Gilligan's Island (m/f,+m/f,mc)
by [email protected]

Bob the mad scientist returned to the island with his new found friend and
partner George. When Bob had left this island he had been defeated his mind
control device broken all his money gone. Now thanks to a chance meeting with
George he was back on the island, his mind control device rebuilt and all set
to make tons of money.

After leaving the island Bob had gone to a bar to drown his sorrows. While
there and drinking heavily he started a conversation with George, who became
very interested in the story as he mentioned that the missing movie star
Ginger Grant was on an island with a group of people and Bob had controlled
them for a brief time. George had talked Bob into an alternate scheme for
making money one a lot safer then robbing Fort Knox. They were going to take
control of the castaways and make a porno movie, having Ginger Grant starring
in the picture was a garuntee of success.

Bob waited until his monkey returned and then switched on his mind control
device. One by one he called the men into the cave and made sure they were
all under his control. He gave them commands that they would not see Bob or
George as they wandered around the island but they would follow any orders
they gave. They then called in Mrs. Howell and gave her similar orders.

Now for the most important test. They called in the two women who were going
to star in their film. First into the cave was the tall redhead Ginger Grant
wearing only a towel, following her into the cave was Maryanne a smaller dark
haired all American farm girl type, she was wearing just a mans shirt. As
they looked her over they agreed she would make a good costar for the more
famous Ginger Grant.

Bob ran them through a few tests to make sure they were deeply under his
control then they were ready for the real test. "Alright Ginger let the towel

They watched as she undid her towel and it dropped to the ground, revealing
very nice body nice firm tit a round ass and a patch of red hair between her
legs. Now for the next test, "Maryanne take off your shirt."

They watched as she stripped out of her shirt revealing a nice if small set
of tits and a very tight and hard ass.

"Now we must test their resistance to the mind control."

Bob turned to the girls. "Ginger, Maryanne fall to your knees."

They instantly complied, Bob opened up his pants pulling out a rather large
fat cock. He moved in front of Ginger, "now Ginger have you ever given a blow
job before?"

"Yes master," she repsonded.

"Alright then, I want you to suck my cock and take it all the way into your
throat. you will have no trouble doing this your muscles will relax allowing
the intrusion."

He jammed his cock deep into Ginger's face. He pushed his dick halfway in
allowing her to use her tongue on his cock. After a moment or two of this he
started moving his hips fucking in and out of Ginger's mouth.

"Boy is she good," he commented as he pounded away. "Now Ginger, I want you
to swallow every drop of my cum, you will love the taste of it."

He pulled out until just the tip of his prick was in her mouth and was
gratified as she swallowed every drop of his cum. She sucked every bit of
sperm out of his cock making little yummy sounds. He fell back onto the cot.

"I'd say that was a successful test, you want to test the other one?"

"Yes, I think I would." George looked down at the dark haired Maryanne, he
thought she might even be prettier then Ginger Grant. "What do I do?"

"Just stand back and get ready." Bob got up and moved over to where Maryanne
kneeled. "Maryanne have you ever given a blow job."

"No," she responded.

This interested Bob, he wanted more information. "How much sexual experience
have you had? What have you done with a man penis?"

"I touched my boyfriends once or twice back home, but I'm a good girl." She

"Dear God, an honest to goodness virgin here, we're gonna have some extra
fun." Bob laughed.

"Okay then Maryanne you see that cock in front of you you will open your
mouth and take it into your mouth. You will use your tongue to try and give
it extra pleasure. You will take it all the way in, your throat muscles will
relax allowing him to penetrate your throat."

"Yes Master," she responded as the cock in front of her pressed against her
lips. She let it slip inside of her as he started to push inside. The
conditioning allowed her to breath as it slipped deeper into her mouth. After
only a few strokes George shot his load into Maryanne's mouth, he watched as
she swallowed it all. As George sat back Bob decided to take control of the
situation again.

"Alright ladies you will go back to bed and get a good nights rest. You'll
have a busy day tomorrow, you will behave perfectly normally until I call for
you, now go."

"Didn't you want to fuck them?" George asked.

"Definitely, but we better make the film first. Not only do we get Ginger
Grant, movie star, in the movie. We also get to show an actual virgin being
deflowered on screen. We'll make a fortune from this."

"I guess you're right, I was thinking with my prick. I do that sometimes

They slept in the cave, at first light they went to a lagoon away from the
castaways and signaled to their boat. This second boatload contained the
things they needed for making a porno movie. Picture and sound equipment with
a two man crew, plus four large black men to play cannibals in some special
gang bang scenes. They went and set up their first scene. This would be
where Maryanne loses her virginity. For this one they needed Maryanne and the
Professor. They managed to place a suggestion in the other castaways minds to
be away from their huts for several hours.

The scene started with Maryanne doing dishes, she finished up and headed to
one of the huts. Inside the hut the Professor was working with his back to
Maryanne, he didn't see her enter.

"Professor, I have a problem and I was hoping you could help me?"

"Of course, anything for you Maryanne." He continued to work as he spoke not
even looking up.

"What seems to be the problem?"

Maryanne started taking off her clothes. "It's this island I've been alone
here so long. I'm so lonely, I've never been with a man. I'd like you to be
my first."

"Your first what?" The Professor turned and as he saw Maryanne's' naked form
he dropped what he was working on. "I don't understand?"

"Oh, I think you do." Maryanne moved close to the Professor. She put her
hands on his shoulders then let them move down his chest and down to his
crotch. "In fact I'm sure that you do."

"I don't know if we should?"

"I'm sure, that's what matters." Maryanne slid down to her knees. She pulled
his zipper down and fished his cock out of his pants. She pulled out his
large cock and ran her hands over it. "Yes I'm very sure about this."

She put her mouth over his cock and slowly took more of him into her mouth.
She took him deep into her mouth then took it out and held it in her hand.
"You ready to put this thing where it belongs?" She asked seductively.

The Professor moved down taking Maryanne into his arms, they lay down
together and he positioned himself between her legs. He pushed his cock into
her tight cunt and slowly pushed it inside, a gasp escaped her lips.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, more please." She wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him
deeper inside of her, "Yes faster harder more."

Little gasps escaped her lips as the Professor started to push in and out of
her, Maryanne reached down and played with her clit.

"Oh yes that feels so good." Maryanne moaned as an orgasm racked her body.

The Professor pulled out and shot his load on Maryanne's tits some even made
it to her face.

Maryanne used her hands to wipe herself off and shove the cum into her mouth.
"We're going to have to do that more often."

Maryanne collected her clothes and headed out leaving the Professor laying
exhausted on the ground.

Bob then wiped the episode from both of their minds so they'd have no
recollection of the event. He then went and collected the stars for the next
shot. The camera crew headed for a deserted spot on the island. For the scene
they needed Mr. Howell and Ginger.

Mr. Howell was waiting in the glade, as Ginger approached he put a blanket
down on the ground.. Ginger was wearing her tight silver dress as she walked
up to Mr. Howell.

"You've got it?"

"Yes I have." Thurstan Howell pulled out a wad of bills and handed them over
to Ginger. "You know what I want."

"Yes I do." Ginger stuffed the money into the dress between her tits. Her
hands went to the shoulder straps of the dress and she pulled them down then
slowly peeled the dress down revealing her large firm breasts. "You like?"

Ginger played with her own tits for a moment then continued to push the dress
down off her svelte form. As the last of it came off she put it on a rock and
stood before Mr. Howell in just her shoes.

"You sure this is what you want?" Ginger asked, and he nodded a yes. "Alright

Ginger knelt down on the blanket then lay back. She started to run her hands
over her body. "Oh yes, I'm so hot its been so long." Her hands went down
between her legs. She ran a hand over her pussy. "Oh God I'm dripping wet.
ahhh!" She stuck a finger inside of herself.

Thurston Howell was watching intently and had his dick out and was stroking
himself. "Play with those tits pinch them."

Ginger followed his directions. She pinched her nipples with one hand as
another finger went inside of her pussy. "Are you sure you don't want to fuck
me? I'm so hot. Oh God," she pushed a third finger into herself and started
thrashing around on the ground.

Mr. Howell let out a grunt and shot a load of cum onto Ginger, getting most
of it on her face and tits.

Ginger screamed out in her own orgasm, as she slowly came down from it she
used her hands to wipe off his cum, but there was some in her hair she
couldn't get out.

Ginger stood up. "Maybe next time you'd like to fuck me?"

"Lovey wouldn't like that." Howell explained.

"Send you're too cheap." Ginger shot back as she put on her dress. Ginger
left him standing there stunned and headed for the waterfall.

For this scene, they would need Ginger and Gilligan. They set up by the
waterfall they then got their stars. Ginger was programmed to take a shower
under the waterfall as Gilligan hide in the bushes watching her. They set up
the cameras and put the actors in position. Ginger walked up to the waterfall
put her towel on a tree then removed her clothes leaving them on another
tree, she then went into the water. They filmed as she washed herself all
over paying special attention to her tits and pussy as she had been commanded

After awhile she walked over to where her towel was. She started to dry off
and heard a noise she jumped. and saw Gilligan getting up to leave.

"Gilligan!" She called out angrily, "stop right there!"

Gilligan turned back a hang dog expression on his face. "I'm sorry Ginger,"
he began meekly.

"How long have you been watching me?" Ginger looked down and noticed the
large bulge in his pants. Ginger thought to herself how long it had been
since she'd been with a man. "You like watching me don't you."

He mumbled out a reply, "Would you like a better view?"

She let her towel drop to the ground revealing her naked and dripping body to

"Would you like to touch me?" She reached down and grasped his hand moving it
too her left breast. Gilligan couldn't believe what was happening but even he
wasn't dumb enough to stop. He put his other hand on Ginger's other breast
and started rubbing them, from the sounds she made he guessed she liked it.
Ginger started pulling at his clothes he started to help her stripping down,
soon he was naked.

"Well since you've been a bad boy you deserve to be punished, lay down."
Ginger ordered.

Gilligan quickly complied, Ginger took position over him placing her pussy
over his mouth.

"Eat me Gilligan," she ordered and he complied burying his mouth in her
pussy. She reached back and strocked his cock. They came together, Ginger all
over Gilligan's face, Gilligan all over himself and Ginger's hand. Ginger
climbed off of him and saw Gilligan try to get up.

"We're not done yet," she kissed her way down his body first his scrawny
chest then down to his cock she licked off the cum from his earlier load and
it started to grow in her hands. "Nice turn around time," she commented as
she started to climb up his body, so her pussy was over his hard on. She
dropped like a rock engulfing his entire cock in her pussy. "Oh its been to
long." She moaned as she started riding up and down. "Yes more," she moved
faster and faster as Gilligan started playing with her breasts. "Suck on
them," Ginger ordered and Gilligan got the idea engulfing her tits in his
mouth. Her back suddenly arched and a look of total pleasure crossed her
face. "God yes," she slipped his prick out of her pussy and knelt down
stroking his penis in her hands.

As her mouth touched his cock, he shot his load into her face. "Now I've got
to take another bath," with that Ginger got up and left Gilligan laying
exhausted in the sand. Bob and George moved on to their next scene they set
up their cameras on a path well away from the other castaways. Bob then
called Maryanne in and explained what was expected of her. Then got the
"cannibals" ready for the scene. Once they were ready they started the scene.

Maryanne walked down the trail not having any idea what was to happen.
Wearing just her shorts and a t-shirt tied under her breasts. She jumped as
a huge man brandishing a spear jumped out of the brush at her. She turned to
run but another man was behind her jabbing a spear at her. She tried to turn
but every way she tried another savage was in her face holding a spear to
her. They came together holding Maryanne in the circle of the four of them.
One of them pushed his speartip to Maryanne's throat, she gasped as it
touched her. "Please, don't hurt me," she begged.

The spear gently went down from her throat sliding along her chest till it
slipped between her breasts and landed on the knot in her t-shirt. They
gestured wildly and screamed incomprehensible sounds, Maryanne didn't know
what to do.

Finally, it hit her her hands went to the knot and she untied it. They seemed
to calm as it fell open barely covering her breasts. Maryanne felt the spear
move under her t-shirt lifting it up so the chief could see her breasts. Not
satisfied with that one of the men behind her pulled her shirt off her
shoulders until she was half naked before them.

Then the spear pushed against the top of her shorts, Maryanne wanted to move
away but the men around her held her in place. The button on her shorts came
undone and they were slowly pushed down her legs. As she stood naked before
the men they started to dance around her, one of them unbuckled his loincloth
and let it fall to the ground. Maryanne gasped at the size of the prick on
him, then another peeled off his loincloth and he was equally well hung.

Soon, Maryanne was in the middle of four naked cannibals. She was grabbed
roughly from behind as the man reached in front of her squeezing at her tits.
The man in front knelt before her and used his hands to open up her pussy.
When his tongue touched her clit Maryanne had a mindblowing orgasm, something
she really needed. He came away from her pussy and held her hand as he knelt.
He pulled her towards his hard cock. They guided her until her pussy was
right over the cock one of them opened up her pussy lips.

"I can't," she complained as hands at her shoulders started pushing her down.

The head of his prick penetrated her pussy, Maryanne didn't know what was
happening she was actually enjoying the experience of having a cock violate
her pussy. She moaned as she let herself slide down further getting even more
cock into her. The hands left her shoulders and she started riding up and
down on the large prick enjoying every sensation. The other men started
playing with her tits they grabbed her hands and put them on their own cocks.

Maryanne started to stroke the cocks in her hands as she rode up and down.
The fourth man took up position in front of her his prick pushed against her
face she tried to keep her mouth closed but she felt compelled to open it and
allow the huge intruder into her throat. She knew she had never done this
before but her mind was giving her instructions on how to do it.

She felt one of the men in her hands pull away. She figured he had gotten
enough but then she felt him behind her she had no idea what he wanted but as
he started to play with her buttcheeks she got an idea. A "no," was stifled
by the cock in her mouth. It hurt terribly as the man pushed a finger into
her ass. Then she felt his prick pressing against her rectum.

The cock in her mouth slipped out as she screamed in pain. The cock was
buried in her asshole it burned like fire as he started fucking in and out of
her ass. She took the other cock in her mouth trying to take her mind off the
pain in her ass. She felt the man in her ass pull out and shoot his load over
her back. This allowed her to sit up straighter, the man in her mouth pulled
out and shot a load over her face. The fourth man moved behind her and rammed
his cock into her ass. Maryanne groaned again but the pain was less severe
this time, she started rolling her hips. The two men pulled out and shot
their loads over the young girl. They left her laying in a cum covered lump.

Bob got her up and headed for the lagoon after cleaning her up they went back
to camp. After everyone was asleep they made ready for the next shoot in the
girls hut. Bob gave the girls their instructions then put them back to sleep.

Maryanne started to groan in her sleep she threw the blanket off the bed
exposing her body clad in just a shirt. She soon had that open and was
rubbing her body one hand pinched her exposed nipples as another went to her
pussy soon driving a finger deep inside her snatch. Ginger woke up and looked
over at Maryanne unsure what to do. She let the towel fall open for a moment
then rewrapped herself in it.

Finally, Ginger came to a desicion "Maryanne, whats wrong?" Ginger leaned
over Maryanne and shook her causing her towel to fall off.

Maryanne woke to the sight of Ginger hovering naked over her, she liked what
she saw. "Oh Ginger, I'm just so horny, I need it so bad. I want you!"

Ginger stood up a bit shocked at the statement. "What?"

"Come on, I know about hollywood stars. I've heard you moaning more then once
in you're sleep. You've done it with women before, I want to try it, please!"

Ginger paused for a moment her eyes running up and down Maryanne's body. Then
she moved in running her hand over her body teasing her nipples. "You do want
it don't you?" Ginger teased as she bent over and kissed one of Maryanne's

"Yes please more," Maryanne pushed her fingers deeper into her pussy.

"Well you have to do me too." Ginger moved so her pussy was over Maryanne's
head her feet still on the floor. "Do a good job and I'll do you."

"Yes anything mmmph," her words were muffled as she buried her face in
Ginger's cunt.

"Use you're hands too." Ginger ordered and Maryanne moved a hand to her pussy
driving a finger inside her snatch. She reached around with her other hand
and groped at Ginger's ass, in a moment Maryanne had a finger positioned
outside Ginger's asshole.

"Ohh you dirty girl, how'd you know I like that." She moaned as Maryanne
slipped a finger into her ass. Maryanne started driving her fingers in and
out of Ginger's eager holes. Ginger had a massive orgasm all over Maryanne's
face. Ginger moved up on Maryanne's face till her asshole was over Maryanne's
mouth. "Tongue my ass and I'll get you off."

When Maryanne seemed reluctant Ginger ordered her again, "stick that tongue
up my ass or you are not going to get off."

With that threat Maryanne relented, driving her tongue into Ginger's ass.
Ginger cooed as Maryanne's tongue went in and out of Ginger's asshole.
Maryanne moved her hands to Ginger's pussy and started pushing her fingers
into her dripping cunt. Ginger came again loudly. "My turn," Maryanne asked
as Ginger climbed off of her.

"Sure hon," Ginger moved around Maryanne's cot until she was between
Maryanne's legs, she then kneeled on the floor and pulled Maryanne down until
her ass was on the edge of the cot. Ginger used her fingers to open up her
pussy then pushed her mouth against her pussy. "This what you want baby, tell
me what you want."

"I want your tongue in my pussy. I want your fingers to play with my clit I
want you to do everything to me. I want to cum."

She started playing with her tits pinching at her nipples as Ginger buried
her tongue deep inside of her, Maryanne shook in orgasm. Maryanne continued
to writhe under Ginger's attentions. Ginger stood up running her hands over
her own sweat covered body.

"Don't stop," Maryanne begged.

"I'm tired, we'll do more tomorrow, I promise." She used her towel to wipe of
the sweat as she went back to her cot. "I guess, I'll have to wash up in the
lagoon again, goodnight."

Ginger lay down and soon the girls were sound asleep.

Bob and George collected their camera equipment. "Do we have enough film?"
Bob asked.

"Yes plenty for a quickie porn flick. We'll make our money on this maybe get
some ideas and come back to this island again and make a sequel. Maybe bring
some women next time"

They collected all their stuff and headed for the boat. They were off the
island before the castaway's even woke up.

the end


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