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Girl Meets World: Riley Makes The Cheer Squad (mf, ff, anal, oral, cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Sweet high school freshman Riley Matthews was walking down the hall after school. She had to stay after class to speak with her guidance counselor. As she walked past the gym, someone grabbed her and pulled her into the boy's locker room where she found herself surrounded by four senior girls from the cheerleading squad. Nikki, the squads captain, came up to her and said, "So, Matthews, I hear you want to be a cheerleader."

Riley looked at the other girls and then said, "Yes, I really do. I tried out every year in middle school and I finally made the squad last year."

Nikki looked her over and said, "I don't think you have what it takes to make our squad."

Riley smiled and said, "I do. I know I do. No one has more school spirit than I do. Let me prove it."

Nikki looked at the other girls and smiled. "OK Matthews, we're going to let you prove it but you have to do exactly what we tell you or you'll never going to get another chance. Agreed?"

Riley shook her head and said, "Agreed. Wait, what do I have to do?"

Francesca, the tall blonde standing next to her pulled a pillow case over her head and said, "You'll find out freshman."

The two other girls pulled Riley's hands behind her back and held her while Nikki and Francesca unbuttoned her blouse. They took it off and then her bra while the other girls pulled her skirt, panties and boots off.

"Hey, stop it! What are you doing?" she screamed.

Nikki slapped her and said, "Shut up freshman. You said you'd do whatever we wanted."

Riley started to get scared as they led her through the locker room and pulled her into the boys shower. Riley could hear the water running and then she heard a boy say, "Hey guys. Check it out. Is that the little freshman Nikki?"

Nikki said, "Yup, here she is boys. Have fun."

Riley stood there shaking. She could feel several people standing around her. Suddenly, someone pulled the pillow case off her head and she could see that there were five naked boys standing around her, each one stroking their hard cocks. "Hey, wait a minute. I never agreed to this" she said.

One of the boys, a senior from the football team came up in front of her and said, "Do you want to be a cheerleader or don't you?"

Riley looked down at his eight inches and said, "Yes, I do, but this is not what I had in mind."

The senior pushed her towards the door and said, "Fine, get out, but your chances of ever being a cheerleader just ended."

Riley reached for the door handle and then stopped. When she turned around, she said, "OK, I'll do it but you have to promise me that none of you will cum inside me. I don't want to get pregnant."

One of the boys walked over to her, squeezed her tit and said, "No problem sweetmeat. Besides, we all have condoms."

The boys pulled her into the middle of the room and pushed her to her knees. One of them got in front of her and said, "OK freshman. Let's see how you do sucking our cocks."

Riley took him in her hand and said, "I love sucking cock. My boyfriend lets me suck him all the time." She took his cock between her lips and the boy said, "He's one lucky guy."

Riley started to take more and more of his cock into her mouth while the other guys jerked off. The pretty teen reached out and took two of them in her hands and stroked them as she sucked the cock in her mouth. The guy standing behind her pushed her head down on the cock, forcing it into her throat. Riley gagged and pulled off, coughing up some spit and then went back down on it.

One of the guys she was jerking off said, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum.

Riley pulled the cock out of her mouth and quickly turned, opened her mouth and let him shoot his load in. When he finished, she looked up at the boys and swallowed. "Mmmmmmm, I just love the taste of cum."

The boys all cheered. "This chick is fucking awesome" one of them said while Riley went back down on the first boy.

Within minutes, she was swallowing his cum. One after the other filled her mouth and Riley swallowed down all their tasty treats.

After each boy had a turn getting head, they had her lay down on the shower floor.

Thor, the captain of the football team said, "I'm first boys. I can't wait to fuck that tight little pussy."

Riley spread her legs and said, "Put a condom on first. You promised."

One of the other boys tossed Thor a condom and after he put it on, he slid between the cute teens legs and pushed his cock inside. "Guess what guys, this chick isn't a cherry."

Riley put her hands on his chest and said, "Of course not. My boyfriend and I fuck all the time."

When Thor started to fuck Riley, she wrapped her long legs around his back, pulling him deeper and deeper inside her sopping wet pussy.

After a few minutes, she started to cum and when she did, her pussy squeezed the cock inside of her, making Thor cum as well. When he pulled his cock out, Riley took off the condom and squeezed the hot load into her mouth, swallowing it all down.

Thor stood up and said, "Geez, this little bitch really is a cum slut, isn't she?"

The next guy got between her legs and shoved his condom covered cock inside of her. Riley started to beg him to fuck her harder. After each boy had a turn, then picked her up and put her under the shower. Two of the boys dried her off and took her out into the locker room.

Nikki, Francesca and the other girls were waiting. The cheer captain tossed Riley a cheerleader uniform and said, "Congratulations! You're the first freshman to make the varsity squad. Go ahead, put on your uniform."

Riley had a big smile on her face as the put the short skirt and top on. When she was finished, Nikki looked at her and said, "Only one last thing you have to do."

Riley stood and said, "What's that?"

NIkki opened her backpack and took out a strap on and slipped it on. "Bend over freshman. My turn."

Riley turned and bent over one of the benches as Nikki got behind her. The cheer captain squirted some lube on Riley's ass and said, "Let's see how you like getting fucked in the ass."

Riley closed her eyes and then she felt the toy penetrate her ass. Riley held her breath as Nikki pushed the strap on all the way inside the young teen.

"How's that feel in your ass freshman?" she asked.

Riley opened her eyes and smiled. "Wonderful! My boyfriend fucks my ass all the time."

Nikki smacked her ass cheek and started to fuck Riley.

Riley started to moan and said, "Come on Nikki. Fuck me harder."

Nikki smacked her ass again and then started to pound Riley's ass hard. She was slamming the strap on all the way inside the cute brunette and soon had her cumming, over and over again. The boys and girls standing around them yelled and cheered while they watched Riley get sodomized. Two of the boys were jerking off and shot their loads on Riley's face.

After almost 15 minutes of hard fucking. Nikki pulled the strap on out of Riley's ass and made her suck it clean. When she finished, Nikki pulled her up on her feet and said, "We practice every day after school. Don't be late."

Riley wiped the cum off her face with a towel, hugged her and said, "Don't worry. I'll be there."

Riley put her boots on, picked up her clothes and skipped out of the locker room.

As soon as she was gone, Lucas came out from behind the lockers and said, "Thanks Nikki. Thanks guys. You have no idea how happy you just made her. You're the best."

Thor came over to him and shook his hand. "You're one lucky son of a bitch dude. I can't believe you get to fuck that."

Lucas smiled and said, "I know, right?"

As soon as he left, Thor looked at the other kids and said, "I heard that he wants to play football. I think I know of a way to help him make the team."

Nikki put her arm around him and said, "I have a feeling Riley will be more than happy to help her boyfriend out."

Every one cheered and high fived each other and started making plans to get Lucas on the team.

Meanwhile, outside, Riley was waiting for Lucas. When he came out she ran over and hugged him. "Thanks baby. You have no idea how happy I am."

Lucas felt her squeeze his cock through his jeans and said, "I have a pretty good idea. I also think I have a pretty good idea how I'm going to get on the team. Are you up for it?"

Riley took his hand and the two started to walk home. She kissed his cheek and said, "I'll show you when we get to my room."

Lucas just smiled as he walked the love of his life home.

The End


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