Grounded For Life: Wasted on St. Patrick's Day (mmmf,Mf,inc,cons,ncon)
by Hamster

It was St. Patrick's Day and Lily was hanging out at her parents bar. She
was allowed one beer because of the fact it was St. Patty's but her uncle
had snuck her one then another, and another soon she was apparently totally
toasted but her uncle had snuck her off to a booth and hid her from sight so
that she wouldn't get in trouble. She appeared to be getting more and more
sloshed as the beer kept flowing her direction. A few guys from her school
kept looking her way and talking to her uncle but Lily could not hear what
they were discussing. The three finally got up and went over to where she
sat. It was Stoner, Bubba and Carlos. She knew them well and knew that they
wanted her really bad.

"Like hey wassup Lily?" Stoner asked. The three guys where ogling her openly,
not bothering to hide their lust for the red-haired teen.

"Noshing I wash just sitting around." She slurred.

They talked to her for several minutes before Eddie called them away. Lily
couldn't hear what they were saying but he kept pointing back at Lily until
the guys seemed to come to an agreement. From that point on Lily faded in and
out of consciousness several times during the night. By the end of the night
Eddie had offered to lock up and take the unconscious Lily home. Her parents,
exhausted as the were, agreed.

Finally she awoke to find the strange sensations of her skirt being rolled up
and her panties being pulled off. Her eyes began to focus and she felt the
weight of two guys holding her down. It was Bubba and Stoner. Looking back
she saw that it was Carlos relieving her of her undergarments. Carlos then
ripped open her shirt open and cut her bra free with a pocketknife.

"No wash are you doing." Lily struggled weakly but she felt as if her
strength had been completely robbed.

"Don't worry baby you're going to love this." Carlos said as he brought the
head of his hard cock into contact with Lily's pussy lips.

"No, no please!" She begged but it was too late.

Her cute little cunt hole opened up to accept the slightly bulbous head of
Carlos' cock. The walls of her sex clenched tightly against his invading
penis in a sad attempt to push out the unwanted fuck stick but this only
served to further increase Carlos' pleasure. His balls slapped against her
pussy as he slammed his cock into the hilt over and over. Lilly moaned,
bucked and thrashed, her tits giggled delightfully as was raped by her
classmate. She was crying out in both pleasure and protest as Carlos
violated her sweet honey-hole.

"Yeah, fuck her dude!" Stoner cried.

"Yee-haw ride 'er son, ride 'er!" Bubba added.

"Damn, dude, look at those boobs jiggle." Carlos said.

Carlos leaned forward and slapped one viciously.

"EEEEEEEOOOUCH!!!" She screamed although she smiled right after.

She seemed to begin to enjoy herself and her cunt slammed forward to meet
each thrust of his cock. Soon they were in tune, fucking in a rhythm. He
leaned forward and clenched her tits in his hands moaning with pleasure as
he fucked her tight, juicy pussy. He squeezed her tit flesh hard until the
flesh pushed out between her breasts. Carlos felt the pressure built inside
of him and he soon blew his wad inside of her.

The two were panting atop each other sweating and panting. Bubba and Stoner
were both sporting major wood.

"OK Lily if you want us to let go so you can enjoy yourself we will, but if
you give us a hard time or don't do what we say we're not going to put up
with it under stand?" Carlos asked.

"I understand." Lily said.

"Good I want you to get on your hands and knees and keep that cute ass up in
the air?" Carlos ordered.

Lily quickly obeyed, not wanting to tempt the guys into getting really rough
with her.

"Alright guys, enjoy." Carlos said.

Bubba approached Lily from behind. "I want that butt!"

Stoner approached from the front. "Dude she can like totally suck my cock!"

Bubba approached her from behind and spread her cheeks. He squeezed and
caressed the twin globes of her firm ass before spreading the cheeks and
guiding his hard cock to the backdoor entrance. Lily was caught totally
unprepared. She had of course been fucked several times before, but never
before in the ass. As the big dick pushed its way into the tiny anal
opening. Lily cried out in pleasure and pain and thus gave Stoner the
opportunity to ram his cock down her throat. Soon the pair were working
in tandem, one in and one out like a sexual see-saw.

Carlos had his own cock in his fist and was masturbating like crazy while he
watched the erotic sight before his eyes. Both guys moaned as the pumped in
and out of her. Lily's magnificent breasts swung back and forth underneath
her like melons in a hurricane. The guys fucked her this way for several
minutes. Every once in a while the sounds of their fucking were punctuated
by Bubba giving Lily's sweet ass a good hard slap. Finally each guy shot
their load filling her throat and rectum with sperm.

As the boys stood and gave the cum-soaked girl a long look. Carlos wished he
could take a picture as a memento but that wasn't part of the deal. After the
guys had hardened up a little again, Carlos got an idea.

"I'm going to fuck her cunt again, she can jack the two of you off. I want
you to cum all over her face." Carlos declared.

"Aww come on dude like can't we have the cunt?" Stoner whined.

Carlos slapped him.

"I'm in charge, got it."

"Yeah, dude, I got." Stoner said as he rubbed his cheek.

Lily nodded her acceptance. Carlos sat at a chair. His fleshy meat pole stood
tall and erect. Lily stepped back into Carlos and impaled herself on his
cock. She moaned loudly as this cock drove its way up into her slick cunt
hole. Bubba and Stoner both approached her with proud boners thrust forward.
She dutifully grabbed a cock in each hand. As she slammed herself up and down
on his rock solid man-meat she twisted and pulled on each of the cocks in her
hands. Her tits were bouncing up and down very temptingly. Bubba and Stoner
each leaned forward to suck on an erect nipple. At times they gave a tit a
hard bite while they bounce up and down in the grip of their mouths. Lily was
slamming herself up and down really hard and it was her rapist who really
getting his cock pounded. It didn't take long for the two whom she was
jerking off to blow their wads all over her face and tits. Then Carlos
sloshed more cum deep in her cunt.

For the next two hours they fucked her relentlessly in every hole. She
whimpered and cried but they three boys were unsympathetic. Finally the
trio was exhausted and close to dehydration before deciding that enough
was enough.

"If you tell anyone about this we will mess you up real bad." Carlos said
with ragged breath as he slapped her ass. The other guys just nodded

"I promise I won't tell anyone." Lily said sadly.

The three boys got dressed and left. They stepped outside where the girl's
uncle waited for them. They each gave Eddie the money. 60 dollars a piece
for the chance to rape Lily.

"Thanks man that was wicked awesome!" Carlos said.

"No problem, I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. No do me a favor and get lost."
Eddie said.

"Yeah OK man." They said as they departed.

Eddie stepped inside the bar and took in the sight of his niece. She was
caked in cum. It dripped from her cunt and ass and splattered her tits and
face. It was a beautiful sight.

She smiled at him.

"Here's your half of the money sweetie." Eddie said. "Letting them think you
were drunk and charging them to rape you was a beautiful scam."

"I learned from the best uncle Eddie." She said. "Now you want me top get
cleaned off or do you want me as I am?"

"I'll take you as you are, wet and dirty." He replied.

Lily giggled. She lay down on the floor and spread her legs wide to grant
easy access to her sloppy, soaked cunt. Eddie undressed and climbed atop her
slipping over her sperm covered body. He mauled a greasy tit as he guided his
cock to her slippery cunt and began to fuck his sexy niece.

The pair made love the rest of the night.
_ _ _

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