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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 7, but deviates from canon after that.

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Game Of Thrones: The Lady Of Winterfell Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

"Tell them to leave." Arya whispered in her sister's ear.

Sansa blushed, and then tried to protest weakly, "Arya, I just have one more meeting and then it's lunch. Can't we-"

"No!" Arya shut her down, "Do it now."

Sansa gulped softly, took a calming breath and then announced, "Everyone, can I have your attention please. We're breaking for lunch now so I can have a private discussion with my sister about the North's future. So everyone out. And I mean everyone."

There were murmurings of disapproval and then one of the Lords tried to protest, "My Lady-"

"Now!" Sansa told him sternly.

"Yes my Lady." He replied, he and the rest of the Lord slowly making their way out of the room and closing the doors behind them.

"You two." Sansa sternly told the guards, unnecessarily explaining, "We wish to be alone."

"But stand outside the door and make sure nobody enters." Arya added.

Again the room echoed with, "Yes my Lady."

Once they were gone too Arya ordered, "Get out of my chair."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa blushed, her previous boldness forgotten as she rushed to do as she was told.

Arya smirked, slowly sat down on HER throne, looked her sister up and down and then ordered, "Remove your clothes. All of them."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa again blushed and quickly did as she was told.

Arya paused briefly for a few long seconds to admire her sister's body, even as she shivered in the poorly insulated Great Hall, and then ordered, "Come here."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa smiled shyly, truly liking this command.

Sansa then quickly close the distance between them, causing Arya to smirk as she sat on her lap and kissed her. Being so much bigger Sansa really had to bend down to kiss her sister almost regardless of the situation, although this angle was particularly difficult. On the plus side, the chair was designed for someone much bigger than tiny little Arya Stark that it was easy for Sansa to fit her knees and the lower part of her legs either side of her. In fact most chairs were, so this was practically routine for them at this point, and simply put it was Sansa sitting in the lap of her warrior woman and showing Arya her love. Although she had no doubt more would be required.

Proving her sibling right Arya slowly undid her top, pushed it aside to reveal her tits and then broke the kiss and ordered simply, "Suck."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa murmured softly with another little smile, before doing as she was told.

This really put a strain on Sansa's neck and back, but it was worth it to hear Arya crying out softly with pleasure. Also Arya's tits were much, much bigger than Sansa's, almost comically so considering the girls size, and while Sansa would have never of guess that she'd be like one of those lecherous men craving big boobs she found once she was gifted with a pair she really enjoyed them. Of course Margaery Tyrell had been her first woman, and she had truly, deeply loved her, so she spent a lot of time lusting over women with similar bodies, like even that bitch Myranda Royce. Thankfully nothing had happened with Myranda, or any other woman, so her second ever woman could be her sexy and ridiculously skilled sister Arya, who had the greatest tits Sansa had ever seen.

As much as she had adored Margaery's breasts they just couldn't measure up, and had been at least part of the reason Sansa had found it impossible to refuse Arya. That, and her little sister was a force of nature which she found impossible to denie, which was proving by exactly what they were doing now, Arya even gasping, moaning and whimpering much louder than she should have given their current location, and yet Sansa allowed her to get away with it because she just couldn't get enough of these tits. Or everything else that Arya eagerly gave to her. Now though, Sansa was very much focusing her attention on these big boobs, going back and forth between them and giving them the attention they deserved.

Which included swirling her tongue around each nipple, sucking on them, and even biting them. It wasn't a surprise that Arya would like that last one, but it did surprise Sansa just how hard her sister insisted on being bitten. Sometimes Sansa would even draw blood, and Arya would only seem to love it even more, but thankfully this was not one of these times, and Arya was content with Sansa mostly just sucking her big tits with increasing force for several long minutes. Then Arya reached down, undid her trousers and awkwardly pushed them down around her ankles, meaning that she had to lift them both up momentarily, which the tiny girl did with ease. That effortless display of strength was almost as big a turn on as what Sansa would be suspected to do next.

"Eat me." Arya growled.

"Yes my Lady." Sansa once again replied.

Arya had never liked being called that. In fact she had loathed it. She wasn't a Lady. She was a fighter. A warrior. And now, an assassin. But this was different. This was Sansa Stark, The Lady Of Winterfell, addressing her subserviently to solidify the roles of top and bottom within their new sexual relationship. Even implying that despite whatever other people might think, it was the younger Stark sister that was The True Lady Of Winterfell, and Sansa was just a pretender that Arya allowed to sit in her seat. Like a child playing pretend on their parent's throne, much to the amusement of that parent. And the truth wasn't far off. So yes, Arya would both accept and enjoy hearing that particular title from her sister's lips, at least in private.

Of course it was far from Arya's favourite thing that Sansa did with her lips, the brunette thought with a smirk as the redhead got down on her knees in front of her, in front of the throne, and then with doe-like eyes lowered her face in between Arya's parted thighs. Arya parted these thighs even more as Sansa approached, and did her best to remain silent as her big sister's tongue pressed against the bottom of her pussy and then slowly slid it all way up to the top. Arya had been trained to be silent when she had to be, and her teachers would probably be very disappointed in the high-pitched sound she made as Sansa began to lick her pussy. They would be even more disappointed as she continued making those sounds, and got louder when she gave Sansa permission to increase her attentions.

"More! Lick me more, harder, ah fuck!" Arya moaned, "Yesssssss, more, more, more, ah fuck! Yes sister, use your tongue! Use your tongue just like that! Oh shit!"

To be fair this wasn't really a problem, as by now the Lords would have likely been halfway to the kitchens by now, and there probably wasn't a guard on rotation that was allowed anywhere near them which hadn't heard them fuck at this point. However it seemed prudent release trying to pretend she wasn't having sex with her sister, or at least try and hide how often they did it, and for how long. Perhaps even part of Arya would have liked to be able to fuck in complete privacy, away from prying eyes. Sadly that wasn't possible for girls in their position, although at least they were too scary in their own way to questioned. No, they were left alone to their debauchery, something which Arya very much planned on enjoying this lunchbreak.

In the name of her old teachers she tried to keep it down, if only not to get out of practice, but it was always a task she found ultimately impossible. The mental high of having her big sister Sansa being the one doing this to her was just too much, and to her credit, Sansa had become quite the cunt muncher over the past few weeks. That was mostly down to Arya making sure she had plenty of practice, but Sansa proved eager to learn, and actually skilled in a way that was far beyond anything Arya had encountered before. Which was truly saying something, as even the most inexperienced women she had bedded had at least some idea of what to do when it came to eating pussy.

Sansa had been extremely nervous the first time she ate Arya's cunt, but it had been one of the best experiences of her life. To bring Arya such pleasure with her mouth had been wonderful after the little Alpha female had redefined her understanding of ecstasy, and somehow she'd tasted even better than Margaery Tyrell, and Sansa wouldn't have thought that was possible beforehand. And then there was getting her to cry out in pleasure. Oh, how Sansa had adored those sounds. She might not be getting as many of them as she wanted to initially, but she was confident that would change when she got the chance to really tongue her sister.

Over the past few weeks Sansa had learned that she had to wait for Arya's permission for just about anything when they were in bed together, but especially to make Arya cum. Sometimes Arya would forgive Sansa cumming without permission, as she knew her big sister was just a dumb slut who could easily get overwhelmed by just how good Arya was at fucking women, but she would not be rushed unless she wanted to be. If Arya wasn't in the mood for foreplay she would sit on Sansa's face, or give the appropriate order, but mostly her sister seem to prefer a long, drawn-out pussy licking, even if they were in public. Or perhaps it was especially when they were in public.

It might be the first time they were actually bold enough to fuck in this sacred chair after dismissing the Lords of the North, but Arya had been sliding her hand into Sansa's knickers while they ate together, and had even bent the taller girl over the banister over looking the courtyard, Sansa's own knickers in her mouth the only thing keeping her from alerting them in training below that above them the Stark sisters were engaging in very twisted sex. Although it was likely one or both of those times someone had seen them and realised the truth of the matter, but dismissed it as foolishness, and that they didn't want to know either way, so they didn't ask.

Those memories were enough to distract Sansa from her task somewhat, but a sharp tug to her hair was all it took to remind her of exactly what it was she was supposed to be doing. In fairness her tongue had been working of it's own accord to continue licking Arya's cunt, proof that at least Sansa's body remember the lessons from her beloved Margaery. Proving it was her mind too Sansa began gently brushing over Arya's clit with every other lick, and then when that only got her a positive response the redhead cautiously started licking the brunette's clit increasingly regularly, until it was every lick. Just like Margaery had liked it, Sansa thought sadly.

Arya almost scolded her sister with the increasing attention to her clit. Maybe even punish her for it. After all, she hadn't been given her permission to do so, and Arya really loved the idea of spanking Sansa while the mighty Lady of Winterfell was bent over her knee and Arya was still sitting in this chair. But Arya decided this wasn't disobedience, it was initiative, and she certainly didn't want to discourage that, as it was likely that House Stark would need it for the long winter to come. It would also be good just for pleasing Arya. Besides, as much as Arya wanted to sit on the throne all day with The Lady Of Winterfell eating her cunt, that just wasn't possible. Partly because they still had the Lords to deal with, but mostly because Arya just wasn't that patient.

While a certain amount of patience had been figuratively and literally beaten into her both by her unofficial and official teachers Arya still struggled with it, partly because she was alone, and partly because she had waited long enough to get the things she wanted. That was one of the best things about fucking Sansa. Whenever she truly wanted something, it would be hers. All she had to do was say the words. And sometimes not even that, as Sansa continued to show such wonderful initiative, like beginning to tease her entrance with her tongue and wrapping her mouth around her clit and gently sucking on it, particularly the latter almost making her cum on it's own.

Luckily while close it was never quite enough, which was enough to make Arya wonder if it was intentional or not. She'd been with plenty of girls who did it as a happy accident, or because they knew or correctly guessed what they'd liked to be done to them, but if she had to put money on it Arya would guess it would have something to do with Margaery Tyrell. She could have never imagined herself being envious of a dead woman, especially after everything she had seen, but Margaery Tyrell had been the first to taste Sansa's cunt. The first pussy Sansa had tasted. Been fingered by. Kissed. To just be Sansa's first woman. Those were honours which should have been Arya's by right, and now she'd never have revenge on her. Oh well, at least she was now receiving the benefits.

So much benefit that inevitably Arya cried out, "Ooooooooh Sansa, that's a good girl! Mmmmm, such a good girl. Lick me just like that, just like that, ohhhhhhhh fuck! Now fuck me, oh Gods, fuck my cunt! Tongue fuck me and make me cum you little bitch! Oh yes, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssssss, eat me! Eat my fucking cunt! Oh Sansa, sister ,aaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Probably because they were more in a public place than she genuinely wanted to please, albeit not by much, Sansa shoved her tongue into Arya's pussy pretty much the first chance she got. Arya was just about able to stop herself from cumming right away so she could enjoy the sensation of having her big sister's tongue inside her, but it wasn't that long before she went crashing over the edge of a wonderfully powerful climax. Which was of course followed by another and another and another as Sansa obediently continued tongue fucking her like the well-trained pussy pleaser she was. Oh yes, Arya was very much receiving the benefit of Margaery Tyrell training Sansa to be the rug muncher she was always meant to be.

Sansa certainly learn to love the taste of girl cum from Margaery, but she had no doubt that she would have loved Arya's cum even without that training. She would probably love any girl cum, as she was a sexual deviant, however Margaery had been her first woman, and of course Arya was her sister, meaning that she had more reason than most to love the taste. Of course at that moment she was focused on just why she loved the taste of her little sister's cum so much, or perhaps girl cum in general for that matter. Or even Margaery Tyrell. No, Sansa was completely focused on swallowing as much as of that precious liquid as she could.

Thanks to her previous training she was able to pull her tongue out of Arya's cunt and seal her mouth around it fast enough to swallow every precious drop of that first orgasm. She wasn't so lucky with the following orgasms, partly because there seemed to be more liquid to swallow, but mostly because Arya tightened the loose grip she had on the back of her head before she shoved Sansa's face as deep into her pussy as it would go. Shortly after that she began grinding against her face, and it was all over. Sansa knew from previous experience that all she could do was let the other woman use her face as a fuck pad. Which of course was something Arya particularly liked doing.

On the bright side all Sansa had to do was keep her mouth open and Arya's cum would be squirted directly down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. Not all of it, but still a good amount. And there was definitely something to be said for the feeling of her face being rubbed against an orgasming cunt. Mostly that it felt like Arya was officially marking her with her cum as her personal pussy pleaser, which greatly excited Sansa, as she desired that title more than any other. Most importantly of all, she was pleasing Arya, and that was what was important here. In the name of that she sacrificed being able to swallow some cum in favour of just constantly sticking out her tongue so Arya could bash her clit against it.

While both Stark sisters would no doubt love to do this forever they certainly didn't have the stamina, and more to the point they didn't have the time. The Lords Of The North may return at any time, and selfishly Sansa was hoping for some attention for her needy fuck holes. Although she had her suspicions which Arya would choose to play with, given their lack of time, and the fact that Arya hadn't left it alone, not once, since they started having sex. Sure enough the suspicion was confirmed, after Arya had given her a passionate kiss which had both sisters moaning happily as the younger one dominated the older one's lips and tongue with her own. Arya even took the time to lick Sansa's face a little, making them both giggle like little girls.

Then proving she wanted to do something very grown-up Arya ordered, "Bend over!"

"Yes my Lady." Sansa whimpered, turning around and bending over the table in front of her.

Arya licked her lips. Sure there was nothing in the Seven Kingdoms which could be more beautiful, or fuck-able, than the arse of Sansa Stark. She would happily die for that arse. Kill for it. Go to war over it. It was the greatest prize in the Seven Kingdoms, and it was hers. Hers to use however she wished, and both Stark sisters knew exactly what the other one wanted right now. Proving that true Arya stood up, retrieved her harness from one of the places she'd otherwise have a knife, attached it to herself and then sat back down on the throne, all while staring at that magnificent prize. Gods, Arya just wanted to take it right then, shove every inch into Sansa's shit hole in one hard thrust. But no, she couldn't be that cruel to her sister. First Sansa's arse hole needed to be prepared, and Arya knew just how to do it.

"Spread your cheeks." Arya ordered.

"Yes my Lady." Sansa replied softly, reaching back and slowly pulling those arse cheeks of hers as wide apart as possible.

This time Arya smirked, before leaning forward and spitting on to her target. It landed higher than she meant it too, but then she got the pleasure of watching it sliding down Sansa's arse crack before she leaned forward and rubbed it into her big sister's bum hole with her tongue. Arya repeated this process a few times before leaning forward even further so instead of just licking up and down she could easily swirl her tongue around it, and even force her tongue inside it. While it wasn't a surprise Arya was able to slide the full length of her tongue into Sansa's arse and then start tongue fucking it Arya still smirked triumphantly, as it was a testament to just how relentlessly she had been sodomising Sansa over the past few weeks.

Nevertheless when she replaced her tongue with a finger moments later Sansa did let out a cry which was hardly of pure pleasure. It was enough to briefly make Arya consider stealing some butter from the kitchens or something so this kind of thing would be easier. But no, using strictly spit seemed nastier, and it only seemed to take a short amount of time for Sansa's arse to fully relax and remember its main purpose was to be a fuck hole for her little sister. Besides, Arya had no other easy access to another liquid, and there was no way that Sansa was leaving this chamber, or she'd allow the Lords to returned to it, without her big sister receiving a thorough arse wrecking.

Actually there was another liquid available to her, one which made Arya feel stupid for not thinking of it before, and with a wicked grin she removed her index finger from Sansa's arse and slid the rest of her fingers over her big sister's pussy. After that it was only the middle finger which joined the first finger in Sansa's bum, but it was worth it to hear the loud moan it forced out of the beautiful redhead. Of course as much as Arya loved the feeling of her own sister's most private hole wrapped around her fingers it wasn't enough. No, she wanted to stretch Sansa's arse wide and deep, and for that she would need her cock. And she wanted it now, so Arya briefly spat onto her free hand and rubbed that saliva onto her dick so Sansa wouldn't have to give her a blow job. Well, at least not before the bumming.

Arya pulled her fingers out, quickly sucked them clean, and then ordered, "Sansa, lower your arse down on my cock. I want you to ride me? Do you know what that means?"

"Yes my Lady." Sansa blushed.

"Your precious Margaery tell you all about it?" Arya glared, suspecting she already knew the answer.

"Yes my Lady." Sansa whimpered.

"Well do it then, and don't you dare take your hands off your cheeks." Arya commanded, "Mmmmm yeah, I want to get the best possible look of your bottom hole taking my cock."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa whimpered and blushed again.

Sansa then did as she was told, slowly spreading her arse cheeks before beginning to lower herself downwards. Fortunately her dear sister helped her by holding the cock firmly in place so it was easier for Sansa to lower her butt hole onto it. If only it was that easy. No, being a marksman was Arya's thing, not Sansa's, so she missed quite a few times, each time more embarrassing than the last. But Sansa was a good anal whore, and kept trying until she got it right, and was rewarded with the wonderfully twisted yet satisfying feeling of her forbidden hole beginning to stretch for her baby sister's dick. Which of course, caused Sansa to cry out with mostly joy. Because sure, it hurt, but it was worth it for the pleasure to come. Also Sansa was so broken, or just such a natural anal whore, that she actually enjoyed that pain.

It was something that Sansa got to savour as she very slowly lowered herself the rest of the way down the cock, which was relatively easy once she actually achieved the penetration. True, not quite as easy as just lying there and allowing Arya to have her way with her, but Sansa found that she liked it. She liked working for her pleasure, and she certainly liked having to try hard to please her sister, the woman who now owned her mind, body and soul. Besides, to actually have to impale her own arse hole was a whole new level of humiliation, especially considering it was on a cock strapped around her little sister's waist, while Arya's cum was drying on her face, in the middle of the Great Hall while Arya sat in what had been their father's chair. And many other family members before him.

When she suffered humiliation at the hands of Joffrey and Ramsay it was impossible for Sansa to imagine that she would ever enjoy such a thing, but it was somehow different when Arya humiliated her. Or more accurately, it was different now to when they had been children and Arya had humiliated her. Back then it was childish pranks, which Arya often took too far, but even they weren't as damaging to Sansa's sanity as what she was doing now. Arya was not only humiliating her, but training her to like it. And Sansa was letting her. Sansa truly believed that if she asked Arya to stop she would, but she didn't. Because it felt good, and that this was what she was truly meant to be, Arya's bitch.

Over and over again Arya reminded Sansa of that fact, both with words and the things that she did, each one making it more true. And yet through it all Sansa never doubted that Arya loved her, and would stop if she asked. Maybe that was the difference? Or maybe it was because Arya was a girl? Or even her sister? Whatever the case it didn't really matter now, all that mattered was getting every single inch of that big dick up her backside, and then anally riding her sister's cock like the good little anal whore until they both came in the middle of this public place, where she would go back to listening to the squabbling Lords of Winterfell with an incredibly sore yet satisfied arse hole.

Arya had never seen anything more beautiful than her big sister's spreading her cheeks and offering up her most intimate hole as a sacrifice to their mutual pleasure. The forbidden little hole which was now Arya's favourite fuck hole. True, there were a lot of sights just as beautiful, like watching her mighty weapon disappearing into the perfect little sheath for it, and the moment it bullied it's way past Sansa's defences and gained access to her sister's secret passage, and of course when thighs came to rest against butt cheeks, announcing every inch of her cock was buried up her big sister's bum. Arya particularly like that last one, although not just for the sight, but the feeling of her sister now sitting on her lap, and what that meant.

Rubbing that in Arya wrapped her arms around Sansa, giggled sadistically, and teased her, "Every inch! Every single inch! Mmmmm fuck, every single inch of my big dick is up your arse now sis! Oh yeah, I'm sitting in my rightful place as The True Lady Of Winterfell, sitting on father's throne, our ancestors throne, and you're right where you belong too. Ohhhhh yes, sitting on my lap with every single inch of my big hard dick up your bum! That's your rightful place sis. Isn't it?"

"Oh yes my Lady, this is my rightful place." Sansa whimpered.

Arya chuckled with delight, kissed Sansa's back a few times, then pushed, "And?"

"And... you're The True Lady Of Winterfell?" Sansa nervously guessed.

"Yes." Arya agreed, "And?"

"I'm your bitch?" Sansa guessed again.

"That too." Arya chuckled, pressing one more kiss on Sansa's back, before finally letting her sister know what she wanted, "And what do I want now? What do you want? What do we want?"

"For me to ride your big hard dick." Sansa smiled in relief, "Oh please Arya, my Lady, let me ride your big hard girl dick. Please? I want it so bad."

"Do it." Arya growled lustfully before Sansa could get going, "I want to see you ride it."

"Yes my Lady." Sansa whimpered happily.

Once Arya removed her hands from her sister it was a few long seconds before Sansa found the strength to obey, and then just as Arya was beginning to become annoyed The Lady Of Winterfell whimpered softly, and then slowly started lifting herself up. When half of the cock was out of her arse Sansa slowly pushed herself back down all the way, and then repeated the process, officially starting the sodomy. Oh yes, Sansa was sodomising herself on Arya's cock, which made Arya smile with a wicked satisfaction, leaning back and bringing her hand which had been playing with Sansa's pussy up to her mouth to lazily suck it clean. Only when it was clean did she realise Sansa was disobeying an order, and needed to be punished.

"Hey, did I say you could let go of your cheeks?" Arya growled.

Sansa went pale, immediately stopping the bouncing, "No."

Actually becoming angry Arya then questioned, "Did I tell you to stop?"

"No." Sansa replied weakly.

"Then why did you?" Arya snapped, delivering half a dozen blows to Sansa's arse cheeks, causing the older girl to cry out loudly in pain. Then she pushed, "Well then, spread your cheeks and start bouncing. Mmmmm, yeahhhhh, bounce that arse on my cock. Unless of course, you really do want this to stop?"

"No! Gods no, please!" Sansa whimpered, "Please Arya, anything but that."

"Then bounce bitch." Arya insisted, before chuckling, "Yeahhhhhh, that's better, spread those cheeks. Spread 'em just like that, ohhhhhh fuck yes, that's it, bounce that slutty little arse on my cock! Oh fuck yeah, ride it you anal whore!"

The younger sister continued laughing with delight in providing commentary as the older one once again spread her cheeks and started bouncing up and down, Sansa giving Arya the perfect view of that cock pumping in and out of her back door, which had quickly become something Arya lived for. Something that both the Stark sisters lived for given how hard and frequently anal sex made them cum, and the clear thrill they both got out of it. For Sansa that thrill was purely submissive, while for Arya it was true dominance. At least usually, but this was different. For this Sansa had a little bit of control, and it took Arya a while to decide whether she liked it or not.

On the one hand it couldn't quite compare to having Sansa on all fours taking it like a bitch for Arya. Or like one Wolf takes another. For that Arya was in total control, and it reinforced the idea that she'd made her big sister her bitch. But on the other hand, that last point was kind of true now, as Sansa was bouncing her bum up and down to please Arya. This was Arya's idea, and while it might seem otherwise she was still in total control, and Sansa was just a puppet on a string. Besides, this way Sansa was constantly violating her most intimate hole, proving just how much she loved this twisted act. How much she loved Arya. And the fact that she was doing this here, while Arya was sitting in this seat, made it perfect.

Sansa didn't think this was perfect. It was close, but not quite, simply because she wasn't cumming yet. Sure, there was definitely something to be said for the act of anal sex, and if they were back in the relative safety of her chambers she would welcome a nice long drawn-out butt fucking, even if the need to cum became torturous. However they were doing this more publicly than ever before, all but confirming the recent rumours about them, and Sansa wasn't sure how she felt about that. So she just wanted to cum so she could call the Lords back in here and they could all pretend like she wasn't fucking her sister. Also, if she was being honest, Sansa just wanted to cum so badly.

Which was why she started whimpering, "Please, Arya, make me cum! I need to cum! Oh Gods! Harder! Fuck me in the arse and make me cum!"

For only the Gods know how long Sansa whimpered some combination of those words in various different orders, eventually adding more as time went on. Of course it didn't matter, because this was exactly what Arya wanted. She wanted the whole of the Seven Kingdoms to know that she owned her sister's bottom and was constantly using it for her pleasure. Besides, Arya lived to watch Sansa's shit hole stretching for her strap on cock, and right now Sansa was providing her with a perfect view of it, so why would she bring this to an end? Other than to cum herself of course, and as Arya had previously proven, she could resist that urge for an infuriatingly long time, with this time being no different.

"Arya! Mmmmm, oh my Lady Arya, make me cum! Please make your sister cum!" Sansa whimpered, desperately trying to think what her sister would want to hear, "Fuck my arse and make me cum! Bum me! Mmmmm, bum me hard like the whore I am! Ohhhhhhh fuck, oh Gods, I need to cum! I need to cum like a whore with a cock up my arse! My sister's cock! Fuck me sister! Bugger me in father's chair. Oh please Arya, my Lady, make me cum! Or let me do it! Please? I need to cum I need to cum I need to cum on your cock, oooooooh Gods, mmmmmm shit, yes fuck me! Harder! OH FUCK! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Just when Sansa began thinking they would be doing this all day, and maybe even all night, and slowly coming around to that idea, Arya suddenly stood up and pushed firmly on Sansa's back. There was no warning before this, Arya just did it, causing Sansa to cry out with surprise, let go of her cheeks and use her hands to stop herself from banging her head against the table. As she didn't have permission for that Sansa briefly froze wondering what to do, waiting for Arya to get upset and punish her for it. Only she didn't. In fact, she did the exact opposite, namely making her cum. Which as always, was embarrassingly easy for her little sister.

Thankfully Arya did give her a few long seconds to get used to this new position before the younger sister started to sodomise the older sister, gently at first, but quickly picking up the pace until the dominant warrior was pounding into her submissive little anal whore, making that anal whore cum. Which began almost instantly after Sansa started receiving a harder pace then she had been giving herself, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until she could no longer think coherently, and just squealed in delight. As was normal now her last coherent thought was that maybe everyone knowing she was Arya's bitch wouldn't be that bad. And she was such a lucky bottom for having a top of Arya's calibre.

Arya in turn felt lucky for having a complete and total bottom of her sister's calibre. She'd fucked a lot of women, mostly whores, which all felt like they were preparation for this perfect little bottom who could take everything she had to give her and love it. Oh yes, and Sansa's arse cheeks had just the perfect amount of jiggle in them as Arya's thighs crashed against them over and over again, the sound of flesh on flesh the sweetest music to Arya's ears. That, and of course Sansa's squeals of pleasure. Then there was the sheer joy of knowing she was doing this to her big sister, in such an intimate place for their family. It made it almost perfect.

One thing which did disappoint Arya a little was that she had meant to make Sansa cum first while sitting on the throne of Winterfell. Their ancestor's throne. Their father's throne. Which would have been kind of perfect, and cathartic, considering the first time she'd fucked her sister's arse it had been in their parent's bed. Then again Arya was determined that there would be many more opportunities like this, and buggering Sansa while she was bent over the table which sat in front of that throne would be definitely good enough for her. It was certainly more than enough to make them both cum, hard and frequently, especially her darling sister.

That was partly because Arya had become an expert at holding back her climaxes so she could lengthen the incredible satisfaction of pounding an anal whore's arse for as long as she could, and make that whore cum as much as possible. Not necessarily for the whore's benefit, as the mental high of making another girl cum so hard and frequently was it's own reward. Especially if it resulted in the whore giving the money back, which had happened to Arya more than a few times. However this was her precious big sister Sansa Stark, one of the few people she loved, and perhaps even the person she was in love with, so of course making her cum hard and frequently meant so much more than any other girl she had ever fucked.

Which actually made it harder for Arya to hold back, but she was getting better at it, and perhaps this time was even a record. Although it was hard to tell, as one moment Arya wasn't cumming and the next minute she was, and it was hard to think of anything after that. Oh yes, Arya truly became the wild animal on her family's crest, a savage Wolf pounding into her submissive mate, that little bitch Sansa taking everything her Alpha had to give her like the perfect little anal loving bottom she was. As result both Stark sisters lost track of the amount of orgasms they had before they collapse down onto the table in front of them, Arya slowly sliding off her sister's back and onto the throne of Winterfell, where she was greeted by one of her favourite sights in the entire world, namely Sansa's shit hole when it was freshly gaped.

"Spread your cheeks for me bitch!" Arya ordered with a smirk on her face, "Show that pretty little gape."

Sansa whimpered pathetically, but immediately did as she was told like the well-trained bitch she had become, reaching back to grab hold of her arse cheeks and slowly pulling apart to show off just how open her most private hole now was. Not that she ever needed to do this for Arya to see her gape. No, Arya was far too good a rectum wrecker for that. This was more about making Sansa humiliate herself for her sister's pleasure by exposing just what a wonderful job Arya had done at destroying her forbidden hole. Which of course filled Sansa with submissive delight, which lasted throughout the long seconds she was made to expose herself, and then even more for what followed.

"Good girl." Arya grinned wickedly, before chuckling, "Oh Sansa, your arse hole always does look so good when it's gaped."

"Thank you, my Lady." Sansa whimpered, "It's yours to gape."

"Damn right it is!" Arya nodded with another smirk, "Now get down on your knees and suck my cock."

"Yes, my Lady." Sansa said submissively, doing as she was told.

She was so exhausted that without thinking she allowed herself to just slip off the table, smashing her knees against the stone floor hard enough to make her yelp. However she had more or less turned her body around in the process, meaning that Sansa's mouth was pretty much directly in front of Arya's cock, and the desire for her own arse cream and the burning need to please her sister allowed her to ignore the pain and do her job. Namely wrap her lips around the head of that cock and taste her own backside, moaning loudly in the process. Which of course made Arya chuckle with delight and then provide her usual brand of encouragement.

"Mmmmm yesssssss, suck my cock sis! Suck it real good!" Arya gleefully encouraged as she stroked Sansa's long red hair, "Yeahhhhh, take it deep down your throat. Ohhhhhh fuck, that's so hot. Yes, get every drop! Get every drop of your own arse cream you filthy whore! Oooooooh yes, I could never get tired of this. Sansa Stark, The Lady Of Winterfell, the most powerful woman in the North, and my dear sister, on her knees in front of me and greedily cleaning every drop of her arse cream like the filthy little submissive whore I trained her to be. Gods San, you've never looked prettier. Oh yeah, so pretty when you're on your knees, sucking my cock and taking it deep down your throat. Yeah, take it cock sucker, take it all."

It wasn't easy or quick, but Sansa did. Of course one of the reasons it was quick was because she was savouring that twisted flavour. Well, that and she knew it was what her sister liked, which was always the most important thing. But slowly and surely Sansa began bobbing her head up and down the dick until she was sliding it into her throat just to get more of that arse juicy she had quickly grown to crave. There was a time Sansa would have never thought she'd take it all, but Arya had her practising every time they had sex, which was nearly every free moment that either one of them had, and it was almost always like this, when the dick was fresh from her bottom to provide her with more encouragement to complete her task.

Just as Sansa finally reached the base there was knocking on the door and a guard called, "My Lady?"

"Go away, we're busy with important matters." Arya called out dismissively.

The guard hesitated, then he cautiously spoke again, "It's your brother my Lady. He's waiting for you in the courtyard."

That was enough to get the Stark sisters attention. They gave each other a look, and then quickly got dressed and headed for the courtyard. If Jon was back so soon the news was unlikely to be good, and after everything they had gone through they were fearing the worst. Only it wasn't Jon, it was Brandan, their long thought dead younger brother. Seeing him again filled their hearts with joy, and despite the fact everyone was watching they just couldn't resist running up and hugging him, although he didn't really hug back, and when they pulled back and looked into his eyes he seemed to have a faraway stare which was really quite unnerving.

"Brandan?" Sansa questioned softly.

"I know." Brandan said softly, seemingly coming out of his own head and back to them.

Somewhat relieved by that Arya asked, "Know what?"

"How we can win the battle between the living and the dead." Brandan said softly.


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