Disclaimer: I do not own or have anything to do with The Gifted, nor any of its characters or settings. This is a work of fiction.

Summary: This story takes place around and after episode 3 of season 1. Sonya/Dreamer implants a memory into Clarice/Blink to get her to create a portal to help the others. Clarice deals with the additional memories on her own as they become a permanent part of her.

Parings: Caitlin/Clarice/Lauren, Lauren/Clarice, Caitlin/Clarice

Codes: Fff, Ff, FF

Gifted: Dreams Into Reality Part 1
by Lord Naughtius ([email protected])

Sonya frantically searched the mutant underground's base of operations for Clarice Fong. She found her on the second floor of the abandoned building they called home. She was sitting at an end table picking at the remains of her lunch.

"Clarice!" Sonya shouted. "I need to talk to you!"

The purple haired Asian girl otherwise known as Blink stood up quickly when she saw Sonya's panicked state.

"Johnny, uh, Thunderbird is in trouble. They're all in trouble." Sonya stammered, tripping over her words in her desperate need to get them out.

"What?" Clarice replied. "Dreamer, Sonya, slow down."

"Look, there's no time to explain. I need to you make a portal to get a car off the road."

"A car." Clarice said, raising her eyebrows. "Are you insane?"

"You have to." Sonya pleaded.

"I told you I can't." Clarice reasoned with her. "You saw how my powers are acting up. I can't even make a portal big enough for me."

Sonya grabbed Clarice around the shoulders. "You can if you have someone to care about." She called up her own powers from inside her and transferred a particularly personal memory to Clarice.

Clarice felt like she was in a dream during the transfer. She saw herself between the arms of Caitlin and Lauren Strucker, the blonde mother and daughter of the family they recently rescued.

She and Lauren shared a passionate embrace, and an even more passionate kiss. The both of them wore thin cotton pajama shorts and t-shirts; the latter of which Lauren pulled off of her.

She felt hands on her waist and turned to see Caitlin in her nightgown pulling her in for a kiss. Clarice obliged while Lauren pulled down her shorts. She felt goose-pimples raise up on her exposed body. Clarice lifted Caitlin's nightgown above the blond woman's head to reveal her naked body. She heard Lauren frantically peeling her own clothes off behind her, and then she felt Lauren's arms around her again. Her breasts pressed into her back and the two of them sandwiched her between them. Caitlin and Lauren caressed her body, gently squeezing her breasts and lightly touching her between her legs.

Sonya watched Clarice carefully, and when she was certain the memory had taken hold she stopped using her powers.

Clarice's focus snapped back to the present. "What happened?" she asked.

"Clarice look at me. Johnny, Caitlin, Lauren, and the others are out there and I need you to make a portal. Can you do it?"

"Yeah." Clarice replied with fierce determination. She was complete opposite of who she was mere minutes ago.

"Yes, of course, where are they?" she asked while walking toward the stairs. "Are you coming or what?" she called back at Sonya.

The two of them ran out to the road where the getaway car was supposed to drive by. Clarice stood in the middle of the road and concentrated on her powers. She brought her hands together and focused her energy between her palms. Bright purple energy coalesced between her hands. As the portal got stronger the end point grew clearer. Soon the image of the exit solidified and Clarice began to expand the portal. Memories of the night she spent with Caitlin and Lauren flashed in her head and the portal suddenly grew in size.

The getaway car carrying Johnny, Caitlin, Lauren, Andy, and Marcos turned onto the road with two black SUVs hot on their tail. A shooter in the lead car fired a rifle at car, trying to take out the tires or the occupants.

The getaway car sped up and drove through Clarice's portal. Sonya ran through shortly before Clarice herself stepped through and closed the portal.

Johnny stopped the car and everybody got out. Clarice ran up and hugged Lauren. "I can't believe it worked." she said.

She hugged Caitlin next. "I'm glad you're safe."

"Me too." Caitlin replied, puzzled, but appreciative of Clarice's concern.

Johnny also took notice. He purposely let the others walk ahead and gently pulled Sonya back. "What did you do?"

"You needed help." Sonya said. "She needed something to connect to, so I gave her a memory. Of me , Caitlin, and Lauren."

Johnny sighed. "Do you realize what you've done? What that could lead to?"

"Believe me, I do." Sonya replied, remorsefully, but proud of her actions nonetheless.

In the following days Clarice began having intense dreams about Caitlin and Lauren. She was standing in front of a bathroom mirror wearing a t-shirt and pajama shorts. She had just finished brushing her teeth and went downstairs to the livingroom where the other girls had already finished setting up for their slumber party. It was the last one before some of them headed off to university, or college, or whatever else. Herself included. She recounted her years as a cheerleader with these girls and found that she was as happy as she was sad that she was leaving.

She found herself staring into Lauren's pretty brown eyes, and then her gaze lingered over the teen's ample breasts. The t-shirt Lauren was wearing fit her like a bodysuit and Clarice could tell she was not wearing a bra underneath it. Lauren's shorts hugged her curves and showed off more of her body. Clarice wondered if she was wearing anything underneath them.

Caitlin came into the room wearing her nightgown. It was baby blue with flowers on it and was cut in a modern style that resembled a summer dress with spaghetti straps.

"Don't stay up too late." she said with a smile. "And lights out by eleven."

"Don't worry, mom." Lauren replied, also smiling.

Clarice could tell she was worried her mom was going to make her look uncool in front of her friends.

The light from the hall shone through the thin material of the nightgown and Clarice could see Caitlin's nipples.

"Clarice, are you alright?" Caitlin asked.

"Yes, fine." Clarice replied and quickly averted her eyes from Caitlin's body. She felt herself blush and turned away so no one would see.

"Well, I'm going to the basement to watch my show and then to bed. Have fun, girls."

The rest of the night went as normal as sleepovers went. They talked about boys, who had sex with who, and had lots of fun. The girls all eventually drifted off to sleep.

Clarice pretended to sleep and got up a couple hours later. She tip toed down to the basement where Caitlin was on the couch watching a lesbian porno. The sound was as low as it could be without being off. Caitlin had her legs spread and was rubbing her clit while watching the TV, but she turned around when Clarice entered the room.

"I was wondering when you were going to get here." She got up and kissed Clarice on the lips. Her hands started at Clarice's waist, but moved quickly under her shirt. Caitlin grabbed Clarice's breasts and gently squeezed them. Then she roughly pulled the girl's shirt off like she was a horny teenager again and kissed Clarice deeply while pushing her towards the wall. They thumped against it and Caitlin shushed them even though it was her fault.

Caitlin pulled Clarice toward the couch now. Clarice was about to reciprocate Caitlin's passion when she felt someone else's hands on her waist. She looked over her shoulder to see Lauren with the same lust in her eyes as her mother. Lauren pulled down Clarice's pajama shorts at the same time Clarice went in to kiss Caitlin.

Clarice fumbled blindly for the hem of Caitlin's nightgown. And pulled it over her head. Hands caressed everywhere over Clarice's body. She felt them squeeze her breasts and go between her legs to rub her soft pussy lips. All the while Caitlin kissed her so passionately she barely gave her a moment to breathe.

Caitlin broke the kiss and slowly dropped to her knees while leaving a trail of kisses from Clarice's lips to her pussy. Clarice moaned when she felt Caitlin's tongue part her. She felt her thighs tense and quiver when Caitlin's tongue slid inside her. Time seemed to stand still as she felt waves of pleasure radiate through her body. When she came back to reality she found herself laid down on the couch. Caitlin was still eating her out, and now Lauren straddled her, presenting her pussy to her. Lauren gently guided her head to her pussy. Clarice ran the tip of her tongue up the middle of Lauren's wet slit, eliciting a soft moan from the blonde girl's lips.

Lauren started gently bucking her hips into Clarice's mouth. "Oh, yes! That's it!" she moaned. "Wake up! Oh, fuck yes, wake up!"

Clarice paused mid-lick and looked up at Lauren. The blonde girl was still moaning in pleasure, but every time she said something it was in Caitlin's voice. Suddenly Lauren changed in Caitlin; and instead of being naked she was dressed in her usual jeans and sweater. She was no longer straddling her anymore. She was standing beside her and gently shaking her.

"Clarice." Caitlin said gently. "It's time to wake up."

Clarice opened her eyes. She was in the make-shift infirmary Caitlin was in charge of. Clarice remembered now. She had a near-death experience with her powers going out of control. She was still rehabilitating with the help of Caitlin and several others in the underground. Getting Johnny, Caitlin and the others back had put a strain on her and set her rehabilitation back. Her energy levels were still getting back to normal and she was starting to get back into a normal sleep schedule. Some days were better than others.

Clarice got out of the cot, hoping she hadn't made any embarrassing sounds in her sleep. She went to the kitchen and hoped they still had something to make breakfast out of. Caitlin watched her go and made a note in her patient log. Clarice was physically fine; for a human. Her mutant powers, however, presented a huge unknown, and it was not like the topic was covered in nursing school. But unlike nursing school she had exclusive access to the best resource she knew - an entire building full of mutants. She looked around until she found Sonya, the last person who was with Clarice when she used her powers consciously and successfully.

"Sonya, do you have a minute?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"I was wondering if I could talk to you about Clarice."

"Uh, yeah. I'll tell you what I can."

"You were the one who was able to get Clarice to use her powers. I was wondering if you noticed any strain she may have taken from using her powers on that kind of scale and so soon after her powers went out of control."

"She did struggle a bit in the beginning but then she pushed through."

"How did she look during?"

"I would describe it like she was lifting a car full of people."

"You've been working with her to address the issues with her powers. Have you seen anyone respond like she has?"

"Everyone's different. Energy manipulators like her are the most unpredictable. It's like a snake. It can lay there or suddenly whip up and bite you."

Caitlin nodded and smiled. "I've got a lot to learn about mutants. Thanks."

Caitlin went off and resumed her duties. She felt something was off about Sonya's behaviour when they spoke. It was similar to people who had just gotten out of jail and had to report for a drug screen. She was hiding something.

After breakfast Clarice went up to the roof. She felt like being alone. They weren't supposed to go there, so it was guaranteed there would be fewer people there. Some of the younger kids, being kids, broke that rule every so often. But Lorna, or Polaris, was really strict about the kids training under her and her wrath was enough to deter them.

She took a few deep breathes of fresh air. It felt good to be out of the dusty abandoned ruins they lived in. As a runaway she had lived in many abandoned buildings. While not the worst, it was certainly far from the best. She looked over the edge of the roof. The building was only two stories tall, so it wasn't that far down. She could see a couple sentries watching the road leading to the building, and the escape route. She ambled along the side of the roof with a carefree spring in her step, like she would have done when she was a child; before she got her powers.

She stopped suddenly when she saw her when she rounded the corner and the old vents no longer blocked her view. Clarice ran up and hugged Lauren in a tight embrace. To say Lauren was surprised was an understatement. Before she could ask about the sudden display of affection, Clarice kissed her on the lips.

Lauren's defenses crumbled. Being a horny teenager was bad enough. Being a horny teenager among adults and no privacy was torture. She had hoped Sonya would be up for some nighttime shenanigans like when they were in school together, but she gave her all to the mutant underground. Now that Clarice was showing which team she played for, Lauren wasn't about to pass up this chance. She kissed her back just as passionately.

The two of them tore at each other's clothes, both of them trying to get the other naked first. They fell on top of their discarded clothes and ravished each other. Lauren straddled Clarice's face, to which Clarice simply said "Me too."

Lauren flipped herself around into a sixty-nine and they dove deep between each other's legs. Twin moans escaped their lips as they licked each other. Clarice licked Lauren's bald pussy in round circles first, tracing her swollen pussy lips with her tongue. Then she quickly flicked her tongue sideways across her labia while she rubbed her clit. Lauren's thighs tensed and squeezed her head, and she no choice but to keep at it. She stuck her tongue up Lauren's love tunnel and teased her G-spot with the tip of her tongue. She felt Lauren shudder and spasm above her as she came. Clarice held her tightly, wrapping and arm around her waist and another around a thigh and sucked Lauren's clit while the blonde teen thrashed around in the throes of orgasm.

After what felt like twenty minutes Lauren's body slackened and went limp. Clarice relaxed her hold on Lauren and then her own body immediately stiffened. Lauren was paying her back and it felt like every part of her was bathed in pleasure. She felt Lauren lick deep inside her pussy. Her tongue snaked inside her and worked wonders she couldn't imagine. Then Lauren put her mouth on her clit and sucked and teased her with her tongue. Clarice arched her back and came with a shuddering climax.

By the time Clarice was aware of reality again Lauren was snuggled up beside her and cuddling her. She cuddled her back until the air turned cool and forced to dress and go back inside.

"What was that about?" Lauren asked as they walked downstairs.

"It feels like we haven't had a slumber party in years." Clarice said smiling. "I just want to revisit some old memories."

"What?" Lauren asked, completely confused.

Clarice was about to answer when they Caitlin saw them enter the main building from the direction of the roof stairwell.

"Lauren, were you on the roof?"

"I was." Clarice quickly answered. "I ran into Lauren on the way here."

Caitlin looked like she didn't really believe her, but also looked like she didn't want to bother questioning further. "Lorna's looking for you." She said to Lauren. "You're late for training."

Lauren rushed off, leaving the other two women to continue with their day.

Clarice went to her room and practiced making small portals. She dropped Zingo's toys into them and used her portals to launch them for him to fetch. As he ran back and forth she wondered if the underground adopted him or if he adopted the underground. He was here when she arrived and didn't really seem to belong to anyone. He could have been living in these ruins when the first mutants showed up.

Clarice felt a headache coming on and stopped making portals. She started petting Zingo and laid back to relax. She wondered what Zingo was. He didn't look like any one breed. But he must have had a Great Dane in his lineage because the dog almost dwarfed Clarice herself.

While she pet him her hand wandered lower on his belly until she felt his sheathe. She didn't stop, however, and kept rubbing him until the tip of his red cock poked out. When she felt the natural slickness on his shaft her mind jolted into focus. She immediately pulled her hand back and wiped it on the lowest corner of her bedsheet. Zingo looked at her with confusion in his eyes, but his dick shrunk and went back into his sheath.

"What the fuck?" she muttered to herself. First Lauren and now Zingo?

Clarice sought out Sonya straight away. She had a feeling she was at the root of this. She found her upstairs drawing in her sketchbook.

"Hey!" she called out as she got closer. "I need to talk to you."

Sonya looked up without any surprise. She knew this moment was coming. It inevitably happened whenever she used her powers without planning far ahead of time.

"Did you mess with my head?"

"What do you mean?" Sonya replied, playing dumb.

"I was watching you with that Sentinal Services guy yesterday. And then I remembered something. Last week the two of us started to have a conversation and now that conversation's just gone. And now I can't go ten minutes without this ... memory of Caitlin and Lauren coming back to me. I'm asking you straight up. Did. You. Mess with my head?"

Sonya looked up remorsefully. "You couldn't use your abilities. Caitlin and Lauren were trouble, and if you were going to help you need a connection to them."

Clarice felt vindicated. But she was still angry. "You had no right. Were you ever going to tell me?"

Sonya got up and pleaded with Clarice. "Look, I know that you're angry, but you have to understand, people's lives were at stake."

"I don't have to understand anything!" Clarice yelled. "What you do is wrong! You decided that you needed to fix me and now I have to live with the memory of loving people I barely know."

"I - I - can take it away, if you want." Sonya stammered. I can remove the memory. The longer you have it the more you will think it's real. That it's yours. You'll act normally, like you won't know any different."

"Stay. Away. From me." Clarice nearly growled ans walked away. She would rather deal with the consequences herself than let someone poke around in her head again.

For the next few weeks Clarice avoided Sonya and Lauren, although the latter kept trying to find ways for the two of them to be alone together. The dreams of that night happened less frequently, but were still intense. Each time the beginning of the dream was rushed, like it was on fast forward. , while the later part was at normal speed. It was like her subconscious was telling her this was the greatest TV show ever made and she had to finish it.

Clarice sat in the infirmary waiting for Caitlin. She needed less check-ups as time went on, but she was still the only mutant Caitlin had brought back from the brink of death. There must have been something that kept Caitlin from tossing her back into the wild.

The blonde nurse-turned-doctor breezed back in from her last patient - one of the kids Lorna was training.

"I don't think that kid will be making any illusions soon." Caitlin commented. She made a note in a chart and then grabbed Clarice's from a desk drawer.

Clarice watched all this with quiet awe. Not even a month earlier Caitlin had been a nurse and a housewife with a normal life. She had the perfect buttoned-down life with a high-profile attorney husband, two kids, and a house in a picturesque neighborhood. And, Clarice noticed, she had kept her figure. Especially after the two kids.

Now she was their medic. She healed wounds from guns and powers she couldn't even imagine. All as an ordinary human being. No, not ordinary. Anyone who could do that couldn't ever be thought of as ordinary.

"Let's get started." Caitlin said with a smile.

Clarice complied with all of her requests and answered her questions as best she could. After Caitlin was satisfied, she put away her chart, pulled her hair tie out, and stretched out her arms.

"Am I your last one today?" Clarice asked, sneaking a glance at Caitlin's exposed belly. Even from just that she could see the faint outline of her muscles. She could only imagine the abs Caitlin had hidden under those sweaters she always wore.

Caitlin nodded. "Before all this I would have been getting a drink from my stash of scotch and reading some Agatha Christie in the bath before the kids came home."

"I've always enjoyed 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd'. What's your favourite?"

" 'And Then There Were None.' It inspired so many modern films."

"Caitlin." Clarice said, abruptly changing the subject. I never thanked you for everything you did for me."

Caitlin looked puzzled. "I think you did. Besides, you don't have to. This is what I was meant to do." Her eyes took in the room. "Well, not this." she said, indicating the abandoned hotel they were squatting in. "In a proper hospital."

"Really, though. Thank you." Clarice held Caitlin's hand with her own. "Let me repay you, or something."

"What?" Caitlin said, more confused now. "Really, Clarice, there's no need."

"You've had to adjust to a lot. How about we relax the way you usually do?"

Caitlin raised her eyebrow. "Scotch and Christie in the bath isn't exactly the high point of relaxation."

Clarice shrugged. "There are ways to make it the high point." she grinned. She opened a small portal, from which she pulled a bottle of Lagavulin single malt.

"This is right off their bottling line."

Caitlin felt like she was going to scold her like a child.

"I can't offer Christie, but I can offer Friedrichsbad." Clarice opened a larger portal. "It's a Roman-Irish bath in Germany."

Through it Caitlin saw an indoor pool, and then quickly realized it was actually a huge bath. The architecture around it looked neo-classical and resembled pictures of ancient Roman baths she had seen. It seemed like the kind of place rich people would go for an afternoon just because they could. She had to admit, the lure of a bath was strong after spending every day in an abandoned building.

"Alright." Caitlin relented and stepped through the portal with Clarice.

On the other side Clarice led the way down a hallway. "Have you been here before?" Caitlin asked.

"Once or twice." Clarice replied. "It was featured in a magazine. It looked like something I just had to try so I looked up everything I could about it. This place was my first blind portal."

They turned a corner and ran straight into a naked man with a paunch belly. He said something in German to them and waved his hand angrily at them, to which Clarice apologized profusely. Caitlin tried to shield her eyes and walk at the same time.

Clarice went down the right hallway this time to where a couple of naked women stepped out of the locker room.

"I think you left out something in your description of this place." Caitlin said sarcastically.

"I didn't think you'd come if you knew it was a nude bathing facility." Clarice said unapologetically. "And you really needed to relax."

In the change room Clarice found two empty lockers, quickly undressed and put her clothes inside. Caitlin undressed as well, and snuck a peek at Clarice's tight ass from behind. She felt a little naughty doing it, and knew she shouldn't have, but rationalized that she would have seen it anyway.

They followed the other women to the showers where they both cleaned themselves thoroughly before they were allowed in the baths. Caitlin had to restrain herself from enjoying it too much. The feeling of hot water against her skin after months without it felt better than sex.

The two of them started off in smaller pools where there would be less people. Caitlin felt self-conscious about being naked in front of strangers and Clarice didn't want people to see her green eyes and realize she was a mutant. In the end neither of them needed to worry. No one cast a second glance at their naked bodies and most people assumed Clarice was a musician in some kind of shock rock band.

They moved from pool to pool, experiencing the different temperatures and fragrant additives that were no doubt beneficial in some way. They went through all the steam rooms as well. Cool, warm, hot, multi-layered, they all felt refreshing in their own way. Caitlin lost count of how long they spent there, but when the clientele started getting sparse, she surmised it must be late in the day. She didn't feel like leaving yet, and it didn't seem Clarice was ready either.

"Come on." Clarice whispered and took Caitlin's hand. Using her knowledge from her previous visits, she guided them to an empty sauna room. It was smaller than the others, but still spacious enough for them. Once the door was closed she opened a portal to their locker and pulled the bottle of Lagavulin through. Then she opened another portal and pulled out two drinking glasses. She grinned at Caitlin like a teenager sneaking liquor from her parent's cabinet.

Clarice poured them each a finger of scotch and clinked her glass to Caitlin's before drinking it down. The both of them winced at the burning sensation, but Caitlin welcomed it as well. It had been too long since she had a taste of civilization.

"Any chance of some ice?" Caitlin asked.

Clarice opened another portal and brought out a tray of ice cubes. She dropped a few into their glasses and refilled their drinks. Caitlin sipped her scotch this time and sat down on the bench. She turned on the heating element for the hot stones and waited for them to heat up.

"Is this place still open? Are we going to get caught?"

Clarice shook her head. "This place is open until past midnight. Right now is the lull before the late night crowd comes in."

Caitlin ladled some water over the stones until the steam filled the room. Clarice sat down and refilled their drinks. Very soon the two were very drunk. Clarice found herself feeling the effects of the potent alcohol as well, even though she had been strategically drinking every other sip or less. She drunkenly touched her head to Caitlin's and lowered her head onto the blonde's shoulder. Her hear skipped a beat when she felt Caitlin put an arm around her. Taking a chance, she quickly went in and kissed Caitlin on the lips.

Surprised, Caitlin lingered for a second, but pulled away when she felt herself begin to kiss her back. She studied the Asian girl like she was seeing her for the first time. Feelings stirred inside her, and emboldened by the alcohol, she returned the kiss. The two embraced and kissed each other passionately. Their hands roamed each other's bodies, and if they weren't already naked, they would have ripped the clothes off of each other. Clarice leaned into Caitlin and pressed her hand into the small of her back. Caitlin took the hint and laid down on the bench. Clarice followed her down and gave little pecks down her neck while running a hand down her slick body.

Clarice slowly slid down between Caitlin's breasts. She grabbed one in each hand and gently squeezed them while licking and sucking her brown nipples. She elicited a small moan from Caitlin's lips and continued on downward, over her flat stomach, and in between her legs. Clarice smiled when Caitlin shuddered at her touch. Caitlin moaned a little louder and Clarice palmed her pussy, making the blonde woman gasp when her most sensitive parts were touched. Clarice moved her hand in small circles and watched Caitlin squirm.

Clarice grinned and teased Caitlin. She could tell when she was about to cum and deliberately slowed down to keep her from her climax. She grabbed Caitlin's breast again and squeezed her nipple in the webbing of her fingers while she slipped a finger into her pussy. Caitlin's hips rose and fell as she thrust against Clarice's hand. Clarice couldn't take her eyes off Caitlin's lithe body while she played with it. Her lean muscles tensed as pleasure rippled through her body, giving her a tantalizing view of her firm abs. She leaned down and licked the beads of moisture off them and savoured the hint of salt from her sweat.

Caitlin suddenly bucked her hips and moaned so loud she practically screamed as her orgasm overtook her. Clarice devilishly prolonged her orgasm just so she could watch Caitlin cum again and again. When she finally had enough, Caitlin pulled Clarice's finger out herself and brought her shiny digits up to her mouth so she could suck them clean.

Caitlin then pulled the younger Asian girl down on top of her and carefully switched positions with her. She gave Clarice a quick kiss before going down her body. When she got to her breasts, she was surprised to see her nipples had a tiny tinge of purple, just like her birthmark. Knowing a thing or two about biology, Caitlin went straight between her legs next. Like her nipples, the higher concentration of melanin in the skin of her pussy gave it a light tinge of purple. Caitlin ran the tip of her tongue up her slit and imagined she was licking the juice of a ripe plum. Clarice's thighs closed around her head and Caitlin grinned. Now it was her turn to squirm

She licked Clarice's clit first, teasing the hood that covered her love button. Then she traced circles over Clarice's labia, making her moan. Finally she spread Clarice's pussy open and stuck her tongue deep inside her while she quickly rubbed her clit with her fingertips. Clarice moaned louder and bucked her hips against Caitlin's mouth. The blonde held onto Clarice's thighs with both arms to prevent herself from being thrown off, and ran the tip of her tongue along the ceiling of her pussy until she felt the small rough patch that was her G-spot. She licked and flicked that spot quickly while she rubbed Clarice's clit with her fingers.

The effect on Clarice was nearly immediate, and she came with a howling crescendo. Her back arched and she thrust her pussy onto Caitlin's tongue one second, and in the next her abs tightened so much her body scissored. Since Caitlin was holding down her legs, her upper body shot up like she was doing a sit-up. Clarice pressed Caitlin's head to her crotch and grinded her pussy against the blonde's mouth, willing, and forcing her to make her cum again. Caitlin didn't disappoint, and seconds later Clarice was moaning, and shaking, and shuddering with her second orgasm.

Caitlin prolonged Clarice's orgasm for as long as she could. The Asian girl's legs tensed and relaxed around her head and her toes curled with every lick. She eventually let Clarice come down. The younger girl lay limp on the bench and just panted from the exertion of their lovemaking. Caitlin carefully crawled on top of her and kissed her, giving Clarice a taste of herself, and just cuddled with her.

Clarice stroked Caitlin's hair and absentmindedly played with her nipples. "How about a second round?" Caitlin asked while looking up at her hopefully.

Clarice giggled and nodded. They kissed each other on the lips and made a grab for each other's breasts, as if they were reading each other's minds.

"How about we try something?" Caitlin suggested, and leaned back with her legs spread. Clarice thought she knew what Caitlin wanted and did the same. As one, the two women moved closer together and scissored each other. They kept at it until they both admitted it wasn't doing anything for either of them. They switched to something more familiar - a sixty-nine.

Clarice moaned from the touch of Caitlin's more experienced tongue and tried to copy what she felt. She soon had the blonde moaning and pressing her pussy against her mouth.

"Wanna try something?" Clarice asked.

Caitlin stopped licking her pussy long enough to respond. "Sure."

Clarice opened a small portal just above her pussy and another just in front of Caitlin's pussy.

"Huh. "Caitlin remarked as she peered through. She stuck her tongue through and licked her own pussy.

Clarice created another pair of portals for herself and the two of them engaged in what Caitlin would later call "the strangest masturbation experience she'd ever had". The two of them licked themselves to orgasm - with Clarice cumming first, of course.

"You must have never left your room when you discovered that." Caitlin joked.

Clarice laughed politely and didn't remind her that she had been homeless ever since her powers manifested.

Caitlin went back to eating Clarice out and the two of them engaged in a proper sixty-nine. Clarice stuck her tongue deep into Caitlin's pussy and tried to replicate from memory what had made her cum so hard. She all around the inside of Caitlin's pussy and teased her clit with her fingers. As she ran the flat of her tongue along the roof of her pussy she felt a small rough patch about where Caitlin had licked her. She flicked it with the tip of her tongue and Caitlin's thighs squeezed together against her head. Having found Caitlin's secret, Clarice went at her G-spot with everything she could think of. She licked it with her entire tongue, she flicked it with the tip of her tongue as quick as a hummingbird's wings, she drew circles over it. All while rubbing and pinching Caitlin's clit.

Caitlin came and moaned so loud she managed to echo in the small room. She thrust her hips and grinded her pussy against Clarice's mouth, forcing her to pleasure her until she felt satisfied.

When her orgasm faded Caitlin fell limp on top of Clarice, having forgotten all about getting her off. Clarice didn't mind. She had been fantasizing about Caitlin ever since she joined the Mutant Underground. She even dreamed about her, almost constantly the last few weeks. It was an indescribable feeling to have those dreams become reality.

While they lay entwined with each other, Caitlin became aware first of the sounds from outside their sauna. Someone was knocking on the doors of the saunas before theirs, saying something in German, and then opening the door.

"What's going on?"Caitlin asked.

"I think they're closing?" Clarice replied. "Maybe? Or maybe the other saunas are full?"

"I thought you said they were open until midnight? What time is it?"

"I said they'd be open past midnight." Clarice corrected. But she had completely lost track of the time. She got up, prompting Caitlin to quickly get off of her, and opened the door a crack. She saw a man in a custodial uniform three doors down from them checking the sauna's for loitering guests.

"Definitely closing." Clarice said as loud as she dared. She gathered up the ice cube tray and scanned the room. "Come on! We can't leave evidence!"

Caitlin jumped to it and got the mostly empty bottle of scotch and looked around frantically for the cap. Meanwhile Clarice put the stray ice cubes she found onto the hot stones and hoped the sizzling sound they made wasn't too loud. Caitlin held the bottle cap triumphantly over her head and closed the bottle. The man knocked on their door and said something loudly in German.

"Lie down!" Clarice ordered.

Caitlin barely got herself horizontal before Clarice jumped on top of her. Clarice made a portal underneath the both of them just before she landed, and the two of them dropped onto her bunk at the Mutant Underground.

Back at the sauna, the custodian opened the door and saw nothing amiss, except someone had left the hot stone heater on. He turned it off, gave the room a wipe-down, and went about his duties.

The sudden change to cool dry air was shock to their system. Caitlin and Clarice cuddled together and Clarice wrapped her sleeping bag around the both of them. Caitlin thought she saw Shatter doing his night rounds, so that meant it was around 10 or 11PM. She counted herself lucky because an hour or two earlier and the nightly clean up crew might have seen two naked women drop out of mid-air and land in a compromising position.

"I have to get back to my own bed." Caitlin said in a hushed voice.

Clarice opened a small portal to their locker and grabbed their clothes. Caitlin quickly dressed and left, but not before giving Clarice a peck on the lips. Clarice watched Caitlin's ass as she walked out of the room and then fell asleep, hoping to continue their sexual escapades in her dreams.

As Caitlin climbed into the cot beside her husband, he stirred and turned to face her. "Where were you?" Reed asked. "I didn't see you all night."

"I was helping Clarice with her rehabilitation."

"Hmm. Is she getting better?"

"I think she's in tip-top shape." Caitlin smiled.


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