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Game Of Thrones: Dave And The Alien TV Part 04 - Day 02
by Muhabba

"...and that's how my nano-features work. Any questions?" Summer-Gram asked. Dave just stared at her blankly. "Dave?" she asked as she snapped her fingers in front of her owner's face to get his attention, "Dave?"

Dave shook his head to get his concentration back. "Remind me one of these days to program some clothes for you. Your little, white bikini is kinda distracting," he told her.

Summer-Gram nearly growled in frustration as Dave's eyes crawled over her barely covered body. "I was explaining how to program an entire scenario instead of just injecting yourself into a scene. Unless you like killing little boys," she said snidely.

"I watched the next episode. That kid lived," Dave said proudly.

"That's not quite the point," Summer-Gram mumbled, "The point is how to program a complex, satisfying scenario as well as using your in-world remote to alter the program at any time."

Dave's eyes lit up. "You mean I can change the program once I'm in the scene?" he asked excitedly.

Summer-Gram could only stare blankly at Dave. "I think you actually burnt out one of my logic nodes," she said plainly before adding, "Grab some paper and a pen to take notes, Dave. I'll go through it all again."

* * *

Dave couldn't believe how warm the sun felt on his skin or the smell of cooking foods being carried by the wind. It was amazing how real this world felt. And then the wind shifted and carried the smell of fetid shit straight up his nose. "Oh man. My mouth was open," he gagged. He looked over the side of the bridge and, sure enough, the water below looked like it had been flushed out of a toilet. A large toilet. A large toilet at a college football game on all you can eat pickled pickles night. He swooned and nearly fell over before he righted himself. "Maybe it's a little to real," he mumbled to himself.

Rolling up his sleeve, Dave grabbed the large, gold bracelet on his wrist and ran his thumb across it. A holographic display suddenly appeared with a holographic keyboard below it. His tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth, he hunt and pecked his way across the keyboard until he had the right command and hit the Enter key. Suddenly the water ran clear and the smell of shit cleared from the air. He took a deep breath and smiled wide at his small accomplishment. "King's Landing smells soooo much better now!" he said with his arms spread wide.

Now able to walk without the stink, Dave continued strolling around the fictional city of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones. While it had been a dream come true to fuck Cerci Lannister. The scenario had ended a bit worse than he would have wanted but now, with his in-world remote he was sure he could come up with a fantasy that would end better. He found the first place selling food and bought a turkey leg and a mead with his now limitless supply of gold. The turkey leg wasn't half bad but the mead tasted horrible and he quickly threw the goblet away 'cuz he was rich now and could afford to do shit like that.

He ate his leg slowly as he wondered around and when he had finished what he wanted he handed what was left to a random street urchin and decided what to do next. If there was one thing Game of Thrones was known for it was the massive amount of sex and nudity. "Littlefinger's Brothel, here I come," he said gleefully. After he had walked a few blocks it suddenly occurred to him that he didn't exactly know where the brothel was. He knew King's Landing had a castle, he'd seen it on the show, but the show hadn't exactly given directions on how to find it. He knew that King's Landing had a port for boats but then again the show hadn't given directions. And he knew that there were several brothels in the city but he had no way of knowing how to get to them.

Dave thought about asking a passing stranger for directions but he couldn't quite bring himself to say, "Hey, I'm trying to get my rocks off so can you give me directions?" to a complete stranger. He looked down at his wrist and thought about programming some street signs into his fantasy when he was suddenly shoved to the side.

"Move, piss-ant," the tall, armored man said.

Grunting in discomfort, Dave thought about saying something both withering and sarcastic but then he noticed how much larger the other man was as well as the large sword the man had. And then he recognized the armor the man was wearing. The man was what was called a Gold Cloak, basically both the palace guard and police of King's Landing. And if there was one cop around there were sure to be more. Sure enough the Gold Cloak who had shoved Dave stood stock still as a small precession of other men walked past him and then his mouth hung open at who the Gold Cloaks were escorting. Sansa and Arya Stark.

Dave had chosen the earlier episodes in the show before the war had broken out since it would probably be easier getting laid if he didn't have to worry about getting stabbed while doing it. A sly grin broke out across his face as he decided that instead of an orgy at the brothel he would try for something a bit more intimate. Once again turning to his in-world remote he programed a new scenario and in a flash of light he was standing inside the castle at King's Landing. He stumbled on his feet, jolted by his sudden appearance in the darkly lit hall but luckily got his balance. He didn't want to have to try and pick himself off the floor wearing all of the heavy armor and thought about adding some muscles to himself before the sound of approaching footsteps got his attention. He looked up and saw Sansa and Arya Stark being escorted to their rooms.

Arya looked several years younger than Sansa due to the actress playing her, Maisie Williams, being way shorter than the actress playing Sansa, Sophie Turner. They were both in their mid-teens which normally would mean that Dave would have to take a quick mental picture and turn his head but this was a virtual reality fantasy, not real life so what could the harm be? Arya had shorter, dark hair and wide eyes while Sansa had long, red hair and long, long legs. He was giddy with excitement as the actresses approached. Arya was shown to her own room while Sansa walked past him into her room of which he was the guard for. The other Gold Cloaks left as soon as the door was closed and he waited alone in the hall for his fantasy to start.

Luckily he didn't have to wait long before the fantasy kicked in. The hall was empty except for himself and it was maybe 10 minutes before the door to Sansa's room opened a crack. He turned his head to look and it immediately closed on him. He felt kind of disappointed and began thinking that he'd done something wrong with the program before the door opened a bit more to show Sophie Turner's beautiful face peering up at him.

"You're the Gold Cloak assigned to my room, correct?" the teenage girl asked nervously. He wasn't a big reader so he'd never read the books that Game of Thrones was based on so he didn't know how old Sansa Stark was there but while filming the actress was 14 or 15. He wasn't a pedo by any means but a fantasy was a fantasy and he loved redheads.

"Your room and yourself," Dave said with a puffed up chest full of self-importance.

"And what's your name?" Sophie asked. Dave hadn't prepared for this. Why was this so hard? First 70's bush, then kid maiming, and now he needed a name. What the hell?

"Um, Daveish," he muttered, "Daveish, ah... Maximus, my lady."

Sansa peered around the hall to make sure they were alone before she opened the door. "Won't you come in, Daveish," she said as she stood to the side. Dave walked in talking long, confident strides to make sure that his cape flared out behind him as the nervous, young, beautiful girl closed the door behind him.

Turning back to Sophie, Dave let her lock the door before talking. "What can I do for you, my lady?" he asked.

"I... I had a... a question," Sansa said as she walked to her bed and then her dresser and then her mirror and then back again, "It involves your prince... well, the prince, my future husband, Joffrey."

"And what is that, Sophie, ah... I mean, my lady," Dave asked. He loved watching her lithe teenage body walking back and forth nervously in her room, her long legs carrying her back and forth. Well, he knew she had long legs but only because of the pics on the internet and the X-Men movie she was in, you couldn't really tell in the fancy dress she was wearing.

Sansa chewed her bottom lip nervously deciding how to best frame her question. How exactly did one ask about things like this. Joffrey's father, King Bararathon, had a reputation that was well know but as for Joffrey, the future king... "You've served the king for how long now?"

What the hell, Dave wondered. Why was she asking all these hard questions he hadn't prepared for. "Five years?" That sounded good.

Sansa nodded nervously before continuing her trek around the room. "I was... I was wondering about... about Prince Joffrey," she stammered, "If he... if he perhaps... if he perhaps shared some of his father's... appetites?"

That's a good way to put it, Dave thought considering the appetites that Joffrey would be displaying in later seasons. "None that I know of, my lady," he said. She was soooo pretty.

"Has he... has he ever... ever, perhaps, frequented any of King's Landing's more... more risqu‚ establishments?" Sansa asked nervously, unable to even look towards the knight's direction.

"None, my lady," Dave said. This was not quiet the way he figured his fantasy was going to start. The young lady Stark really was quite a talker. He had to think of a way to steer this conversation to a more sexy topic. "He is a young boy, as you are a young lady," he started, "And quiet curious but he's never had the chance to explore that curiosity, my lady."

"So he... he has never been able to... ah... to explore those things his father is so fond of?" Sansa managed to get out.

"No, my lady. He is a unsheathed sword," Dave said and immediately felt proud of his phrasing and wondered how they'd never used "unsheathed sword" in the show.

Sansa sat herself down demurely on the edge of her bed and spoke before she lost the nerve. "I too am a unsheathed sword," she blurted out.

It's already catching on, Dave thought proudly. "I'm sure you'll both figure it out," Dave told her. Finally the conversation was going where he wanted it to.

"But I want to do more than just 'figure it out'," Sansa cried, "I wish to please my future husband in every way!"

Dave walked over and patted Sophie on her shoulder, his first contact with the young star. His erection sprung to life and hit his cod-piece with an audible 'ting'. "I am sure you could ask your parents, your mother is quite attractive and I am sure your father has pierced her scabbard many times," he assured her.

"I can't ask them!" Sansa cried, "I'm all alone!"

As Sophie began sobbing into her hands, Dave found his heart going out to the young girl. She really is a much better actress without an American accent he thought to himself. "You're not alone, my lady," he reassured her, "You have me."

Suddenly Sansa looked up to her personal Gold Cloak and what felt like her only friend since coming to King's Landing. "You'll... you'll help me?" she asked, her eyes glimmering with tears.

"Of course," Dave said as he sat down next to Sophie, "Anything you need."

"Oh, thank you!" Sansa cried before throwing her arms around Daveish and hugging him tightly.

As Sophie hugged him, Dave found himself cursing the armor he was wearing and preventing him from feeling her young, flush body. "I have a responsibility to guard your body and I suppose that means guarding you from misusing your body as well," he said as he ran his gloved hands up and down her back before he whispered to himself, "Your young, firm body."

"Thank you! Thank you so much, Ser Davish," Sans a said with visible relief before sitting up straighter. "What shall my first lesson be?" she asked enthusiastically.

Dave patted her knee and took in her beautiful face as he answered. "I think first we should practice kissing," he said as he leaned forward. As he leaned in, Sans a began leaning back away from him and he automatically leaned further in to follow her as she continued to lean further back until he almost slipped off the bed.

"Perhaps you should take your helmet off," Sansa offered as she helped Ser Davish regain his balance.

"Oh! Good idea," Dave agreed and immediately began tugging and twisting on the helmet covering his face. When he couldn't even get his helmet to turn sideways he began looking for the strap beneath his chin but his gloves barely fit between his chin and chest and he couldn't even feel the leather straps that he knew had to be there. He gave Sophie a dumb grin that failed to be even a little charming and quickly threw his gloves off and found the strap holding his helmet to his head. Finally yanking his helmet off he threw it over his shoulder where it crashed loudly on the floor.

"Now where were we?" he asked before puckering up and leaning over towards the red haired teenage girl. Mirroring him, Sophie did the same with an exaggerated pucker of her lips until their faces met. The kiss was loud and wet, Dave's tongue trying to find it's way into the young actress's mouth while she applied pressure and slid to the corner of his mouth, each one missing their targets almost completely.

Dave awkwardly broke the kids and sat up straighter. "So, ah... how was that, baby," he asked and once again failed to be even close to charming.

"It, ah... it was certainly not what... not what I expected, " Sansa said, obviously trying not to hurt the Gold Cloak's feelings.

"Yeah, me neither," Dave said as he lifted up his in-world remote, "Hold on a sec." He typed quickly, re-read what he had typed, corrected the spelling errors and then hit enter. He didn't feel any different but he supposed that he'd have to see if his commands had worked. Maybe he had learned to hack his brain. "Let's try that again."

Dave leaned over and cupped the back of Sophie's head with one hand and placed his other hand on her hip as their lips met. He applied much more gentle pressure before sliding his tongue across her lips softly. This time the young girl responded by opening her mouth slightly to let his questing tongue in. He met her tongue and lightly caressed it as the hand on her hip slid slowly to her waist and she pressed her supple teenage body against his and moaned with appreciation into his mouth.

Once again breaking the kiss, Dave looked down at Sophie, her eyes half closed and fluttering with the passion of the kiss. "So how was that?" he asked her.

Sansa's eyes opened slowly to look up at the Gold Cloak's face. "Muuuuch better," she moaned in desire.

A wide smile broke across Dave's face and instant before he grabbed the slender, teenage girl and held her tight. With a confidence born of programming her to live everything he did to her, he kissed her hard and deep. Their tongues wrestled in their mouths and she moaned out in appreciation of what he was doing to her. His hands wandered over her young form as he began searching for the ties and clasps holding her dress together.

Suddenly Dave broke the kiss to use his remote again. After typing his last command he returned to the kiss, one hand squeezing Sophie's slender thigh while the other trailed behind her to the zipper he had programmed there. Her dress parted to her waist revealing her simple slip beneath, her breasts obviously unencumbered and her nipples just barely visible through the material.

With just a tap on his chest plate, Dave's armor fell off of him revealing his own simple white undershirt and pants. He yanked Sophie to him again, holding her much less clothed body to his, her small, firm breasts pressed against him through the thin materials of what they still had on.

Sansa groaned with lust as the knight's hands quarter across her body. "Oh, my Ser Davish," she moaned lustfully.

"Call me, 'Maximus'," Dave told her has his hand slid breathed Sophie's slip and up to her chest.

"Oh, my Ser Maximus," Sansa moaned lustfully.

Dave lightly stroked Sophie's small breasts and ran his thumb over her hard nipple. "Actually, just call me 'Dave'," he said.

"Oh, my Ser Dave," Sansa moaned lustfully.

Dave shrugged his shoulders. "Close enough," he said before bending down and sucking on Sophie's tit through her slip. She groaned out above him as he sucked hard on one of her breasts, squeezed the other, and slid his hand down to her bare hip and thigh. He skin felt like warm silk as his palm skimmed from her hip to her knee and back again. He switched from one teenage to the other, the hand that hand been playing with her breasts now awkwardly useless. Side by side to Sophie he couldn't really reach anything so he decided to move on.

"You are a fine kisser, m'lady," he said as deep and as manfully as he could before he stood up in front of the horny young girl, "But I think it's time to move on."

Sansa looked up expectantly her guard. "Oh, my lord, what comes next?" she asked excitedly.

"Behold my sword," Dave said before dropping his pants, his hands proudly in his hips as his erection throbbed in front of the easily impressed young girl.

"Ser Dave," Sansa gasped in astonishment, "It is truly a long sword."

Dave beamed down at Sophie as she stared at his prick. "First you grab the sword by it's base," he instructed the beautiful young girl. He groaned out as she gripped him tentatively, her eyes wide in excitement. "And now you tug on it lightly," he said and she immediately obeyed, her delicate hand working up and down his shaft. "Now use your other hand to feel and fondle my, ah... orbs. Yeah, massage my sword and orbs," he said and had to stop himself from giggling out like a excited schoolgirl.

"Oh, Ser Dave," Sansa cooed as she continued tugging on the knight's shaft, "It's so hard and warm."

"Yes. Yes it is," Dave agreed with his hands still in his hips. He began rocking himself back and forth, fucking Sophie's soft, silky hands. Her fingers rippled around his as she jerked him off drawing a deep groan of pleasure from him. The hand fondling his balls joined her other hand giving him a double hand-job, her palms rubbing his sensitive cock-head before traveling back down his shaft. After a few more strokes she went back to massaging his sack, her eyes wide and with a small smile on her beautiful face.

Dave softly stroked Sophie red hair, drawing her attention. "Now I want you to use your tongue and lick me," he said and she quickly nodded her head in compliance. She extended her warm, pink, moist tongue and licked the tip of him causing him to shudder in delight. When his cock-head was completely covered in her warm saliva she began licking down his shaft using long, firm strokes. When she had reached his base she began licking back up, her tongue wiggling against him as she made her way up.

When she had reach the tip of her knight's flesh sword she began tugging on him again with both hands as she looked up at him. "Am I doing a good job, Ser Dave?" she asked.

Dave groaned out in lust, all thoughts on the skivy-me as of having sex with a teenage girl gone from his head. She wasn't real so there wasn't anything wrong with it. "You are doing such a good job, my lady," he told her, "And speaking of jobs..."

Telling her what was expected next, Dave explained everything in great detail. Virtual Reality or not, pain was pain and he didn't want Sophie to accidentally biting him. She sat obediently on the edge of the bed staring up at him with a warm, waiting look on her face. She kept her hands in her lap as she opened her mouth and extended her tongue. He placed the tip of his cock on her moist tongue and slid and inch into her open mouth. Her pink lips sealed around his girth as she began sucking on him, her cheeks hollowing as her tongue wiggled around his cock.

"Oh my sweet baby Jesus," Dave groaned out as he began rocking his hips and sliding his fingers through Sophie's red hair. He fucked her mouth softly, slowly, not wanting to rush her. He thought about programming her to not have a gag-reflex but the In-world remote was on the floor with his armor and he didn't want to pull his dick out of Sophie Turner's mouth to retrieve it.

Dave enjoyed every inch of fucking Sophie's beautiful face, her lips around his shaft, her tongue massaging the length of him, the pressure from her sucking him in and out of her mouth. He was in heaven. It was worth the alien probing just to be here with his balls rocking against her chin. She moaned around him as he slid in and out of her, the head of his prick hitting the back of her warm, talented mouth with every strike

He reached down with one hand to squeeze one of her plump tits and roll her nipple with his fingers through her slip. He straightened back up and pulled his cock out of her mouth, lifting his shaft up to present his balls to her. "Lick 'em," he gasped and was rewarded with her immediate obedience. The young girl was enjoying giving a blow-job just as much as he was enjoying receiving it.

Sansa tugged on the knight's manhood with one hand as she used her other hand to cup his sack and lift it up. She used her moist tongue to pick every bit of him that she could before drawing one of his orbs into her mouth, sucking on it like sweet fruit as she licked it. She switched to the other firm ball, repeating herself and making the knight groan.

As the teenage girl dropped his balls she quickly returned to sucking Dave's pole. Sansa started to become more enthusiastic as her confidence grew, bobbing back and forth, fucking him with her mouth and causing him to groan out even more.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum," Dave grunted as he suddenly pulled his prick out of the beautiful girl's mouth. He searched for something unsexy to think of to stop himself from shooting his load to soon. "Bills, crushing student debt, last girlfriend, my mom, my dad..."

Sansa looked up at her knight with confusion. "Does one normally think of one's parents at a time like this?" she asked, perplexed.

Dave refused to look down at the beautiful, horny teenager. "It depends on the situation," he grumbled as he struggled to regain control of himself. He heard rustling below him and looked down at Sophie as she reclined on the bed.

"I believe it is time for my next lesson," Sansa said in a deep, husky bedroom voice.

Looking down at the beautiful girl, Dave was reminded of one of his girlfriends who had called him a selfish lover. She had tried to reach him how to reciprocate but it was all so confusing down there. Who really needs that many erogenous zones anyway? He looked down at the remote for a moment before turning his attention back to Sophie. Her chest heaved with desire, her hard nipples creating twin peaks through the translucent material covering her breasts and the slight blush of read barely glimpsed between her legs.

"Fuck it," Dave grunted as he fell down on top of Sophie, he could practice oral later, this was his fantasy. The teenage girl giggled as he frantically pulled her slip up to bare her young, slender body to him. He left the material bunches below her arms as he hungrily attacked her teenage tits, sucking noisily at them. She groaned for him as he snaked an arm down her pale, willowy body, his hand plunging between her slender legs.

Sophie's right little pussy was already dripping wet and his fingers slid in deep causing her to gasp out. She began rocking her hips up, fucking his fingers as he nursed at her tits. She gasped and moaned, her pale body writhing underneath him, ready for him, Ser Davish Maximus, to show her how to fuck. With his shirt still on and his pants around his ankles, he positioned himself between her spread legs and positioned his aching cock at the entrance to her waiting pussy.

"Here it comes, baby," Dave grunted as he began sliding himself inside of the teenage girl.

"Yes, my knight, yes!" Sansa gasped out as her body was pierced by Ser Dave's manly sword.

"Geez, geez, geez..." Dave groaned with every little thrust. Sophie's virgin pussy was so tight it felt like a soft, gloved hand was squeezing the life out of his prick. She rocked up underneath him, trying to work as much of his dick inside of her as she could. He could feel her tight cunt parting slowly around him making him wish that he had spent more time getting her ready but it was to late now, knights never retreated. They pressed on no matter how dangerous their mission was!

As Dave edged inside of Sophie he could feel his balls tightening up, ready to release. "All... most... there..." he grunted as he pressed forward. The young girl below him gripped his hips in her hands and licked her long legs around him, helping him push forward into her tight, wet, needy pussy. "All... most..." he groaned as he slowly inches inside of the virgin girl, her hot cunt gripping him to the point of pain. It felt like there was a fire between their legs as he pushed and she pulled him into her. Their bodies were covered in sweat, their flesh glistening in the sun light pouring through the window.

"Almost..." Dave moaned before Sophie cried out below him.

"Yes, yes, yes...!" Sansa cried out in pleasure as her slender teenage body shuddered and shook with the force of her orgasm. Her muscles twitched and seized as her first orgasm crashed through her wonton body.

"...there!" Dave finished as he pierced the orgasming girl with the last inch of his cock right before exploding inside of her. His thick load filled her spasming pussy, leaking through the seal of her cunt wrapped around his shaft. His arms trembled as he held himself above her, relishing the feel of her young body below him and wrapped around him. Her hold on him began to slack as her arms fell to her sides and her slender legs opened around him. He rolled to his side, his prick sliding out of her with a lewd pop. They laid side by side, struggling to get their breath back.

Dave rolled over and peered lovingly at Sophie's beautiful, post orgasmic face. "And that's how you please a man," he said proudly.

* * *

When Dave came out of his VR fantasy, Summer-Gram was there waiting for him. "How come you're wearing that?" he asked. She was dressed in a police woman's uniform. And it wasn't even a sexy police woman's uniform.

"You said I needed to change out of my bikini," she said matter of factly as she pulled out a small notebook from her shirt pocket and flipped it open, "Now would you like to hear about your state's age of consent laws?"

"Oh, come on..." Dave groaned with a roll of his eyes.

To be continued...


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