I do not own the Starks or any other characters from Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm just borrowing them...

Game Of Thrones: The Lady And Her Man Part 2 (FF)
by LL

This story is a fusion between the Game of Thrones and it's original source material in A Song of Ice and Fire, so if you don't recognise some of the minor characters from TV its probably because they're from the books. The slant I put on it is mine...

* * *

She was in the middle of a cold, dark wood on a lumpy earthen floor, on the run from Cersei, but it was the best night's sleep Sansa had ever had. Even as the dawn came up she could have remained snuggled under the fur blanket for evermore, the strong arms of Brienne of Tarth draped across her, holding her and keeping her safe. But the older woman, had other probably the more sensible idea, and as sun began to filter over the trees and provide light to see she got up, pushing away the blankets.

"We need to move on," Brienne said and then blushed as Sansa sat up and stretched, showing her plump bosom to the other as the blanket fell away. "You should put your dress back on and we'll break our fast, but then we need to go."

"Yes Brienne," Sansa said obediently. She stood up and the rest of the furs fell away. Brienne was standing a few feet away, already pulling some trousers up and over her woman's weapon. Sansa could see her eyes move to the redhead, gazing at her nude body, slender and sexy with luscious tits and a round arse that other women would have killed to own. Brienne reddened a little as Sansa smiled at her, but didn't move her gaze. Sansa was glad, she was no longer a maiden, not since last night and she wanted Brienne to admire her in her naked glory. She turned slowly away, bending over to pick up her small clothes and making sure her rump wiggled as she did, before pulling it down over. The dress followed and she turned back to Brienne who was still topless, her woman's weapon not quiet covered. "I'm ready."

They ate in silence; not through any fault of Sansa, but because as soon as Brienne had made sure the younger woman was seated on a rock nibbling her cheese and hard bread, the warrior had gone over to the horse and began to saddle it up, breaking her fast as she did it. Sansa watched her, in admiration, Brienne was so far from a woman as it was possible to be, strong, skilled, brave, but she still remained one in body - the best of both worlds to Sansa. Soon they were ready to move, again and Brienne wordlessly helped Sansa up on, her hands staying on the redhead's rump for longer than was strictly necessary, before heaving herself up and behind. The older woman whipped the reigns and the horse began to walk forward, guiding itself through the bracken with the lightest touch of its rider.

Sansa leaned back into Brienne, feeling both the woman's bosom under her shirt and the solid muscle of her chest and arms. She was just wondering whether to broach the subject of the last night when Brienne spoke, "What you said last night about me being your man? Did you mean it?"

"Yes, I want you to be my man. I mean I'm not stupid, I know it can't last, soon you'll get me home to my mother and Robb and they'll marry me to some lord. But they won't be the man you are, not so brave or kind or courteous or so..." she struggled to find the words, " good at making my ladybits feel happpy." it was a lame ending, albeit true.

"You didn't mind? What I did with my woman's weapon? You were a maiden," Brienne sounded nervous, which surprised Sansa and also made her feel both happy and sad; sad that she was making the woman feel like that, happy that Brienne cared enough to be anxious of her feelings.

She snuggled back against Brienne, nestling herself in the rider's crook, "I was a maiden and now I'm not. But I always had the fantasy about it being taken by a perfect gentle knight and that was you, even if you haven't said the vows."

"I want to be your man, as long as you'll have me," said Brienne and Sansa could feel her smile and relax. "I always had my fantasy as well, about a well-born lady who liked me for what I am, a man in a woman's body."

"I do," giggled Sansa. "Stop here."

Brienne obediently reigned the horse in and Sansa slipped off it, walking over to a spongy bit of mossy ground a few feet away. The older woman remained on the horse watching and frowning in puzzlement, "Is there something wrong?"

"Dismount," Sansa said. Brienne did as she was asked tying the reign to a nearby branch before walking across to the redhead. As she neared Sansa dropped to her knees on the soft ground. She looked up at a surprised Brienne with a smile and began to quickly unlace her trousers.

"What are you doing?" Brienne asked.

"Being your woman of course," giggled Sansa, pulling down the trousers so that the woman's weapon was free.

"Oh," said Brienne in even greater surprise as the redhead's lips began to kiss the wooden shaft, her tongue gently going out to lick around it.

"Jeyne said she saw Robb having his weapon done by one of the kitchen wenches, she said he seemed to be enjoying it. I thought you would as well," Sansa smiled up and then ran her tongue all the way around the smooth wood, giving it an extra polish. She looked up again, "You can tell me if you don't."

She put lots of longing and anticipation into her gaze at the other, she so wanted Brienne to like what they did and relax, so that they could be a man and woman together. Brienne gulped nervously and then smiled, "Yes, go ahead."

The redhead resumed, kissing the cock from end to end and then letting her tongue swipe round it. She knew there was no feeling in the weapon, but she was sure Brienne was enjoying it all the same, in her mind if not her body. Sansa certainly was, it felt right to be on her knees in front of her man, kissing and licking his weapon, cleaning it with her mouth. It was probably taboo and the thing so good lady talked about, but she imagined many did in the privacy of their own chambers. She paused to look upwards, smiling sensually. Brienne looked down at her, her face creased in lust and pleasure, showing she was enjoying the activity even if there was no physical stimulation.

"Let me see what I can do next," smiled Sansa. Her mouth opened and she took the weapon within, rolling her lips over it and scraping her teeth across the polished wood.

"By the seven," moaned Brienne, her hands grasping Sansa's shoulders. Her grip was firm and hard, but not brutal, using it to stay upright as if without the redhead for balance she would fall backwards. Sansa began to jerk her head harder and faster up the weapon, driving it towards her throat so that Brienne would wobble. The short haired woman remained upright, but it was an effort Sansa could tell, the fingers grasping hard at her shoulders. She looked upwards as she bounded to and fro, showing her love in her eyes. Brienne smiled back down, she wasn't pretty, but when she smiled to Sansa she was more beautiful than anything, a woman and a man wrapped in one perfect body. The redhead went harder, determined to give Brienne the best mouth-work that she could imagine.

And then Brienne started to react against and with her, slowly jerking her hips and arse so that she was pushing the weapon into Sansa. The redhead blanched a little, gasping back and taking in a breath. above her Brienne looked worried, but Sansa was quick to put her at her ease, "That's good, keep on doing that in my mouth."

Down she went again, finding herself able to take more and go deeper; and when Brienne started to thrust again she was prepared and timed her own bobs and jumps to match her lovers. Soon they were moving in tandem, the sex as passionate as the night before, except with different holes. Sansa was pleased to see how far down she could take the dick, almost into her throat before her eyes began to water and she risked gagging. Several times she tried to push herself past that point so that she could suck all her 'man's' weapon, but she couldn't manage it.

Perhaps Brienne realised her disappointment, as she said, "That's good, you're doing well, no need to go all the way."

Sansa nodded, pushing her head further down the shaft and letting Brienne get it further, filling the redhead's mouth with the polished wood. They worked together in perfection, moving in tandem like jugglers passing skittles to each in other. Sansa relaxed and went forward and back, enjoying the feel of the woman's weapon inside her, loving the fact that it was attached to Brienne. She looked up and kept her eyes on Brienne's face, the older woman looking down at her with an expression which suggested she couldn't quiet believe her own luck. If that was how she felt Sansa felt the same, it was fortune indeed to have been found by Brienne; another knight might have saved her, but none could love her like the short-haired woman could.

The redhead found herself taking more of the dick. It rode past her gag reflex and even as she choked and snorted, her eyes widening and watering, she was able to control it and still keep it in her mouth. She went forward and back, polishing the dick like it was a family heirloom. Her ladybits were flaming with excitement and she was sure she would burn if they weren't pleasured soon.

She pushed her head back, her red hair whipping over her shoulder. "Take me Brienne, take me as your woman."

Even as she spoke Sansa was moving onto her hands and knees, pulling up her dress and reaching for her smallclothes, pulling them up and away from her sex. That was uncovered for Brienne's pleasure. She could feel the spring of moss beneath her as Brienne stepped forward and feel the older woman's strong hands on her waist, pushing up the dress and smallclothes further so they were halfway up her back and her ladybits were fully exposed. With one hand Brienne reached down and stroked the soft flesh, slipping over the lips and brushing up to the special spot that made Sansa squirm when it was touched.

"I want you Sansa," Brienne said, "I want you so much."

"I'm yours my love," the redhead replied, "Use your woman's weapon and take me to the heavens."

The older woman continued to play with the young redhead's nether regions, stroking it and slowly starting to ease the lips apart so that a finger could enter the crack. She rubbed at the top of the succulent flesh, teasing and tickling at the inside of the hole. Sansa moaned and shuddered, trembling at the touch. Her breath seemed to come in fits and starts, all out of rhythm, slow one second and fast the next. Her ladybits warmed and wettened and Brienne pushed her finger further in, exploring and opening the hole, turning and twisting the digit so it scraped against every bit of the sodden walls.

"Ooohh," Sansa moaned, "That is lovely, my Lady, but more..."

Brienne slid her finger round for a moment more before she withdrew it, keeping it outside the slit and joining it with another to ease the hole between them. Then Sansa felt the push of the woman's weapon, sliding forward and entering her. She moaned, as the pleasure she had felt last night was returned. The wooden dick slipped further forward, opening her tunnel. The walls clamped around it as it moved and Sansa could hear the slurp and feel the pressure. Brienne's hand returned to the younger woman's hip, holding her gently as she went in, "How's this?"

"Oooohh, yes, please good Ser, take me all the way, I want to be filled by your weapon," Sansa moaned.

Brienne went forward further, thrusting the weapon deeper into Sansa, making the redhead buck and moan. The pleasure was intense, burning, she had never felt anything like it, except perhaps the night before; but even then she wasn't sure that this was better. Then she had been nervous and unsure whether Brienne would enter her and if she did whether she would enjoy it or not. Now Sansa was relaxed and happy, knowing Brienne could make her feel things she'd never felt and that ease seemed to make those sensations even more powerful, "Oooohh, oooohh, urrrrhhh, take me, I'm your woman, take me all the way."

Brienne gripped the redhead's waist and drove the dick in as far as she could. Sansa squealed and squeaked in ecstasy and the warrior went even faster and harder, going at the younger woman like she was in a joust. Sansa didn't complain, she loved it - feeling Brienne thighs pounding at her, the woman's strong hands holding her in place and her flat, muscular stomach curving over the Stark girl's rump. She could hear Brienne panting in her ear, grunting like she was in battle, exerting herself for Sansa's pleasure. The moss underneath them was so soft and springy that it was like being on a bed, except for the slight smell of nature mixing with the scent of sweat and lust.

"You still alright?" Brienne asked as she continued to pump.

"Ooohh, yessss, you're taking me so good, you're making me feel like a woman," Sansa gasped back.

Brienne went harder and made Sansa feel even more womanly, her body bucking and rocking as she fell to the throes of a deep passion. Her mouth opened and she let out a most unladylike scream; she hardly cared - all that mattered was the weapon inside her and Brienne holding her tight as she drove the phallus in with all her might. The dick rammed deeper and Sansa cried out again, her back arching and red hair spraying around like fire. She worked herself back, impaling herself on the big dick and smacking at Brienne's muscular legs. The warrior held her tighter and moved with her, thrusting all the time until Sansa had to scream again, "AAAarrrghhh, yessss, yessss, aaaarrggghhh."

Small animals scurried away in fear, birds flapped to another tree and Brienne drove harder. Sansa's ladyhole was burning with pleasure, an agony of ecstasy that made her shriek and call out. She was glad no-one could witness her cries and gasps, hear her loudly celebrating her pleasure; but then she wouldn't have minded if other could hear as they would know her lover was more a man than any man could be, and she was a woman. She screamed again, pleasure tearing her; love and sex was complex and confusing, but she was so happy to be learning with Brienne, even the contradictions were making sense.

"AAAarrrrghhh," the pleasure was the most powerful she had ever felt, it was like the Doom of Valyria, except more explosive, a volcano erupting within her, "Aaaaaaarghh."

There was a slurp as Brienne pulled the dick out and the panting warrior finally fell backwards, lying on the mossy ground. Sansa pulled her gown and small clothes back down, covering her soaked and hot hole, before leaning over Brienne's weapon and starting to lick it.

"What are you doing?" Brienne asked, raising herself on her elbows.

"Cleaning my man's weapon," giggled Sansa and slid her tongue around the wood. It tasted differently from before and it took her a moment to realise that the flavour was her. It didn't taste bad and so she continued to lick and kiss the device which had given her so much joy until it was clean.

* * *

They made love again that night, under the stars and blankets, then once more the next morn and when they stopped for something to eat, they ended up doing it again. In fact for the next week as they travelled through the woods, they made love every day, often several times. It was the most magical time of Sansa's life, she had no fear of any hunters, knowing Brienne would protect her and the warrior was both a skilled hunter and forager, so that even as the bread and cheese ran out they had roast hare with berries and fruit.

But like many a pleasant interlude it was just a pause on the way to reality and they hit that reality on the tenth day as they rode past some trees and could see the unkempt fields and broken villages before them. "We're well into the Riverlands now," said Brienne, "we should be safe from Cersei's men."

"What's caused this?" Sansa looked aghast at the remains of a small hamlet, now just bricks and fallen in roofs without a sign of life.

"Broken men, all too probably or normal bandits," Brienne said, "War emboldens them and not all men see the weak as something to protect."

"You do," said Sansa and snuggled backwards.

"Yes, my lady," said Brienne, lightly kissing Sansa on the back of her neck, "You don't need to worry."

But Sansa noticed she loosened her sword and as she rode she kept one hand on it, with her eyes constantly looking about her. They weren't stopped - the only time it looked like they might be was when a few men with scythes stepped out from behind a bush, but they came no further when they saw Brienne's hand reach for her sword. Still when they were out of sight they stopped and the warrior put back on her armour. Sansa still rode with her, but it was less comfy to nestle against her and after a while the horse began to slow, so Brienne got off and walked, leading it along as Sansa rode side-saddle.

It was coming close to dusk when they found a small town, scarily more than a village. A few guards in a livery Brienne didn't recognise stood beside a gate which was obviously new; scorch marks on the wall suggested why it had been replaced. They checked the two women, and though they stared at Brienne, they made no attempt to impede her after they decided she was neither a bandit, a broken-man or the vanguard of a Lannister host. Inside the town was quiet, though there a few stalls still open despite being eve.

"Is there an inn, where we can stay the night?" Brienne asked a pox-faced man.

He mentioned one, giving her directions which seemed overly complicated and which turned out to be not wholly accurate. However they found it before dark, and if the man had not steered them well, at least he had recommended an inn which was more than a flea-pit, indeed it verged on respectability - at least for a town of this size. Brienne tipped the stable boy a couple of pennies to brush and feed the horse before leading Sansa inside.

There were few customers and those there were stared. They must look a pair thought Sansa, her in gown and robe, worn by constant wear in the outdoors and Brienne a giant of a woman in man's armour. She blushed, but Brienne was both made of sterner stuff and having people look at her like she was freak; also her money was as good as anyones and if they muttered under their breath they still took it.

She walked over to the innkeeper, "You have rooms." She opened her purse and pulled out a number of coins and he nodded quickly. "I'd like the best one you have for me... and my sister."

Sansa frowned, she knew that was what Brienne had called her when she'd been looking for her, but when you saw them together they were so obviously unrelated. The innkeeper recognised it as well, "There seems to be a lot of sisters with sisters nowadays, what with so many of the men going to the war and not coming back. We had a couple of 'em get married in the church a few days back; not a proper wedding mind, but they still bought some wine for the guests." He shrugged, "As sisters you don't mind sharing a room."

Brienne still didn't seem to realise he'd twigged they weren't siblings as she nodded and continued with the obvious lie, "That will be fine. We used to share a bed when we were younger." As there must have been close to twelve years between them it was also patently untrue.

The innkeeper however just looked at the coins and shrugged, "We got one with a tub next to it, you want hot water?" Brienne nodded and Sansa was relieved, she wanted two things from the night, Brienne to make love to her again and a bath, and she wasn't sure she didn't want the bath as much (or at least it was a close second). The innkeep nodded, "I'll have my girls bring it up for you, you want to eat here or I can bring some up to your room, that'll be extra mind."

Brienne nodded, "That all sounds good. How much?"

He quoted an exorbitant price that would have bought a small pony, though Brienne haggled him down to three and half groats, which was still expensive, but at least, given the wartime shortages, was vaguely reasonable. Brienne agreed to pay half up front and the rest in the morning, the innkeeper shrugging and agreeing. He must have been confident that they'd find a solution because even as the bargaining was going on he'd been ordering his serving girls to start filling the tub and to put some food on the platters to take up.

Everything agreed, he slid the key across the counter and said, "Third floor, door at end is the bedroom, one next to it has the tub. Key opens both."

Brienne past the key to Sansa, "I want to check the boy has stabled the horse properly, sister. You should go up the stairs and I'll be there soon."

Sansa did so; the food was ready as she arrived and she ate it with gusto. Licking away the crumbs from her fingers, a little guiltily at the lack of decorum, but telling herself no-one could see, Sansa put Brienne's food on the table and waited for her 'man' to return. The door opened and in stepped Brienne, smiling happily, just as the serving girl called that the tub was full.

Sansa was torn between wanting to be polite and stay with Brienne to make conversation whilst she ate and hitting warm water. Politeness won, but Brienne grinned, "I can eat alone Sansa, why don't you get in the tub whilst it is warm?"

"You'll join me?" Sansa said.

"Of course," Brienne smiled back.

To make sure she did Sansa derobed in front of her, making sure her lover saw all of her seductive body, before she opened the side door and went to the tub. It was easily large enough for two, high enough off the floor that there were some steps that you climbed to the lid and once in the water was up to her bosom. Sansa quickly washed herself, feeling down below and making sure it was still shaven (even in the woods she had been religious about keeping her ladybits hairless for Brienne).

The door opened and in walked Brienne, unlike Sansa she was still dressed. However that didn't last long as she pulled off her top, exposing her solid body and small, but perfectly formed, breasts to the redhead's lustful look. She kicked off her boots and undid her trousers, her woman's weapon sprang free. Sansa's gaze became even lascivious as she stared at the large toy which swung between Brienne's legs as she climbed into the tub and next to Sansa.

"Let me clean you," the redhead said.

The older woman smiled and nodded, leaning back against the wooden sides as Sansa moved in front of her. The younger woman's hands slid over her, feeling the muscular biceps and hard chest, the firm handful of bosom and the strong sides. Down she went, her palms massaging as much as cleaning until she was on Brienne's thighs, slipping over them and round the thick legs, so butch and strong. One hand slipped over the weapon and she began to rub it up and down, smiling as she did.

Brienne smiled back, her own eyes looking at Sansa's naked boobs as they bounced and jiggled in front of her, the young woman deliberately making sure she was flaunting them. The water swirled around them as Sansa's hands moved up and down, cleaning the weapon like it had never been cleaned before. Brienne lay back and relaxed, letting the redhead handle her weapon with increasing skill, the young Stark working it up and down and pushing the end at her pussy. With her other hand Sansa continued to wash her lover, rubbing away the grime and sweat, and massaging the firm flesh. Her ladyhole was tingling with excitement as she cleaned and she knew she'd have to do something about it.

Daringly she took the lead, moving to straddle herself over Brienne's legs, facing the older woman, her plump bosom brushing at Brienne's smaller and harder pair. For a moment Brienne looked surprised at ending on the bottom, but she smiled, sure that nothing had really changed, as she was still the one with the weapon. Sansa smiled back, leaning forward to kiss her lover gently as she rose herself up and reached for the wooden dick. This time as she lowered herself it went into her, spreading her hole open in the most pleasant way imaginable.

"MMMNnn," she moaned in appreciation as she went down and then up, before coming down again. Brienne's hands moved to her waist, holding her and encouraging her at the same time. The redhead continued to move up and down the woman's weapon, feeling it fill every inch of her secret hole and bring her joy that she had never felt before Brienne. She placed her hands on the older woman's shoulders, using them as a lever as she went for it, moving quicker and harder. "Oooohhh, this is good."

The water splashed around them, ripples and eddies rippling around them, waves and tides splashing at the wooden side and pouring over it as Sansa rammed herself down with a passion, acting like a rock thrown into a pool. She kept her gaze on Brienne, the woman wasn't beautiful like Sansa, but she was rugged and butch, with a handsomeness that Sansa found more appealing than any pretty young lady. The older woman was smiling and grinning at her, her own hips starting to move as she shoved the shaft into the redhead's hole.

"Oh Sansa, you're so wonderful," Brienne groaned, "I could fuck you forever."

"Why don't you, my love. Make hard brutal love to me. Fill my hole with your shaft," Sansa replied, moving herself faster. It felt good to be in control, it felt even better knowing that Brienne was letting her lead and that with one twist the older woman could have turned positions and be the one on top pounding down. She upped her pace, driving herself down the weapon, her hands gripping Brienne's shoulder so tight that the digits went white, though Brienne probably hardly felt the grip. The weapon rammed all the way in, again and again, the inside of Sansa's thighs smacking at the top of Brienne's muscular ones. She gasped again as the pleasure surged through her, "Ooohhh, aaarrggghhh."

Brienne gave a grin and pounded up, her hard thrusts matching Sansa's blow for blow, the two of them coming together like two knights colliding at a gallop. Unlike the knights Sansa was neither falling nor was she in competition. Her body arched and bent, falling away from Brienne's and then bucking so that she was forward and covering her, leaning her chin on her lover's shoulder and pressing her tits at the other woman's. Brienne was taking more of the lead now, even if Sansa remained on top, as the younger woman tired and ached with the effort she was pounding harder and faster, ramming the weapon into the waiting sheath. Sansa moaned and grunted, her hands scratching down the top of Brienne's back. "UUurrhh, make me joyful, oooohhh yessss, Brienne, that's so good, make me yours, hard, ohhhh yessss, harder..."

The dick pounded up and in, stretching and pleasuring her ladyhole at the same time. Sansa knew she was wet, even if in the water, it was hard to tell where the dampness from the bathing ended and the soaking from her ladyhole being pleasured began. She rode as quick as she could, now content for Brienne to take the lead and fill her. The older woman's hands went down to her rump, grasping and kneading it like dough as she hammered the other side.

"AAarrrghhh," Sansa screamed in joy, not caring who heard and whether they thought they were sisters or not, "AAarrrghh, yeesssss."

Brienne grunted and hammered up, her weapon repeatedly penetrating deep into its target. The water was cooling from its previous heat, and if it wasn't cold as the forest streams they'd been bathing in, it was still chillier than a bath should be. Brienne seemed to think the same as she slowed to a halt, though leaving the cock still in the redhead as Sansa slid down it. She reached up and wiped a strand of red hair from the younger woman's face, "Shall we stop and get out?"

"You haven't finished making love for me for the night?" Sansa teased.

"Oh no," Brienne grinned back. Her hands shifted down again so that they were under the redhead's arse, gripping the cheeks from below, "I should have said should we get out."

"Yiiiikkkessss," Sansa gave a shriek as without warning Brienne stood, lifting her bodily up. For a moment her feet kicked in panic before she realised that Brienne was still holding her firmly and had not intention of letting go; still Sansa grasped her lover extra tight hugging her close. For a few more moments Brienne stood in the tub, letting both Sansa calm down and get used to being airborne and the mass of the water to fall away from them, until there were just a few drips trickling down. She then stood over the tub edge, her feet finding the steps. Sansa held tighter, feeling her boobs crushing at Brienne's, the woman's weapon - still encased in its sheath - wiggling and moving pleasurably.

"You alright?" asked Brienne as they reached the floor.

"Yes," Sansa nibbled her lip nervously and nodded. It was scary, but fun; no normal woman could hold her like Brienne was - they wouldn't have the strength. It made her excited to be reminded how strong and butch her lover was. And there was something else - a trust. It might be scary and nerve-wracking be carried by Brienne like this, her feet useless hanging and her only control her own weak arms, which wouldn't be enough to hold her if Brienne let go. But she knew the older woman wouldn't, that she would hold Sansa and keep her safe.

The weapon was still in Sansa as Brienne pushed aside the door to the bedroom with her shoulder and carried her in. The Stark had expected Brienne to immediately lay her on the bed and follow on top of her, but again she had forgotten the strength and stamina of her lover.

"Ready to carry on?" Brienne asked.

"Like this?" asked Sansa surprised.

"I won't let you go," this time it was Brienne's turn to add a tease to her voice; something that made Sansa smile. Brienne had become more confident as they'd become lovers longer, not so serious and humourless, but more like she was confident in who she was.

Sansa wondered how much of that was down to her or whether just being with another woman coaxed her out. She hoped it was more the former, but she would never ask and would therefore never know. She in turn smiled back at Brienne, "I trust you, make me yours.... ooooohhh."

The weapon rammed in, Brienne's knees bending and her hip jerking as she began to thrust in and out. Sansa wrapped herself tighter to other woman, her legs squeezing the strong waist and her hands gripped on Brienne's back. Her head rested against Brienne's shoulder, her ear so close to the other woman's mouth that she could feel the warm air exhaling on her ear as Brienne pounded and panted, "Urhh, urrhhh, urrhh."

Their naked bodies crushed together, still wet from the bath and soon slick with sweat and other liquids from more intimate holes. Sansa gasped and squealed, every thrust was pleasure, her ladyhole humming with it as it was stretched and pounded by the large cock. It might have been fake, but Sansa couldn't imagine that even a real one would feel as good; and no man could have held her so tightly and lovingly, or they
certainly couldn't have pressed their bosom at hers so she could feel the hardness of the nipples. "Oooohh," she groaned, "OOOhhhhh."

"You're still alright?" Brienne asked, not stopping her pounding. She could have easily not have asked, that she did was one of the things Sansa loved about her, the fact she couldn't answer as the older woman slammed her silly was another. "I can stop whenever you want." Sansa still was unable to do more than gasp and squeal, but she squeezed Brienne tighter and kicked her heels and the other's back as if she was a horse. Brienne laughed and went faster, driving the weapon far into the wet hole. Sansa screamed again.

The wooden floor creaked under them and Brienne slightly shifted to find a spot which was quieter. The cock moved and wriggled as she did so and Sansa felt herself being lifted by a pleasure so intense it was like a fire. She cried out, her body falling backwards and her hands leaving Brienne's back. The other woman held her arse tight, keeping her safe and up. Sansa let herself fall further, confident in Brienne's strength. Her head went backwards so she was seeing the world upside down, her long hair almost brushing on the floor. And still Brienne hammered her, slamming the wooden weapon in and out of the slick slot, leaving it soaking wet and burning hot. Sansa screamed in pleasure, her cries reverberating around the small room and her arms reaching out like she was flying. The weapon rammed her hole harder and faster and for a moment she really did feel like she was levitating. "AArrrrrghhh, yesssss," she shrieked, "Aaaaarrrggghhhh."

Brienne was panting louder now, grunting with exertion as she both held and slammed the redhead. She moved again, this time towards the bed and Sansa felt herself being laid on it. Brienne continued on, lying on top of her and continuing to slam in, her small tits bouncing at Sansa's larger pair. The redhead cried out again, her hands clawing back at Brienne, holding her lover closer. "Oh yesss, aaaarrghhh."

The bed rocked under their passionate love making, small clouds of dust forming from where it was smacking the wall. Without needing to hold Sansa in position Brienne was going even faster and harder, each thrust like a blow in the training ring, as if Sansa was the dummy and Brienne the fighter. The redhead loved it, shrieking and squealing loudly as the pleasure magnified within her. "AAArrrggghhh, yessss, yeesssss."

All things must end, good and bad, and with a pop Brienne pulled the soaking weapon out of her lover and fell panting on the bed. Sansa rolled against her, "You were so good my lady, you made me whole."

"You do the same for me," Brienne said, her arm cradling the younger woman's head, her fingers curling round to trawl through her hair. "I have something to tell you."

"What?" Sansa looked up and smiled, though Brienne's face was sad and serious.

"This must be our last night," she said.

Sansa sat bolt upright, whatever she had been expecting it had not been that, "What? Why? Have I displeased you?"

"No, never," Brienne sat up and cupped her face, stroking her chin, "You never could." She paused as if wondering what to say, "It is good news," she began though her tone suggested that any news which would lead to the end of her and Sansa couldn't be that good and Sansa agreed. "The stable boy, he told me where your mother and brother are. They're less than a day ahead of us, we should catch them on the morrow."

"On the morrow," Sansa forced a smiled, "Well then let me make this night a special one." She started to slip down Brienne's body kissing it until she found the weapon, her mouth opening so she could push it down on her lover's sweetest spot.

She hardly heard Brienne's words as the older woman continued, "They're going to a wedding, your uncle Edmure, at the Twins...ooohhhh, Sansa, suck my cock."

* * *

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