Gilmore Girls: A Good Mother Daughter Lesson (Ff,inc,F-dom,reluc)
by Sub Icepick

It was a dawn of a new day Rory was in her up in her room dressing for
school. Whilst Lorelai her mother was downstairs fixing breakfast Rory had
the door open in sheer forgetfulness.

Lorelai yelled from the kitchen, "Do you want grits or eggs?"

Rory replied, "You know well what I want."

"No, I don't what?"

"You know."

"No Rory I don't."

Walking downstairs dressed in her usual plaid skirt and white button down
top, her hair in a pony tail. They finished their conversation. Lorelai
continued, "So what do you want?"

Rory replied, "What were the choices?"

"You know what they were."

"No, I forgot or I wouldn't have asked."

"Do you want grits or eggs?"

"You know grits get caught in my teeth."

"Oh, I wouldn't want that for you, Rory."

"By the way, what is a grit, it sounds like something to get stuck in your

"How so?"

"Think about it, can you help me out here, I got a grit."

"I think you mean gritty."

"But where does the prefix of gritty come from?"

Lorelai replied, "Good point, which do you want?"

"I'm not really hungry. I gotta jet, later mom."

Walking to the sidewalk she meets up with some of her friends. They walk
together to school she is wearing a pair of black shoes, with little white
socks. A pair of boys driving by in a Jeep began to yell something awful,
"Hey baby, do you wear panties with that outfit Woo! I would love to see of
your panties, except that one!" Laughing and driving away quickly.

Rory was concerned turned to her friends and said, "Which one of those pigs
did they mean?"

They looked absent-mindedly about it, but Rory could not let go of it. All
day she reviewed those events in her mind. She tried to remember which one
he pointed at, but she couldn't fully recall. Her day was spent in a state
of confusion and a feeling of insecurity. She talked to her friends and
they told her to disregard those pigs' comments.

She was more in her head than usual she walked home the same way. In her mind
she partially wanted to see those same guys to figure out if she was the one.
Usually she loved walking home in serenity to her mother, but not this day,
she felt like she was a different person. Like a shadow walking in the ways
of an arcane life. Like a person reincarnated to live the same motions of her
old life. All this excess drama was rattling her very core. She unlocked the
door, walked in and dropped face down on the sofa in a mental lethargic way.
Lorelai came in casually yet curiously eying her daughter's legs and body
dead fully sprawled off the side of the couch. Lorelai said jokingly, "Did I
miss the Gettysburg reenacting today?"

Rory opened her eyes replying, "No, but I feel like I've been through a war."

Her mother wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white top was concerned for her
daughter. Rory perked up and made room for her mother to sit down. There was
a print on Rory's face from the pillow. Lorelai sat down with a jovial face,
"Rory, you really need to not manhandle your face like that in our cotton

Rory smiled but genuinely looked sad. Lorelai pushed all the kidding aside
and asked her what was wrong. Her distraught daughter crossed her legs in her
plaid skirt and told her the story.

Lorelai listened watching her daughter's mouth in an `I'm interested way.'
After she told her how she felt, Lorelai told her, "Oh, honey listen to your
friends, they are right, don't let it bother you. Just think one of your
friends is not attractive to those jerks. What does their opinion matter
anyway, seriously?"

Rory smiled and said, "Maybe you are right, but I still haven't felt sexy in
a long time. No one makes me feel friendly or even secure like you do, but I
wish someone could make me feel that way!"

Lorelai smiled thinking, "Someone will come along, little lass, just don't
worry about it." Lorelai pulled her daughter's disheveled face around to face
her and kissed her lovingly on her mouth. Rory's glossy pink lips grazing
against Lorelai's red ones, it was a kiss that seemed to strangely linger
between the two of them. Yet then Rory went up to her room, with a new sense
of understanding. Yet there was a part of her that did not truly feel the
words that her mother told her. That was a piece of her that she needed to
more explore.

The Friday came with a bright sun in the sky. The birds were singing and
Lorelai was about to get in the shower. Rory was already up reading some
poetry by Emily Dickinson. Rory left her room and wanted to tell her mother
about her newest favorite poem. Rory opened the door and pushed it to the
side. Faintly hearing the water starting to rush, she started to step back
out of the room, when she heard her mother's voice. "Oh Rory, I was just
about to get in the shower, what do you need honey?"

Rory replied, "Oh mom, I didn't want to bother you, sorry."

Lorelai said happily laughing, "No what I have you have seen before."

So Rory entered the room and into the large bathroom where the steam was
going. Lorelai was wrapped in a towel around her breasts. Lorelai looked
puzzled at her daughter, "Did you sleep in your clothes?"

Rory replied, "Yeah, I did. I was too tired to get changed."

Lorelai said, "Oh well." Then her mother dropped her towel on to the floor.
Rory's jaw dropped overtly. Lorelai smiled, "Oh well, thanks Rory. I wish all
the guys would do that when I am clothed." Rory smiled with big eyes. Lorelai
said, "Hold on a minute." Turning off the shower and sitting down on the edge
of the counter, moving Rory to sit by her. Lorelai still naked, Rory still
peering at her mother's breasts.

Lorelai said curiously, "Do you do the self-examination of your breasts

Rory said, "No, I don't why, should I?" Lorelai reminded her that breast
cancer is in their family. Rory's face went to a concerned face, "I forgot,

Lorelai said, "Would you mind if I told you how to do it?"

Rory retorted, "No, that's fine."

Lorelai grinned, "Alright then you need to remove that top then."

Rory just sat there stoned looking at her mother's large breasts.

Lorelai said, "Well, I will do it for you then." Lorelai reached beside of
her sliding the top button out of the hole in her shirt, Rory's back tensed
up. Her mother continued, then pulled the shirt that was tucked in her little
plaid skirt. She unbuttoned the top button slowly pushing it back off her
daughter's pale white shoulders, down her arms off her back and onto the side
of the counter. There Rory sat with her mom with nothing on but a bra and her
white socks and her plaid skirt. Rory sat a little insecure about her smaller
breasts thinking the only thing that holds her self-esteem together is her
thin black bra. Lorelai said, "Alright, now turn around and face the mirror,
this is how you do it. Take your hand and push it around the base of your
breast. Do you feel any lumps?" Rory replied while just casually performing
the exercise but mostly still eyeing her mother's boobs. Lorelai noticing the
lackluster performance says, "This examination is better done without your

Rory's eyes became wide again, "No, I think I will keep this on."

Lorelai insisted and from behind she unlatched her daughter's thin black bra.
Again slowly falling off her daughter's shoulders, feeling the fabric pull
away from her virgin body.

Lorelai took her bra and put it on the counter with her daughter's shirt.
Rory stood in the mirror with her mother, Rory was more ashamed of her body
than ever. Lorelai replied, "What's the matter, honey?"

Rory became coy replying, "Are you happy now?"

Lorelai looked confused, "What do you mean, honey bunny?"

Rory said, "I think you know."

"No, I don't."

"Your breasts are bigger than mine."

Lorelai said, "Mine are larger than yours you mean, but it doesn't matter.
Beauty is not always larger."

Rory straightened her shoulders a little, "Yeah, I guess so."

Lorelai said, "Let's finish this. Now take your hand across your nipple and
around the side towards your arm pit, do you feel anything?"

Rory frustrated said, "I don't know what I am supposed to be feeling."

Lorelai said, "Oh, I will help you out with that." Her mother taking her rosy
fleshier hands and began to touch her daughter's breasts. Rory has warmth run
down her back. Lorelai says, "See this is how it's supposed to be done." She
runs her hands and fingers all across her daughter's virgin chest. Rory
throws her head back when her mother strokes across her ruddy nipples.
Lorelai smiles, "Oh that is good, no lumps."

Lorelai said, "Well now that that's over I can do my shower. I hope you
learned the technique."

Rory asked her mother as she turned on the shower again, "I have a question,

Lorelai putting the shampoo in the shower with a shake, "Fire away, Rory. But
I will ask a question to your answer."

Rory, "I always wanted to know, do you ever think men will never learn to
please you?"

Lorelai smiled, "No, they will if they know the technique."

Rory the jester replied, "Oh, to find the breast lumps?"

Lorelai said, "No silly Rory, to learn to please a woman to make one feel
sexy. Here's my question have you had your shower today?"

Rory said, "No, I think we should get a bigger tank that makes more hot

Lorelai proposed, "Want to get it over with here with me?"

Rory was reluctant but was coaxed into it by her mother.

Lorelai said, "Here since I took off your bra and your shirt, I think I
should do this too." She takes the zipper in the back; her daughter's plaid
skirt fell to the floor. Now Rory sat in just her panties and her white
socks. Lorelai said, "One leg up on your mom." Rory put her pale white leg
up on her mother's knee, where she slowly peeled her daughter's little white
socks off her feet. Lorelai smiled, "Nice toes, they are cute! Now stand up

Rory stood up and Lorelai knelt down behind her daughter's cute butt, she
took the side of her black panties and slid them down her soft pale legs.

Rory turned around and Lorelai said, "See there's something that looks the
similar." Referring to her pussy, she said similar and not the same, because
hers was black and hairy and her daughter's was a little bald, but a little
hair was in. Lorelai and Rory stepped into the shower together.

Lorelai gave the soap to her daughter beginning to scrub her body with it.

Rory said, "Will my breasts ever be that large, mom?"

Lorelai replied, "I think we have been through this."

Rory said, "I know, but yours are perfect. Mine are small."

"Rory, you are still a young woman, these things will change for you. Look
feel these and see that they are the same as yours just larger, larger or
not, they feel the same."

As the warm water is splashing down on both of their bodies, Rory reaches
over to her mother's perfect breasts she take her left one into her hand.
She squeezes it and Lorelai says, "No, with both hands."

Pulling Rory's ruddy white hands making her squeeze them rubbing her palms
against the nipples, bending them to and fro, in a circle then up and down.

"See, Rory they are the same." Rory's bald pussy was throbbing and besides
the shower she was running wet. Lorelai smiles knowing her plan is working.
Rory asked her shower water dripping mother, "Can I, I mean may I, see what
they are like in my mouth?" Lorelai replied, "Honestly I bet they feel the

Rory excited, grazed her tongue across her mother's large breasts. Sucking
the hard nipples into her mouth, she didn't know what to do but she was
following an instinct.

Lorelai smiled, "Ohhh that is good, much better than a man can do."

Rory remembered and asked curiously, "What did you mean then by the technique
to please you?"

Lorelai was running the soap all over Rory's pale round ass, "Oh that,
there's a place on a woman's body that most guys are not looking for. They
think they need their penis, but rather they need their tongue."

Rory replied, "Ahhh, their tongue?"

Lorelai kneels down in front of her and says, "I am only doing this to you
now so you know when a guy does it he is doing the right thing."

Rory spreads her legs and put one propped on side of the shower door handle.
Lorelai spreads her daughter's hot virgin pussy and pushing a tawny finger
inside, "See this is what all guys think is the core of a woman."

Pushing inside her tight walls pushing it back and forth Rory throws her
head back with pleasure. Lorelai tries to push two fingers in to show her
daughter what the size of a penis feels like, but it's too tight. Lorelai
says spreading her daughter's wet tight pussy, "This is the technique I
was talking about."

Lorelai putting her ruby tongue onto Rory's wet clit. Kissing it and tonguing
it slow and then like a rattlesnake. Rory clutches her smaller breasts and
pinches her nipples. Rolling her tongue around and around, up and down across
her virgin pussy lips. Sucking up the juices and licking it all up saying,
"This always feels the best, Rory."

Her mom stuck a finger into her daughter's wet tight hole and as she licked
her clit she pushed a tawny long finger inside. Rory was paralyzed with
pleasure; Lorelai was amused and quite wet. Rory's back was so pushed nuzzle
down that controlled the water in the shower to off.

Rory murmured, "I don't think we need this now." Her round eyes were rolling
in the back of her head, as her mother licked it up more and more. Rory's
virgin pussy could not take anymore, pleasure It was bitter she thought it
first, but sweet as April wine after awhile.

Lorelai said, "If you learn that technique then next time you can get to
taste what someone older and more experienced tastes like. Oh, did I spark
your enthusiasm? Okay here." She pushed two fingers around her soaking wet
pussy and says, "Close your eyes, Rory."

Rory closes her eyes and Lorelai rubs her juices on her already pussy
dripping mouth. Then she kisses her daughter with the tongue pushing into
Rory's hot mouth. Rory knows her taste but the other is so much tastier.

Lorelai says, "What time is it getting to be now?"

Rory replied kneeling down in front of her mother, "Now I feel complete and
sexy, but I must return the favor, mom."

Lorelai smiles jokingly, "No you don't have..."

Just then Rory begins to lick up her mom's hot pussy much more hairy than her
own but far tastier. Lorelai smiled wide, Rory digging a finger then another
into her mother's hot wet pussy. Two fingers into her mother's older wetter
pussy. Rory licked it up remembering the sensations of Lorelai's caresses
against her most private of areas. Sucking it up and licking, drinking up
like fine creamy milk she has neither eaten nor drank anything more sweetly,
this was a memorable moment in time. Then her mother sprayed her experienced
juices across Rory's cute pale face. It was with such force, that a lot of
Lorelai's cum went into Rory's throat nearly choking her.

Lorelai said excited but quite exhausted, "Get cleaned up, you're late for

Rory said exhausted, "I have to go to school today?"

Lorelai still laying down the law, "Yes, you do."

"Why, I am too tired."

"You weren't too tired before you pleased your mother; you seemed to have
energy then."

"Well I don't now."

"You will."

"No, I won't."

"Stop arguing and get dressed, Rory."

Rory sort of huffing and puffing puts on her wrinkled uniform, dressing in
her room. It was 10:15am. Lorelai drove her to school and she wasn't thinking
of what she did the day previous. She felt sexier, more assure of her self
and more understanding of the pleasure she received from her mother and that
she gave to her mother. Rory was not sure though as the days passed if she
was more into guys or women, or that was only a one time thing. Only time
will tell what will happen in her years to come...


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