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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 7 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Lt. O'Neil was helpless. Her muscle bound frame on her front over the bench
in the beach house. Her tywraped arms (pinned together at the wrists and
elbows) behind her. Her drug enhanced, ballooned, aching, bound tits over the
edge of the rough table top, A chain, nipple clamped to each swollen teat.
The weight of it stretching her nipples cruelly.

Thick cord around each knee tied her legs to the legs of the bench. O'Neil's
BDU's torn, hung from her lower legs, Where her booted feet twitched and
flexed. She was bent over forwards with her head protruding over the edge her
head ring gagged connected to her arms holding it up. Her ass in the air.

It seemed to go on and on. Huge cocks continually filled her throat, cumming
in her mouth and all over her face. They fucked her ass repeatedly, and
deposited their hot sperm in her rectum after blasting her asshole wide open.

O'Neil became limp, unable to do anything more than lie there, grunting and
crying, their rape toy. O'Neil gagged around the cock filling her throat as
another cock came in her ass, filling her bowels to overflowing with jism.
They were animals, using her like meat, degrading her, saying she really
wanted it.

"You are a dirty whore Lieutenant you just love getting gang-banged! You'll
be friggin' yourself off about this for years!!"

The brutal, degrading gang rape was shattering her mind and sexy body with
its pain and humiliation. Cock after cock invading her, pounding, squirting,
and being replaced by another, then another, then another, and then another.

Instructor Johns was next for a piece of her ass. He and Instructor Whitewire
had a special treat for her. Johns sank into her gaping wet ring sliding the
head in and out in short sharp stabs.

The Master Chief crouched down before her lifting her chin smiling into her
pained expression.

"If you feel you can not carry on Lieutenant, that it all seems beyond your
capabilities just say the word O'Neil. Just quit, huh?"

She shook her head staring him down determined through the glaze of semen
clinging to her jolting face.

"NOH!" she spat.

"Well that's fine, 'cos Johns and Whitewire have a special trick they want to
share with you. One they only usually share with five dollar whore's. But due
to your tenacity and predicament they're gonna let your sorry butt experience
what they call a Double Whammy!"

O'Neil pulled her face away groaning as Johns began to pump her ass steadily
from above her cheeks; his cock going down into her bowels almost vertically.

"Brace yourself Lieutenant this is gonna make your ass ache for weeks!"

Whitewire knelt on the floor behind her and the two of them dragged her
cheeks as wide as they could. making her whimper and sob in fear of what they
were going to do.

He was trying to shove his large, hard cock in her ass as well. O'Neil
realized with horror what they had planned. With a guttural grunt of animal
outrage she Clenched her butt cheeks up hard. Straining like fuck to stop

Whitewire was found too much resistance, he rammed his fingers deep into her
cunt and scooped her own cunt juice and blood out. He smeared it around her
crack. forcing his fingers down the side of Johns cock. O'Neil wept as she
felt her ring sear with burning heat as it was dragged wider.

They would rip her open she howled and struggled as they laughed an jeered.
The other soldiers gathering to encourage them.

"Get her ass open, go on!"

"Pull on that ring, rip it if you have to."

"C'mon open up like a good bitch lieutenant!!"

Try as they might she still fought to keep them from opening her up. She
sobbed with effort her body straining to clench her butt shut around the cock
that was already lodged in it.

"Shit man she's squeezing my cock! you ain't never gonna open her up!"

"Oh I think we will!" The Master Chief yelled.

He produced the plastic bag and thrust it down over her surprised features.
Dragging it tight. She went wild dragging the plastic to her mouth. Her body
heaving in shock and panic.

Distracted her ass flinched and sprang open. Whitewire gripped his cock hard
and forces it along side Johns' tool, he pushed it still didn't go in. He
balanced himself, repositioning trying again, Whitewire heaved ramming it to
her wet stretched tight anal muscles with a hard steady solid push, he gave
a mighty shove, and suddenly her asshole was filled with two cocks at once.



He grunted with effort as it slid into her already stuffed rectum. She was
arched in pain and panic screaming hoarsely into the bag. Jack dragged it
from her head so the video guy could catch her pained gasping face as the
second cock forced home.


"BOOOHAAAA!! spear her ass!" someone encouraged.

They went at it savagely, no mercy. They began to double fuck her ass with a
rapid, brutal pace, both hammering against her splayed ass cheeks at each
stroke, plunging their rock hard shafts into her violated hole. Making her
jolt and snatch at her bonds in agony.

Two thick cocks rubbing against each other inside her rectum. O'Neil let out
groan after groan, protesting weakly, she was completely unable to put up any
resistance as the pair of men began rhythmically pumping through her anal
ring and into the depths of her intestine, stretching the already abused
tissues still more. Thrust after hard thrust slammed twin lengths of hot meat
up her asshole.

"I think she love's it, don't you Liutenant-slut!"


The Chief laughed, directing the video guy to close up on them double raping
her hole with their cocks, making her straining ass cheeks bounce with every
ruining thrust.

"What you gonna say to hubby bitch huh? I had to hide a pringles container up
my ass during inspection! You're going to have to con him into fucking your
ass so you can say 'look what you did with you're weener' HA HA!"

The others fell about their laughing stinging her will.

O'Neil gulped in air and with a cry slumped just laying there letting them
rape her hole, moaning pitifully each time the two cocks moved inside her,
double pumping her aching sphincter.

A third got in front of her face, insisting.

"Time for another face fuck cunt open up! I'm going to stick my cock all the
way down you're tight throat, you cum guzzling slut! You better suck this
down your throat like a good whore!"

"Noh phease noh ore!" O'Neil gasped, her voice cracking with humiliation.

"Tough fucking shit cunt!" She whimpered, as he force fed it to her laughing
at her half hearted attempt to pukll away.

O'Neil's ass was being double fucked so brutally she was beginning to grunt
like a pig with pain and the heavy slamming she was receiving from both ends.
Her limp body was buffeted back and forth as her ravishers banged into her
from either side, smashing against her rounded buttocks and driving deeply
into her rear opening.

"Uuuuuuuuuhh! Uuuuuuuhh! UGGHHHH!" The man fucking her face groaned, yanking
it from her throat he spurted. His cock jerked and jetted thick sperm into
her gasping face, into her open mouth. Splatter after splatter plastering her
face. He buried himself in her ring gagged mouth one last time.

"Fuck that's good Lieutenant."

He gasped withdrawing his cock from her windpipe with a sickening squelch.

Johns and Whitewire began humping alternately up her butt making her tortured
rectum spasm and springe as it was pulled and pushed. O'Neil was in agony
this was the most vicious stirring her ass had received she really believed
these two would bust her ass it was awful the worst!

She didn't know but the two men with the fattest cocks there where double
fucking her ravaged hole stretching and pulling in every direction as the two
pricks ripped through her once tight sphincter.

"C'mon ram that worthless ass see how wide it will go!"

"GOHD NOH NOH!" she pleaded.

As they began really trying to see how wide they could stretch out her
tortured asshole. After fifteen minutes of her poor frame squirming and
jolting under this brutal ass raping, they came. Together they rammed both
cocks as deep as they could up her quaking ass. O'Neil let out an awful
guttural sob going stiff with shock as both cocks seemed to expand and then
burst. A wheeler of heavy gut wrenching pounding throbs oscillated through
her rectum making her cervix unexpectedly flutter her belly tightening in
an excruciating flood of pain and pleasure.

O'Neil began to hump back her face a mask of shocked intensity, as she felt
a slam of pressure ride up through her intestines as both men slammed a hot
hard gush of cum into her bowels.

"Damn! Look at the whore get butt fucked!" Someone jeered.

They laughed and yelled humiliating O'Neil as she went wild thrashing about
as her belly released in sudden climax. She heaved back on the two cocks
oblivious of it all as she orgasmed. cunt juice spurting from her ejaculating
empty cunt.

"YEEHAA look a that whore go!"

"Fuck that is one hungry ass!"

Johns and Whitewire pulled out leaving her moaning and thrusting her hips in
aftermath. They all gathered around as the camera guy closed up on her gaping
hole as it twitched and sucked her cunt still driving heavy contractions
through it. Her asshole had been stretched obscenely wide.

"Tell us you want another ass fuck, slut!" Jack insisted.

"NOHHH! Uuuugghh" she sobbed.

They bagged her making her thrash and buck in panic. The bag lifted as she
was blacking out.

"Ask for another slut!" He insisted as she gasped and gulped

The bag started to come down.

"Phease, ey wh . . whant anohher ashh phucc..." She choked out the words.

That was it then a free for all. The next hour passed with countless cum
shots in all her holes. Heavy gushing streams filled her tight hole. The rim
of her ass burned from the abuse. Some of the soldiers even filled her ears
and nose with sperm.

O'Neil was continuously sandwiched, at one point she had two men alternately
double penetrating her ass and cunt, with four up front choke fucking her
face in turn.

Pyro piped pulled the Master Chief to one side.

"Shit lets have more fun huh?"

"What you got planned?"

"Fuck man big strong girl like that, yeah? lets let her think she's escaping,
get some fight out of her, shit that does it for me."

"I like it Mr Pyro, lets do it." they laughed.

They went back to where O'Neil was getting her head fucked again.

"C'mon, suck my cock you stupid slut!"

One of the other big black guys was shafting her throat he was in a big a
hurry and was fucking her face violently. He jammed down her throat and
didn't pull out.

"Oh, yeah!, Fuckin' choke you cunt!,"

He spat on her shaved head as he battered the livid pink head of his meat
down into her oesophagus until he was holding her head in a vice like grip
as hammered away at her helpless face. He came, his cock jetting more hot
thick jiz down her gullet filling her bloated belly with more semen.

As he did The Master Chief slid the pallet strap clip along to a split
section of wood. weaker there the clip began to pull through, as the soldier
rammed up into her helpless face.

While he did this Pyro was loosening the knots on her knees, only so they
would slowly loosen.

Another soldier had mounted her ass and was heaving up into her squelching
splayed butt. As he came his shaft buried hilt deep up her clenching ring, he
viciously slammed against her ass cheeks, The wood began to give allowing her
waist to lift. She snatched her legs as she felt fresh hot bolts of cum spew
into her bowels.

O'Neil felt the ropes give. The cock pulled from her throat and she gulped a
deep choking breath. The rapist bastard pulled his cock from her sloppy ass
and made way for another.

The Chief and Pyro looked on as her strong frame leapt to action. She
wrenched her legs hard, and again, the cord gave and her legs slammed
together. She hurled her body up from the bench top semen spilling from
her mouth and ass. In an instant she was upright. The startled soldier
began to turn. Her right leg came up as she span around lashing out at
the nearest soldiers head with her booted foot.

He took it full force in the chest flying back into the others. She glared
about desperate for a escape route. The door she came in was behind the
throng before her. She lashed out at another, spinning her numb legs wobbling
as she turned. She took two paces toward the window at the other end of the
room. Dob's lurched at her she kicked him between the legs and leapt past

Pyro yelled "BOOOOHAAAA!" and ran after her quickly covering the ground. He
kicked her in the back of the knee throwing her foot forward. She grunted in
pain turning on him. Other soldiers ran past her to guard the window, so that
their fuck prize couldn't escape.

She leapt in the air kicking his face sideways spinning him to his knees. As
her foot came down he lashed out grabbing her boot. He threw it throwing her
on her ass. She hit the floor with a cry and heaving breath through the ring
gag, twisted over to her knees leaping up again with a loud enraged growl.

Pyro kicked her face sideways into the wall. O'Neil hit it and bounced off
her big bound tits bobbing all over as she slammed into one of the rooms
central pillars. She rallied as he span kicking his knee as he went to follow
her. He grunted in surprise and pole axed her across the side of the head.
She fell forward her arms helpless behind her.

Crashing face first onto some chairs. She twisted landing on one as Pyro bore
down on her grabbing her around the chest from behind. She slammed her shaven
head back into his chin. Pyro yelled falling back his nose a bloody mess.

O'Neil levered herself up panting with exertion, to find her exit blocked by
a sea of grinning men's faces. She span trying to get her bearings. Pyro
grabbed the chain on her tits and yanked her forward. His fist slammed into
her face. Throwing her head back viciously. He sadistically yanked her
forward again. She tried to kick his groin, he side stepped.

Grabbing her round the neck. he twisted round locking her head under his
elbow and began throttling the struggling Lieutenant. She slammed his legs
from under him and he collapsed forward into the wall. She wrenched her head
free and turned ready to flee. As she did He recovered twisted and his foot
slammed into the side of her head.

With a startled muffled yell she slumped headlong into all the semen, piss
and puke at the other side of the bench.

Pyro stood over her and undid his belt gasping with exertion. Through his
BDU'S you could see his erection straining.

"Now that was a grade A turn on bitch Hooooweee!"

O'Neil had passed out.

"Oh, dear the whore's unconscious. just how I like 'em. Guess what O'Neil
you're ass is still in open season so I'm gonna fuck the shit outa your sorry
butt anyway!"

"Yeah! Way to go Pyro fuck her ass" the others jeered.

He got down behind her, dragged her limp legs together. Dropped his combats
and took them off. He straddled her legs and wanked his cock ready then he
forced his rigid cock full length into the unconscious woman's wet asshole.

Each deep thrust of the man's massive organ brought a grunt from the helpless
woman's lungs, but no other reaction, his thick tool entered her relaxed
abused rectal sphincter muscles further until he could start slamming his
hips against her ass, He repeatedly drew the whole thing out of her, stepping
back slightly to watch his cockhead emerge from her violated ass.

O'Neil's asshole gaped open. He pressed his cockhead to it and slammed it
back up into her anus, impaling her. Raping her wide open ass with all his
strength, he was fucking her as hard as he could for more then a dozen

Jerking his cock totally out of her and then brutally shoving it back into
her stretched out hole, causing O'Neil to spasm as he again impaled her. He
drove his cock fully inside her butt hole and pulling back on her shoulders
he ensured that he was completely inside her slack ass before he began riding

He began brutally hammering up into her. Savagely reaming her ass. Her
asshole stretched and dilated around the intruding fleshy organ, almost
turning inside out from the brutal thrusts of the eagerly pumping
instructor. Her shudders lifting as he arched her up. Buttfucking her
viciously. Her still bound tits bouncing and jiggling in her own mess
as fucked violently into her wide spread butt.

Finally he shot his full load of cum deep into her ass. He grunted loudly as
he spurted his hot sperm, he slammed her forward into the mess. Pulling his
dripping cock out, he looked up at the men around him.

"Next," he said with an ugly grin. One by one, the crowd took turns ass
fucking the comatose Lieutenant.


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