This a parody, a satire, it is not the real thing. All done in fun for adults
only to read!!!

Gilligan's Island:
Gilligan And The Island Of Dr. Toro Part 1 (M+F,oral,trans,herm,drugs,mc)
by Dr. Bone


"Is there no other way? Why am I always the one who has to dress up in drag?"
asked Gilligan as the rain picked up on the island.

"You will have to do more than that if you want us to be able to get off this
island." said the Professor as he stirred a green mixture in a vat.

"The Wha-Ki-No-Ma tribal men as you know have a matriarchal society. The men
take a formula that masks their masculinity giving them certain...female
characteristics. Well I have duplicated it."

"You can duplicate it all you want but why do I have to be the one to drink

"Because we made up the lie of another woman on the island so Dr. Toro would
not take any of the ladies. Gilligan if you get onto his island, give him
this sleeping powder, radio a boat and we are rescued."

"Yeah, that is easy for you to say, you won't be turned into a girl."

"You won't be a girl Gilligan. You will still have your dick. The tits and
voice will only be temporary. When you come back the Professor will give you
the Manisoboa root and you will be back to normal. Or at least back to the
way you were.

Gilligan took the foul green smelling mixture that the Professor handed to
him. He remembered Captain America in the comic books, taking the secret
super formula and tried to pretend he was doing the same. He held his nose
to drink it and passed out after he finished. The last thing he heard was,
"Little Buddy!" as he was caught falling towards the floor.


Gilligan woke up a day later and felt different, he felt a weight on his
chest and said "Oh no! No!" it was like one of those crazy dreams he had on
the island, he got up and looked in the mirror. His red shirt was stretched
out by his new 38DD boobs. Then he noticed his hands and face looked
different, more feminine. "I sound like a girl!" he pulled off his hat and
his hair, now a thick and long female mane fell out and down across his face.
"Skipper! There is a strange woman in the mirror and it's me!"

Again Gilligan was caught by the Skipper and left in the girl's hut.

"Oh great you are awake." said Ginger wearing a white lab smock along with
Mary Anne and Mrs. Howell.

"My dear boy we have so much work to do!" added Mrs. Howell.

"What are you doing?" asked Gilligan apprehensively.

"Getting you ready for your trip dear boy. You will never pass for a girl in
those." said Mrs. Howell pointing at Gilligan's clothes.

"She's right, off they go." said Ginger.

They pealed off his shirt and admired his perfect female boobs and narrow
waist. Off came the shoes and pants then the underwear. The women all gasped
in surprise, their little buddy was sporting a huge horse sized cock.

Gilligan explained that the "little buddy" thing was a joke between him and
the Skipper from when they used to go to the whore houses.

Mary Anne did not want to really hear this and sort of ignored it. Now
stripped of his male identity the girls rebuilt him. They had the make up

They fitted him with a bra, one of Ginger's. Then came the panties which
created a problem until they remember the ones left behind by the female
impersonators who had washed ashore on the island. They were one of the
good ones who did try to get a rescue party to them when they were
recovered but just did not have the skills to describe where it was.
Gilligan had to bend his cock under and between his legs so he had no

To the girls' surprise Gilligan helped to chose the dress he wanted to wear,
a daring black number that revealed his new asset's in their best light.

The girls trained him how to put on make up and walk in high heels. They were
surprised about what a quick study he was, but it was something else, the
formula had made Gilligan smarter, lifting the fog around his brain caused by
years of smoking strong island pot. He quickly realized he must hide his new

The Professor briefed him one last time on the plans and Gilligan feigned
stupidity one last time. Then the boat came to take him to the island of Dr.
Toro where Gilligan would ultimately betray and enslave his fellow castaways.


To say Dr. Toro was insane would be an understatement. From behind his odd
wrestling masked face he ran a crime empire that had its fingers in every
crooked pie in the world.

Gilligan started at the bottom. Every now and then making a clever
suggestion. The first one Dr. Toro took was so good he started to pay more
attention to the maid. Then one day he grabbed Gilligan and he thought the
gig was up. "You! You are no ordinary maid!" Gilligan got ready to be killed.
"You are a genius!" said Dr. Toro as he hugged and kissed him. Gilligan felt
his boobs getting squeezed but knew he must play the game.

That night in his Helga mode he sucked off Dr. Toro who wore his wrestling
mask the whole time. Gilligan, had in the past done such an act, but this
time he was more woman than man and found the act pleasing. When Dr. Toro
wanted to screw him Gilligan did not use the "I have my period" gambit in
case Dr. Toro was more freaky than he thought. He instead told him that he
wanted him to have something to look forward to on his return from the World
Evil Scientist Council.

The next day Gilligan packed Dr. Toro a special lunch of high explosives that
was detonated as Dr. Toro and his man servant, the brutal and zombie-like Tor
went out to reach the pick up sub. The pick up sub having not seen the homing
beacon assumed the Dr. Toro was incarcerated or otherwise occupied and sped
on its way.

Gilligan, his I.Q. growing larger by the day, with the help of Tor's brother
Yor, started to unravel the mad doctor's secrets. He would need help in
taking over Doctor's vast organization. And he wanted to have vengeance on
the castaways for his mistreatment. Except for one, the one he had been
secretly in love with for years, Mary Ann.


"This is for Professor." said Yor in his monotone.

After reading it he told Mary Ann to pack her bags as "Helga" would need more
help. After some prodding and winking she got the message and packed her
straw suitcase and got on the launch.

After she was gone the Skipper asked him what the note had read. "It said
that Dr. Toro is terminally ill and gradually losing his mind and that he
wanted to bring us onto the island bit by bit to take over when the time
was right.

"Wow! My little buddy is even smarter as a woman."

"I wonder..." said the Professor drifting off into thought.


"Let me go you big ape. I have friends. Ohhh!" said Mary Ann as she struggled
to get free of the shackles that held her tight. All that Yor would say is
that the master would be coming for her soon. Then Helga appeared, her hair
up in a tight bun wearing a tight leather body suit that showed off both her
tits and her cock.

"Gilligan thank goodness. Get us out of her before the master comes."

Gilligan started to unshackle her and then paused, "Wait a minute! I am the
master. I killed Dr. Toro."

"You did what! Are you kidding? By accident right? You screwed up somehow."

Mary Ann dreaded the answer she heard. "No the explosives were quite good.
And by the way Mary Ann I don't 'Screw up!' anymore, but I would like to
screw you." He opened his zipper to Yor's glee, he liked to watch.

"Gilligan this is wrong."

"I told you my name is Helga, now and forever. That simpering fool, who
loved you from afar is gone forever. I mean to take over Dr. Toro's empire
and quietly take over the world. And with you by my side I will show our
friends, I will break them all."

"But what of the Howells? They have never hurt you."

"No, not directly but they have ruined your father. Follow, they bought stock
in Grand B Tech, an agricultural company that is really a cover for real
estate company. They sell crop seed that will beat all harvest records for a
year or two, but then they will fail, having drained the land of its
nutrients. Where will that leave your parents? In debt to the hilt. They will
have to sell out dirt cheap."

"No its not true."

"Oh dear Mary Anne let me show you." Piece by piece Helga showed her the
evidence. A scrap of newspaper here, a report there.

"But Ginger."

"Almost sold you to the head hunters last time they were on the island."
Helga said repeating then translating the line the head hunters kept


"Oh the drugs he ran."

"Professor." she said tears welling up in her eyes.

"Nerve gas and LSD in schools."

She started to sob. "But we will have our revenge with you as my lover. But
first we have to make a change in you, like you all did for me."

Yor brought to Helga a large hypodermic needle. The contents were green and
glowed on their own. "Gil..., I mean Helga what is that? What are you going
to do?"

"That dear Mary Ann is pure evil in its most concentrated form. You will join
me in my crusade. But there is a chance. If you can hold off for one minute
and not think bad thoughts about how your fellow castaways tried to screw you
the formula will lose its potency and not work. In that case I will rescue
them all and turn myself into the authorities."

Yor held Mary Ann's arm in his cold hands as Helga injected her with the
serum. Mary Ann bit her lip trying not to think of what they had done to her,
then at thirty seconds she said, "I can't. They are all a bunch of...fucks.
Every last one of them."

"Stealing from your pa and ma."

"Yes!" said Mary Ann as her tits started to become fuller straining the
fabric of her blue checkered top.

"Ginger almost selling you to the headhunters."

"That bitch! That no talented hack! Her and her crappy grade 'C' movies."

Her skin turned reddish as did her eyes. Her hair grew longer and darker
almost totally black.

"Professor betraying the public's trust."

"The pompous jerk." she said as her tongue grew longer and she began to hiss
as her teeth turned to fangs.

"The Skipper running drugs. That jolly fat man." Helga said as Mary Ann's
finger nails became sharper and longer.

"I was a fool master." Mary Ann said breaking her shackles she went on her
knees before Helga. She shed her clothes as if they were wet tissue paper.
She took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it as Helga stroked her pointed

"It is as I always dreamed it would be." said Helga.

Mary Ann got on all fours on the table and Helga pushed his big cock into her
pussy. "Oh yes that farm girl wimp is gone forever command me master."

Helga motioned for Yor to come forward and Mary Ann unhitched her jaw in a
snake like manner to take it all in to her mouth. His come was bitter and
foul but she swallowed it as he giggled like a demented child.

Helga had Mary Ann finish him telling her to pierce his cock head with her
fangs as he came. Mary Ann swallowed a mix of blood and cum as Helga told her
they were now bound together...forever.


The Howells arrived at the island the next week. After being "undercover"
for a week they found themselves chained up in front a banquet for the Evil
Society - African Branch. Missile secrets along with the secrets on how to
curse someone flowed as freely as the wine that Helga and his bride Devil
Ann served. And the capitalist pig Howells were their main course.

"So is it true?" said Dr. Zooga, know for his own experiments in combining
men with animals.

"Take a look." Helga said pointing to Yor who now wore the mask of Dr. Toro.

"Ah good my friend but what of the, uh! guests of honor."

"A good point and we should get on with it before the dessert." Helga tinged
the glass and got the attention of all the room. "First off the kitchen staff
has announced one fruit cup per guest. Next we honor the Howells. I have
already taken all their wealth through some stock swindles, so we must find
them new jobs. "Hmm the uniform is nice but I can make it fit better." said
Helga throwing a switch. Mrs. Howell was bathed in a golden light. She seemed
to grow younger, taller and bustier. When it was done she spoke with and odd
Swedish accent, not that anyone noticed anything above her neck, at least
until Helga threw the second switch.

"Stop this at once." demanded Thurston Howell who received a kick in his
balls from Devil Ann.

"That's for my daddy's farm. Besides she won't even know who you are in a
minute." with that a clear helmet went over his wife's head.

"Thurston I love you." The helmet started to glow. "I-I-I am Mrs. Howell. I maid, yes? The Swedish maid what can I do for you?" she
completed as the helmet rose off her head and the shackles came off.

"You can give some of the delegates head as Mr. Howell watches." Thurston
watched in horror as his wife, now Inga, got on her knees, her now young and
shapely butt in the air as she crammed big evil dick after dick in her mouth.

"Now as for you Thurston, you will need a new job so, Yor come here, he
misses his brother Tor so much. So I am going to make you his new brother
Mor. After all your dear wife is not a whore. Get it. No! Okay." Thurston
was given an injection of the zombie juice and put under the ray. His eyes
rolled back as his muscles became bigger and bigger, his hair fell out and
he became taller and taller until he was a twin for Yor.

In the background Inga was sitting on one huge cock after another as the
delegates fucked her every whole. At the end of the night she would be the
door prize for one lucky delegate.

He was unshackled as his wife was. After Yor hit him in the face and Mor
struck back (that is their playful way of greeting one another) Devil Ann
and Helga planned their last bit of revenge against the Skipper. Ginger and
the Professor.


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