Futurama: Part 4 - Queen Of The Golden River (FF,ws,bond)
by Marcus ([email protected])

"South of the border/
Don't drink the water!"

Amy collapsed back into the seat of the ship ferrying her from Mars to New
New York. She was utterly exhausted.

No one seemed to realise what an effort it was to hold down an internship,
keep up with her studies at Mars U, and have a life. Even Leela sometimes
seemed to smile a little when she unburdened herself, as if trying not to

Well. She just needed a break - a little holiday from reason. Maybe go out.
The Hip Joint would be having an I Love Liquid Love Night later on. Wait for
Leela? Amy glanced distractedly at the clock. Leela had said she wouldn't be
back till early in the morning, and Amy didn't particularly want to rattle
around the apartment all night doing nothing. But.

But she wanted to go out with Leela. Scratch that. She wanted Leela.

A smile played about the corners of her lips as a solution hit her. She'd be
in a couple of hours before Leela. Plenty of time to get things ready.

It'd be a busy evening after all.

* * *

The stairs went on forever.

It hadn't been too bad at first, and Leela had thought she'd make it, even
with the elevators out. But now.

If she didn't get up to the apartment soon, she'd just turn out the lights
in the stairway and do it there and then.

That thought made her run a little faster. Maybe if she'd been a guy - a
hairy, sweaty, gassy guy who got his thing out at parties - she might have
given it serious consideration, but the dividing line between men and women
was very clear on this point; girls don't pee in public places.

Finally, the ninth floor! Apartment 7i, 5i, 3i, there - apartment 1i, home.
And, more importantly, restroom.

Crossing her legs now, Leela fumbled with the lock and crept into the dark
apartment - Amy would probably be sleeping by now. Desperate as she was, she
flung her coat at the hook on the back of the door but took off her boots -
their clunking on the plastiwood floors could be very loud - and laid them
in a corner. Looking down, she saw the light.

It was a warm, flickering orange, shining from under the door to the front
room. Cautiously, Leela opened the door, and stood stock-still.

The room glowed in the light of dozens of candles floating in bowls of water
on the floor, in two parallel lines - a gleaming path that lead to the
bedroom. It was beautiful. Unfamiliar shadows danced on the walls and seemed
alive, and the air was filled with a faint, musky scent.

She cast a despairing look at the toilet door, on the opposite side of the
room; she really needed to go. but Amy must still be up, and she'd done all

Leela followed the glowing trail to the bedroom door, which had been left
partly open. She opened it fully, and there.

And there was Amy, lying on her side in a skimpy nightdress, sleeping. A
candle on the bedside table lit up her face, making her look younger than
ever. Leela stepped forward and sat on the edge of the bed, the tight
swelling in her belly temporarily forgotten. She leaned forward.

"Amy? Am-ee?"

Amy stirred, and looked up, bleary-eyed. "Leela? Oh, Leela, I."

"Sh-hh. It's beautiful, thank you. I just have to go and. I just have to go
a minute, then I can thank you properly."

"Wait," said Amy, looking more awake. "There's just this one thing first."

"I. OK, what?"

"Sit up properly, bring your feet up. Now, close your eye."

Leela did so.

"Good. Now."

There was a brief metallic rattle, and Leela felt something cold around her
right ankle. Her eye snapped open.

"Amy, wha - ow!" As she shifted, the handcuff that was locked tight around
her ankle bit into her flesh. Leela was fastened to the bedpost.

"There - now you can thank me!" said Amy, smiling darkly. "Jeez, you scared
me Leela - when you came in, I was all like."

"Asleep, I know. Amy, get this thing off! I have to go to the bathroom!" Her
belly felt taut and stretched again, and Leela didn't know how long she could
hold it in - she'd been pretty desperate when she'd kicked off her boots, and


"Why d'you thi... Look, I have to pee, OK?"

"Is it urgent?"

"Yes," Leela replied testily.



"Well... maybe in a minute." said Amy, climbing onto the bed.

"I don't think I've got a minute."

Amy's lips pursed. "OK, fine..."

Leela blew out the breath she'd been holding.

"...if you give me a little thanks first. Take off your tank top."


"You're not going till I let you go. Better cooperate, Leela. You wouldn't
want to have an accident."

Leela pulled off her top with a glower. "There, happy?"

"And your bra."

Leela looked angrily at Amy for a second...and then looked aside, and did
as she was told. The situation was different now, though familiar. Similar
scenes had been played out many times before on this bed.


Leela lay awkwardly on the bed, propped up on one elbow, crossing and
recrossing her legs, facing the door. The mattress squeaked as Amy got on
and settled behind her. She could feel the heat of Amy's body on her naked
back, feel small pointed breasts through the thin, gauzy film of the
nightdress, her nipples twin peaks.

A hand snaked across her waist and crept up to her own breasts. Leela's
breasts were large, rounder than Amy's, and with a slight upwards tilt to
them when left hanging free. Amy was making the most of them, running her
hand over their undersides, feeling their weight and heft. Encircling her
left breast, Amy squeezed, as though trying to milk Leela. Her thumb traced
the outline of Leela's dark areola in ever-decreasing circles, getting closer
and closer to her nipple.

Leela wanted to enjoy this, to savour it, but all she could concentrate on
was how full her bladder was. She reached down to undo her pants, trying to
relieve the pressure.

Amy's hand covered hers immediately.

"I didn't say you could do that," Amy whispered into her ear. She tightened
her grip on Leela's breast suddenly and painfully, sharp nails digging into
the tender flesh. "That's it - another five minutes before I'll unlock you."

Leela groaned, and Amy's fingers started to disappear into her breast,
mauling it out of shape.

"Make it ten."

"Amy, I can't wait that long!" Leela burst out.

There was a moment's silence. "No problem, Leela," said Amy, brightly.
Without warning, she changed her grip, balling one hand into a fist and
holding her wrist with the other.

When she drove her fist low down into Leela's belly in a perverted version
of the Heimlich Manoeuvre, Leela's whole body jerked, driving her buttocks
into Amy's groin.

"Oh, Amy, don't, I'll." she gasped.

"I know," said Amy, clambering on top of her, arms still locked round her
middle. "Let go, Leela." Again she rammed her fist into Leela's belly - with
less force, as Leela now lay on her front - and again Leela just held on, her
thighs locked together, hard as two iron bars.

"Give it up!"

Leela's moan was all the encouragement Amy needed. She forced her knee
between Leela's thighs, and pulled up sharply with her balled fist, this time
giving it a mean little twist.

Leela could hold on no longer. She let her legs go limp - noticing that Amy
drove her knee right up to her crotch, forcing them a little further apart -
and then let go.

The relief was immediate. Leela actually sighed in pleasure as the hot liquid
swamped her underwear, soaked through her pants, and started to spread across
the bedclothes. She laid her flushed cheek on the cool sheets and smiled. She
felt a great heat spreading across her groin and inner thighs, helped by Amy,
sitting up with her hands round her hips, now gently rubbing her knee against
her crotch, murmuring softly in Martian. Leela mumbled something incoherent
and slid herself up and down Amy's thigh, still peeing.

"Oh, Leela, it's gushing! Turn over, quick!"

The bedclothes were drenched, and there was a splattering sound as Amy
released her and Leela turned over onto her back. At once she felt the wet
sheets soak through to her ass, but suddenly there was Amy, looming over her
and parting her legs, wide, wide apart. Amy fell on top of her, grinding her
groin against Leela's warm, wet crotch, still trickling. Amy kissed her, a
long, tongue driven exploration of her mouth while she thumped against her
pissing pussy.

Finally though, it was over. Leela drew her legs up until her feet lay flat
on the bed and her knees pointed to the ceiling, her arms round Amy, cradling

"Feeling better?" Amy asked, her head at an angle.

"Uh-huh," smiled Leela.

"Good. I might have a surpr... actually, you should probably get out of those
wet clothes."

Amy rolled off her and got up to hit the lights. As Leela sat up, squinting
in the sudden light, she heard Amy gasp. She looked down, and saw why.

The sheets were wringing wet, in an almost perfect oval centred round
where... where she'd.

Oh, God, my pants, she thought. They were black, as ever, but in the
unforgiving artificial light there was a still darker patch that started
around the waistband, had soaked the entire front, and went down almost
to her knees on the inside leg.

She closed her legs, and the wet cloth, cold now, slapped unpleasantly
against her thighs. She tried to skootch out of the wet patch, and the
bedclothes squelched beneath her.

"Amy, I..." she started, reddening, hands crossing over her breasts. But
Amy had already turned away from her, and was crossing over to the dresser.

".I'm sorry, I." Leela began. Then stopped. "Hey! It wasn't my fault! You."

Amy walked back to the bed on unsteady legs, and unshackled Leela with hands
that seemed to belong to someone else. Leela drew her legs up and absently
rubbed at the red circle around her ankle.


Amy crawled onto the bed, stopping just before the wet patch.

"Amy? Are you OK?"

Without a word, Amy dived between Leela's legs. She pressed her face, her
tongue, against Leela's soggy crotch - even through two layers of cloth, she
felt the pressure against her sex - while reaching up, unbuttoning her pants.

Leela raised her ass off the bed, letting Amy pull down her pants. Amy knelt
between Leela's open legs, laying the sodden pants to one side. Her lips and
cheeks glistened in the light.

That's pee, Leela thought wonderingly. My piss is shining on her face. She
followed Amy's gaze to her panties. They had been pink when she put them on,
but now they were stained a much darker colour - only the high waistband had
stayed dry.

"Oh, Leela," Amy mumbled, eyes half closed. Leela felt absurdly proud, as if
she'd accomplished something tremendously difficult. Amy reached down and
slipped a finger on either side of her waistband and peeled off her panties,
for which Leela was extremely grateful - they'd been starting to get cold and
stick to her.

Leela lay back, opening her legs, and ran a hand through her damp pubic hair.
It was starting to dry off, but if there was to be a repeat performance of
tonight's little show, she might get Amy to trim her pubes for her. Leela
frowned at the thought of losing her thick, luxuriant purple curls...and
looked up at Amy.

Amy had her panties in her mouth, and was sucking and chewing contentedly, a
hand between her legs. As Leela watched, a thin stream of liquid flowed out
from the corner of her mouth, down her chin, and onto the skimpy negligee she

Leela's hand ventured a little lower, finding warm, yielding flesh between
damp hair, gently stroking herself.

Amy crawled forward, her hands travelling up Leela's body as though she was
blind and feeling her way forward. She shifted position, ending up with a
knee on either side of Leela's head, sitting back just above her breasts. She
took the panties out of her mouth and absently rubbed them against her thigh.

"Mmmm... Leela? I've got a little surprise for you." Amy slipped out of her
negligee. Its hem was dripping from where Leela had wet it, and it clung to
her skin, leaving a moist trail.

Leela pretended to be surprised - Amy had gone all the way, and finally
shaved herself completely. Her pussy was entirely hairless, glowing,
faultless skin between her legs. The look suited her - her delicate curves
didn't need to be framed by hair. It was beautiful, but not exactly
surprising, Leela thought; none of Amy's underwear ever left much to the

Still. it did look very. tempting.

Leela brought up one hand - the other was still busy - to touch Amy. She was
maddeningly close, her vagina just out of range of her mouth.

Amy caught her hand, and shook her head.

"No - no hands."

Leela groaned inwardly - she wasn't going to torture her that way again, was
she? Hovering just out of reach of her tongue, letting her look but not.

".Just with your mouth," whispered Amy. She giggled. "Look, but don't touch;
touch, but don't taste; taste, but don't swallow."

Leela looked up gratefully as Amy lowered herself. It was as if she'd read
her mind.

The outermost lips of Amy's vagina were slightly red and swollen - Leela
briefly wondered how Amy had been keeping herself busy while she was away -
but they were smooth and round, like a peach. Leela's tongue emerged and
dandled the two fleshy mounds, feeling them harden and open, tasting Amy for
the first time that night. Amy slid down a little lower, and now her labia
pressed against Leela's lips; Leela kissed her cunt, tonguing her as deeply
as she could, tracing her innermost lips, entering her hole. The newly-shaven
skin between her legs was so soft and smooth; Leela rubbed her cheek against
it, and watched with delight as the skin drew back from Amy's opening,
leaving her moist and pink.

Leela was just as busy with her hands. Her legs were spread as far as was
comfortable, and she rubbed the heel of her palm into her pubis, feeling
herself open and close as she rocked back and forth. With fore and index
finger she parted herself, burrowing into the hair on either side of her
vagina, stroking the delicate skin beneath - just as soft as Amy's, but
hidden. She inserted her middle finger into her hole, sliding it in and out,
just to have something to clutch hold of; another finger soon joined it.

Amy's clitoris had started to emerge from its hood. Amy reached down with
one hand, laying a finger on each of her outermost lips and parting them to
give Leela easier access. Her sex shone in the light, wet and inviting; soon
her fingers glistened too. Leela licked around the hood, pressing against
Amy's clitoris indirectly, drawing it further out, and Amy started to moan.
With one finger, Leela followed the contours of her own body down to where
her buttocks valleyed into her sex, and slipped a finger into her anus. Now
when she rocked her hips up and down the muscles of her colon clenched and
tightened round the little intruder, and a heat spread across her loins. Her
own clit emerged and was quickly met by her palm, moist with sweat and honey.

Now Leela held Amy in her mouth, her teeth clamped around her prepuce but
slipping closer and closer around her clitoral hood, tongue flicking around
her erect clitoris, circling nearer and nearer.

Suddenly Amy yanked herself upwards, panting heavily. She repositioned
herself over Leela's face, and with one hand opened herself completely,
grabbing hold of Leela's ponytail with the other.

"Th-there," Amy trembled, beads of perspiration rolling down her forehead.
"Ready for your surprise? Open wide, Leela."

"Wait, Amy, wha."

It started with a few drops - a splash on her chin, a little splatter of
liquid that rolled down her cheek - but seconds later Leela squeezed her eye
tight shut as Amy pissed on her face and into her open mouth. She heard Amy
cry out, and imagined her looking down at the unbelievably nasty sight, two
fingers tweaking her stiff clit.

Amy's water - it was easier to think of it as `water' - cascaded down her
cheeks, her neck and throat, and onto her long hair, but a lot of it went
straight into her mouth. As her mouth filled with the hot, salty liquid,
she could hear a splash and tinkle as it began to overflow - was Amy aiming
or something?! She didn't dare look, and suddenly she felt the bed shift a
little as Amy lowered herself onto her mouth again, lips against lips, still
freely peeing. Amy's pee filled her mouth completely now, and was starting
to backflow over her lips - it was becoming difficult to breathe, and a
panicky voice inside her said "you're going to have to swallow, oh God,
you're going to have to drink her pee."

At that moment though, Amy shifted position and rubbed her pissing pussy over
the rest of Leela's face, holding her down by her long, wet hair. With a cry
that seemed to go on forever - "Aaaahh-aaaahhhnnnn-uhhhhhhhn-uhhh-uhhhhh." -
the weight was suddenly gone and Amy was kneeling above Leela's face again. A
little trickle that splattered across her cheek, a final spurt that caught
her forehead and quickly seeped into her hairline, and it was over. Leela
cautiously opened her eye.

"That...that was incredible," Amy panted. "I-I've never." Amy looked down,
and Leela pictured the sight - her mouth was still open, hot yellow urine
swirling round it like a paddling pool; she looked up imploringly at Amy.
What do I do now?! she thought, rapidly. Can I spit, or...

(drink it I want to want to drink gulp it all down let me) I have to swallow?

"Awww... you don't know what to do next, huh?"

Leela shook her head, very carefully.


Amy crouched down over Leela until they were face to face. Then, gazing into
her eye, she dipped her tongue into the little pool, churning it around. The
splashing sound was enough to drive her insane. She wanted to touch tongues
with Amy, through the pee - but the thought of what might happen stopped her.

Amy sat up then, smacking her lips. "Mmmn, nice." She scrambled off Leela -
the sight of her dripping pussy and wet skin increased the heat Leela felt
across her hips and in her thighs without relieving it - and knelt beside
her on the bed. "Close your mouth, and sit up."

Leela did so, glad/sorry to lose a little urine from the corners of her mouth
in the process, kneeling facing Amy.

"Kiss me."

Leela inched closer to Amy, waiting until their lips touched before opening
her mouth. Still some liquid sprayed out, running down both Leela's and Amy's
necks and breasts, coalescing around a nipple before falling to their thighs.
But they clamped their lips together, passing Amy's pee from mouth to mouth,
swirling it with their tongues, touching tongues through the piss.
Occasionally one or the other would let slip a little water, and it would
stream over their chins.

Amy broke away first, sitting back on the bed and then swallowing what was
left. Leela sat up, running her hands along Amy's legs before drinking down
her portion.

"Leela." Amy began.

But Leela was still in need of some relief. She gently pushed Amy onto her
back and opened her legs, spreading her sex. She dived on top, enjoying the
little gasp she forced out of Amy. The friction of breast against breast,
belly against belly pleased her, left her wanting more. She stroked Amy's
wet cheek and ran her fingers through her damp hair as she kissed her, the
earthy taste of Amy's tongue in her mouth.

She reached down and parted Amy's legs until she squirmed, presenting her
open pussy. With her hand, Leela parted her own vagina and let the two sexes
meet and solder together, each fold clutching another. She rocked against
Amy, thumped against her opening with her own, and with her clitoris rubbing
against Amy's tender flesh, she felt as though she were taking her,
penetrating her, an illusion that Amy's cries and moans made almost real.

Suddenly she reached bursting point, and she let go the coiled strength and
tension in her thighs and hips. Leela battered against Amy's open gash,
grinding her clitoris into soft flesh until she came, and the release when
the orgasm struck her was so great it brought tears to her eye.

Exhausted, Leela lay slumped on top of and then beside Amy for a long while,
letting her gently fondle and kiss her. Eventually though, she spoke.

"Uh, Amy? I don't want to spoil the moment, but...where are we going to

Amy broke off from licking Leela's underarm - a little rough, and slightly
stubbly, but it had been a busy week. She turned and looked at the bed;
the sheets were pulled out, one side - one and a half sides really - were
drenched in sweat and pee, bringing a new meaning to the phrase `wet patch'.
The pillows would need to be dry-cleaned.

"Maybe. the couch? I'll get a blanket." She rolled off Leela and headed for
a closet. "Oh - do you want to be big spoon or little spoon?"

Leela stretched and yawned. "Both good," she said, quietly.



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