Futurama: Part 3 - The Biter Bit (FF,rough)
by Marcus ([email protected])

Leela unlocked the handcuffs from all four bedposts and put them back in the
closet, together with the keys. She put the dildos, vibrators and butt plugs
back on the rack - even the double-ended `Big Boy' had a space - in order of
length and girth, and carried the rack over to the closet as well. Lips
pursed, she threw the whips and the ball gag in any old how, and started to
make the bed.

Then she remembered the cantaloupes.

Grimacing slightly at the vivid memory of the broad smile on Amy's face, she
stamped into the en suite bathroom, careful to avoid treading on the still
damp, sticky areas, and found them in the bath.

Well, they'll probably be OK if I wash them, she told herself. I mean, you
only eat the stuff inside. Then she thought about where they'd been, and
quickly threw them in the trash.

Frowning, she sat on the rumpled, unmade bed. Then shot to her feet - she was
right in the wet patch.

Leela fetched a deep sigh. It wasn't that she minded doing all the, uh,
clearing up, but that Amy never offered to do it. Leela honestly believed
that the thought of helping simply hadn't occurred to Amy - she was the
dominant one in bed, Leela was the submissive. So it was only right that
she should do the clearing up. And while the first part of the theory was
true - mostly true, Leela's pride hastily amended - the second part didn't
hold up at ALL.

Leela decided to take a break from all the cleaning and do something else
for an hour or so. Change my pants for one thing, she thought ruefully. As
she left her and Amy's bedroom, her eye was caught by a glossy ad in one of
Amy's "specialist" magazines, just opposite a full page spread for "Eels
from Amsterdam" and under a picture of a strangely familiar robot offering
unlikely and possibly illegal services. The more she read, the wider her
smile became. Pausing only to fetch her purse, she rushed from the empty
apartment. She would just have enough time before Amy returned.

The sorry state of her pants was entirely forgotten; Leela was used to
ignoring disbelieving stares from people on the street. The only thing that
concerned her was the strange but pleasantly...intimate aroma that seemed
to follow her around.

* * *

"Hey, lover - I've been shopping for us. Got something new to try."

The curtains were redrawn, shutting out the dark and cold, and Amy - naked
save for a broad grin, clambered on to the bed with a similarly attired
Leela. Both were clutching anonymous, brown paper bags. Leela felt her heart
hammer. If Amy had bought the same...item, and if she used it first, then
all Leela's careful plans would be for nothing.

"We'll need a new spot on the rack for THIS one!" said Amy triumphantly,
brandishing an enormous strap-on dildo. "Really puts the Big Boy in its
place...I mean, it's a little shorter but splugh! It's only got to do one
person." She ran the flesh toned giant across Leela's leg, and crouched
over her. She seemed about to kiss Leela, but then her head darted to one
side and she slipped her tongue into her ear. "I'm gonna fuck you with it,
Leela. Right now."

'Are you now?' thought Leela. 'We'll see.' This was perfect! Better than she
could have planned! Laying back on the bed, letting Amy loom over her, she
tucked an errant wisp of hair behind her ear.

"OK...but I bought something for you - you can wear it while you do me."

Leela reached into her porn store brown bag and brought out something that
was, by comparison, extremely unimpressive. It was pale pink, about the size
and shape of a palm, and glistened in the artificial light. It was called,
apparently, a Red Gel.

"What do you do with it?" asked Amy, nonplussed.

"Wear it," smiled Leela. Snakelike, her hand darted between Amy's thighs. Amy

"Hey, it's cold!"

"Oh, it soon warms up." Leela worked it into Amy's pussy until it was a
little more pliant. When she took her hand away, the Gel continued to move,
apparently of its own accord.

The Gel was warmer now, and a more vibrant pink - almost red. Amy had been
kneeling on the bed, and now she laid back, her legs parting, until her
buttocks rested on the balls of her feet and her hair touched the bedclothes.
Leela noted with a dark delight when Amy moved, the Gel moved with her,
completely covering her sexual parts.

Amy sighed and moved her hands over her body from her breasts to the top of
her thighs. The Gel was like a huge mouth, a scintillating tongue, pleasuring
every part of her pussy simultaneously; each labia was separated and
individually caressed on both sides, and the rim of her vagina was held
firmly yet gently as the Gel passed around it in a circular motion, promising
- but never going so far as - to penetrate her. It danced around her
clitoris, stimulating only the tender flesh surrounding it, sometimes
massaging the hood, but never directly touching it.

Amy's hand crept between her own thighs, all thoughts of taking Leela
apparently forgotten. She kneaded the Gel - warmer still now, and had she but
known it, even redder - into her sex, as though trying to force it into
herself. If she pushed particularly hard, she felt a little added pressure
between her legs, but the Gel seemed to absorb most of the force. And when,
out of growing frustration, she tried to flick at her clitoris, she felt
nothing at all. The Gel was quite hard there, as though it had grown a

Amy set herself down on her back, her knees pointed towards the ceiling, and
tried to stab a finger underneath the Gel, feeling a burning sensation in her
clit, an anxiety she was used to taking care of quickly. It was impossible.
The Gel had formed some sort of suction bond around her pussy, and while her
juices were starting to emerge and glisten on the hairless lips around her
sex, it was clear nothing could get in. And still the Gel licked and tongued,
rubbed and stroked, arousing but never permitting release.

In growing desperation Amy tried to rip the thing off, put out the fire in
her hole but to her horror, it was stuck.

"Leela, I can't get off! I mean, I can't get IT off!"

"I know. And I know," Leela replied. "It's fixed in place now; I'm the only
one who can take it off - it's keyed in to my fingerprint."

"Well, take it off then!" said Amy, a little unsteadily, franticly rubbing
at herself. She had a sudden vision; saw herself trapped like this forever,
constantly writhing at the point before orgasm, but never cumming.

Leela went down on all fours until her head was between Amy's wide-open legs.
She looked as though she was about to release her, but instead stuck out her
tongue and lapped at the honey that had forced its way past the Gel.


"Not just like that.

"I'll let you go - after we've had some fun. It's my turn now - I'm the dom

"Oh, whatever, but do it quickly! Do my pussy!"

"You've got to be more patient! I'll do your pussy when I feel like pussy."

Leela climbed up Amy's body till their heads were level, and kissed her. Amy
felt her long, mobile tongue, hard as a man's sex, in her mouth, penetrating,
exploring her. She thought of where that tongue might end up, and a shiver
went through her body.

Leela broke the kiss, and travelled down a little, her hands moulding and
stroking Amy's neck and shoulders, and began to rub against Amy, breast to
breast, belly to belly. Her lips stopped on Amy's neck. Amy felt her tongue
running back and forth across her throat, seeking out her quickening pulse;
felt the increasing pressure of her teeth across the sensitive skin.
Suddenly, without warning, Leela changed position, grabbing hold of Amy's
body, opening her mouth wider and biting her, sucking at her neck - barely
stopping short of chewing. Amy yelped, though whether in pain or...for some
other reason, she couldn't say.

"I've wanted to do that for a long, long time," said Leela, licking her lips.

" will you...?" murmured Amy sucking in deep lungfuls of air, one
hand between her legs.

"In a minute."

Leela grinned, and moved close to Amy once more. Her grip was a little lower
this time, around Amy's slender waist, with her head next to her left breast.

"Raise your arm," she muttered huskily.

Amy did so. Immediately, Leela angled her head up and licked at the tiny
black hairs on Amy's underarm, rolling her tongue across them, tasting her
sweat. She drew her lips down to the point midway between Amy's underarm and
breast, where the skin was most sensitive. For a moment, she glanced up at
Amy and smiled. Then, she sank her teeth into her tender flesh.

Amy cried out, a thin mewling wail somewhere on the other side of pain. Leela
bit her slowly, giving her time to feel the increasing pressure of her teeth,
feel them sinking into her soft, fleshy parts without breaking the skin. And
all the time, Leela sucking, sucking hard as she bit.

And then it was over. Leela's head came up, and she saw the light film of
perspiration on Amy's forehead, saw her biting her lip. She smiled wanly,
drew her tongue round the rough oval her teeth had made, and said "Now."

Leela knelt between Amy's desperately spread legs, slowly attaching Amy's new
strap-on. When it was fastened, she crawled close to Amy and laid the shaft
of the dildo on top of her mount, to see it nestle in her pubic hair. Its
round head reached beyond Amy's navel.

Near frantic, Amy's thighs closed around the plastic cylinder, trying to hold
it tight enough to rub against. Her hand snaked down and grasped the dildo
firmly, clutching it close to her burning flesh.

Leela stood up on the bed, the mock penis jutting out of her dense pubic
hair, obscenely long. She saw Amy's frustrated expression, and smiled.

"Kneel," she said, softly.

Amy did so, grudgingly. "Leela, stop it. I need."

"Suck it."


"Suck it, or it comes off."

Amy's breath hitched a moment, and then she brought her lips to the plastic
monstrosity. Her jaw stretched open as far as it could go, but she could
barely get even the head of it inside her. Her mouth was filled completely,
but she managed to move it around a little, and her lips passed over it in
a reasonable imitation of a blowjob.

Leela reached down and held her by her hair, completing the illusion. Her eye
was half closed, and she was obviously enjoying the show. Amy began to see
what was expected of her. She let the now-slippery head slip from her mouth
and moved closer to Leela. She laid her hands mid-way up Leela's muscular
thighs, stroking them gently. Her tongue worked its way down the dildo,
licking all around it, and Amy's breasts touched Leela's legs. She began to
rub her nipples against her. All the while, she looked up at Leela
imploringly - that, at least, was no sham.

Eventually, as her tongue came closer and closer to Leela's groin, Amy felt
the strong thighs tremble, just for an instant.

"Please, Leela," she whispered. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

Leela released Amy's hair from her tight grip. "Yes," she nodded. Leela lay
down on the bed, the dildo extending from her crotch. Amy squatted over it,
ready to lower herself onto it.

"Oops, almost forgot," murmured Leela. She reached between Amy's outspread
legs, and removed the Gel.

Amy whimpered as it came off - fortunately, as it covered Leela's sharp
intake of breath.

Amy's pussy was incensed. The labia jutted out, harsh red, rigid and soaked
in her juices which, with the removal of the Gel, started to run down her
thighs. What little pubic hair she had was dripping, matted together, and her
clitoris was hideously engorged. But Leela's eye was drawn to her opening.

Amy's pussy gaped. It was as if someone had slipped a finger in at either
side of her vagina and pulled it apart. It was a black hole, an aching
cavity, longing to be filled.

Slowly, Amy put a hand between her legs - carefully avoiding her clit, Leela
noted. She placed fore- and index finger on either side of her hole, ready to
guide Leela inside her. With her other hand she grabbed hold of the shaft of
the dildo, and gently lowered herself.

Immediately, Leela saw it wouldn't fit. Amy was as wide as she could go, and
as wet as Leela had ever seen her, and the head of the dildo was slippery
with saliva. But it was just too big. Amy wasn't usually on the receiving end
of a pounding, and her vagina was still small and tight.

"Amy." Leela began.

But Amy paid her no attention. With one hand parting herself, and the other
guiding the dildo, she went down on the massive shaft. Amy's labia settled
round the very end of the bulbous head, and Leela watched transfixed as Amy
bore down with all her weight. Leela felt the pressure on her own crotch as
the rounded plastic - perhaps the size of a tennis ball - was forced inside.
Amy cried harshly, a sound like escaping steam, as the widest part entered
her. Leela thought of giving birth in reverse, and shuddered.

With the head inside, Amy was able to move a little more easily - but only
a little. As she forced more of it inside, the broad top of the dildo
penetrated further, rubbing against the hot, curving flesh deep within her.
After only a few inches, Amy tried to slide up and down the thick rod. The
shaft glistened where her pussy had enveloped it. Leela watched as Amy's
labia bulged and clung to the dildo as she slid up; and saw the mixed look
of pain and lust as once again Amy forced herself down.

Leela reached up and cupped Amy's small breasts, feeling the nipples hard
against her palms. Amy was still squatting above Leela's middle, both feet
flat on the bed as she slid up and down the dildo. Suddenly she leant down
and put her right hand on the bed, near Leela's breast, for support. Her
left moved to her own belly, just a little above her pubic hair.

"Leela," she whispered uncertainly, sweat dripping from her forehead onto
Leela's face. "Feel."

She took hold of Leela's hand and guided it to the spot where the curve of
her belly met her groin. As she writhed on the end of the mock cock, Leela
could feel the hard cylinder moving within her, pressing against her insides.
She looked between Amy's legs and saw that a little more had entered her.
The sight was affecting her. Amy's dark, inflamed sex stuffed full, pushing
and rubbing against a thick, thick shaft, her hole widening as she tried to
impale herself.

"I can't get anymore in.Fuck it, Leela, fuck my box."

Awkwardly, jerkily, but with a strength she had rarely known, Leela turned
both Amy and herself around. Keeping a firm grip about Amy's hips, she lifted
her up and onto the bed; she crouched directly above her, now. Leela smiled -
she'd managed to keep the dildo inside her as well!

Leela tried not to force it in all at once, but it was hard not to. The
muscles in her thighs were bunched, the skin across her belly was slick and
tight, and blood pulsed through her sex, urging her on. Beneath her, Amy's
breaths came quick and shallow as, with trembling fingers, she reached out
to Leela, pulling her down.

Leela let go. Reaching down to touch Amy's face, she thrust her hips into
her, plunging inside. She barely noticed Amy biting back a cry of pain before
she pulled back, and then drove into her again.

Leela felt palpitations between her legs every time she delved into Amy's
tight cleft, almost as if she were being taken as well. Muzzily, she focused
on Amy's contorted face, her mouth wide open in a silent cry, her eyes
screwed up tight.

"It's all right, Amy, it's all right," she murmured, and bent lower. Of its
own accord, her tongue snaked between Amy's parted lips, and felt Amy moan
and sob in her mouth.

Amy slipped her arms around her, drawing her closer until their breasts
rubbed against each other, hard, nipple to nipple. Leela felt a growing
tightness in her womb as Amy's slender thighs locked around her waist and,
without warning, she drove her heels into Leela's fleshy buttocks again
and again, goading her on.

Amy broke the kiss and her head rolled back as her cries became more urgent.
They rose in an uneven spiral, a crescendoing, vaginal song - ah-uh, Ah-uh,
Ah-uh, AH-UH, AH, AH, AH! Leela joined it, panting and almost crying as Amy's
nails dug into the soft skin of her shoulders and back. They tried to come in
unison, but Amy's pleasure broke first, and she writhed and squirmed as Leela
pounded her in desperation, crying as though having hot lava poured into her.
Sweat dripped from Leela's forehead as Amy, with shaking hand, reached down
between her legs. As Leela whole body began to shudder, Amy gripped her by
her long hair, and pulled her mouth down to her exposed neck. She came again
as Leela's teeth fastened there, and at the same time felt strong, circular
muscles clamp around her burrowing fingers.

Leela rolled off, careful as she removed the dildo from Amy's wet, reddened
vagina, and unstrapped it. Naked and exhausted, they nestled together in the
wet sheets and drifted into sleep, bodies locked together.

* * *

Amy awoke first.

Her head was woozy, and her skin still had a thin film of perspiration on
it - she hadn't been asleep long, then.

She tried to sit up, and almost cried out - no, she definitely hadn't slept
long. Her entire belly was a nest of cramps and other, undefined pains from
deep within. Nothing she hadn't had after a week, but
annoying all the same. She owed Leela something for that.

Propping herself up, she glanced round at Leela's sleeping form. Looked at
the closet full of...unspoken things. Looked back at Leela.

And smiled.

* * *

"Leela? Lee-la?"

Leela awoke slowly. "Hey, Amy," she croaked, her eye barely open. "What
time...what?! Amy!"

Leela was suddenly very awake. While she slept, Amy had been busy. Her legs
were bent back at the knee, her thigh tied to her calf, and then pulled back
and fixed to her torso. She could feel the binding - thin stuff, but very
strong - just beneath her breasts. She tried to sit up, and found that her
arms were also disabled - tied tight behind her back.

She was also suddenly aware of her nakedness and.accessibility. And that Amy
was grinning.

"Fair's fair, Leela. You had your game, now I'm having mine."

"But it's not the same."

"Shh-shh," whispered Amy, coming close to Leela, placing a finger across her
lips. "It's my turn, now. And you know you like it."

Amy bent over and kissed Leela, probed her mouth with her hot, mobile tongue.
Her fingertips danced a complex pattern of whorls and spirals on Leela's
side, moving down to her waist, her hips...and stopping.

"You know you want me to," she whispered.

"Yes...yes, do whatever you want," murmured Leela, beaten.

Amy crouched over Leela's prone form, one hand under the bedclothes. With her
other hand, she cupped one of Leela's breasts, weighing it - round, heavy,
and warm. With her fingertips now she traced the perfect circle of her
areola. Leela's nipples themselves were quite long, and thick, and a dark,
dark red - almost brown. Amy bent down and took one in her mouth.

It hardened immediately, like a fruit pit, as Amy gently held it between her
teeth and began to lick it with the very tip of her tongue. She took more of
Leela inside her, her teeth around the disc surrounding the nipple, now
beginning to suckle.

As Leela let out a breathy groan, Amy straightened up, pulling something out
from under the bedclothes.

"Pretty good, huh?" she said. "But I think I can do better."

She opened her hand, showing Leela the strange little object. It was vaguely
reminiscent of a very early car-horn, a funnel shaped cylinder of clear
plastic leading to a round, red, rubber squeezer. The funnel was hollow, and
the whole thing perhaps four inches long.

And it wasn't until Amy placed the clear plastic funnel over Leela's wet
nipple that she realised what it was for.

"Amy, no! I."

"My turn, Leela. Don't make me gag you."

The pliant plastic clung to Leela's areola, and her nipple was a near perfect
fit for the cylinder. Amy squeezed the plastic ball at the top, drawing the
air out of the tube, and watched as Leela's nipple began to lengthen.

"You like that, huh, you like that?" she asked, squeezing it again. Leela bit
her lip, but a small yelp escaped her. Amy's other hand wandered down Leela's
belly, her fingers twisting and pulling at her thick pubic hair. Amy looked
down at Leela, her one eye half shut, her breath coming more quickly, and
knelt over her. Her teeth clamped over the deflated rubber ball, and she bit
as hard as she could. Leela moaned, a low, hopeless wail as Amy took to
chewing at the ball, drawing her nipple further and further up the clear

", it hurts."

Amy gave one last, savage bite before releasing Leela's reddened nipple. When
she removed the plastic funnel, it stood out straight from her breast, over
an inch long.

"Wet it, Amy, wet it! It's so hot!"

Amy bent over Leela's breast, and took the super-erect nipple in her mouth.
But she avoided touching it, merely licking around it.

Leela bucked, trying to force Amy to tongue it. But Amy was too quick, and
bobbed her head up. Then she squatted down over Leela, a knee on either side
of her shoulders.

"Don't worry, Leela, I can do better than sucking." She lowered herself over
Leela's engorged nipple, wetting it with her vaginal juices. Leela sighed as
her nipple was soothed.

Amy rocked back and forth on top of Leela. She'd only meant to wet the nipple
but as she moved, the inflamed bulge rubbed against her pussy, rooting in
between the folds of her labia. She spread her legs wider, spreading her sex,
both thighs pressed tight against Leela, and by some fluke the nipple found
the mouth of her vagina, entering her unexpectedly. Amy cried out, and jerked
her hips. The nipple slipped out of her and flicked against her clitoris. Amy
jerked spasmodically until the combination of soft breast and hard nipple
rubbing against her vagina made her cum.

"That-that cool you off?" she asked.

"Not really." murmured Leela. "But you should jack off on my tits more

Amy smiled and took the weighty, tender breast up to Leela's mouth, letting
her suckle at herself. Leela stared deep into Amy's eyes as she licked the
copious vaginal juices from her breast, and sucked at her rapidly shortening
nipple. Finally, as Amy began to move, she bit it, stretching it with her
teeth one more time.

Amy released Leela's bosom, and crawled down between her legs. With her legs
tied back to her torso, Leela was completely open, utterly unprotected. Amy's
fingers delved into her thick purple pubic hair, first across her mound, and
then further down, to the hair that grew on either side of her opening. She
felt the soft skin beneath her luxuriant curls, traced the lines of flesh
where Leela's legs joined her body. With fore- and index finger, she parted
the outermost lips of Leela's vagina, exposing more yielding, tender folds.

Amy lay down with her head between Leela's open thighs, and began to lick at
her pussy. She drew her tongue down the moist valley of her sex, licking the
underside of her labia, teasing out another set of lips, smaller than the
ones before. A film of thick, viscous honey covered the wings of her sex,
shining in the light. Amy placed the very tip of a finger into Leela, feeling
the warmth and wetness within. Thin rivulets of moisture trickled from her
pussy, coating her pubic hair, damping it down.

With her tongue, Amy followed the lines of Leela's body further down, to
where the buttocks valleyed into her sexual parts, and she tasted best -
honey mixed with sweat, overlaying a faint, earthy flavour.

Leela's opened legs and parted buttocks gave Amy complete access to her anus,
and she began to lick the pale brown skin around the tight little orifice.
Leela groaned and tried to shift position, and Amy probed deeper, forcing her
tongue up Leela's rear, tasting her, lapping at her unprotected aperture. She
withdrew, and then placed a finger on either side of her puckered hole, began
to gently knead the delicate skin there. Harder now, making Leela twist her
hips, trying to get closer to the teasing fingers. There! Leela's anus
fluttered, just for a second, trying to grip and hold something that wasn't
there. Just what Amy had been waiting for.

"I'm turning you over, Leela. Gonna fuck you good."

Leela mouthed her sleepy consent as Amy turned her on to her front. In this
position, with her legs just keeping her off the bedclothes, Leela's yawning
labia emerged from her pubic hair, stiff and heavy with liquid.

But it was her ass that held Amy's attention. From the foot of the bed, where
she was attaching a strap-on dildo, Leela's ass was perfect. Large and round,
slick with sweat, parted, and ready to receive her. Amy crawled back onto the
bed a little unsteadily, and stroked Leela's buttocks, running her finger
down into the crease. Then, her head at an angle, she bit into Leela's tensed
right cheek as hard as she could. The firm, muscular flesh felt good in her
mouth as Leela's cries rent the air.

"Aaaaaaah! Fuck, Amy, stop, you're hurting me! Ah, fuck."

"Turnabout's fair play, Leela" replied Amy, wiping her lips. "And you where
right - biting's cool."

"But not so hard."

"Relax. You've just got a love bite on your ass. It''s sweet."

Remembering herself, Amy crouched down behind Leela once again. She eased a
finger into Leela's moist cleft, coating it in her fragrant honey, and then
pressed it carefully against her anus. Leela relaxed, and Amy's finger slid
easily into her, lubricated by sweat, saliva, and sap. Amy shoved it in and
out all the way to the palm, and stroked the ribbed walls of Leela's bowels.
As Leela's muscles relaxed further, Amy slipped a second finger inside her,
and, pumping harder, a third. Her rear entrance was tight around Amy's
fingers, but she thought she'd done enough.

She pulled out, and grasped the shaft of the dildo that stuck out of her
finely trimmed bush as though it had been nailed there. Before Leela's anus
could close, Amy pressed the bulbous head of the dildo against the small
hole. Leela moaned something incoherent, and pushed her hips back towards
it. The gunmetal grey lump of plastic looked huge as it forced its way into
Leela's tight opening, but the pale brown skin of her anus stretched wider
and wider until the bulging head was inside her, and her asshole began to
contract around the smaller shaft.

Amy slid further in, watching as inch by inch the thick cylinder entered
Leela's parted ass, to the accompaniment of a series of gasps of mixed
pleasure and pain from Leela. Amy grabbed Leela by the hips and started to
thrust slowly in and out, from just below the dildo's round head to the
moment when their bodies met, Amy's sexual hair brushing against Leela's
buttocks. Leela's hole became a perfect circle of pale pink flesh, and she
cried out, mewling as Amy pounded away, thumping against her.

Amy crouched on all fours, covering Leela with her body, her mouth at Leela's

"You like that?" she asked, still moving, still hammering Leela's sensitive
opening. "You like getting fucked up the ass, in and out, in and out, in and
out?" Amy thrust a little harder at each `in', and was rewarded by a series
of low, throaty moans. As Leela rolled underneath her, she slipped her hands
beneath Leela's body, cupping her large breasts and palming the swollen
nipples, rolling them between her fingers.

Leela bucked and swayed, trying to push back against the intruding dildo,
and did well given the restraints. Her cries were almost continuous now, a
spiralling "uh-uh-uh-uh-UH-UHHH." as Amy reached beneath her, grabbing hold
of her sex, her flicking fingers easily finding her most sensitive parts,
opening her once more. Held in place, Leela bowed her head and wept as a
deep, powerful orgasm swept through her.

Amy withdrew slowly, giving Leela plenty of time to feel the length of the
dildo in her ass. She undid the silk ropes, and Leela held out her arms and
legs to Amy, anxious to hold and to be held. Amy stroked her long, purple
hair as she laid her head upon her breast, and closed her eye.

Dawn finally broke, but Amy paid her no attention.

Leela's head was on her shoulder, and she cupped one of Amy's breasts. One
leg was crossed over her lover's, possessive in her sleep. She sighed a
little, moving, and Amy felt warm, soft mounts press against her side.

Amy moved her hand from Leela's inner thigh to her hips, feeling her generous
curves. Her flesh was warm and yielding while she slept, but Amy knew there
was hard muscle beneath that soft skin.

Amy raised her head muzzily, and took in the bedroom. The Gel was lying
unpackaged and looked to be drying out, ropes were strewn about the floor,
and sex aids of various types were lying on every conceivable surface. The
bed sheets would definitely have to be changed, as well. It meant a lot of
work for someone.

Gently, she kissed Leela's closed eye, and got up to do it.


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