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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 26 (F-gang,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

It was hours later that the last man filled her throat with semen O'Neil's
throat was sore as hell her tits burned and ached, her belly was worse,
bloated and stiff giving her the appearance of being 7 months pregnant.. She
was so full of Jiz, She burped and brought back Semen which ran from the
sides of her mouth down her neck. The Senator stood over her, she looked well
pregnant. Lillian went on her knees behind her. She rubbed her crotch against
O'Neil's back and wrapped her arms around her to squeeze and fondle her stiff

O'Neil groaned as the Senator manhandled her bloated abdomen she kissed her
shoulders and ear whispering to her.

"Oh yes bitch, my big soldier girl, my you're belly feels nice, I do like it,
a nice pregnant soldier girl next. You're belly full of a big black baby from
my men. So I can feel it kick while I take your ass. Then I can adopt it and
the people will love me for adopting a poor unfortunate"

The party over all the guests left. The senator was pissed as a fart. She had
a bloated anal bung which she shoved into O'Neil's squirming ass. She laughed
as she fitted a tube to it and inflated it inside her rectum until Jordan
snatched and yelped as it forced her bowels wide open.

She sealed the valve and removed the tube. Major Henry watched impassivly.
The Senator smiled at him.

"Have her taken back to the cell, get the men to fuck her cunt, hard and
often, I want my little sodier pregnant so Auntie can be a mommy!"

O'Neil couldn't believe her ears, tears came to her eyes, her belly and ass
were achingly full her throat felt raw. She had to escape this hell, to find

The Senator left with Major Henry, leaving the guards to release her from
the pole. The released the chain, pulling the hooks free from her nostrils,
undoing the strap from around her throat. One of them stood over her and
grabbed her shoulders wrenching them back. O'Neil screamed as the chain
between her teats went taut.

Then began to stretch her pinned teats painfully, she tried to strugle
forward but she was to weak as they were stretched to the limit the other guy
undid the chain letting her teats snap back. O'Neil squealed as they burned

He threw her to the floor were she landed on her side. Her ass felt as if it
would burst as she hit, her over full belly bounced, she wretched up some
semen, her arms still bound behind her as one of them ran at her and kicked
her in the belly. She yelped doubling up.

"Time to get banged up whore!"

They grabbed her and dragged her on her knees to her cell. They threw her
across the bed. Her belly slammed into the frame her hooded head bouncing on
the mattress. before she came to a rest Jez kicked her in the ass, ramming
the bung deeper into her butt. O'Neil screamed long and hard. He knelt behind
her fisting his cock ready rape her cunt.

As he put it against her twat she heaved her self up slamming her head into
his face smashing his jaw, she swung around bringing her thigh up to push him
aside. She surged to her feet. The other tried to draw his pistol she leapt
and span around bringing her foot up to kick him in the jaw. His head
thwacked to one side, his pistol clattering to the floor, as he was hurled
back into the wall. Jez was scrambling up. O'Neil threw herself forward and
butted him in the stomach, lifting her head to hurl him into the wall.

He grabbed her around the torso. his fingers binding into each other as he
tried to keep her down. O'Neils thigh muscles bulged with effort as she
lifted the big black guard. His feet kicking as she slammed him into the
wall. His grip loosened and she pulled her self free and kicked him vicously
in the groin then the face. She turned to see the other rushing at her with
his nightstick. She ducked and slid to the side the stick slamming down on
her shoulder.

O'Neil yelped in pain, bringing her knee up into his belly doubling him over.
she slammed her forehead into the back of his head, missing and pitching
forward. He staggered to his knees twisting and kicking with his legs. His
booted foot contacting with the back of her knee. O'Neil grunted as her knee
gave way, swinging her around like lightning he slammed the nightstick across
her bouncing breasts. O'Neil yelped as pain surged through her tits. She
pulled her leg free and fled toward the door. Jez scrambled up and leapt
toward her. in the hood she couldn't see he swung his foot up and around
kicking her in the cunt. O'Neil howled in awful searing pain as her inertia
took her straight into the door her head slamming into the heavy wood dazing
her. She slid to the floor groaning.

The both leapt at her grabbing her feet and ankles. the dragged her to the
end of the bed and thew her on her bound arms. they forced her legs up over
her head Jez holding them as the other produced some thick jaffa tape and
quickly taped her ankles to the base of the cot. One ankle to each metal leg.
Her thick strong thighs framing her volumous breasts. Her ass held up
stretched open around the bung the senator had lodged up there. Her twat

Her thick pouting vulva were covered in emerging pubes, sharp bristles. Jez
was panting with exertion and anger. He patted her twat grinning. "So you
still like it rough huh, soldier? I'll give you rough bitch! You don't know
what fuckin' rough is whore!!" he ripped off some tape and forced it over her
left vulva. O'Neil started to come too struggling. He slapped some on her
other lip. Then slapped some on her pubis. He pressed it home with his
fingers. Then he gripped the edge and grinning gloated at her bruised face.

"You ready to buck soldier girl? Yeah! BUCK!!"

He ripped the tape off, O'Neil went mad, her ass bouncing as she screamed.
The tape had torn all the bristles out of her vulva. He gripped the other

"Please NO NO NO!!"

She screamed again as he did the other lip, tugging and wrenching it off bit
by bit. eventually it came free.

"Oh shit now that looks sore!" they both laughed.

O'Neils vulva were bright red, livid, swollen and bloated, her inner labia
were visable he dragged his fingers over it, then forced them in and pulled
them open. cruelly spreading her cunt. He rubbed his thumb over her clit then
pulled his cock out and rammed it into her twat. Forcing it in hard. The head
pressing into her pressure tightened twat. O'Neil sobbed as he mounted her,
feeling his cock slide over the mammoth girth up her ass. He grinned at her
his face over hers as his cock bottomed out against her cervix, his chest
hard against her thigh muscles. He spat on her face, and began fucking her

"We're gonna make you a mommy bitch!"

She twisted her face away in disgust as he rode her smarting cunt. O'Neil
gasped for air, tears streaking her beautiful face and sobs wracking her
helplessly pinned body. Her wide blue eyes were glazed and she was gasping
for breath as though she was suffocating.

She winced back from every pummeling thrust. Her stocky, sweating hard
muscled body bounced and vibrated with the aftershocks of every punishing
thrust, and she moaned as though in terrible agony. Her aching, battered
cunt clutched around his bruising cock.

Every flex of her punctured pussy caused waves of piercing agony to knife
through her body, but she couldn't control her treacherous slit. Her clit
throbbed wildly under the crushing advance of Jez's cock. Her pussy was
begining to drip with fuck-cream. A strange tingling was filling up her
pussy, then spilled over to run in-to every inch of her svelte, sexy body.

"Oh nooooooo!" she shrieked.

She bucked her ass so violently, O'Neil arched high off the floor, every
muscle in her lean, limber body standing up in bold relief. Sweat poured off
her sleek, squirming body. Her clit was still jerking and wriggling, and for
some reason the cock-juice that was burning up every other spot in her pussy
felt cool and welcome on the tiny nub of flesh. Then O'Neil climaxed.

She screamed as her orgasm overtook her holding her ass a foot above the
floor. Her perfectly rounded asscheeks flexed rapidly. Her swollen pink
pussy-lips fluttered wildly.

The fiery agony that burned her cunt flared hotter yet, the pain a constant
spurt that made her jerk and thrash like a wild woman, but the whipping of
her clit brought lots of pussycream rolling out of her pulsing cunt, brought
waves of pain-filled pleasure splashing through her sweat-soaked, squirming
body. Her pussy lips were the worst, though, swollen and reddened by the
brutal fucking. even more brutally, slamming her down into the floor with all
the strength his muscular body could muster.

O'Neil thought he was going to kill her. His cock was stabbing up farther
inside her than she had ever thought anything could reach. The pointed head
of his cock pressed against her cervix, stretching the tiny soft pocket of
her pussy farther than it had ever been meant to stretch. His hard chest and
stomach and thighs smashed down against her helpless, tender body, jarring
her with impacts that stung her flesh and rattled her bones. It was as though
someone had tied her to a wall and was slamming a thick oak door into her
over and over. Jez was beating her with not just his fists, but with his
whole body.

O'Neil's eyes bulging as she felt the first firehose blast of cum shooting up
inside her tattered pussy.

"Take it, you dirty bitch!" Mark shouted.

Beating her insides with his fountaining cock and slurping his tongue over
her beautiful, fevered face.

"Suck all that sweet jism up inside your stinking, dirty cunt! You lo-ve it,
don't you, whore? Tell me what it feels like!"

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh yes! Oh yessssss!"

He was filling her up with his filthy cum! He was pissing his dirty jism up
inside her precious, sore cunt! The thoughts flashed but her mind was reeling
with horror and revulsion. struggled wildly as she felt every ounce of jiz
slam into her cervix. Jez laughed as he finished spurting in her.

"That got you huh! you're gonna love bein' a mommy Lieutenant"

"Fuck you you dirty bastard!" she spat at him as he chuckled and moved aside
for Mark to get a veiw of her twat. He crouched over her and slid his manhood
deep into her gaping cunt. O'Neil grunted and flexed her ass as she felt him
bottom out inside her. He held himself deep in her and showed her the chain
from the other room. she watched helplessly as he clipped it between her
pierced teats. He pulled it dragging her swollen jugs up between her thighs.
She gritted her teeth as he stretched and pulled each bulging breast through
the gap. He snatched it tight making her gasp as he pulled her tits toward

"Now listen up you worthless peice of shit! Your gonna ride my cock nice or
I'm gonna pull your teats clean off yeah! you understand bitch?"

O'Neil looked up into his vicously leering face and relised he meant it. He
dragged them out further, elongating the already tortured flesh. Her aurolea
two swollen dark stretched out ovals. The metal stud through each nipple
pulling her flesh almost to breaking point. She nodded.

"That's a good soldier girl, Now start moving that ass bitch!" he barked.

O'Neil began to fuck his meat, slowly grinding her hips. In minutes O'Neil
squealed and jolted twisting and snatching her legs as he force filled her
cunt with more semen. Grinding her cunt as he dumped load after load into

They left her there. During the night another four sets of guards used her
sodden cunt. By morning her twat and buttocks were awash with semen.


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