A fictional story about fictional characters.

Author's Note: I realize the audience for this story is limited, but I grew up when this show was originally on TV and always had a crush on the Mary Ann character. Hope some of the older readers enjoy it. Who was your favorite: Ginger or Mary Ann?

Gilligan's Island - The Castaways Throw A Party (orgy,oral,anal,dp,cream pie,first,drugs)
by shaggy77

As Mary Ann strolled along one of the now well-worn paths through the lush tropical foliage gathering coconuts for, yet another, meal of some sort of banana/coconut cuisine; she was reflecting on the time the seven passengers of the SS Minnow had spent on the island after being shipwrecked by a furious storm. In some ways it seemed like yesterday when their "three-hour-tour" had been rudely interrupted by one of the worst squalls that the Skipper had ever seen; and in other aspects, it seemed like they had been marooned on the island for an eternity. In some respects, she guessed they were very lucky: none of the boats passengers or crew had been injured when the boat ran aground; the island, under any other circumstances, was a virtual paradise, with a fresh water source and plenty of food; and they had become very adept at self-sufficiency. Also, they had all become good friends who could be counted on to always help each other.

Gathering the coconuts also reminded her of how she no longer took many things for granted. The simple coconut: sometimes it seemed like they used it for just about everything. The shells, of course could be cut and used for bowls, cups, dippers, even helmets. Ginger had once even used two halves for a bikini top. The milk was a source of so many vitamins and nutrients. The pulp,or meat, was delicious and the Professor had shown them that if you squeezed the meat, you could extract the coconut oil. This was used for everything from cooking and burning as lamp oil, to keeping their metal tools from rusting. It kept their skin from cracking under the tropical sun, and was a wonderful lubricant. They kept a bowl of it handy always. She would have never known how versatile the plain coconut could be.

Her "hut-mate," Ginger Grant, was a beautiful, famous Hollywood actress, who never failed to enthrall her with tales of other actors and "Tinseltown." If you didn't know Ginger, your first impression would be that she was self-absorbed and narcissistic; but she was actually very friendly and insecure. Thurston Howell (the 3rd), and his ditzy wife Lovey were millionaires, and the stay on the island had brought their egos down to earth... somewhat. She thought it must be the hardest on them, because they were used to a life of complete luxury; never having to do anything for themselves. The fourth passenger was Dr. Roy Hinkley, but everyone just called him "Professor." She would never admit it to anyone, but she had developed a crush on this genius. She sometimes wondered though, of all the inventions (some of them life-saving) he had concocted on the island; why is it that he could not design a simple raft to get them off the island. She remembered reading in high school that primitive islanders had traveled thousands of miles on simple rafts made from reeds and bamboo.

The crew consisted of the Skipper, whose real name was Jonus Grumby; and his first-mate Gilligan. The Skipper had been on boats and ships all his life, and was the true authority figure on the island; she guessed that he would be considered their leader. Gilligan was the sweetest, nicest person she had ever met; but he was also the clumsiest, most incompetent sailor on earth. Although completely unintentional, it seemed like every time they had a slim opportunity to escape the island prison; Gilligan would always do something to foil them. "Poor Gilligan," she thought, "he always seemed to get stuck with the worst, dirtiest jobs on the island." They were supposed to take turns with "latrine duty," but sweet Gilligan almost always volunteered to take the others' turns. They had a small hut which contained a sunken pail under a stool with a hole in it. This was their toilet, and twice a week someone took the pail far into the jungle, dug a hole, and buried the contents. It was a distasteful job and Mary Ann figured Gilligan volunteered for it as a way of compensating for the guilt he felt about them still being shipwrecked.

Just as she had almost filled her canvas bag with coconuts, a frantic Gilligan, with the radio pressed against his ear, went rushing by shouting, "Skipper, Skipper!"

"Now what," she thought, as she hurried after him.

When they reached the clearing where all the huts were located, everyone had heard his yelling and were gathered around the, centrally located, dinner table. Out of breath, and gasping, Gilligan handed the radio to the Skipper, who set it on the table, and joined everyone in listening to the news report: "A maritime tribunal has concluded that the loss of the SS Minnow was solely attributed to incompetence, and negligence of the ship's captain, Jonas Grumby."

The Professor swiftly shut the radio off, and everyone, stunned, just stared at the Skipper; waiting for his reaction. Having lived through the violent storm, absolutely none of the castaways put any blame on the Skipper. Mr. Howell's first thought after listening to the radio was that the first thing he was going to do after being rescued, was to buy the company that made the batteries in their radio, because the charge seemed eternal. The Skippers shoulders slumped forward and down, and he dropped into the nearest chair. He removed his hat and twisted it in his hands, as he looked from one castaway to the next.

The Professor was the first to speak, "Why that's just preposterous Skipper; we all know there was nothing you could do."

"Why that's downright slander," Mr. Howell added, "When we get back to civilization, I'll have my lawyers sue those scoundrels."

"That's right Skipper, you saved our lives," Mary Ann said, attempting to sooth him.

"I don't know what to say everybody," the Skipper stated solemnly, "but if the maritime court says I'm to blame, then so be it."

Everyone continued to try to comfort him for several minutes, until the Skipper said he wanted to be alone, and he wandered off into the jungle. All afternoon, anytime one of the group saw the Skipper, they would try to soothe his ego; but he just moped around and sighed. He just sat by the lagoon and didn't join them for dinner, which gave them an opportunity to discuss the situation. Mr. Howell asked the Professor what his opinion was on Skipper's mental state. "Well, I only minored in Psychology," answered the Professor, "but in such cases of extreme emotional trauma; it is not unprecedented for the individual to entertain thoughts of suicide. Depression can be a powerful feeling."

"We have to do something to cheer him up," Gilligan said; echoing all their thoughts.

"I know what always cheers me up," Ginger suggested, "Let's throw him a party to show him how much we appreciate him."

"That's a marvelous idea," Mrs. Howell agreed, "You put it all together, and we will come."

"Yes, I think that is a good idea," the Professor added, "and we can all remind him of something positive he has done here on the island."

"Oh boy, oh boy, a party. I'll start gathering coconuts and berries so Mary Ann can make some pies," volunteered Gilligan.

"Thanks Gilligan," Mary Ann said, rolling her eyes, "but remember, we have to keep this a surprise until tomorrow."

Right after dinner, everyone went about preparing for the next day's celebration: Ginger and Mary Ann began making streamers out of leaves, vines, and some blossoms they found down by the lagoon. As soon as Gilligan returned with the coconut, bananas and berries; Mary Ann would begin baking; the Professor went to work on some makeshift fireworks made from magnesium filings from some of the Minnow's tubing they had salvaged; and the Howells tried to decide what to wear (not that it was much of a choice), and say in their speech. Mary Ann wondered, for about the hundredth time, why they had brought so many clothes on a "three-hour-tour."

When Gilligan returned, he was all excited about some new kind of purple berry he had found. "Try these Mary Ann, they are so sweet," he urged.

"Gilligan, are you sure they're safe; not poisonous," she inquired.

"Well, I thought of that so I just ate a couple; but I feel great," he responded.

Mary Ann frowned, but ate a couple berries, and confirmed, "Oh you're right Gilligan...they really are sweet. There are enough here to make a couple pies. Thank you."

"Oh you're welcome Mary Ann; by the way you look really nice today," he responded.

As he turned to go do his remaining chores, Mary Ann called out, "Why thank you Gilligan," and thought to herself, "What a strange thing for him to say...oh that Gilligan." Watching him walk away, she wondered why she had never noticed before what a cute butt he had. She quickly made a couple berry pies to go with a banana one and a coconut creme. By the time the baking was finished, it was time for everyone to hit the hammocks for a good night's sleep.

As she was laying in her hammock waiting for sleep to overtake her, Mary Ann thought again about the belongings everyone had brought on the sightseeing cruise. She was sure her contribution was the most essential: her sewing and knitting bag which contained all types of needles, thread, knitting needles, buttons, cloth, and a couple pair of scissors. They had all used these articles for some purpose. One of the pairs of scissors had been taken apart and used as spear tips for fishing (or protection, if the need ever arose). Their clothes had been repaired countless times; she even had needles large enough to accommodate fishing line, so that they could fashion useful bags and carryalls from burlap and canvas. Ginger had actually made a dress from one of the Minnows towels.

She chuckled as she thought about the one thing they had not been able to make more of: underwear. No one ever discussed the subject, but she knew her underwear had disintegrated long ago from being constantly worn and scrubbed, and she and Ginger had been without bras or panties for months. She just assumed that everyone on the island was in the same predicament. She wondered what they would do when all their clothes reached the point of being un-wearable. She guessed they would try to fashion clothes out of leaves.

She thought of how personal hygiene had drastically changed since being shipwrecked. They were still able to keep reasonably clean thanks to the soap the Professor made from finely ground pumice and different resins they harvested from the trees, but things like shaving were different. The Skipper had lived on the Minnow, so he had a couple of straight razors aboard (leave it to him to be "old school"), but the men had to share one, and the women the other. Since modesty was a luxury they left behind, Mary Ann soon found out that Ginger completely shaved her pubic area, along with her legs and underarms. She told Mary Ann that she had read about it in a fashion magazine: supposedly all the French models did it so that their bikini lines would be smooth. She had convinced, and assisted, Mary Ann to trim her generous bush so that it didn't peek out under the legs of her shorts. This was something she would never have done back home in Kansas. As she was drifting off to sleep, she imagined what the Professor would look like without clothes; and even while almost unconscious: she blushed.

After breakfast and some morning chores, like replenishing the fresh water, they asked the Skipper to go to the lagoon and make sure the signal firewood was still covered and dry. This was a daily chore and he didn't think anything of it; but they were just trying to get him out of camp so they could finish decorating. They arranged all the food on the table, hung the makeshift streamers, and then all went to change into their "party" clothes. Ginger squeezed into the dress she had made from the Minnow's towel; Mary Ann slipped into her least ragged, print dress; the Howells put on the finest clothes from their chest (Mr. Howell even had one of those collapsible top-hats); and the Professor and Gilligan just wore the only clothes they had (but Mr. Howell loaned the Professor a jacket).

When the Skipper re-entered the clearing, they all jumped up and down and yelled "surprise." Mr. Howell started a chorus of "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow," and they all joined in. Everyone slapped him on the back and told him how much they appreciated him and they all gave him some memento that would remind him of all the good things he had done on the island. Gilligan gave him a scary-mask that Skipper had worn to frighten away the headhunters that had once landed on the island. They did their best to convince him that without his wisdom and strength, they would have all perished. By the time they all sat down at the table for a pie-lunch, the Skipper seemed his old jolly self.

Gilligan passed around the pie made from the new berries, and insisted that everyone try some. The Professor wanted to know if he was sure the new berries were edible and safe, and Gilligan assured him, "Mary Ann and I both sampled the berries yesterday, and we're still alive."

"Well, that's good enough for me," chuckled Mr. Howell, as he gulped down a slice, "My this is sweet."

"See, I told you," boasted Gilligan as he had a second helping. "These pies are wonderful, Mary Ann; just like you," he added with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Yes, Mary Ann, I concur," the Professor agreed; "and the pies are very tasty also," and he winked at her. If the Professor had consulted his horticultural encyclopedia, he would have recognized the berries as being from the Patchouli plant; an herb thought by many of the native tribes to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

"Why Mary Ann," said Mr. Howell as she cuddled onto Mr. Howell's lap, "you must give me the recipe so I can have our cook bake one."

The Skipper merely nodded his head in agreement as he downed a third slice of the pie, seemingly forgetting all about the news report of the previous day. Ginger shimmied up in front of Skipper with pie juice dripping from her index finger, and very deliberately stuck the finger in her mouth and sucked it clean of the purple berry juice. The towel-dress hugged her curves like a body-stocking as she swayed to the imaginary music in her head and assured him, "I'm going to do a special dance just for you, to show you how much we all appreciate you. I used to perform at private parties before I got my break in Hollywood."

If anyone had been looking at anyone but Ginger, they would have seen Mrs Howell, sitting on her husband's lap, reach her hand down the front of his trousers and fondle his erect penis. Ginger insinuated herself between the Skipper's knees as he sat enthralled by her gyrations. She began to give him a "lap dance" before lap dances had been invented; bending down and rubbing her ass against his groin. She could feel his erection straining against his pants when she pressed against him and her nipples were now clearly hard, as they protruded through the towel. Gilligan was absentmindedly rubbing his crotch, and Mary Ann had stood in front of the Professor and was leaning back against him, as he leaned against the table. She could feel his hard-on pressing against her ass cheeks, and the sensation was causing her head to spin. She had never confided to Ginger that she was still a virgin, so she was now in uncharted territory. She had a boyfriend back in Kansas, but he had never pressured her to go beyond French-kissing.

Ginger leaned over and pressed her luscious lips against the Skipper's, and she slipped her tongue between his teeth. She swayed her hips from side to side, reached up to her shoulders and began to peel the sheath down her body. When her breasts sprang free of the material, the four men gave a collective sigh. They were not huge, probably only about 34 B; but they were perfectly round and capped with the pinkest areola they had ever seen. Her erect nipples were like red jellybeans, and were abnormally long. The Skipper, shaking, extended his hands, grasped the dress, and assisted Ginger in rolling it down over her shapely hips, until it dropped to the ground. None of the men had ever seen a shaved pubic mound before and just stared at Ginger's crotch, as she continued to shimmy and sway in front of the Skipper; now totally naked. Her nude form was the perfect hour-glass figure, and the men seemed hypnotized by her perfection.

Mary Ann, her heart rapidly beating, casually reached behind her and started to rub the Professor's penis through his pants. She had never even felt the outline of a man's organ before and was amazed at how hard it was. Gilligan sidled over to Mary Ann, and unexpectedly brought both his hands up to the front of her plain dress and cupped her impressive breasts. She involuntarily moaned, "ohhhh," as she squeezed the Professor's cock.

Ginger, meanwhile, had dropped to her knees in front of the Skipper, and was busy unbuttoning, and unzipping his pants. He raised up off the chair to allow her to tug his trousers down his legs, freeing his erection. Her hand tried to encircle his hard cock, but her fingers could not reach all the way around its girth. His tool was not that long, perhaps six or seven inches; but it was as thick as a soda can. Ginger lowered her head into his lap, and as her red hair cascaded around his groin; stuck her tongue out and licked the pre-cum from his cock slit.

The Skipper grunted and reached down to grasp her tiny waist. The powerful man actually lifted her slim body off the ground, saying, "Ginger, you are the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen. I've dreamed of this since you first boarded the Minnow." He lifted her up as if she were a doll, and she extended her wonderful legs to his sides, as he began to lower her onto his lap. As her body descended, she reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips wide apart. She felt his bulbous crown nudge against her open slit, spreading her cunt lips wide. Without any warning, he forced her down onto his pole; completely impaling her.

As her cunt stretched wider than it had ever been, Ginger shrieked, "Oh my God, Skipper."

He sat back in his chair with Ginger straddling his lap; her incredibly long legs wrapped around his wide waist. He sat there for a couple minutes, enjoying how the walls of her pussy gripped his huge cock. Her cunt hugged him like an unbelievably tight condom. She couldn't quite lock her ankles because of his large waistline, but she dug her heels into his ass cheeks; as he grabbed her perfectly round ass in his rough hands and began to thrust up into her.

"Fuck me Skipper! Fuck me, you big hunk of a man," she groaned, throwing her head straight back so that her silky red hair hung down to her ass.

The Skipper hardly needed to be coaxed, as he jammed his cock into her wet hole. He leaned forward and took her right nipple between his teeth and gently nibbled. Her cunt tightened around his cock, and he felt her body shudder as she came in his arms. He glanced over her shoulder and saw Gilligan standing with his pants down, now jerking his erect prick as fast as he could, as he watched Ginger being fucked.

"Not bad," thought the Skipper, as he noticed Gilligan's not unimpressive eight inch cock.

He shouted, "Come on over here, Little Buddy, and bring the bowl of coconut oil with you. There's something I want you to try. I'm going to share my good fortune with my First Mate."

Gilligan, wanting nothing more than to get closer to a naked Ginger; removed his pants completely, grabbed the bowl from the table, and shuffled over to the Skipper; never taking his hand off his cock.

"Well, don't just stand there Little Buddy," the Skipper implored, dip your cock in that oil, and I'll spread her cheeks apart for you. You don't mind, do you Ginger."

She was so horny from the berries and the huge cock pounding into her, that Ginger just groaned, "Fuck me, and don't you dare stop. I think the thing I've missed most about being away from civilization, is having a big, hard cock jammed up inside my pussy."

The Skipper didn't know it, but Gilligan was still a virgin; and he had never even imagined that men put their penises in that hole, but at this point he would have stuck his hard-on into a knot hole. He dipped his crown into the coconut oil, wedged it tight against Ginger's ass hole, and pushed forward with all his might. When his sizable head popped through her sphincter ring, he wasted no time in forcing his entire length into her ass. It felt so great to have Ginger's flesh surrounding his cock, that he didn't even care which hole he was in. As she leaned forward against the Skippers broad chest, Gilligan reached around her and grasped both her tits in his hands and began to knead, and squeeze them. He pinched her nipples between his fingers, as he started to withdraw and thrust back into her. He and the Skipper began to thrust in unison, and they could feel the pressure of each others cock, separated only by a thin layer of skin.

Despite what people assumed, Ginger had only limited sexual experience, and this was certainly something new. Both her holes were being stretched by big, hard cocks; and she felt like she had died and gone to heaven. "Nothing in the world could ever feel better than this," she thought, as her naked body squirmed between the two sailors. "Fuck me, you guys...fuck me harder," she pleaded as she lay her head on Skipper's shoulder and just let her body go limp. The Skipper squeezed her ass cheeks even harder, digging his fingers into her soft flesh, as he spread them for Gilligan. They began to pound their cocks up into her holes, and a drop of spittle drooled from the corner of Ginger's mouth. Her cunt and ass were completely stuffed with cock, and she came again as the Skipper ground the base of his cock against her clit.

The Skipper glanced over Ginger's shoulder and saw that Mrs. Howell had striped naked and was bent forward over a chair, with her legs spread and her ass pointed up in the air. Mr. Howell, his trousers bunched down around his ankles, was behind her and plowing her pussy like a demon. All of the Howell's friends back in the States just assumed that Lovey had been brought up in high society; but the truth was that before she married Thurston, she had been a dancer in several Las Vegas shows. Even at her age, her legs were still very shapely; and as her tits hung down and swayed in time with his thrusts, they were huge and pendulous. She was pleading with him, "oh darling, fuck me harder."

As he slammed into her cunt, he responded, "My dear Lovey, I'm fucking you as hard as I can. I'm nearly done, and I'd like you to turn around so I can squirt on your face. You know how much I enjoy that."

As the Skipper watched Mr. Howell pull his cock out of Mrs. Howell's pussy, he was astounded: Mr. Howell's cock was absolutely gigantic. It must have been over a foot long, and as thick as a beer bottle. The Skipper thought to himself, as Thurston covered Lovey's face with his seed, "There really is no justice in this world. The man is a millionaire, and he gets to walk around with that in his pants."

The Skipper and Gilligan continued to thrust in and out of Ginger's stretched out holes, as Mary Ann ground her ass against the Professors bulge. The Professor himself was a virgin, having devoted his entire life to the pursuit of science. Up until today, sex had been considered a clinical act, and nothing more. He had never had the time for dating or socializing, and had never even had a girlfriend; but the effects of the berries were guiding his actions now. Like he had been doing it all his life, he slid the sleeves of Mary Ann's dress off her smooth shoulders, and as she lowered her arms to permit it, the dress floated to the ground leaving her completely nude. She was truly a vision of loveliness: her breasts were even larger than Ginger's; a full 34 C, and perfectly shaped as they hung on her chest. Her areola large and pink, capped by gumdrop sized nipples. Her close-cut dark, bush glistened with her excitement. She was not the least bit self-conscious, as all eyes in the clearing were inspecting her naked body.

The Professor feverishly unbuttoned his pants and shoved them down his legs. Just like everyone else, he wore no underwear and his erection waved in front of him, slapping against Mary Ann's prominent ass. His cock was an impressive eight inches, with a huge crown, the size of a tennis ball. No one would have guessed that they were both virgins, because they seemed to know just what to do. Mary Ann spread her legs wide, letting his hard-on stick between them. It was almost comical, because in that position, it appeared that she had a cock protruding between her legs. The Professor, trying to soothe her, whispered, "I'm a novice at this, but I will attempt to be gentle, Mary Ann."

Sweet, innocent, little Mary Ann replied, "Gentle, Hell. I've waited all my life for this. Shove that thing up inside me, now."

She leaned back against him, spread her legs even wider, and using both hands, pulled her slit as wide open as she could. The Professor bent his knees and squatted, until his crown was nudging against her hole; then slowly raised up until his oversized head had penetrated her pussy. Mary Ann moaned as he made contact with the proof of her virginity, and he abruptly stopped, only a couple of inches inside her. She assured him, "Do it , Roy...fuck me." He pushed up with his legs, felt her hymen give way, and then stood up, completely impaling her on his rock-hard cock. They just stood there, his cock buried deep inside her belly; getting used to the feeling.

"It feels so good being inside you, Mary Ann," the Professor whispered in her ear, "and, by the way, you can call me Professor...I actually prefer it."

"Oh my stars that hurt so much...but now it feels sooooo good," Mary Ann answered. "I think I love you Professor," she admitted.

"And I, you," he professed. He reached behind him and used his arm to swipe everything off the table, onto the ground. He extended his arms around Mary Ann's waist and hoisted the both of them up onto the table, where he scooted back and lay down with Mary Ann still impaled on his cock.

As she felt him move inside her, a wonderful, warm sensation began to grow in her pussy. In a way she was glad she was a virgin for him, but she scolded herself for not having sex much sooner. The feeling of a big, hard cock deep inside her pussy was indescribable and exquisite. She planted her feet on either side of his body and began to raise herself up off his invading pole; then plunge herself down again. She had never seen the Professor so excited: when she would begin to lower herself, he would thrust upward with all his strength, jamming his cock into her cunt. She looked down between her legs and watched her pussy lips grip his penis as it slid in and out of her. She noticed a few drops of blood mixing with their mutual lubrication, and couldn't believe that only a couple minutes ago, she was a virgin. Her ample tits bounced up and down on her chest as she rode the Professor's cock. When he encircled her waist with his hands and began to rub her engorged clit, she exploded in a massive orgasm; her entire body convulsing and shivering.

Mrs. Howell had collapsed into a chair after the violent fucking by her husband, who was now walking around the clearing like he was on an inspection tour, naked from the waist down. He approached the chair where the Skipper had Ginger on his lap being double-fucked by him and Gilligan. "Most impressive, Ginger," he remarked, "After we are rescued, if you ever would like an employment opportunity, please contact me. I am usually in charge of the entertainment for the "Millionaires Club" annual meeting, and I think you would perform admirably. The compensation is exceptional and you would never have to work again, if you invested your earnings wisely." She barely heard him as she concentrated on the hard cocks pounding her holes. Skipper and Gilligan were fucking her so hard that a white froth had built up at her entrances.

When he got to the dinner table, the Professor had pulled Mary Ann's back down against his chest, and was kneading her impressive tits as he continued to slide his pole in and out of her incredibly tight hole. She ground her perfect ass down against his lap and he was on the verge of climax when his eyes suddenly flew wide open. Even through the haze of the berries, his practical side surfaced and he whispered in Mary Ann's ear, "Oh my goodness, what about birth control?"

"Oh lover, I would love to have your's ok...cum in me, Professor," she stated.

And for the first time in his life, the Professor came deep inside a woman's pussy. For the first time in her life, Mary Ann felt a man's cock twitch and jerk inside her cunt, as her tunnel was flooded with his hot seed. He pumped and squirted as he filled her up with the most intense orgasm of his life. "Oh my gosh Professor," she moaned, "Fuck me baby, fuck me." Even though he had just cum, his cock remained rock hard; a product of being so completely aroused by his first sexual experience. He kept sliding it in and out of her, as she relaxed and lay back against his chest.

Mr. Howell stood at the end of the table and watched the Professor's fluid leak out around the edges of Mary Ann's cunt. With the help of a chair, Mr. Howell climbed up on the table to join them and observing her hefty tits flattened out on her chest like water balloons, said to her, "Those are an impressive set of breasts you have there Mary Ann, I hope you don't mind if I take advantage of them." After eating the berry pie, Mary Ann was agreeable to anything, as Mr. Howell kneeled between their legs and lay his monster cock on her chest between her breasts. It was still coated with Mrs. Howell's secretions, and resembled a large snake as he began to slide it up and down in the valley between her tits.

She was almost hypnotized, watching his enormous log sawing on her chest, and she used both hands to push her breast-bags together, providing him with a fleshy tunnel. On the upstroke, his crown actually touched her chin, so she stuck out her tongue and lapped at his slit. She had always thought the taste would be disgusting, but was pleasantly surprised at the salty flavor. She wasn't sure why she licked it, she had certainly never done anything like that before; but she was somehow drawn to it like a moth to one of their torches.

Had Ginger not been so busy, she would have been an interested observer as her best friend lost her virginity, but at the moment she was having her brains fucked out. The Skipper and Gilligan were slamming their hard cocks into her holes as fast as they could. She never dreamed that her holes could be so stuffed with cock. She was almost delirious by the sensation of being double-fucked. Birth control was the absolute last thing on her mind as she begged them, "Fuck me, fuck me...cum inside me." "Oh my God, I've missed being fucked," she thought as they pounded her pussy and ass.

The Skipper bellowed out, "I hope you're ready too Little Buddy, because here it comes."

Acting as a team, they slammed their cocks as far into Ginger as they could, and began pumping her full of their seed. She screeched, "Oh my fucking God...fuck those wonderful cocks into me."

Gilligan and the Skipper both groaned loudly as they flooded her holes with their seed. Gilligan couldn't believe how great if felt to shoot his load inside a woman...and not just any woman; the gorgeous Ginger. Just as they had finished pumping her holes full, without warning, the Skipper's chair gave out and the trio went tumbling to the ground. Their logs slipped out of Ginger and they landed in a big heap; a tangle of arms and legs. When Ginger stood up laughing, Gilligan pointed at the gooey, white fluid drooling down her thighs. She surprised them by scooping it with her fingers, and then licking them clean. As the Skipper and Gilligan sat on the ground staring at the magnificence of Ginger's nude form, they heard Mr. Howell's voice demand, "Gilligan my boy, bring that bowl of oil over here. I am going to make a real woman of Mary Ann."

Used to following orders, Gilligan retrieved the bowl and swiftly walked to the table where the Professor was fucking Mary Ann, and Mr. Howell was fucking her tits. Mr. Howell withdrew his prodigious tool from Mary Ann's tit-valley, scooted back a little, and lay his log on her stomach. It was incredible: it reached all the way to her cleavage. Mary Ann released her huge breasts, and they flopped down on her chest. The Professor had stopped thrusting momentarily and was just resting with his cock still embedded inside her. They both looked down between her breasts with curiosity, waiting to see what Mr. Howell's plan entailed. Mary Ann could not believe how large his cock was; it was actually heavy as it stretched out on her stomach. Mr. Howell accepted the bowl from Gilligan and proceeded to pour its contents along the length of his pole. Gilligan took the bowl from him, and Mr. Howell hefted his cock and sat back with the crown poised at Mary Ann's slit.

Sensing what his intentions were, the Professor declared, "With all due respect Mr. Howell, I'm not finished here," and he and Mary Ann smiled at one another.

"Oh quite so, my good man," Mr. Howell replied, "I would never dream of depriving you of this beautiful young lady's that you have her all loosened up, I'm just going to join you. This will be a thrill of a lifetime for you Mary Ann."

Neither was quite sure what he meant, until he began to attempt to wedge his cock-head into Mary Ann's slit, on top of the Professors. If not for the effects of the berries, Mary Ann and the Professor would have surely objected; but they just stared in amazement at his objective. Mary Ann's eyes grew wide at the realization: she had never even been penetrated before, and now Mr. Howell was trying to add a second cock to her pussy! He was indeed struggling to push his head through her opening. Her cunt lips had never been stretched that far before and, even with the coconut oil, their flexibility was being put to the test. He corkscrewed his crown around her slit until it finally slid past her opening and into her cunt. He paused only momentarily, and then pushed steadily forward; his enormous cock stretching her cunt walls as he drove all the way into her.

Tiny little Mary Ann now had nearly two feet of hard cock stretching her, formally virgin, pussy to its extreme. Her cunt was so completely stuffed with cock that she was finding it difficult to breathe. She felt delirious, almost unconscious with ecstasy. Her little body jerked and quivered as she came once, and then twice. Her slit was stretched so wide that Mr. Howell's cock was in constant contact with her clit. When they began to withdraw in tandem, the sensation was so overwhelming that her arms and legs flailed uncontrollably. Innocent little Mary Ann, who until today had never uttered a swear word, shrieked, "Holy fucking shit...fuck me...fuck the shit out of me...ram those fucking cocks up my pussy."

The Professor and Mr. Howell followed each other's lead as they varied the pace of their thrusts. Sometimes they thrust in unison; sometimes they withdrawing while the other was driving into her. The other four castaways had gathered around the table to watch the spectacle. A banana was sticking half-way out of Mrs. Howell's pussy; and Ginger was standing between Gilligan and the Skipper, a cock in each of her hands, jerking them both off. None of them could believe that little Mary Ann could have that much cock inside her. When Mr. Howell thrust in, her stomach distended and they could see just how far up his cock was inside her.

Mary Ann's pussy was utterly and completely stuffed with hard meat, and she lay back on the Professor's chest and basked in the attention. Never in her wildest imagination did she think her cunt could be penetrated by two cocks simultaneously. She was being double-fucked; and loving it. "Oh my God...fuck me...fuck me," she begged.

Her tits bounced on her sweaty chest, and Mrs. Howell leaned over and began to lick her nipples; first one and then the other. Mr. Howell and the Professor were now fucking Mary Ann as hard and fast as they could; their cocks slamming up into her cunt. With every thrust, they were stretching her pussy to new extremes. Mary Ann had lost track of how many times she had cum; she just knew that she was going to be dehydrated after this. They continued to drive their cocks in and out of her incredibly tight hole as they fucked the beautiful Mary Ann. Mr. Howell had overheard the baby conversation, and out of consideration for his island-mates; when he felt his balls swell, he withdrew his monster cock from Mary Ann's pussy and spewed his fluid on her pale stomach. Feeling her cunt loosen around his cock, the Professor jammed his prick as far up inside Mary Ann as he could, and blasted his seed against her womb.

Seeing Mr. Howell coat Mary Ann's belly, the Skipper and Gilligan were close to climax, and when Ginger felt them begin to twitch in her hands, she bent down, and one by one took each cock in her mouth. She attempted to swallow every drop as they spewed their cum against the back of her throat. Ginger thoroughly licked each shaft until every drop had disappeared into her mouth. Then she stood, leaned over Mary Ann's prone body and began to lick Mr. Howell's cum off her tummy. The Professor just lay there on the table, his arms wrapped around his new love's soft, naked body; his fingers toying with her hard nipples. Mary Ann could feel the Professor's cock begin to shrivel inside her; and when it did slide out, it was followed by a stream of warm, sticky fluid drooling down between her ass cheeks. She knew her cunt was still stretched wide open, because she could feel the cool air way up inside her. She turned around in his arms to face him, and they kissed each other tenderly.

The Skipper bluntly said, "There is some pie left. I think we should stop for a snack and then get back to it...I know I want some of Mary Ann's pussy. This is my party; remember."

Surprisingly, everyone agreed...even the Professor and Mary Ann. All of the men were quickly regaining their erections; and all of the women still craved a good fucking. If the Professor had consulted his encyclopedia, he would have known that one of the side-effects of the Patchouli berry is that the events experienced while under its influence are not remembered after a sleep period. This would lead to a lot of questions the next morning, and a few months later.

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