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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 10 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Jack sent the others for a smoke outside while he readied himself for Captain
Blondells return. He walked over to O'Neil. taking a long good look at her.
He crouched down behind her exhausted form. Her twitching still partly open
asshole was leaking a river of cum down to hang from her taut buttocks
rivulets had run down the backs of her legs to congregate at the tops of her
stiff calf muscles, where it had formed a glaze of whitish slimy scum. He
moved around to her front.

Her cunt was gaping open her shaved vulva still swollen. Her cunt lips still
thick with the excess blood supply. Her clit a small stiff cock pushed out of
it's hood like a tall button. A smaller river of the slick white semen ran
down the inside of both her muscular thighs.

He looked up at her bound up ballooned breasts, which jutted from her chest.
Like two heavy bulging pressurized Zeppelins. Her nipples thick chewed studs.
tiny rivers of fore milk seeped out and coursed down the tight skin to drip
occasionally from each breast's underside.

Lt O'Neils slack face, cheeks still bulging around the ass bung inflated in
her mouth. Her puffy lips a tight circle around the protruding pipe to the
hand pump that hung inches above her tits. Looked so serene considering her
plight. The Master Chief smiled thinking up the ways they could abuse her

He stood up as the door opened. It was DOB's.

"Blondell's here sir! she has the base commander with her!"

"That's OK DOB's Salem's expected. Tell the boys there'll be some more action
soon. Oh and get the Video man in the hide. I don't think Salem will want a
record of this but hell what about posterity huh?"

DOB's grinned " Understood Master Chief!" he left.

O'Neil groaned stirring slightly. He drew on his cigarette and smiled.

"That's what I like about you Lieutenant, timing, you're a natural!"

The door opened Blondell stood there dressed in her winter black uniform. She
held the door Captain Salem came in behind her. The Master Chief snapped to
attention and saluted.

"Morning Sir!" he barked.

Salem returned the salute and pulled his cigar from his mouth.

"Morning Master Chief. Blondell says you seem to be havin' some kind O'
difficulty with a certain candidate?" he turned to admire O'Neil's suspended

"That's right Sir, She is shall we say stubborn, like a mule Sir, and I know
how you like a woman with spirit Sir"

"Damn right, So what's your plan man?"

"Sir if I may?" Blondell queried.

"Yeah spit it out bitch, I'm kinda hungry for a piece O'her ass so make it
quick!" he barked looking at Blondell with disdain.

"Sir we thought if she were to be raped by you too sir that would break her
spirit so that . . . . ."

"She becomes a SEAL Slut! yep that's the general idea bitch. There's no point
having to cart fuckin whore's like you around if they don't fuck an'suck when
they're told. Ain't that right cunt!"

Blondell swallowed "Yes Sir exactly"

"Well I'll tell you what, you get that piece of shit dressed in her proper
attire, hung up like that, OK. Now would you say, Lieutenant O'Neil is pissed
with you right now Blondell?" he smiled down at her.

"Well . . . yes sir I would imagine she is. But . ."

"Good I want her tooled up so she can grudge fuck your sorry ass Blondell! An
I want her ass open enough to take my meat! Do you understand me?" he drew on
his cigar.

Blondell's face flushed red, she glanced at Jack uncomfortably.

"Yes Sir!"

"Well there ain't no time like the present. Get some men in here Master
Chief, to assist Blondell dressing her boyfriend there. And once she's
dressed I want you Blondell on your knees here sucking me up while some men
open up her ass yeah!"

They both nodded. Blondell went to ask something then stopped.

"You got a problem bitch?" Salem snarled.

She swallowed "You plan to put that, (she glanced at his groin) up her ass

"Oh yes cunt, so you better make it nice an wet otherwise it's going up yours

She swallowed fearfully "Yes Sir" her face paling.

"Snap to it!"

Jack went to get some men. Blondell retrieved O'Neil's dress uniform from
the vehicle. She'd enjoyed going through O'Neils things to get it together.
Especially the soiled panties she'd found, and kept. When she got back SERE
troops were cleaning the still out O'Neil down with buckets of water and
rough sponges.

Salem sat on the edge of the bench watching as he smoked his cigar.

They lowered her arms and untied her booted feet.

Suddenly O'Neil seized her chance and sprang to life leaping from their grip
and lunging for the door. One grabbed her lower leg his hands sliding down
her wet flesh then anchoring on her boot. She fell headlong, twisting over to
kick at him with the other foot.


Her boot hit his face forcing him to let go. In moments she was up turning
for the door. It was enough, the others were there. Her laboured breathing
snorted though her nostrils as she kicked and fought ferociously to keep
their hands off her. Feet and hands lashing out with swift accuracy. O'Neil
glanced about desperate for an escape route. Something hit her breast. It
stung. She glanced down.


O'Neil went rigid her body convulsing as raw electricity lanced through her
tit and body. She collapsed helpless as her arms and legs flailed her. She
became a twitching gibbering heap on the floor.

Salem walked forward his thumb hovering over the button on the tazor unit he
held the cable from it going limp between it and her breast. He stood over
her. chewing his cigar.

"Well don't just stand there get the Lieutenant up she has a busy afternoon
ahead of her!" he growled.

They dragged her up to her feet. She stood on trembling legs.

"Listen up Lieutenant, you liked that? NO? I didn't think so. You make
another fuckin' wise move like that an' you get another dose through that
big udder o'yours yeah? Now you take those boots off and put on the nice
thigh tops that Blondell has brought you."

O'Neil stared at him then knelt and undid her boots, she pulled them off.
Blondell handed her the stockings. She stared at them, for minutes.

"OK it's your decision bitch!" his thumb lowered.

O'Neil shook her head 'NO' and hurried to put them on as the SEAR guards
looked on. She stretched the shear stockings up her strong legs. They reached
to mid thigh. Blondell handed her a suspender belt. she slung it round her
and put it on.

Blondell licked her lips, feeling her twat wetten at the sexy vision
unfurling before her. She handed O'Neil her dress blouse.

"Put it on your arms, do it up at the neck, leave the front open!"

She did her hand hovered near the electrode stuck to her breast.

"You touch that it goes on your clit next. Understand". Salem snarled.

O'Neil fastened it, the smartly pressed white material hanging loosly over
her bulging tits. Next was her neck tie, then the black skirt.

O'Neil looked delicious. She stared at Salem with contempt, fierce
determination still burned there.

"Put the manacles back on Lieutenant, you looked so good like that unless you
want us to put them on while your fitting on the floor"

She stepped under the manacles and put her wrists back in them. Jack stepped
forward and snapped them closed. O'Neil groaned as the chain went taught as
she was hoisted up again. She was left on tip toe in her stocking'd feet.

Blondell came forward and slipped O'Neils dress shoes on. She took the
opportunity to run her tongue up O'Neils tense calf. O'Neil flinched and
tried to pull away. Blondell stood up.

"Lift her skirt, tuck it in the waist band Blondell, so we can see her ass,
then get your butt over here!" Salem barked.

Blondell went over to him and knelt at his side.

"Get it out cunt!" he ordered, standing.

Blondell swallowed then undid his pants, drawing aside his trousers she
pulled his boxers down. Then she took his cock in her hand.

O'Neil watched her eyes widening as it came into sight. It was the thickest
cock she had ever seen, limp it was about 8 inches and about 2-3 inches in
diameter. She swallowed too.

Blondell lifted it to her lips, sliding the foreskin back to reveal the large
purple helmet beneath. She hesitated.

"Sir . . please you won't make me throat you again will you Sir?!"

Salem laughed " Well you better make sure it fits up her ass then bitch, now
get to it!"

O'Neil balked she couldn't take that up her ass it would kill her, even with
the abuse she'd undergone. 'Oh God he'll kill me!'

Blondell began to lick the end of his cock, running her tongue up over the
top and around it.

"Master Chief get the Tail ready for Splitting!"

Jack got two of the guys over to kneel on either side of O'Neils legs and
pull them open. O'Neil strained to keep them closed. Fighting them every inch
of the way.

He ordered another two to help. The other two now joined in dragging and
holding her legs apart. Then another knelt behind her and started playing and
fingering O'Neil's asshole. He forced a couple fingers in her butt and found
how full it still was from the earlier loads dumped in her.

"Shit Master Chief she's brimming with jiz you got the tool?"

O'Neil cringed with humiliation, her eyes transfixed on the Base Commanders
thickening tool.

"Sure have, DOB's fetch it!" he hurried away.

DOB's came back carrying what look like some sort of pump. Actually it was
some sort of penis enlarger. It was a pump that had a clear tube to insert
your cock and a plunger that when pulled would suck on your cock in an
attempt to stretch it longer. It had been doctored. Covering the open end
of the pump was a tapered cap that had a hole in the end.

He handed it to the guy who placed the end of it to her asshole. He pushed
the tapered end of the pump in, then once the clear tube portion entered her
ass, he forced a couple more inches in making sure it was well planted in
O'Neil's rectum.

O'Neil struggled as it entered her, fearful of what they planned to do she
voiced stifled complaint's into the mouth bung

Then he pulled on the plunger. O'Neil jerked her back arching her feet
stamping as she felt as if her guts were being pulled out. He was siphoning
the Jiz from her ass. The clear tube began filling with a whitish brown
sludge as Bull extracted the plunger. It was all the sperm that had been
deposited inside O'Neil's ass, tainted from mixing with traces of her own
excrement. Slowly he kept pulling until he filled the tube and pulled the
pump out. There seemed to be gallons of cum swill in the tube.

"Ok get her opened up," Jack exclaimed.

He walked in front of O'Neil showing her the pump full of sperm. He just
wanted to show her how much cum she he had taken out of her.

She looked totally disgusted. He smiled.

"See how busy the boys were when you blacked out!"

"Now that and his monster cock ain't gonna fit in the same hole, see how
good we are to you" She shook her head in disgust.

"You don't want me to waste it? sure I'll keep it for you."

O'Neil winced and jolted as more fingers went up her ass. Groaning as she
felt her sore asshole get fingered.

"Hey O'Neil do you think you can take a fist in your ass? Your asshole's
certainly slimy enough from all the sperm."

She looked at him shocked 'NO' she shook her head.


He grinned "YYYYYEEEEESSSS . . .YYYEEESSS!" he mimicked.

She jolted as another finger was forced in, the forth. His hand began
pushing on her anal hole. It stretched,... she groaned, again he pushed....
it widened. Her legs snatched as she tried to clench her battered anus,
desperate to stop him. More, . . . all fingers were in up to his knuckles.
He pushed harder.

O'Neil flexed her hips whining, . . he pushed still harder,... it stretched.

The men holding her stocking'd legs struggling to hold them. She felt hot
burning fire from her sphincter as it was forced and then a hideous sudden
snap. . and he was in. Her asshole wrapped around his wrist as he implanted
his whole hand into her spasming clenching rectum.

"This is one fuckin' strong ass," he commented to the others.

He began working his hand inside her moving it, pulling and pushing, twisting
it, O'Neil moaned and groaned in agony. Then he backed his fist out until it
was positioned right in her anal entrance, stretching her hole wide open. He
twisted his fist back and forth rimming her anal ring.

Lt. O'Neil grunted out in despair biting on the bung in her mouth as he kept
her hole stretched wide causing her to feel ripples of hard pain. Then he
sunk his fist back in. He tried pushing deeper into O'Neil's quaking body
and his wrist inched in further. How much could she take? How deep into her
ass could she handle? How could she make him to stop. He pushed in deeper,
inserting more, until half of his forearm disappeared into her cruelly
stretched open asshole.

O'Neil watched as Blondell licked and sucked on Salem's cock which was now
huge easily wider than the blondes mouth. He held her by the top of the hair
as she bobbed around his meat.

Jack couldn't believe what he was watching. her ass taking all that. He
smiled and went to the front of her. He grabbed the bung deflated it and
wrenched it from her mouth.



Jack lifted the pump full of sludge to her face.

"You want him to take his fist out of your ass O'Neil?"

"Yes ohhh yesss please please UUGHHHHHH!!"

"OK you drink this, he'll take his fist out."

She nearly wretched "No, no fucking waaaaaaayyyy!"

He closed his hand making a fist inside her giving him a little more room to
make an even deeper entry. Again he pushed and another two inches of arm
entered O'Neil's ass. It felt like he had his whole arm inside her ass. She
wailed tears streamed down her face. Her rectum clung to his arm like a vice.

"oh God,... oh, God. make him take it out, take it out!"

"You gonna drink this then whore?"

"No don't make me . . Please . . noo?"

"Drink it!" She nodded before she realized what she was doing.

"Say AHH!" She opened her mouth in a begging fashion.


He put the pump just over her open lips and began to pump it into her mouth
and down her throat. He pushed the plunger down halfway and the slimy ooze
spilled out the opening into O'Neil's mouth. It was the most disgusting thing
she could imagine.

O'Neil's mouth filled with the cum sludge. Sobbing O'Neil closed her mouth to
swallow. And swallow she did, eating the filthy sperm. The sludge in the pump
a shit cum mixture he just extracted from her ass.

He grinned and offered her more she choked it down and then opened her mouth
again, it was empty, Jack pushed on the plunger one more time. The rest of
the sludge dumped into her mouth with some dribbling down her chin. Then
another gagging swallow, a gulp, she drank it all, ate all the slimy
disgusting sperm that had been shot up her ass for last hours.

"Well look at that, see now I find it hard to believe a woman, an officer,
would degrade herself to such a level - eating the cum from her own ass.
After it had soaked up the smell and dirt from deep within her own rectum,
just to get a lying son o'f'a bitch like me the chance to laugh when I let
em fist your ass anyhow!"

he just laughed.

She felt herself going nearly insane, . Her asshole had to be stretched four
inches across to accommodate the his arm.

Salem got up and dragged Blondell over with him to watch O'Neil's plight. His
cock was still about 9 inches long but more than 3-4 inches across. The girth
was amazing. He pumped it with his hand dragging the thick head across
Blondells face.

He pulled back out of her ass a little and rammed it home up her anal chute
until he hit bottom again. Then again he pumped his arm up her butt bottoming
out deep in her ass. He repeated his anal fist fuck into O'Neil's ass over
and over slamming his fist as far as it would go, forcing it until he hit the
soft flesh in the deepest part of her rectum.

Ramming her asshole like this was so arousing he was in a frenzy too and
ready to cum. He ripped his arm out of her ass. O'Neil screamed from the
instant surge of pain as his fist passed through her sphincter so abruptly.

O'Neil was delirious with pain.

"Here use this cunts mouth!" Salem insisted pushing Blondell to the soldier.

He rammed his cock into Blondell's mouth and came instantly. Blondell
coughing and choking as his load jetted against her tonsils.

Salem strode behind O'Neil admiring her flinching ass cheeks.

"Blondell! Stop eating cock and get your toy, whore!"

Blondell staggered up wiping her mouth. She went to her medical bag.
Retrieving her strap on dildo she lifted her skirt to put it on.

"Blondell what in gods name are you doin'? Get that thing on this bitch!"

She looked at him with pure hatred. "Yes Sir"

She went to the front of O'Neil admiring her gorgeous big tit's and the big
wet patches that had appeared on her dress blouse, over each protruding teat.
She hoisted up O'Neils skirt at the front and dipped her fingers down to toy
with O'Neils stiff sensitive clit.

"UHHHH fuck off bitch!" O'Neil spat.

Blondell pinched her clit yanking on it.

"AGHHH!...AAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" O'Neil twisted and shook.

"Get the fucking thing on her you ass!" she looked shocked and then knelt.

She put the first strap around her thigh and yanked it tight, then the other
then she put the base against O'Neils shaved pubis, The clit stimulator
cupping her hypersensitive clit. She put the last strap around her waist and
drew it tight. Then she drew it away and fingered O'Neils clit so it would be
trapped against the hard stimulator. Then she readjusted a strap, tightening
it as far as it would go.

The soldiers pushed her legs together Blondell had some thick tape. She
strapped O'Neil's legs together the tape biting into her strong thighs deep.

O'Neil shuddered not understanding. hard sexy shocks rippled up from her
clit to her cunt. Then she felt Salem's fingers dragging her pushed together
buttocks wide.

O'Neil stared down, Hanging between her legs, held in place by a harness, was
the eight inch rubber cock, that blondell had raped her with earlier.

"It's monstrous!" Blondell exclaimed squeezing it.

"I like a challenge," Then she pushed her slippery fingers down between
O'Neil's legs and up into her already lubricated pussy. She pushed all five
fingers in, stretching the opening.

"Oooo!" moaned O'Neil in shock as she felt the intrusion.

Blondell withdrew her fingers licking them and stood up and then began
playing with O'Neil's tit's pulling her big teats between her thin long
fingers. Then she lifted her skirt and leg and pushed the dildo's head to
her own cunt.

"C'mon Lieutenant fuck me? fuck my cunt! I know you want to make me take
it. C'mon big girl like you, fuck me."

"Get off me you dike bitch!" O'Neil managed.

Blondell wrapped her arms around O'Neil's neck lifting herself, then she
slid down the thing embedding it in her own cunt.

"Oooh too late you are fucking me, soldier!"

She began heaving up and down, each time squeezing O'Neil's trapped clit.
She began to pump her hips in and out. slowly at first, then picking up
speed. She used long deep strokes. She threw her head back, making gargling
moans and grunts.

Salem started pushing on her abused asshole. She could feel the thick blunt
pole against her splayed ass.

"Please, please stop!"

"Don't please...Ahhhhhhhhhh!...Nooooooo!" She screamed.

ALL she could feel was cock as his pole sank into her trapped cheeks and
forced her asshole open. The pain was incredible taking that huge fat bloated
cock even in her stretched and slackened hole. Salem managed to force the
head of his cock into her rear, he was grunting, trying to ram all of it the
rest of the way in. Forcing it with his fingers, slowly it disappeared. He
force fed inch by inch inside O'Neil's ass.

She screamed and gurgled in excruciating agony the entire time it passed
through her asshole, the fat hard head painfully stretching her abused
sphincter. Once the brutal head was in he stopped enjoying her taut ring
strangling the crown. O'Neil was heaving her hips forward driven by animal
desperation to free herself of the awful thing.

Each time she did she thrust deeply up into Blondell who clung to her front
writhing in pleasure as she felt her thick dildo force in and out of her
juiced up cunt chute. The constant rubbing against O'Neil's own love button
was sending her belly into pre-orgasmic fits.

"Oh yeah O'Neil fuck me you brute ooooooh yeah!!" Blondell enthused

Heaving up and down her muscular frame kissing her agonized face rubbing
herself hard against O'Neil's trapped tit's. Her slender legs dangling down
her whole weight sitting on the dildo.

Salem felt O'Neil's tortured ass spasm and twitch around his tool. He began
to force more in, pushing the hard flesh into her butt, O'Neil howled searing
pain lancing through her bowels as he made her take his obscene girth.

"OH GOD YOU Bast . . please . . please URGHHHHHHHH . . . NOOO!"

Blondell was slamming her twat down on the dildo now sending bursts of
shocking pleasure up through O'Neil's tightening belly. She leant back
grabbing O'Neil's helpless bound tit's pulling and pummelling them. Milk
squirting from each with every blow.

Salem went up on tip toe throwing his weight at her ass grunting with effort
as he slowly managed to ease the thing in until his forearm thick now 10 inch
cock was completely buried inside her rectum.

O'Neil was moaning and grunting in a hysterical panic, thrusting and jolting
her hips as her mind reeled from the savage stuffed aching fullness coursing
up through her ass as his massive piece of cockmeat stirred her guts. Cramps
crippled her belly as her rectum spasmed around the unrelenting thing.

"BOOOOOOYYYYYYAAAAAAAA O'Neil I knew you'd be able to to take this. YEAH!
YEAH TAKE IT CUNT!!" Salem grunted.

She was slung forward wrenching down on her manacles desperately trying to
pull off it her groin ramming the dildo deep into Blondell's dripping gash.

He slapped her ass as he pulled all the way out. He fought the suction to
pull his cock backwards. O'Neil yelped in sudden pain as her sphincter fought
to adjust to his thick helmet being lodged yet again in it's straining
confines, burning and springing around his hard intruding staff.

Blondell slammed down squealing in pleasure.

"Fuck me fuck me!" she encouraged.

Salem laughed behind her. "Go on, Fuck the whore! After all she's the lesbian
cunt that raped you. C'mon Lieutenant Grudge fuck the bitch!" He growled in
her ear.

He reached around showing her the Tazor box his finger poised over the

"I pull out shock you ram back in until you do understand O'Neil?"

She nodded desperate not to feel that through her breast again. O'Neil eased
forward feeling Blondell stiffen and groan. As she did in that moment of
distraction her asshole abruptly spasmed, clenching and loosening suddenly
sucking the rest of Salem's cock in like it was pulling back a shit.


He Grunted in animal pleasure as he felt his cock head pulled deep into her
guts. Feeling the twisting narrowing length of her ass tube straighten out
to receive his agonizing sceptre length tool. He then rammed forward,
viciously throwing his groin up into her butt skewering her bowels with his
deep plunging cock. He jammed his cock back into her clenching sucking ass.
He leant back, watching as it disappeared into her tortured hole. Her
sphincter a thin red band stretched obscenely around the huge girth of his
cock. Her strong taught full globes quaking with tension on either side.

O'Neil was heaving forward. Ramming Blondells cunt hard and fast making the
blonde officer kick and hump. Gasping and groaning in delight as she was
fucked by her dream woman. Her arms crossing behind O'Neil's neck as her legs
came up and locked to the poor Lieutenant's churning hips.

"Oh yes Jordan YESSS!! Fuck me, make me take it UH UH!"

Her belly aching anal rape seemed to go on forever, each motion felt like it
was tearing up her insides, an explosion of searing pain, which seemed never
ending. Her mind felt only the agony coursing through her whole body surging
up through her expanded forced intestines with each sadistic thrust up her
ass. She could feel every inch of Salem's cock buried deep inside her fiery
bowels. She screamed as Salem pummelled her ass then he rested just a moment.

O'Neil sobbed in relief, for the moments relief. She had never experienced
such awful feelings and mind numbing sensations like this before. It was far
worse than the others raping her ass.

Blondell was humping up and down on her front maniacally lost in her own
building orgasm.

Then Salem began fucking her asshole again with a vengeance. Again O'Neil's
sobbing screams resumed as he rammed her snatching quaking ass, unmercifully.
He would slide his cock out and then he would quickly force it back in.
Enjoying the way her ass sucked his shaft back in all the way. At the last
instant He would lunge fiercely into her, straightening his powerful legs,
slapping his balls into her asscheeks.

Over and over O'Neil's ass swallowed up his giant four inch wide prick.
O'Neil gasped and cried out in pain as the monster thing rammed up into her
belly. She had this tremendous overwhelming feeling of FULLNESS each time he
sank the thing up into her.

Salem's cock ripped in and out of her anus, skewering her gaping asshole,
searing wretched pain mixing with the shocks of rapturous pleasure boiling
up from her trapped clit, and then hammering up through her body. Flooding
her near senseless brain with overloading bursts of white hot sexual

She had began thrusting into Blondell's humping body surrendering to her
angry bitter outrage lunging deep up the woman's cunt. passing on each
vicious gut wrenching thrust into her fellow officers pussy. Salem grunted
like a mindless animal as his engorged phallus impaled her and seemed to
expand and impossibly grow.

Blondell went wild her body stiffening and shaking as she mouthed loud grunts
of pleasure, her face a mask of glowing satisfaction as she came. Hot cunt
juice flooding out down the shaft of the dildo as she pounded down it's full
length. Hard sharp shocks shot up through O'Neil's cunt as the dildo gyrated
and bobbed forcing her belly into a constricted hard knot of potential.

Salem heaved, his hard cock flesh rippling in to her clenching hole. It
reacted to the growing contractions in O'Neil's belly and clamped down around
his tool with tremendous force. Salem groaned in pleasure, and putting his
forearm around O'Neils throat he Jack hammered her ass. Forcing awful howls
of anguished straining helpless excruciation from O'Neil.

She jolted and slammed back. her body going tense and suddenly she was
thrashing and flailing screaming in abandoned pleasure as her cunt exploded
in a torrent of unbelievably forceful contractions. An earth shattering
orgasm that nearly ripped her body apart. She screamed at him to fuck her
asshole harder while her body twitched and bucked while impaled on his arm
thick meat. Pussy Juice squirting out of her cunt as it went into a fit of
powerful ejaculations.

"Oh God, . . OH, GOD. . .yes, THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT. . yes, WHAT YOU WANT TO

She drew a shuddering breath.

"FUCK MY ASSHOLE. . . .Ram it in . . in my ass, harder, . . harder. YOU

Salem felt her ass suck, clench, and massage, his monster cock with
incredible ferocity. He groaned deep and long as his nuts released a rushing
flood of white jism which thumped up his staff into her sucking, hungry anus
and burst into her guts with a heavy hot insistent throb.


O'Neil was a sobbing flinching puppet impaled on his cock. Her body wracked
with powerful aftershocks. Finally he pulled out spewing cum all down the
backs of her legs. As his cock was released from the confines of her rectum
it swelled and pumped on it's own more cum shot all over her crack and cheeks
running down and sliding into her gaping raw fist sized asshole. Once Salem
finished creaming all over her, he shoved his half hard cock up O'Neil's ass
one last time pushing the last drops of his sperm inside her anus.

He stepped back and came around in front of O'Neil.

"Blondell get this cleaned!"

Blondell climbed off the dildo and obediently knelt at his feet lapping at
his semen, shit and blood streaked tool.

O'Neil hung there. gasping her abdomen still quaking with aftermath. The
dildo stuck out of her covered in Blondell's thick creamy juices. She felt
totally shocked and stunned as the urge to suck and lap at his cock went
through her reeling mind.

"Looks like we have another bone fide 'SEAL Slut' on our books boys!" He
gloated taking out another cigar and lighting it.


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