A fictional story about fictional characters.

Author's Note: This takes place before 86 and 99 were married.

Get Smart: 99 Goes Undercover (MF,MMMF,oral,anal,hand,roll play,robot,drugs,exhib)
by shaggy77

Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) and Agent 99 were anxious to find out why the Chief of CONTROL had called them into his office. They had been his top secret agents for several years, and when he called them in for an emergency meeting, it was usually serious. When they arrived at CONTROL headquarters, weaving their way through the secret passages and numerous doors, the Chief's assistant, Larabee, let them into his office. Once inside, the Chief greeted them cordially, and urged them to gather around his desk and take a chair because he had urgent news concerning a new plot by KAOS.

"Ah yes, KAOS, that international organization of evil," stated Max.

"Quite right, 86," answered the Chief, "now if you will pay attention...."

"But Chief, if this is top secret, aren't you forgetting something," quizzed Max.

Knowing immediately what he was referring to, the Chief pleaded with him, "no Max, please don't make me do that."

"You know the rules, Chief," Max responded.

"Oh all right, get closer to the desk," urged the Chief, his shoulders slumping in resignation, as he flicked a switch and the (supposedly) sound-proof Cone of Silence began to descend over the trio. Their bodies were almost crushed against the desk as the heavy acrylic, transparent cone descended too far. After some maneuvering, their bodies were only mildly scrunched, but still totally uncomfortable.

"Are you satisfied now, Max," the Chief asked.

"What, can you speak up," Max answered, "I can't hear you."

Both 99 and the Chief rolled their eyes and gave Max an exasperated glance, as the Chief began to shout the reason he had called them there: "We have heard rumors that KAOS is developing a new formula that would serve as both a truth serum, and induce temporary amnesia. I don't have to tell you that this would be devastating for the spy business. They could drug our agents into revealing our secrets, and they wouldn't even remember being interrogated."

"Right, not to mention all the cheating husbands out there," Max chimed in.

Again rolling his eyes at 99, the Chief continued, "Right Max. Now, we have it by a reliable source that KAOS is operating out of a massage parlor right near here called SOAK. We have been waiting for six months to get an agent in there undercover, and today they finally contacted our participating employment agency asking to fill a receptionist position. 99, we need you to go in there and gather as much information as you can. You will need to be in disguise because that same reliable source has heard that there might be a leak right here at CONTROL. You may even get some customers from here; it is convenient, and as you know, there is a lot of stress here. While under our surveillance, we've seen a Who's-Who of corporate giants and politicians frequenting the place."

She glanced at Max, and then asked "Just who is this reliable source, Chief?"

"My barber," he replied; and the two agents both nodded their heads in the affirmative; and "Max, I will need you to pose as a frequent customer, so that 99 can relay the information to you."

They started to get up, and all three cracked their heads against the Cone. After attempting for several minutes to raise the malfunctioning device, they were able to shove the desk to the side just enough to enable them to crawl out from under it on their hands and knees. Max sheepishly apologized, "Sorry about that, Chief."

99 decided that she would employ the disguise that she had used before: a Swedish blonde named Ingrid. She reasoned that it would be perfect for a massage parlor receptionist. Being the perfectionist that was her nature, besides the long blond wig; she decided to dye her eyebrows and even her sparse pubic hair. She knew she was only the receptionist, but it was her nature to be completely thorough. When she was soaking in the tub that night, she made sure she shaved all her body hair, except for a neatly trimmed triangle between her long legs. She had no idea what type of uniform they would require, and it may even be a bathing suit, so she didn't want any pubic hair showing. As she stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, she couldn't help but be impressed by her reflection.

"Not bad for a former farm girl," she thought, "if only Max could see me now." She had long had a crush on the senior agent,but he seemed oblivious to her charms. Staring at her reflection, she was most impressed with her endlessly long and slender legs, and her perfectly round ass cheeks. She knew she was lacking in the breast department, where she only sported 34 B's; but they were so firm and perky, and capped with very prominent nipples. She donned her blond wig, and now that the "drapes matched the carpet," she could easily pass for Nordic.

Early the next morning, dressed in a conservative white blouse and plaid skirt, she entered the SOAK front door, where she was greeted by an energetic, white haired older woman, "Good morning, I am Greta. Did the Agency send you?"

"Ya, I am Ingrid; here for the receptionist job," 99 replied, using her best Swedish accent.

"Receptionist... there must be some kind of mistake. Wait here while I go get the boss," Greta ordered.

When Greta reappeared from the back, 99 had to catch her breath because she was accompanied by Max's arch nemesis; Conrad Siegfried. She hoped her disguise was good enough as he eyed her up and down, asking, "Do I know you? You look very familiar."

Thinking quickly on her feet, 99 responded, "No, I don't think so. I have just come over from Stockholm, and I'm sure I would have remembered such a handsome face."

Her flattery quickly put the vain Siegfried at ease, and he explained, "The Agency must have misunderstood. The receptionist position here is held by my mother, Greta; the only vacancy is for a masseuse."

Knowing that CONTROL had waited a month for this opportunity, 99 was not about to let it slip away, as she assured him, "I came for the receptionist job; but I am also a master of Swedish massage. I would love to have the position, and I promise you will not be sorry," and she winked at him slyly.

"Yes, well perhaps you may be just what we need. I will let moth...I mean Greta fill you in on the details, and you may start immediately," Siegfried agreed.

Greta led 99 into the back of the building where there were several private rooms for massages. "This is the hot tub room," Greta showed her, opening a door, "This is why the joint is called SOAK. Some of the customers like to soak in the hot tub to relax before their's something new. This is the employees' locker room; it's kind of small, but since we are the only two employees.... Get out of those clothes, and put on this smock. We have a lot of paranoid, very important customers, and they have to be one-hundred per-cent certain that you are not wearing some kind of listening device. Some of our customers are big corporation heads, and high government officials; and when they relax, sometimes they talk about private things. Most of them insist that their masseur by completely nude, so that nothing can be concealed."

99 was shocked at the prospect of being naked in front of strangers, but she knew she could not let this opportunity pass by; it was too important to the security of her country. She swiftly ducked into the locker room, stripped naked, and put on the garment Greta had handed her. It resembled a white lab coat, and just barely was long enough to cover her buttocks. She had to admit that it accentuated her long slender legs perfectly.

When she returned to the hallway, Greta assured her, "You are a real looker; you'll do just fine as long as you just do your job and don't get too nosy. As I bring each customer into the back, I'll try to give you the heads-up on what to expect...their preferences and such. With new customers, you will just have to play it by ear. Your tips are your own, and we don't want to know what you do to earn them...if you know what I mean. OK, just relax for a few minutes until your first appointment."

99 didn't truly comprehend what Greta was referring to, she just hoped she would have time to snoop around before her first customer. She didn't. After only about five minutes, Siegfried, clad in a long white terrycloth robe, came sheepishly wandering into the massage room. He wasn't his usual brash self, and she just hoped he didn't recognize her. He informed her, "Just wanted to check on you and make sure you had settled in. You seem quite young, are you sure you know how to give massages?"

"Oh ya, I give many massages in Sweden," 99 responded.

"Well, I hope so," Siegfried stated, "because our customers pay a lot of money to relax for a few minutes. We have many influential clients. In case you were wondering about the robe, besides being the supreme boss, I am a regular customer. My request may seem strange, but you will learn not to ask questions or judge clients' requests. You have met my mother. She was not very nurturing when I was a child. She was always off spying, I mean working. Every few days I like to be held, have you stroke my hair, and reassure me that I am a good boy."

With that he let the robe fall to the floor, revealing that he was dressed in only a large diaper, and had been holding a teddy bear under his arm. To 99's surprise, she was not all that shocked. Even though she knew he was a despicable foreign spy, she actually felt herself feeling pity for him. She sat on the edge of the massage table while he lay down and let her cradle his head in her lap. He clutched his teddy bear tightly and began to suck his thumb, as 99 stroked his head and shoulders, uttering soothing platitudes like, "There, there, that's a good Siegfried."

Still using her Swedish accent, she began to sing lullabies to him. Siegfried removed his thumb, reached up, and slid 99's smock off her shoulder baring her right breast. She instinctively leaned forward and he took her nipple in his mouth and began to suckle. Her breasts may have been on the small side, but her incredible nipples made up for it. When aroused, like now, they grew to the size of gumdrops. 99, always career driven, had very few sexual encounters in her life; but could feel the dampness spreading in her crotch. As Siegfried continued to suck on her nipple, she wondered how far he would carry the encounter; and found herself intrigued by the possibilities. She knew that she would follow his lead and do anything to avoid blowing her cover. To Siegfried, this was not a sexual experience, and after sucking on her nipple for a few minutes, he told her she was doing a good job, put his robe back on and left the room.

Her next two customers wanted nothing more than a relaxing hot-oil massage. She recognized them both: one was a US Senator, and the other the CEO of an oil company. They both requested that she be completely naked, and she complied. By the middle of the second massage, she had even stopped blushing. The massages had been easier than she expected (except for the nudity): the Senator had been so egotistical that he spent the entire time bragging about himself, and she just pretended not to understand English; and the oil company honcho had been morbidly obese, and had fallen asleep almost immediately. Both praised her skills as a masseuse, and left her large tips.

Agent 86 had the parlor under surveillance all morning, and figured it was time to check up on 99; just to let her know she was not alone on the assignment. When he approached Greta to book an appointment, she promptly recognized the CONTROL agent from the pictures displayed under the counter. She wasn't that shocked to see him, as several known agents were regular customers. It was right down the street from the CONTROL headquarters, and it was common knowledge that the secret-agent contract was currently being negotiated, creating much stress among the employees.

When she asked him his name, he responded, "Max...I mean Bond...James Bond," using the pseudonym of his hero.

"Oh you mean like the famous spy," Greta asked.

"Spy, no, no...I am a greeting card salesman," Max quickly interjected.

Greta assured him, "No, I didn't mean...oh never mind. Just follow me please." They walked down the hall to a massage room, where Greta instructed, "Just go behind the curtain, get undressed, and put on the robe you'll find hanging there. Your masseuse will be in presently, and you can discuss the details with her."

When 99 entered the room, she had to stifle a laugh when she saw Max sitting on the massage table wearing the white, terry cloth robe, and his black socks and shiny black shoes. He began to say her name, but she quickly interrupted him by saying loudly, "Ya, hello, I am Ingrid and I will be your masseuse today." She leaned close to him whispering, "86, it is so good to see you. I haven't had a chance to search the room for hidden cameras or bugs, so just play along and act like a regular customer. Just follow my lead." Then she added loudly, "Let me help you off with your shoes and socks. Now we can remove the robe and you can lie face down on the table."

When he hesitatingly removed the robe, she saw he was wearing a pair of light blue boxers, and her imagination went into overdrive. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for, and she quickly formulated a plan and set it in motion. As he lay on the table, 99 slyly grasped the waistband of his shorts, "Let me help you off with these."

His head jerked around to make eye contact with her, and he whispered, "Are you sure that's necessary."

"Ya, I will cover your bottom with a towel, so you just raise up a little and you will be so much more comfortable," she grinned, as she lay a white towel across his buttocks and tugged his boxers down and off his legs. Her mind was now racing with all the possibilities ahead of her. She had fallen asleep many nights pleasuring herself, and dreaming of making love with her fellow Agent. Now that he was here, and naked under a towel, she found it hard to concentrate on anything else. As he lay on the table with his face through the round opening, he jumped when he felt her squirt some oil on his back. Knowing that he was completely at her mercy if he didn't want to blow their cover, 99 quickly unbuttoned and shrugged the smock from her shoulders and hung it on a hook.

Feeling the material brush against his arm, Max raised his head to look, and nearly choked when he saw 99 completely nude. "99," he blurted out.

"Ingrid," she quickly corrected him. Not believing how bold she was being, 99 leaned against the side of the table with her exposed crotch just inches from 86's astonished face. She whispered, "Just relax and I'll try to fill you in as I massage you. Remember, they may be watching, so don't make a scene. Just behave like a normal customer."

Max lowered his head again, and now all he could see were 99's long, incredibly beautiful legs moving around him. She began to rub his back, spreading the soothing oil all around his skin. She felt him tense up when she whispered that Siegfried was the owner of the shop. She informed him that Siegfried/KAOS also owned the florist shop next door, and that she had noticed several known KAOS agents entering it. When they left, they were all carrying a white corsage box. "I'll check that out," he assured her. "I must say, you're quite good at massages," he added, "I'm feeling very relaxed."

"Ya, thank you sir," she acknowledged, and whispered, "Maybe I can give you one of these at my place sometime."

Max was feeling relaxed until her legs came into view again, and then all he could think about was her nudity, and how close she was. He had never really thought of her as anything other than his partner before, but seeing her naked had made him realize what a desirable woman she was. He could feel his involuntary erection stretching up his stomach against the table. Her hands were now rubbing the upper part of his thighs and he began to squirm under her erotic touch.

99 noticed his sudden tenseness and inched her hands closer to his buttocks; then slid the towel farther up and began to knead his ass cheeks with her slippery hands. Her nipples were now aroused and she knew it was now or never, so she said, "I think it's time to turn over now so I can get the front." Before he had a chance to object, she surprised him with her unbelievable strength and swiftly flipped his body completely over. She was pleased to see the towel now tented over his groin; knowing that she had achieved some of her goal. She now knew that despite his stoic demeanor, he did desire her.

Max knew that she could plainly see the proof of his excitement, and was flummoxed as to how to respond; so he just decided to lay there and pretend everything was normal. As she began to massage his surprisingly masculine chest, 99 could not take her eyes off the canopy of towel at his groin, and she felt her own crotch growing damp. Max wanted to close his eyes, but was compelled to keep them open just a slit, as he watched 99's round little tits jiggle as she rubbed him. The closer she got to his groin, the more tense he became. As she firmly manipulated the flesh below his navel, she "accidentally" brushed the towel aside and it fell to the floor completely exposing his rock hard cock.

Attempting to stay in character, despite her arousal, 99 remarked, "Ya, we must do something to relieve this tension," and she wrapped her oily hands around his penis. She was more than pleased with the size of his cock, as it must have been a good eight inches, with a head the size of a peach. As she slid her slender hands up and down his length, she felt his hand brush against her pubic hair. She spread her legs wider to give him access, as she leaned over the table, opened her mouth, and lightly flicked her tongue across his cock slit. He jumped at the touch, and she could feel his fore and middle fingers trace her wet slit up and down. She had very prominent labia and she knew he must be searching for her opening.

His fingers were coated with her secretions when he finally found her hole and slid his two digits up inside her pussy. It was incredibly tight as he stuffed them inside her as far as he could. She moaned, "Oh God," when she felt his fingers flex inside of her, and had to lean against his body for support when her knees grew weak. Her body shuddered and she came immediately as he fingered her neglected cunt. Wanting to return the favor, she opened her mouth and lowered it over his hardened pole. She didn't have much experience sucking cock, but soon found that blowjobs come quite naturally. She grasped the base of his cock with one hand, and fondled his scrotum with the other, while bobbing her mouth up and down allowing his prick to stab the back of her throat. She locked her lips around his cock for a seal and sucked it like a vacuum cleaner.

As he continued to finger fuck her, 99 tickled his shaft with her tongue and sensed he was near ejaculation. She raised her head off his cock so that he could spray her face, and pumped her hand up and down his pole. Suddenly, his balls moved up and his cock erupted, coating her entire face with his load of semen. 99 came again as his thumb rubbed her clit, his fingers deep inside her. Max had been aiming for her open mouth, and as he watched his sticky white goo dripping down her face, he remarked, "Missed it by that much."

99 licked as much of the cum from her face as possible, wanting to savor the gift from the man she loved; then toweled off, and wiped her fluids which were dripping down her thighs. She smiled as she noticed 86 licking his fingers clean, and offered him a towel to wipe off the excess oil. The atmosphere was slightly awkward, so she leaned forward and whispered, "Be at my place tonight." They both took a minute to observe and appreciate each other's naked body, as Max smiled widely at her remark. As he made his way behind the screen to dress, he informed her in a hushed tone that the Chief would be in to check on her progress later that day. As he was leaving, 99 jokingly asked, " tip?"

After doing some cleaning up, and some additional poking around the premises, 99 had just begun to relax when Greta showed in her next appointment; telling her, "This is a regular...just an oil massage. He likes it heavy on the oil."

99 looked up at the tall man and immediately recognized him as Agent Hymie. Hymie was actually the pride and joy of CONTROL's Research and Development Department: he was a robot. While wondering why a robot would want a massage, 99 was trying to keep him from recognizing her, and blowing her cover. This was, of course, a futile effort because one of Hymie's main programs was to recognize and catalog the various disguises of KAOS agents. Almost immediately, he said, "Oh hello, 99. What are you doing here? Couldn't wait for the new contract, and needed some money?"

"Ya, hello sir," she loudly answered, trying to drown out his voice. She whispered, "Hymie, listen to me. I am here undercover, so please don't blow it for me."

"I comprehend," Hymie whispered back. As he began to unbutton his shirt, he told her in a hushed tone, "I come here once a week for a heavy oil massage. The technicians at CONTROL recommended it to keep all my joints lubricated. It saves them some time, and it's covered by the medical plan."

"This is so strange," she thought as Hymie began to remove his trousers; not bothering to go behind the screen. Little did 99 know that Hymie had been developed by a female scientist, and made to be anatomically correct as a joke. When he had lowered his boxers and turned around, 99 gasped at the unexpected sight of his penis hanging between his legs. It was a full eight inches and very thick. She knew he was a robot, but she was still horny from her encounter with Max, and couldn't help but feel aroused by its sight.

He began to lie face down on the table, handing her a bottle, "Here I brought this. It is a special heavier oil. Please use it."

Since he was a robot with no sense of modesty, 99 didn't bother with a towel and just proceeded to squirt the oil onto his back. As she spread the slippery substance around his body, she was astonished by how real his "skin" was even warm to the touch. She almost wished that the scientists hadn't made him so tall and handsome, because she was beginning to feel a sexual attraction to this machine as she rubbed his naked "flesh."

When she was finished with his back, he rolled over and she began to massage his front; starting with his chest. As she progressed to his legs and thighs, she couldn't take her eyes off the artificial penis drooping between his thighs...she wondered if she should oil it also. She chose not to, and informed Hymie that she was finished.

"No, you forgot something," he stated in his deadpan manner, and he reached down with his index finger and pushed in on his navel like it was a button on a control panel.

Immediately his penis began to rise upward and extend. 99's lower jaw dropped as his artificial penis grew to a full twelve inches and pointed straight up toward the ceiling. She guessed it must be some sort of hydraulic equipment, whose purpose she had no clue. It was an incredible specimen though and she could feel the juices between her legs begin to flow again. She unconsciously reached out with both oil-covered hands and began to coat its entire length. Its sight mesmerized her: it was the largest cock, although artificial, she had ever seen. When Hymie declared, "We are done now," and began to get up, she stopped him.

"No Hymie, I need to do a better job of lubricating that part," she told him, "You just lay back on the table, that's an order."

Hymie was programmed to obey any order from a CONTROL Agent and he quickly obliged and lay back down on the table.

99 swiftly threw off her smock and climbed up on the table, straddling Hymie's legs, facing him so she could see his handsome face. She raised up on her knees, reached down between her legs with both hands and pulled her pussy lips far apart. She maneuvered her crotch until the tip of his shaft was nudged against her hole and then released her lips so that they could grip him. She knew that lubrication would not be a problem, as they were both as slick as possible. She threw her legs out to the side and in one motion dropped down onto his lap, completely impaling herself on his giant cock. She now had a foot of hard cock buried deep inside her cunt and the sensation was indescribable.

As she rocked back and forth on his monstrous pole, she groaned, "Oh my fucking God." She had never had anything that huge inside her pussy, and it was touching places that had never been touched. She came immediately, her pussy convulsing and her body shivering, as she put her hands against his chest for support. She could actually feel the walls of her pussy expand to accommodate his enormous cock. Her cunt lips stretched around his shaft as she gyrated her hips against his groin. She began to raise up off his pole and then drop back down, fucking herself on his artificial cock. She asked him, "Hymie, can you raise you hips up and down in a slow rhythm?"

He followed her request and his body raised hers right up off the table. He continued this motion; fucking her without knowing what he was doing. "A little higher, Hymie," she breathlessly requested, and he instantly thrust up into her even harder. She loved the feeling of his giant cock inside her; his monster stretching her cunt with every thrust. She looked down between them, seeing how her long lips gripped his cock as he jammed it up inside her. She loved watching his huge pole disappear into her hole. 99 was getting the fucking of her a machine.

"Faster, Hymie, faster," she urged, and he began to piston his cock in and out of her cunt at a dizzying speed. "Oh my fucking God, Hymie...fuck me...fuck me," she begged. He couldn't comprehend her delirious ranting, so he just continued to pump his cock up into her at a blazing pace. It felt like every nerve in her body was now inside her pussy, as he continued to stretch her. 99 reached up with both hands and squeezed her tiny tits, pinching her gumdrop nipples between her fingers. "Ahhhhhhh," she shrieked, as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. Her entire body twitched and jerked as Hymie's groin was flooded by her cum. She collapsed onto his chest, and weakly requested, "OK Hymie, you can stop now."

As she lay there, she could feel his totally stiff phallus stretching her walls. She was still completely impaled on his enormous cock, and she loved it. Unfortunately, she knew there were other appointments and she still had investigating to do. When she sat up on his lap, she could feel his pole deep inside her belly, and she felt like a piece of meet on a skewer. She reached down and pressed her finger into his belly button. His mighty cock deflated inside her like a punctured balloon, and her fluids again coated his groin. "OK Hymie, you can get up now, we're finished," she ordered him.

"Well that was certainly an unorthodox method of lubrication, but highly effective," Hymie stated, "We should do that every week."

"How about every night," she thought to herself, as they dressed.

99's next two appointments were nothing out of the ordinary: another self-centered politician and a female stockbroker (who didn't even ask 99 to take her coat off). She did a little more snooping around, and then her next appointment was introduced by Greta, this is John Wayne, and he would just like a straight massage. It was, of course, the Chief.

"John Wayne," 99 asked in a hushed tone.

"It was all I could think of on the spur of the moment," he sheepishly replied.

"Well, Mr. Wayne, please go behind the curtain, disrobe, and put on the robe which is hanging on the hook," she instructed him. Then she whispered, "I haven't had the opportunity to search this room for bugs or cameras, so just play along like you're a real customer."

When he came out from behind the screen she saw that he had kept his socks on and that they didn't match. She helped him off with the robe as he lay on the table, and noticed that he was a traditionalist; with "tighty-whities." As she began the massage, she leaned close to him and whispered, "I have a few theories about the operation. Judging by the clientele, I think they lure the influential customers here, drug them, then learn secret military information, or inside trading tips. I haven't quite figured out how they administer the drug, but I'll bet the florist shop next door has something to do with it. Maybe we could sneak inside there tonight and do some searching."

"Oh that's good, 99...I mean Ingrid," the Chief declared, "I hope this assignment hadn't been too much for you. I'm sure with a beautiful masseuse like you, some of the customers can get out of hand."

99 blushed at being called beautiful, and assured him, "You know I can take care of myself." She had always thought of the Chief as "fatherly," but seeing how muscular and fit his body was, she was now seeing him in a new light. She decided to make a small gesture and reward him for his compliment, and for always treating her with respect. It was sometimes difficult for a female spy, but the Chief had never patronized her. She interrupted the massage to casually remove her smock, and resumed; this time totally naked. She continued to rub oil into his surprisingly firm body, admiring how he kept himself in good shape.

When she asked him to turn over, he saw for the first time that she was totally naked, and astoundingly remarked, "99, you're are absolutely gorgeous. I never would have dreamed...not that I dream about you...I just," he stammered.

As she began to smooth oil up his legs, she asked, "I have always appreciated you, Chief. Is there anything I can do for you?" Her slick hand closed around his impressive seven inch hard-on, and she could tell he almost lost control at that moment. She felt the very pronounced veins bulge around his shaft and the feeling aroused her even more.

"Oh that feels good, 99. There actually is one have the most delectable ass I have ever seen...and my wife hasn't let me have anal sex in years," the Chief explained.

With some trepidation because she had never done that act before, 99 replied, "If that is what you would like, then it would be my pleasure to accommodate you."

After thoroughly coating his shaft with oil, she quickly scrambled up onto the massage table, crawled up next to the Chief on her hands and knees, and lifted her ass high in the air, presenting it to him. She spread her legs so he could crawl up between them. She could feel the Chief's callused hands kneading her round cheeks, and then using his thumbs to spread them apart. 99 grit her teeth as she felt his cock head nudge her sphincter, and begin to push against her opening. The pressure increased until his head popped through the muscles of her sphincter ring. He paused a moment, and then began to force his way into her ass hole, inch by inch. She could actually feel the veins of his cock as they pushed through her opening, spreading her ass hole wider. As he progressed deeper up into her ass, she wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure she felt. When he finally was buried balls-deep up her ass, he reached under her and began to finger her clit.

"Oh, Chief," she moaned, "fuck my ass."

He went slowly at first; gently withdrawing his pole and letting the oil completely coat her rectum. Then when he felt she was used to his invasion, the Chief grasped her shapely hips and began to ram his cock up into her ass. He leaned to the side so he could watch her tiny tits jiggle when he slammed into her ass cheeks. He knew she must be enjoying it, because she was thrusting her ass back to meet his forward strokes. "You beautiful ass is so fucking tight," he remarked as he thrust into her.

"Oh, Chief, that feels incredible," 99 moaned.

As he continued to pound up into her ass, the Chief leaned on her back, reached around her and began to pinch her huge nipples. He rolled them between his fingers and then squeezed then between his thumbs and forefingers.

"Oh, Chief," she groaned, "cum in my ass. I need to know what it feels like."

"I will honor that request," he guaranteed her, and he rammed his cock all the way up her. She felt his cock begin to jerk and twitch, and her ass-hole suddenly became very warm. He pumped her ass full of his seed as his arms encircled her waist for support. He was so aroused that he just continued to spurt his cum inside her.

"Chief, that was wonderful," 99 confided, "I am so glad we did that."

As his cock shriveled and he sat on the side of the table with her beside him, the Chief whispered, "I will try to organize the search tonight. If I get everything in place, I'll get word to you somehow." 99 nodded and they both got dressed in silence.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, and it was near closing time when 99 paused at the drinking fountain for a quick drink...she needed to replenish her fluids. As she was standing at the fountain, the front panel suddenly opened and there was a familiar face staring up at her. 99 almost screamed, but quickly recovered and whispered, "Agent 13, you really startled me."

"Sorry 99, you know how they always find these tight, cramped spaces for me to hide," he replied softly.

It was true; she was used to seeing him in anything from a mailbox to a tree trunk, and she asked, "Well, 13, what message do you have for me?"

He answered, "Oh, right; the Chief says it is a GO for tonight. He, 86 and Hymie will meet you in the alley at the back of the florist shop after dark."

"Thank you, 13, "99 acknowledged, "you must be so hot in there, would you like me to get a cup so you can have a drink of water?"

13 was touched by her thoughtfulness and replied, "No thank you, 99, but that is so considerate of you. You are always thinking of others." Just then she moved to the side and he could see under the short smock. He asked, "99, I would like to thank you for always being so considerate. Step closer to the fountain, please."

She stepped up to the fountain so that anyone passing by would think she was drinking, and also so that she was blocking the view of the fountain. She wasn't sure what to expect, but then felt 13's large hands touch her knees and begin to slide their was up her bare legs. Her knees felt weak when she felt his fingers graze against her pussy lips and pubic hair. She spread her legs farther apart to allow him easier access, and gripped the fountain when his thumbs spread her long labia apart. 99 was still wet from all her previous encounters that day, and he easily slide his thick middle finger into her hole. He wiggled his finger inside her, then added his index finger and fourth finger. His fat digits filled her pussy completely as he finger fucked her tight cunt.

He stopped thrusting, but kept his fingers inside her, leaned forward and began to lap his tongue along her juicy slit. "Oh, that's good, 13," she whimpered as her fingers dug into the sides of the fountain for support. 13 licked the sides of her pussy and tugged at her elongated cunt lips with his teeth. While his fingers held her open, his tongue scooped up the fluids dripping out of her hole. He delved his tongue up inside her alongside his fingers, spreading her pussy lips even farther apart. He withdrew his fingers, reached behind her with both hands and grasped her perfect ass cheeks. He kneaded her ass and drew her closer to him as he began to fuck her with his tongue. Her knuckles were turning white from holding the edge of the fountain so hard. As he probed deep into her wet pussy with his tongue, his nose was rubbing against her swollen clit, and she whimpered as she doused his face with her cum.

"Oh my God, 13, that was unbelievable," she thanked him.

As he wiped his face with his sleeve, 13 responded, "You are a truly beautiful woman, 99. I'll tell the Chief you will meet them. Thanks for the best assignment ever." He replaced the panel, and was gone.

After dark, the CONTROL quartet met behind the florist shop and 86 excitedly stated, "I just realized that the name of the massage parlor is KAOS spelled backward. Did anyone else notice that?"

"Yes Max," the Chief assured his sarcastically, "I think we all recognized that."

After they had picked the simple lock, they entered the shop's backroom storage area where there were two large barrels clearly marked "TRUTH SERUM," and "AMNESIA SERUM." There was also a large pressurized tank labeled "KNOCKOUT GAS." Max picked up a small atomizer bottle, and assuming it was just a perfume sample, turned to the others and swiftly spritzed them, saying, "Let's see what the modern KAOS agent smells like."

The Chief yelled, "No, Max, you don't know what that is."

But it was too late and they had all inhaled the pleasantly scented spray. They looked at each other, expecting something to happen, but nothing did. "Oh look," Max stated, "It's called "Aphrodisia." Just as he said that, 99, Max and the Chief began to feel odd. They looked at each other with uncontrollable lust in their eyes, and an insatiable yearning in their groins. Max and the Chief lunged at 99 and began pulling at her clothes; stripping off her blouse, skirt and underwear in no time. She tried to strip them both at the same time, and soon all three were naked. Hymie just stood there watching this strange behavior, and wondering what signal he had missed. Max and the Chief's cocks were erect and waving in front of them as they wrapped their arms around 99 and began to fondle her entire body.

Max found a chair, sat in it and 99 scrambled to straddle his body, facing him. She grasped his cock in her hand and as he put his hands around her tiny waist, she lowered herself on his hard eight inches. "Oh Max," she moaned, "your cock feels so good inside me." As she began to bounce up and down on his pole, she begged, "Fuck me, lover, fuck me." She noticed Hymie standing there inanimate, and ordered him, "Hymie, take your clothes off, push your belly button, and stick you penis in my" If she had been thinking rationally, she never would have allowed this; let alone demanded it. Her skinny body was not designed for double penetration; but being under the influence of the drug blocked all rational thinking.

He swiftly did as he was ordered, and without hesitation jammed his cock up 99's delectable ass in one swift thrust. It was a good thing he was still lubricated from earlier, or he would have ripped her flesh. "Now move your hips back and forth, like earlier today," 99 coaxed Hymie.

"Oh my fucking God," she shrieked, as they slammed their cocks into her holes. She leaned forward over Max's shoulder, and opened her mouth wide. The Chief did not have to be formally invited as he immediately shoved his vein-engorged cock down her throat. None of them had any conscience or sense of modesty while under the effects of "Aphrodisia," and they fucked 99 with abandon. They jammed their cocks in and out of her holes as fast as they could. She could feel 86's huge crown rubbing against her cunt walls, and she lost count of how many times she came around it. Her belly was absolutely stuffed with hard cock, and 99 loved it.

None of them could keep up the current pace (except Hymie) and soon Max and the Chief were on the verge of orgasm. Then something strange occurred: even under the influence of the drug, Max felt some concern for 99 and said, "99, I'm about to blow my load in you...what about birth control."

She momentarily stopped sucking the Chief and replied breathlessly, "Cum inside me Max. Shoot you seed all over my pussy. Give me your babies...give me twins." And as she resumed inhaling the Chief's cock, 86 grunted and thrust his pole all the way up inside her hole. She felt him expand inside her, and her cunt being flooded with his hot fluid. She started to scream, "Oh my fucking...," but was interrupted by the stream of semen gushing down her throat and threatening to choke her.

Max was positive he had never cum so much in his life, but finally stopped twitching inside 99's pussy, and let his shriveling cock slip out. The Chief stood back and watched his seed drip down 99's beautiful face, as she collapsed on 86's shoulder. She glanced back and ordered, "OK Hymie, you can stop and get dressed now."

They didn't know it, but the drug had been secreted out their sweat glands during sex, and now they gradually came to their senses. Without uttering a word, they sheepishly got dressed and resumed their search. Max stated, "Well, we found the drugs, now we just have to figure out how they administer them."

"Right, Max," the Chief agreed.

99 spotted a stack of corsage boxes, opened one, and seeing a red carnation inside, said, "Shouldn't these be refrigerated?"

"Yes, you're right, 99," answered Max taking the box from her. He removed the flower, found it to be artificial, with a hose attached to a squeeze bulb; like a clown's squirting flower. "Ah yes," Max concluded, "the old truth-serum-and-amnesia-serum-in-the-squirting-flower-trick."

"Good work, Max," the Chief congratulated him, "Now use your shoe phone to tell Larabee to get a squad of Agents over here. Hey, I just thought of barber always wears a red carnation."

Just then, they heard a commotion in the front of the shop and Max asked, "Chief, don't tell me you had a haircut today."

"I had an appointment on the way over here," the Chief admitted.

"I asked you not to tell me that," Max dejectedly said, as Siegfried and Greta came through the doors with their guns drawn.

"My source told me you were coming here tonight," Siegfried informed them, "Now get up against the wall."

Max had neglected to tie his shoe when hurriedly putting it back on, and on his way to the nearest wall, he tripped on the laces and knocked over the tank of "KNOCKOUT GAS." When the tank hit the floor, the valve snapped off, and gas began spraying all around the room. When they began to regain consciousness several minutes later, the CONTROL Agents saw that Hymie had captured Siegfried and Greta and had tied them up with ribbon.

Clearing the cobwebs from his mind, the Chief exclaimed, "That was brilliant work 86. You knew that the Knockout Gas would affect everyone in the room except Hymie."

"Ahhh...right Chief. Let's go with that theory," Max answered.

As they were leaving the shop, 99, carrying a corsage box, whispered to Max, "Don't forget; my place later tonight."

(I would like to thank my readers for their positive comments and great story suggestions. Many of my stories are the result of requests or suggestions. I would also like to respond to several recent comments criticizing my work.
I am obviously not a professional writer, nor do I claim to be. I am barely an amateur writer. I write for the FUN of it; hoping you will enjoy the story.

In response to the criticism of my "egregious" (love the word) grammar and punctuation errors: it is obvious that you have never submitted a story to Literotica. They are quite meticulous in their proof-reading. Many of my stories
(OK, most of them) were re-written and re-submitted after being initially rejected by Literotica for reasons as trivial as a misplaced comma. I know my work has flaws. Please, when you read stories here, leave your English Literature degrees in the closet, and try to have some FUN.

Also there has been criticism about my exaggerated "dimensions." Again, this is what makes it FUN for me...poetic license, if you will. These are fictional characters (or celebrities) and how do we know what their "dimension" really are. The exaggeration makes it more interesting for me. Think of it like a cartoonist drawing his characters with exaggerated features. My main goal is to capture the spirit of the characters and add sex. Again, please try to have some FUN.

Thanks for your patience, and please keep the comments and suggestions coming. The only thing that makes writing these stories worthwhile is if I know someone enjoys them. Hope you have FUN. [email protected])


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