Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Hermaphrodite (fff,mfff,herm,anal,DP,DAP,preg)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was a cool winter's night and Riley, Maya, and Isadora (Smackle) were gonna have a sleepover that weekend since Riley's parents were out of town visiting other family. Smackle came over and the girls were in the pajama attire, all had on tight tank tops that hugged their plump teenage breasts, some more profound than others-like Maya; loose shorts that hugged their bottoms and showed off their luscious legs while wearing ankle socks.

The girls were in Riley's room and Smackle took off her glasses and Riley and Maya began to admire her teen beauty in its own nerdy quality as she laid on her back and read Teen Magazine. The girls were just about to turn 16 and all were at the height of their sexual experimentation years. Maya and Riley looked at each other with a devilish smile as they laid at either side of Smackle, gently running their fingertips over her glistening legs and massaging her private area...

Smackle dropped the magazine with a loud moan as she shut her eyes and lifted her hips. Maya and Riley jerked their hands back in reaction to what they felt...

"What the hell is that in your shorts, Smackle!?" Maya asked as she stared down at a large growing bulge in her shorts.

Smackles face turned beet red as she cupped her forehead with the palm of her hand since she had a near orgasm...Embarrassed, Smackle told them the story of her being born looking like a girl but having both female and male genitalia...

"Really? Lets see..." Riley exclaimed with a wide grin and curiosity.

Maya and Riley worked Smackle's shorts off her body and exposed not one but two rock hard 7" erections just above her pussy, her private area shaven smooth and the cocks bulging and rippled with veins. Maya and Riley's jaws dropped at what they saw and began to caress Smackle's hard cocks, taking a cock into each of their hands and stroking them as they leaned down and flicked their tongues over the tips of each cock.

Smackle was in heaven and squealing from what the girls were doing to her, sucking her cock and than swapping a cock and letting the other have a turn at each one. Smackle couldn't take it anymore and both her dicks began to shoot cum into the air, not inches but feet!

Smackle screamed with delight as Maya covered her mouth with the palm of her hand to muffle her screams while cupping the top of one of her dicks to stop the shooting cum. Riley on the other hand, jerked Smackle off and welcomed the hot substance on her skin as load after load coated Smackle's stomach as she screamed: "I can't stop!"

After nearly 20 seconds of continuous cumming, covering her body milky white on her upper legs, torso and tits, Smackle's orgasm subsided and her body twitched as the girls hands massagaed the cum into her shafts...

"Holy shit, that's a lot of cum!" Maya exclaimed....

"Hey, wanna have it happen again? Fuck me, Smackle...Fuck me and do it in me..." Maya suggested...

"Maya! Are you crazy!? What about protection?" Riley asked, dumbfounded, as Maya laid on her back and spread her legs...

"I don't care...I wanna feel them in me...Taking me...Squirting in me...Without any barrier blocking the sensation..." Maya replied.

Smackle was all too willing and quickly got between Maya's legs kneeling, propping the head of her bottom cock up against Maya's pussy and sliding it into her wet cunt with ease. Though Maya was a virgin, she was so wet her own juices provided a natural lubricant allowing Smackle to take her without much pain.

Riley watched her best friend get laid only inches from her, the bed rocked as Smackle's bottom shaft sunk deeply into Maya as her top shaft rubbed against Maya's soft golden blond pubic muff, tickling its underside as Smackle bucked her hips in a humping manner.

It didn't take long, especially after Riley went down on Smackle and started to suck her one free cock as Maya's pubes tickled the side of her face, for Maya and Smackel to cum in tandem. Maya felt the strong pulses emitting their bursts of energy against her inner vaginal walls as the hot cum shot deep into her, filling her pussy with the slimy texure as it was worked into her insides with Smackle's fucking.

Smackle collapsed onto Maya and gave her the wettest French kiss of her life, their tongues flailing about in each others mouths as Riley massaged Smackle's smooth bottom...

"Your turn, Riley..." Maya stated...

"Jeez, how about a rest...Give me a chance to build up again, will you..." Smackle stated.

The girls agreed and showered before taking a small nap. Within a couple hours Smackle was awake and rubbing her dick against Riley's pussy, just getting ready to plunge it into her when Maya woke...

"You're awake...Good...Just in time to see me fuck Riley's virginity out of her..." Smackle said.

Maya watched as Smackle eased herself into Riley who flung her head back and groaned, forcing veins to appear on her neck as her stomach panted heavily with Smackle working her hard shaft back and forth in her virgin womb.

Riley's soft black pubes caressed Smackle's top cock as her lower one pounded inside of Riley...

"Lets try something..." Maya stated as she pushed Smackle out of Riley and squeezed Smackes two dicks together...

"Put 'em both in her pussy..." Maya exclaimed with a huge smile, holding Smackles cocks together as Smackle forced both into Riley's pussy. Riley screamed out and teared up as Smackle sunk both her cocks fully into Riley's hot pussy. Smackle laid on Riley and made out with her as the girth of her two cocks stretched Riley's pussy to new proportions. Within seconds, Riley felt the full force of Smackle's cocks pulsing inside of her, the hard throbs banged her vaginal walls as the ridges of her cock heads massaged Riley's inner vaginal walls at her G-spot...

Riley's legs shot up in midair and she gasped with heated yipes that went in sync with each of Smackle's hard thrusts into her. Load after load from each of Smackle's cocks filled Riley's pussy until Smackel pulled out before she was even through, watching as he cum poured out of Riley and both her cocks shot their loads clear way up Riley's body and onto her innocent face; covering it with her goo.

Smackle finished and Maya leaned down and lapped the cum off Riley's face, spitting it into her mouth and sharing it with her; then turning her attention to Smackle and swapping her own cum with her.

The girls were spent for the day and went to sleep, fantasizing about what they could do on Sunday. It came to them to invite Farkle over for a romp. After all, they're all friends and technically Smackle was Farkle's girlfirend and Farkle did actually have the hots for Maya. Farkle couldn't believe his ears when Maya told him to come over and straight out have sex with the three of them. This was an opportunity he wasn't gonna pass up.

Farkle made it to Riley's apartment and they let him in, he was now standing in the middle of 3 girls he knew for many years and all were naked. His eyes bolted around to each of them and taking in their beauty until he reache his own girlfriend. Shock came over his face as Smackle went to him and jammed her tongue into his mouth while making him stroke her cocks.

Farkle didn't know what to think, but he wasn't about to allow something like a couple of cocks that were 2" bigger than his own stop him from having some fun with 2 girls he always wanted to do for years. The girls stripped him naked and caressed his boyish frame and his hard cock....

"Mmmmm... You shave your legs and private area, Farkle?" Smackle asked.

Farkle nodded with a smile since he liked the look on himself and it excited him when he played with himself. The girls led him to Riley's room where the covers on the bed were still messed up. Riley and Maya got on all 4's as Smackle got behind Maya on her knees, leaving Riley for Smackle who did the same to her. Smackle and Farkle lined their cocks up with Maya and Riley's pussies, pushing in at the same time and fucking them.

Smackle's top cock was in Maya while her bottom one was rubbing against her fur mound. Farkle came almost immediately into Riley's pussy...

"Already!?" Riley said, disappointed.

"Don't worry, I can keep going..." Farkle replied, continuing to fuck Riley as he watched Smackle pull from Maya's pussy and plunger her bottom cock into Maya's ass, making her scream as Smackle's top cock was massaged between Maya's ass cheeks. This turned Farkle on immensely and he decided to pop his into Riley's ass.

He quickly pulled from her pussy and pushed it into her ass before she had a chance to stop him or say no. Riley winced and screamed as her ass cherry was taken, Farkle fucking her hard and rapid-like as Smackle did the same to Maya. Farkle caught out the corner of his eye Smackel's orgasm, her hot cum spraying all over Maya's back and into her hair from her top cock as her bottom one that was in Maya's ass gave her a cum-enema.

Farkle did the same, shooting his hot cum into Riley's tight ass and lubing it well with his semen. Farkle and Smackle pulled from their lover's asses at the same time and watched Maya and Riley's gaping assholes pulse and emit their cum, allowing the mess to drip from their pubes onto the bed and slide down the insides of their legs. Maya and Riley were nearly spent, but Farkle and Smackel were ready for one more time.

They both turned their attention to the beautiful Maya. Farkle laid on his back and held his cock straight up as Smackle ordered Maya to straddle it in a reverse cowgirl. After lowering her still gaping ass onto his shaft until fully seated, Smackle pushed her back so her cum-covered back was resting against Farkle's hairless chest and stomach.

Riley watched with great anticipation as Smackle lined up both her cocks with each of Maya's holes, finessing them into Maya's pussy and ass along with Farkle's cock. Maya was now getting penetrated by both Farkle and Smackle's 2 cocks. She couldn't believe the intense feeling of 3 cocks in her, 1 in her pussy and 2 in her ass!

Farkle bucked his hips upward as Smackle fucked Maya hard, making her scream as she balled the sheets up into her hands; her body becoming sweaty and glistening in the room light as she was defiled like she never imagined. Farkle breathed heavily on the side of Maya's neck as Riley licked her stiff nipples while Smackle fucked Maya's ass and pussy with thrusting power.

Maya screamed and groaned as her pussy and ass gave out, her entire body went limp and a flood of juice flowed from both holes without control. Farkle began to cum in her ass and Smackle felt his throbs, sending shock waves up her spine and making her cum.

Smackle filled Maya like never before, her hot cum blowing inside of Maya like a firehose and splashing back out past Smackle and Farkle's cocks.

Maya's dizzy-like state dissipated and her pupils returned to their normal dilation as Farkle and Smackle pulled from her pussy and ass, rolling her off Farkle and leaving her spent and playing with the cum that exited her pussy. Smackle, Farkle and Riley all went down on Maya and licked the cum out of her holes; cleaning her private area with their tongues and lips until Maya gave one final Squirt onto their faces.

It wasn't until several months later when they all would see the aftermath of the wanton abandon...Both Riley and Maya became pregnant...Maya with twins, produced from a cell from each of Maya's cocks; Riley with 2 babies-1 made from Maya and the other from Farkle...The next thing would be how to describe to lineage and family tree.


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