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Girl Meets World: Riley's Lost Innocence (Mf,inter,oral,anal,drugs,nc,cons,first)
by Tori ([email protected])

14 year old Riley Matthews sat on her window seat crying. She hadn't seen or heard from her best friend Maya in almost three weeks. No one knew where she was and with the exception of Riley and her parents, Cory and Topanga, no one cared. Maya's mother told the police that she probably ran away. They checked to see if she went to her father's but she hadn't. Her mother didn't care one way or the other. She was happy to have her trouble making daughter out of her life.

Maya had always been the rebellious type, even as a small child. Riley was the only one that kept her from going off the edge completely. They had been best friends since kindergarten and the Matthews had always treated her like she was part of their family. Riley's father, Cory, felt like he had failed the young teenager since he was also one her teachers. Most of all, he saw how hurt and lonely his daughter was and he wished he could make the pain go away.

One afternoon on the way home from school. Riley was waiting on the subway platform where she had to change trains and looked over and saw a skinny blonde girl that looked like Maya. She stared and looked again and then knew it was her. She looked like she had lost 20 pounds and her clothes were nothing like what Maya would wear, except for the Doc Martins. The girl was wearing a very short leather skirt and had on a blue sequined halter top that barely covered her small breasts. Riley was going to run over to her but stopped when the blonde started talking to a man who looked to in his 50's. He had on a rumpled suit and he was fat and balding. She watched as the two of them went around the corner and into the subway men's room.

Riley waited a few minutes and when she thought no one was in there, she slowly opened the door and looked in. She didn't see anyone, all she saw where a pair of Doc Martins sticking out from below the door to the last stall. It looked like the girl was on her knees. As she approached the stall, she could hear the man moaning. She peeked through the crack in the door and saw Maya sucking the fat man's cock. He had his hands on her head and was pumping his cock in and out of her friend's mouth. "Yes bitch, suck that fat cock you little whore. Swallow it you fucking dirty slut."

Riley ran out of the men's room and sat down on a bench and felt like she wanted to throw up. She didn't know what was happening and couldn't believe that her friend was doing such a disgusting thing.

A few minutes later, the man came out and walked past her. When she looked back, she saw Maya come out. Maya was putting a twenty dollar bill into her purse and then froze when she saw her friend staring at her. "Go away Riley, just go home!" was all she said and walked away.

Riley just sat there and started to cry. She was almost an hour late getting home and her parents were furious. They told her they were worried sick about her. Riley made up some excuse about a problem with the subway and then went into her room. She hardly touched her dinner and later that evening, she sat in the dark and though about what she had witnessed. She didn't know if she should tell anyone or if she should go back and see if she could find her friend again. It took forever, but she finally fell asleep around 2am and tossed and turned all night.

* * *

The next morning, she told her parents she didn't feel good and didn't want to go to school. Cory and Topanga gave her the benefit of the doubt and figured with everything that had happened; they would let her stay home by herself.

After her parents left, Riley showered and had a bowl of cereal and then headed to the subway. She got off at the same stop she saw Maya at the day before and sat down on one the benches and waited. She didn't have to wait very long. She saw Maya get off the train with a tall black man. He looked to be in his early 30's and was built like an athlete. He had his arm around Maya and they walked up the stairs to the street, Riley followed them.

The neighborhood was nasty and rundown. It was full of abandoned buildings and boarded up windows. She was scared but kept following the two for a few blocks. They entered an old brownstone and Riley saw several other black men standing in front. She watched as cars came by and stopped. The men would give the drivers something and then she saw the drivers hand them money. OMG!! It was a drug house. Maya was actually in a drug house. She started breathing heavy and hyperventilated. That was when she fainted.

* * *

When she woke up, she was laying on an old bed in a dark room, lit only by a single bare bulb on the ceiling. Her hands were tied behind her back and she had a rag stuffed in her mouth. She tried to scream but the rag muffled her cries. A few minutes passed when the door opened and the man that walked with Maya came in.

"Good, you're awake. My boys saw you laying there on the sidewalk and brought you in. My bitch Maya said she knew you once. Riley is it?" Riley nodded her head. "Well Riley, you fucked up. You should have just gone home like your friend told you too."

Riley stared up at the tall black man with her big brown eyes and started to cry. She knew she was in trouble. Just then, Maya came in and held a glass pipe to her lips and lit it. She inhaled the vapors from the pipe and held it in her lungs for a few seconds before exhaling it. Riley didn't like the smell. Maya took another hit and then got down on her knees and pulled out the black man's cock. She sucked his cock in front of Riley and took him deep down her throat while her best friend watched. As she sucked him off, the black man spoke.

"You see bitch, this little cunt started coming here to buy crack. When she ran out of money, she had to start working for it. She's quite the little crack whore. Hell, this cunt can make a couple hundred dollars a day. It doesn't hurt that she's a damned good fuck too."

He pulled Maya up off the floor and bent her over the bed in front of Riley. He pulled her panties down and started to fuck her in the ass. Maya stared at Riley as her asshole got plowed by the 12 inch black cock. She put the pipe to her lips and took another hit while she was sodomized. She was grunting and moaning and then the man pulled his cock out, pushed Maya to her knees and fed her his hot load. Maya swallowed and then licked his huge cock clean. He told her to get out and she left, closing the door behind her.

Riley just lay there in shock at what she had just witnessed. Nothing in her innocent life could have prepared her for what came next. The black man started to rip her clothes from her body. She was helpless with her hands tied. He tore her dress off and the ripped her panties and bra from her tiny teen body. He took the rag out of her mouth and shoved his cock in. She gagged and choked on it as he rammed it down her throat. He held her head tight and he face fucked little Riley.

When she stated to pass out, he pulled out of her mouth and flipped her over on her stomach. She felt him spit a few times on her ass and then felt the unbelievable pain of getting a huge 12 inch cock shoved in her ass. Her screams could be heard down on the street. The men standing in front of the house high fived each other and just laughed. They knew they had a new little teenaged fuck toy to play with.

The black man raped her for almost twenty minutes. Her asshole was torn and bleeding and she slipped into a state of shock while he defiled the once innocent eighth grader. When he got ready to cum, he pulled out and shoved his bloody, shit stained cock back into her mouth and made her swallow his vile seed. He pushed himself off the little girl and put his pants back on. He left her there lying on the bed with her legs spread and her asshole bleeding.

About thirty men took turns raping Riley that night. She lost her virginity and her mind. Everything that was Riley Matthews died that night. Over the next several days, Maya got her hooked on crack. They smoked crack and let anyone with enough money fuck them. They were turned out by the crack dealer and did whatever they had too to get another hit. They were made to put on sex shows with each other while the men watched. Riley had her nipples pierced and they both had rings placed in their clits. After a week, Riley started turning tricks with Maya. She dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit with her hair in pigtails and made a lot of money.

* * *

The Matthews' were devastated by the disappearance of their daughter. They never saw her alive again. One afternoon, seven months after she went missing, Cory and Topanga were called down to the local precinct. They were told that their daughter was found dead in a fleabag motel. She'd apparently been beaten and murdered by a trick. The police spared none of the details and explained that she had been selling her body and using drugs. When they found her, she was covered in cum and she had been having rough sex. After the funeral, Cory committed suicide and Topanga moved back to Philly with her young son Augie. No one ever knew what happened to Maya and no one cared.

The End


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