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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 11 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

O'Neil couldn't believe the way she felt, she had never felt so horny. Her
husband had always been a considerate lover who consistently allowed her the
upper hand. She began to realise now. How all those dark fantasies she had
suppressed or frigged herself over were what were her real needs.

She groaned as she watched Blondell run her tongue up the underside of
Salem's massively girthed cock, remembering the excruciating aching fullness
of his cock in her ass. She felt her belly tighten and a slow trembling
contraction run down the length of her hot wet cunt. With humiliating
reluctance she realised she wanted it back in her. She swallowed wishing it
was being pushed to her lips. Forcing into her throat. His fingers on the
back of her head, making her do it, making her...

'Oh god what have they done to me?!' she thought.

Commander Salem let Blondell lick his meat clean then he gripped her hair and
wrenched her head back.

"Hey what d'yer say we stage a little fight huh? It's been too long since
I've seen you take it up the butt whore!" he grinned down at her.

Blondell glanced horrified at his cock terrified for a moment that he was
aiming to sodomize her again, (She had been in hospital for two weeks after
the last time he had got drunk and reamed her ass out over his desk).

"What do you think O'Neil, I bet you'd love to grudge fuck the Captain's ass
now wouldn't you huh?"

Blondell looked fearfully at Jack and the others, "No, I don't thi..."

"Shut the fuck up Blondell! I asked the Lieutenant a question. WELL?!"

O'Neil stared at him and swallowed trying to gauge if it were a trap or not.

"I'll tell you what I'll do O'Neil, You fight Blondell here, you manage to
hold her down and fuck her ass with that cock of yours and Jack here will
take you back to the compound and I'll authorize your pass mark for the
course. Now what d'yer say bitch?"

O'Neil's mind raced, what had she got to lose the bastards had raped the shit
out of her, pissed on her, in her. And Blondell had helped them, drugged her,
made her tits two swollen balloons that dripped milk. and raped her when she
was helpless. Fuck yes if nothing else the bitch deserved it!

"Yeah right and I'm supposed to trust you, mother fucker!"

"I don't recall asking you to trust me Lieutenant. And if you remember your
mother having a fuck off big grin I probably did. I offered you the chance to
get even with this bitch... but if you're too chicken shit to fight then I
guess we'd better dream up some more ways to fuck your sorry ass!"

"OK... OK! Yeah I'll fight her! just give me the opportunity Sir!" she
managed to force out.

"Please Sir don't, she's twice the size of me she'll kill me sir!" Blondell

"HA! You should've thought o'that before you raped her Captain!"

"OK Master Chief get your boys to let her down, then I want 'em in a circle
so we can all see!"

The master Chief barked orders, more troops came in thronging around the
interior of the beach house. O'Neil was lowered and her hands released. Her
well muscled frame could easily match the slight Blondell.

"Blondell! get that other toy on, we're gonna make this interesting!"

"Sir seriously I... I can't do this I..."

"Stow it Captain or I'll have you held down so I can butt fuck you with
this!... thought so get to it!!"

Blondell scrabbled in her bag, retrieved another strap on and hurriedly
strapped it around her waist. She struggled to pull her skirt up to fasten
the other straps between her legs.

Salem watched O'Neil flex her arms staring at Blondell as if she were a piece
of meat. She glanced around still seeking an escape route but there was none.
She suddenly realized she still had the Tazor electrode pad on her breast and
went to remove it.

"LIEUTENANT!!" she glanced up as Salem hit the button.

O'Neil screamed her body thrashing and crashing to the floor as she went into
vicious convulsions her body contorting and writhing as the current died
leaving her gasping on the floor her breasts throbbing with awful pain. Salem
came over and stood over her grinning.

"Just a reminder bitch, your ass is still ours yeah!" He pulled the electrode
off, the thing wound back into the machine like lightning.

O'Neil got to her knees and then her feet, her legs trembling, head swimming.
every time she moved her skirt caught on the dildo strapped to her groin and
waves of pleasure fluttered up through her cunt. She tried not to look at the
sea of grinning faces around her.

Blondell looked across at her and down at the dildo, it was thick, and at
least ten inches long, she knew it well. A strange thrill of fear and
expectation went through her as she looked at O'Neil's powerful frame. She
was mean looking, O'Neil's enormous breasts, still bound bobbed under the
white dress blouse her teats sticking wetly to the material as they seeped
milk. She was at least twenty pounds heavier than her.

O'Neil grinned nastily at Blondell, thrusting the dildo upwards obscenely at
her. Blondell still hadn't managed to fasten the straps between her legs.

Salem strode into the centre of the ring, turning theatrically.

"Quiet!! These are the rules, O'Neil has to butt fuck Blondell until I am
happy that she is truly butt fucked. Blondell has to fuck O'Neil in the cunt
to the same degree. whoever loses gets to be gang banged by all of you!"

The troops jeered and laughed. "BOOYYAA!! BOOYYAA!! BOOOOYYAAA!!"

"Sir I haven't done the thing up yet!" Salem grinned at her.

"All right Bitches GO!!" the Salem yelled.

They move to the centre of the room and start to circle each other. Their
goal's clear. Sensing an opening, O'Neil charged forward, and Blondell
hurriedly jumped aside, just escaping a vicious punch aimed toward her head.
O'Neil meant business. Blondell was hampered by her own skirt restricting
her legs as she tried to side step. O'Neil had no such restriction as her
skirt was held up by the dildo.


The idea of sticking a dildo into another woman's ass was grotesque to O'Neil
but if it meant getting even with this bitch and passing the course O'Neil
would do what needed to be done to get out of this situation, no worries.


O'Neil lunges forward and takes down Blondell in a flying tackle. She fell
backward, O'Neil's arms around her lower legs. She utters a loud "UUMPH!"
when she hits the floor. O'Neil quickly moves forward. She straddles Blondell
and reaches for her neck-tied uniformed shirt before she can recover, her
strong fingers closes around the collar. She pulls hard, and was rewarded
with a loud ripping sound. The material tears diagonally and her round,
compact breasts are revealed. The troops go wild shouting encouragement. As
Blondell's breasts bob free her thick pink nipples are erect.

Blondell grabs at O'Neil's bound bouncing tit's. Reaching under the edge of
her gaping dress blouse. O'Neil moves her hand down to fend her off. But
Blondell has one of her nipples between two thin long fingers yanking at it
viciously. O'Neil gasps in shock. Trying to pull away, Blondell punches her
under the chin. With a yelp O'Neil fall's off her hips, backwards.


Blondell leaps up lunging forward and is now on top of O'Neil. She swiftly
grips the loose edges of O'Neil's blouse and rips it wide open and down her
arms trapping them. O'Neil's bound bulging round breasts are helplessly
exposed, Blondell immediately thrusts the palms of her hands on her tits,
pressing forward. Squeezing the stiff full flesh, milk squirts out between
her fingers, running down the underside of her forearms.

O'Neil gasps from the awful pressure. Letting out an animal grunt as Blondell
grips and twists her tender globes. O'Neil yells out and forces her arms out
ripping the already torn material of her blouse.

She is still pinned against the floor, but her arms are free. She brings her
strong hands roughly to Blondell's breasts and pinches hard gripping each
breast viciously. Clutching both in a vice like grip, O'Neil's fingers dig
into her tender flesh.

"Rip her tit's off O'Neil! RIP 'EM OFF!!"


Blondell screams in shock and pain. But Blondell has the determination of a
trapped animal. She leans forward to add pressure to her grip on O'Neil's
tits Increasing the force she has put on her breasts. The two Women grunt
and pant, both straining for the upper hand cruelly mauling each other's
aching tit's. O'Neil can't help but feel the throbbing pain from her clawing
hands, but each twist sends excruciating shocks of aching lust up through
both swollen breast.

Blondell moves one of her legs to the side. Giving her access to O'Neil's
crotch. Her eyes glitter as she shifts her pelvis to bring her dildo close
to O'Neil's exposed cunt. She stabs forward impaling O'Neils cunt with the
very tip of it and gives her a rapid shallow fucking.

O'Neil heaves up and head butts Blondell in the face throwing her backwards
she falls to the side. She rolls and nimbly leaps to her feet. O'Neil
scrambles up too. Her black stockings torn gaping holes showing her leg
flesh luridly. They face each other unsteadily finding their balance, keeping
a wary eye on each other. Their breasts red and tingling.


"You're fucked Blondell!"

"C'mon Blondell! Shaft her!"

Blondell circles, arms held out, bent at the elbows. O'Neil advances toward
her, her arms also poised for attack. They lunge at each other grasping each
other's eppeletted shoulders. Their uniforms hanging in shreds. Their breasts
bounce back and forth as they struggle, trying to force the other down to the
hard floor.

O'Neil uses her superior strength to push Blondell back and manages to work a
leg behind her. She slides one hand down her arm and pushes with the other.
Blondell falls backward, uttering a surprised cry. But she is quick to
recover her stance.


O'Neil feigns to the right as she kicked out with her left foot. Blondell
swerved and brought the heel of her hand up into O'Neil's jaw. O'Neil grunted
in pain but manages to swing around and kick Blondell in the side. Blondell
swerved and turned backing away. The troops behind her shove her back toward
O'Neil. She ducked under another powerful blow that O'Neil aimed at her head.

Blondell brought her knee up into O'Neil's swollen belly. She squealed and
staggered back managing to keep her feet. Grabbing Blondells heel and yanking
her toward her. She brought her fist into Blondell's face knocking her on her
ass. The blonde officer twisted over and leapt up ducking under another blow.

As Blondell jumped back she couldn't avoid a glancing blow that sent her
off balance, and dropped her to one knee. Before she could dodge it, O'Neil
followed up with a savage kick to Blondell's belly that hit the Captain with
a tremendous impact. Blondell doubled over with a pained, GUUUUFFFF!, as the
breath exploded from her lungs.


Instantly O'Neil was on her. She went to her knee at her side. Her left arm
slid around Blondell's back under her arm, gripping her blouse encased breast
viciously. Squeezing and jerking her forward around and over O'Neil's other
knee, Blondell was forced forward and over it. Her ass wiggled helplessly in
the air. O'Neil brought the dildo stabbing up against Blondell's lowering
ass, thrusting several inches into the Captains clenching cleft. It slid over
her anus and past.

Blondell cried out and twisted desperately, her hand reached back and felt
O'Neil's heavy hanging breast. Her fingers locked around the tit meat,
digging in deeply, and she twisted her hand and pulled hard. O'Neil howled
in pain as her breast was grabbed and wrenched. Blondell rammed her head
back into O'Neil's startled face slamming her head back with a sickening
blow. O'Neil's hands tore Blondell's fingers away, as she fell backward.


Blondell jumped up and twisted around to dive onto O'Neil, as she lay
momentarily on her back her legs gaping. Blondell's dildo stabbed downward,
jabbing into O'Neil's cunt hole. She twisted her hips and shoved the dildo
violently, hoping to enter her. O'Neil's leg came up twisted and kicked out,
her foot hitting Blondell in the head, knocking her aside. Blondell fell
face forward her arms out to stop her fall. The Captain lay on her belly
momentarily dazed. O'Neil threw herself up on her feet turning. in a flash
she jumped onto Blondell's back.




Her tender belly slapped down on Blondell's back, causing both women to cry
out. O'Neil grabbed Blondells skirt wrenching it up over her hips, stabbing
down and up with her dildo. The dildo smashed against Blondell's clenching
ass cheeks. Time and time again O'Neil rammed the hard rubber tool against
her crack.

The little wrinkled hole was defenceless as O'Neil stabbed the dildo against
it, and then thrust it inside. Blondell gasped and writhed against O'Neil,
trying to throw her off, but she was far too strong then with a brutal lunge
she pierced her swerving sphincter entrance and thrust into her rectal


Blondell let out a scream of pain and anger as she felt it force into her.
O'Neil's legs were squeezed tightly around the Captains, holding her in
place. Blondell's legs writhed frantically as O'Neil thrust the dildo deeper
inside her tight heaving ass hole. She tried to force it out lifting and
pressing back with her ass but suddenly O'Neil's fist was beneath her and
rammed up between her legs. Her hand grabbed Blondell's pussy hairs and
yanked sharply, making Blondell scream in pain.


With Blondell's attention gone O'Neil gripped the base of the dildo tightly,
putting all her weight behind her thrusts as she shoved it further inside the
tight dry hole.


Blondell was clawing at the floor, trying hopelessly to pull away or turn
over, as she felt the rubber cock tunnelling deeper into her guts. Then
O'Neil started hammering away at the last three or four inches of dildo
that protruded from Blondell's ass. Blondell yelled and shrieked as the
bulbous end of the dildo was mashed into her narrowing rectum with brutal
uncompromising force. Blondell grunted and cried each time O'Neil pounded
on the dildo. It was like a spike being forced into her body.



She lurched and shuddered, her eyes streamed with tears, her legs bouncing
on the floor. O'Neil rammed the remaining inch of black rubber up into
Blondell's ass with determination.



She ignored the writhing officer's pain filled howls as she forced the cock
into her body until the last bit of Black rubber disappeared inside the butt
hole and her soft ass cheeks closed tightly around it.

O'Neil pushed her mouth to Blondell's ear. "I'm gonna make you bleed you dyke
piece of shit, you like this? you like it?! HUH?? See how much you like it

Blondell wailed in pain and bounced her hips on the floor, as O'Neil held
on tightly for Salem's count. However it didn't come as he wasn't content,


Blondell's body shivered. O'Neil shoved the dildo with relentless pressure,
forcing inch after inch up the Captain's asshole. In a frenzy, Blondell
thrashed beneath her, heaving up and twisting. She struck at her face
momentarily dislodging O'Neil, who flinched away.


Blondell tried to crawl away but was grabbed from behind. O'Neil jumped on
her back, collapsing her to the floor again, then slammed it back up into
her, forcing more of it inside. Blondell shrieked and scrambled up again.

O'Neil threw her arms around Blondell's chest as the Captain rose then
dropped her weight backward. Both women fell back to the floor, landing on
their backs. Blondell's eyes bulged, and a soundless scream of agony made
her mouth open wide as the entire dildo embedded itself up her shit chute.

"OH SHE'S GOT YOU NOW BLONDELL!!" Salem shouted.

O'Neil locked her arms around her chest, and her legs around her legs. She
started to shaft up into Blondell heavily. Bolts of searing electric pain
rippled up and down Blondell's body as O'Neil ground the spike up inside her.


Blondell's frame rocked back and forth, and a low pitched grunting came from
her lungs. Blinding agony exploded in her guts, searing through her every
fibre. She could feel the head of the dildo forcing deep into her cramping
intestines. Her bowel muscles burned and ached far up inside her.


She was helplessly impaled on the O'Neil's rubber cock, she shuddered
uncontrollably as her body screamed in protest. Cramps tore through her
shocked system sending their own numbing pains to her addled brain.

O'Neil rocked up and slammed her down again. Blondell's head whipped
backwards, her entire body began to twitch and writhe as she was utterly
skewered beyond her ability to cope. Again O'Neil rocked back, pulling the
trembling woman upward, then slammed her back. Blondell's ass squashed and
jerked the base of the dildo against O'Neil's pulpy cunt mound sending
bolts of excruciating pleasure up through her tightening cunt.


The rigid fuck pole jarred and vibrated inside Blondell. The last inch of
rubber cock was forced past her anal ring and up into the entrance of her
bowels. Her crinkled opening gaped open pressed hard against the base of the
dildo, distended by the ferocious abuse of the fat rigid thing. She felt it
slowly close tightly around the base as her belly tightened.


A roaring sound smothered O'Neil's senses, and she whimpered in denial. Her
mind fought desperately as she wailed inside herself in mortification as she
realized how much she enjoyed fucking this bitch.

Then her body gave a terrible shudder, It heaved, every nerve on end, every
muscle straining, then she exploded into the most massive, overwhelming
orgasm of her life. Wave after wave of searing, burning sensations roared
through her system as she hammered up into Blondell's struggling kicking


Blondell's back squirmed against O'Neil's bound chest. Her tits swelled,
enlarged beyond reason. They felt bloated and began burning, boiling. Her
nipples were stretched tautly as her breasts hardened. and ached.

O'Neil's eyes rolled back in her head as her cunt mound throbbed with
intense repeated bolts of excruciating contractions. They tore into O'Neil's
senses like an explosion of white heat.


Blondell's asshole clutched and twitched around the Dildo, sucking and
pulling it even deeper into her ass.

The Captain thrashed against the tightening grip of the other woman. Her face
turned red, then white, then as her lungs were held in repeated contractions
of inflamed fever, her face turned blue from lack of oxygen. Pain and
pleasure mingled indelibly inside her as the woman finally collapsed, and
slumped senseless, back against O'Neil.

Suddenly O'Neil felt something against her neck Salem was over her grinning.
It was the tazor, white blinding agony swept through her as it went off
sending her body into brutal convulsions. She blacked out.

To Be Continued...


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