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George Lopez Show: Part 1 - The Buy Out (MFf,first,reluc,inc,swap)
by Willie Longfellow ([email protected])

It was just after ten in the morning when my phone rang.

I answered. "Hello, yes this is Willie Longfellow."

"This is Angie Lopez, George's wife I would like to talk to you about my
husband's job."

"I'm sorry Angie, but like I said at dinner last night. When I buy out the
Powers Brothers, I plan on running the factory myself so George will no
longer be needed." I replied.

"Are you sure there isn't anything that can be done to save George's job."
She again pleaded

This was starting to bother me.

"Well, short of you and your daughter showing up here to pleasure me,
nothing." I stated annoyed and hung up on her. Thinking that was the end of

About nine o'clock at night I was all dressed up to go and hit a couple of
night clubs, when a knock came on my door.

I opened the door and was surprised to see Angie Lopez and her 15 year old
daughter standing there.

Angie was wearing a white off the shoulder dress with a low neckline that
showed her cleavage, and white heels. Carmen was wearing her school girl
uniform, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

"Come in," I said closing the door behind them. "What can I do for you?"

"We came here to talk to you about George's job." She replied

"Well you heard my terms." I stated thinking they would leave.

Angie reached up behind her and unzipped her dress dropping it to the floor.
"We're here to have sex, just so long George keeps his job."

She was now standing there in a white strapless bra and matching French cut

I walked over to her and kissed her. "Relax; this could be a lot of fun.
Besides when were done you'll never have to see me again if you don't want
to. "I'll back out of the deal and set your husband up to receive a 20
percent raise." I said as I brushed the back of my hand across her cheek.

I walked over to Carmen who was standing there with one leg crossed over in
front of the other, holding her hands in front of her playing with a ring on
her finger. She had no smile.

I leaned down and cupped her face with both my hands and kissed her long and

When I stopped kissing her, she had to catch her breath and her balance. She
was smiling now.

I walked over to Angie, Reached around her and pulled her close to me and
kissed her just like Carmen, and squeezed her ass cheek.

I broke off our kiss and said. "Ok ladies, let's have some fun. Angie your
first, Carmen have a seat on the couch."

I stripped off my clothes and sat in a chair near Carmen so she would be able
to see everything.

"Come here and show your daughter how to suck cock." I said pointing at my

Angie dropped to her knees and instantly swallowed my cock, deep throating me
like a porn star.

Sucking and licking at the same time, Angie bobbed her head up and down on my
cock without mercy.

Carmen sat there watching her Mother in wonder.

Angie released my cock and licked my shaft from the base to the head,
gripping the base of the cock. She licked my shaft all around covering it in

Angie bent over further and licked and sucked on my balls, stroking my cock
at the same time.

Then she engulfed my cock fully down her throat, as she slowly backed off my
cock she started stroking my cock again, keeping my cock head in her mouth
she jacked me off.

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum, oh yeah. Don't swallow hold it in your mouth." I
moaned filling her mouth with my cum, watching her cheeks puff out like a

"Share it with your daughter, cum swap." I said pointing at Carmen.

Angie stood and walked over to her teenage daughter, grabbing her chin with
one hand, She had Carmen look up at her and released the cum from her mouth
slowly dripping it in a long steady stream from her mouth down into Carmen's

Angie let Carmen have about half of my cum, and they swallowed at the same

"What an erotic site that was." I said taking a drink from my bottled water.

"Carmen stand up beside your Mother, I want to watch you two make out with
each other." I said taking another drink.

Carmen stood up in front of Angie and they put their hands on each others
waist. Angie bent down and kissed Carmen.

They got off to a slow start, but then I seen Angie's tongue pushed in to her
daughters mouth and her hand went upward cupping Carmen's breast though the
material of her uniform. Carmen's arm reached around her Mother's waist on
squeezed her ass cheek.

"That's hot." I said grinning. "Now Angie, stand behind Carmen and strip her
totally naked."

Angie moved behind her daughter, running her hands down Carmen's side softly.
She grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it over her head, making her
ponytail bounce.

Angie then reached around the front of Carmen pulling her shirt out of her
skirt; she started kissing her daughter's neck as she slowly undid one button
at a time, working upward. Pulling the shirt off her smooth shoulders and
letting it drop to the floor.

Carmen's eyes were closed and her head tilted back in enjoyment.

Angie kneeled behind her Carmen and removed her shoes and socks.

Angie stood back up and unhooked Carmen's bra, and reached around and cupped
Carmen's breast and squeezed. Holding the bra material she pulled on it
exposing Carmen's young firm breast.

Running her hands down Carmen's flat stomach to her skirt, she unfastened it
pushing it down a little and letting it drop to the floor.

Angie spun Carmen around slowly one time to show me her tight ass cheeks, she
was wearing a thong.

Now having Carmen stand still. Angie grabbed the strings of her thong pushing
them down her legs, exposing a dark patch of hair.

Angie held Carmen's waist and started kissing her neck again.

I watched as Carmen enjoyed the feeling.

"Ladies, I don't like hairy pussy, so were going to have to do something
about it. Follow me." I said as I stood up and walked to the guest room.

Angie and Carmen followed not saying a word.

Retrieving a towel and wash cloth from that bathroom, I told Carmen. "Sit on
the towel on the bed, and I'll be right back."

I returned a couple of minutes later carrying my shaving kit. Tossing it to
Angie I said. "Shave her bald as the day she was born."

Spreading Carmen's legs Angie proceeded to shave her daughter's pussy, doing
just what I told her. When she finished she used the wash cloth to clean up
Carmen's pussy.

"Now that's a sweet looking pussy." I said. "Now follow me."

I lead them to the master bedroom, walking in together I pointed a the king
size waterbed. "Carmen lay down in the middle of the bed." I softly spoke as
I started to caress Angie.

Carmen climb onto the bed and lay down on her back in the middle of the bed,
making it move with waves.

I stood behind Angie, with both of us facing Carmen.

"Carmen run your fingers down your pussy." I said.

She began moving her fingers up and down her pussy slit causing her to moan.

"Now answer my questions truthfully. Have you ever played with yourself
before?" She nodded yes.

"Are you still a virgin?" She nodded yes.

"Are you enjoying all of this?" Again nodding yes.

"Have you ever eaten out a girl's pussy?" No she moaned.

"Has anybody ever eaten your pussy?" She shook her head no.

"Is your pussy really wet?" She nodded and moaned. "Yes, yes it is."

"Carmen would you like some help? Would you like someone to eat your pussy?
Would you like your Mother to tongue fuck your virgin pussy?" I asked and she
answered. "Yes, please oh yes."

I smacked Angie on her ass, as she climb up on the bed between her daughter's

I reached over in a corner and turned on a video recorder.

Laying down she moved Carmen's hand out of the way and replaced it with her
mouth and tongue. The first lick up her daughter's slit made Carmen moan
loud. "Oh God Mom, that feels so good, please don't stop."

"Sixty-nine her." I said.

Angie moved her body on top of Carmen not stopping with her tongue.

I watched as they tongue fucked each others pussy's. Carmen doing everything
to her Mother's pussy that her Mother was doing to her.

Carmen cried out. "I'm cumming, Oh God I'm cumming."

Angie sucked on her daughter's pussy drinking her cum as it came out.

I got up on the bed behind Angie and slowly pushed my cock balls deep so
Carmen could see it all. I began working my cock in and out of Angie's pussy
slow at first, and picking up past.

"Oh God, fuck me, fuck me hard. Cum in my pussy, fill my cunt with your cum."
Angie yelled in to ecstasy.

Angie's cum flowed around my cock as I filled her womb with my cum. Blasting
spurt after spurt into her.

I slowly pulled my cock from Angie's pussy and let it slide down to Carmen's
mouth, and without prompting, she swallow my cock down her throat cleaning
her Mother's juices off my cock.

Angie turned around to help her daughter licking the base of my cock of her
own cum.

I climb off the bed and moved to the end looking at them kiss.

"Carmen." I said half singing. "Would you like me to fuck your virgin pussy?"

She broke the kiss off with her Mother. Looked at me and said. "Yes please."

I climb up on the bed between her legs, staying on my knees. I reached under
her and picked up her ass.

Angie reached over and guided my cock to Carmen's pussy, and I slowly pushed
it into her virgin pussy, feeling the heat and wetness of her inner sanctum.

I stopped at her hymen putting pressure on it, making her flinch. I smiled at
Angie, grabbed Carmen firmly by the hips and pulled hard shoving my cock deep
into her, making her body shake.

Carmen groaned out in pain and pleasure, as my cock hit rock bottom.

I held still, and leaned forward. Licking her nipples, I started moving my
hips back and forth getting the waterbed to rock us. I started using the
waves of the waterbed to fuck her. Moving my cock in and out of her tight
pussy, I felt her juices, and my balls tighten up.

"Is she on the pill?" I asked.

Angie shook her head no, losing her smile.

"Too bad!" I said. Unloading my baby making sperm in to Carmen.

Carmen feeling my cum enter her womb, tightened up and came hard.

I climb off the bed, and walked over to my briefcase. I took out a yellow
envelope and tossed it to Angie. "That's the secret to your hubby's raise,
now get dressed and get out."

I went into the bathroom to shower.


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