Good Morning America (MF,FF,MMMF,orgy,inter,oral,voy,celeb)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

The show starts with Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer sitting at the desk all
smiles. They welcomed everyone to the show. Robin starts the news, she is
focused like the true pro she is. A commerical break comes and she asks Diane
to give her a hand.

They make their way off the set. Robin raises her long skirt. Diane looks
confused. Robin pulls down her panties and she bends over with a smile. Diane
is just looking at the smooth chocolate ass.

Robin pushes. Diane soon sees something coming out of her ass, a small egg.
Robin takes it and wipes it off, opens it and pulls out a small battery.
Robin soon repalces the battery and it begins to vibrate again.

"Be a dear," she asked Diane. Once again Robin bends over, takes her hand
parts her ass, " and put it in."

Diane sees how wet Robin is, as the egg still vibrates. She rubs along her
pussy. Moans come from Robin. Soon the egg is covered in her juice. Diane
then pushes the egg back into Robin's ass.

Diane then gives it some kisses, she even licks her ass hole, Robin finished
dressing they return, once again she has a smile.

They check the weather. What the people don't see is a young girl on her
knees. She just zipped up his pants licking her lips.

Diane is at the desk, her dress is above her waist. A cameraman is licking
her pussy. He bites her clit. Diane has to keep quiet. The guys tongue dances
around her pussy. Robin watches. She too is rubbing her pussy. Soon the
camera is back on them.

Diane starts with a report she did about football and players for the season
is up on us. They switch to a house. Diane is sitting with four other women.
They talk about how the football season keeps their husbands away, so they
have a club, too, of sorts. Foot Baller Wives, one begins to say they have
sex with each other. Out come all sort toys.

Diane just sit and listens as her pussy gets wet. The women show her what
they do. They pair off and just lick and eat pussy.

The report ends Diane lookng flushed. During the commerical break Diane's
pussy is on fire. Diane begs anyone to come fuck her. She walks off the set
and three crew men follow. All they heard was Diane begging for more.

Robin finishes the show as Diane is on the floor with her pussy is full of
cum along with her ass. She looks like a glazed danish with her face covered
in cum.


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