The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail,
NOT READ. YOU WERE WARNED OK! All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance
to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended

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to First Independent Films for their story which I have borrowed material

Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 25 (F-gang,F-best,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

O'Neil had slept, slept the sleep of the exhausted. She dreamt of cock, lots
of cock and Salem laughing. She was laid on the bunk in her cell, Naked. Her
body covered in bruises and drying horse semen. Her breasts were two heavy,
turgid, swollen balloons of flesh far bigger than normal. Her aureole were
thick wide and dark supporting two now cruelly pierced teats by a thin bar,
ending in two screw on balls.

These were then attached to a swirl of metal which coned backwards from that
bar, circling her teat, this pressed into her aureole, forcing the nipple out
as if it were being continually stretched to it's maximum length. Milk eased
from the ducts in each and slid down the sides of her jutting peaks.

O'Neil's well muscled belly was marked with scratches and bruises from
countless pulling and gripping. Below that her shaven cunt was covered in
bristles as her pubes fought to grow back. Her twat it's self was also
swollen, her vulva thick and wide, in a state of almost constant arousal.
Between them her inner lips were distended and bloated. Slick with cunt
juice, her clitoral hood was partially drawn back by the swelling showing
the glistening nub it protected.

She groaned and moved, her strong legs squeezing together. Hard thigh muscles
straining then relaxing, her calves tautening then flexing as she shifted.
Her hand cradled her breasts as a nursing mother would, fingers caressing her
pinned teat into fuller erection. Her bruised wrist displaying how tight
manacles and ropes had been fastened there recently.

Her other hand pushed down between her legs and cupped her twat, squeezing it
slowly, she rolled on her side, drawing her knees higher, trapping her hand
over her womanhood. Her strong hard buttocks gaped as she moved showing her
deep ass crevice, her asshole red raw with the attention it had received over
the last week. Her hips pumped her cunt to her hand as she dreamt.

O'Neil's mind was full of evilly grinning black faces, men's laughter, thick,
hard black cocks, her throat swallowing as she dreamt of sperm flooding her

Major Henry watched through the one way mirror, next to him stood a large
well built black guy in army PT gear.

"When did she work out last, Sir?" he asked

"A week, during SEAL training, but she's been quite active with sex aerobics

"So what do you want Major?"

"The Senator wants her kept in shape, up to the same standard."

"So what kind of motivation keeps her in line?"

"Her breasts mainly."

"Her breasts?"

"Yep! she needs to feed otherwise her tits are excruciatingly painful, agony
in fact, she doesn't want to submit but the pains too much and she gives in
it's exquisite to watch."

"Her ass looks sore man?"

"Yeah she took a horse on!"

"Fuck Major, she needs to keep in shape!" they both laughed.

Lt. O'Neil woke as she heard the door open. She stayed still waiting her
chance as she did every time. She winced as her breasts springed and
throbbed, she felt them burn and pulse. Her nipples itched and burning with
increasing intensity.

"On Your feet Lieutenant!"

O'Neil lifted her head and rose to sit on the edge of the bunk. She stared
at the Major and the guy with him.

"On your feet Bitch!"

"What not on my knees? Can't get it up this morning you old fart?"

Major Henry smiled, then with lightning speed punched her face viciously.
Suprised, O'Neil sprawled on the floor. She lifted her head her jaw aching,
blood on her lip. Before she could move he was over her; he kicked her left
breast cruelly. She howled in agony and twisted on her side covering them

"Tits sore Lieutenant? Feeling full huh!"

She put her hand up to fend off the next kick.

"Do as you're told Lieutenant!"

O'Neil got to her feet. Looking warily at Henry.

"This is Sergeant Nero; he is your physical trainer. You will do as he says.
You do as he says you get milked, understand?"

"You bastard!"

"Attention!" She snapped to attention, the conditioned reflex making her
shudder at the realization.

"You might remember when you insult me Lieutenant, that the only way that
nasty building pressure in your melons is going to be relieved is by my
machine, unless of course you'd prefer to be under the control of Salem.
I'M sure he would have some novel ways of milking you."

O'Neil's face stayed impassive, a small tear coming to her right eye the
only sign that she realized she was totally reliant on his machine to take
away the pain and keep her sane. He stared into her face smiling as he saw
the tear. She shuddered at the mention of Salem.

"Apologies Lieutenant!"

She swallowed her face blanching and then her cheeks slowly reddened.

"Sorry, Sir!" she barked.

"Accepted Lieutenant, Sergeant she's all yours".

Sgt. Nero looked her up and down. Then threw a T-shirt at her, it was white
with her name stencilled on it. the same she had been issued with at the SEAL
training camp.

"PUT IT ON LIEUTENANT!" he barked.

She struggled it on it was far to small and she had to really pull at it to
get it down over her big stiff tits, it was so tight around them that it
squeezed milk out which caused great round wet patches to grow outward from
the bulge of each bulging coned teat. The shirt ended just below them showing
the bottom edges of her globes.

"AT EASE! . . . ATTENTION!" he grinned at her as she obeyed.

Her jugs bounced stiffly as she slammed her feet together making her wince
with the awful full tender pain a feeling of intense pressure.

"You will begin with jogging on the spot, BEGIN!"

"You must be joking Soldier I can't run with these!"

Major Henry tutted. O'Neil looked at him warily.

He had the crop in his hand, he brandished it.

"Lieutenant you will comply with the Sergeant's direction"


He stepped forward bringing the crop down viciously on her tender tits.
O'Neil screamed he struck them and her over and over as she fought to protect
them, searing welts criss-crossed her swollen orbs, He laughed at her agony.

"You will begin with jogging on the spot, BEGIN!"

O'Neil began to run on the spot, her massive unwieldy tits bouncing with each

"Faster!" she complied

"That's better Lieutenant" the Major encouraged.

Her breasts were slamming up and down now, the front of her shirt, sopping.
Vicious pains lanced through each tit. Her nipples cones chaffing on the
material as her chest began to heave. Each step tugged them and made her
sensitive teats expand. He kept her running like that for ages. The
tremendous ache in her breasts was awful, and it was steadily growing worse.
With each step she was feeling real pain, her breasts felt even larger and
as the bounced like sac's of concrete she felt like they would definitely

Then he set her running from wall to wall of the cell. Then halted her and
started her on Jumping jacks, screaming at her to jump higher and faster.
Loving the site of her bust slamming up and down, her face twisting in effort
and pain as they swung up and down. She was an impressive sight in combat
boots and T-shirt.

"STOP!" she halted she was panting but not to excess.

"Deep knee bends BEGIN!"

She set off her tits banging up and down as her knees hit their undersides.
Her body was now covered in a sheen of sweat. The front of her shirt dripping

Outside the mirror Major henry stood next to the Senator. She watched as
O'Neil was put through touching toes and sit-ups. Once satisfied she
signalled to the Major he went in, with his machine.

O'Neil was ordered to stand at attention. She stood panting her hot body
rigid. Her breasts throbbed and burned heavy with milk. Her eyes were fixed
on the machine her teats straining against the material.

The Sgt grabbed her wrists and dragged them behind her back he Trapped them,
drawing the plastic strap tight. She turned her face to him.

"Scared?" she stated staring at him.

"Shut the fuck up O'Neil, kneel down!"

She struggled down to her knees and waited. Henry attached the cups to the
hoses, pulled the sopping shirt out of the way he felt them.

Her nipples were hot and painful, very stiff and bloated both boobs heavy and
hot, she felt thoroughly humiliated that she was totally helpless, racked
with turgid breast pain. desperate for him to attach the machine.

"Oh they ache O'Neil?, really ache yeah? Mommy wants her big boobies pumped
doesn't she?"

He squeezed them hard. She shuddered and almost feinted from the rush as milk
dribbled from each stiff nipple.

"Boy are they tender?"

"Yes you know they are! SHIT! please don't"

He twisted and slowly pulled her teat studs making her grimace and moan.

"Shall I put the pump on your jugs bitch?"

"Yes . . YES! please they . . it's awful please"

"Would you let the Sergeant have you in your arse Lieutenant?"

"YES . . just put it on!"

He laughed, and pressed the cup to her tit. He thumbed a switch on the
machine and it hummed into life. The suction snatched the flesh of her breast
into the cup and held it. He repeated the process with the other. Once both
were attached he increased the pressure, and watched her jolt as her nipples
were drawn into the nipple shields and milk began to squirt out around her
teat studs.

The squirt became a torrent O'Neil groaning and shuddering in ecstatic bliss
at eventual release, she felt utter relief flood through each jug. Her cunt
reacted heating and moistening. Major Henry grinned at her watching closely
as her face reflected that bliss as milk began to coarse out of her heavily
laden jugs.

"She sure is a nice piece of ass Major!"

"Yes, you are aren't you bitch!" O'Neil just stared at him dreamily.

The major busied himself with an electric razor shaving her head as she knelt
there. Nero squeezed her tits and teased her cunt while he did. She gritted
her teeth trying not to cum as he flicked and tugged on her clit.

O'Neil felt the pressure in her tits lessen but before she had complete
relief the Major pulled the cups off and moved the machine away. She
whimpered as he took it off, wanting to plead with him to leave it connected
but forcing herself not to.

The Major produced a thick black leather collar and attached it around her
neck. Then she was dragged up by it and forced from the room. They took her
back out into the stalls. She struggled pulling with all her strength
desperate not to go back in there.

The two black guards were waiting, they helped manhandle her to a thick
pillar in the middle of the floor. A top it was a shaped miniature saddle
type affair not unlike an inverted bicycle seat. They forced her to her
knees against it, pushed her to the pillar until it was between her tits,
her face over the saddle. The collar was attached to the pillar beneath it.

"What are you doing you freaks, stop, STOP IT!"

They ignored her and Major Henry pulled and dragged her tits around the pole
and then attached her teat studs together with a short thick chain. Now
O'Neil was helplessly attached to the pillar, her jaw cradled in the saddle,
head tilted back. He produced a black hood made of PVC he pulled it over her
head dragging it down her face. It was tight and eventually covered all her
face. The eye holes in it were two tiny slits. O'Neil could only see to the
front. She thanked God that there were nostril and mouth holes.

"What are you going to do? please!" she begged as they busied themselves
about her. The Major fitted two hooks to a chain and then inserted them in
her nostrils, and yanked the chain over her head and back. O'Neil yelped as
her head was dragged back. Her mouth dragged wide open. He attached the
chain to the back of the collar. She was trapped helplessly her mouth wide

They left her like that going off a way and talking lowly. Then the Major
left. The guards came over, and stood with Sgt. Nero. He chatted with them
and then they stood impassively while he got down behind her and forced a
saliva wet finger up her ass.

"Oooh yeah baby hot SEAL ass, I gotta have some"

She knelt there helpless as he slowly inserted his meat up her ass, he pulled
her cheeks wide open and forced himself all the way in. He gripped her
shoulders and pulled up into her. Then he reached around to her breasts and
gripped their sides pulling them as he fucked her butt.

He leant near her ear. "Scared?" she swallowed fearfully.

He kept fucking her ass and pulling her tits back until she gave in and began
to scream. Then he pulled out, stood up came around the front of her and
forced his shitty cock down her throat and came. O'Neil gurgled and gagged as
he beasted her face. ropes of cum blew back down her nose as he filled her
throat with gush after gush of cum.

He left her there choking and coughing. It was about twenty minutes later
that the senator arrived and came straight to her. O'Neil had shit round her
lips and semen dribbling down her chin. She walked around her. O'Neil's ass
cleft was streaked with shit from her reaming. She leant close to her face

"Oh dear have those nasty men been naughty with you again?" she began to lick
the shit and semen off of O'Neil's repulsed face. She tongued her mouth out.
Then she stood up and dragged her skirt up. She pulled her briefs to the side
and pushed her cunt toward O'Neil's face.

"Auntie had better give it a wash, there" she started to piss.

She grabbed her head on either side and pulled her mouth right up to my
pussy. She pissed directly into her mouth, O'Neil instinctively swallowed.
She aimed the spray all over her face and tits. Then back into her mouth.

"Just keep drinking bitch," O'Neil struggled to swallow.

"Lick my cunt Whore" she ordered O'Neil refused.

The senator ground her twat to her open mouth slapping and beating her head.

"Oh dear, well it's on to our next treat then," she said.

O'Neil knelt there trapped while the Senator went to the other end of the
stables and brought Patton back.

O'Neil suddenly realized why she was attached to this pillar as she was. She
suddenly realized the place was filling with people all dressed in evening
wear. All wearing masks. They started to gather around.

"Hear we are boys and girls the treat I promised, this lucky woman is going
to deep throat Patton for us!"

She could see through the slits in the hood and hear that someone was taking
bets. Bets on how many inches she could take. He had wads of hundred dollar
bills in his hands, and a pad where he was writing down the details.

"200 that she spews!"

"500 she swallows the whole thing!"

"A grand that she's choke fucked to death!"

Two other women were measuring Patton's cock and marking off the inches with
a black marker. They finished.

A cheer went up. She stepped up to O'Neil with Patton, then sank to her knees
beside the horse's flank. Major Henry guided the horse so that it was over
O'Neil and she was between it's front legs.

"PEASE NOH!" 'Neil begged trying to pull her head free.

The horse stood still, his haunches quivering slightly in anticipation of the
pleasure he was about to enjoy. O'Neil was quivering plenty, herself. She
started to cry, pleading open mouthed as she could see the horses cock in
front of her now.

"Aww don't cry big soldier girls don't cry now do they? Your really going to
love milking his massive prick and draining his huge balls."

She reached under him, palm upward, and began to run her hand along the
length of his prick, from his bloated balls to his flaring cockhead. O'Neil's
eyes widened in horror inside the hood as she saw his fat fuck rod throb in
the senator's hand. She began stroking the underside of his meat with both

"NOH NOH PEASE NOH!" O'Neil pleaded and begged.

The audience laughed and egged her on. Patton's cock was so stiff that it was
vibrating and twitching. Lillian squeezed the thick pole behind the head. The
great prick flared out wildly. O'Neil watched horrified as his piss slit
gaped open and a drop of thick milky pre cum came bubbling out. It ran down
the dark meat of his cockhead in a creamy trickle. O'Neil whimpered when she
saw that.

Lillian leaned in, pushed her tongue out and slowly drew in the tip of the
horse's cockhead, gathering up the hot cum drop. Then she drew the horse by
it's cock closer and closer to O'Neil's helpless mouth.

Lillian rubbed her hands up and down, milking another fat droplet from his
piss slit. She dragged the huge slab of prick meat across her face. The fat
head of the horses cock around Jordan's quivering lips and nose letting her
smell the horses sex. The horse's cock bucked in her hands.

O'Neil face was poised directly in front of the head of his cock. Her face
twisted in disgust, going cross-eyed she could look right down his parted
piss slit, inside his prick. She saw more pre cum bubbling inside his knob
and she whimpered with the sight.

Then the Senator fitted her hands around his prick shaft, just behind the
throbbing cockhead. She could not quite span the breadth of his prick with
her two hands. She began to slowly jack his cock up and down. As her hands
pulled back, his cockhead flared. She pulled the horse by his cock and pushed
the head into Jordan's mouth. Patton neighed, humped, pushing his rubbery
cockhead into O'Neil's face and forcing her head to tilt back. His wide meat
began to run down her throat.

"Ummmm, good girl" Lillian purred. She leant close to O'Neil's head.

"Suck it you little bitch or it goes up your ass again!"

Jordan leaned forward, sticking her tongue out. She began to lick at his dark
cockhead, lightly at first, then all over it with long, slurping tongue
strokes. She pushed her tongue right up inside his piss slit. Then she kissed
the tip of his prick and let her mouth slowly open as wide as she could. She
could not quite manage to fit his massive cockhead into her mouth, but she
was able to get most of it in, collaring the dark meated wedge with her lips.

"Oh dear is it too big?" Lillian grinned and began to force it in.

Jordan sucked, her cheeks hollowing in and her lips turning almost inside out
as they pulled at his prick meat. Her tongue was still working merrily away,
sliding around against the underside of his knob. She knew if she could get
the horse to cum now she could let most of it's seed course out of her mouth.

Lillian's hands skimmed up and down his fuck rod, jacking the brute faster
now, eager for him to fill her slaves hungry mouth with his load, yearning to
see O'Neil earn a dose of hot, thick, creamy stallion jism. O'Neil could feel
pre cum trickling onto her tongue. A little jet of his strong cum hit the
back of her throat. Her face was contorted by lust now, a mask of pure
desire. She knew that it would not be long before the animal blew his wad and
she sucked for all she was worth, fairly inhaling his prick meat.

As O'Neil sucked and tongued, Lillian continued to pull his prick back and
forth with her hands, jacking him into O'Neil's mouth. The stallion's massive
prick expanded mightily between her stroking hands and Jordan groaned as she
felt his cockhead swell in her mouth, spreading her lips out wide around the

Lillian grinned at her and then forced more of the horses meat up to her
mouth with her fingers. She then began to ease more of his stiff girth in
past O'Neil's tight stretched lips. Pushing the flesh in with her finger
tips, while Jordan struggled to widen her aching jaw, tears coming to her
eyes as more and more slid in.

"Oooooh, he's so big isn't he" Lillian giggled

Patton was merciless; he didn't allow her anytime to get used to it. He
simply shoved it down, down her helpless abused throat. He pushed inch by
inch, deeper and deeper. Nostrils flaring wide Jordan felt her throat expand
and tighten, more than with any of the other cocks that had raped her throat.
Deeper it went. Lillian forcing more in with her finger tips, driving that
fat sausage further in to her throat.

Lillian watched her eye slits enjoying the way her eyes followed his cock as
more and more of it slid past her lips.

"Look at this stupid bitch take that cock!" Someone shouted.

O'Neil moaned, feeling the thick head expand and ease deeper her tongue
crushed flat under the shaft as Patton neighed and stamped pushing deeper
into the entrance to her throat. She groaned in helpless disgust knowing
that it was coming, that the horse was just about to shoot his load. O'Neil
gagged violently; her throat bulging as Patton drove down.

"Six that's SIX!" someone shouted.

Her lips were stretched obscenely around the huge girth of his cock. Her
throat worked convulsively in a vain, desperate effort to swallow the inches
of almost wrist thick tool Lillian was pushing down her gullet. Patton pushed
deeper, forcing it down. He drove relentlessly forward, feeding her all
fourteen inches of his massive prick. Finally all fourteen inches of horse
cock buried in her throat. Patton was in heaven, his whole body quivering.

O'Neil was gagging and thrashing wildly, and her crowd were going wild.

"I don't believe it, the bitch took it all!"

"Fourteen inches, Jesus, what a fuckin' slut!"

"Look at her throat! It's bulging like fuck shit!"

"Suck that cock, bitch! Shit, look at the way she's taking that big prick!"

Patton whinnied he was nearly ready to cum, the feel of her tight throat
sending him over the edge.

"That a girl! make it spit in your throat, you nasty little whore!" Lillian

O'Neil could feel fingers invading her ass and cunt, testing her tits. People
leaned close taking photographs of her crammed mouth. She felt fingers at her
anus, smearing her juices about and probing at the soft opening.

Flash! flash! then suddenly her mouth was full of cum. Jordan's head jerked
her body snatching and stiffening as the slimy cream flooded into her. He
pushed forward tilting her head back as Patton hosed her throat with jism.
She gagged and gasped for air through her nostrils. Her face flushes dark
red and she makes a gagging sounds as his cock shuts off her trachea blocking
the air supply into her lungs. Lillian's hands pumped up and down as fast as
she could, milking the horse's cock into O'Neil's mouth in a frenzy of Dom.

O'Neil sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. Lillian kept jacking his
meat hard to her lips forcing O'Neil to keep sucking it down or drown. The
stallion kept pouring the cum into her mouth.

There was too much too quick of the thick stuff for O'Neil to drink it all.
The foaming jism overflowed her stretched lips and ran down her chin. Thick
drops splashed down the front of the pole and a trickle curled down and hung
off the chain between her teats.

Another spurt hit her throat, Gushing against her tonsils. Jordan gurgled and
struggled. She just couldn't swallow fast enough to get enough air. Lillian
wanted to see her swallow his jizz until her belly was blown up like a

She pumped his massive prick squeezing it and teasing his balls. Patton's
cock throbbed spurting more and more cum into O'Neil which she gulped down,
gulp after gulp after gulp. Her throat beginning to react automatically to
each spurt.

But Patton stopped spurting it into her then. The last few drops came out in
a trickle. At last his mighty balls were emptied. O'Neil was near delirium
through near suffocation and kept right on sucking. Lillian squose and pumped
it to her face though, to make sure that she had nursed out every last
precious drop and worked off every spasm of his orgasm.

She watched as O'Neil swallowed the last mouthful almost greedily. Her
bulging throat worked as she gulped it down. Then she drew the stallion's
dark softening cock meat out from between O'Neil's still sucking lips. A
glob of cum oozed from the cleft of his massive cockhead. She spread it
over Jordan's face covering her hooded features with a glaze of horse

O'Neil's belly was really bloated now, her mouth awash with horse semen she
coughed and choked spitting some out.

"Right gentlemen, who's first!" she said guiding the horse away.

The men scrambled to form a queue at O'Neil's trapped face, each sporting a
huge hard on. They all nodded to each other and unzipped their fly's, a
couple of them started to smack her hooded face with their half erect organs.
She began to sob hoarsely through her sore throat, as one laughed, and
grabbing the back of her head, forced his stiff cock deep into her warm horse
cum slick wet mouth, sticking her so deep she choked on it.

"That's it guy's fill her belly up I want to see what she looks like
pregnant!" The senator encouraged.

O'Neil coughed and spluttered but he kept pumping her wet mouth, grunting as
he did so. His two hands gripped her head like a vice as he fucked her mouth

Someone asked. "Like that bitch?" They all laughed.

O'Neil could feel his hot meat slide in and out of her mouth, her screams
were muffled by him, her arms tied and useless, she could feel him bang
through the back of her throat, she could taste his pre cum juice. Suddenly
he pulled out, spraying hot jiz all over her face. making way for another
cock, a line of saliva trailing from her mouth to the first mans tip fell
onto her post.

"Try this for size bitch."

Violently a second hot prick was forced into her warm mouth, the men were
laughing now, pounding her mouth, all she could do was weep, silently and
uselessly. The second man was smaller, his penis was thicker though her
puffy lips stretched around his hot thick prick, she felt the man quicken
his strokes, as he groaned, grabbing at her hooded head he pulled her mouth
deeper on him.

"Eat it bitch!"

She moaned, the other men goading him on.

"Go on man, give it to her!"

"Fill the bitches belly up! do it!"

His cock was jammed entirely down her throat, his pubic hair pounding her
lips. It made no difference to him that O'Neil was gagging. She was their
toy. Just a piece of meat to spew their cum in.

"RRGHH!!" He growled,

His entire body spasming as he came. Soon, the cum began oozing from her
lips around his penis. O'Neil made loud gurgling sounds, then swallowed
heavily, gulping down his sperm. He continued to come, She gagged as he
came again in her throat, her lips at the base of his shaft; its spasm's
causing him great delight as her throat squeezed his cock tight. Then the
pulsating stopped and slowly the extraction began, pulling the shrinking
black cock from her mouth and throat.

"God damn, she's one good cock sucker!"

Another steps up, his cock bigger and fatter, and it doesn't take long before
the poor whore is choking and gagging on him as well. The men all take turns
fucking O'Neil's face, slapping it, choking her, making her gag and cough up
thick white jism, thrusting angrily into her. Someone shoots off in her
throat, his legs wide apart, hips pumping as he unloads into the gasping
slut. A moment later after he pulls his dripping prick out of her, another
takes over, spurting hard hot jets of cum into her wide open mouth and on her
hooded cheeks.

Her tits flared into pain again as someone pulled at her nipples.

The Senator smiled watching as the men from the Central Ops. room enjoyed
themselves unwittingly with their ex-co-worker.


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