Codes: MF, cons, snuff, pwp

Grand Theft Auto 3/Street Fighter 2: The Chariot - Dead Travel Fast
by Knorg ([email protected])

Rain was pounding the streets of Liberty City as he pulled the stolen yellow
cab in next to the park on Staunton Island. The area seemed crowded for
midnight until he remembered the rumours of an illegal fight being organised
as part of some tournament. The middle-aged fare that'd hailed him was
suddenly shoved aside and sent sprawling into the gutter. Wary of a
carjacking he started to pull away from the curb, but not fast enough as the
rear door was yanked open and an attractive Chinese woman dropped into the
back seat.

Chun-Li's fantastic physical condition usually meant her heart rate was
hardly even raised above normal following a street fight. This time was
different; her noble heart was pounding obscenely fast as she dropped her
sexy sweaty body into the back of the taxi. The New World Warrior, known
as Serveren, had come close to putting her down like a dog. She'd barely
survived and then only by finding new reserves of energy, agility and
speed. Severen had been out to kill, not win.

The sexy Interpol officer caught the reflection of herself in the mirror;
her body was visibly soaked with sweat and her neck wound was seeping blood
into the wad of tissues held tightly against her neck. She wore her
traditional blue Chinese costume, ripped, spattered with blood and damp with
sweat and the night's rain. The sexy garment covered her athletic body, save
for her toned arms and the muscular long legs that ended in her ankle-length
white boots.

"Hospital" she gasped the destination to the driver in her near-perfect
English, before realising her neck was no longer bleeding anywhere near as
heavily. 'How strange,' "No... airport." The thuggish male eyed her body as
best he could in his rear view mirror before accelerating away down the
street. He hoped she wasn't triad; they hated him more than ever since Maria
got him to work for Asuka of the Yakuza.

Heat was spreading through her body from the neck wound so that first her
nipples began to tingle pleasurably, hardening under the ripped top. A sexy
moan put the drivers eyes on her in time to see Chun Li work her hand inside
the tunic and grab her right breast. The pleasure began to grow so that her
dark furred snatch was wet with arousal and her clit was already swollen and
tingling. Begging to be stroked.

The cab knocked a speeding Banshee sideways and the impact forced the
driver's eyes away and back on the road. He missed the incredibly aroused
Chun-Li pulling the crotch of her costume aside, and rubbing her swollen
nub. She twisted sweaty fingers around the pea-sized core of her pleasure,
arching her butt off the back seat of the cab and moaning throatily. She was
changing, desperate, hungry. She needed to cum but couldn't get herself off.

"Ohhhh.... I need to cum! I need sex!"

He was no stranger to fucking whores in the back alleys, paying for the
privilege of spraying a condom-caught load into a bored streetwalker. This
was different; the Chinese woman was wild in the back seat, and she was
definitely no whore. He couldn't believe his luck. With a handbrake turn
that would make a pro-driver proud he twisted the cab into a dark ally, and
broke hard just before the wall at the far end.

Chun-Li felt the cab halt and saw him climbing out the driver's side.
Immediately recognising his intention she regretfully let her breast and
pussy free to twist around in the seat and put her strongly muscled legs
against the door. As he pulled it open from the outside, she yanked the
soaking crotch of the costume aside again and bucked her hips. He dropped
his pants and underwear onto the rain wet ally floor and crawled onto the
back seat.

"Now! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

Hard thighs wrapped around his ass he pushed straight into her. She was so
wet with arousal he sent seven thick inches into her straight away, filling
her with hot meat. The Chinese woman was writhing ecstatically beneath him
as he began fucking her, stroking his circumcised cock in and out to the
fast rhythm set by Chun-Li's grasping legs.

She had one hand back on her breast, pressed in the tight space between
their bodies; the other was rubbing her clit again. The cab stank of sweat
and arousal and raindrops spang'd off the roof like bullets

"Faster! Harder! Make me cum!"

He complied, enjoying the wildest casual sex of his entire life. Even his
stints in prison couldn't match this. His balls were slamming against her
tightly muscled ass almost painfully as he realised he wasn't going to last
long before coming. The heat in Chun-Li's body was intense but she felt the
frustration as she couldn't make it peak. She needed more! She needed....

He grabbed her tightly and stiffened, body shaking as the first blast of cum
painted her cervix. Chun-Li's eyes flew open, glowing with a hateful red
light, new grown fangs ready. He didn't even have time to cry out as she
locked her arms and legs about his climaxing body and bit deeply into his
jugular. The first taste of blood sent her over the edge. Chun-Li's cunt
squeezed hard, milking the jerking cock within, as streaming girlcum
splashed his tight balls. Still she fed, taking her fill of the witless
meat, becoming a creature of darkness as a huge continuous orgasm tsunami'd
through her entire being.

"Ooohhhh...." She moaned quietly as she came down from the orgasmic high,
with her body shaking gently. The light dimmed in her eyes as she rested the
dead man's head on her breasts. Running fingers through his hair, she licked
her lips and thought about the future. It seemed bright with the possibility
that Bison would fall to her... then Shadaloo... then The World.

Victory would be hers and as for the cabbie? WASTED!


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