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Date: 03/18/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, drug use, BDSM, strong language, male solo sex, graphic
violence, female solo sex, female/female sex, rape, mind control

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Agent 99/m/f

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Archive: Yes

Summary: After they arrive at a local beach to find out what happened to a
fellow CONTROL agent, Agent 99 finds herself having a very unusual encounter
with a young and handsome male stud, who -- unknown to 99 -- might have
something up his very own sleeve.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on a picture entitled 'Girl 6' by an
artist named Gennadiy Koufay.

Dedications: None so far.

Get Smart: The Violation Of Agent 99
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began on a warm and sunny day in July and two of CONTROL's top
agents, Agent 86 -- also known as Maxwell Smart -- and Agent 99 had just
arrived at the organization's Washington, D.C. headquarters just in time for
their boss who was known only as the Chief to tell the two agents that an
evil organization known as KAOS had just assigned one of their agents to turn
all of the world's most intellegent women into mindless sex slaves and he had
sent Agent 18 to go check out the KAOS agent that Siegfried himself had given
the assignment to but something had gone wrong and caused CONTROL to lose
contact with the one agent whose real name happens to be Teri McCord.

And after they had decided to accept the mission and the Chief had wished
both Max and 99 good luck on the mission, the two agents had left CONTROL
headquarters and drove themselves over to a local beach, where they had met
a fellow CONTROL agent known only as Larabee and Max had turned his head
towards 99, took a deep breath and said, "Okay, 99. You will walk along
the beach and ask the beachcomers what do they know about Agent 18's
disappearence while Larabee and I go check out the hotel room that she was
staying in for any clues as to who had abducted her."

Then, after both Max and Larabee had gone to check out that hotel room, Agent
99 had started walking along the beach and looking for anyone who might tell
her about what had happened to Agent 18 but as soon as she had stopped
walking, taken a look around the entire area and discovered that she was all
alone on that sandy shore, Agent 99 had noticed how beautiful the entire
scenary was and took a deep breath before she had stripped off all of her
clothes, placed them on the sand and laid her bare-ass naked body on the laid
out clothes.

And as soon as she had closed her eyes and allowed herself to start catching
some sun, a male stranger had walked himself up to the unsuspecting Agent 99
and cleared his throat, causing her to open her eyes and discover that a
young and handsome male stud with dark-brown hair was standing over her with
a small smile on his lips and saying, "I see that someone had forgot to put
the nude beach sign back up."

And after she had placed her exposed tits on her bare legs, looked at the
young male hunk with a gaze on embarressment on her face and said, "I really
am sorry about this. You see, my name is Helen Paxton and I had came here for
some relaxation. And since I had looked around and noticed that no one else
was around here...!" the understanding male stud had placed the tips of his
fingers on Agent 99's lips and said, "It's okay, Helen. You don't have to
explain. If I were in your shoes, I would be here and doing the exact same
thing. By the way, my name is Richard Hunt and I am hereby inviting you to
come with me up to my beach house and see a really fantastic view from

And then, after she had figured that this 'Richard Hunt' character might be
safe to be with and decided to accept his kind and generous offer, a small
smiling Agent 99 had gotten herself back up to her feet, gathered up all of
her clothes and followed Richard up to the most wonderfull-looking beach
house that she had ever seen in her entire life before they had stepped into
that house and walked up the stairs just in time for Agent 99 to step outside
and on to the terrace and gaze upon the beautiful showing of the entire beach
with awe and wonder.

"You're right, Richard. This view really is fantastic," that was what a
delighted Agent 99 had said before a sinister-smiling Richard had stepped out
of the bathroom with a cloth dipped in chloroform in his right hand and said,
"I'm so glad that you're enjoying it, Helen. I really am so glad," before he
had moved himself closer to the unsuspecting Agent 99, wrapped his left arm
around her and placed the chloroform-dipped cloth under her nose and even
though she had tried as best as she had could to break herself free from his
grip, the fumes from the chloroform had became too much for Agent 99 and she
had no choice but to close her eyes and become unconscious.

And then, after she had finally opened her eyes and shockingly discovered
that her wrists had been placed in Chi Chi LaRue's Wrist Cuffs and her ankles
had been placed in Chi Chi LaRue's Ankle Cuffs and those cuffs had been
connected to a doorway, Agent 99 had tried to free herself from her bondage
without any success and yelled, "HEY, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON

That was before a devilishly-gleefull Richard had placed his buff-naked body
into the room, began stroking his stiff cock and saying, "I would like to see
you kick the living shit out of me while cuffed to the doorway, 'Agent 99'!
That's right, you fucking CONTROL bitch! I know who you really are! Siegfried
had also given me permission to do the same thing to CONTROL's own female
agents! Speaking of which, your very own Agent 18 is in the other room, where
she's watching the porn-video that I had purchased from the Hustler Hollywood
Store website entitled 'Crush: Lipstick Lovers' and getting herself ready to
start fucking you! But first, I have to get you tenderized first!"

And just as she was about to ask the newly-revealed KAOS agent what he was
trying to get at, he had picked up the Manline 22" Rubber Whip and began
slamming it right on Agent 99's exposed backside, causing the poor helpless
CONTROL agent to have no choice but to let out a scream of intense pain
before a young and beautiful blonde bare-ass blonde babe had stepped into
the room with two of her fingers inside her hot, wet pussy and a double-ended
dildo known as the Rascal Doubleteamer in her other hand.

And after he had turned around and noticed that the blonde babe was standing
right in front of him, a devilishly-gleefull Richard had moved himself out of
the way and said, "Yes, Teri!It is time for you to take your turn with this
chained up bitch!" before she had looked at the handsome KAOS agent with a
blank star in her eyes and a small smile on her lips and said, "Thank you,
Master! That's so sweet of you!" just in time for his mindless slave to place
one end of the Rascal Doubleteamer inside her hot, moist snatch and shoved
the other end right into Agent 99's exposed cunt.

And then, after the blonde mind controled sex slave had placed her hands
on Agent 99's exposed tits and began thrusting the other end of the Rascal
Doubleteamer in and out of her pussy, the helpless CONTROL agent had closed
her eyes and yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH! PLEASE, TERI! DON'T
the sinister-smiling Richard place his stone hard dick inside Teri's asshole,
grabbed a firm hold of Agent 99's hair and said, "That's where you're wrong,
you fucking dumb-ass bitch!You see, after my fellow KAOS agents and I had
gotten through with fucking the living shit out of her again and again, she
had finally became broken and is no longer able to resist us just like you
are unable to do... real soon!"

Then, after he had started slamming the Manline 22" Rubber Whip right on the
helpless Control agent's exposed breasts and causing her to have no choice
but to let out another scream of intense pain just before a sudden explosion
had caused a suddenly startled Richard to turn his head towards the door and
discover that an enraged Maxwell Smart was standing in front of the handsome
KAOS agent with his gun aimed at Richard and growling, "Get your fucking dick
out of that poor girl's ass, you son-of-a-bitch!"

"You have to shoot me dead in order to get me to do that, you brainless
shit-head!" that was what the devilishly-gleefull Richard had said to Max
before he had let out a hearty dose of evil laughter and caused a totally
pissed off Maxwell Smart to shoot the handsome KAOS agent in the face five
times, which -- in turn -- had caused Richard to drop himself down to the
floor and die instantly.

Just then, after some of the other CONTROL agents had placed poor Teri inside
an ambulance and taken her to the hospital, a curious Agent 99 had looked at
her good friend who is also known as Agent 86 and asked, "Say, Max? How were
you able to discover that Richard was the KAOS agent?" causing Max to roll
his eyes and answer, "That's quite simple, 99. As soon as Larabee and I had
stepped into Agent 18's hotel room and started looking around, we had
discovered a box on the bed with a Hustler Side Out Tank Top and a note
inside of it, which had said, 'To: My darling Teri -- Please do come over to
my beach house and say 'hi'. I'll be waiting. -- With much love, Richard.'"

And then, after he had noticed that a single tear was running down Agent 99's
cheek, a concerned Max had placed his gentle hand on her chin and asked, "Are
you feeling okay, 99?" which had caused poor Agent 99 to turn her sad puppy
dog eyes toward Max and answer, "That's just it, Max. I know that I had been
placed in bondage and forced to have sex against my will but I'm unable to
resist the fact that I want to enjoy more of it."



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