The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail,
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to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended

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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 22 (F-gang,nc,ws,scat,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

O'Neil dreamt, dark dreams. Salem was hunting her, she ran through dense
undergrowth, naked save for boots, and a huge remote controlled dildo which
she couldn't dislodge from her aching ass. She stopped, panting, crouched
low. she tried to shit it out again, straining with all her might, scrabbling
around it's stubby girth with her fingers, Finding no purchase.

It sprang to life in her ass, churning her bowels, making them cramp. It
could mean only one thing he was gaining on her. She leapt up.

"There she is!" Soldiers crashing through the bushes.

She sprinted away as fast as her legs could go, pumping, pumping. 'Got to
keep going, failure is not an option, not an option!' The dildo in her ass
was growing, pushing and pressing deeper. She felt it begin to fuck in and
out, she could hear Salem laughing.

She became aware, her breasts screaming for attention, hot insistent
pressure, nagging awful pain right behind her teats. She tried to reach for
them to tease and pull them ease the pressure. Her arms were fast, she
pulled, it was hopeless.

She grunted as her rectum screamed pain forcing her to open her eyes her body
trying to pull away. Reflexes desperately trying to achieve the impossible.

"Wakey wakey soldier! time I returned some o'that ass fucking you gave Auntie
Lillian last night, That a'girl you pump your legs again some more that was

O'Neil groaned feeling the weight of the senator settle on her broad back,
her hands gripping her skirted waist as she forced her horse dildo deep up
the poor Lieutenants sore ass. She felt the huge, stretching invader slide
deeper making her belly ache.

Lillian buried the rest of the dildo up her searing, tight asshole. Hot pains
shot up through her ass from her over stretched rectum. Lillian butt fucked
her slowly enjoying O'Neil's whimpers as it hit bottom. She put her hands up
under her and gently caressed her turgid breasts. she stayed clear of her
clamped teats, knowing how frustrating it would be.

"Oh you have got big full udders this morning Lieutenant, nice and full would
you like Auntie Lillian to milk you? sure you would. Pull those big teats,
make all that nasty milk squirt out. Would that be nice?"

O'Neil nodded enthusiastically, trying to twist her chest so her fingers at
least touched her distended clamped teats. She could feel her aureole pulse
and springe behind the cruel things. She wanted to plead, to beg, to push her
breasts to her warm wet mouth. The senator pushed her hands down to O'Neil's
belly, she pressed and pumped it. O'Neil could feel her bladder begin to ache
with fullness.

"Aww do you need to pee? of course you do."

Her fingers slid down to O'Neil's cunt and began to pull and twist her
swollen pussy lips. Spreading them and teasing.

"Piss Lieutenant, piss through Auntie's fingers, piss for Auntie and Auntie
will milk you're big fat udders, would you like to be milked" she encouraged.

O'Neil cringed in disgust, she didn't want to, but she needed to, if it meant
maybe the bitch would milk her and ease the building hot pressure. She pushed
down, straining to piss.

"That's a good girl, good girl piss for auntie!"

O'Neil began to piss she felt her bladder empty, Lillian cupped her twat with
her fingers so it streamed between her fingers. She rubbed and pressed her
clit round and round. She spread her labia and forcefully squeezed the hood
of her clitoris, pulling it up and down over the wet, swollen head of her
clit. She responded immediately, moaning and whimpering with each stroke.

Then she began humping her ass, with strong deep thrusts, grinding and
swerving her hips. Without interrupting her work on her clit, Lillian slid
the index finger of her left hand into the pink wetness of O'Neil's vagina,
causing her to moan loudly. Slowly, she rimmed the opening, pulling at the
tight muscles that guarded her entrance.

A second finger followed. Her strong digits pushed into O'Neil's warm flesh
and penetrated up to the third knuckle. She felt her muscles relax slightly.
The tightness of her opening, no doubt from lack of use, surprised Lillian,
but excited her to.

"Is that nice soldier girl, Auntie playing with your cunny, all those nasty
men are interested in is your nice tight ass huh, forgetting that you need
your cunt filling too"

Her fingers slid in and out rhythmically, pulling at her inner lips. The
added pleasure of her digital penetration was beginning to bring O'Neil
quickly to orgasm, and she slowed the attention she was giving to her clit
in order to prolong her vulnerability.

O'Neil began to press back onto the dildo slowly, letting out little groans
as her building physical excitement provided copious amounts of pussy juice,
Lillian soon had her third and then fourth finger jammed into her hot box.

The Senator own cunt was soaking wet too, and she ground her vulva against
the formed base of the dildo. As she slid my fourth finger along side the
others, and wedged it into the sticky folds of O'Neil's cunt. The group of
fingers wedged just above the second knuckle.

Lillian spread and pushed her fingers alternately, until the breadth of her
third knuckle was surrounded by the stretched muscles of her cunt.

"Oh UH UHHH UHH OHHH NUHHH" moaned O'Neil.

Slowly, Lillian clenched and unclenched her hand, rotating it back and forth
in time with her hips pumping the dildo up O'Neil's squelching ass. She felt
the last resistance of O'Neil's heated tight hole begin to yield.

Tucking her thumb into her palm, she continued to stretch her wide. She began
to rub the heel of her hand to O'Neil's now enlarged clit. Lillian began to
lose control, she humped her ass harder and harder, bathing the dildo base in
her own juices. Juices which dripped down to O'Neil's straining virginal
opening. O'Neil groaned and increased her humping back sending Lillian
reeling toward orgasm.

Lillian pushed with all her might, making her trapped hand inch deeper.
O'Neil's pink wet cunt flesh sucked at her hand. The wetness was
overpowering. Lillian's fingers felt as if they were in a hot vat of thick

She whispered, "You like that you little bitch my hand inside you, while I
fuck your big strong soldier ass, While I'm fucking you."

"UHHHHHUHH," O'Neil gasped.

"Are you going to come? come for Auntie? that's it good girl!."

Lillian began to thrust into her ass long and hard, twisting and pushing her
fist, starting a hard rubbing against O'Neil's clit, rapidly stroking and
pressing her clit.

After a long, low scream of pleasure, O'Neil began to climax. Her vagina
opened completely, and then a series of pulsing contractions began, which
faded with her moans. Her orgasm excited Lillian to come with her. O'Neil
heard her gasp and moan as she made herself cum against the dildo base.
O'Neil shuddered with delicious relief as she pulled the awful thing from
her bottom. She felt cool air flood fill her gaping rectum.

"Oooh that was nice, you are a good girl for Auntie."

Over the next hour Lillian raised her up via the chains and cuffs so that
O'Neil was erect. She cleaned her up, redressed her in her uniform. She left
her heavy jutting tits sticking out of the front of her dress blouse.

The thin clamps still pressing her nipples into two flat painful
protuberances. Then she released her tongue. O'Neil found it was swollen and
unresponsive and that when she tried to speak she sounded intelligible and

Then Lillian fed her, O'Neil chewed and swallowed everything down. She was
fed and watered with milk. By the time the Senator had finished O'Neil looked
a whole lot better, and felt for the first time in a month like a person.

Then she was left, still restrained.

Lillian returned an hour later with a man in his fifties smartly dressed in
a dark suit. O'Neil felt more like herself now.

"Hoo thph phuks ee? a'uver apist astard" he grinned at her.

"No Lieutenant, you don't speak unless spoken too, otherwise we go back to
the ringgag, you understand? Silence!!"

O'Neil nodded dumbly.

"Get on with it man, we haven't all day!"

He nodded politely and went over to her, he climbed on the bed and put his
hands on her breasts and squeezed them lightly. Feeling their firmness and
heat. He squeezed them and bounced them and played with them by lifting
them and then dropping them. He had them dancing all around. He then placed
his fingers on her clamped nipples, using all his fingers around each nipple
so that he pulled them in towards the clamped teat and then twisted each one
with all his fingers.

O'Neil managed to remain silent apart from a groan as he twisted them. He
squeezed and twisted lightly over and over again.pulling his fingers up and
around the clamped nipples lightly squeezing over and over. Her nipples were
trying to go hard. They began to throb and tingle, O'Neil grimaced and shook
her head pleadingly wanting him to stop. He then squeezed tightly and pulled
the nipples up and out, lifting each one of her tits as he pulled. He pulled
harder and harder so that her chest was forced up a bit as he saw tears in
her eyes. He grinned sadistically.

Her head thrashed back and forth. He dropped each tit, watching as they
bounced and formed their normal shape again. He lifted them up again the
same way, hurting her more each time and letting them fall back each time,
marvelling at the bounce of each luscious milk filled tittie.

"Phees downt" escaped her lips as she found her eyes drawn to his mouth. The
urge to feed almost overwhelming her as she watched his lips move as he
manipulated her poor breasts.

He began slapping her breasts.lightly at first so that they just bounced. He
slapped them from the underneath which lifted them up so that they fell
heavily down, bouncing into place. He slapped them from the side. Then both
sides watching them wobble and bob. Seeing them get redder and redder even
though he didn't slap them that hard. His constant slapping of them was
making them as sore as if he hit them harder but he got the pleasure of doing
it for a longer time.

He stopped and scrutinizing her face he slowly undid the bar clamps on each

"I'm going to take these off now cow, it will hurt, hurt bad but not as bad
as what comes later, you going to plead soldier? Beg? cry? Tell her what I
get to do if she does Senator, tell her what I insisted on to keep the price

"If you plead beg or cry Mr augerer here gets to sit on your face and have
you lick out his ass, that is what we agreed is it not?" He nodded grinning
at her look of total distaste.

"AWW don't look like that, big soldier girls are meant to be mistreated have
you not learned that yet? I thought they fed officers shit in the military?
Hey once they are off you can be milked, would big soldier cow like her big
udders to be milked?"

He removed them and O'Neil began to bite down gritting her teeth trying to
stifle the yell which welled up as the blood came back. She felt a vicious
surge of pain lance through her body from each breast as her nipples filled
back up. She gritted her teeth, stamping and straining in frustration,
feeling this fresh pain.

"Aww go on, scream bitch. You know you want to!"

He started smacking her nipples with the tips of his fingers. His fingers
were long and acted like little floggers on each nipple. He hit one nipple
several times in a row before switching to the other one. Tears of anguish
flooded down O'Neil's cheeks as he alternately flogged each one with his

He loved the smack smack smack sound his fingers made on her twitching teats.
Each red fat nipple got bigger and bigger, droplets of milk shot out of each
thick nub as he made her dance and squirm. Her chest bursting with pent up
howls of agony, pins and needles began to sear through each nipple. It was
exactly as if someone was sticking toothpicks in her tits.

He knew her tits had to be sore and looking at her face bore it out. He
gripped each thick stud between the second knuckles of each hand and yanked
them viciously, watching her face crumple into agony.

Her eyes showed her pain as did her contorted face. Her forehead furrowed as
she fought to contain her agony. He grabbed her teats and just started to
squeeze and pull on each one. Just as if he were milking a cow.

O'Neil suddenly squeaks almost silently. She tenses as a spasm caresses her
womb. He pulls and yanks on her her tits, which roll and slap against each
other in the process, He grinned the bitches tits were magnificent, her
aureole fat and dark her breast's taut balloons. She was glowing red with
anger and humiliation, tears were filling her eyes as she stood there trying
to keep control.

He released them and then took hold of each, he touched them feeling how
stiff they had become, weighing each huge tit, O'Neil trembled they were
real sensitive now, her aureole thick and wrinkled, he teased around her
nipples O'Neil stamped shaking her head as tingling chills coursed through
each heavy breast.

He began to pull and play with them making her squirm, he slapped them again
making her wince and shake her head 'No' Both heavy jugs wobbled and banged
together, Then he took hold of her teats between finger and thumb and began
to pull them slowly watching her reaction.

O'Neil sobbed inside the feelings from each were so intense, that she
couldn't stop her chest heaving as he pulled and twisted each.

He laughed as he pulled them. Twisting and yanking on both mammaries cruelly.
O'Neil thrashed about desperately trying to pull them free as he squeezed and
pumped them.

She just couldn't deal with how hot they felt, each one felt as if it would
burst. He pinched and twisted them hard making her squeal and stamp her feet.
He began to shake them by the teats causing pain and hot thrills to shoot
through each hard tit, Every time he brushed her teats with his long thick
fingers incredible thrills lanced through each tit making her cunt hotter.

He squeezed them tightly, with both hands, avoiding her nipples. He slides
his index fingers across to her teats and drags his fingernails over the
thick nubs. His nails drag around the sides of her sensitive buds. She almost
was doubling up with the building contractions in her belly that came as he
teased and gently pulled her jutting nipples.

O'Neil shudders uncontrollably with pleasure. He squeezes her left tit
firmly, using both hands to stroke and pull the flesh, drawing it down to her
laden teat. The tingling feeling coming from nipples mixed with the fear and
humiliation to create a swirl of emotion in O'Neil. She had to feed him to
let go of this awful pressure.

She nearly groaned as she felt her breast heat build and the sensations grew
and grew suddenly she struggled to stifle another gasp as they released and
an overwhelming rush of let down flooded her senses. A river of milk issued
forth from both quivering jugs, A fine spray shot forward with such force and
volume her teat throbbed and ached as milk forced out, spraying white over
his dark suit.

He let go of them grinning evilly as he reached inside his jacket and pulled
out a small tool roll. He undid the silk tie on it and rolled it open. Mr.
Augerer was an older man of about 50, his wizened eyes shone out from his
weathered face. He had done this job as a hobby for years, as was now the
routine, he took his sharp pointed auger out of it's sleeve and brandished it
before the terrified O'Neil, he traced it around her teats slowly.

She was shaking with fear. Her teats squirted milk out on their own as she
squirmed and stamped in helpless impotent rage He gripped her right nipple
hard and dragged it out as far as it would go. The thick dark coral flesh
whitening in his grip. He watched her tear streaked face as he suddenly
pierced it through.

"NAARGHHHHH!!" she hollered.

Pain, white blinding pain, from the nipple being pierced overwelmed her. She
went on tip toe arching her back as he rammed it through, twisting, turning
it viciously. He dragged it free and quickly inserted a thin bar through
blood and milk filled hole. Then a circular cone device that it fitted across
and pressed into her swollen aureole, forcing the teat out.

As each nipple was pierced, he held her by her teat while her body danced and
fought. The metal ring was inserted and snapped closed. Then the nipple of
the left breast. Then darkness as O'Neil passed out.

She hung limply from the manacles as he finished. Both her teats were now
cruelly pierced by a thin bar, ending in two screw on balls. These were then
attached to a swirl of metal which coned backwards from that bar, circling
her teat, this pressed into her aureole, forcing the nipple out as if it were
being continually stretched to it's maximum length. Beneath this a ring
extended for attachments.

Lillian watched as he lowered her strong frame to the bed, He twisted her
arms up behind her and fastened the manacles together. He then threw her over
on her back and dragged her so her head was over the edge of the bed, on her
back, her limp mouth hung open.

He forced the ring gag back into her mouth and secured it behind her head.
Then he slapped her face to rouse her.

"Do you really have to?" Lillian asked.

"Oh yes a deal is a deal" he grinned.

"You are a dirty bastard, you know that don't you"

"Oh yes"

O'Neil stood silently cringing as he lowered his trousers and pants.

O'Neil was coming too as he backed his ass onto her face, he held his ass
open guiding his butt hole to right over her ring gagged mouth. He sat back
heavily letting go of his ass cheeks so they closed on either side of her
trapped face.

O'Neil began to struggle as he groaned in pleasure grinding his ass against
her face. O'Neil didn't know what was happening but she knew she was
ringgaged again and that there was an awful stench. She stuck her tongue
out experimentally, she gagged as she slithered her wet, pink tongue up
inside his asshole.

She shook with degradation at the image of how she must look, a man's shitter
against her face She gagged again as she whipped her tongue back from up
inside the man's asshole.

His ass was surely the dirtiest in the world, and she could feel his shit
stained ass smearing all over her cheeks. Still he forced back making her
trapped face burrow as deep into his ass crack as he could make it,
plastering her lips right over the hot hole of his shitter and wiggling it
over her helplessly wide lips.

He was wanking his cock, rapidly jerking it as he pushed back. Suddenly
something thick and awful struck the tip of O'Neil's tongue. Panic filled
her, she tried to pull her face from between the man's ass cheeks.

"God this feels good soldier bitch!" the kneeling man shouted, grunting as
he tried to shit.

"Hold still stay right were you are Lieutenant here comes. Your penance right
from Salem!!"

O'Neil screamed under him her legs flailing as he shut his legs around her
head and bore back. She tried desperately to force her jaws closed, she tried
to pinch her nose together. But there was no escaping what the kneeling man
was doing. She watched in horror as the man's anus began to push outward and
spread open.

Lillian suddenly realized what he had said and rushed forward. He punched her
in the belly knocking the wind from her, she crumpled to her knees.

"Oh yes ughhh! you think your so fucking clever Senator! So fucking clever,
but Salem asked me to tell you this. UGHH! He wants his whore back, he wants
her back as soon as! And he's gonna have your Lez ass gangraped for your
trouble. You hear me! Good!!"

The first turd pushed out right in O'Neil's helplessly trapped face. It
smeared out over her lips and nose, finally sliding over her cheek before it
fell to the floor. His smelly shitter was less than inches from her face. A
little brown log appeared and plopped out O'Neil went crazy kicking and
fighting she yanked her head away to one side. His shit slid down the side
of O'Neil's face - then another - then another!

O'Neil retched at the revolting touch and smell of the awful turd, coming
closer to throwing up than she had during her whole degrading ordeal. The
next piece of shit slithered out over her trembling lips and tumbled past
her chin. The man tried to reposition for the third, and it smeared her
forehead with shit before it splatted against the floor.

"You moved you fucking bitch! That's all you are, a fucking toilet! A fucking
piece of sewer!! Whore!" the Man screamed, turning around just in time to
bathe O'Neil's scummy face with his jism. Thick wads of cum splattering over
her shit stained face.

Lillian crawled to the alarm at the side of the bed. He was up, pulling his
trousers up, turning he kicked her in the belly. He fled.

Minutes later Major Henry appeared, he took in the scene with a wry grin.

"Well don't just stand there, Mr Auger is working for Salem get those pussy
men of yours after him and smash the fucker then send him home in a bag,

Major Henry went out and then came back in.

"Help me get goldilocks here in the bathroom, we're going to have to move
her elsewhere, get the alternate address sorted OK"

"Yes Ma'am!"

They dragged the spluttering O'Neil off the bed and into the bathroom. He
left leaving Lillian alone with O'Neil. She knelt next to O'Neil and began
cleaning the shit from her face.

"There, there did the nasty man poo on you? Auntie will clean it up, don't
you worry"

O'Neil lay there as her face was cleaned and the awful stench dissipated.

"Oh that's much better, hold still for Auntie ohh your mouth is so pretty,
and so available"

Lillian swung her naked leg over O'Neil's face and lowered herself. O'Neil
felt the spongy wetness and warmth of her overheated cunt smearing over her
face as O'Neil started to gag.

"Eat that cunt, bitch !" Lillian moaned, riding O'Neil's head as though it
was a horse. Still O'Neil opened her mouth under the leaking faucet of
Lillian's cunt, and when her pussy juice dribbled past her parted lips,
O'Neil swallowed it right down.

O'Neil wasn't sure if she liked the taste of pussy as much as she did that
of cock, but just the idea of how degrading it was to eat our her cunt made
O'Neil squirm with reawakening lust. Her body ached horribly as she squirmed
on the bathroom floor, but the fires lighting up in her, swollen pussy
overpowered her feelings of exhaustion and pain.

Lillian moaned and slapped her ass against O'Neil's trapped face. Just the
brushing of her breath inside her cunt doubled Lillian over with excitement.
Lillian had made it with women before, and O'Neil wasn't the first slave
bitch she had broken to her will, but something about the fact that it was
her own sexy cunt of a soldier with her face plastered to her pussy made
Lillian jerk and twist with pleasure.

O'Neil moaned with pain as Lillian's full ass bucked against her face.
O'Neil's head felt like a basketball, being dribbled powerfully against a
hardwood floor. She slithered her tongue into Lillian's clutching, leaking
cunt, and the older woman went even wilder with passion. A wave of cunt
juice washed over O'Neil's face in a wave that almost drowned her. O'Neil
squirmed her face deep inside her frothing cunt. She fucked her tongue like
a miniature cock into the humid depths of her pussy.

"You good bitch whore!" Lillian gasped, riding O'Neil's face like a pogo
stick. "You're making me cum, you dirty bitch piece of shit! Stick that
tongue way up deep, you good for- nothing slut! Lick your Auntie's beautiful

O'Neil cried out in despair into the soaked pocket of her pussy. Her flicking
tongue found Lillian's clit and she licked it the way a dog would a bone,
making the Senator buck and twist with lust.

"You're my toilet not Salem's! MY FUCKING TOILET!!"

Lillian started pissing in O'Neil's mouth, and O'Neil exploded through one
orgasm after another. Her mind shattered with the realization that it was her
treatment that had made her come. That filling her mouth with piss made her
come. It was her own mind that would make her into the whore they wanted,
turn her into the lowest species of gutter slut. O'Neil climaxed again and
again, every thought of her old life washed away by Lillian's stinking yellow
piss. O'Neil kept her lips planted tightly up against her cunt.

O'Neil gulped piss as quickly as she could, drinking down every drop Lillian
squirted into her mouth. O'Neil lashed her tongue through the ring gag deep
inside Lillian's cunt, lapping up the pussy cream that had once more started
leaking from her squirming cunt slit. Her face was sticky with cunt juice
now. It dripped from her chin and rolled down her cheeks. She wagged her
tongue as deep as she could in Lillian's cunt and gathered up more to

"Good Soldier, Good girl Lieutenant, lick all of Auntie's nice cunt juice up
that's it OOOOOOOH!"


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