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Gilmore Girls: Bad Girl Lane (MMMF, anal)
by LL

"Be good; and if you can't be good be careful," her best friend Rory Gilmore's words repeated in Lane Kim's head like an old fashioned LP stuck in a groove. "Be good, be good, be good," the words hammering and ricocheting round her brain like bouncing zings of electricity, until they were no longer they no longer sounded like Rory, but her Mama; no longer friendly, but judgmental, "Be good! Be good! Be good!"

"I'm not a good girl," said Lane with a burst of defiance.

The girl beside her, retouching her purple lipstick in the mirror of the ladies room, gave her a startled look and then took a step or two along the basins, making sure there was plenty of space between her and the possibly psychotic, though petite, Korean. Lane ignored her and continued to look in the mirror. Her own lip gloss, so carefully applied at Rory's house was smudged as was the eyeliner, little lines of darkness smearing down where her watering eyes had washed away the dark pencilling. There wasn't much she could do about either, stupidly she'd left her cosmetics in Rory's room - which is where she normally hid them, not thinking she'd need them again.

Her lips felt dry and she ran her tongue nervously over them; it didn't do much for the gloss, but there was a flavour there as well. Or not so much a flavour as a seasoning; bitter and salty, but also a reminder of the tastiest dish Lane had ever had. She licked again, feeling her tongue moisten her lips, continuing until ever last remnant of the cum was gone from her lips. Again she looked in the mirror, she didn't think she looked like a slut, well not a total slut, her pullover was up her neck and was thick enough you could barely see her braless nipples through it. But just ten minutes ago she'd been crouched down sucking a guy's dick. 'Yes, Mama Lane,' she said to her mentally to her mother, 'I was on my knees, with a cock between my lips, giving head like I was born to it. And I was loving it.'

The teenager gave a smile in the mirror and flicked back a lock of hair that had fallen from her fringe. She picked up her bag and strode confidently out of the ladies. The guys were just finishing their drinks as she went up to them and she grinned, "You ready to go? Let's party."

Earlier that evening

Pursing her lips Lane Kim artfully applied the lip gloss. It was a red, of such a deep hue her Mom would have called it sluttish; though even if it had been so pale a shade that it was barely noticeable Mrs Kim would still have regarded it as fit only to be worn by the Whore of Babylon. Which was why Lane was sitting in her best friend Rory Gilmore's room getting herself ready for an evening of Rock 'n' Roll debauchery; or at least one beer and possibly two if she was feeling really daring. Lippy applied she looked in the window, "Looking hot," she murmured to herself. She turned to Rory, who was lying on her bed, reading a book, "Are you sure you don't want to come? You can pay on the door."

Her friend looked up, "I've got some study to do; and I know you rave about the Swinging Warblers, but they're a bunch of college kids who've no sense of either harmony or rhythm right, but cover it by playing very fast."

That was probably a fair review, Lane inwardly admitted, but the tickets were cheap and, as it was late night Bible reading at the Kim house, Lane needed to be anywhere but home. Mrs Kim had reluctantly agreed to her sleeping over at the Gilmore's house, probably because Rory would be more than happy to help Lane with her Math assignment and keep under the Korean's GPA. Despite it all Lane had the grace to blush when her Mama's friend had called her off with a cheery 'Be good, at your friend's, Lane' only to be chastened by Mrs Kim saying, 'Be Good. Lane is always a good girl.' Technically it wasn't a lie to say she was going to be sleeping over at the Gilmores - even if she wouldn't get in until after Rory and her Mom were tucked in their beds, dreaming their dreams. Lane smacked her lips together, making sure none of the gloss smeared or smudged over her face, "You okay about me coming in late?" It was about the third or fourth time she'd asked, Lane was nothing if not considerate and so she added, "I'll be quiet."

Rory's head had gone down towards the book, reading a few sentences, before shooting up again, "Yes. It's fine, I'll be sleeping like a log. So unless you're planning to bring some handsome hunky guy back and wake me up with your screams of passion, we're good." She smiled to show she wasn't serious. Lane grunted something that might have been a yes or a no, or something else entirely. She and Rory were probably the last virgins in Stars Hollow and Lane was sick of it. All the girls in class were always giggling as they said what they'd done with their boyfriends over the weekend whilst Lane's main excitement had been browsing a second hand record store with Rory, followed by coffee at Luke's. Rory's smile faltered a bit at her friend's lack of response and she backtracked, "I mean... I'm only joking Lane, I wasn't suggesting you're a slut. You're good."

Lane longed not to be, but she forced herself to grin to show there was no offence, "I'm not bringing anyone back... okay unless I find Sebastian Bach in the audience, then all bets are off." She picked up her bag.

Rory laughed as her best friend headed towards the door, "Be good; and if you can't be good be careful."


The couple standing a few feet from Lane were making out passionately, their hands wiggling so quickly over each others bodies as their legs rubbed and wrapped round, so that they looked almost like a two headed octopus. Lane tried to ignore the horny twosome and concentrate on the band. The trouble was the band were shit. She hadn't been expecting much, but she was sure last time she heard them they'd mostly played in time with each other and the singer's vocals were roughly the right pitch. They hadn't so much gone downhill so much as plummeted heard-first into an abyss.

"Oohh Friedrich," one head of the octopus moaned, "ooooh Friedrich."

Lane moved away, the sound and sight of the two lovers was making her ache with sexual desire and the cruddiness of the band wasn't making it easier to act as a distraction. In fact looking at the band made it worse, as the guitarist whipped off his shirt to show a set of well toned pecs, shiny with sweat under the stage lights. Lane tried to ignore his muscular six-pack and listen to the music, trying to guess what cover they were murdering and whether the original singer could claim damages.

"They're fucking terrible, aren't they," a voice behind her sounded. She paused for a second unsure whether the person was talking to her. The voice continued "I can't say I wasn't warned - everyone told me they were total dumbasses."

Shyly Lane twisted round, half-expecting that the speaker would be talking to someone else and she would have to execute a perfect half-turn back, whilst pretending she hadn't moved at all. The guy was about twenty, a six-foot pack of black muscle in jeans and a T-shirt proclaiming his loyalty to local college. He was smiling at her, which was a good indication that he had been speaking to her. But Lane wasn't sure, he could just have turned as she did from one of his two friends, leaving his smile still fixed. The diminutive Korean hesitated and the guy spoke again, "Fuck, they're bad," he shook his head in despair.

There was no doubt that he was talking to Lane. She nodded, "They're what's killing live music."

The guy grinned, "I'm Don. Brandon and George." He waved his hand towards the two young men standing next to him. At the sound of his name the one called Brandon gave a friendly nod and hello, he was another early twenty guy in a college shirt, with long blonde hair and the beginnings of a goatee. George paused a moment, still concentrating on the band, before giving a curt nod. He was a lean, almost cadaverous, youth with his blonde hair cropped so short that if he hadn't been hanging out with a black and a hippy would have easily been mistaken for a neo-Nazi.

"Lane," she smiled back. He was handsome, with a firm chin and sharp cheekbones; the light from the stage glinting on his bald head.

"You from round here?" he asked.

"Stars Hollow," she replied, "It's the next town over." She gestured towards his top, "You at..."

"Yeah, we're all sophomores at the University. I'm majoring in Spanish. Brandon's a English Major and George's - he's a science geek, but other than that he's cool. You on your own?"

"Yes," said Lane, "I'm staying the night at a friend's; she's leaving the key under the mat."

Don gave a lop-sided grin, "So you can get back late?"

"Yeah, I guess," said Lane, "but it won't be too bad. There's a bus direct to Stars Hollow and it's still running way after the gig ends."

"Sure, that's what I was thinking," Don replied. He sounded a little stand-offish. He pulled out a packet of cigarettes, "Want one?"

Lane shook up her head and held up her glass, still almost full to the brim with orange juice, "I'm alright."

"I see you're a good girl," said Don, his tone was dry and his face showed sudden disinterest.

Something snapped in Lane. He was the third person to tell her she was 'good' in as many hours and all of a sudden she was sick of it, sick of being good little Lane, who always did what she was told and crossed her legs when ever she thought of sex. She didn't want to go through her life being meek and pitiful and hearing all the other girls' stories whilst having none of her own. She put her glass on the nearby stand-up table and shook her head, "I'm not good at all."

"No..." the young man started to say, but he had hardly got the word out before Lane had slammed her mouth onto his. She had to stand on her tiptoes and hug her hands round the back of his neck to pull him down, but he swiftly got the message opening his own mouth and slamming his tongue at hers. His hands went to her waist, pulling her into him, so close that she could feel the throb of his prick beneath his denims; it seemed large.

"Whoah, full on," grinned Brandon

"Way to go," added George in a West Coast accent.

Lane was surprised by her own audacity, but any misgivings she might have had were swept away by the way her toes were tingling in excitement, sending up waves of excitement through her body and making her feel warm and alive. Don was kissing back at her hard, one of his hands moving up and down her waist, pushing up the pullover so that he could massage her skin. The other hand was almost still, but as it was squeezing her rump Lane wasn't complaining. They broke for air and Lane said, "I'm a party girl"

"You sure look like a chick who likes to parrrttttaaaay," laughed Brandon in agreement.

"A lot," confirmed Lane and slammed her mouth back against Don. They moved together like dancers on a stage, their legs rubbing up and down each others thighs, his hands both now clamped to her, squeezing hard at her butt and making her wet, whilst hers were wrapped round him, not letting him go. Lane felt her glasses starting to steam up, heat rising from her and Don. It didn't matter - at the moment sight was less importance than feeling and she was feeling good. She slid one hand from his back and round to his front, feeling daring she rubbed it over the lump in his jeans. She could feel the lump moving and quivering, like a snake waiting to strike. The black guy didn't seem to mind her touch, his tongue pushed harder into her mouth and his fingers dug deeper at her butt. She continued to stroke at the covered cock, in her mind seeing its length and girth and look. Her own cunt was getting wet and warm at her imaginings, the sex sticking at her panties and making them damp under her own jeans.

"You like naughty Lane?" she pulled her mouth back and stroked harder at him, pushing her palm over his dick, feeling it vibrate in excitement.

"I'm not complaining," Don barely had time to reply before Lane's mouth was back on his. The teen had never felt so alive and so absolutely and totally horny ever, not even when she was secretly toying herself when her Mom was asleep nor when she and Rory had watched the secret sex films Lorelai Gilmore hadn't hidden very well. And she knew she wanted to do more, to touch and feel Don's manhood and make herself a bad girl Almost without thinking she untwisted the button of his jeans and slid her hand in and under the boxers.

He straightened, his body tensing like a spring, and for a second Lane thought she'd gone too far. But then he relaxed and leant into her, pushing his mouth hard against hers and squeezing her butt like it was play dough. The teen Korean moved her fingers, stroking the cock. It had seemed big when she'd been massaging it under cover, touching it made it seem mountainous. It felt hard and firm; quivering like a taut high tensile wire as she touched it. She tried to place her whole fingers round it so that she could work as she'd heard the cheerleaders describe, but there wasn't the space in his pants, not unless she wanted to drop them to the floor there and then. Instead she continued to stroke and tease, rubbing at the meat as Don continued to thrust his tongue deep into her and grip her butt so tight she probably could have let her feet leave the floor.

They broke again, and Lane looked at him, "I can't get my hand round it properly," she said in a voice which was a mixture of apology and lust. He didn't say anything, instead giving a small smile and using his eyes to indicate the half-open fire escape. For a second Lane continued to stand close to him, playing with his prick, wondering how far she was going to go. She decided she was certainly going to go further, and make such a story for Rory and the girls at school so that no-one would think she was the geeky goody two-shoes again. Smiling she took her hand out of his jeans, "Let's go somewhere else."

"Yeah," Don agreed. He turned to his buddies and straightened his denims, "Me and Lane are just going off to have some private time." He grinned as Brandon pushed his tongue into the inside of his cheek and made a suggestive movement with it.

Lane smiled as well, she didn't want to appear stand-offish as she was sure bad girls didn't care about their reputations only having fun and Lane was desperate to be a bad girl. She took Don's hand and walked him towards the fire escape, trying to wiggle her ass at the other two as she did so. There was no-one at the ajar door to stop them pushing through and into a dimly lit and poorly painted corridor. Lane walked along and round a corner. There was a door to a storeroom in front of her. She tried the handle. It opened.

The shelves were packed with cleaning products; soaps, towels, bleach in industrial size containers, mops and buckets - nothing which was likely to be needed until the place had closed and the cleaners began to scrub up from the nights revelry. Lane closed the door behind herself and Don, and then for extra privacy pushed one of the big boxes in front of it. Don gave a nod of approval and moved in front of her, "Where were we?"

"I was about to blow you," the words were out of Lane's mouth before she had even thought what they were going to do.

"I could live with that," grinned Don as Lane dropped down to her knees in front of him.

He unbuttoned his jeans, but it was Lane who reached up and pulled them down to his knees, exposing thighs like tree trunks and a prick like a python. It had seemed big when Lane had been massaging it with her fingers; when out and erect in her face was monstrous. For a few seconds she regretted her words, wondering how she'd ever be able to cope with it in her mouth. However, her worries quickly went, replaced by a rush of warm wetness between her legs. She placed a hand down there and began to rub and push through the denim, pressing at her pussdy. At the same time she began to slide her tongue up and down the dick; it was, surprisingly or not, tasteless. Don shivered in excited anticipation as he was licked, "That's it, that's a good girl."

Lane pulled her tongue back for a minute and purred, "I'm not a good girl. I'm a bad slutty rock chick."

"Yeah, baby, that's right; don't stop, just lick," murmured Don in reply, "Lick it good, if you want to be a slut cos that's what bad sluts do."

"I'm a bad, bad, bad, slut," giggled Lane and returned to licking the dick. She ran her tongue back and forth over the throbbing black member, pushing at the skin over the tip and slowly running her tongue over his ballsack. She twisted and turned, over the top and down below, her tongue leaving barely a millimetre untouched. All the time Don gave little grunts and moans, his entire body shaking in excitement at what was to come.

Pulling her head back Lane looked at the prick, shining with her saliva. It was still massive, but she was ready for it. She opened her mouth and started to take it. Her mouth felt stretched and it pushed at her tongue and into her cheek and that was with only a quarter of it. She pulled back, looking upwards at the young black man as she did; his handsome face was picture of pleasured ecstasy. His expression gave her the confidence to go down again, taking the prick as deep as she dared and making her eyes water. Don let out a groan, "That's my slut, my bad slut. Suck it baby, suck it."

Lane's head worked down, pushing back the skin on Don's cock and then pulling back, slurping greedily at his member. She moved faster, sucking as hard as she could as her head bobbed. The thick dick punched at her tonsils, making her eyes water and she struggled not to choke. Her jaw was aching as well, as the huge, hard prong gaped her mouth open, like an oversized lump of candy. She almost would have stopped if it hadn't been from the grunts of pleasure and mutters of ecstasy coming from Don, "Suck it baby. Suck my big black dick." Lane carried on, cramming her mouth with cock.

Slowly she began to get used to it, breathing through her nose and moving to rhythm, her tongue, below the dick, struggling to push up and tickle at his muscle. Don was certainly enjoying it, and that made Lane enjoy it as well; especially as she continued to rub at her pussy. She had undone the top button of her jeans and slid a hand down under her panties to rub at her slit; there might not be much room but there was enough to ease the finger in and pleasure the top of her cunt. The harder she touched the more she sucked, and the more she sucked the harder she touched, her own pleasure swelling up through her body and transferring to a groaning Don, "Fuck, baby, suck it, suck it."

She did, putting every ounce of energy into choking down the dick, sucking and slurping it like a Popsicle, dribbling her saliva out from her lips as she banged back and forth. Never having given a guy a blow she just hoped she was doing it right; from the guttural grunts and pelvic shakes she guessed she was.

Especially as Don suddenly gave a big grunt and gasped, "I'm about to cum."

Lane remembered some of the girls in the locker room discussing the etiquette of 'spit or swallow'. Unfortunately she couldn't remember what the right response was, so deciding you couldn't go wrong by continuing she carried on bobbing her head back and forth as Don's body tensed and gush of sperm shot out of his mouth. It was down her throat before she almost realised it, salty, but smooth. Another blast of goo slammed into her mouth as Don groaned, "Yes, fuck, yes." Lane swallowed at it greedily, unwittingly unleashing another explosive cum shot. She couldn't take it all down quickly enough and hoped Don didn't mind as it dribbled over her lips and down her chin. From the stunned happy look on his face Don didn't care about anything as the last of his seed spurted out to be eaten by Lane.

She continued for a few seconds more, sucking and cleaning all the cum from his dick and leaving it as good as new. Once she was sure he was finished she pulled her head back, his dick hung limply in front of him, covered with a shiny sheen. Lane felt a rush of pride as she looked at it, even flaccid it was big, but she, little tiny virginal Lane had fitted it in her mouth and sucked it off. She stood up, "I enjoyed that."

"Me too," grinned Don, like a gentleman he held the door open, "You're a little slut, you know."

"I am," said Lane, then she repeated it more proudly, "I am." She wasn't a good girl anymore she thought as she and Don returned to the others.

Up on stage the band were just finishing the set with a crash of chords and throaty screams, not necessarily in time with each other. The others greeted them as they approached, Brandon with a cheery wave and George with a sullen movement of his head, which might just a nod.

"You got your private time then?" Brandon placed an emphasis on the private time and grinned, touching his finger to his lip.

Lane mirrored his movement, there was a bit of cum exactly where he pointed and she wiped it off and then sucked her finger, before giving him an enchanting smile, "Yes."

"We're going to shoot," said George, less to Lane and more to Don. "You coming alone, or...?"

"What about it Lane," asked Don, "You wanna come to our place and party?"

Lane paused for a second, she'd already proved to herself she wasn't a good girl, by blowing a guy she hardly knew in the club's storeroom, did she want to go further? The urge in her pussy told her she did, she wanted to go back and go all the way, to really be a bad skanky slut. She smiled, "With all three of you?" The guys looked between each other as if that wasn't had been meant, but now it was mentioned it seemed like a good idea. Lane didn't let them speak before she carried on, "Yes, please." She kicked herself for adding 'please' a proper bad rock chick slut wouldn't have been so polite. "Just let me go to the bathroom and freshen up."

Soon after

It didn't take long for the four of them to return to the small house the three college boys shared; which was lucky for Lane as the thought of what was going to happen had made her as horny as a three headed unicorn. Technically, she wouldn't be having her cherry popped, as a dildo had already done that in a vigorous masturbation session whilst her Mom was down in the shop. However, she'd never had a real cock up there and she was shaking with excitement at the thought that soon she'd be having three.

She almost skipped into the front room. It was, Lane guessed, almost typically studenty, with posters of grunge bands held up by sticky-tape affixed to the wall, a carefully stacked model made of empty beer cans in the corner and few mint condition text books on the shelf. Brandon walked over to the Hi-Fi, "Let's put on some music," he said and slid in a CD. Seconds later some classic Dire Straits began to play. Lane would have preferred something louder and faster, hardcore music for hardcore fucking. CD on Brandon moved towards the kitchen, grinning, "I'll get some beer."

"Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it
You play the guitar on the MTV"

Mark Knofler began to croak out the words as George and Don moved towards the sofa. Lane stayed standing in front of them, her foot began to tap automatically and her knee shake.

"That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nothin' and chicks for free"

There was perhaps an appropriateness to the lyrics; whilst Lane was sure that being a rock star wasn't money for nothing, she was a chick for free. Her knee jerked a bit more and her waist wiggled as she swung round. Brandon came back into the room with four cans, eyeing her appreciatively as she moved.

"We gotta install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries"

The youth offered her a beer. Lane shook her head and moved faster. The guys wanted a show, she could tell, she'd give them one, strutting her stuff like she was on stage and they were her groupies.

"See the little faggot with the earring and the make-up
Yeah buddy that's his own hair"

She bent down and up before running her hand through her dark hair and letting it fall like sensually back. She twisted herself and worked her body up and down, her hands moving up her waist and side as she danced, taking hold of her pullover and bringing it up so that her midriff was exposed to they young men's lascivious gazes.

"We gotta move these refrigerators
We gotta move these color TV's"

Lane continued with her sweater, taking it up further, up past her titties, jiggling in her back bra and over her head. For a second she held it close to her as she danced and then tossed it to one side. She felt strange, so liberated and alive, coursing with excitement.

"I shoulda' learned to play the guitar
I shoulda' learned to play them drums"

She stumbled slightly as she kicked off her boots, but if the guys noticed her misstep they weren't complaining, especially as she immediately put her hands to the button of her jeans. She didn't undo them for a moment, teasing the boys with a gyrate which made her bosom bounce and showed how toned her tummy was.

"We gotta move these refrigerators
We gotta move these color TV's, Lord"

If tongues could have become detached they would have done as she undid her denim pants, sliding them down to her knees and then off. She wondered what her Mom would think, or Rory, if they could see her dancing in just her bra, panties and socks in front of three desperately horny guys. Her hands moved up behind her back...

"You play the guitar on the MTV
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it"

...and unclipped her bra.

It fell effortlessly to the floor. Free from its silky embrace her firm, teenage boobs bounced and jiggled. She slid her hands underneath them and pushed them up, moaning in tune with the music as he fingers dug into her flesh. Beneath her panties she could feel her pussy wettening with lust. She was so ready.

"You play the guitar on the MTV"

Her panties fell to the floor, leaving the guys free to stare at her naked pussy with the small tuft of black pubic hair, neatly trimmed above it.

"Money for nothin' get your chicks for free
Money for nothin' get chicks for free"

She continued to dance, letting herself swing seductively with the music, twisting, gyrating, jiggling, making her body move, showing and exposing her teenage sexuality for her admiring audience.

"I want my... I want my [chicks for free] I want my MTV"

As the song faded to nothing she slowed down with it until it was nothing and she was standing naked, apart from her white socks. She slid down her hand to her pussy. It was soaking with anticipation. She looked at the guys, all three of them, even already serviced Don, were hard beneath their pants, their dicks sticking up like mini-mountains. Her fingers reached into her slit and she pried apart the hole, showing her pink as a smile crept to her face, "So guys, who wants to fuck me first?"

To her surprise it was George, who nodding to his friends stood up, "Yeah, let's do it." It wasn't much given that he was about to take her virginity, even if he didn't know it, but it was as much as he'd said to her all night. He pulled of his T-shirt, revealing a firm chest with a tattoo of a dragon just above his heart. He kicked off his pumps and pulled down his jeans and boxers; his hard long cock jutting out at a right angle. He moved towards her, "Let's do it."

The lack of romance in his no-nonsense approach was a bigger turn on than any long drawn out seductive approach and within seconds Lane was on her back on the floor, bringing her legs apart. The carpet wasn't the most fluffy she'd ever leant on, in fact if Lane had been fussy she'd have said it was scratchy, but she was too horny to care. She pried apart her soon-not-to-be-virgin hole and said, "Come fuck my sweet little pussy."

Within seconds George was on top of her, forcing his big dick into her, as his friends hooted encouragement. Lane groaned as he entered, the size of the cock stretching her tight teenage twat. He carried on down, the juice from her twat lubricating him as he moved deeper into her, pressing over her sweet spots and making her even wetter. Up he went and then down, up and down, up and down, each thrust taking him far into her and spreading her tight pussy walls wider. Lane gasped and groaned, her back scraped over the carpet, as she writhed with a passion; its sharp, cheap wool scratched at her back, but she didn't care. Her hands were on his back, her nails digging into his thin, but fit, frame, encouraging him on, "Oh, yes, uurrgghh, oh yes, yes, yes."

He pounded at her harder, slamming deep, cramming her cunt with his cock. The diminutive Korean couldn't believe how great it felt, much better than plastic or fingers. Waves of pleasure bounced round her body like she was a pinball and he was the flippers. Above her his face became a blur as her glasses steamed up, the heat from their bodies making her sweat and drip perspiration. She gripped him tighter, "Fuck me, fuck me, uurrrhhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Yesss, go on, go on, waaaarrhh!" in the background, above George grunts and her own squeals, above the swish of his dick ploughing her wet hole, above the rhythmic slap of their bodies in a unwavering copulation, Lane could hear the cheers and shouts of Don and Brandon. The thought that even when George was finished that the orgasms wouldn't stop for long and that the pleasure would go on made Lane even more aflame and she pushed up, thrusting her own pussy over the youth's dick and taking it deep. Her energetic couplings excited the on-lookers even more and their cat-calls became louder and more intense, "Go! Go! Go! Go! Waaahhhayyy!"

Another orgasm pounded through the teen, a cataclysm of sexual pleasure. Lane opened her mouth and shrieked again, "AAArrrrghhh, yessss, aaaaarggghhhh."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," panted George as he pressed up and down, "Fuck, fuck, fuck"

His face was a mask of concentration as if he was doing a very hard puzzle rather than an extremely easy Korean. He raised himself and thrust down again, his facial expression first opening, almost in surprise, before being quickly replaced by a look which was a cross between relief and pleasure. At the same time Lane felt a new warm wetness enter her soaked, hot cunt and she knew he had cum in her. She made a mental note to make sure she went to a late night pharmacy on her way back to Rory's and buy some morning after pills. More importantly she levered herself onto her elbows and said, "Who's up next, guys?"

Don and Brandon had made the best use of the time her friend had been fucking her to get undressed and ready for action, there hard cocks sticking out like thick and meaty flagpoles. Brandon looked at the cum trickling from her pussy and grinned at his friend, "Jeez, jerk, " he joked, "you've cum in her hole."

Don was quicker off the mark, stepping towards Lane he said, "It's me next then. I'll have sticky seconds."

Lane twisted to her knees in front of him, a dirty idea, typical of a bad girl coming to her mind, "You don't have too..." she gave a naughty wink, "not if you bang my butt." The suggestion was out and Lane suddenly felt even more desperately horny, her entire body quivering with a craving for cock. For a second Don halted, his eyebrows rising in surprise and then a broad smile slowly crossed his and he nodded. Lane waddled on her knees to in front of him, "My ass is too tight for that huge dick, not without some prepping." She licked her lips before transferring the tongue to his dong, running up and down the wide, black shaft.

If Lane's pussy was tight she guessed her ass would be even tighter, so even as she licked his dick, one hand stroking at his smooth, ebony balls, her other was down at her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. She moved her little finger to her butt-hole, pausing briefly, a moment of trepidation, before pushing it at her hole. At first it didn't seem to go and then it went in; it was tight, tighter than she'd have thought, gripping at her finger. She was aware that George and Brandon were looking at her as she fingered her ass, both guys grinning wildly. Don wasn't looking, his eyes were closed and he was moaning in pleasure as Lane's sexy tongue cleaned and licked in long, sensuous laps. She pushed her little finger further, working it in and wiggling it around. She felt her walls stretching as her digit pushed and a wave of joy ride up in her; she'd have to be careful she didn't get too excited and lick Don to fruition, she thought, there were no G-spots on her tongue or in her throat. Still it looks good enough to eat. She pulled back her head an instant and when she returned her mouth was open to receive him.

She pulled out her little finger and pushed her middle finger in as a replacement. It was slightly thicker and longer, and it magnified the sexual pleasure she had been getting. She twisted it round, slowly opening her butt, hooking it, so knuckle pushed at the wall, easing it open and stimulating her nerve endings. Up and down she moved it, trying to keep it in time with her licks and slurps, as her tongue and lips moved oiled his dick. Don groaned, "Shit, baby, you're good, you're fucking good" and the diminutive Korean guessed that if she didn't move soon he'd be shooting his goo down her throat again.

She came down one last time and then back up in a slow, seductive suck that made Don's eyes roll and his mouth quiver. A trail of saliva hung between her lips and his wet dick, before she sensually licked it away. She looked up at Don as she did it, waiting for him to open his eyes, before swinging round with the gracefulness ballet's black swan. She spread her legs, moving her hands behind her and taking hold of her butt cheeks, opening them so her hole was uncovered. "Fuck my ass, and fuck it hard."

He came down behind her, kneeling between her legs and taking hold of her waist, bending her over. As her hands moved to balance on the floor, he slid his own down her sides and onto her ass cheeks. Lane gave a moan of excited expectancy as he pulled apart her buttocks and pushed his dick at her hole, the tip dipping in. Her hands gripped hard, trying to pull the carpet in tufts and she quivered, waiting for the thrill and the pain of the cock entering her. She had given up the virginity of one hole this evening, now she was going to give up the other.

"You have such a fuckin' tight ass," said Don in admiration and moved in.

Lane gasped, her body automatically starting forward, as the big dick pushed into her. The cock was stiff and hard, feeling like a rough iron bar was being shoved into her anal chute. Even with all the licking and lapping she'd given to oil its passage, it was burning and tearing, like being rubbed by sandpaper. "Ooooohhhh," she moaned and then "oooooohhhh," again, higher pitched and louder. Don was moving back and pushing again, his thrusts slow as he forced himself forward against the resistance of her, now non-cherry, asshole. Lane's fingernails tore at the carpet, "Oooohhhh," she gasped and paused before repeating, "Oooooohhhh, yessss...." in a voice which was thick with pleasure.

She had always realised sex would be fun, but she never realised just how much. Okay, Don's pounding her ass was uncomfortable at first, as her walls stretched and her hole struggled to cope with the large invader. But it was also making her orgasm in a way she hadn't believe possible, like every piece of pleasure she had ever received was all rolled together into one glorious feeling and magnified. Her body bounced back and forth, her lovely teen titties jiggling beneath her, as the young black man rammed in and out. His large cock whirred deep into her ass, going deeper and faster as her butt gave up its resistance and relaxed to welcome him. He grunted in excitement, one of his hands moving to rest on the small of her back, whilst another snaked round to wipe at her pussy, driving her further into the grasp of pleasure, "Ooohhh, yesssss, uuurrrghhh, ohhh, yesss. Fuck me, fuck my fucking ass, ram your big dick deep into my dirty butthole."

The prick splatted deep into her, thudding into the thin wall that separated her back hole from her front and making her clit, behind it, quake with joy. Lane's body jerked under the pounding, making her head rock and sliding her glasses down her nose - not that it mattered she could hardly see through them, soaked as they were with condensation as sweat steamed off her body. In front of her she could see the blurred shape of Brandon. "Want to prep me as well?" he said and the teenager girl could see the pink blob sharpening as he walked in front of her, stroking his large dick.

With all her mind concentrating on the slamming she was getting in her asshole and the orgasmic pleasure bursting out of it, it took a few seconds for Lane to realise what he was asking; but when she did there was only going to be one answer, "Yes," she said and took his manhood in her mouth.

It felt good, or rather bad and naughty and delicious, to have a cock in each end. The teen Korean slurped and sucked the big white dick in her mouth whilst bouncing back and giving the massive black one in her ass all the attention it deserved. It was easier than she thought to get the rhythm right and not loose concentration, making her wonder if the guys were practised at it as well, as they, too, moved in unison. And then she pushed the thought from her mind, it didn't matter, and let herself flow with the moment. The two pricks entered her again and again, Don's slamming deep and hard into her tight teen asshole, and Brandon's moving against her cheek, pinning her tongue to the floor of mouth as he went in slower, but just as forcefully. The pleasure was liberating, explosive, plentiful. She might not have had a G-spot in her mouth, but the badness of taking two at once made the anal orgasms feel all the sweeter.

"Yes, God, yes, God yes," croaked Brandon as she sucked him hard. Don was making a noise as well, but it was more guttural and unintelligible, a series of pants and grunts and squeaks.

It was intense. She knew that Lorelai Gilmore hadn't been virginal even before she met Christopher, but Lane guessed that even her best friend's Mom had never done anything as debauched as taking two men at once. Still it felt great, better than anything ever. Lane knew she was slut, a skanky ho, a total fuckbag; and she was loving it. Her mind entered a nirvana of orgasmic pleasure, an Eden of ecstasy and if her mouth hadn't been full she'd have cried out to the highest of the Heavens.

Brandon came first. Unlike Don earlier he didn't shoot in down her throat. Instead he jerked his prick out like she had caught fire. "Fuck me, I'm cumming," he gasped as his hand gripped his quivering cock.

"Yessss! Yesssss! Yeeessss!" screamed Lane, her mouth open as the sticky goo fired out. It hit her in the face, smearing her steamed up glasses in a white mess, slamming into cheeks and dripping down her nose and over her lips. Some of it entered her mouth, the salty liquid going down her throat as she continued to scream out in pleasure, "Yessss! Yeesss! Yeeessss!" as orgasm after orgasm emanated from her butt.

Unfortunately Don wasn't far behind his friend, "Fuck Lane, you're so fucking good," he screamed and pumped his seed into her ass. It came in wet wave after wet wave, a series of spurts of white cum, filling her back hole and dribbling out and down legs as he pulled out his cock.

A sated, cum-soaked and very bad Lane Kim slumped to the ground. She'd soon have to find her clothes and head to Rory's, but she'd be making sure she did this again.

* * *

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