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Synopsis: "You've all seen it yeah, otherwise see it!!"

Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (DEMI MOORE) sets a Historic
precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed
to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs.
Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined
to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honoured fighting
force in the world, in which 60% of her male counterparts will fail. Under
the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (VIGGO MORTENSEN), O'Neil
is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not expected to
succeed. Indeed, military and high ranking government officials including her
sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven (ANNE BANCROFT) are counting on her to fail.
However, to their dismay and perplexity, O'Neil perseveres.

GI Jane: An Adaption To The Sexual Part 2 (F/gang,nc,humil,anal,viol,unif)
by Mad Gerald

Jack looked on as O'Neil went limp he barked an order the bag was lifted. She
sucked in a desperate breath, staying out. Greg, one of his Sergeants was
ramming four fingers into her cunt. The others looked on avidly as he worked
and twisted them forcing her cunt walls to give. The others semen coating his
fingers as he worked them in and out.

Jack grinned and admired her tits. Coming to a decision, he leant over and
gripped her teats. Pinching and twisting them. He yanked and pulled more of
her bulging breast flesh through the taut ropes. She groaned and stirred.
He gripped her breasts hard and viciously yanked them. More of her tits
ballooned out. He grabbed the knot he had placed earlier and partially undid
it and with his muscles bulging he pulled and snatched it tighter and then
tighter again. Now her breasts were two big fat udders forced up hard, her
teats two thick hard nubs.

She shuddered and moaned. He looked back down at her cunt. Greg's arm was
punching up into her twat only the heel of his wrist visible. Her swollen
labia bulging on either side. He flexed his arm and pressed and twisted. He
chuckled and thumbed her lips wider, stretching and easing them out as he
pushed and pushed.

Her body jerked and her hips began to lift as his hand slipped deeper. He
thrust it in and up again as her hips began to dance as he strained. The
muscles on his arm stood out hard as suddenly her cunt walls gave up the
fight and his hand slid home encased deep inside her spasming vagina.

"UHHH NOH NOH UUUHHHAARGGHH!!" she bellowed snapping to conciousness as his
hand filled her aching twat.

"Wakey wakey Lieutenant you don't want to miss being fisted!" he gloated her
whole body strained and shook as they laughed.

Jack rubbed his hands over her bloated tits. Her nipples were rigid her
aureole thick and crinkled as his attentions forced them to thicken and
swell. Slick with the sperm that he rubbed in.

"What's the problem O'Neil feeling full?"

The fist was rammed hard up into her making her stiffen. Her cunt lips
clenched around his thick wrist, as her twat burned and ached.

Jack pulled her nipples enjoying the way they resisted his pinching and

"Dobs get Captain Blondell in here!"

O'Neils eyes went wide as the Dobs disappeared and came back with the Navy
Doctor. She looked matter of factly at Lieutenant O'Neils predicament.

"My my we have been busy gentlemen, OK what do you want this time Jack?"

"Hey less of the attitude captain! We can easily swap your little voyeurs
nest back there with a place on this bench yeah, did you get off yet or have
we disturbed your frigging?"

"Shut up! Just tell me what you want?" she looked really flustered.

"I want you to give the Lieutenant here one of those nice big shots in her
titties here. You know the ones I mean."

"OK, I can only do it once though you know that yeah!" she started to rummage
in her bag.

O'Neil struggled frantically as she readied a syringe and filled it. Jack
squose up her left breast cruelly. She winced in pain as the hypodermic
entered her aureole and it started to heat as Blondell emptied the syringe
into it.


Jack let it go as the needle came out leaving a speck of blood. He gripped
the other and forced it up.


The refilled syringe sank into the other teat and the contents was thumbed
home. Jack let go and roughly rubbed both sore nipples.

"How Quick?"

"Quick!" she smiled. "Now if you don't mind I'll let you get on OK?"

She closed her bag and turned to leave.

"You want a piece of this?" Jack asked, she turned back.

"Oh, yes later," she smiled and went.

"BOOYAHHH!!" the others yelled and O'Neil jolted in pain and shock as Greg
began fisting her poor impaled twat again.

Her tits were on fire, aching and throbbing her nipples were itching and
burning. Jack grinned down at her watching as her breasts began to swell. Her
nipples were now sat on thick stiff aureole, they were beginning to swell
themselves. He flicked them hard making her writhe and scream through the
ring gag.

"Oh you like that whore. Oh Yeah!" he started to slap them feeling how hard
both globes had become.

He squeezed them and bounced them and played with them roughly by lifting
them and then dropping them. He then placed his fingers on her nipples, using
all his fingers around each nipple so that he pulled them in towards the
nipple and captured each one with all his fingers.

He squeezed hard over and over again pulling his fingers up and around the
nipples squeezing and pulling over and over. Her nipples were getting harder
and harder. He squeezed tightly and pulled her nipples up, lifting each one
of her tits as he pulled. He pulled harder and harder so that her chest was
forced up pulling more of each heavy swollen breast through the ropes he saw
tears in her eyes.

He laughed enjoying her distress.

"Oh yeah O'Neil I love these babies I will never tire of abusing these
fuckers, hey you like how big they've got, I bet they hurt too. Oh yeah they
ache don't they? And you know what, we're gonna fuck em till they're blue
baby uh huh!"

"Talking of babies whore, That stuffs gonna make your titties believe that's
what you've had. Oh Yeah an then your gonna be one big uddered milky cow, you
gonna be filling up for weeks!"

O'Neil groaned and shook as Greg began to spread his fingers as he fisted
her jerking and heaving his hand inside her. Her guts were awful her butt
seemed to be pulsing around the bung, her rectum spasmed with the need to

"Bag Her" Jack ordered. It came down as she gasped for air. Her head thrashed
back and forth. He lifted and dropped each tit, watching as they bounced and
formed their ballooned shape again. He lifted them up again and then let them
go. He started slapping the stiff flesh the same way as before, hurting her
more each time and letting them fall back each time, marvelling at the bounce
of each luscious tittie.

"Oh Lieutenant I love your titties and I'm going to love shafting the fuck
out of them baby!"

He started slapping her breasts lightly at first as she strained and
struggled her chest jutting out as she fought for air so that they bounced,
and bounced with each heavy slap. He started slapping them from underneath
lifting them up so that they would bounce heavily down, shuddering into
place. He slapped them from the side.

Jack watched he loved seeing them getting redder and redder as he slapped
them really hard. He knew that constantly slapping them made her sore as he
hit them harder. He got enormous pleasure as they slammed against each other.
as she winced and fought to pull them away. Trying to twist her chest away
from his hard strikes.

He nodded the bag came up she sobbed and gulped air as he started smacking
her nipples with the tips of his fingers.

His fingers were long and acted like little floggers on each nipple. He would
hit one nipple several times in a row before switching to the other one. Then
he'd alternate flogging each one with his fingers. He loved the smack Thwack
Flap smack sound his fingers made on her tits. He knew her tits had to be
sore O'Neils face bore it out. Her eyes showed her pain as did her face which
was incredibly tense.

As her vision cleared O'Neil couldn't believe the size of her breasts they
seemed huge and so tender. Her teats burned and throbbed as he teased them.
She could feel her cunt contracting around the fist rammed in it and his
thumb kept circling and sweeping over her clit. She knew they were turning
her on her body betraying her animal sexuality. She was losing control she
could feel it. If only she could get rid of this awful pressure in her ass.

Greg pushed his face to her clit and began lapping at it. Dob's shouted out.
"Hey This whores gonna cum Look at her ass lift! C'mon O'Neil you piece of

Jack stopped his slapping and began rubbing and pulling her nipples. He
Shouted at one of the others.

"You! suck and play with teats c'mon we've got the whore going. Heh Heh
O'Neil your gonna be our fuck slave no doubt about it honey!"

The soldier jumped at the chance and put his head down and his lips caught
one of the tight sore nips in his mouth. He started sucking it like he was a
baby. Sucking and sucking on it strong and hard.

"BAG!" Jack shouted. it came down setting her struggling instantly.

Her cunt ground down on Greg's fist as she arched her back. Her clit was a
tight ridged button, which he flicked and clamped his lips over sucking hard.
Her ass danced and swerved as he pulled and drew on it, pulsing his hand
inside her cunt tube.

O'Neil was thrashing wildly as the soldiers fed from her both breasts,
catching her teats lightly in their teeth. Chewing and running their tongues
around them. They're hands squeezing and pulling worrying her breasts to
their hungry faces squeezing and pulling and rolling them around.

Jack inhaled, through the sweat, he could smell her arousal she wouldn't ever
want to admit it but they had her and she was going to come.

She struggled and strained her mind screamed for air and them, sucking,
nibbling, pulling. Her cunt ache growing and growing as he viciously fisted
her clenching cunt until it was too much for her. She whimpered her mouth
pressed to the plastic her eyes dimming in asphyxia. Her body wanted sexual
release and her nipples were excruciating hard deep throbs of pleasure and
pain shot through each heavy mammary. Her cunt started to squeeze tighter
and tighter on Greg's fist.

Greg lifted his face from her heaving cunt, "Boss boss she's there!"

Jack grabbed the two soldiers by the hair and wrenched them from her breasts.
They slapped back her teats two fat red nubs. Milk Squirted out from each,
running down the fat globes in rivulets. Greg yanked his fist out as the bag
came up.


Her cunt was an open hot pulsing pink tunnel. Her breasts two quivering
balloons as she thrashed and wailed desperate to achieve climax. She pumped
and swerved her ass. Straining and pulling on her arms and legs.

"Shit that was lucky Lieutenant you nearly came then!" they all burst out

O'Neil sobbed and wailed as her cunt started to twitch and her contractions

Greg knelt between her legs, Jack joined him. Greg began to lap at her clit
like a dog, long wet slurps that made her stiffen and sob. Jack looked on
grinning as her body tensed and tensed her thigh muscles standing out in
stark relief the cord taut holding them open. Her belly was as tight as a
drum as she started to lift her ass as high as it would go.

Greg motioned with his hand. Jack gripped the bung in her ass and fucked her
butt with it. She let out a deep animal groan.

Her body as tense as it ever was going to be. Jack suddenly yanked the bung
out of her ass and she howled in shocked horror and disbelief as all the
semen gushed out of her ass pouring down her open cleft to the floor. She
went wild her twat fluttering with hard fast contractions as her belly

Her mind went in an explosion of white light as her orgasm ripped through
her her rectum spasming and clenching in time with her uterus as hot cunt
juice sprayed out of her pouting pussy lips. Her body arching shuddering
and snatching at her bonds as wave after wave of excruciating pleasure shot
through her.

She had hardly come too when Jack was over her. He reached over and plucked
up a pair of nipple clamps off the bench. He gripped each fat balloon and he
placed the tweezers over her nipple and rammed the small rubber ring over
it tightening it around her teat. She squealed as he did the same with the
other. Then he yanked them viciously tight and pulling them together clipped
a chain to them so that her teats were dragged together.

O'Neil shook her head pleading as he wrapped the chain around his fist and
pulled her tits taut. He released his cock and pushed the head to her still
gaping sphincter. She tried to pull away but couldn't as he forced the thick
head of his tool into her slick asshole ramming it up into her ass. She
jolted and groaned as it sank into her virgin bowels.

"Oh yeah O'Neil I'm going to ream your tight 'mightier than though' ass out
bitch! You ain't gonna forget this Lieutenant! You're our fuck toy now
honey," he thrust up into her ass.

"UUUHHHHHARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she wailed as he forced deeper,
yanking on her chained tits.

To Be Continued...


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