This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or
people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any
feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u
liked, didn't like, my email is [email protected] All characters storylines
situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really
happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn't This was
a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas
from wwekiller

Small note I tried to make this as true to the real life series of Ghost
Whisperer as I could which means this story contains more soul searching
heart ache and crying than my other stories but I had to keep to the sprit of
the TV show so pls enjoy.

Ghost Whisperer: Romance (MF,anal)
by ThePac

Melinda is curled up on her sofa late one night watching the fire crackle and
sipping on a glass of red wine. She is waiting for her husband Jim to get
home from his late shift as a paramedic and she wants him to come home soon
cause she wants to go to bed and cuddle up next to him. As she relaxes on her
sofa closing her eyes and tilting her head back a gust of wind blows out the
firelight and the entire room goes cold. Quickly Melinda puts down her glass
of wine and gets to her feet knowing full well that a room can only go this
cold when a ghost is trying to make contact. Behind her a bright red vase
falls off the mantelpiece and smashes down on the floor making Melinda jump.
Water and flower petals are spread all over her carpet as Melinda looks
around waiting for this sprit to make contact with her. After a few looks
around the window slams shut and the figure of a young man appears in front
of her. He looks very young maybe early to mid 20's with a thick crop of
brown curly hair and is 6ft 2 in height with a medium build. His clothes are
torn and ripped and his green jacket looks like it has been pulled though a
hedge, as there are tears all over it. Muddy and wet is how Melinda would
describe him and he also looks really scared. Melinda knows she needs to be
sensitive so as not to upset him but she can't take her eyes of his handsome
face. Dark bottle green eyes with thin eyelashes that have Melinda's knees
feeling weak and his perfectly balanced jaw line and long thin nose seems to
bring out his eyes even more. She can't believe she is having a schoolgirl
type handsome man crush but she soon shakes it out when he looks at her and
asks her to help him.

"Hi I'm Melinda, Melinda Gordon and yes I can see you and I can help you
cross over to the other side but I need you to think what's your name,"
Melinda asks making sure he is a good and kind sprit asking him slowly and

He struggles for a second Melinda is scared that he might be hurt but when
she sees the red tint in his cheeks knows he must be very nervous around
women, "It's ok I'm not going to bite," Melinda says reassuringly flashing
the young man her dazzling white teeth.

"My name is Danny Striker and I died 4 maybe 5 months ago, I think I was on a
plane flying over the Atlantic ocean and we crashed," Danny says closing his
eyes reliving the final moments of his life as the plane nosedives into the

Tears form in Melinda's eyes as she watches Danny relive some much of his
final few minutes that it breaks Melinda's caring heart. Her hand reaches out
and rubs his arms and as she knows and can see a ghost her touch does have
some kind of physical contact with the dead. Danny quickly relaxes under
Melinda's soft touch and opens his eyes again and remembers why he stayed
away from the light.

"It's Sandy I need to find Sandy," Danny pleads to the brunette looking her
dead in the eyes begging her to help him find Sandy.

"Who is Sandy Danny, is she your mother, wife, maybe your daughter," Melinda
asks hoping the sprit of Danny Striker can remember.

Danny closes his eyes again and focuses hard ignoring the crashing sounds of
metal hitting water and on the pale face of Sandy.

"She was my fiance, yeah we were going to be married in the spring," Danny
says trying his hardest to choke back the tears as memories of Sandy come
flooding back to him.

Melinda is also fighting back her tears as she watches the young ghost in her
front room slump down to his knees and burst out crying. His howls and wails
echo in Melinda's mind and she can almost feel his pain. She is also extra
sad because it was now autumn in Grandview meaning he had been dead for a lot
longer than he thought. However he had given her a lot more information than
most ghosts who visited her before and she made it her mission to help this
young man find his way to the light.

"I can help you Danny give me a bit of time and I can help you find Sandy I
promise you," Melinda pleads with her crying ghost weeping on the floor.

He stops crying and looks up at Melinda in bloodshot eyes and cracks a smile
at the young lady who talks to all ghosts. The next day Melinda looks around
the Internet and finds the plane crash in which, 250 people died and she also
finds Danny's death certificate and the address of his next of kin. She takes
her 4x4 to the suburbs and knocks on the door of Sandy Striker hoping the
young lady is willing to talk to sprits. The door is opened by a huge 6ft5
guy in a dirty white vest and large gold crucifix hanging from his neck with
arm muscles bigger than Melinda's legs.

"Hi can I speak to Sandy please," Melinda asks slightly intimidated by the
big guy in the doorway and to make matters worse Danny suddenly appeared
behind her.

The guy shouts out for Sandy and walks away and this dark brown woman with
her blonde locks up in hair curlers walks up and takes a drag of her
cigarette looking up and down at Melinda.

"What do you want," Sandy spits out at Melinda who is scared of this vile
woman but composes herself for Danny's sake.

"Hello my name is Melinda Gordon and hope you don't mind but I want to ask
you do you know a Danny Striker?" She asks.

"Why? If you are one of his relatives I told you I threw his stuff out a few
months ago so you should go to the junkyard if you want to get some of his
stuff back."

Melinda tries not to slap this heartless bitch but is distracted by Danny
behind her who is shaking with anger, "What's wrong," she whispers to the

"Her purity ring she's taken it off she told me we weren't going to have sex
until we were married," Danny cries out as pain and anger take over his body.

Looking down at Sandy's hand Melinda has to hold back a gasp of shock as she
stares at a sparking diamond ring on her weeding finger. She knows she and
Danny have to leave now or the young man is really going to get angry.

"Well you got anything to say or do you want my husband Roy to throw you the
hell out of my property," Sandy spits in anger as the big guy comes back to
the door an open beer can in his hand.

Turning around Melinda is shocked to see Danny isn't there and a second later
she hears a loud crash behind her. Sandy screams and Melinda moves inside the
house where pictures and trophies are flying off the walls and crashing
around. The living room is a mess of broken glass, busted picture frames and
all the pictures are picked up in mid air and thrown right into the fire
making a loud roaring noise. Roy the husband rushes in and swings around
hoping a real person will jump out so she has someone to beat up while Sandy
is on her knees crying in the pool of broken glass. Quickly Melinda runs out
of the house, down the drive into her car and with wheels screeching pulls
away from the quiet little suburban house now awash with loud sounds of
screaming and crying. Back in the center of town Melinda stops Danny sitting
on a bench in the town centre crying his eyes out. Melinda is still really
mad at him for destroying Sandy's house and burning all her pictures so she
leaves him out there but a few hours later while closing up her shop she sees
he is still sitting there crying. Walking over to the shaking, crying figure
Melinda takes a seat on the bench next to him and puts a hand on his knee
hoping he will stop crying.

"She took off her purity ring I can't believe it I mean I kept mine on,"
Danny says though sobs as he lifts his hand up and shows Melinda a tiny
sliver ring on his middle finger.

"I shouldn't have got mad at her but I loved her and to see what she had
become with that big, dumb animal it just made me so mad," Danny confesses
before overcoming to his tears and rests his head on Melinda's shoulder.

The night had suddenly got a lot colder and Melinda pulls her jacket up a bit
and rests her head against Danny's knowing that there is no one there but the
raw power and energy she is getting from him is scary and comforting in the
same breath.

"Well even though you're in pain right now that trip to your ex's helped
because we know she doesn't need any closure so there must be some other
reason you can't see the light yet," Melinda tries to reassure Danny but in
the back of her mind she has no idea who else Danny would need to find for
closure. His parents were dead and his younger sister was living in New
Zealand and probably had no idea he was even dead.

The air was getting thicker and colder and Melinda was moving closer to Danny
as his body sunk into hers both trying to keep each other warm.

"There was this one thing I remember thinking before the plane crashed,"
Danny said looking up at the stars letting the light of the moon reflect of
his young face.

Melinda sits up quickly and looks Danny, "That could be it then come on tell
me what were you thinking."

Danny gets nervous again and looks down at his torn trainers unable to look
Melinda in the eyes, "I really wanted more than anything in the world to be
with a woman just for one night just to experience it."

Now it's Melinda's turn to get very put off and embarrassed as her cheeks
flush a bright red and she takes a second to clear her throat before talking,
"You know what Danny I think it's time you went into the light go on you will
be just fine."

Danny looks Melinda in the eyes and the young girls heart starts to break
just from the look on his face. The desperation and curiosity with a bit of
pure lust hidden behind those dark green pupils. Melinda didn't know and did
not want to find out as she felt her own attraction to the young ghost
staring to grow. Not in a get rid of Jim and start a new life with him but
something about his innocence that makes her heart melt for him. She thinks
about the first time she lost her own virginity and how good it felt to do it
with someone she cared for. In her heart she could not book a hooker for
Danny mostly cause he was a ghost but a night of meaning less sex would only
break his heart more than heal it.

Looking Melinda in the eyes Danny stares at her intently, "Please Melinda I
just want one sexual experience, I want to go though the pleasure all my
friends had, I want to feel what Sandy felt when she fucked her husband all I
ask is one night."

Melinda is speechless, as a sprit has never asked anything as intimate or as
personal as this to her and under the pressure of taking Danny's virginity
Melinda found she has no answer.

To make matters worse a dark figure dressed in black steps out of the mist
with a young woman in tow. On a closer look Melinda's heart sinks to the pit
of her stomach it is Romano the man trying to stop her sending souls into the
light and keep them here wandering around alone on earth. The woman Melinda
doesn't recognize but gasps as she steps closer and Melinda can see she is
clearly naked. Her body crosses though the mist as her bare breasts and
shaved pussy lips gleam under moonlight as Romano steps over towards her and

Melinda gets to her feet putting her own body between Danny and Romano, "No
you can't have this soul Romano he is weak and broken hearted you can't take
him," Melinda begs with the leather jacket clad servant of the darkness.

Romano shows no real human emotion and barely giggles at Melinda protecting
her young lost sprit, "My dear how many times must we go though this some
souls have to stay on earth and this young man needs to stay to torment that
heartless bitch who took his heart then married another."

Melinda can see Romano's words having an effect on a heartbroken Danny but
shakes his head at the near demon like figure in a dark black hat. Melinda
would smile but the beautiful naked woman stood along side Romano is
confusing her.

"Ok ok," Romano shakes his head ruefully, "First offer shot down that's fine
who about if I offer you Emily," he nods at the fully nude woman stood next
to him like an obedient dog.

Danny's head instantly lifts up and he clearly is checking out the young nude
model. She is 5ft 11 and is very stick thin like a model you would see on the
catwalks of Paris. Emily's hair was light blonde and her eyes had none of the
fire in Danny's instead they looked empty and bored almost like hypnosis.
Danny is turned on by being offered this semi naked beauty and after sending
a long time ogling her C cup breasts and her bare pussy he gets to her feet
and pushes past Melinda.

"What do I have to do for you in order to get my one night with Emily," asks
Danny clearly seeming expecting it to be a trick to rob him.

Romano grins widely at him and at Melinda who has tears flooding her eyes as
she watches Danny sell his soul to a man Melinda believes to be satin

"It's simple my friend all you have to do is stay here on Earth avoid that
light and untruthful promise of a good afterlife and fuck this pretty little
slut tonight then spend the rest of your days here amongst the living."

Danny smiles weakly and starts to hold out his hand when Melinda screams, "No
Danny don't do it your selling your soul from some cheap night of sex and you
will regret it forever because that's how long you will be trapped on Earth."

Hearing this statement Danny pulls his hand away from the expectant Romano
and steps back level with Melinda.

"Please Melinda you have to understand I don't want my first time to be
special or memorable I just want to get rid of it as it reminders me of Sandy
the only woman I ever loved and the only woman I ever wanted to give my
virginity to."

Melinda starts to cry as she looks right in the dark green eyes of Danny and
watches him walk over to Romano and his bargaining chip of a naked model
tempting poor heartbroken Danny to sell his soul. Another soul is walking out
of her care and happiness and towards a lifetime of walking around the world
a shadow, a mere imprint of a person but invisible and untouchable to all.
Danny takes the hand of Emily and gives it a little kiss but the blonde is
still stood still cold and unemotional.

He starts to walk away with Romano when Melinda shouts out in desperation,
"How about me would you let me take your virginity."

In pure desperation shout by Melinda and it stops Danny in his tracks and
turns around looking at Melinda who wipes away her tears and nods her head at
him. Romano grabs Danny by the shoulder and starts to lead him away but Danny
pushes him away and walks back across the frozen sidewalk over to Melinda.

"No you can't do this we had a deal," Romano screams at Danny as he stands
next to Melinda looking the brunette up and down.

"I never said it was a deal," Danny states calmly as his piercing eyes search
over every inch of Melinda's body.

Melinda knew she looking great and everyday she would walk past men and leave
them jaw dropped but she had only ever had eyes for Jim and would never cheat
on him. However she had never offered to have sex with other sprit so she had
no idea if she would feel anything, if it would even be cheating or if Danny
could touch her sexually. In the back of her mind she was now wondering why
she had never tried to have sex with a ghost before and would she feel
anything or even more strange would she like it? Melinda stands perfectly
still as Danny circles around her checking out every inch of Melinda's body
making her feel like an object but part of her was very excited at such a
handsome young man checking her out and choosing her to be his first.
Melinda's outfit had not been chosen to be sexual attractive to a ghost
willing to give up his souls to get laid but Melinda never really dressed
badly. Under her jacket was a purple blouse barely able to keep her large
tits inside and her dark blue jeans stuck to her hips like a custom made fit.
Just from the look of lust on Danny's face Melinda knew what choice the young
man had made and even though she was more or less selling herself to save him
she still felt strangely excited about it.

"I pick Melinda to be my first now if you wouldn't mind leaving use alone I
have a lot of plans for my one night of passion with a very special woman,"
Danny says to Romano before using one arm to hug Melina who jumps from the
strong spiritually contact.

Romano is fuming with anger as with a wave of his hand 7 more naked women off
all shapes and sizes step out of the curtain of mist to stand in front of

"Come on son 8 must be better than one," Romano says trying his last attempt
to bargain with Danny's soul.

"No," says Danny, "I want my first time to be real not some cold unemotional
fuck fest if I want sex like that I'll go call on my ex.

Both Melinda and Danny burst out laughing like school kids as with a flip of
his jacket Romano and his 8 naked beauties disappear into the thick mist.
Danny wraps his arm around Melinda and walks off back to her car holding each
other close.

"So Mr. Striker where do you want to take me for your one night of pleasure,"
Melinda teases to her young ghost who instantly blushes bright red.

"Well seeing as there is another man in my house I was kinda hoping your
place," Danny asks looking right into Melinda's eyes just making her melt in
joy at the innocent look on Danny's face.

Melinda knew Jim would be out on another late shift so her house would be
best but what for. Melinda could feel his sprit hugging her but that was
gentle contact actually having sex Melinda had no idea if she or him would
feel anything. The drive back from the centre of town to her house seemed to
take ages even though it is only 15 minutes. They walk up to Melinda's front
door when Danny grabs her by the shoulder and spins her round. Melinda gasps
from the force of the touch that Danny gave her she had never felt a ghost
touch her like that. Curious Melinda puts her hand out and gasps in shock
again when her hand touches Danny's mid section like a real person rather
than a sprit. Grinning like a schoolboy Danny pulls Melinda close and leans
his neck down to kiss her. Groaning Melinda feels his soft lips touching hers
in a very romantic kiss on her front porch under moonlight. All of Melinda's
doubts about doing this just fade away as she kisses Danny Striker's ghost
feeling his fear and excitement in his kiss.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Danny asks as her breaks the kiss holding
Melinda's hand rubbing her wedding ring, "Are you sure you want to cheat on
your husband?"

Melinda giggles and strokes Danny's straight jawbone, "Danny I would never
cheat on Jim but you are a very special young man and I am so honored you are
letting me share your very special night."

Kissing Danny again Melinda grins at the happiness on Danny's face then she
laughs as Danny runs though her door. She joins him as he moves up the stairs
undoing his jacket as he runs making Melinda grin at his youthful exuberance.
Melinda drops her kegs and pulls off her boots and follows Danny up the
stairs and when she reaches her bedroom she gasps. Danny has already stripped
naked and is sitting on her bed waiting for her like a faithful pet.
Melinda's eyes are drawn to his large cock, which is already semi hard and
poking up from in between his legs. Now she has no more walls of doubt in her
mind Melinda wants to break Danny's cherry and she gets wet just thinking
about how good that big cock will feel inside her. Danny can see Melinda
staring at his cock and he gets up and rubs his cock with one hand slowly
making it even bigger in front of Melinda's wide eyes. Feelings of lust are
rushing though Melinda's body as all 8 inches of Danny's cock is hard and
pointing right at her and Melinda can't believe that cock had never felt a
woman's touch. Unzipping her jacket Melinda takes it off and just throws it
away into a corner her eyes still locked on her young lover and his big cock.
Now she grabs the hem of her blouse and pulls it up past her stomach and up
her curvy body pulling the material up in front of Danny's shocked face.
Throwing her purple blouse away Melinda grins and sticks her chest out for
Danny to admire and like most men Danny is speechless while looking at her
big rack. Melinda loved the way guys reacted to seeing her big chest and with
Danny naked she can see the results her black bra encased tits are having on
the young man. Danny rubs his visible large cock in repressed sexual
excitement, as he has never seen tits this big this close before.

Ever since collage Melinda loved teasing guys with her large tits and the
looks on their faces when she showed them off always made her soak her own
panties. Tonight was no different seeming the awe struck on young Danny's
face is making Melinda so wet and horny. Melinda walks over to Danny and
pulls him in for another deep kiss but this time she is pushing her bra into
his bare chest making him groan into the kiss. She even pushes her tongue
down his throat making his cock twitch up against her leg as Melinda breaks
the kiss.

"Come on Danny help me take off this really tight bra please," Melinda begs
with puppy dog eyes and a heaving chest as she holds her arms out.

Danny gulps but wraps his arms around Melinda's ribs and pulls at her bra
strap and quickly undoes it. Melinda grins at him for getting a bra off in
one at the first time of asking and watches his face change as he pulls the
bra away. Her massive double D tits just hang there in the air with very
little sag but look to Danny to be the most perfect breasts ever. Her light
pink nipples stand out fully erect against her untanned boobs but they are so
big and beautiful that Danny can't take his eyes off them. Melinda uses one
hand to rub her big breasts making Danny's eye bulge out as the topless woman
standing in front of him plays with her tits. She grabs hold of Danny's wrist
and moves his hand onto her right allowing him to have a good feel. Danny
sinks his fingers into Melinda's tit and groans at how good and soft they
feel in his hands. Both hands now lay flat on Melinda's breasts softly
rubbing the skin as he groans in pleasure at rubbing her big tits. Melinda
takes a step back away from his playful hands not really wanting him to stop
but she knows she wants more from his untouched body than a tit massage.
Falling back onto her double bed Melinda moves up so she can rest her head on
a pillow and spreads her legs.

She covers her hard nipples with her palms before looking up at Danny, "If
you could stop staring at my tits for a minute I think the rest of me needs
to be naked as well," Melinda teases the young virgin.

Danny can't help but look at Melinda's tits even though she is covering them
the soft flesh is leaking out of her grip to the sides making her big boobs
look even bigger. A loud whistle by Melinda breaks his train of thought and
he sees she has spread her legs wide making her skintight jeans tighten round
her legs even more. Leaping onto the bed Danny takes his time in moving his
hand up Melinda's right thigh to the crotch of her jeans. Danny is taking his
time to savior this one moment of sexual bliss in his life but to his
surprise his slow careful route is driving Melinda wild. She is moaning at
every slow movement and slight contact and is moaning louder than she had
even moaning in her life. All though Melinda's life she had been had fucked
her hard and fast and she loved it but this slow approach felt like heaven.
He was taking his time treating her body like a temple and in her mind
Melinda was promising herself if he fucked her half as good as he was
touching her she would give him the most amazing night ever. Danny's fingers
reached the belt line of her jeans and pings off the solid gold button
freeing up the belt line and allowing him to slip his fingers into the
waistband of her jeans. Slowly and carefully Danny moves the jeans down
Melinda's hips first exposing her black lace panties then her large tanned
thighs. Drooling from the awesome sight of her bare legs Danny runs his index
finger along the top of her thigh. Melinda screams in joy from the soft touch
of Danny who has no idea how much he is teasing her. Looking up Danny can see
the crotch of Melinda's panties is soaking wet from her own juices and the
smell fills Danny's nostrils and is one of the best scents he has ever

Pulling her jeans past her thick thighs Danny works the tight material down
past her knees and all the way down her shins and off her bare feet. Melinda
is now lying on her own bed dressed in just her wet panties as an already
naked Danny looks over her body. He slowly crawls back onto the bed still
quite nervous at pulling down a woman's panties, as he had never done it
before. The look in Melinda's eyes gives him some confidence as his fingers
touch the soft lace of her panties. Melinda moans from the timid, soft
contact from Danny who isn't meaning to but is teasing Melinda to the point
of orgasm. Sliding the panties down Danny can't help but look on in awe as he
slowly exposes Melinda's pussy. Her pussy lips are a dark red color and
already dripping in her own juices and covered by a bikini waxed strip of
hair. Just seeing Melinda laying there in all her glory makes Danny's cock
strain and sends pre cum all over his cock head and Melinda's bed sheets. He
removes her panties as fast as he could and throws them away into the large
pile of clothes in the corner and stands up over Melinda. She just can't take
her eyes off his large cock, which is swaying from left to right and now all
8 inches are erect Melinda can't wait to feel that inside of her. Melinda
can't wait for his soft lips to kiss her again or his hands all over her tits
and she can feel her juices flowing down her legs as she imagines how good
his cock will feel fucking her hard. Opening her eyes Melinda looks up to see
Danny still standing over rubbing his hands and moving from one foot to the
other. She is about to scream at him for waiting but reminds herself he is a
virgin and had no idea how to start with someone as earthbound and full of
sexual experience as Melinda. Looking at his face she can see the fear and
joy mixed in with a look of amazement as he looks up and down her naked form.
Pulling her brown locks behind her ears Melinda sits up and grabs his hand
stroking it softly in comfort.

"It's ok Danny I know your scared but I can help you," Melinda says to Danny
as she gets off the bed and drops to her knees in front of him.

She gets into a comfortable place on her bedroom carpet before looking up at
Danny grinning. Danny tries to stutter out a question but before he can
Melinda wraps her left hand around his cock. His legs become jelly to the
young woman's soft touch and Danny grabs onto the headboard of the bed to
hold himself up. Melinda rubs her thumb along the underside of his cock
making his whole body shiver with delight as her hand lightly rubs his dick.
She is jerking him off as slowly as he stripped her and the results are
making him cry out in joy.

"Fuck oh Melinda fuck this feels so good fuck you're the best SHIT please
don't stop," Danny screams out as Melinda's hand jerks his cock.

Melinda moves her hand quicker over his dick making his foreskin slap against
his wet cock head with a loud smack that makes Melinda lick her lips. Danny's
fingernails are digging into the headboard as Melinda's hand is giving him
the most pleasure he had ever been given my a woman. Jerking all 8 inches is
hard work and Melinda is working up a sweat as she jerks Danny's big virgin
cock. Danny can feel something building up in his cock and he knows how close
he is to cumming and tries to warm Melinda but before he can tell her she
lets go of his cock and moves her face towards his rock hard cock. Opening
her mouth Melinda takes the first few inches of Danny's cock inside her warm
mouth. Flicking her tongue out she licks his cock head clean of pre cum
before lowering her head further down his shaft. Danny screws his eyes tight
shut as Melinda takes all 8 inches inside her mouth and her tongue teases the
soft flesh of his dick. Bobbing her head Melinda starts to give him a slow
slurping blowjob the kind her husband can't get enough of and now she uses
every little trick she knew to bring pleasure to the young man. More loud
shouting from Danny as Melinda sucks on his cock like a Popsicle making sure
she licks and sucks every inch of his big cock. Looking down the sight of
such a pretty face sucking on his cock like a cheap hooker is an amazingly
erotic act and watching as Melinda pushes her face forward right into his
pubic hair makes him cry out.

screams out to the brunette who responses by taking all 8 inches down her
throat deepthroating him.

Melinda's right hand cups Danny's swelling balls holding them tight as she
can feel Danny's whole body shaking. She holds him as he lets out a scream of
joy and shoots his loud down Melinda's throat. Shot after shot of cum roll
down Melinda's throat and she has to start breathing though her nose, as her
mouth is full of cock and cum. Danny's eyes are welded shut as she sends a
tidal wave of sperm down Melinda's throat and she surprises herself by
swallowing it all. After nearly two minutes of cumming Danny's balls are
drained and Melinda helps guide his tired body to a chair as she gulps down
the last of Danny's cum. Melinda sucks up air as she gets up leaving a dazed
Danny on the chair but Melinda only walks over to the bed and falls down on
it. Danny is panting like he had just run a marathon as he looks down at his
cock that has gone soft and red from how hard Melinda sucked on it. He can't
believe he had never got a blowjob while he was alive at it was mind-blowing
amazing and something he wished he had more often. Picturing Melinda drinking
his sperm was something he never though he would find sexy but watching her a
few feet in front of him drinking his seed like a beer made Danny moan and
rub his sore dick.

"Melinda I need to thank you that felt so good and I really need to thank...
hey what are you doing?" Danny asks as he looks up to hear Melinda moaning.

"MMMMMMMMM YES OH GOD sorry what," Melinda jumps as she forgot Danny was
still here.

"I only asked what were you doing?" Danny asks again this time pulling
himself to his feet and limping over to the bed Melinda is laying on.

"Erm well I just was so excited I wanted to bring myself off," Melinda admits
turning bright red and showing Danny her wet fingers.

"Oh I just thought I was meant to help getting you off?" Danny asks with such
scared innocent Melinda's heart misses a beat and her lust for the young
ghost rises even higher.

"I never really thought about that," Melinda admitted, "I guess if you want
to bring me off I would let you."

"Cool," breaths Danny hoping he is making the right choice in asked to help
bring Melinda off.

Spreading her legs Melinda grins at him and wags a finger at him telling
Danny to move closer.

"Suck your fingers and shove them up my pussy hard," Melinda says stopping
her soft approach with the young virgin, as she really wants her release.

Danny sucks his two fingers and moves in between Melinda's legs looking up at
her one last time silently asking for confirmation that he is doing the right
things. She nods and spreads her legs even wider exposing her most intimate
areas to Danny's eyes and he steady's himself and slowly works two fingers
in. Melinda's screams nearly brings her self built house down to the ground
as Danny's fingertips brush the inside of her pussy lips. His fingers slowly
find there way inside her cunt and the slow pace and searching nature of
Danny's fingering is driving Melinda wild. Her hands are pulling at her bed
covers and she lies back and screams out in joy as Danny thrusts his fingers
deep inside her. Howling like a wolf Melinda's body shakes in joy as her very
edges of sexual pleasure as her lover starts curling his fingers inside her
flicking his fingertips against her sensitive clit. Another high pitched
scream from Melinda who hasn't felt this good during sex in years as Danny
starts dipping his fingers in and out of her pussy. Pre cum has coated his
fingers and it makes Danny happy as from the cum on his hands and Melinda's
loud screams he is fucking her good. Burying his fingers inside her Danny
listens to Melinda's screams and yells as her body thrusts around on the bed
messing up the mattress and making Danny hold onto her legs incase he gets
thrown off.

the young man as he pulls his dirty fingers out of her cunt.

Licking the sweet smelling juices from his hand and being amazed at how nice
she tastes before repositioning himself so he has an eye line with Melinda's
pussy. Licking his lips Danny crawls as close to Melinda's pussy as he can
softly breathing on her sensitive pussy lips making her moan from the close
contact. His tongue flicks out and lightly touches her soaking wet pussy
making Melinda groan and shout out loudly. Danny claps his mouth to Melinda's
pussy lips and starts licking ever inch of the married woman's pussy. Melinda
screams as the pleasure Danny's tongue gives her takes her to a place she had
never been before. The pleasure mounts up in her body as Danny licks and
sucks on any bit of her pussy his tongue lands on. The tip of his tongue
brushes against Melinda's throbbing clit making her scream to the heavens in
total joy. Danny forces his tongue on that one point of Melinda's pussy that
gives her so much pleasure. He moves his hands under her big ass cheeks
lifting them up slightly angling Melinda's pussy and allowing him to push his
face further into her cunt. Just when Melinda thinks Danny can't do anything
more to please her he shoots his tongue deep into her snatch making her
scream out.

scream from Melinda as Danny's tongue goes deep inside her pussy.

Once again Danny's tongue locates the clitoris and he licks it like a hungry
child with an ice cream. Melinda's voice is going numb as she keeps screaming
and screaming as Danny's perfect tongue takes her to the very depths of
sexual satisfaction. Danny pushes his head forward more smashing his nose
into Melinda's thin strip of pubic hair in his desperation to make her cum.
Pulling on her hair and at the bedcovers Melinda knows how close she is and
so badly wants to reward Danny in cumming to his amazing tongue. She starts
to buck her hips up and down very slowly and carefully but that is all she
needs to do as Danny follows her example and starts pushing his tongue in and
out of her dripped wet pussy. Feeling his tongue moving in and out each time
his taste buds tickling her pussy lips Melinda holds her breath as her orgasm
starts to overflow.


Danny holds onto her hips tight as the brunette shakes before cumming all
over Danny's tongue before splashing all over his face. Melinda falls back
onto the bed panting and moaning in the after shot of one of the best orgasms
she had in years as Danny starts to lick her sore pussy lips. He is cleaning
up all the cum she had spilled over herself even the cum slowly sliding down
her legs. Danny couldn't help it she tasted so good and after cleaning
Melinda's cum off his tongue he wanted to taste even more of her. After
cleaning her up he started to wipe the cum off his own face then lick it up
off his hands. Melinda looks up to see Danny cleaning up her cum and she
can't but laugh at a man who half an hour ago had never been with a woman now
coated in cum and cleaning himself off. Looking down Melinda can see his 8
inches back fully erect once more and swinging just a few feet away from her
wet pussy. Danny can see the look on Melinda's face as he finishes cleaning
himself off when he sees he is hard once again. Those amazing sounding
screams of pleasure from Melinda had made him rock hard once again and Danny
couldn't wait to fuck this big tited babe. The expression on Melinda's face
says she also wants his cock inside her so Danny gets up to his knees
positioning his cock right outside her pussy entrance.

"Do you want me to fuck you Melinda," Danny asks hoping to tease Melinda in
the same way the brunette teased him before.

Nearly screaming out her reply Melinda tilts her head up, "Yes Danny I want
your huge cock inside me and I want you to cum over and over again.

"Wow," Danny says shocked at how dirty the nice girl next-door Melinda could
be, "Just one problem do you have a condom I can use."

Melinda sits up and gives him a puzzled look, "You know I just don't want to
get you pregnant," Danny says worried by Melinda not being bothered about a

"Danny no offence but you're a sprit you can't really make babies," Melinda
says kindly trying to find a nice way of saying the dead can't have kids.

Danny's face lights up at the thought of going bare into this very sexy
woman, "So do you want me to fuck you hard Miss," Danny teases.

Melinda throws herself back down onto the bed, "Fuck me Danny please I won't
get pregnant even if you fuck me all night and I really want you to fuck me
all night."

That is all the encouragement Danny needs as he grabs onto Melinda's thick
thighs and pushes his hard cock inside of Melinda. Both of them moan from the
first contact as Melinda is amazed at how much of her pussy Danny's big dick
fills up and Danny is moaning at how tight Melinda's pussy is as she slides
inside of her. Pre cum from his cock and her pussy leak out and over the bed
as Melinda moves herself up the bed making sure she can watch Danny fuck her.
Slowly Danny pulls back before thrusting forward hard bringing up another
double moan and excitement charges though both of them. Now Danny can feel
Melinda's pussy losing up a bit allowing him to move quicker in and out.
Moaning as he works up a rhythm of thrusting in and out of her Melinda grabs
her big tits and squeezes her nipples in her hands. Danny looks up to see
Melinda playing with her own sweat covered boobs and he can't help to grin at
the amazing sight in front of him. Having made out with Sandy a few times
even though fully clothed Danny had a bit of an understanding of a female's
body and he knows that Melinda is a lot thicker than the once stick thin
Sandy. To his amazement he found he liked a slightly thicker figure on a
woman Melinda's big thighs were rubbing against his bare hips making him
thrust faster and holding onto her big hips felt so good. Faster and faster
Danny is thrusting inside her and Melinda is moaning all the way as he holds
her tight but fucks her so hard. Pitching her own nipples as an extra boost
Melinda stares deeply into the eyes of the man fucking her and smiles broadly
as he gives her so much pleasure.

"Oh Danny fuck you are so good keep fucking me don't stop," Melinda cries as
she is pushed backwards into the headboard by the force of Danny fucking her.

Driving his cock deep into her pussy Danny groans as he can feel Melinda's
warm juices against his dick and her high pitched groans of joy. Pushing his
hips faster and faster into hers the air fills with flesh smacking against
flesh and loud moans from both of them. Danny's pre cum covered cock head
thrusts forward and hits Melinda's G-spot making her scream the loudest she
had ever screamed at that was enough of a hint for Danny to keep hitting that
sensitive spot. Hitting her G-spot time after time again is making Melinda
light headed and each time he fucks her a new wave of pleasure washes over
her. For a virgin Danny was very good and was showing a lot of stamina as his
hips keep pushing into her pussy and his big dick. Melinda screams in pain as
his cock hits her G-spot time after time sending shockwaves of joy though her
body. It wasn't fair Melinda thought no first timer should be allowed to fuck
this good. Danny's face is screwed up with concentration as he lifts
Melinda's hips up off the bed allowing him a better angle to fuck her leaking
pussy. Another loud scream from Melinda as Danny picks up the pace and fucks
her hard and fast making his cum filled balls smack against the bottom of her
thighs. His groaning and grunting along with the sounds of his flesh slapping
her is taking it's toll on Melinda as she pulls hard on her own nipples
trying to slow down the inevitable. His cock thrusts faster and harder and
Melinda is overcome with waves of emotion as she loses control and screams.

FUCK," Melinda screams as her second orgasm of the night hits her hard.

Danny holds his dick inside her keeping a tight hold of Melinda as she cums
hard. Her juices flow out of her pussy and drip onto his thighs and the bed
he is kneeling on. After a while Melinda's screams die down and the room is
only filled with the sounds of her light panting. Carefully Danny pulls his
cum soaked dick out of Melinda's sore but satisfied pussy. He cleans his dick
on the bed cover not taking the time to taste her because he knew she needed
him to be closer. Moving up the bed Danny rests his hot sweating body against
hers and kisses the brunette softly on the top of the head as she slowly
opens her eyes.

"Holy shit Danny," Melinda whispers as she has shouted away most of her
voice, "You were amazing I can't believe that was your first time."

"Beginners luck babe," Danny jokes as he hugs Melinda closer, "So I should
stop now your all satisfied."

"No way I can still feel you dick against my leg and your still hard,"
Melinda softly purrs as her eyes light up with the chance of Danny fucking
her again.

"You want me to carry on fucking you," Danny quizzes as he looks down
Melinda's body to see cum is still leaking out of her cunt.

"Well Danny you chose me for one night and one night you are getting and I
know how much you want to cum inside me," Melinda grins as Danny gulps
wondering if his desires were that obvious to the woman who could see ghosts.

The smile on Danny's face is so wide you could see it from space as he kisses
the side of Melinda's head, "Thank you so much this is sorry was the best
night of my life."

Grabbing a handful of his blonde locks Melinda pushes him down her sweating
body, "Stop being nice and fuck me till you cum you young fuck machine."

Danny's cock throbs painfully as Melinda talks very dirty to him as he moves
down and slips one finger into her cunt.

Melinda screams loudly and Danny quickly pulls his finger out, "What's wrong
Melinda I didn't hurt you did I?"

Rubbing her pussy lips Melinda shakes her head, "No Danny it's not you its
just two orgasms and my pussy is really sore and needs a rest."

"Oh," says Danny slightly disappointed that he won't get to shoot inside of
her, "Well you could still suck me off I mean that's all I want is to get off

"NO," Melinda screams making Danny jump and nearly fall off the bed, "You
need to shoot inside me you wanted this night to be perfect and fuck it I
want you to shoot inside of me.

As Danny looks on shocked and very turned on stroking his hard cock softly
Melinda is pulling up the pillows that fell off the bed. Setting them up in a
pile Melinda tests the wall of pillows before bending over them sticking her
big ass up and out in the air.

"Here you go Danny how about you bring that fucking big cock up here and fuck
my big ass then shoot all your fucking load inside me how would you like

Danny doesn't answer but gets up and crawls across the bed grabbing hold of
Melinda's big ass cheeks and softly squeezing them. He looked over Melinda's
big ass and how soft her skin felt as he rests his throbbing cock head in
between her cheeks.

"Melinda are you sure you want me to do this," Danny asks giving Melinda one
last chance to stop him from fucking her big ass.

Melinda's answer isn't spoken but she pushes her butt backwards onto his cock
before moving up and down sending Danny's cock head up and down her asscrack.
When she stops her ass crack is completely covered in pre cum and Danny is
moaning from how her big ass caressed his sensitive cock. Grabbing her hips
Danny gives her ass a little spank making the flesh shake and Melinda giggle
as he puts his cock right on the entrance to her ass. Carefully Danny thrusts
his hips forward pushing his big cock head inside Melinda's ass making the
sweating brunette cry out as he forces inside her. It had been a few years
since Melinda had let a man push inside her ass as she had been telling Jim
for years she had never done that before but she cries in pain as Danny's
cock sinks inside her ass. Danny was also moaning in pain as inch by inch he
moves his cock inside Melinda's very tight asshole. His fingers dig into
Melinda's fleshy hips as Danny thrusts forward getting nearly 6 inches of his
big cock inside Melinda's big ass. Melinda is chewing on her own pillow to
stop her screams as she feels Danny's cock filling up her ass and she can
feel herself getting hotter and hotter knowing in a few minutes Danny will be
fucking her ass. Pushing hard Danny gets all of his big cock inside Melinda's
cock and he takes a few seconds to relax inside her before pulling back

"Stop teasing me Danny please just fuck me," Melinda begs her young lover as
pre cum trails from her soaking pussy down her legs.

Grinning Danny starts to tilt his hips in and out of Melinda's ass listening
to her moans of pleasure. Thrusting in faster and faster Danny hears his own
balls smacking into the bottom of Melinda's ass cheeks and starts to push his
cock deeper and deeper inside her big butt. His fingers sink into Melinda's
ass cheeks feeling the softness of her ass and holding her steady allowing
him to fuck her ass even harder. Melinda is screaming as loud as before with
Danny fucking her ass is making her cry out in joy. The pace is picking up
and Danny loves the ultra tight feeling of Melinda's ass against his cock and
he can feel his own orgasm building up inside him. Melinda bucks her hips
back into Danny's cock as he thrusts hard inside her asshole as hard as he

"Oh god Melinda I'm so close," Danny, moans out as his balls smash into her
ass cheeks.

Melinda moans, "Fuck Danny shoot into my ass I want to feel your warm cum
fill my asshole."

Hearing those sexy words coming from Melinda's lips Danny starts pumping his
cock into her tight hold even faster than before. Both of them are screaming
and moaning as Danny fucks Melinda's ass making his hips slap into the back
of her butt.

"FUCK I'M CUMMING MELINDA I'M CUMMING," Danny screams as he shoots his load
deep into Melinda's ass.

Wave after wave of cum fills Melinda's big ass and to her amazement Danny
keeps cumming. He must have been holding a lot in as warm cum fills her
asshole and when Danny finally pulls out and still shoots two more cum shots
over Melinda's big ass cheeks. Melinda can feel Danny's cum sliding out of
her sore asshole and dripping out onto the bed and Melinda is so tired after
having the best fucking session of her life she falls onto the bed face
first. Danny gets up holding his sore balls after they had emptied nearly 4
years worth of spunk in one ass fucking and he smiles looking down at
Melinda's sweating cum covered body. A bright light blinds a looking up Danny
and looking deeper into the light he can see his mother weaving to him.
Slipping his clothes back on Danny walks over to Melinda and kisses her on
the forehead. Melinda opens her eyes to see Danny walking towards the bright
light and she smiles as tears fill up in her eyes. Danny disappears to a
better place and Melinda lies on her back still panting and ling in a bed
covered in both hers and Danny's cum and she is very happy she sent someone
to the afterlife very happy. She was also amazed at how good it felt to have
sex with a ghost and it wasn't hurting Jim as she was waiting for him to get
home so he could fuck her. Melinda vowed to help more sexually frustrated
ghost find inner peace because it made her so happy and so good.



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