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"In Avalon's Nursery"
a story by ARTWerks(tm) -- written by Peg Leg Dukk
(C) 1996


Giggling to herself, Angela thought how absurd it would have been
had it happened to another Gargoyle; that she was about to become sister
to a Human child! However, Goliath had made it plain that he would
forever remain her father, no matter what form magic had changed him
into. She also knew that she would alway love her Human sibling, no
matter if it was a boy or a girl, and that Elisa would always be a good
friend, even if she wasn't her birth-mother.

Looking down from her thoughts, Angela noticed that she was flying
over the roof of some large building complex - an apartment house of
some sort - and, as she glided closer, she noticed a figure moving on
the rooftop. Curious, she dipped closer, watching as the figure slipped
into the shadows behind a shed.

I wonder who that is? she asked herself. Resigning her choice, she
folded her wings and dropped to the rooftop, pulling up at the last
momment to land silently on her toes. Crouching, she moved slowly
towards the shed, trying to keep as low as she could. Halfway there, she
decided to duck around the other side, and changed her direction to
bring her around.

She was at the corner of the shed. Her keen senses told her the
figure, person, was on the other side. Keeping as silent as she dared,
she peeked around the edge, spying the figure as it stood by what
appeared to be a bubbling cauldron, drapped in a dark robe of some sort.
A magic user! Visions of the Archmage came to her, and she knew that she
had to stop this new threat. Bunching her muscles, she gathered herself,
and sprang from her concealment, screaming her challege at the figure.


The voice brought her up short, just as she was about to bury her
talons in the face of the man before her. Matt!

Looking like he was about to jump ten feet in the air, Detective
Matt Bluestone had one arm thrust out in front of him, trying to protect
himself from being impaled on Angela's claws. She could now see that he
was dressed in a terry-cloth bathrobe (much like one Elisa owned), only
dark indigo in color. His feet were bare, and he was holding a gunbelt
in his right hand.

"Matt?!? Oh, Im.. um, sorry." she apologized. "I saw someone moving
down here and..."

"So, you came to investigate? It's okay. Really." he replied,
relaxing now that her headlong charge had been stopped. Matt had been
let in on the Gargoyles, not too long after Elisa had returned from her
around-the-world trip - thanks to Avalon - and, Matt had tried to keep
up good terms with them now, since Brooklyn was now the leader of the
clan. "What brings you out tonight?"

Angela replied, "I just dropped Goliath off at his home, and was on
my way back to the castle. What are you doing here?" she asked, staring
at the wide container of boiling water in rapt attention.

Matt grinned, "I guess you Gargoyles never knew about hottubs
before, huh?"

"Hot... tub?"

"It's something Humans use to relax in. You know, to make stress go
away." Matt explained.

Angela stared at the surface of the rolling water. "That looks like
it can cook you alive!"

This evoked a chuckle from the Human. "Haha, no. The water in there
is not that hot! C'mon, I'll prove it to you." With that Matt placed the
gunbelt on the side of the tub, then he untied the belt around his waist
let is robe slip off his shoulders.

Angela's attention was dragged from the water to Matt, as he walked
around to step into the tub. She was a bit surprised that he wasn't
wearing any clothing, and she couldn't help but stare at his nude form.
For a Human, he didn't look all that bad. A bit too lean for her, but
still finely muscled and firm. She watched as Matt stepped into the hot
water, hissing as the heat stung his skin, but soon he was used to it as
he slid further down into it.

"Doesn't that hurt!?!?" she asked incrediously.

"Umph, a little at first!" he replied, sinking up to his shoulders
into the steaming liquid. "But, after a while... mmmahhhhhh, that's
better!" he sighed. Matt was always partial to a long soak at the end of
a hard day's work. Slightly ingoring his Gargoyle friend for a momment,
Matt let the boiling water seep into him, driving the heat into his sore
limbs and joints.

Looking up, he saw that Angela was staring at him in wonder. "Care
to join me? I'm sure that think skin of yours can take it."

Angela thought it over for a momment, then nodded as she placed her
hands on the edge, ready to step in.

"Waitaminute! This is the apartment's tub... no clothing inside." he

If Angela was shocked, she didn't let it show. "Hey, I don't make
the rules! The super does." Matt said with a chargrined smile.

"Wellll.. if I have to..." the female Gargoyle replied, reaching up
to the strings that held her simple tunic-dress together. With deft
motions she untied them, letting the fabric fall away to reveal the
dusky purple skin beneath. Angela was somewhat selfconcious about how
she must look to Matt, but when he didn't turn away, she gripped the
side of the tub once more and stepped in. The water did sting for a
brief second, then she got used to the heat quickly. Letting out a sigh
of her own, she followed Matt's earlier example and sank down, the water
only coming up to the middle of her chest.

As Angela stepped inside, Matt found himself looking at her with
more that just a causal glance. His opinon of Gargoyles had been one of
past knowledge - creatures of stone, blocky, nothing but muscles that
seemed chisled and angular - but, watching as Angela's sleek form
slipped below the waterline, he couldn't help but notice the lithe
lines, the firm limbs, and the delicate features that made up her total

He was also surprised to notice the sexual aspects of her; how her
crotch appeared to be totally clean of any hair, and how her breasts
were melon-sized and perfectly round. Her dusky skin, with it's alien
coloring, only enhanced her erotic aura.


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