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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 7, but deviates from canon.

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Game of Thrones: The Lady Of Winterfell Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

"What?" Sansa frowned.

"I'm the Three-Eyed Raven." Brandan repeated himself.

"Right. You've said that. Repeatedly." Sansa grumbled, "This is the part where you explain what it means."

"I can see the past, present and future." Brandon explained in a monotone voice.

The Stark sisters exchanged a glance, and then Arya quipped, "Oh, is that all? I was worried it would be something strange."

"Stranger than being able to put on a face and become someone else." Brandan quipped dryly, which he could see put her sisters on edge as they hadn't explained that to him yet, before he interrupted the next question, "Yes, I've seen everything you've been through. Everything. And I'm sorry, but... I see everything, and it's hard to stay me. But, of everything I've seen, the future is most tricky, because it's not fixed or easily predictable. I keep seeing things that could be, including a very dark future in which Jon and the Dragon Queen make a deal with Cersei, and she betrays them."

"Of course she does." Arya scoffed, "That's a terrible plan. Who the hell would think that was a good idea?"

"Jon would." Sansa grumbled.

"Indeed. Like father, he can be too trusting. But it's not too late. I have seen the way you two can help unite the Seven Kingdoms in an era of peace." Brandan explained.

"How?" Sansa asked.

"You must allow her to do to you, the same thing Arya has done." Brandan explained, barely acknowledging Sansa's blush, "It is the quickest way to earn her trust. Make it more likely she will listen to us. Or more accurately the two of you. But first... I have a gift for you."

Before Sansa could find enough voice to ask what it was a guard burst in and announced, "My Lady, someone at the gate is claiming to be Margaery Tyrell. We told her to leave, but she... was being very persuasive."

There was a pause and then Sansa almost tripped on her way to scurry out the room while breathlessly mumbling, "Margaery..."

The guard quickly followed her, leaving Arya to stare in disbelief, then turned to glare at her brother who reassured her in the same annoyingly disinterested tone, "It wasn't easy getting her and her brother out of the fire, or Kings Landing for that matter, but I-"

Arya honestly didn't listen to his long winded explanation, as she didn't care how this happened, she was just so angry that it had happened she could barely function. Margaery Tyrell was Sansa's first love, and Arya didn't need the competition. If Brandan knew everything he should know that. Hell, if he really was still her brother he should know that. The Stark sisters had never liked sharing their toys, especially with each other, but now Sansa WAS Arya's toy and Arya didn't want to share her with anyone. Or at least that was what she had been thinking ever since first bedding her big sister, and for the next few minutes, before she got some more shocking information.

"What?" Arya grumbled bitterly, interrupting his story filled with mind control, "Am I supposed to share Sansa with her too?"

"Yes." Brandan said nonchalantly, earning him a look from his sister, "Trust me, it's not what I want, as I do not enjoy seeing it. But one day, you'll thank me."

"I find that hard to believe." Arya grumbled.

* * *

For the next week or so Arya continued to find it hard to believe as she watched her sister and their new guest making easy conversation, smiling, and Margaery softly touching what belonged to Arya as if she had some kind of claim on Sansa. It concocted images of the two gorgeous women in bed together, Margaery gently guiding Sansa through her first sexual experience, giving her so many firsts and in turn taking them from Arya. Which was something Arya deeply hated, but then a new image popped into her head. One which would actually make sharing her favourite toy worth it, and one she couldn't get out of her head once it was in there. So she made arrangements to make it happen, which came to pass that night.

"My Lady." Margaery beamed as she opened the door to see Sansa, her face then dropping as she opened the door wider to find Arya sitting in a chair, just off to the side, and then she politely repeated the words to her other host, "My Lady."

"Come in, and close the door." Arya ordered.

Nodding her head Margaery quickly did as she was told and then hesitantly looked back and forth before turning to her former lover, "You wish to speak to me my Lady?"

"I'm the one who wishes to speak with you." Arya corrected, "I have an offer for you."

Margaery smiled disarmingly, "I'm all ears my Lady."

"First tell me, exactly how long were you fucking my sister." Arya asked bluntly.

There was a brief silence, then Sansa spoke up, "It's okay Margaery, this isn't a trap. Arya is gayer than Loris."

"Did I give you permission to speak?" Arya glared at her sister.

"No, sorry my Lady." Sansa quickly lowered her head in apology.

There was another brief moment of silence before Arya smirked, "This is a trap by the way, but one that you will likely enjoy."

Yet more silence, then Margaery cautiously corrected, "No one is gayer than Loris."

"We'll see about that." Arya said, deliberately cryptically, before asking, "Now answer the question. No harm will come to you. I swear."

Margaery hesitated for a few more seconds before admitting, "Not long. A week. Maybe a little more."

"And you were convinced you had left an impression in such a short time?" Arya tested.

Unable to stop herself from smiling, and even laughing a little, Margaery pointed out, "It does not take long to leave an impression. I can often do it in moments."

"Me too." Arya clearly threatened, also unable to stop herself.

"But then again, you never forget your first, do you Sansa?" Margaery winked at her former lover, who blushed as bright as her hair.

"Was Sansa your first?" Arya pounced.

Again Margaery initially hesitated, but ultimately admitted, "No."

"And yet, my sister left an impression on you too, didn't she?" Arya said knowingly, before pushing Margaery into a corner, "Unless, you are merely pretending because you think getting into my sister's knickers will help you politically. Or simply because you're bored."

"It's not like that." Margaery said immediately, telling the redhead, "Sansa, I... I truly care for you. I do. I know you might not believe me, but I thought of you every day since we were parted, and my heartache to see you again. I... I..."

"Love her more than you should?" Arya offered, and then when Margaery confirmed this with a blush the younger brunette confessed, "Me too."

"You..." Margaery frowned, before realisation hit, "Oh."

"And she was yours once, but not anymore." Arya announced, before calling over to her sister, "Isn't that right, sister?"

"Yes my Lady." Sansa blushed.

"And who do you belong too now?" Arya pushed.

Sansa blushed even more than before, and then hesitantly and softly answered, "You."

"Who?" Arya further pushed.

"You." Sansa repeated a little louder, and a lot quicker.

"Who?" Arya pushed one last time.

"Arya Stark." Sansa answered loudly and quickly.

"And how did I make you mine?" Arya grinned.

"You fucked me up the arse." Sansa confessed before she even realised what she was saying, then blushed.

Arya took a moment to enjoy the look on Margaery's face, before continuing, "I know she loved you. And maybe she still does. But it doesn't matter, because her heart is mine now, and I'm not sharing that for anything. Her body on the other hand, that is negotiable. Provided you're willing to pay the price."

There was a long pause, before Margaery asked out of curiosity more than anything else, "Which is?"

"Your ass." Arya gleefully explained, "You bend over and let me fuck you up the ass in front of MY Sansa so she can see that while part of her may always love you, you can't give her what she truly needs. If you're a good fuck, I'll even keep you around as a pet. Then you can play with Sansa as much as you want. As long as you ask my permission first, of course."

An eternity seemed to pass as Margaery tried to digest this information, before asking, "With what?"

Arya frowned, "Say again?"

"What did you used to fuck her ass." Margaery clarified, "A finger, or-"

"Oh, a cock I made, with a little harness so I can wear as if it was real." Arya happily explained, before calling out, "Sansa, show your little friend the cock I used to take your arse."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa blushed as red as her hair and did as she was told, trying not to notice Margaery's reaction, which was very difficult.

"You fucked her with that?" Margaery exclaimed in disbelief, losing her cool momentarily, before enquiring with genuine curiosity, "And she actually liked it?"

"Oh our Sansa is the biggest anal whore in all of the Seven Kingdoms." Arya boasted as she slapped Sansa's butt, "I mean, I've ass fucked a lot of whores, professional and otherwise, but I've never seen anyone cum harder with a cock in her ass than Sansa Stark. Mmmmm, but I've made plenty of other girls love it, and I guarantee I can make you cum from it."

Yet another pause, and then Margaery smirked, "Is this the part where I'm supposed to say, show me?"

"Erm, yes." Arya admitted, taken off guard, "How did you know?"

Margaery shrugged, for the first time since she entered the room feeling like her old self again, comfortable and in control, "Well, you did give the game away a little by admitting that you are trying to trap me, and I have to admit it's a decent trap. I confess I had little or no interest in incest prior to this, but the thought of you and my... our Sansa? That is very, very intriguing. And to see her take it up the arse? Now there's something I'd pay a high price for. But my own arse? I confess I am hesitant to give that up, even for the chance to have your sister again. So, prove your words true, and I shall consider it. Assuming of course, this is a negotiation, and not an order."

"I'm no rapist, of course this is a negotiation." Arya growled, deliberately letting the Tyrell know she had offended her.

"Excellent." Margaery beamed, before suggesting, "Can I also assume that Sansa shall need some warm up first? And can I please be involved in it?"

Arya scowled, "I thought I made it clear that if you wanted Sansa again, you would have to give me your arse."

"You did." Margaery quickly reassured, "But this would be further incentive for me to give you what you want. Think about it? I'm a starving woman crawling through the desert, and giving me the first sip of water for free out of the kindness of your heart, and as a sign of good faith, before I give you everything I have in order to get the rest. And believe me, my Lady, I am starving for just the slightest taste of Sansa Stark. Or to feel her tongue on my cunt once again. Which I am sure will succeed my memories of what it used to be. Perhaps even from the first lick I shall be begging to be yours, just so that last lick wouldn't be the last thing I received from her."

"Wow..." Arya murmured, "Sansa was right, your scary good at negotiations. Very well, one lick it is."

"Arya!" Sansa whined, unable to stop herself from stepping out of line, and then quickly softening her tone while continuing to protest, "My Lady, please have mercy. I am just as starving for Margaery as she is for me. Probably much, much more. Please allow us more than one lick. I shall need more than that to be prepared for you. And we could put on a show for you! And-"

"One lick for her." Arya interrupted and clarified, "I know just how addictive you are, and I'm confident that's it'll little take. But either way, I shall finish the job, then I will butt fuck you in front of her to prove just how much she shall enjoy it when I take her arse."

There was a brief pause, and then Margaery countered, "Please my Lady, I beg of you, may I have a lick for a lick? I have craved Sansa's taste more than any other, but I have also missed her tongue just as much. Perhaps I could be allowed to ride her face while you lick her cunt? I doubt anything would please her more, and it would certainly push me to give you what you wanted."

"Oh yes please, please can we do that!" Sansa's eyes lit up, and she begged as if she was a small child trying to get her way, completely forgetting her place, "Please Arya! Please, please, please?"

"I suppose." Arya sighed, before quickly clarifying, "But only because I think it would be fucking hot!"

"Oh Gods, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Sansa exclaimed.

"You want to thank me? Kiss me." Arya grinned playfully, before making it clear that it wasn't a joke, it was an order, "Kiss me in front of your precious Margaery. Show her just how much you love your sister."

For a brief moment Sansa hesitated, and even glanced nervously at Margaery. Which Arya supposed was understandable, they had never done anything in front of anyone else, and this was a highborn girl from a family which had been an enemy of theirs. And yes, it was someone that Sansa had loved. Maybe still loved. Although that last thing only made this even more irritating for Arya. However Sansa made up for it by cautiously standing up to her full height and stumbling towards her little sister like a nervous little deer taking it's first steps. Which was good enough for Arya, at least in terms of consent, so she quickly strolled over to her, making sure that when they kissed they would be doing it right in front of their guest.

Kissing was a lot easier when they were both lying down, but there was something to be said for doing it when they were both standing, as it meant Sansa either had to bend down, or in most cases like this one, Arya would reach up, grab that pretty red hair and pull her head downwards until their lips connected. Oh yes, Arya took what she wanted from her big sister, and even though this caused Sansa to let out a sharp cry she didn't hesitate this time. No, she kissed back right away like a good girl, opening her mouth and allowing Arya's tongue to have it's way with hers while the younger sister's hands travelled all over the older sister's body. Although admittedly, it wasn't long before she just grabbed two handfuls of Sansa's bum and kept squeezing and fondling it until the kiss was done.

Margaery was used to bending the truth for her benefit, and she had while negotiating with her hosts, but not by much. She still found incest repugnant as a general rule, but every rule had it's exceptions. Mostly in this case because nothing about Sansa Stark could ever be repugnant in her eyes, and while the thought of Sansa kissing another pretty girl made Margaery a little jealous it was also a turn on. Especially as the other Stark sister was of course beautiful, albeit in different ways. So to actually see the two ladies kissing was really quite enjoyable. And the fact that they were sisters? To Margaery's surprise she found that made it hotter. Of course it still made her jealous, especially as it had been so long since Margaery had kissed those pretty lips.

So once that kiss was done Margaery moved closer to the two other girls and softly pleaded, "I beg of you my Lady, may I please have a turn?"

Liking the fact that Margaery addressed her directly Arya smirked and then nodded, "Okay."

Which was all the encouragement Margaery needed to do the one thing above everything else she'd wanted to do since reaching the North, and certainly Winterfell, namely kiss Sansa Stark right on the mouth. To her delight as she turned to her beloved Sansa and smiled widely at her Sansa smiled back, the two of them leaning in at the same time and gently pressing their lips together. Although Sansa was so tall that she still had to lean downwards, which greatly amused Margaery. Which was quickly forgotten when she got what she wanted, and was instantly reminded of the difference between kissing out of obligation, or even simple lust, and kissing someone you actually loved.

Three times Margaery had been wed, and none of them had come close to giving her a kiss like this. Nor had any of her other lovers, for that matter. No, this kiss was sweet, loving, caring and even gentle initially, before Margaery's desire got the better of her and she pushed her tongue into Sansa's mouth, just like the younger Stark sister had done before. Was she tasting Sansa's sister's saliva on her lips and tongue? Almost definitely, which only made this more fun. Then all of a sudden Sansa was being pulled away from her and back into another kiss with Arya, while Margaery struggled to hide her annoyance. But then Arya pushed Sansa back into her arms, and Margaery realised what game they were playing, namely pass the parcel, with Sansa seemingly happy to be passed back and forth.

After several minutes of that Arya ordered, "Take off your clothes."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa whimpered, quickly doing as she was told.

Arya waited until her sister was naked before ordering their guest, "You too."

"I will, if you will." Margaery counter offered with a smile.

"Fine." Arya sighed reluctantly, even though she would have felt overdressed if she hadn't. So she removed her clothes the fastest of all of them, then enjoyed Margaery slowly removing her own, before ordering, "Well go on then, lick her."

Margaery took a few brief moments just to admire Sansa's body, before asking, "Can I play with her tits first? Just to prepare her a little? You must know the joy of it?"

"I do." Arya admitted, before grinning, "But trust me, Sansa has been ready for you since I told her that I would be arse fucking her in front of you. One way or another."

"I'm sure that's true, but-" Margaery began with a smile.

"No! We had a deal. Now are you going to honour it, or not?" Arya put her foot down.

"Of course my Lady" Margaery said apologetically.

"Shall I lay down on my back?" Sansa asked cautiously.

"Yes, whatever, just do it." Arya pushed.

Getting the permission she wanted Sansa jumped on the bed and spread her legs with a boldness that Margaery didn't think she was capable of. Well, she still blushed a little, but she kept her legs open, further proving that this wasn't the same nervous girl Margaery had seduced all those years ago. Which initially caused Margaery to smile as she crawled in between Sansa's legs, as one of the greatest pleasures in life was corrupting other girls, even if she was only partly responsible for Sansa's corruption. Something which Margaery savoured almost as much is the long slow lick she then gave to Sansa, the former Queen squeezing every precious moment out of it.

Sansa had spent many lonely and miserable nights dreaming of what it would be like to be touched by Margaery Tyrell again. In fact, with the exception of the last few weeks with Arya prior to Margaery's arrival at Winterfell Sansa spent most of her time pining for Margaery, so just kissing her again had been a wonderful dream come true. Of course Sansa would have preferred more than one lick to her Margaery starved cunt, but that just made the lick that she actually got that much more enjoyable, especially as of course Margaery squeezed it for everything it was worth, moving as slowly as possibly over her pussy and then lingering on her clit. Which was almost enough to make Sansa offer up more than a whimper of complaint that was all she was getting.

Margaery however had no such qualms, "Just one more lick? Please?"

Arya smirked, "Only if I can arse fuck you while doing it."

After genuinely considering this for a few long moments Margaery conceded, "Perhaps another time. But if I'm not going to do it, I would love to see Sansa get licked, before I sit on her face."

"I bet you would." Arya grinned.

"Please Arya. I need something. Please..." Sansa whimpered pathetically, before appealing to her sister's ego, "Show Margaery how to fuck me properly, and let me show her everything you've taught me."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Arya grinned after a few long moments of contemplation, then leaning down, "Pay close attention Tyrell, you might learn something."

By the time she was finished speaking Arya's mouth was practically pressed against Sansa's cunt already, the younger sister shooting the older one a playful smile before she gave her pussy a lick every bit as slow and skilled as the one that Margaery gave her. The main difference was that it was followed by another, and another, and another, at least after Arya gave Margaery a smile which Sansa couldn't decide whether it was meant to be playful or not, but it certainly ended up being cruel given the look on the face of their guest. At least it didn't remain that way for long, as Margaery quickly returned her attention to Sansa and gave her one of those wide wicked smiles which made Sansa's knees go weak. Or weaker, in this case given what Arya was doing to her.

Then they got even weaker as Margaery crawled up her body, briefly pressing a gentle kiss to Sansa's lips before straddling her face. Of course Margaery didn't just jump on her face like Arya sometimes did, and/or push herself so firmly down on Sansa's face that she was suffocating the poor girl, again like Arya. No, Margaery took her time, which was another kind of torture for Sansa, because what she was about to receive was the kind of heaven she couldn't have dreamt of. Namely a delicious pussy in her face for her to lick, while hers was being licked. More importantly this wasn't a pair of random whores. This was her first love Margaery Tyrell sitting on her face, and her sister Arya licking her cunt, making this moment truly special.

Just when Sansa didn't think she could love this any more, all of these women more, she was proven wonderfully wrong by Arya actually decreasing the force behind her licks and starting to completely ignore her clit. Admittedly this did feel like it should be a bad thing, but what made it good was that Arya was making it clear without saying a word that she wanted this to last longer, and so did Sansa. Actually she wanted this to last forever, because her memory could not even begin to do justice to just how good Margaery Tyrell tasted, and Arya preferred fucking Sansa with her fingers and her beloved toys so this was a real treat from her sister, and combined the rarest treat of all.

Margaery cried out perhaps louder and more high-pitched than ever before when she received the first lick from Sansa's tongue. Gods, how she had missed that sensation, and truly believed she would never feel it again. And it was even better than she remembered, as the lick was far more confident and knowing, even lingering on her clit for the perfect amount of time before being repeated without the attention to her clit. Just as Margaery wanted it, because it meant that they were settling down for a long, slow, drawn-out pussy licking. Margaery's favourite type to receive. Especially from Sansa Stark, the only person she had ever truly loved.

Sadly Margaery hadn't truly realise that until Sansa left Kings Landing, and the past few weeks had proven that she wasn't simply glorifying her memory, Sansa really was wonderful, and somehow even more beautiful than she remembered. And oh, how her skills as a pussy licker had grown. And not from simply fucking whores, or even other highborn women. No, Sansa had improved her pussy eating skills from going down on her own sister, something which Margaery knew she should find repulsive, but she just couldn't. Arya and Sansa Stark were just too beautiful, and fit together so perfectly, that she could only find it a turn on, especially as now one was going down on the other.

The only downside was that Margaery was unsure if she could fit into Sansa's life, as she had someone who was clearly very possessive of her. But then, Margaery Tyrell was not one to give up so easily, and if she could charm a complete psychopath like Joffrey Baratheon she should have no problem negotiating with Arya Stark. Case in point, she was currently sitting on Sansa's face because of her negotiation skills, and oh, was that a truly wonderful reward, Margaery becoming truly lost in the sensation of having Sansa gently lapping away at her cunt, and getting looked down between her legs to see pretty red hair and those pretty eyes staring up at her for what felt like hours.

One place Margaery tried to avoid looking was directly behind her, as she had specifically straddled Sansa facing away from where Arya was pleasuring her own sister. Not because she didn't want to see it, but because she did, just not as bad as Margaery wanted this to last, and she knew what kind of effect seeing another woman licking Sansa's pussy while Sansa was licking hers would have on her. Especially considering who that woman was. Of course ultimately she just couldn't resist, Margaery letting out an extra loud cry followed by a whimper as she saw Arya Stark in between Sansa Stark's legs and eagerly eating her pussy. After that, she just couldn't look away, which ultimately was her undoing.

Sansa was kind of glad she couldn't really see what was happening, but it didn't matter, because she could picture it vividly in her head. More importantly she could feel it, her limited sight making everything so much more intense. Sometimes she even closed her eyes to intensify it even more, or concentrate on what she was doing. Which she didn't necessarily like doing, as she had missed the view of Margaery Tyrell from between her legs, and closing her eyes could make things a bit too intense, and she too wanted this to last for as long as possible. Luckily these two women had given her plenty of practice about holding back her own desire so she could be rewarded later.

Although this of course, was a truly overwhelming pleasure, as while she had received the joy of a 69 with Margaery, and more recently with Arya, this was different. Arya and Margaery had it so much easier than she did, because while Arya was concentrating solely on teasing Sansa with her tongue Margaery was free to savour everything Sansa was doing to her, her only contributions to the proceedings being just how much the redhead enjoyed her sounds of enjoyment. Which was definitely helping, even if as time went on it was more like torture as Sansa craved more. However through it all Sansa needed to do her best to ignore what her sister was doing to her, or at least not get too overwhelmed by it, and concentrate on pleasuring her first love.

It was the most difficult thing Sansa had ever had to do, at least sexually, especially considering who these women were to her. And the fact that she couldn't really beg for more, even if she wanted to, and Gods did Sansa want too. She'd wanted to since the start if she was being honest, but things only grew more intense as Arya slowly increasing the attention to her clit, eventually just focusing on it with her lips and tongue which really made Sansa squirm. At least she got to do the same to Margaery, gradually building up the pace and trying to coax the other woman to start begging for more, giving her the excuse to make her first love cum, which would hopefully lead Arya to do the same.

Sure enough after what seemed like a wonderful eternity Margaery cried out, "More! Please Sansa, oh Gods, mmmmm, I need more! Yessssss, lick my clit just like that, ooooooh baby! Oh sweet girl, mmmmm, my dear sweet girl, make me cum! Ohhhhhhh yessssss, I want to cum in your sweet little mouth Sansa, oh please, please make me cum! Tongue fuck me, mmmmm, while your own sister tongue fucks you. You hear me Arya? I want you to make your sister cum at the same time she is making me cum! Oh yes, let us cum at the same time sweet girl, mmmmm, oh yes, yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddssssssssssss!"

Normally Sansa loved to hear Margaery's sweet words to her, but she just couldn't take it any more. So after only letting Margaery get out a few words she shoved her tongue as deep inside the older girl as it would go. As if she was psychic Arya did the exact same thing to her at the same time, giving Sansa the truly overwhelming sensation of cumming while making another girl cum. More accurately, she was making another girl cum, while a completely different girl was making her cum, that being her first love and her sister, and she had forgotten just how good Margaery's cum tasted, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, quickly robbing Sansa of her ability to think coherently.

Arya loved the taste of her big sister's cum more than anything in this world, and had become increasingly good at swallowing it. Not quite as good as Sansa, which spoke volumes about Margaery Tyrell's abilities as a muff muncher, something which despite herself Arya yearned to test for herself. And of course, she was jealous of what the Tyrell was receiving now, her own cunt aching with the need to feel Sansa's mouth on it again. However those things could wait for another time, because right now Arya was determined to concentrate on swallowing as much of her sister's delicious girl cum as she possibly could, and more importantly make Sansa cum as hard and as frequently as possible to solidify her ownership over her.

To her credit Arya was able to swallow most of her sister's cum during that first orgasm, but she wasn't quite as lucky with the second and third. Mostly because after the first was done Arya shoved her tongue as deep into Sansa's cunt as it would go and hammered it in and out of her for a few long minutes before she was able to send her older sister over the edge again, and at that point she had become so lost in the tongue fucking that she had lost sight of her main goal. After that there was just too much cum to swallow, and Sansa was shuddering and shaking against Arya's mouth, the younger of the two Starks cursing herself for not doing this more often and being embarrassing herself in front of their guest.

Logically Margaery was probably way too occupied with her own climaxes to be paying much attention to what Arya was doing, but a few times Arya opened her eyes to find Margaery staring at her with wicked glee as they shared their precious Sansa. Which admittedly increased Arya's enjoyment, and no doubt Margaery's too, but it also made the assassin insecure about her work, so she decided to switch focus from swallowing cum to just making Sansa cum as hard as possible. Which was easy, considering that unlike her dear sister Arya was in a position where it was easy for her to slip first one and then two fingers inside the girl she was pleasuring before wrapping her mouth around Sansa's clit and sucking it almost as hard as she was fucking her sister with those fingers. Things which always worked like a charm with her beloved sister, or any girl for that matter.

Arguably it worked a little too well, as Sansa came so hard Arya feared that she would pass out, which was unacceptable. At least before Arya fucked Sansa in the arse right in front of her precious Margaery and solidified who the beautiful redhead belong to once and for all. So Arya reluctantly bought Sansa down from her high, removed her fingers and sucked them clean, before pulling her sibling out from underneath Margaery so she could kiss her and feed Sansa her own juices. Which was frequent occurrence with the Stark sisters, only this time Arya was able to taste girl cum and pussy cream on Sansa's lips and tongue too. Margaery Tyrell's girl cum and pussy cream, which Arya couldn't deny enhanced her enjoyment, and caused her to become even more lost than usual in kissing her sister.

Which gave Margaery more than enough time to recover, and do something which enraged Arya and caused her to cry out angrily once she finally broke the kiss with Sansa, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?"

"Just admiring your collection of cocks." Margaery said, something she never thought she would utter, followed by another, "And contemplating what it would feel like to have one of them in my arse."

"Really?" Arya asked, intrigued.

"Yes, although I confess I still struggle to believe how it could be pleasurable." Margaery said dryly.

"I told you, Sansa loves it." Arya grinned wickedly, "Tell her Sansa."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa said softly to her sister before turning her attention to her first love, "I love it. I love it in the arse. It feels so good. Please Margaery, allow my sister to show you."

"Perhaps I will, in exchange for something..." Margaery smiled wickedly.

"What?" Arya asked suspiciously.

"Well, I've had so much fun sharing Sansa with you, why not do it properly?" Margaery suggested cryptically, before clarifying, "I assume you've heard of a DP before, yes?"

"Oh hells yeah, let's do that." Arya exclaimed eagerly.

"DP?" Sansa frowned in confusion.

"One of us uses one of these things on your cunt, and the other uses one on your arse." Margaery explained taking great pleasure in the blush and yet delight that crossed Sansa's face, before clarifying, "Specifically, your own sister in your cunt, and me in your arse."

"Hey! And what makes you think I would let you have Sansa's arse?" Arya growled.

"Because I would promise to give you mine afterwards." Margaery explained.

There was a brief pause and then Arya asked, "Have you ever arse fucked a girl before?"

"No, but I get the idea." Margaery answered truthfully, "And I trust you can guide me, if I make a mistake."

Another brief pause and then Arya pointed out, "Well, I did have my heart set on screwing Sansa's arse in front of you..."

"You can still do that." Margaery pointed out, before adding hopefully, "Show me how it's done, after I've warmed her arse up for you. Then save arse fucking me for tomorrow. Maybe?"

Yet another long pause, then Arya nodded her head, "Deal, but you better give up your arse tomorrow, or else there are going to be consequences."

"I understand." Margaery nodded.

"Good." Arya said, before turning to her big sister, "In that case, get off your lazy arse and strap some cocks to us. Mmmmm, and then suck them. Oh yes, get these big dicks nice and ready for your slutty little fuck holes."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa eagerly replied.

Sansa adored the way that Arya and Margaery talk to each other about her like she wasn't even there. Like she was just a series of holes to be used. Like a whore. Oh yes, Sansa had screamed joyfully that she was Arya's whore, and her sister had told her as much, but it wasn't until this wonderful night that Sansa truly became one. Oh yes, her lovers were negotiating over her holes and using her most private one as payment for Margaery's arse, The Lady Of Winterfell pimped out like a common whore, and used like one as two superior women shared her. Which was embarrassing and shameful, but Sansa had loved it so far, and she truly couldn't wait for her first of hopefully many DPs as she already knew she would love it.

Which of course motivated her to quickly retrieve two harnesses and help strap them around the waist of the superior women. Margaery and Arya positioned themselves standing just before the bed making this easier for her to both attach the cocks, and then go back and forth between them, taking each deep into her mouth in turn to make sure they were nice and wet for her fuck holes. Especially Margaery's cock, both because sucking it was a wonderful new experience for her, and because this cock was going deep into her arse. Which to be fair had been loosened up by her little sister eagerly using her arse on a daily basis, but no matter how much Arya fucked her back there lots of saliva always made it easier.

She also enjoyed Arya beginning to encourage her, first by gently stroking her long red locks and then telling Sansa, "Come on sister, don't embarrass me in front of our guest. Take that cock deep! Deeper! All the way down your throat you cock sucking whore! Mmmmm yes, that's better! Oh yeah, I love hearing you choke. I love hearing my big sister choking on my big dick! Yessssss, show your precious Margaery just how much you love my dick, mmmmm, and how much you love being my bitch. Now deep throat her. Show your first love what a great deep throating cock sucker I've turned you into. Oh yes, mmmmm, that's it, oh fuck! You see Margaery? You see what's become of your precious Sansa in your absence?"

"Yes." Margaery agreed with a wide smile, lovingly stroking Sansa's hair when it was her turn, "Oh yes sweet girl suck our cocks just like that. Get them nice and ready for your hot little fuck holes. Yes, good girl. Oh fuck. Suck it Sansa, suck my cock! Oh fuck! Oh yes! Ohhhhhhh Gooooodddddssssss!"

Surprisingly Arya continued providing most of the commentary, perhaps because Margaery was just a little too overwhelmed by everything that was happening, not that Sansa could blame her. Sansa was pretty overwhelmed too what with having two cocks to suck, as this was one thing that none of her tormentors subjected her too, but in this context it made her feel like a whore in a good way. Oh yes, Sansa adored this feeling, which was intensified when she wasn't just going back and forth between those cocks, but shoving them down her throat as far as they would go. Well, it took quite a while to get there, and she was violently choking and gagging when she did, but it was worth it to see the happy expressions on the faces of the superior women.

"Okay, that's good enough for a slut like you." Arya announced a few minutes after the deep throating had begun, swiftly moving to the centre of the bed and ordering, "Get your cunt on this cock, sister."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa quickly replied and did as she was told.

Even though her cunt was rarely fucked by Arya's cock Sansa was wet and ready for this by the time she was in position that she was able to slide herself all the way down in about a minute, moaning happily the entire time. She then continued moaning during the minutes she was permitted to ride the dick, especially as Arya pushed her fingers into her mouth, and then push one of them into Sansa's slutty little arse hole. It was then followed by another as Arya pulled her into a passionate kiss, that as always Sansa was only too happy to return, so much so that she actually forgot about the third woman in the room. At least until Margaery got down behind her and began gently kissing her neck and shoulders with her dick poking against the redhead's bottom.

"Shall we begin?" Margaery whispered more than a little impatiently against Sansa's ear, and loud enough for Arya to hear.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss Arya asked, "What do ya think sis, ready to be arse fucked by your precious Margaery?"

"Oh yes." Sansa whimpered desperately, looking over her shoulder at her first love and shamelessly pleading, "Please Lady Margaery, arse fuck me. Fuck my arse as my baby sister screws my cunt. Please? I want it. I want both of you inside me at the same time. It's all I want. Please, share me like a cheap whore. Oh please, ohhhhhh yesssssss, share me! Share me please, oh fuck! DP me! Oh yes! Oh Gods!"

Margaery grinned widely as she listened to Sansa Stark, The Lady Of Winterfell, beg for something so obscene, while already engaging in something so obscene, that grinned becoming even wider as Margaery grabbed a firm hold of her newly acquired cock and pressed it to Sansa's arse hole. Sadly that grin evaporated, along with her confidence, as she pushed forward, causing Sansa to cry out in pain. What was Margaery thinking? She couldn't really do this. It would hurt too much. But then, why would Sansa have begged for it so passionately if she didn't really want it? And why would she continue to do so? Surely this couldn't be a lie. It just couldn't be.

With a last quick prayer to the Gods Margaery shoved forwards hard enough to make the head of her cock slide into Sansa's shit hole, resulting in a much louder sound of pain and an end to the begging. But the fact that there was no begging for her to stop was telling, although to her shame Margaery might not have heard it, because she was so captivated by the sight of Sansa's most intimate hole wrapped around a dick that was protruding from her waist. Gods, Margaery had no idea why, but she found it so fucking hot, and watching the fake cock disappearing into Sansa's arse was even hotter, especially as the little slut started to whimper, gasp and even moan in what sounded like mostly pleasure.

Perhaps Margaery was just too lost in those sounds and the beautiful sight in front of her, but it sure seemed like her dick slid into Sansa's arse hole like a hot knife through butter. All of a sudden her thighs were rest against Sansa's arse cheeks, announcing that The Lady Of Winterfell had taken every single inch of that cock as deep as it could go into her bottom. Oh fuck, her sweet girl had taken all of her cock into her arse, at the same time Sansa's sister had a cock buried in her cunt, meaning they were officially double stuffing this wonderful girl that Margaery adored so much. Something she just had to gleefully acknowledge before beginning to sodomise her ally.

So Margaery leaned down so her boobs were pressing against Sansa's back and purred into her ear, "Every inch. Mmmmm, that's every inch of two big cocks inside you at once. Front and back. Main entrance, and forbidden passage. Pussy, and arse. Oh Sansa, we're taking you in both holes, including your shit hole, and your absolutely loving it. Aren't you?"

"Yes." Sansa whimpered, "I love it! I love your big cocks inside me. I love it, mmmmm, fuck me! Please Margaery, fuck me hard! DP me! Oh Gods!"

Only too happy to oblige Margaery straightened up, took a firm hold of Sansa's waist, and began pumping her hips back and forth, causing her weapon to slide in and out of Sansa's widely stretched shit hole and officially beginning the bumming. Bumming Sansa! That's what Margaery was doing. And Gods, the little slut was loving it. She'd known some men, like her brother, must like it because they continued giving and receiving it, and she even had some whores swear they did, but to actually see a highborn girl loving it was the hottest thing Margaery had ever seen. Especially as she was the main reason for it, given she was currently doing all the work, but she wasn't the only reason, and she had no doubt that Sansa's own sister would soon take a more active role in this.

Sansa didn't doubt it either, but she was bizarrely glad that Arya stayed still, because at the moment it felt like she would die from pleasure if her sister moved her cock even an inch. The fact that Arya spent the whole time either grinning wickedly up at her, feeling her up, or sometimes even kissing her lips and neck was bad enough. Or more accurately, so good that Sansa thought she would burst. Because wow, she had been expecting this to be good, and really looking forward to it, but wow. Even after months of being her little sister's bitch and redefining her understanding of pleasure Sansa was completely blown away by having her cunt and arse fucked at the same time.

The fact that this was Margaery Tyrell, Sansa's first love, was no doubt adding a lot to the experience, but there was no doubt in the redhead's mind this would be equally as wonderful if it was just about any other woman in her arse. Even Cersei Lannister would be thrilling. Probably deadly, but the humiliation she would make Sansa feel first would almost be worth it. But it wasn't her, a pretty stranger, or any other woman Sensa had seen or heard of. This was Margaery Tyrell, her first love, fucking her in the arse while her sister stuffed her cunt. This was Margaery Tyrell thrusting into her bum, and causing her pussy to be impaled on Arya's dick. This was Margaery Tyrell and Arya Stark inside Sansa Stark at the same time, and it was pure heaven.

Of course Arya had turned Sansa into a greedy little slut, and while she was initially content with a gentle double fucking she soon yearned for a rougher treatment. Partly so she could cum, but mostly Sansa just wanted her slutty little arse hole to be brutally pounded. To be brutally pounded by Margaery, down onto Arya's cock. And for her sister to fuck her cunt. Oh yes, Sansa wanted to be brutally pounded in her pussy and arse at the same time by the two women she loved. And most of all, she wanted them to enjoy it half as much as she did. Which was why she held back on begging for more like a well-trained bitch for as long as she possibly could, before ultimately it just became too much.

"Harder! Please fuck me harder!" Sansa literally wept with need, before crying out, moaning and even screaming, "Ohhhhhhh Gods, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Please Margaery, mmmmm, fuck me hard and make me cum! I need to cum! Please, please fuck my arse as hard as you can and make me cum like a whore with a cock in my arse. Your cock! And Arya's cock! Oh yes, ooooooh shit, I want to cum with my sister's cock in my cunt, and yours up my bum! Yesssssss, double fuck The Lady Of Winterfell like the whore she is! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, not, mmmmm, not that I'm The Real Lady Of Winterfell! Noooooo oooooooh, I'm just a fuck hole for The Real Lady Of Winterfell, my sister Arya, to use for her pleasure. Oh please Arya, my Lady, let me cum! I need to cum! Fuck me and make me cum! Yesssss, I want both of you to fuck me like the pathetic little whore I am! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, that's it, DP me hard, mmmmmm oooooooh, harder! Harder! Oh please harder, oh Gods, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddddsssssssssss yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!"

While Arya was a master of pushing Sansa to her limits, and even pass them, Margaery it seemed had no stomach for that kind of cruelty, and gave the redhead what she wanted almost surprisingly quickly. Maybe too quickly, although that thought was fleeting as all it took was a little increase from Margaery and a well-timed thrust from Arya to send Sansa crashing over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life. For a moment Sansa thought it was typical of Arya to steal Margaery's thunder like that, then she became completely incapable of coherent thought as those two wonderful women made her cum over and over again. Well, she'd have one more coherent thought, that being that she hoped they would do this again.

Arya had already decided they would, there would be no argument about that, even if it wasn't necessarily with Margaery. Oh yes, she still wasn't sure she cared for Margaery Tyrell, and could admit at least in this moment she found her threatening, if only for Sansa's affections, but sharing her big sister with another woman was surprisingly thrilling. Especially when it came to stuffing both of her fuck holes, as it allowed Arya to abuse Sansa in a way she just couldn't on her own. Plus it made Sansa cum harder than ever before. So there was that. Although it was also a little annoying, especially as Margaery was a big reason for making Sansa cum harder than Arya could do alone, but she couldn't concentrate on that now.

What really mattered in that moment was making Sansa cum as much as possible, and out lasting Margaery so Arya could show the Tyrell how to properly arse fuck an anal whore like Sansa Stark. Concentrating on the former Arya gave a few well timed thrusts to make sure the majority of Sansa's initial orgasms were caused by her. Although despite the patience that had been beaten into her Arya just couldn't keep that up for long, especially not after having held back this entire time, so it wasn't long before she was thrusting more regularly, then constantly, then with every ounce of her strength. Oh yes, for a few glorious minutes she and Margaery Tyrell were using every ounce of their strength to make sure Sansa's pussy and arse were both pounded as brutally as possible.

Unsurprisingly Margaery got so carried away that she kept up that brutal pounding until she had no strength left and collapsed down onto Sansa's back. Annoyingly she didn't have the decency to roll off, meaning that Arya had to flip them so she could take over the fucking. She then double fucked her big sister in that position for a few long minutes, just enough to make them both cum again, then flipped Sansa onto her stomach and shoved her cock up her sister's arse. Which of course caused Sansa to squeal happily, at least until Arya grabbed her long red hair, shoved her face into the bedding and started to literally wreck her rectum, the entire time keeping an eye on her rival for her sibling's affections.

Arya even pushed the issue by growling and pulling Sansa's head up by her hair, "Who owns this arse?"

"You do!" Sansa squealed shamelessly, "It's yours Arya, all yours!"

The only response that got from Margaery was a smile, although in her current state Arya was having a hard time detecting whether there was any annoyance or sorrow behind it, as all she could see was wicked delight and satisfaction. Of course she became too distracted by her own wicked delight and satisfaction to really concentrate on that fact, the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising her sister in front of another highborn girl resulting in perhaps the most powerful climaxes of Arya's life. Which were following pretty hard climaxes themselves, and Arya was just using so much energy that soon she ran out of steam. She was able to push herself more than ever before, but ultimately she collapsed down onto the sweaty body beneath her.

For a few long seconds Arya caught her breath, then she growled into Sansa's ear, "Who do you belong to, me or Margaery?"

"You." Sansa whimpered softly, then just in case that wasn't enough clarified, "I belong to you Arya, I'm yours."

"Then prove it in the normal way." Arya pushed.

"Yes my Lady." Sansa nodded her head and whimpered again.

Margaery resented Arya driving that particular point home, although she had to admit while it mostly made her jealous it was also kind of a turn on for her. There was just something so beautiful about one woman totally dominating another, and the fact that they were sisters, and one of them her beloved Sansa, made it extra wonderful. And then there were the things they did together. Unspeakable things. Things which were extremely kinky even for Margaery's exotic tastes, and what happened next was completely new to her. Namely Arya pulling her cock out of Sansa's arse, and then The Lady Of Winterfell, her sweet girl, her Sansa, got up, bent over and spread her cheeks, exposing her well fucked holes to Arya and Margaery, the former coming to sit next to the latter so they could both enjoy this sight.

"Good girl." Arya beamed, "Now tell your precious Margaery what you are."

Sansa gulped softly, and then obediently replied, "I'm my little sister's bitch. She is The True Lady Of Winterfell, not me."

"Look her in the eye." Arya pushed, before quickly clarifying, "Don't move, just look over your shoulder, and say it."

Again Sansa briefly hesitated out of embarrassment, and then looked over her shoulder at Margaery and with a blush told her, "I'm Arya's bitch. I belong to her, not you. I would do anything for her. Anything."

"Very, very good." Arya smirked wickedly, looked over at their guest and pondered, "Maybe when I'm done with you, you'll be this submissive to me."

"Perhaps." Margaery acknowledged the possibility nervously.

Turning her attention back to her sibling Arya called out, "Now get to cock cleaning, slut."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa quickly replied again.

Hearing those last words out of Arya's mouth made Margaery's eyes go wide. She had sucked her own pussy juices from both a real and fake cock before, but was her sweet girl really going to do it after those cocks had been up her arse? Perhaps it shouldn't have been a surprise at this point that the answer to that question was yes, but it was, the formerly sweet and innocent Sansa Stark kneeled down in front of her little sister and took Arya Stark's cock, a cock which had just been in her arse, into her mouth. She... she went ass to mouth, and she moaned! Her Sansa moaned from tasting her own bottom on her baby sister's dick. Oh Gods, what had happened to her sweet girl?

The simple answer to that was Arya Stark, who chuckled wickedly at her sister's actions and encouraged her, "Yeahhhhhh, that's it sister, suck my cock! Suck your little sister's big cock fresh from your arse you perverted little whore! Oh fuck yeah, suck it! Yessssss, mmmmm, my big sister looks so hot with a cock in your mouth. My cock! Mmmmm, your own sister's cock! But it's not just my cock you're going to clean, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, it's your precious Margaery's dick! Mmmmm fuck yeah, it's been up your arse too, meaning that you get to clean two cocks instead of one. Isn't that great? Aren't you a lucky little cock sucker? Oh yes you are, ooooooh shit, so suck our guest's cock too. Oh yes, suck it and take it deep! Oh yes! Deep down your throat! Deep throat it bitch! Oh Margaery, isn't Sansa a great little cock sucking whore?"

"Absolutely." Margaery said softly as she watched Sansa work.

As before Sansa eagerly obeyed her baby sister, pulling her mouth away from Arya's cock, turning her head and wrapping her lips around Margaery's dick. She even moaned, closed her eyes and clearly savoured the taste of her own bottom before beginning to slowly bob her head up and down, just like she had done for her dominant sister. The only difference was that Sansa looked up at Margaery with those pretty blue eyes of hers, clearly desperate for the kind of approval that Arya had so gleefully given. Unfortunately Margaery, who previously never found it hard to find the right words, found herself speechless through a combination of exhaustion and just amazement at how much of a shameless whore her once sweet girl had become under the guidance of her own sister.

Further proving this once she had taken Margaery's cock about halfway Sansa moved over to Arya's dick and took her a little deeper, beginning to move back and forth between them until she was deep throating the entire length of both those toys. Sansa then just continued sucking cock until she was told to stop, at which point Margaery firmly pulled her gaze away from the Stark sister that she loved to the Stark sister she was becoming increasingly afraid of, who was staring at her with a wicked grin on her face which made the Tyrell gulp. The look on Arya's face reminded her, like she needed it, that soon she would have to pay the price for sharing their bed, and more importantly Sansa's arse. Which was scary, but Margaery would do anything to be with Sansa again, especially like this.


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