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This story is a fusion between the Game of Thrones and it's original source material in A Song of Ice and Fire, so if you don't recognise some of the minor characters from TV its probably because they're from the books. The slant I put on it is mine...

Game Of Thrones: The Lady And Her Man (FF)
by LL

Brienne of Tarth instantly recognised Sansa Stark. The young woman was two days out from Kings Landing and it was a miracle she'd made it this far. She might have made a small amount of effort to disguise herself, wearing a cheap patched cloak, stained and more fourth hand than second. But you could still see the expensive gown underneath it and the cloak's hood didn't cover the glint of her deep red hair. This wouldn't have mattered but that even as Brienne was entering the tavern some of Cersei's men were getting up from their table and moving towards the redhead, intent on taking a closer look.

One of them glanced Brienne's way, but he saw her as freak; a tall woman with short hair and wearing the armour of a man. He didn't see her as a threat - which was his mistake. The sword made a scraping sound as Brienne pulled it from its scabbard. The man still saw her as a joke and he smirked, making no move for his own weapon but standing between her and the table Sansa was sitting at. The redhead was looking at Brienne and then at the approaching men and then at the bar and a window across the way - all the time giving the impression of a rabbit trapped by hounds and unable to think of a way to escape.

"The girl is my sister," Brienne lied. She had used the same words in a dozen taverns since she'd left Kings Landing, hours behind the fleeing Sansa. Now she saw the beautiful girl they sounded hollow.

"You don't look alike," spat the man in front of her.

"You ain't no wolf cub, I heard of you Brienne," one of his friends said turning. This one was smarter his hand was on the pommel and his sword was half drawn. "They say you're a woman who wants to be a man."

"She's my sister and I'd kindly insist you do not go nearer her," Brienne repeated. The lie sounded no more convincing this time, but Sansa was looking at her with hope in her pretty eyes; she really was attractive and Brienne cursed the fact she was born in a woman's body. Even in a man's she'd have been lucky to get a catch as a high-born as the eldest Stark girl, but at least she would have had a chance. "Move back."

The second man went for her, drawing his sword and swinging high. Brienne might be big, but she was fast and she easily avoided his wild blows, bringing her own weapon down in a slash that took away half his shoulder. The other two men had their swords out now, but they lasted little longer and within a dozen heartbeats the floor was slick with blood, the rattling death moans of the dying men and the sobbing hysterics of the barmaids, as the tavern owner called helplessly for them to stop.

"My lady, come," Brienne took Sansa my the arm helping her up, "I was sent by your Mother."

"I didn't poison Joffrey, Littefinger abandoned me," Sansa was half in shock, Brienne suspected that it was the truth. The redhead was supposed to be a gentle soul, full of tales of gallantry and true love - she wasn't someone who'd poison the King, even if he had spurned her for another woman.

She repeated her words and this time Sansa stood, allowing herself to be led by Brienne to the stable. Others were also leaving the tavern and Brienne wished she had barred the door and warned everyone to stay inside or feel the sharpness of her blade (not that she would have done), but it was too late now. She helped Sansa on the to the horse, luckily the young woman seemed to be recovering her wits and recognised that this was no time for talk. Brienne was up behind her, driving the horse down the road.

That was too dangerous for long and after half a mile, she found a stream and followed it, her horse clipping through the water until they were deep in the woods. Eventually sure they were deep in Brienne dismounted and then helped Sansa down, her strong hands holding the redhead's slender waist. She was exactly the type Brienne liked, but she forced herself to put her lust to bed; Sansa was a lady not a camp-follower who'd do anything for a couple of copper stars. "We'll have to go through the forest; it won't be comfortable and it'll take us longer than the road, but it'll be much less dangerous."

Sansa nodded, "Thank you for saving me," she smiled. It was a pretty smile. "I feel safe with you."

Brienne blushed, but then she always had blushed easily. She led the younger woman and the horse deeper into the woods. Behind her Sansa began to converse as if they were out for a stroll, not running from the vengeful Queen in the middle of a civil war.

They carried on through the day, stopping briefly for some cheese and bread from Brienne's saddlebags at lunch and then continuing to later afternoon. As Brienne didn't want to lose her sense of direction by travelling in the dark they stopped in a small clearing, the sound of a small waterfall could be heard through the trees. Brienne tied up the horse and got out some more of the bread and cheese, Sansa ate it gratefully and without complaint. She might have been a lady more used to stately tours than treks through the wilderness, but she was bearing up well - never complaining and keeping up with her courtesies, making Brienne feel like she was a knight for perhaps the first time since Renly had died. She wiped her head, it was covered with dirt and sweat - Sansa must think she was a mess. "I'm going to the pool to wash," she said, deciding on a whim, "Will you be alright?"

"I'll be fine here for anon," Sansa replied.

Brienne nodded and headed to the pool. Once through the trees she removed her armour and underclothes, before slipping into the water. It was chilly and she began to clean herself.

* * *

Sansa had thought she would be alright on her own. It was miles from anywhere and there was no way Cersei could find her here. But faced with being on her own, it was more scary than she thought. A wolf howled nearer than she liked and the trees creaked and rustled as if they were alive. After a few minutes she decided she'd had enough, she hoped Brienne wouldn't mind if Sansa appeared on the bank. She hadn't said she wanted privacy, though she hadn't invited the redhead either.

Sansa pushed through the undergrowth and then stopped near it's edge, her breath momentarily taken away. Brienne was there in the water - her back to Sansa and she was naked. Sansa knelt, hiding so she could watch. She had always liked seeing naked women - though you didn't see them much, sometimes a washerwoman at a camp bathing or a whore looking out a window as she passed in the street. But Brienne was something else - they called her the beauty - it was meant mockingly, but to Sansa the big woman was so sexy, with her firm muscular bottom and toned legs. As often happened when she thought of women her lady bits began to feel strange and excited and she rubbed at them under her gown, feeling the cloth massaging over her hole. She breathed deeply and excitedly as she watched.

Then Brienne turned and Sansa almost cried out, it was only iron self-control which kept it to a barely audible squeak. Her tits were small, especially on such a tall woman, but very firm and sexy and her stomach was toned and smooth. It was what was between her legs that made Sansa so hot she was almost faint. Strapped on was, what Sansa thought, was a woman's weapon. Her friend, Jeyne - who was very knowing in these types of things - had described it to her as something that women who couldn't get men used on other women, like a man's thing, except it was made from a wood from the Summer Isles. It was about ten inches long and thick and Sansa couldn't imagine it going into her tight lady hole, except she could and her nether regions frizzed with excitement. She watched as Brienne cleaned it gently, without removing it. It made Sansa even more excited and just a little bit daring.

She stood up and parted the bushes...

* * *

Brienne almost jumped as Sansa appeared, especially as she was cleaning her woman's weapon. She wore it all the time, it made her feel more manly than even the armour and the sword. She saw Sansa glance at it, the well-brought up girl managing to hide her surprise and distaste behind a polite smile. Brienne started for the bank, "Is there anything wrong?"

The redhead shook her head, "No. It's just I've been travelling for days and I'm dirty. I thought I'd bathe."

"It's cold," warned Brienne. She didn't think Sansa would like the chill, she was a girl who'd been brought up with servants pouring heated water into the tub as she washed to keep it the right temperature. But Sansa continued to surprise as she just nodded an acknowledgement before slipping out of her gown and smallclothes. The young aristocrat waded into the water, her mask slipping for a second as she stepped into the near freezing pool. Brienne thought Sansa would think the better of it, but she continued in to stand near Brienne, the water up to her thighs.

She began to wash herself. Brienne did the same, from where she stood she had no choice but to look at the naked Sansa. Not that she was complaining, the redhead was beautiful with her pale skin and slender body, her tits plump and round and when she turned with an arse people would kill for. If Brienne's cock had been real it would have risen, especially as Sansa hands washed over her side and then down to her buttocks, sliding over the round cheeks as if she was massaging not washing. Brienne finished herself and quickly left the pool, picking up the rag she was using as a towel and vigorously drying herself, keeping her back to the younger woman.

She heard Sansa coming out of the water, "Can I use the towel after you?" she asked, "I didn't think to bring one," she added as if they'd gone out for a days excursion rather than were on the run from the Lannisters.

"Here, " Brienne turned and passed her the rag, it was damp, but would have to do. She caught another sight of Sansa's gorgeous naked body and quickly turned away, her face burning.. What would the well-brought up young lady think if she knew Brienne's thoughts? She'd probably run away into the woods and be eaten by wolves...

"Thank you," replied Sansa ever polite. Brienne began to get dressed, putting on a jerkin and then reaching for her trousers; she wouldn't bother with the armour, it was too heavy and burdensome to sleep within unless she had to.

"Can I ask you a question?" Sansa suddenly said.

"Yes," Brienne replied.

"That thing, between your legs, is it a woman's weapon?"

"Yes," Brienne answered, blushing.

"Oh. Why do you wear it?"

"Because I'm not a real man," Brienne tried not to sound bitter at her accident of birth.

"I think you're a real man in every way that matters, you're brave and strong, as gallant as any knight - more than many," Sansa said and Brienne blushed again, but for a different reason - the young girl was so pleasant and kind, as well as being sexy and bangable. She would make a man a great wife, but not for Brienne. The redhead continued, "I think it suits you though."

Brienne nearly choked with shock, then she smiled, Sansa was so innocent. "Thank you my Lady Sansa."

"Can I ask you an even more personal question?" Sansa said, she was slipping into her smallclothes now and reaching for her gown. "Have you ever used it? Your woman's weapon."

It was strange, the question was one that Brienne had not expected and for a moment she wondered how to answer it, before deciding the truth was as good a response as any, "Yes, a few times, on camp followers and whores. I'm sorry that may shock you my lady."

"Oh please, I was brought up with men, I know there needs and it doesn't surprise me you have the same, you're a real man in all but body," the redhead smiled.

Brienne shrugged, if anyone else thought that they hadn't said, the women she had fucked had thought she was just another woman - a big one, muscular and dominating, who liked to use a woman's weapon, but a woman all the same. They'd tried to eat her pussy or suck her tits like she was a lesbian, not a man and oftentimes Brienne had let them, it was pleasant enough even if it wasn't what she wanted. "Let us go back to the clearing."

Dusk was closing and by the time they'd had the cheese and bread, with some watery wine it was dark, not as pitch as dungeon, but enough that wandering far would be an invitation to trip over a branch and break a leg. "We should sleep," Brienne said.

"What about a fire?" Sansa asked.

"Too risky, if anyone in these woods it'll draw them like moths," said Brienne. She opened her pack, "I only have one blanket," she said. It was so stupid, she should have realised that once she found Sansa they could hardly spend the journey in tavern beds and would have to camp out - she could have brought a second one. Her only excuse was that she been hurried. "You can have it," she said apologetically "It's a warm night I'll be fine without a cover"

"Don't be silly," smiled Sansa, her pale face looking like it was almost glowing in the darkness, "It's big enough to share if we get close together."

Brienne nodded her agreement, though she knew she'd be dreaming about Sansa for weeks afterwards. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Getting out of my gown, I'll sleep in smallclothes," the redhead replied innocently unaware what the sight of her in a fell small shift was doing to Brienne.

"I don't have any smallclothes, I better keep my trousers and shirt on," said Brienne.

Sansa gave her a look that suggested she was mad. "You'll smell so bad unless you remove them. I insist," she added giving her a stare that suggested she was used to being obeyed.

Brienne did as she was told, knowing the dreams would be even more vivid. She started to undo the straps of her woman's weapon, struggling to remember how they came together as she so seldom removed it. Sansa stopped her, "I know that's part of you, you shouldn't take it off."

"It might press against you in the night," said Brienne.

"I don't care," smiled Sansa and went under the blanket. Brienne tightened the weapon back and joined her.

* * *

Sansa had to think of this as an adventure like the tales Old Nan used to tell her or she'd have gone mad with terror. She was the princess and Brienne the knight, and Cersei was the evil Queen out to get her; and in all these tales good beat evil and true love won out. She could hear Brienne's breaths next to hers, but she was unable to tell whether the other woman was asleep or not. Not that Brienne was a normal woman, she was as much a man trapped in the wrong body, a trick from the Seven. Sansa moved back, just a shade, so that if Brienne was awake and noticed she could claim that was there was a lump of earth under her that was uncomfortable. Brienne remained silent and Sansa relaxed against the press of the woman's weapon in her back.

Before the war she remembered playing kissing games with her friend Jeyne Poole. Jeyne said it was practice for when they found a man, and for Jeyne it probably was. She briefly wondered where her friend was and whether she was with a man who loved her, she hoped she was. But for Sansa the game was a pleasure in itself, she liked being kissed by a woman. Not that Jeyne was her type of woman, she was too low born for a start - fine for a childish playmate, but not for marriage. But the women Sansa fantasised about were more butch and masculine, women who acted like men, but remained women. It was the best of both, allowing her to remain a lady whilst she was made love to by another woman. She had always known it was a dream, but here in the woods and wilds she was wondering if this adventure might have another happy ending? She squirmed back against Brienne.

* * *

Brienne was used to sleeping out of doors; it was part of campaign life and something a warrior accepted was as much a part of war as poor food and long marches. But Sansa wasn't, which was no surprise when Brienne thought about it, the redhead was a high-born lady and they didn't go in for camping trips. The younger woman wiggled again, trying to get comfortable and pushing her delectable rear into Brienne's midriff. Brienne tried to not make a moan and to ease herself back a little so that the woman's weapon wasn't pressing at the small of Sansa's back, but the redhead automatically moved with her, trying to get comfortable in her sleep. Brienne froze herself into position, ignoring the hot flushes and tingle that rose in her cunt as the younger woman wriggled her cute rear to find a spot she could relax in. Eventually Sansa stopped moving - for a minute. She gave a small little grunt, half sigh and began to wriggle again. This time she was squashing her back against Brienne's tits, leaving the nipples hardening against the silk. It also left Brienne's hand no place to go, but to slide under Sansa. The younger woman arched herself up to let it snake beneath and then lay down again.

"I'm sorry I'm squashing you, I can't find a comfortable place," said Sansa apologetically.

"That's alright," said Brienne, not really minding the softness and sensual body pressing against hers.

"Perhaps if you put your arm over me, it'd be more comfortable," Sansa suggested.

It would, it would also make Brienne ache with desire. She did as the redhead had said, knowing that not matter how naive and innocent Sansa was she'd never have done this with any real man; it was one of the few advantages of having a woman's body. The younger woman wriggled a little bit more and then seemed to settle into comfort; allowing a stillness to reign in their section of the forest, the only sign of life, the background chatter of small nocturnal creatures and they not near. Brienne couldn't relax, not with Sansa so near and so very, very beautiful - she could smell the young woman's hair, still clean and washed, even though she was on the run and she had to resist thrusting her face forward to sniff at the lilac scent.

Sansa moved again and this time Brienne couldn't help but stiffen as the young woman took hold off her hand. For a second Brienne wondered if Sansa was trying to seduce her as Sansa' thumb played over her knuckles, but she quickly dismissed it as a fanciful dream. Then she thought it again it as Sansa guided her downwards under her shift to her smooth sex. She let go then, but Brienne was there, her fingers touching the nakedness of the younger woman's hole. For a second Brienne was about to pull away, telling herself it was a dream that she was having, but her body took over and her fingers began to brush at the teenager's slit.

There was a small giggle from Sansa, but she didn't try to pull away or stop it. Brienne felt herself getting hotter, a warm flush burning her face. She brushed the cunt harder, so that there was no way it could be seen as accidental. Her fingers pressed over the labia lips and up to the clitoris, pushing at the bud under its hood. Brienne wasn't sure whether she was gratified or shocked as Sansa's back arched and she let out a moan at the older woman's touch. She didn't stop, pressing hard as she rubbed her fingers back and forth. The younger redhead shuddered again and another groan escaped her, "OOoohhh."

Brienne wrist moved quickly and she pressed down over the slit. She could feel a wetness as she went across the lips which could only come from Sansa's excitement. The teenager groaned and arched, her body stretching against Brienne's. The warrior felt as daring as she'd ever felt when alone with a woman she hadn't paid. She twisted her arm that was under Sansa's body and reached up until she found a plump bosom under the shift. She began to squeeze and fondle. Sansa, despite having both hands free, made no move to resist and so Brienne continued.

"MMmnn," Sansa gave another groan, half like a lady, half like a whore. She trembled and pressed the small of her back at Brienne's midriff. Brienne stroked the cunt harder and faster, feeling it become wetter and wetter, the cum leaking out and over the young woman's small lips. Brienne was not stupid, even if she'd fucked less than many knights her age, she knew when a woman was becoming aroused and Sansa was. It wasn't only the dampness between her legs and the sensual moans, but the way her teat nub was hardening under the thin silk and the way she bucked and moved with every touch; her body tensing and relaxing in her pleasure. Brienne's fingers slid over the slit, rubbing harder and faster.

"Oooohh, yes," Sansa turned her head half-towards Brienne. Even in the darkness you could see her pale features and bathe in her beauty. She opened her mouth and let out another moan, the lips trembling. Brienne couldn't take her eyes from them, even as they closed.

"Kiss me," the redhead said passionately, "Kiss me as a man kisses a woman."

"I'm not a man," replied Brienne blushing.

"You are to me, now kiss me," Sansa smiled, turning round even more.

Brienne moved over her, half crushing the younger woman as she leant on her. The hand which had been on Sansa's tit moved to the ground, pressing down as she balanced, but the other moved even quicker, speeding over the soaked cunt. Brienne's mouth pressed on Sansa's and she was less surprised than she should be to find the redhead's opening. Her tongue pressed down and Sansa met it, flicking round at hers like two battling adders, slipping and sliding, wrapping and stabbing. It wasn't the kiss of a whore, perfunctory and passionless, but that of a lover, full of desire and excitement, a lust to be taken forward. Brienne changed direction with her fingers, stabbing them into the hole.

Sansa's tongue went even faster and her eyes locked onto Brienne's, they were bright and open. The older woman began to work and shove, thrusting her digits deep into the tunnel. It was soaked and slippery, the juice covering Brienne and pumping out as she hammered. The younger aristocrat's head fell back, nestling on the forest floor with Brienne's above it. Brienne looked down, marvelling at how many expressions Sansa could get through, her forehead and chin straining, her eyes fluttering and her mouth open as she gave short little breaths; she looked beautiful and if that was her natural state, the exact state of beauty was down to Brienne. She didn't stop, pounding the hole powerfully and fully, her fingers driving down up to her knuckles, each time making Sansa buck.

"Ooohhh," Sansa moaned again and Brienne had to kiss her, her mouth slamming down on the redhead's who reciprocated with an equal lust. They continued to roll so that Brienne was fully over the redhead, Sansa lying on her back, her hair sprayed out behind her. Her young body moved and beat against Brienne's as the warrior finger-fucked her with a real desire she had thought she'd never be able to release. Her small tits were hard and pressing at Sansa's silk shift, the nipples rubbing over it.

"OOoohhh, oooohhhh," the younger woman called again, her cries loud enough that they were drowning the background chittering of the rodents scurrying in the brush to the side. "Oooohhh, yesssss.... oooohhh."

She bucked again, her body pressing up at Brienne's and then fell back to the earth. Brienne moved to kiss her, but to her surprise Sansa put her fingers to the older woman's mouth and shook her head, "No." Brienne had long enough to feel horror and shame, a fear exploding in her that Sansa had been leading her on into some twisted game. Then they washed away as the redhead looked at her, smiling with unfaked desire. "Be my first, Ser, take my maidenhood with your woman's weapon."

"I am no Ser," said Brienne, "Women can not say the vows.

"And I lost my maidenhood riding my horse in the forest, years back," Sansa said, "I still want you to be my first, and you're a man to me, vows or no." She smiled again, so prettily, "Will you be my first?"

"Yes," said Brienne. Sansa sat a little and pulled up her shift. Brienne helped pull it over her arms and then dropped it on the neatly folded gown, which was on the floor beside them. The young woman lay naked as Brienne pulled the covers back over them. Between the two of them the only thing they were wearing was Brienne's woman's weapon, and that was almost part of her.

Gently she kissed Sansa as she guided the woman's weapon towards the wet hole. Then like a sword it found it's sheath. Brienne guided it down, the hole was so tight she knew it was maiden, even if Sansa hadn't said. If it hadn't been for it wetness she wasn't sure her large weapon would have fitted, but the redhead's juice was a powerful lubricant and her cunt stretched open as Brienne went down. She kept her eyes on Sansa's, looking for any signs of reluctance or regret. There was none instead, the younger woman's pale eyes glittering with pleasure and her smile was enticing and welcoming. Both changed as Brienne began to thrust in and out, but not in a bad way, the eyes went wider, the eyelids fluttering and the mouth first broke into a wider grin, before becoming an open O.

Brienne rammed down, her hands on earth beside the Sansa. The blanket above them heaved and shook, tossing like a stormy sea as Brienne slammed in harder and faster. "Is this alright?" she grunted, not wanting to be hurting the maiden or making her uncomfortable.

Sansa arms wrapped round her back, "Make love to me Brienne, I'm your woman, so make love to me."

"You'll tell me if I'm going to fast or to hard?" Brienne asked.

Sansa didn't reply, at least in words, but she bucked her hips, bringing her knees up to grasp Brienne's midriff as her hands gripped the older woman's back and tried to push her down. Brienne took that as a sign of encouragement and continued to pound into to the redhead. Her tits bashed at Sansa's plump pair, the younger woman's teats rolling and jiggling as she was rocked. Brienne slowed down enough so that she could duck her head down and take first one and then the other in her mouth, her teeth nibbling at the nipple and her tongue swirling around the little erect stub. Sansa moaned and groaned, her body moving in time with Brienne's slower thrusts. "Ooohhh, yes, I like that."

Brienne mouth opened wider and she guzzled more of the teat, sucking in the bouncy bosom like it was her Mother's breast. The redhead groaned again, her body pushing at Brienne's. "I'm yours, I'm your woman" she groaned. She let out another cry of passion before adding "and you're my man."

It wasn't true, no how much a blushing Brienne wanted it to be, but it still remained possibly the nicest thing anyone had ever said to her - especially in the throes of passion, where it was impossible to lie. Brienne moved her mouth from the redhead's tits to her lips, kissing them as and feeling them open so they could engulf each other. Her hips continued to go up and down, jamming the weapon down Sansa's hole and filling it with fake wooden dick. The redhead's tongue flickered and pressed at Brienne's, her kissing passionate and powerful. Her hands were on the older woman's back, the nails digging into Brienne's muscular shoulders - she didn't complain, but she knew she'd have scratch marks.

"Oooohhh, aaaarrghh," Sansa threw back her head and cried out in obvious pleasure. Brienne's mouth transferred to her pale, lovely neck, kissing it, licking it, sucking it. The redhead rocked and shuddered, her body writhing and wriggling under Brienne's, her tits squashing against her lover's. Brienne went faster, determined to ensure that Sansa enjoyed her first time. The young woman was giving every sign she was as Brienne again looked at her in face, it was beautiful in its contortions, the muscles straining against the flesh looking as if they might burst out. Her mouth opened again and she squealed, "AAarrrrghhh."

The cry seemed to go on for ever, like some night time bird calling out for its mates, and indeed a few of the small creatures scurrying around took fright and fled to their burrows. Brienne went faster and harder, driving her weapon as deep as it could go, pounding it down the soaked cunt of her lover. Sansa continued to shriek and cry, her hands tightly grappling with Brienne as if they were in a wrestling match, but one the redhead was determined to lose. Brienne's own cunt was throbbing, the woman's weapon slamming and pressing against it so that her own pleasures were awakened. Her hole was soaked, even if it was nowhere as wet as Sansa's and she grinned down at the younger woman, drinking in her beauty as she thrust and rammed and hammered; it was the best joust she'd ever been in.

"AAaaarrrghhh," Sansa screamed again, her back bending so much that if it had been a twig it would have snapped. Brienne drove in, pinning the younger woman to the ground and making her cry out once more, but even louder. The sounds were music to Brienne's ear, no whore she fucked had ever sounded as sweet or good, nor had any been as loud and passionate. She rammed in, desperate to keep the chorus of pleasure alive within the young woman. Sansa continued to squeal and shriek, crying out her ecstasy.

Brienne was fit, more so than many men, but even she was starting to pant. She was not sure how long they'd been banging, time was hard to measure without the passage of the sun, but it seemed a long time and she had not been slack in it, going full pelt like a charging horse. She wanted to end up on a high-note and not leave Sansa short changed, nor herself come to that. So she began to go even faster and harder, sprinting towards the end, ramming the dick in like she was hacking at one of her old suitors in a melee. The weapon pounded at her making her cum, and she twisted her face and gritted her teeth to stop the womanly cries exiting her mouth. Sansa had no such inhibitions. "AAAarrrrgggh, aaaaarrghhhh," she shrieked loudly and passionately.

Brienne collapsed forward, spent. She panted and gasped as Sansa lay under her, sighing in pleasure. After a few moments Brienne pulled out the weapon, it was slick with cummy juice. She got out from under the blanket to find a rag to wipe it dry with. Sansa watched her with a happy smile, "Does this mean you're my man now?"

"I'm not a man," Brienne replied, brusquely and then regretting her tone as soon as she said it, "Get some sleep my lady, we'll need to be up at dawn."

She wiped her weapon clean and returned to under the blankets, her arms wrapped round Sansa and pulled her closer, the young woman happily going with it and snuggling at her. Brienne said nothing, but the thought of her being Sansa's man was a nice fantasy to fall asleep on.

* * *

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