General Hospital: Bobbie's Ordeal (MF,rape)
by Calufrax

“Strip for me, Bobbie.” Joseph Atkins told her, lecherously eyeing her body.

Bobbie Jones looked through tear-stained eyes at him. The look of maniacal
desperation on his face, the cold gun in his hand. She swallowed dryly, and
began to nervously unbutton her sleeves. The right, then the left. She
sniffed back tears as she watched Atkins lick his lips hungrily. He was
hungry. For her.

“Alright.” Atkins breathed, as the last sleeve button was unfastened. “Keep
going.” He demanded.

She remembered Sean Donely’s words: don’t anger him. He was already a cop
killer, and Bobbie was certain that he wouldn’t think twice about killing
her, too. All she needed was to play for time. Time for Sean to save her.
Then, afterwards, she would be with Tony again. The very thought gave her
newfound courage, and she lifted her slim hands upwards to the top button
of her blouse.

Somehow, she managed to undo the small button. And another. After three
were unbuttoned, her white blouse was open enough to reveal a fair share of
her ample cleavage. The crests of two lily-white breasts openly greeted
Atkins, and he breathed, “My God...”

Although outside Bobbie could only stifle back the tears, deep within (far
deeper than even she could understand) she smiled at the remark. Her body
had always elicited its fair share of compliments, mostly directly at her
abundant gift in the upper chest area. Even back when she was a hooker, she
always knew that if she would display her breasts just enough, she could
have as many men a night as she wished. Of course, she learned early on
that such a gift had a price—the weight of her large boobs always plagued
her, as well as the fact that only a few lingerie shops carried bras and
nightgowns designed for such a select size.

She continued to unbutton her blouse, and finally loosened the last button.
With a pause, she pulled the tucked-in part of it from her belt, and pulled
it off. Seeing Atkins’ eyes on her, she took a deep breath and stuck out
her chest farther, pushing her breasts against the confines of her bra to
the point where it appeared as if the mammaries would spill out of the
garment altogether.

How long had that taken? She asked herself. Seconds, or minutes? How long
would she have to go?

She pulled off the belt, and unbuttoned her slacks. Taking a breath, she
bent down to lower them, and in doing so, her breasts hung down, swaying
against the bra-cups despite their restriction. Atkins’ eyes widened at
this, and reached out, cupping one of the tits in a hand, kneading it
roughy. “God damn... Take that thing off so I can see those things.” Bobbie
reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, shrugging forward. The bra
fell to the floor, and her breasts fell free, jiggling into place. “Take
off the rest.”

Unseen by Atkins, Bobbie closed her eyes and pulled off her slacks. All she
wore beneath was simple nylons, and a pair of small white panties. Atkins’
attention was weaned away from her tits by the inviting triangle of dimly
concealed hair under the panties. With the hand that once assaulted her
breast, he thrust it into her underwear, tangling his fingers in her thick
pubic hair. “Oh, yeah...” he cooed to himself. “This is it!”

Bobbie straightened up at once and gasped. Atkins’ thick fingers rubbed
against her pussy lips, one snaking back to poke at her asshole. He roughly
thrust a set of digits into her hole, making her yelp in pain. Atkins
looked up at her, mistaking it for an exclamation of pleasure. “You like
that, don’t you, Bobbie?”

Don’t anger him... Bobbie repeated that to herself again and again. Sobbing
through the tears, she said, “Yes, Joesph.”

Atkins smiled cruelly. “Yes, Joesph, what?” He shoved his fingers back into
her pussy again, further this time. “Tell me, Bobbie. Tell me what I want
to hear.”

Her sobs grew. “Yes, Joesph, I like it with you put your hand in my...
pussy.” Oh, God...

Atkins chucked aloud and with a swift motion, he grabbed the panties and
pulled them off her. The sharp rip of the fabric was deafened by Bobbie’s
yelp as the elastic snapped across her bare ass. Atkins stepped back and
looked at Bobbie, licking his lips. “You are so beautiful, Bobbie.” He told
her. “Your tits are so big. Your legs-and your ass!” He cocked his head.

“Your lips...” He smiled. “You know what I like, don’t you, Bobbie?”

“What?” she sobbed, although she suspected.

He held the gun tightly. “Suck me, Bobbie.” He told her calmly. “Come over
here, now.” Bobbie began to cry and slowly walked over to him, aware that
all that she had on now were a pair of nylons. She stopped before him and
he said, “Now, get down on your knees and unzip my pants.” Her hands
shaking, she unsnapped his jeans, and slowly pulled down the rusted zipper.
She could see a definite bulge pushing against a pair of gray underwear
that smelled as if they hadn’t been changed in ages. Atkins chuckled, his
free hands running through her red hair. “Now, pull it out. Pull it out and
do it to me, Bobbie.”

Bobbie’s hands reached into his pants, and pulled down his underwear,
pulling out his penis. It was huge, and smelled as if it had been washed in
as long as the underwear. It was thick and hard, with a knotted bush of
hair at the base. She knelt there for an eternity.

Atkins sensed her hesitation, and grabbed a handful of hair, hurting her.
“Suck me!”

Bobbie had never enjoyed oral sex-either when she was a hooker or in her
personal life. There was just something about it that didn’t appeal to her.
Whenever a “client” asked for a blowjob, Bobbie would try to talk him out
of it; usually a quick jiggle of her tits did the trick. But, there were
those you simply wouldn’t succumb to her charms, and persisted. So, Bobbie
had to learn to give a blowjob despite her disgust.

She leaned in, taking the head of Joesph Atkins in her warm mouth. She
closed her eyes, and tried to pretend it was Tony. Tony enjoyed
blowjobs-certainly his last wife Lucy Coe had enthralled him with enough of
them! But he understood Bobbie’s feelings and kept his passions in check.
But Bobbie would, time and again, surprise him with a wet blowjob, knowing
that he would neither expect nor refuse it.

She ran her tongue along the knobby head of his cock, slowly descending
downwards on the shaft. She tried to block out Atkins’ moans of pleasure.
“Oh, God! Yes! Suck me! Suck me good, Bobbie!” Her sobs were muffled by his
penis, growing in the recesses of her mouth. His hand pumped her head
farther and farther down onto his cock. Bobbie began to choke slightly.
Eight, nine... soon all ten inches of his cock were pumping into her throat.
His fingers scratched the scalp of Bobbie’s head as he tried to push her
down even farther! Atkins looked at her lustfully, and a thought came to
him. Holding her hair tight, he pulled her off his dick, and her red eyes
looked up at him. He lowered the gun down to her. “Suck it.”

Bobbie eyed the gun, frightened. Nervously, she said, “No, Joesph, don’t
make me-“

He lifted the gun closer to her lips, holding her head in place. “Suck it.”
He ordered, his voice hard. Laughing, he turned it so Bobbie could see him
put the safety catch on. He returned it to her mouth, which was closed
firmly. “Now.”

Bobbie’s tears resumed as she shakily opened her lips, and began mouthing
the barrel of the gun. The cold metal of the weapon was jarring in her mouth,
but soon it began to warm. As she cried, she could her tongue playing across
the small exit hole of the barrel, much as she would a cock. Atkins’ hand
pulled her head farther down, and she was forcibly pumping down the four inch
length of the gun barrel. Atkins grabbed one of her hands and put it on his
cock, rubbing it up and down. When Bobbie began to jack him off voluntarily,
he released it, and reached down to play with her large tits again, fumbling
a thumb across a nipple.

Bobbie’s tears and sobs mixed with a choke as her throat rejected the alien
feel of the gun. She pulled away slightly, pleading, “Please, put the gun-“

But Atkins, before she could react, jammed it back into her mouth, hitting
her bottom lips in the process. The pain caused her to cry harder. But this
was lost on Atkins, deep in the lust of her jacking him off and the feel of
her boobs in his hand. “Oh, Bobbie,” he breathed, “you suck so good.” He
laughed. “I think I’m gonna come!” Bobbie’s eyes widened as she saw his
flick the safety off the gun. Willing with all her might, she pulled herself
off the gun, screaming, “Joesph!”

But, so sooner was she off the gun, then Atkins pulled her onto his cock
again, thrusting his warm member into her mouth, moaning as her wetness
accepted him again. Bobbie watched his gun hand languidly go aside, pointing
the gun away. With the imminent danger aside, her fear slightened, as she
found herself sucking Atkins again. The taste of his cock was nasty, of dirt
and sweat, and she tried to keep from descending down on the dick by staying
at the head. In order to please Atkins, she opened her mouth slightly,
allowing the moist slurping sounds of her sucking to emerge.

“Get ready, Bobbie,” Atkins warned playfully, “now I’m really gonna come!”
Bobbie’s eyes widened, and she started down on the cock, hoping to get it
deep into her throat by the time he came. If so, his ejaculation would
hopefully go straight down her throat and she would be spared the experience
of tasting Atkins’ foul discharge.

But Atkins sensed this, and tightened his grip on her hair, keeping only the
head of his cockl in her mouth. She tried to struggle, but Atkins held her
fast. And, with a final moan, he came. A hot load of cum filled Bobbie’s
mouth in seconds, and she tried to swallow the bitter syrup.

Another load came shortly after the first, then another, and Bobbie found
herself unable to swallow the rushing tide of Atkins’ semen, and she opened
her mouth. The warm dribble of cum ran from the bottom of her mouth onto
her chin, cooling rapidly in the air. It dripped onto her tits. And still
Atkins came. Bobbie had never experienced anything like this before.

Finally, it ended, and Bobbie found herself swallowing the last of his bitter
fluid. Atkins’ hand released her, and she withdrew, looking up at him with
hatred. A look of total euphoria was on his face, and he smiled. Looking down
at her, he laughed. “You are so good, Bobbie.” He reached down and collected
the cum that had ran out onto her chin onto a finger. “Finish it now,” he
said, offering it to her, “like a good girl.”

Bobbie looked at the sight, disgusted, but opened her mouth. Atkins put it
in her mouth, wiping it on her tongue. Bobbie nearly gagged on the taste of
the cold, bitter leftover cum, but seeing his eyes, she gritted her teeth
and swallowed it.

Atkins’ disgusting chuckle chilled her to the bone, as he cradled her chin in
his rough hand. “Don’t worry, Bobbie. I’m not done with you yet.” He shoved
her back onto the floor so hard it nearly knocked the wind out of her. Then,
before he could react, he was on top of her, his mouth on hers, his tongue
searching out hers. She saw him put the gun on the floor, out of her reach.
The moment his second hand was free, he returned to assaulting her large
breasts, squeezing and pinching the nipples. He shoved his mouth down to suck
on one of the nipples.

He lifted his head from the tit after a few minutes, and it plopped back into
its round sedate shape. He rose up slightly, and Bobbie froze as she saw him
begin to undo his jeans, pulling them down. He shoved down his dirty
underwear, and began to position his half-hard cock towards her pussy.

Bobbie pleaded with him through tears. “Please… don’t Joesph! Please don’t-“

“Shut up!” Atkins savagely shot out a hand, catching her on the side of the
face. This dazed her, and was nearly oblivious to him forcing open her legs
without resistance. The only thing that brought her back to reality was the
sharp pain when he invaded her pussy. She cried out, but that only provoked
another lashing out by Atkins, who struck her again. Her head hit the
hardwood floor, and she couldn’t focus on what was happening.

“Stop fighting me, Bobbie.” Atkins warned her, watching as her dazed, dizzy
head went from side to side, unaware of anything. He thrust again and again
into her hot, wet hole, relishing the feeling of her pussy and his total
power over her. He leaned down and whispered into her ear, “I love you,
Bobbie. Kiss me.” Bobbie was only half-aware of the words, and the ringing
in her head made her lose touch. She felt a pair of lips come down on hers,
and she responded with a willing tongue. Atkins, excited by the response,
simply pushed his cock harder into her. He kissed her deeply, and pushed
her head to one side, nibbling at the nape of her neck. Eyes fluttering,
Bobbie moaned out in unaware pleasure.

Atkins stared down at her, concentrating. She was one hell of a woman! Her
half-lidded eyes, her open mouth. His thrusts shook her huge tits back and
forth, and he grabbed one, suckling on it again. God, this was incredible!
Her legs rolled on either side of him tiredly. Atkins withdrew from her,
and rolled her onto her stomach. Her large breasts mashed out on either
side of her chest, like two great balloons. Atkins, cock still hard, pulled
her ass up and spread her cheeks apart with his hands. The red, hot pussy
stared back at him, lips open, waiting. Licking the palm of his hand, he
rubbed the spit on his cock, then pushed without warning into her cunt from
behind, diving in deeper than in the front.

Bobbie, slowly coming out her stupor, realized that she was on her stomach
when the rough fucking of Atkins behind her caused her breasts to slide
roughly across the wood floor. Her eyes widened slowly, the ringing in her
head going away. She began to feel Atkins inside of her, his cock doing
deep into her cunt. “Jo-Joseph, “ she stumbled out, “please... don’t...
please...” With an impatient gesture, he pushed her head forehead first onto
the floor, where it connected with a thud. Her brains were rocked into
dizziness again.

“Oh, yeah!” Atkins moaned, fucking her pussy again and again, hands holding
onto a generous supply of ass. “You like this, don’t you, Bobbie? Tony
never gave it to you so good.” He eyed her asshole curiously, and thought
about it. He’d always wanted to fuck a girl up the ass, but never had. And,
in this case, Bobbie Jones had more than enough charms otherwise to
entertain him: that pussy, those lips and those huge tits!

He felt a dull stirring in his balls, and knew he was about to come. Reaching
under her, he grabbed at her tits as he leaned forward. “Tell me, Bobbie.
Tell me you want me to come in you.”

Half-aware, Bobbie shakily repeated, “Come... in... me...“

Atkins laughed, and thrust one last time, deeper than ever before, shooting
off his load into her waiting pussy. Load after load until he withdrew,
spent. He rolled off her, onto the floor; once released, Bobbie collapsed
into a spineless heap. He looked at his weakened, dazed lover. She shakily
tried to get up, trying to recall what was happening. Atkins reached out,
taking her head and pulling it to his mouth. He kissed her again; she
kissed him back, eyes closed and unaware.

Smiling, Atkins said, “Now, baby, suck daddy clean.” And he lowered her head
onto his shriveled cock, now glistening with cum and pussy juice. Bobbie
shakily opened her mouth without protest and took in his dick, her tongue
running over it slowly, without the resistance she had shown earlier. Atkins
chuckled again, pumping her head up and down as she sucked him clean. “That’s
a good baby. Lick daddy clean like a good whore...”


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