This story is fictional. The characters are fictional and the situation is purely fantasy and there's nothing wrong with fantasy.

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Girl Meets World: Farkle's First Boy/Girl Party (mf, ff, mmmf, oral, first, anal, cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Friday night was going to be the first time Farkle Mingas was allowed to host a boy/girl party while his parents went out to a fundraiser. He invited everyone from school as well as his new girlfriend Isadora Smackle. They danced and listened to music and everyone had a great time. As promised, most of the teens had left by 11pm leaving just a few of the Cory Matthew's 8th grade class alone together. The lights had been turned down and the music played low as the teens paired up and started making out. Zay and Sarah, a cute brunette with glasses, were making out on the couch next to Farkle and Smackle. Smackle straddled Farkle, her short shirt riding up over her pink panties, while she shoved her tongue down his throat. Zay had his hand under Sarah's blouse, feeling her up as the two swapped spit. On the other side of the room, Lucas sat nervously between Riley and Maya, not knowing what to expect from his two best friends and on-again/off-again girlfriends. He'd been torn between the two girls ever since they returned from Texas and now, sitting here with both of them, he needed to make a choice. Then it came to him, the choice was obvious, so he stood up, took each girl by the hand and led them to one of the penthouse's large bedrooms.

"Look, I love you both and I know you both love me so let's do the only thing that we can do. We'll date each other" he said.

Maya and Riley looked at each other and then came up and hugged him. Maya rubbed her hand along his crotch and said, "It's about time. Riley and I thought you'd never figure it out."

Riley leaned up and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth as Maya dropped to her knees and unzipped his jeans. She pulled them down along with his underwear, revealing his 8 inch cock. Riley grabbed it with her tiny hand and began to stoke, kissing his neck and nibbling at his ear lobe. Maya opened her mouth and started to suck the head before taking more and more into her mouth.

Lucas started playing with Riley's tits and then unbuttoned her blouse. He slid his hand up under her bra and pinched he already hard nipples. Maya continued to bob her head up and down on his throbbing cock. Riley dropped to her knees and joined her best friend and the two of them took turns sucking off their man. Lucas looked down and watched the two sexy girls suck him until he couldn't hold out any longer. With a loud grunt, he began shooting rope after hot rope all over the two teen beauties. Maya and Riley kissed and then licked the cum from each other's faces.

Out in the living room, Smackle was on her knees going down on Farkle while Sarah was getting fucked by Zay. The cute teen had pulled her panties off and was straddling him on the couch as she watched Smackle deep throat her genius classmate. Zay's huge cock felt so good in her teen pussy that she started to cum for the first time. Zay started fucking her harder and faster and soon filled her with his load just as Farkle came in Smakle's mouth. They were quickly distracted by the sounds coming from the bedroom, so the four of them went back and listened at the door. "FUCK ME HARDER LUCAS.....DO IT......FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK!!!!"

Farkle smiled and slowly opened the door. When they looked in, they saw Riley getting fucked from behind by Lucas as Maya sucked his balls and licked his ass. The three naked teens didn't hear the door opened and continued their fuck session while the others watched. Sarah was so turned on that she dropped to her knees and started sucking Zay off in the hallway. Smackle stroked Farkle's cock as they watched Lucas pull out of Riley and cover her ass and back with a hot load of cum.

When Maya turned around to see the others standing at the door, she motioned for Smackle to come in. The cute brunette took off her glasses and got in front of Lucas. She took his cock in her mouth, cleaning off the remaining cum. Lucas started to get hard again and he was soon fucking Smackle's mouth with his hard cock. Maya got up and licked the cum from Riley's back and then went down on her best friend. Zay, Sarah and Farkle came in and joined the others. Sarah dropped to her knees and started sucking off the boys. Farkle laid down on the floor and pulled her on top. As soon as she had his cock deep in her pussy, Zay got behind her and did something she'd never dreamed of. He pushed his cock into her tiny ass, making her scream out at the violation. Within seconds she felt immense pleasure from the DP and came all over Farkle's hard cock. Meanwhile, Lucas got behind Smackle and started to fuck her hairless pussy. He was slamming into the cute teen with all he had, making her cum over and over again until he finally filled her tiny snatch with his hot load. Just as he shot off, Riley screamed from the orgasm Maya gave her with her tongue.

Riley and Maya got down on the floor in a 69 position with Riley on top. Sarah and Smackle got on their knees next to them and soon the three boys were taking turns fucking their classmate's asses while Maya licked and sucked on Riley's sopping wet cunt. Riley switched with Maya and it didn't take long before Lucas filled her virgin ass with his cock. The other three girls got up on the bed and formed a daisy chain, licking and fingering each other while the boys, filled all three of Maya's holes with cock. They triple fucked the tiny blonde, switching places and making her cum so many times, she lost count.

Over the next several hours, the four girls each had a turn getting gangfucked by the three boys until they were exhausted. When Farkle's parents came home, they found the naked teens sleeping in a pile on their bed. They called their parents and told them what they found and the kids were grounded for a month. Riley's parents forbid her to see Maya again and sent her to a Catholic school. As for Sarah and Smackle? Both girls discovered that they were pregnant and were sent away to live with relatives. Farkle was pulled out of John Quincy Adams Middle School and sent to a private school and Lucas was forced to move back to Texas to live with his Grandfather. Maya's Mother was equally as mad but she forgave her baby girl. That is until she caught her fucking Zay in her room one night when she came home after work. They had a terrible fight. Maya ran away and is now turning tricks in the subway for her black pimp.

The End


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