Tension mounts, tempers flare within the Joe ranks. Who's side is Storm
Shadow on? Will the insidious plan of the Baroness trump all?

G.I. Joe: The Serpent Strikes Part 2 (no sex)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Scarlet, Lady Jaye, Jinx, and Rio were almost to the stairwell when a very
loud confrontation erupted behind them on the helo deck. Shipwreck was on his
knees clutching his groin as his cronies, Breaker, Clutch, Salvo, Steeler,
Skydive, and that musclehead Dropzone surrounded the cause of Shipwreck's
current discomfort; Alyssa Renee Stahl a.k.a. Bombstrike. Alyssa was also a
fairly new member of the Joe team having joined during the Valor vs. Venom

Right now the beautiful busty blonde was in trouble having kicked the popular
Shipwreck in the balls after one too many sexist cracks. Scarlet and the
others quickly ran to her side. Of all the men on the Joe team, these 7 were
the worst pigs, and would rape them if they had the chance.

"Back off," Scarlet ordered.

"Fucking bitch! Fucking bitch!" Shipwreck said in a slightly higher voice
than usual.

"This is none of your business red," Breaker snarled.

"We're making it our business," Lady Jaye said.

"You chicks should just clear out," Clutch said, "This is between us and

"I'm flattered that you think it takes 7 of you to deal with me," Alyssa

"I think all you cunts should just get back in the kitchen," Dropzone said,
"We all know you're here only because of that bullshit political correctness

"You know something meathead," Lady Jaye said, "I've wanted to take you down
for awhile now. Please, give me an excuse."

As Shipwreck got to his feet the 7 men faced off against the 5 women. The
stand-off seemed like minutes but was actually only a matter of seconds
before Snake Eyes stepped in front of the 7 men clearly backing the girls.
None of them wanted to tangle with the ninja master. Snake Eyes was the
most feared man on both sides. Only his 'sword-brother' Storm Shadow was
even remotely a match for him.

Shipwreck and his posse muttered as they walked away. Words like 'That freak
saved them this time' could be made out, as well as 'Next time, when he's not

"Thank you," Scarlet said, hugging him.

'Be careful,' Snake Eyes replied in sign language as he returned the hug then
walked off.

"I'm sorry you got involved in this Shanna," Alyssa said, head down, "But
those apes were pawing me and when Shipwreck grabbed my tits from behind I'd
had enough."

"Calling them apes is an insult to apes," Rio said, "Why do they get away
with that?"

"Because they're good, damn good at what they do," Lady Jaye said, "Although
I hate to give them credit for anything. Hell, Shipwreck's saved my ass more
than once. And when he's not being a pig he's actually entertaining."

"It's okay Alyssa," Scarlet smiled at her, "Most of them aren't as bad."

"Makes me glad I'm a lesbian though," Alyssa said, dropping a bombshell.

"Well now, that makes it unanimous then," Jinx smiled.

"You mean, you, all of you are too?" Alyssa asked amazed.

"Don't ask, don't tell," Scarlett smiled.

"Weren't we headed for the shower," Rio grinned, "Five is even better than

But at that time Duke walked up.

"Briefing room 10 minutes ladies," Duke ordered, "Stow your gear quickly,
time-tables been moved up."

"Shit," Scarlet muttered.

* * *

General Tomahawk stood in front of a highly detailed. The assembled Joe force
numbering a full 200 looked on.

"Many of you have heard the rumors that this could be our final showdown with
Cobra, many of you have heard that we finally know were their top command
post is, many of you have heard that ALL of Cobra's leadership is in one
place," the general said, "For once, all those rumors are TRUE!!"

Loud cheering broke out, interrupting General Tomahawk. They had all been
fighting a long time for this day.

"Gentlemen, and ladies, please, I need your full intention," General Tomahawk
said over the cheering.

Since he was a fighting General who took fire with his men, Tomahawk was able
to gain control over the room quickly.

"This will not be an easy fight," General Tomahawk said, "Our source tells us
there are over 2500 assorted Cobra forces, counting robots and mutates."

"Cobra's have no guts, they run after the first few shots," Shipwreck

"That has been the case many times," General Tomahawk continued," Not this
time. Our inside man tells us that Cobra Commander has surrounded himself
with Islamic fanatics, leftover 'PLO', 'Hamas', 'Islamic Jihad', even 'Al
Queda'. That's good in one way, they are terrible soldiers, and worse
fighters, but it also means they will fight to the death. Another thing in
our favor is they can't operate the hi-tech equipment, the tanks, planes,

"Excuse me General," Duke politely (unlike Shipwreck) interrupted, "But who
is our 'inside man' that you keep refering to? How do we know we can trust

"Because it's Storm Shadow and he swore a blood oath to me," General Tomahawk
said, dropping a bombshell that caused Snake Eyes to stand up.

Storm Shadow was many things, sword brother to Snake Eyes, ninja, warrior, a
man who had once willingly fought for Cobra. Liar wasn't one of those things.
If his recent seeming return to Cobra wasn't what it seemed, then what?

"I know that may come as a shock to many of you, but that's how we've stayed
one step ahead of Cobra of late," the general said, throwing a video tape to
Snake Eyes, "He's, left a private message for Snake Eyes. I haven't watched
it of course. Anyway, I have consulted with General Hawk and the Admiral and
we have come up with a plan..."

* * *

At 0300 hours, the best time for any attack*, 3 rafts under human power
slipped past sleepy sentries. Electronic survailance went unheeded by
fanatics with no understanding of any technology beyond 2 cans and a string.
In the first raft was Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Kimuri, and Jinx. The
second raft held Stalker, Hi-Tech, Rio, Lady Jaye, and Quick Kick. In the
third raft was Tunnel Rat, Bombstrike, Gung Ho, Beach-Head, and Dr. Talbot
as their medic.

Their mission was to take control of the Air Trafic Control Tower. Once they
had possession of that Cobra's air power was virtually nil. It was irony that
many of the stealthier members of the Joe team just happened to be the 5
women. Beach-Head, Gung Ho, and Duke actually were more muscle, and were
there mostly in case heavy firepower was required.

Security was never Cobra's strong suit. The Joe team found it remarkably easy
to penetrate all the way to the tower. The few half-asleep guards they ran
into were quckly dispatched. Breakng out heavier weapons, as well as taking
control of the towers gun turrents, most of the covert team formed a
protective perimiter while Snake Eyes, Kamakuri, Jinx, and Bombstrike
continued inside the control room itself.

The 2 controllers inside fell to suriken thrown by Snake Eyes. Bombstrike,
the communications and fire control expert donned a head-set and sent out the
code for the main attack to begin.

* * *

Hidden in her bunker, watching the entire affair was Sepent and the Baroness.
They had no intention of alerting the Cobra's to the attack.

"There are 5 female Joes?" Serpent asked.

"I really only knew of 3," the Baroness said, "The blonde I only caught a
glimpse of and the latina is really new."

"We shall spare them and make them our slaves," Serpent smiled.

The Baroness smiled.

end of Chapter 2:

* In the military, there are 3 night watches. The midwatch or 12-4 a.m. is
the most taxing. At 3 a.m. the sentry is the most tired and lax as he
contemplates his relief. This is therefore the most opertune time for an
attack as most vets like me will agree.


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