The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail,
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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 16 (F-gang,nc,humil,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

When she awoke how long later she didn't know, O'Neil was laid face down bent
over the examination table, Legs hanging down to the floor, hands still
cuffed behind her.

Her breasts had woken her. An awful full tender pain an awful feeling of
intense pressure. The two heavy mammaries squashed beneath her. She tried to
get up but she was secured there by a thick restraint strap across her waist.

Her legs felt like they were made of jelly and there was a serious soreness
between her thighs. She shuddered briefly as she remembered the intensity of
her last orgasm. She had been forced to squirt uncontrollably while the
smirking Major had butt fucked her laughing, as he beat on her tits. That was
an image that was going to haunt her for a very long time.

She lifted her head looking about. Next to her hanging from the ceiling was a
large rubber bag with a flexible hose hanging from it.

"She's awake Major!"

"OK, lubricate her rectum"

She could glimpse men behind her. Her breasts ached. She felt a hand rubbing
slippery gel into her anus. Looking around as best she could, she saw one of
the men guiding the tube from the hanging bag between her buttocks, and then
felt the nozzle being shoved into her rectum.

The major came in front of her smiling.

"Glad you could make it Lieutenant, Tits ache? thought so, we a had a little
party after you blacked out, hell I thought they'd never stop fucking you.
Anyhow we were so impressed with your cunt squirting we decided to let you
have a go at some water sports. Improves the strength of your rectal muscles,
which should feel good for me later when I take you up the ass again. In th
meantime it's good for moral, you understand that now don't you."

"PHUK YOO!!" she managed. He grinned.

"That's as maybe but if you don't perform you don't get Mr. Milky the machine
reconnected and I guess your gonna be in a shit load of pain, get the idea,
Good, I think every SP in the post is here, all you have to do to get milked
is shit out the enema into the bucket, you hit the bucket you get milked
simple ain't it"

She looked up at him in bewildered confusion. The tremendous ache in her
breasts was awful, and it had been steadily growing worse. Now she was
beginning to feel real pain, her breasts felt even larger than ever (if that
was possible), and she began to feel like they may burst.

This was new; it was also very disconcerting. She peered down at them lifting
her torso as much as she could. The skin was stretched taut, and the veins
beneath glowed purplish blue. The aureole looked puffy and swollen and had
small patches of dried colostrum on them. Her nipples were hot and painful
Her boobs felt heavy and hot, and they were beginning to hurt, hurt a lot.
She jolted as the pipe was shoved deeper up her ass.

Suddenly, warm water began to flood into her bowels, creating a strange,
slightly uncomfortable sensation. O'Neil whimpered as she filled with the
water, the urge to go to the bathroom became greater and greater, but she
couldn't believe the things that where being done to her. She could hear
them behind her, taking bets on whether she could hit the bucket, laughing,
cruelly at her expense, a wave of humiliation coursed through her.

Finally, they had emptied the entire contents of the bag into her ass, and
it was all she could do to hold it in.

"Now, Lieutenant when I remove the nozzle from your ass, I want you to hold
it all in until your told and then, and only then let loose with a bowel
movement, evacuate your bowels as hard as you can. Understand? You impress
me and you get milked Ok!"

All she could hear were their hushed voices, she couldn't believe that they
would get off watching her shit in front of them!. She shook her head pain
lancing through each heavy tit, Her bowels spasmed and burned, without the
gag she would have begged.

"Now, wait for it hold it in like a good slut Lieutenant, I can't wait, I
like to see you shit Lieutenant."

Goaded the Major. He then slowly began to pull the hose from her ass, and
she knew she would be unable to contain the flood within her. As the nozzle
pulled free from her rectum, O'Neil turned crimson with shame as she realized
all the men were about to watch her take a tremendous shit at close range.
Her mind went back to her forced shit in the beach house, how they had
laughed and jeered as she dumped for them. Sick! Sick perverts!! A thrill
rippled through her belly.

As the tube exited her ass, it was followed immediately by a hot rush against
her anus that she hardly managed to contain she felt some seep out and run
down her still pouting cunt lips.

"Keep it in, wait, wait!" she groaned with the effort the need to shit an
excruciating need that flooded her senses.

She felt more seep out, her well muscled butt clenched deliciously as she
fought to keep it in.

"Wait!" she groaned.

"Wait!" Laughter, giggles as her hips jerked and her butt clenched over and

"GO!!" She gasped in relief. and pushed.

"Squeeze your bowels Lieutenant, force out every drop!" came the order.

They watched as her bottom pushed out, her buttocks splaying wide. Her ring
relaxing open as a torrent of brownish water shot out in a thick hard stream
slamming into the bucket. It just seemed to come and come. She cringed as
they laughed and cheered as she sprayed more and more out. When finally she
was empty and spent by this purging. The SP gathered close around her fingers
pulling her ass open so they could see.

"I think we should give you another enema, just to be sure," said one of the
men, as he began filling the hanging bag with water. Once again, she was
filled by the tube in her ass, and forced to evacuate her bowels while they
all carefully watched. By now, she was thoroughly humiliated and totally
racked with turgid breast pain.

There was sniggering and hushed voices and then O'Neil started as a cock was
eased into her just emptied bowels. She grimaced in sudden shock as she felt
it jerk and then heat, awful pressing heat. He was pissing up her ass.

She bucked and jerked trying to be off of it but he held her ass until he was
done. He pulled out backing away and they all shouted and laughed. Her ass
closed up, clenched and then she groaned as the pressure in her bowels
increased as they began to spasm and reject the hot piss as she forced it all
out in a long hard spray.

With a flex of her hips and to great amusement her ass expelled his piss in a
great forced steaming stream. She whimpered in humiliation and expelled more
grunting with exertion as it gushed out in a hot geyser.

O'Neil expelled the last spurt of piss from her ass and slumped forward
exhausted her breasts springing painfully. All of them formed a queue and
one after another took they're once in a lifetime chance at pissing up an
officers ass. She lay there shocked and disgusted as each filled her aching
rear end with the contents of they're bladders.

All of them leering and laughing at her kicking and straining to expel gush
after gush of their awful hot piss. She tried to plead helplessly as another
pushed into her wet ass hole. She stiffened as more piss began to fill her,
shaking her head in disbelief. Her belly tightened against the warm intense

"Oh God" she thought "Please make them stop!!"

She winced as another sent jet after jet of piss forcefully up into her
expanded spasming colon.

Eventually they stopped and the last of their piss dribbled from her ass. She
felt totally drained, and weak, from the enemas; yet strangely aroused by
this total domination that was taking place.

The Major was in front of her grinning.

"Did you enjoy that slut? all those SP's pissing up your ass, No?, Arhh your
udders painful? never mind, lets do something little different" he said.

With that, He undid the ball gag and withdrew it from her mouth, she gasped
exercising her jaw O'Neil wondered what he wanted.

"Listen up SEAL bitch, you belong to Salem right, now he's kicking up real
shit, he wants your ass back. For the moment your mine but I can't keep you
here much as I'd like too, Now me I realize your worth, as a prime slut, but
he wants you, to either be his forever or not be at all, 'cos shit he's
gonna have a hell of a job to clean this up and keep it quiet, You get the

She nodded her mind racing.

"Now what I'm offering is a route out here, I'll take you to Washington with
me, meet your Fairy godmother Senator Dehaven, get you protection."

"What do you say? All I'm asking is you play my little games, until I get
you there and we leave me out of the equation when you get Salem's ass on a
plate? well!"

She nodded, yes what choice had she got?

"Yes . .YES!" she managed in her husky voice.

He grinned "Good, good, now we can get on yeah" He turned to face away from
her, he gripped her on the back of head and began guiding her face into his
ass. A feeling of revulsion came over O'Neil as she realized what she would
have to do, "Lick my asshole bitch, lick it and you get milked!" came the

Before she could think much about it, her face was between his buttocks. His
anus smelled faintly sour, a slight odour of shit, and his rear was rather
hairy, but she knew she would have to overcome her trepidation, and comply
with his demands. She was past the point of caring her breasts a desperate
need. Gingerly, she ran her little pink tongue over his anus.

It caused him to shudder slightly. Seeing that this pleased him, she began
licking harder, and attempted to force the tip of her tongue into his ass.
Finally, after much effort, she was able to push about an inch of her tongue
into hole, and begin to tongue fuck his ass.

She could feel that he was masturbating, While she was rimming him. Sure
enough, her face was pulled from the officer's ass, He turned and shoved his
dick into her mouth.

She felt a cock pushing at her anus, and slowly begin to enter her. She
gasped, the sheer size of his penis was almost more than she could take.
Gradually he shoved more and more of his cock into her ass, until all 9-10
inches were buried deep in her bowels. As she struggled to adjust to this,
the Major rammed his cock into her throat.

"That's a good cunt suck, suck it! Good girl!"

Now she had a huge cock embedded in her ass, and another impaling her throat,
both began shafting her. The Major dragged her mouth deeper onto his cock.
Instinctively, She tried to pull back, but he held her head tightly on his
shaft and forced her to keep sucking. It pulsed and he gasped as wave after
wave of sperm entered her mouth, and despite O'Neil's best intentions, she
couldn't swallow it all, and some leaked from the corners of her mouth.

Almost immediately, the other man tensed, and she felt an enormous load of
jism released deep into her ass. After the warm piss the steady thump of his
cum was a quite unusual sensation, as the hot jism flooded and bathed her
bowels. He kept releasing spurt after spurt into her ass, and as he slowly
withdrew his flaccid member from her rectum, sperm trickled out of her anus.

By now, she had thoroughly sucked the Major's cock swallowing it all with
practised ease until he was dry, and had thoroughly cleaned his penis with
her tongue. Then the black SP sailor that had been at the door who had just
butt fucked her came around, and demanded that she clean his cock with her
mouth too. Now she was glad they had given her the enemas, even the piss so
even though he had been deep within her ass, his cock was still clean, except
for the sperm, which she eagerly lapped up with her tongue, cleaning his
penis thoroughly.


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