This is a parody, not the real thing, all done in fun, to be read by adult
adults only!

Gilligan's Island: Mary Ann Sex Cow Of Gilligan's Island (M+F,trans,lact,nc)
by Dr. Bone

Mary Ann went to see the Professor. She had been bitten by and odd green
insect., one that she had not seen on the island before. The Professor
looked at it and his medical books. He told her it was the island hopping
green jack. "The complications of the bite are serious but not fatal. You
may experience an increase in appetite. Some swelling and tiredness but it
will pass from your system and you will be okay."

Mary Ann was relieved and left. Then the Professor called the other men
into the hut over and told them what he did not tell Mary Anne and they
made plans. Had any of the women seen the men leave the hut they would
have noticed the huge hard-ons they all had.

Over the next few days Mary Ann felt fine. Then she noticed her appetite
increase to nearly double. During the second week since being bit she
really started to gain weight. Particularly in buttocks and bust. She had
to eventually barrow the Skipper's shirts as hers could no longer cover
her now huge breasts.

Mary Ann felt self conscious about her appearance. The Professor said not
to worry. But if it was a problem she could stay at the hurricane hut they
had built on the other side of the island. She thanked him. Her and Gilligan
made the two mile trip together, and for that she was grateful. Her tits
were now so big she could barely walk.

Gilligan stocked the hut with as much food as he could and said he would be
back the next day. That next morning Mary Ann got out of bed and her breasts
were so heavy that she could not walk standing up and had to walk around on
all fours. Gilligan did not come back that day or for the two afterwards.
After that Mary Ann was not sure as she was starting to have trouble

One morning Gilligan showed up to bring fresh food, Mary Ann came out of the
hut on all fours barely able to dress herself.

"Oh Gilligan." she said over and over again.

"Gilligan what are you doing?" she said as he cut off her shirt from her with
a knife.

"Sorry Mary Ann," the Professor says the shirt can chafe you and cause an
infection. I brought a blanket if you get cold at night." he said putting
down a canvass with the words "S.S. Minnow" stenciled on it.

She wanted to cry. The loss of dignity hurt her. She cried and her sob
sounded like a "Moo." Her breasts hurt her also. Her nipples were painful.
Gilligan saw what was wrong and he said the professor told him what to do
about that also.

He got a stool from the hut and a pail. Mary Ann the farm girl knew what was
to come next but she knew that it was what had to be done. Gilligan grabbed
her tit and squeezed pulling her enlarged nipples. At first nothing happened.
He pulled again and she heard the sound of milk binging into the bucket.
Growing more confident he pulled her nipples again and again, every time he
did so she felt pleasure, a contentment. Each time more milk came out of
them. He worked the nipples until the bucket was half full. He covered the

"" said Mary Ann. Gilligan walked behind her. She heard the sound
of his fly opening. "Wha..." she cried, unable to turn her head due to the
changes in her body. She felt Gilligan's cock slide into her pussy. He was
much bigger than she thought he would be. She wanted to tell him to stop but
she felt a contentment again as if this was what she was meant to do.

"What is going on here?" said the Professor. A part of Mary Ann was pleased
to hear someone defend her. The Skipper and Mr. Howell were right behind him.
They too yelled their outrage.

"Gilligan you were supposed to wait for us." said the Skipper pulling out his
cock along with the other men.

"What are you doing? Its me Mary Ann, Professor, mgggppph!" She said as the
Professor shoved his cock in her mouth.

"Mary Ann I feel bad about it but for the next few months you will not be the
Mary Ann we know and love, the bite of the insect has given you cow-like
properties that will continue for several more months, then you will lapse
into a coma and wake up with no memory of what had happened to you. But in
the meantime you can do a valuable service and provide us with milk and
physical release. Take it deeper there. That is a good girl."

When Gilligan finished the Skipper went over and shoved his cock into her.
"Mmm! Grade A!" said Mr. Howell as he sucked some milk from her tits. He got
underneath her, for her breasts were now too heavy for her to lay on her
back, and fucked her tits. "Look no hands." he said as her breasts were so
large they did not need her to press her hands on the sides to hold his cock

"You know when we get off this island I could get some of those bugs and
start my own business in the third world, Howell's Milk Dairy and Fuck Barn.
Oh it will make millions." he got so excited he came between her tits.

The men fucked Mary Ann through the afternoon and milked her again and
again before leaving. After they left Mary Ann knew she could escape but
was scared. It was harder and harder to think. "And what if I get lost
out there?" No it was safer to remain in her pen with the hut than to go
into the night.

The next day she almost looked forward to Gilligan milking her tits as the
were always heavy with milk. When he was done he tied her to a post with a
leash. He straddled her shoulders and she felt him grab her hair. "Sorry
Mary Ann the Professor says that you could get bugs like lice." He took his
scissors and went "Snip". Mary Anne tried to move but could not. It was
hard to talk now. Her tongue had become bigger and her mouth droopy becoming
like a snout. Gilligan got some water and a razor and finished the job.

"Oh don't worry you won't be lonely the other girls got bit and will be here
soon to keep you company." Part of Mary Ann was horrified but part of her was
also happy.

Several weeks later...

Ginger and Mrs. Howell were led down the path to the hurricane hut where Mary
Ann was kept. Both of the women could barely walk upright, their tits were
huge already and their asses were growing fatter by the day.

"Thank goodness my agent can't see me like this." said the vain Ginger.

"Yes my dear....Oh! My! Is that Mary Ann? What has happened to her?"

"The same thing that will happen to you two ladies, fortunately Mary Ann is
on her way back to recovery as you two ladies will be." The Professor said

Within a week neither of the two ladies could stand up their breasts were so
big. Gilligan came and removed their clothes. The women complained but did
not resist. Both women complained that their breasts hurt.

"Don't worry, I will fix it." He got out the stool and two buckets. He
grabbed Ginger's tits and started to squeeze her nipples, and as with Mary
Ann the first squeeze produced nothing but by the second one a stream of
milk came out. Then Gilligan milked Mrs. Howell.

And like before he fucked them both before the men came by to use them for
the rest of the afternoon.

Periodically the Professor would reinfect them with the insects he now

When they were rescued Mr. Howell paid the crew well to let aboard the
strange cow creatures and not mention them to the press. When they got back
to civilization the men never mentioned them saying the women were swept out
to sea during the storm.

The cow-women for their part led content lives of milking, grazing and being
screwed. Every now and then a magazine would be left behind near their pen
and if it had normal women on its cover they all would cry or was it just
mooing? They were only cows after all.


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