the dirt track they'd driven down by a copse of trees. It was, she would tell Lane, proof of God's divine providence that he could make a place so beautiful and serene. Luckily Mrs Lane wasn't there, and she would have been shocked if she was, as Lane jumped out of the back seat of the car, shedding her cardigan as she did so. She grinned and undid her blouse, only a couple of buttons, not far, but far enough to hint of future promise.

The two boys also got out of the car. Eric popped the trunk and pulled out a rug. He saw the other two looking at him and shrugged, "So we don't get any stains from the grass."

Partially Lane was disappointed, she was expecting a more rock and roll rebellious from her partner in truancy, and worrying about getting grass stains on his pants, was hardly up there with blowing up the school and murdering the Heathers. At the same time, it saved Lane having to explain any green skids on her clothes. She walked over and sat down, "What next?" she asked smiling and twiddling a hand through her hair seductively.

"I've got some shit-hot weed," said Harrison, "Wanna smoke?"

Lane hesitated a moment. It wasn't that she was worried about it taking her first toke; good little Christian Lane worried about that, not big bad superslut Lane. No, what she was worried about was performance or to be more specific whether two whacked out potheads would be able to get their pricks hard and up her. The hesitation was fatal as Harrison took out his pot and began to skim up as Eric looked at him expectantly, as if his fellow footballer was the one sitting on the rug with a skirt halfway up his thigh and two buttons on his blouse undone. Seeing she was too late Lane fell in with the crowd, "Yeah," she drawled, trying to sound casual as if she'd been doing marijuana since she was two, "good idea." She undid another button, just as a reminder for why she was here.

Harrison had finished making the spliff. He took out a lighter and lit it and a fragrant smell, more powerful than the scent of nearby moss and flowers, filled Lane's nose. She blinked briefly, surprised at how strong it was, and this was the smell just going up his nostrils. Harrison sucked in deeply, "Fuck, that's good," he said with feeling and passed it to Eric before sitting down beside Lane.

The Quarterback took the weed and for a second looked at it like the antique experts, who sometimes came into Mrs Lane's shop, apprised a particularly fine piece of Napoleonic china. After a few seconds he took a puff, "Whoah!" he gasped shaking his head, "Whoah man, shit. Try this Lane, it'll blow your head."

He was standing beside her, with his pelvis right at eye level. Lane licked her lips, there was certainly something she wanted to blow. Her leer was taken as her agreement to smoke and Eric thrust the smouldering spliff at her face. Lane took it, trying to appear casual and to examine at it with the same interest the two football players were. After a pause, which was possibly a second too long, she put it in her mouth and inhaled. She coughed and coughed, but neither of the guys seemed that interested, just looking up at the clouds. She took a deep breath and cleared her throat before raising the weed cig to her mouth again and taking another drag. For a second nothing seemed to happen and then...

"Wow. Wow!" gasped Lane. Her body seemed to relax, warm feelings buzzing round and penetrating to her brain. She took another toke, inhaling the narcotic deep down her throat. It entered her bloodstream and sent another wave of relaxed pleasure through her and up to head, making her so light-headed it was like she was floating. It wasn't as good as an orgasm, but it was close. She took a third drag, before lying down and passing it back to Harrison, "That's good," she said and undid another button. She saw the guys were looking at her so she undid another, letting her blouse fall open to her belly button and exposing her pale-white bra and the sexy skin beneath it. She smiled and slid a finger down her cleavage, "I'm getting hot," she giggled.

Harrison didn't reply, but he grinned back and took a strong drag of the pot.

The three of them lay there with the sun beating down on them, looking at the sky, passing the joint and muttering inanities on its strength and power. With the pot buzzing through her Lane could see why so many of her classmates enjoyed a toke and made a mental promise to herself to ask Harrison for the details of her dealer, so she could show Rory what they'd been missing. In the meantime she was getting hornier, she had been ready for a fucking before, but the pot seemed to be raising her libido, leaving her metaphorically, if not literally, gasping for a fuck. The boys had lit a second spliff though and Lane lay back, contenting herself with looking at the clouds flutter by at a strange speed and feeling herself getting more licentious with every second.

Yeah, hot," Harrison said, "Huge and fucking hot." Lane wasn't sure what he was talking about; his cock she hoped. She turned her head and he must have been talking about his dick, as it was pushing at his pants like it was desperate to escape.

"We going to fuck or what?" Lane asked.

"Fuck, yeah," said Harrison, he sounded stoned and casual as if she'd asked whether he wanted some gum. But it was too late to stop her as Lane had already rolled over so that she could slide down his zip. She kicked off her sensible shoes and pulled out his prick in unison. It was as big as she thought it would be, she could feel it pumping in her hand as she jacked it slowly up and down, making sure it was nice and hard. She slid up and down slowly, smiling as she saw Harrison's face turn from stoned to stunned, "Fuck, yeah," he said again, his tone this time one of rising excitement.

Lane gave it a few more pulls, satisfied the big dick was as hard as it could be. She gave a grin, "Keep it up, I'll be back in a moment." Harrison nodded and taking his member in his hand began to gently stroke it, all the time looking at Lane. The diminutive teenager turned to Eric and gave a smile, "Your turn."

"This 'll be fucking good," the Quarterback said with enthusiasm.

"It will be," Lane replied. She undid the last button of her blouse and shrugged it off, it was getting in the way, plus she didn't want cum stains on it. She picked it up and tossed it towards the convertible. That done she reached over towards Eric and slowly undid the button of his pants, before sliding down the zip.

The cock burst through the flaps of his boxers like a jack-in-a-box. It quivered as it stood upright, the blood pumping through it and making it as erect as iron. If anything it was bigger than his friend's (and that had been massive). Lane looked at it lustfully, her pussy tingling with anticipation. She reached out and stroked the dong, feeling it throb in her hand as she tried unsuccessfully to fit her fingers and thumb round the shaft. Eric gave moan of pleasure as the young Korean moved her hand up and down, slowly jacking him. "Fuck Lane, you're fucking good at this," he said.

"I'm the slut Queen of Star's Hollow," Lane said as beside them Harrison continued to stroke at his fully engorged member. "Now stand up and take off your pants and I'll show you what I can do."

The two young men swiftly complied and as they pulled them down Lane was unbuckling her own skirt and removing the underwear underneath. She threw them in the same direction as her blouse and got onto her knees, swivelling her head from side to side and salivating as she scrutinised the two erect pricks; big, thick and meaty. She raised her head so that she looked first at Harrison's face and then at Eric's; both had expressions of undisguised lust mixed with anticipation. Lane giggled, knowing she was in control and loving the new improved her. Her hands moved out and she stroked the underside of both boy's dicks, feeling them quiver and pulsate at her touch.

"Fuck Lane, you're the best," moaned Harrison.

"I am and I'm going to show you why," giggled Lane. She paused and continued to lightly run her finger under the massive members, letting the anticipation as much as her actions keep them hard. "Have either of you fucked a girl's ass?"

"Sure," said Harrison and Eric nodded.

Lane wasn't sure they were telling the truth or whether they were just bragging like teen boys were wont to do. Not that it mattered, they were in for a treat either way and as she surveyed their pricks, so was Lane. She smiled up at them "Not like this you won't have. I want one of you to bang my butt, whilst the other fills my pussy and then if you've got the stamina you can swap places and do it again." She looked at the footballers expressions, their jaws were literally hanging open and eyebrows raised almost to their hairlines as they gazed down at the sweet looking Korean and their brains processed what she was saying. Lane gave another wider smile, she guessed few of the other Seniors were offering a DP fuckfest when they went truanting. She slid her fingers back and forth, "but first, I'm going to make sure you're ready."

"We're ready," said Eric and this time it was Harrison who nodded.

Lane's shook her head, "Trust me, you're not." Before either of the footballers could respond Lane had opened her mouth and slid it over Eric's prick, her hand closing round Harrison's at the same time. Her lips moved down slowly, about halfway down, until she could feel the hardness of the Quarterback against her cheek, then equally gradually she pulled back and let the cock slip out of her mouth. Her tongue slid round her lip wiping away her saliva, "Before those big boys get in me they need lubricating, I want them as wet as my cunt."

"Suck on," grinned Eric as Lane's head slid down his prick again.

This time she moved faster, bobbing her head up and down so fast it was like she was in a moshing, rather than noshing. The dick pushed hard at her cheek and then down at the top of her throat as she shifted the angle. A wave of wet saliva covered it as she gagged for a second, before recovering and returning to sucking with enthusiasm. All the time she was gently tugging at the other footballer's dong, making sure Harrison remained hard - though with Lane sucking his friend in front of him nothing else was probably needed.

"Suck it babe," grunted Eric again.

Lane ignored him, pulling her head back from his dick, a trail of saliva hanging momentarily between her lips and his large member, before it dropped away. Lane drunk in the air, examining Eric's dick as she did; it was soaked with her spit, glistening in the sun, wet droplets slowly sliding down and off. She dropped her hand from Harrison's cock and said, "Your turn now."

"Go on Lane, suck it girl," groaned the footballer as Lane's head went down his cock. Her hand reached out at the same time, grabbing Eric's wet dick and stroking and massaging it between her fingers. Her head slid down, slowly at first and then gradually quicker, bobbing up and down as she took it further into her mouth. She felt it's tip at the top of her throat and she went down deeper. Instinctively she gagged as it went further, swamping his dick with her bile and lubricating it as only a sloppy bj can. She pulled back slightly, breathing through her nose and then down again, feeling the touch of the cock against her tonsils, the wet saliva coming up her throat and the water in her eyes. Harrison groaned, "You're the best cocksucker ever."

Lane didn't think that was true, but it was a nice compliment and even if she wasn't yet the world's best in giving blowjobs it was certainly an ambition to aspire to. Her head bobbed back and forth, her tongue fiddling with the prick and adding even more liquid to the dong. "This is fucking good," Harrison grunted again, "So fucking good."

Lane pulled her head back and turned again to Eric. The Quarterback's cock was still as hard as iron, but the sun and the massaging had got rid of the excess liquid. Lane looked up smiling, "I think this needs more help," she said and brought her mouth down onto the dick. Eric gave a grunt of agreement as the petite Korean's lips clamped down on him, rolling back and forth as she slurped and sucked. Lane moved faster, taking the cock down deep into her mouth and leaving it soaked and hard.

The Quarterback gave another grunt of pleasure as the tiny teen took it against her tonsils and washed it with her spit. She looked up and saw that his face was contorted; if she wasn't careful, she thought, he was going to cum from the blowing and not from fucking one of her other holes. It took all her willpower, however, to pull back a final time and she wouldn't have managed it if she hadn't forced herself to think of how great it would feel to have his huge dong up her tiny, tight asshole. Eric gave a final groan of pleasure as her head dropped away, "Shit, that was hot."

The sexy teen stood up and twirled round clad only in her bra and socks, her pussy was already wet with anticipation, little pearls of girl cum forming and glistening invitingly. She giggled, "I thought you'd like it and the best is yet to come..." she twirled again, letting the two young men devour her semi-naked body with their eyes. She stopped and stood opposite Harrison, one hand on his chest, slowly undoing the buttons. With the other she reached down and stroked his hard cock again. Her tongue moved round her lips with a slow seduction as she undid the shirt and pulled it off. Harrison shivered, but not from cold, and Lane could feel his dick quivering with excitement. She smiled again and said, "You guys still want to share me?"

"Hell yeah," they both said without any pause.

"Good, cos I really, really want to be shared," said Lane. She turned on her heel, wiggling her ass at the nearly naked Harrison, before sliding her hands to his friend's shirt and peeling it off his muscular torso. Her hand went down to Eric's cock, it was still slimy and soaked with her saliva. She smiled, bringing the hand to her mouth and licking the finger like it was a seductive lollipop. She took a step closer, her hand moving to Eric's chest. She could feel his cock pounding and throbbing as the blood pumped, quivering like a champion racehorse waiting for the stalls to spring open. She gently put pressure between his pecs, "On your back, let me get on you."

Eric went down quicker than if he'd been punched in the jaw by Mike Tyson. Lane stood over him and turned round so that her ass was facing him. She wiggled and took hold off the cheeks, slowly pulling them apart so that Eric could see her small little butt-hole, all puckered and tight. She began to come down, "Guide it big boy," she murmured. She felt Eric's hands gripping her side and slightly move her to one side, she allowed him to take control until she could feel the tip of him pressing at her tight-hole. She paused for a moment, gathering her strength, "Aaaaarrrrh," she gasped as she brought herself down. "Ooooh," she moaned as she pushed herself up.

"Fucking hell," gasped Eric as if he'd never had a petite nymphomaniac Korean impale her ass on his cock before.

"Fucking hell," gasped Harrison as if he'd never seen a petite nymphomaniac Korean impale her ass on his friend's cock before.

Lane went down again, taking more of the large dong in her asshole, stretching her walls and making them ache - pleasantly. She placed her hands on the ground, her back parallel to Eric and levered herself up. The dong rubbed at her bowels, making the flesh sting, but also sending waves of ecstatic bliss through her. In front of her Harrison took a step forward. Lane lowered herself again, a bit deeper than before. She smiled at Harrison, "Easy tiger, let me get myself comfortable."

"Sure thing Lane," nodded Harrison, standing over her and stroking his cock in excited anticipation.

Lane knew how he felt, but it wouldn't do to take the second cock until she was ready with the first - nothing would be worse than her not being properly stuck on Eric and finding herself slipping off. She continued to move up and down, Eric keeping hold off her as she carried on balancing herself on her palms, her feet also firmly planted on the rug. Each time she was taking a bit more of the dong, moving faster and with greater confidence until she was bouncing hard, her glasses jiggling on her nose and her titties straining at the bra. She came down once more, lowering her ass all the way down the prick so she could feel the Quarterback's balls under her cheeks. She took one hand off the ground and moved it to her cunt, spreading open the pussy lips. She looked at Harrison, holding his hard cock in his hand and smiled, "Come take me with that fucking big dick."

"Shit, hell, fuck, yeah," said Harrison with enthusiasm if not coherence.

Lane squirmed in pleasure as the second dick spread her slit, the huge dong powering into her as Harrison thrust down. For a few moments Eric just lay back, letting his friend get into a rhythm, but soon he had got the tempo and began to push up. Lane squealed out, "Ooooh, yesss, arrrrghh," as the two pricks rammed into each of her holes. Lane had known normal sex was great and anal sex even better, but having both her cunt and butt filled at once was the best yet. Her body quivered and quaked as she was bounced between the two footballers, their muscular bodies slapping her front and back as they sandwiched her. Her hands pushed hard on the ground, her fingers clawing at the rug and she let her head fall back against Eric, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder."

"Shit, you are so tight," gasped Eric as he did his best to loosen her up.

"Fuck me, fuck me like a slut," Lane replied

The two cocks continued to pound into her, making her body quake and vibrate as it was bounced between them. Lane could feel her glasses, jiggling and slipping down her nose. From force of habit she pushed them back up, then dropping her hand back to the rug and gripping it hard, "Aaaarrrghhh, fuuucckkk," she shrieked. Her spectacles began to slide down again and she jammed them back, aware that whilst she was getting double-fucked it would be a never-ending battle. Not that she minded, the pleasure she was getting was intense, if one dick produced bliss, two doubled it to something just short of heaven. The glasses slid to the tip of her nose, she reached up and jammed them back into place, though they were so steamed up she could hardly see anything. The two dicks pounded into her, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, aaaaargghhh, oooohhh, uuurrgghhh. I'm a slut, do my ass, bang my cunt."

The two footballers were so deep in her their dicks were almost colliding, battering at the thin (but tough) membrane that separated one fuck-hole from the other. Her clit was in orgasmic overdrive, Harrison ramming in from the front, whilst Eric finished it from behind. She tensed and immediately relaxed, only to tense again as the pricks went down and hammered her spot. Orgasms so intense, so powerful, so mind-blowing awesome that it was like being swept away in a tidal wave blew through her. She gripped the rug and shrieked out, "Fuuuuccckkkk! Fuuuccckkk!"

"I'm gonna cum," said Harrison, seconds before his load blew into her cunt. She felt the warm sperm shoot down her slit and towards her womb, some trickling back out as the Senior pulled his cock from her. He let the last remains drop from his dick and drip over her cunt, breathing heavily.

Without him on top of her Lane was able to move herself and she began to bounce down to meet Eric's upwards thrusts, pulling herself up as he went down, only to ram down powerfully as he returned up. Her glasses were so steamed that water was dripping down the lenses, leaving little streaks over the glass and making the world seem like it was foggy haze. She pushed them up again and rammed herself down, "Bang my butt, bang it harder, ram it open."

Eric grunted something and thrust up again. He gave a groan, "Shit, man, shit," and pumped his cum into her butt, blasting it up her bowels. She pulled herself up, gripping her cheeks and pulling them apart and letting the cum pour back down, dripping onto the rug and leaving a damp, sticky stain. She looked at the two guys, lying on their backs, panting as they tried to get their breath back, their large dicks flaccid sticky with his and her cum and other smears. She smiled, "Ready for another go guys, you can swap holes."

"Give me a moment," said Eric, "Let me recover."

"Sure," said Lane, "Let me help."

She leant over his prick, it was coated with drying sperm, together with a brown smudge that Lane didn't want to think about. She moved her mouth down and slid her tongue over the tip, moving up and down. Eric looked up from his sedentary posture, "What the...?"

Lane lifted her head, "Have the none of these girls you ass-fucked sucked you after?" she asked innocently, "It'll help you get ready again."

Eric didn't reply, but gave a small grin as Lane's tongue slid over his member. It began to stiffen, teased back into life by the teen's tender tongue. Lane opened her mouth and moved down it, there was a slight bitterness from the brown, but it was almost drowned by the salty tang off the cum. Lane's head bobbed up and down, eyeing Harrison's prick as she did so. The other footballer's dong was rising without a touch, responding to visual stimulation only. Lane moved up and down quicker, cleaning Eric and making him grunt and quake with pleasure. Beside her Harrison's cock was also quivering in excitement as blood pumped through the bulging veins. She pulled her mouth away from the Quarterback and moved over to his friend.

Harrison gave a guttural grunt as she licked her lips, "I better get this lubed up if you're going to take my ass," giggled Lane and moved her head down his member. The Senior gave another grunty moan as her lips moved down his prick, sweeping at the dried cum and pussy juice and slurping it into her mouth like it was the bottom of a tasty milkshake. She moved slowly, savouring the taste and the sensation as the cock throbbed in her mouth, seeming to expand to fill it, like rapidly drying icing sugar as she took it further and deeper. The dick probed at her cheeks and the root of her tongue, sliding further until she couldn't help but gag and drench it with her saliva. She pulled back and repeated, sucking the cock leisurely, luxuriating in her slow, sensual sucking. Harrison groaned and tensed and groaned some more, "Fucking hell," he gasped, "You give the best blowjobs ever."

Lane took him deeper, allowing the tip to press at her tonsils until she choked. Her eyes watered and opened, tears sliding from them as saliva slid down her partner's prick. Harrison tensed again and Lane knew he was ready. She took her head up and cast a look over to Eric; the Quarterback was lying on his side, pumping at his cock as he looked at the petite Korean. He grinned, "Shit. The rumours were you were a slut, but I never knew how fucking much."

"I'm the sluttiest slut in Stars Hollow, probably the state," agreed Lane with a smile, "Now are you both going to DP my less-tight-than-they-were holes?"

"Fucking hell, yes," chorused the two Seniors.

"So how do you want it this time?" grinned Harrison. He stood up, his prick jutting out like a thick branch from a muscular tree, though one still dripping from the sucking it had just had from a tiny eighteen year old slut.

Looking at him, standing there, his large dong, erect and stiff gave Lane an idea. She stood up and smiled, "Want to try something more energetic?"

Harrison looked briefly at his friend and nodded, "What you got in mind?"

Lane turned her back on him and retreated towards him, "You think you could lift me up and hold me under my thighs?"

"Sure, you're as light as feather and I'm not a wuss," laughed Harrison. He did as he said he would sweeping her up in his arms so that she was dangling with her feet off the ground.

"Now stick it in my butt," giggled Lane.

It wasn't easy and Harrison had to eventually lean against the car's trunk and let one of Lane's legs down as he used the hand to grip his dick and push it into her ass. Lane groaned in pleasure as it went in, the anal pounding she had received shortly before had left her ass open and despite the size it, if not exactly slipped in, at least went in with a minimum of effort. Harrison reached down and lifted her leg up again, tottering for a second as he got off the car and straightened up, "How's that?" he grunted.

"Feels good," moaned Lane and let herself relax back into his muscular body. She opened her legs, spreading herself for a hard as iron Eric. The teen giggled, "Come on in and fuck me."

Eric took his prick in his hand and stepped forward, pushing himself into her wet and wanton front-hole. Her juice trickled down as the massive member ground in, making her pussy wider and stimulating the nerve endings in the warm, gooey flesh of her cunt walls. Eric grunted pulled back and then went in again, deeper and further, banging down further. Lane moaned, "Come on Harrison, fuck me as well."

The young man holding her began to work his hips, thrusting his dick in and out. Lane moaned and pushed herself further against him, making his friend push harder and deeper as he struggled to keep up. The two footballers began to move faster and harder, their strokes becoming more confident and the thrusts deeper. Harder they pushed, pressuring the thin membrane between ass and pussy with their pricks. Lane gasped and shrieked, her body jolting as the pleasure shot through her like an electric wave, "Fuck me, fuck me harder! Fuck me! I'm a slut, fuck my holes."

The two dicks rammed at her, shaking her like she was a rag doll, her legs shaking and flopping like they were out of control. Her arms were scarcely better, she moved one to push her steamed up glasses back up her nose - it was like trying to drink soda on a roller-coaster. She shrieked and bucked, her vibrating body bouncing and shaking. "Oh yes," she shrieked, "Fuck me!"

The two boys grunted something and carried on ploughing her holes, treating her to orgasm after orgasm. The pleasure swept through, intense and powerful, so strong that Lane decided that if this was heaven she was going to redouble her nightly prayers. The dicks went in, spreading her holes and sandwiching her G-spot, setting it ablaze like a thousand Roman Candles all exploding and igniting at once. Her legs felt like raggedy doll and her arms were out of control, moving like she was imitating a windmill, "Aaaarrrrghhh, fuuucckkkk, shiiiitttt, fuuuucckkkk meeee, aaarrrgggghhh," she screamed.

Her glasses bounced off her nose and spun away. She didn't care.

"Fuck me, fuck my holes you studs. Use my holes like I'm the sluttiest slut in America," her body bent and twisted as another orgasm hit her. Her bra, still on, strained with the pressure and a nipple burst free from under the garment. The dicks went up her, sliding into her well-opened holes with ease. Cum dripped from her cunt, sweat slid down her front, leaving her slippery and shiny in the sun. Harrison gripped her harder and both young men slammed forward. Lane shrieked again, "Fuck me, fuuuuucckk, aaaaarggghhh."

It was Harrison who came first. He gave a groany sigh and let loose, splattering Lane's anal passage way with his white oozy cum. Lane gave a cry of pleasured triumph as she felt the warm goo shooting up her ass. She tensed and then fell back against Harrison. He pulled himself out and let the cum drip back out onto the floor, but helpfully he carried on holding up Lane as his friend continued to pound her.

"Fucking hell, you're a skank, Lane, a fucking dirty whore," groaned Eric as his massive dong raced in and out of her hole.

"I am," cried Lane in agreement, "Now fuck me, fuck my slutty slit open."

He rammed down, grunting and perspiring, slamming his dick deep down into her and making her already well-used clit explode with further pleasure. "Fuuuccckkk," screamed Lane, "Fuuuuccckkk."

Eric grunted in reply and pulled his dick out. Two tugs and it blasted its load all over the bottom of her tummy and the outside of her pussy, the stringy rivulets sliding down her skin like melting snow to drip to the floor. "Shit," moaned Lane with feeling, "That was something."

Harrison let her down. For a second Lane thought she might be too weak to stand, but staying in place for a second, leaning on Eric allowed the teen to regain some strength in her legs; at least enough to totter over to the rug and drop down. The two footballers dropped down on either side of her, as obviously exhausted and sated as she was. After a few moments Harrison said, "Shall I skin up again?"

"Cool," agreed Eric.

Lane nodded and added, "Good idea. You need to introduce me to your dealer. That's some great shit."

* * *

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